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Ian’s best friend, Stolly, is up on cloud nine. He’s in the hospital, unconscious, and hooked up to machines. The question Ian is trying to answer is: How did Stolly end up there? In a way, Stolly’s always been on cloud nine, living life by his own rules and making those rules up as he goes along. His parents’ careers have them constantly rushing around, so Ian’s family haIan’s best friend, Stolly, is up on cloud nine. He’s in the hospital, unconscious, and hooked up to machines. The question Ian is trying to answer is: How did Stolly end up there? In a way, Stolly’s always been on cloud nine, living life by his own rules and making those rules up as he goes along. His parents’ careers have them constantly rushing around, so Ian’s family has all but adopted Stolly. That’s why it’s up to Ian to figure out what happened to his best friend. But once the pieces start coming together, the answer doesn’t seem to make any sense....

Title : Up on Cloud Nine
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ISBN : 9780440419167
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Up on Cloud Nine Reviews

  • Vita Mia Orfeo
    2019-02-18 13:59

    2.5 starsI read this in a couple of hours since it was a really short and quick read but I did not like it much.This boy is in hospital and neither his best friend nor his family know how he ended up there, so his best friend talks about a couple of memories he has of him but I did not catch much emotion. Well, yes, of course there was emotion, but it wasn't very touching.

  • Libby May
    2019-02-13 14:01

    Not a fan. The characters were well developed and the stories behind each were well done, but the whole point in all wasn’t a fall-in-love, read-again type book. It really wasn’t all the necessary in the world. The writing style was cool I guess. It was Ian telling everything well Stolly lays in the hospital. It’s pretty short, (I’m glad) only 151 paged. Sorry. I don’t like giving unhappy reviews, but I didn’t love this book. I like Ian’s story though.

  • Gabriel
    2019-01-30 15:16

    Anne Fine is a strange author. This book and The Killjoy have absolutely no business coming from the same mind. This one is strangely sad yet uplifting at the same time, with sincere laughs all the way through. Much like The Last Days of Summer.

  • Ann
    2019-02-12 14:05

    I enjoyed it! It was a quick thought-provoking read about interesting characters and clever conversations. It checks all of my Things I Like In Books boxes, except maybe "compelling," and this was a bit to short to be that.

  • Alice
    2019-01-29 14:54

    What a strange little book. Stolly- noted ‘eccentric’ and best friend of Ian- has fallen out of a top-floor window. Ian insists it must have been an accident, just like everything else in Stolly’s ten foot tall medical file. But as Ian spends his time by Stolly’s bed, he begins to write Stolly’s ‘sort of biography.’ In doing so, he starts to explore the reasons why just maybe Stolly might not have fallen at all.There are some books that are grand, sweeping, worldly books. Then there are some books that are so deeply personal; it’s like you are a forgotten thought in the protagonist’s brain. You’re not being told the story- you’re simply listening in to their thoughts. ‘Up On Cloud Nine’ is one of those books. Ian is a very agreeable narrator and his recollections are deeply immersing. Emerging from this book is like emerging from the sea when you thought you’d drowned. Revitalising, refreshing, and utterly unexplainable.Anne Fine is simply a wonderful author. Whenever I mention her my dearest mother always says, “Oh! Anne Fine! I love her books!” And my mum doesn’t say that much about children’s/young teen’s authors. I’ve never read a bad Anne Fine book. And yet it took me years to finish this one. It is such an oddball. A brilliant oddball, but still an oddball. It’s the tone, I think. Cheerful, yet it’s as if you’re looking at the sun through a thunderstorm as night approaches.There was only one thing that annoyed me and that was the ending. The way the novel dealt with the issues at hand was wrong, I feel. The right message wasn’t put across in quite the right way. A lot of it was to do with the fact that Ian covered for Stolly. Whilst that might be something that actually happens, it seemed to sensational and prevented Stolly from moving on in the best way. (I can’t really say too much more without getting into spoiler city, so we’ll leave it there.)

  • Stacey Hoffman
    2019-02-05 11:57

    Up on Cloud Nine by Ann Fine is a bibliotherapy novel that addresses the issue of suicide. This book is appropriate for fifth grade students and older.This book is about best friends Ian James and Stuart "Stolly" Oliver. Stolly's parents are not around much because his father is a busy lawyer and his mother works in the fashion business and is often on location. Ian's parents accept Stolly as part of their own family and take care of him when his own parents aren't around. Stolly has a quirky personality and his wild imagination gets him into a lot of accidents. The setting of the book rotates between Stolly's hospital room and different memories Ian has of Stol and him. Stolly is in the hospital because he "fell" from his nanny's room on the third story of his house. Ian spends a lot of time analyzing Stolly's life, trying to figure out why he jumped from his nanny's window. He flashes back to better and crazier times with Stolly, trying to put the pieces of Stolly's life back together.Activities:1. The teacher can introduce "Points of View". This story is told in first person by one of the main characters, Ian. The class should split into groups and look through various novels to decide what point of view they were written in. Each group should discuss why they thought what they did.2. This could be linked with a school counselor's lesson on acceptance, depression, or suicide. Students can write a letter to their counselor with their reactions to the book and express any thoughts or concerns they have about themselves or a friend that might be in the same postion as Stolly.

  • Atziri
    2019-01-31 11:12

    I just discovered Anne Fine's book and I am inspired by her ability to capture a serious topic (suicide) and present it in a way that is not exactly light, but gets the point across. She says of her work: "A lot of my work, even for fairly young readers, raises quite serious social issues," she admits. "Growing up is a long and confusing business. I try to show that the battle through the chaos is worthwhile and can, at times, be seen as very funny."This story is about two friends, Ian and Stol. Stol is in the hospital after having jumped off from a window at his home. Ian decides to write Stol's biography and little by little we get the idea that Stol's personality is actually very unique. He doesn't seem to see the world like others, can make-up a lot of stories, can be very distracted at times, but is a very humane type of person, helping others in unexpected ways. I found myself wanting to have someone scream at the lack of attention Stol's parent's gave Stol. But, I am glad this was not captured in the story as it is actually a beautiful story about friendship and understanding written from the perspective of a teenager, in this case Ian. Focusing on the parent's would have completely changed the tone. The story also uncovers what can be a delicate theme to discuss with a kid. As it turns out Ian is an adopted child, but he wonders why his parents didn't decide to adopt another kid. After sitting in the hospital for a while and chatting with his mom he realizes how much Stol has had an influence on their lives.Excellent read and very well written!

  • Veronica
    2019-01-23 10:13

    I bought this book on a fluke at a library book sale. It sat on my self for a good five years before I finally picked it up to read it. It was... interesting. I think it was a portrayal of someone with emotional issues by someone who had never personally experienced those issues--which worked, since our narrator admitted to not really ever feeling the same way that his best friend had. But I also think that it left his best friend to be a bit flat. The thing is that it is ridiculously hard to get your mind around the idea of suicide if you've never felt that this was a viable option in your life--and that's not a bad thing! As someone who has felt that hopelessness, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. On the other hand, though, I think that it is actually a much more complicated issue than most people give it credit for, which ends up translating into characters who seem to have everything going for them up and trying to kill themselves for no reason that's never fully defined or explored. It dumbs down this extremely serious issue, and that isn't fair to people that have and do suffer in this way.Overall, this book gave Stolley a little more definition than some characters get, but I don't think he got the treatment that he deserved.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-19 11:54

    Stolly is in the hospital with many broken bones, bruises and cuts. He "fell" out of the highest window in his house. His best friend, Ian, is with him in the hospital. He's decided to write Stolly's biography. While writing about Stolly and all that has happened to him, Ian begins to realize that there is something off about Stolly's behavior. He has a unnatural fascination with death and how to accomplish it. As Ian looks back on their friendship together he notices that Stolly has had many hospitalizations due to "accidents," and "accidental ingestion" of various poisons.Ian decides he's had enough. When (if) Stolly wakes up from his latest escapade, Ian is going to have a talk with him about his depression.A very interesting look at depression and suicide attempts in tweens. Especially interesting as that it's told from the best friends point of view, so reader's get to see what it looks like from the other side.

  • Christina
    2019-02-06 13:14

    Overall, this book was good..The book was about how a boy's friend tries to commit suicide. This book is discusses through the eyes of the boy, his typical interactions with a suicial peer..The boy also describes how he feels about his friend being depressed and suicidal. He knows that his famiy and the suicidal friend's families are affected by the boy's attemps suicide on sevaral occasions. One downfall of the book: Toward the end of the book, there is a suicidal incident, which lands the suicidal boy in the hospital. Instead of telling the truth, the healthy boy feeds the lies that everyone has said for years about the suicidal boy, by telling more lies about his friend being suicidal..I know that some teens in real life, especially boys, deny their feelings and the fact that their friends are suicidal. I do feel that this book should have had a different ending, maybe showing that the adults are getting the boy help?

  • Felicity
    2019-01-20 07:56

    This is a very unusual book about Stolly who has fallen out of a high window and is in intensive care in hospital. Ian who is Stolly's friend is by his bedside trying to work out if Stolly fell accidentally or tried to commit suicide. This is an unusual book as it is about teenage boys and deals with various issues quite sensitively. It covers adoption, depression and parental neglect. I found it incredibly moving in places and feel that I understand boys a bit more for reading this. Anne Fine's writing is well crafted but approachable and this confirmed to me what a fantastic writer she is.A perfect book for any young people with general angst, depression or have suffered loss.

  • Rosemary
    2019-02-19 14:56

    Finally got hold of a copy of this and I did enjoy it. Stolly is unconscious in hospital having fallen or jumped from a window. His best friend Ian is there with Ian's parents, who have been like a second family to Stolly while his own parents have focused on their careers.I loved that everybody was so appreciative of Stolly who is not a 'normal' child. I wondered if Ian would really be not at all jealous - maybe. I did wonder more seriously if the right thing was happening at the end. Stolly sounded like he might have bipolar disorder or something similar. But it was a great story about being different and being appreciative of the differences between people.

  • Tanja
    2019-01-28 13:53

    While quite funny, a really thought-provoking novel in so many ways, dealing with some tough issues, among them suicide. Stolly is one of his kind and most probably one of the most eccentric characters I have ever met so far; Ian a wonderful loyal and understanding friend; but who I was really drawn to, was Ian's mother, the way how she loves and cares for both boys and her practical outlook on life.

  • F
    2019-01-30 11:14

    Anne Fine writes very well and I like her style. This was a very interesting book. Is it about a suicide attempt? Somehow, the narrator, Stolly's friend Ian who is sitting by his bedside, manages to persuade himself, the reader and the other characters in the story that it is not. I was left feeling quite puzzled.

  • Neill Smith
    2019-02-03 09:00

    Ian is at the hospital because Stolly has plummeted from a high window – he wonders how stupid you have to be to fall out of a top-floor window. As Ian ponders Stolly’s activities over his life he comes to wonder about the meaning of this accident.

  • Zoe
    2019-01-26 11:10

    Amazing! I loved it. Very funny but serious too.

  • Tracey
    2019-02-02 10:20

    So far so good - didn't like it at first but you kind of get into it.

  • Nick Cherry
    2019-02-18 16:08

    Perfect book that you could use as a discussion book. This book keeps you guessing perfect for kids to predict what they think is going to happen next.

  • Whitney Hallam
    2019-02-16 09:08

    this book really teaches you what it is like to be differant to other people like stoll who jumps of a window...

  • Philippa
    2019-02-06 10:54

    I like how it all takes place whilst poor Stolly is unconscious gradually building up as to why he is the hospital bed.

  • Menolly
    2019-02-16 08:54

    This was beautiful.

  • Madeeha Maqbool
    2019-01-26 08:10

    The best part of the book has to be the thickness of Stolly's hospital file.

  • Trisha
    2019-01-22 09:14

    very well done story about struggling with your place in the world. Although some of it was tough (due to slang), I did love all the characters in the book.