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Andrea Mitchell has never felt as if she belongs in the 21st century. She's too fat, too clumsy, and too plain. So when she's offered the chance to take the Time Tube back to the 16th century -- and back to Per, the young Sterkarm warrior she fell in love with once before -- she doesn't hesitate. The lovely, boisterous, and crude Sterkarms have always made her feel welcomeAndrea Mitchell has never felt as if she belongs in the 21st century. She's too fat, too clumsy, and too plain. So when she's offered the chance to take the Time Tube back to the 16th century -- and back to Per, the young Sterkarm warrior she fell in love with once before -- she doesn't hesitate. The lovely, boisterous, and crude Sterkarms have always made her feel welcome and at home. Maybe this time she'll even stay for good. But things on the 16th side are not what Andrea expected them to be. Per doesn't know who she is, and a wedding between the Sterkarms and their enemies, the Grannams, ends in bloodshed and confusion. Even when Andrea discovers it's the Elves who have betrayed them all, no one wants to believe her. She may have made the biggest -- and the deadliest -- mistake of her life.In this blistering sequel to her award-winning the sterkarm handshake, Susan Price weaves a riveting tale of revenge, deceit, and love, set against a backdrop of warring clans and brutal passions....

Title : A Sterkarm Kiss
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ISBN : 9780060721978
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A Sterkarm Kiss Reviews

  • Jen
    2019-03-17 05:16

    I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed Susan Price's first Sterkarm novel, A Sterkarm Handshake, many years ago. I never realized that she had written a sequel, which is being rereleased ahead of an upcoming third novel in the series A Sterkarm Tryst (arriving in 2017).Fans of Outlander will likely enjoy this book, with time travel between present day and 16th century England. Price's ear for historical dialogue rings true, and there is romance and violence to boot. That being said, I don't think this second novel will stick with me as much as the first in the series. It also ends in such a way that sets it up for a third book, but did not feel quite as satisfying to me alone. Solid 3 stars.

  • Joss
    2019-03-06 05:35

    Another blast from the past, 2003 this time. I'd forgotten quite how violent it all is, so not for the faint-hearted.Price has brilliantly succeeded in producing a sequel to The Sterkarm Handshake. The premise of the first book was that in the 21st century, a commercial organisation had developed time travel. The idea was to go back in time and exploit resources ahead of everyone else. It was also stated that the past into which they travelled was not exactly our past but another, albeit close, dimension. The Sterkarm Handshake ended as the Sterkarm clan, a family of 16th century Border reivers, ran rings around the 21st century characters who were trying to take advantage of them and drove them out, incidentally breaking up the romance between Andrea and Per Sterkarm.Here Price simply pushes the reset button: the 21st century exploiters are trying their hand in another dimension, populated by almost identical Sterkarms. However, these Sterkarms are at a disadvantage as their opponents have been there and done that and learned from their experiences, while they know nothing and consequently fall into the trap that has been prepared for them. Although she doesn’t trust James Windsor or his organisation, Andrea takes back her old job as interpreter so she can see Per again, and is distressed to find that, although he is attracted to her, he does not remember her and that he is about to be married to the daughter of the Sterkarms' arch enemies, the Grannams. The marriage, the truce between the warring families and even Andrea’s presence are all part of a truly fiendish plot. The result is a story that one can hardly bear to read, certainly not bear to put down, and that ends in a cliffhanger.The Sterkarms, when dealing with the 21st century characters, speak in 16th century border dialect but it is always translated. There is a good deal of gory violence, completely in keeping with the Sterkarms normal way of life.The central character is Andrea, fond of the Sterkarms, in love with Per and deeply distrustful of her employers but still with a 21st century mindset and repelled by the violence all around her. Her efforts to keep the peace mean that no-one trusts her. Windsor is an appalling man: we can to some extent excuse the homicidal rampages of the Sterkarms and the Grannams as that is simply how they are, but Windsor’s calculating masterminding of deaths is chilling.Some may find the violence hard to stomach, but Susan Price has written an outstanding sequel that lives up to its predecessor. While the plot stands alone, its impact is considerably enhanced by having read the first book.

  • Kirsten
    2019-02-21 04:21

    I liked this, but not nearly as much as the first one. And the cliffhanger ending was pretty frustrating.

  • Ashley
    2019-02-24 08:27

    I don't understand why so many people love these books so much. I thought they were interesting and I like the concept of the time tube to the 16th side. But I definately thought the author made some strange choices with characters and plot points. There really is no typical hero or heroine figure. I like Andrea's character because she is different that the norm, i.e. she is average-looking instead of beautiful. I don't like that she gets mistreated a lot and doesn't stick up for herself. Per is the love interest but his character is kind of annoying and not very morally upstanding like a traditional hero should be. I don't think he deserves Andrea. On a positive note, I love the way the author incorporates the Sterkarm language of the 16th side in with the modern English.

  • Rebecca Wrigley
    2019-02-25 04:37

    A gripping sequel to the first book A Sterkarm Handshake, this follows up with the characters in an exciting new twist. The baddies have found a new way to plunder the past and no good will come of it. I adored the first book and I suppose I was set up to love this one as well. My only regret is that the proposed third in the trilogy has been indefinitely deferred. I love the fact that the heroine is plump, that she's outspoken, and that she's adored for all of it by her handsome prince of the past. I love the way the world of the past is described in all its messy and devious glory. It's a great series, I'd just like to see it completed.

  • Neill Smith
    2019-03-10 09:41

    In this second book of a trilogy, Andrea has been rehired by the 21st century resource exploitation company, FUP, to return to the 16th century to deal with the Sterkarm clan. In the first book they had so enraged the Sterkarms that the clan had come through the Time Tunnel to attack the company. This time FUP has entered another dimension of the 16th century to deal with an alternate but identical set of Sterkarms with a new plan of attack.

  • scarlettraces
    2019-03-02 04:25

    I remember not loving this - on rereading it's because it's (a) v. dark and (b) omg cliffhanger, with no sequel in sight. (I'm a bit confused about this since SH is so very beloved. I'm guessing her publisher felt she'd killed the series' ongoing marketability with #2.) Price has since written the sequel (Open Road, ebook only as far as I'm aware). Let's hope Winston comes to as nasty an end as he deserves.

  • Monica Edinger
    2019-03-07 10:24

    I don't remember this second book as well as the first. It may be I only got to read some of it. I vaguely remember it ended with the suggestion that there would be one more --- am I off base though? Cannot remember. (Edited to add --- checked Amazon and it did end with a cliffhanger. Thought so!)

  • Meghan
    2019-03-14 06:38

    I skipped the middle two-thirds of this because I had so much anxiety over the relationship between Per and Andrea. It ends on another cliffhanger, with no resolution to the conflict between 21st century business concerns and the 16th century Sterkarm way of life.

  • Lucyaliceann
    2019-03-10 10:13

    I enjoyed this - so disappointed there's no third yet as the way it ends is unbelievably open-ended!

  • Catherine
    2019-03-17 10:42

    Liked the 1st book (The Sterkarm Handshake) better. Not clean, which I knew going in because the 1st was not clean either.