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A brand new Poirot omnibus, featuring four of the world-renowned detective's most challenging cases: Three-Act Tragedy, Sad Cypress, Evil Under the Sun and The Hollow...

Title : Poirot: Four Classic Cases
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Poirot: Four Classic Cases Reviews

  • Zoe
    2019-02-09 04:29

    This review is just for "The Hollow", the fourth book in this collection. It was a classic mystery with the occasional very unfortunate racist phrase. As usual I did not manage to solve the mystery before the end of the book. Here's hoping for better luck next time! Also, this book wins for best dedication ever. "For Larry and Danae. With apologies for using their swimming pool as the scene of a murder.".

  • Emma
    2019-01-26 07:40

    Firstly, I would like to start off by saying after having read so many Agatha Christies, you find that some of them seem to follow the same sort of pattern/formula (just slightly altered for each).I haven't read Three Act Tragedy or Evil Under the Sun for awhile BUT Sad Cypress and The Hollow are by far two of the best Poirot's.

  • Rita
    2019-01-29 10:23

    GLI INDIMENTICABILIQuattro casi divenuti un classico, che confermano la mia convinzione che Agatha Christie sia la mia scrittrice preferita: anche quando non riesco ad apprezzare pienamente un suo romanzo, sono comunque certa che lo ricorderò per sempre."Poirot e la salma" è il mio preferito tra questi. Come al solito, non è impossibile indovinare il colpevole, né le motivazioni che lo hanno reso tale, ma la forza di questo romanzo sta nell'analisi psicologica che la Christie conduce nei confronti di tutti i personaggi, riuscendo ad amplificare le emozioni che normalmente avrei provato.Altrettanto meravigliosi "La parola alla difesa" e "Corpi al sole": qui il responsabile del delitto davvero non sono riuscita ad indovinarlo!"Tragedia in tre atti", invece, non regge il confronto con gli altri, in quanto la Christie tira per le lunghe l'indagine, fino ad una risoluzione relativamente semplice.

  • Shelley
    2019-02-05 06:39

    I am reading The Tuesday Club Murders by Agatha Christie, but Good Reads doesn't seem to have it just as a book of itself. This is the closest I could find. Please note: I cannot give any opinions with Sad Cypress/Elephants Can Remember and The Hollow. The Tuesday Club Murders - This story was a bit different from other Agatha Christie's books I've read in the past. A group of people including Miss Marple, would come together every Tuesday night and share a mystery of their experience to the others, and the others would have to figure out who done it. When you think about it, how morbid is that for a weekly get together? Each chapter was told by a different person, so the reader had 13 opportunties to try to figure it out who done it before Miss Marple would. I'm happy to share that I figured out quite a few of them before Miss Marple did.

  • Rob
    2019-01-26 06:16

    I've read all of these, but this review is for The Tuesday Club Murders. This novel is an excellent introduction to Ms. Marple. The concept is really great. Five or six people from various backgrounds ( Doctor, Lawyer, Actress, Former Chief inspector for Scotland Yard) get together to discuss unsolved mysteries. Ms. Christie's prose is fabulous, succinct and moving. Ms. Marple's razor sharp intellect is in fine form. The fact that Christie has created two incredibly different and completely rich and captivating characters, in M. Poirot and Ms. Marple, solidifies her, in my mind, as one of the finest authors in the English language.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-17 05:41

    I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan. I've read all of these, but I am going to review Tuesday Club Murders because I just recently re-read it. Have to tell you, with all of the A.C. books I've read and knowing to expect the unexpected, I still couldn't come up with who-done-it on a number of these short stories. Or, I came up with a name, but couldn't figure out how. Fabulous. I love A.C.'s mind games.

  • Maria
    2019-01-24 11:33

    Poirot will never have quite the same appeal for me as Miss Marple, but I love the books containing him nevertheless. From this collection my particular favourite is The Hollow, so full of wonderful characters and happenings, and the poor poor wife, married to a man she adored but could never understand.

  • Deborah
    2019-02-03 10:26

    I remembered all of these from TV ... that is to say, for each story, I remembered one relevant thing, but it was never the name of the murderer or their motive! These are all excellent stories. I've never read Poirot before but really enjoyed these.

  • Emily Davies
    2019-02-13 10:42

    Four excellent novels that I feel better for having read. Wow.

  • Sofia
    2019-01-30 05:27

    These "Four Classic Cases" were actually quite unorthodox. Misdirections all around.

  • Wyyknot
    2019-01-30 05:27

    Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie (1973)

  • Shefali
    2019-02-10 12:25

    My second Christie after Crooked House. I thank her for helping me to get into the reading world. Always, hence, a good book.

  • Alan
    2019-02-09 10:39

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