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In the middle of the year, in the middle of her life, Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth.They're driving to Florida for Ruth's 50th high-school reunion. A longtime widow, Ruth would like to reconnect with Royce, the love of her teenage life. She's heard he's alone, too...and, well, she's curious. Maybe even hopefuIn the middle of the year, in the middle of her life, Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie, and her former mother-in-law, Ruth.They're driving to Florida for Ruth's 50th high-school reunion. A longtime widow, Ruth would like to reconnect with Royce, the love of her teenage life. She's heard he's alone, too...and, well, she's curious. Maybe even hopeful.Bethanne herself needs time to rei � ' ect, to ponder a decision she has to make. Her ex-husband, Grant--her children's father--wants to reconcile now that his second marriage has failed. Bethanne's considering it....Meanwhile, Annie's out to prove to her onetime boyfriend that she can live a "brilliant" life without him!So there they are, three women driving across America. They have their maps and their directions--but even the best-planned journey can take you to a turn in the road. Or lead you to an unexpected encounter--like the day Bethanne meets a man named Max who really "is" a hero on a Harley. That's when Bethanne's decision becomes a lot harder. Because Grant wants her back, but now there's Max....From Seattle's Blossom Street to the other end of the country, this is a trip that could change three women's lives....

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Turn in the Road Reviews

  • Jo
    2019-02-17 17:43

    Another in the Blossom street series, except off the street and on a cross country road trip. The main characters from the series are: Bethanne Hamlin who we met earlier in the series after her husband, Grant, left her and her two children for a younger woman (after some struggles she became a successful businesswoman); her daughter, Annie; and her former mother-in-law, Ruth. Ruth, is planning to drive from Seattle, Washington to Vero Beach, Florida to attend her 50 year high school class reunion, and Bethanne and Annie join her to keep Ruth's kids from putting the kibosh on the idea.Bethanne's ex-husband has made it known he wants her back now that his second marriage has fallen apart; she is going on this trip to give herself time to think, but along the way meets someone who makes the decision harder than ever. Annie thought her boyfriend was going to propose marriage and instead he broke her heart by telling her he was going to travel Europe with friends for a year, just expecting her to wait for him. Annie goes on the trip because she's at loose ends. Ruth says is going back to see old friends, but is really going back to see her old high school flame, and apologize for hurting him. I listened to this one as an audio book. I usually like the Blossom street books a lot better than the Cedar Cove books. However, this one got on my nerves. The main reason was Annie who whined throughout the whole book and generally acted as though she were an immature 14 instead of someone one year away from an MBA. She was repetitious beyond endurance and tattled like a little child to her father. Also, Bethanne's indecision drove me nuts (probably moreso because I don't like her ex, who felt like a controlling stalker type and who in past books had been a pure cad -- why the hell would any adult woman consider taking him back in her life?). I did like Max - yum!

  • Leslie
    2019-02-04 11:28

    Without being mean or snippy I'll say that for a light read, and a clean conscious, this is a good book. Otherwise, I was bored at times. Again, too much repetition of facts I already know about the characters. Honestly, sometimes I think the new age writers, or their editors, believe the readers have trouble comprehending and remembering things we've previously read. It's an irritation for me. For instance, how many times does Bethanne have to repeat to herself,other characters, or to the reader, that she and Grant are divorced,and all that went into that...I don't like repetition if it's simply for filling pages. I've been reading so many authors that do this lately and it really irritates. Anyway, I did appreciate the relationship between Bethanne and Max, that it stayed on a mature level, in my view. However, it was kind of crazy they would fall in love....but this is romance so I can't knock it too much. For a nice,romance with more than one angle going on, Macomber did a good job. But please, writers, quit just filling pages with inane conversations of the characters problems we've already been through more than once. I get it!!!

  • Sandy
    2019-01-31 17:22

    Loved this book! I must have been in the mood for a warm, humorous, loving story because it's not that there's anything "meaty" about it, it was just enjoyable. I wasn't sure how it would end and that's always a good thing. Also, I could see myself and some of my family members as the characters. A light, fun read!

  • İntellecta
    2019-02-19 17:37

    "Debbie Macomber's style is on a straight line. . I liked some places in the book but this is not valid for the whole thing. Usually if two people love each other, they have to kiss or have certain relations. I can not feel the coldness and the love between the characters in this subject."

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-01-21 11:40

    Answers. Bethann needs answers. She’s a creative, decisive, successful business woman, but making a decision about a possible reconciliation with Grant, her contrite ex-husband has her flummoxed. Her daughter Annie and her ex-mother-in-law Ruth are lobbying hard for the reconciliation. Her son Andrew, who never quite forgave his father for leaving them six years ago, is not so gung-ho for it, but says it is up to her. Hoping to reach a clear decision while making a trip with Ruth and Annie from Seattle to Florida, Bethann goes with the flow as Ruth and Annie adjust and readjust the original route they would travel. As Ruth reconnects with friends of long ago and Annie licks her emotions wounds from a romance that took a wrong turn, Bethann wrestles with her dilemma. Although she and Grant have a twenty-year marriage history, she had recreated herself in the last six years. She is no longer that person who would be content to just be an adjunct to Grant. To add fuel to her quandary, a biker (can you imagine!) with sad, knowing eyes that flash with desire sends her body into overdrive, her heart racing, and her mind questioning her sanity and many other things. Life gets complicated for Bethann. Grant knows he erred big time when he divorced Bethann. Now he, with the help of Annie, is working hard to get her back after six years. She had complemented him during all their years together, helping him become very successful. He needs her and wants her back like it used to be. Max, the biker, and his friend Rooster ride with Willie and Skunk part of the time, But, at times, Max rides alone when Rooster goes back to tend to his advertising business. Max has not come to terms with the death of his daughter and wife. For three years he has drifted leaving his business in the hands of his brother. When he sees Bethann, he realizes he can FEEL again, breath without pain, and face the future. He “gets right” with God after she told him about her situation and how she finally realized that she had to unclench her fists of anger to fill her hands with happiness, joy, and love. Max’s good deeds, sense of fair play, and amazing forbearance add depth to this man who deals so gently with Bethann. The unique connection between Max and Bethann touches deep emotions. They both have lost what they most treasured. They recognize each other’s grief, a grief that eases as they share with each other in a way that transcends the physical. Ruth’s hopes and fears about seeing her high school sweetheart and first love is a heartwarming part of A Turn in the Road. It has so many delightful revelations. While Ruth seeks an old love, Annie, so angry with her ‘old’ love, enjoys meeting and having fun with new guys as the three women make their way to Florida. The way each of these three women evolves to a new stage in their lives is mesmerizing reading. Debbie Macomber does a magnificent job of creating characters so life-like that some feel like one’s very own friends and acquaintances, while others come across as plain-old ornery people one hopes to avoid. The reader vicariously experiences the thoughts, hopes, fears, and deepest desires of the characters. With humor, remarkable description, and phenomenal character development, Ms. Macomber takes the reader right along on this life-changing trip with Bethann, Annie, and Ruth, AND gives the reader heroes that make the heart dance with joy. A Turn in the Road is exquisitely written and sparkles with humor and an appreciation for life. Super reading! originally posted at http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...

  • Nancy
    2019-02-03 17:52

    That had to be the longest road trip of my life. I know that some people can tolerate a great deal when a particular book in a series hits the wrong nerve, but having to put up with Annie, the 23ish year old daughter of main character Bethanne, was almost enough for me to wall bang this book and walk away from this series. If her constant immaturity and whining had been toned down a bit, I would have accepted what she had to say, but she was just too much.In addition to Annie, other little things kept bothering me while reading this book. Why would a woman, Bethanne, whose husband left her for another woman six years prior, even consider getting back with him? What woman in her right mind, who has gone on to create a good stable career from scratch, ever considers this emotional U-turn? In addition, a little research needed to have been done on road trips - driving from Flagstaff, AZ to Albuquerque, NM takes five hours and not “a little over two”. This is where the bogging down in my reading occurred. Every time a travel distance or location come up I would have to stop and picture a map and wonder why they did what they did. Possibly, I was concentrating on the wrong parts of the story, but to be honest, I needed a break from Annie.Ok, enough venting. Bethanne Hamlin has agreed to take her ex-mother-in-law Ruth to her 50th high school reunion. Ruth was prepared to take the trip alone, but Bethanne was not too sure that a 70-something woman should drive from Seattle to Florida on her own. Annie, the annoying daughter, invites herself along so the three women jump into the car for a life changing drive across the United States. Being a “romance”, each woman has to come to terms with the men in their lives, Bethanne’s ex-husband Grant wants a second chance, Annie’s boyfriend realizes he has made a mistake and wants Annie to be home waiting for his return and Ruth, my favorite character in the book, agonizes over meeting up with a boy from high school. I have enjoyed some books from this series, a few have hit the right chord with engaging characters, but other should just be skipped. Overall, I do not think that this particular story moved the Blossom Street series forward. Very little was mentioned of the original group or even Blossom Street in general.

  • Megan
    2019-02-10 18:28

    This book was painful for me to read. The whole book was about whether or not she should get back together with her ex-husband. Her ex cheated on her, abandoned her and their kids, and then decided six years later that he couldn't live without her (after the new wife left him). Yeah, yeah, we need to forgive and all that, but the characters and the plot just bugged me. The only reason I kept on reading was because in the past, I have really liked a lot of Debbie Macomber books.

  • Gülay Cansever
    2019-01-27 11:22

    Mutlu sonları kim sevmez değil mi? Bethanne hayatının kararını verecek, peki bu karar aşamasında başına neler gelecek dersiniz. Merak ediyorsanız hemen okuyun derim 😬

  • Darlene
    2019-01-23 17:35

    Awesome!I hoped so much, Bethanne makes the right decision! Sie did!

  • Booklover
    2019-01-25 16:28

    WOW!Such a wonderful read,excellent second chance read,i felt i was actually with Bethanie,Ruth n Annie on the road trip,such a excellent story about how each woman are trying to find answers and way to happinessBethanie liked her a lot but at some places i was irritated with her,taking all the crap things from her daughter though i was glad she never gave in and did what her heart wanted to do,and she took a long time taking the decision but was really really happy she went with Max,i agree Grant and she had a happy marriage but he did went and betrayed those vows and i disliked the fact Bethanie somewhere blamed herself for his cheating but Andrew gave her some sense she is a great mother and was a good wife it was Grant's fault totally Ruth hurted Royce her first love horribly and things between them ended really bad now she wanted forgiveness and hope for second chance,liked their story very much and was glad theses two mended fences and were together Annie is a intelligent smart selfish yet good at heart,i disliked her a lot in few scenes,she really acted very selfish and immature,she did'nt behaved as a 22 year old adult but most of time she behaved worse then a child and she crossed lines many times,who is she to get angry and see messages of her mother and spy on her really wanted to smack her for her immaturity,in start she analysis her behaviour after divorce how she blamed Bethanie more cause she became boring and her father went to Tiffany though she is ashamed but i still felt she still blamed Bethanie,i understand she wants her parents back but she really crossed lines many times,she acted selfishly but then as she passes through same phase as Bethanie though Vance did'nt cheat but he kept secret from her and realised hoe her mother might have felt and slowly she realised its not to going to work and gives up and when she gets to know Max she likes him and is happy for her motherMax is one of the most favourite character in the book after Rooster,he has went through so much but his loyalty n determination and his confidence in his love made me adore him more,he never once did pressurize Bethanie let her make her own decision and finally his love winsGrant what can i say as Andrew said whatever place he is in,however lonely he did it himself,way he abandoned his family and turned his back,today when he has no one he realises his importance of his family and regrets his actions but as he himself said it is too late,when he cried at end felt bad for him but as the saying goes "as you sow so shall you reap"Overall a good readRecommend it

  • Jackie Lane
    2019-01-28 15:24

    While this book was so out of the ordinary for the Blossom Street series, I ended up truly enjoying myself.A road trip to Florida from Oregon helps to find love, hope and happiness.Bethanne takes a road trip with her daughter. Annie and her ex-mother-in-law, Ruth. During the time the three spend driving to Florida for Ruth to make her 50th reunion, they share experiences that at times are crazy and fun and at other times are bittersweet. Each of them has a decision to make and will take the time to work it out in their own way.(view spoiler)[Grant, Bethanne’s ex-husband wants her back, but he had left her for another woman and she is not so sure that it is what she really wants. She has become a successful, independent woman and well as the owner of a thriving party business. She needs time to reflect and hope to gain some perspective during this trip. Ruth is hoping to reconnect with Royce (although no one knows that), a love that she let slip away years ago and Annie, having just been jilted by her boyfriend who took off for Europe begin their adventure. Annie would like nothing better than for her parents to get back together and she does everything she can to keep her father in the loop. Annie has some side trips in the back of her mind, even though her grandmother has the tripped all planned out.The three women end up making some revisions to their itinerary and along the way Bethanne meets a biker who assists them when their care breaks down. Bethanne and Max have an instant attraction. Max seems to show up in the towns that Annie, Ruth and Bethanne visit.Will Bethanne take Grant back or will she be with Max?Does Annie show her boyfriend that she is independent and can have a life without him in in?Will Ruth and Royce finally find happiness?This is a trip that will bond the three women for life as they journey across the United State from one coast to another.I really enjoyed this read and although different from the typical Blossom Street books, it was full of power and a nice departure from it, while still tying Blossom Street in.For me this was 4 out of 5 stars. (hide spoiler)]

  • Kym
    2019-02-13 14:34

    Debbie Macomber “ A Turn in the Road” From Seattle’s Blossom Street, Bethanne Hamlin, her daughter Annie, and her ex-Mother-in-law, Ruth, take a road trip of a lifetime !Ruth was determined to drive to her 50th class reunion in Florida. She has secret hopes to also see her high school sweetheart, Bryce. Ruth wants to make amends with her first love, all these years she has felt horrible for the way she left him. Bethanne agreed to accompany Ruth on the trip, she needed time to reflect on the fact that her ex-husband, that left her six years ago for another woman, wants a chance to reconcile.The adventure brings them to many turns in the road, like their first stop, Pendleton Oregon. It brought Ruth back to the place she lived as a newlywed, and she was able to connect with a long lost friend. Bethanne also meets a biker, Max whom she cant get out of her mind. This makes her decision to reconcile even more complicated.This book is an amazing example of the saying “It isn’t the ending, but the journey that matters” You will fall in love with the characters, and feel like part of the family. Debbie Macomber has a wonderful ability of drawing you into her character’s lives. Her books stay with me, even after I have closed the cover.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-02 15:29

    I enjoyed this story of 3 Generations of women driving Cross Country from Seattle to Florida.Ruth ( the Grandmother and Ex Mother in law ) wants to go to her High School Reunion and possibly rekindle a old romance.Bethanne is struggling with her decision on whether or not to go back to her ex-husband and decides to take this Cross Country trip, and herDaughter rides along also.Along the way they have several adventures, and meet two very nice Gentleman.A loving story of family and finding love again.

  • Donna
    2019-01-28 16:44

    I really, really loved this!!! Some of her books have too little romance for me to really love, but this one was great. The different storylines with all three generations were all enjoyable. I was on edge through a lot of the book because I was afraid Bethanne would make the "wrong" choice!! The author did a great job of keeping us unsure which guy Bethanne would chose!! I loved the author's insights into each family member's emotions and thought processes. This was one of the best books in this series.

  • Catherine
    2019-02-16 15:35

    A nice cozy Hallmark story. Love the bond between mother daughter, and ex-mother-in-law. The road trip was a great idea. Except I thought the daughter, Annie was a brat. Tried to be too controlling. The dad screwed up and did not deserve. A second chance. Enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Susanchitter
    2019-01-25 11:34

    I always enjoy her books, easy reads and relaxing.

  • Amy Burt
    2019-01-27 11:31

    A entertaining read with some twists and turns but laughs as well.

  • Gabrielle
    2019-02-11 13:26

    I could not get enough of this book all the characters come together beautifully. I really hope I read more about Bethanne and Max's love some day. Just like all of Debbie Macomber books I could not put it down.

  • Kathryn
    2019-02-09 11:37

    What a great read. Macomber has done it again in creating a story so real that you are drawn into the characters and plot immediately. I also liked that she continued with characters from her previous stories Blossom street and the yarn shop.Bethany Hamlin is a divorced mother of two. Her husband's betrayal shook her world but she picked herself up and started a successful party business. Now, her husband is divorced and wants to reconcile, but she doesn't know if she can trust him again. Her daughter, Annie who is a year away from a MBA in business works for her and is all for reuniting the family. However, her older brother, who is about to be married is still unforgiving of his father. When her ex- mother-in-law wants to go on a cross country trip from seattle to florida for a school reunion, Bethany jumps at the chance to get away from everyday life and really think about her decision to reconcile with her ex-husband. Then her daughter's boyfriend decides to surprise her by going on a trip to Europe for a year, and Annie feels some of the betrayal that her mother must of felt at being so surprised at her father's abandonment. She goes on the trip to Florida too. The road trip helps them all the find out their true feelings on life, love, and their pursuits of happiness. They deviate from the agenda and meet up with some "biker." One makes quite the impression on Bethany...Max. His gang rescues them when their car breaks down and max and Bethany connected from the pain they have both experienced. Bethany brings max out of his 3 years of running from the pain of loosing his wife and daughter to death. he finds hope in Bethany and the lost love he thought he wasn't capable of...the only problem is she is making a decision about Grant and Max complicates things. Bethany must search her heart and see who will claim it, the man that she loved for 20 years and who is trying to win her forgiveness or the stranger she met that she can't seem to get out of her mind?This has a happy ending and also other happily ever afters for Grandma and Royce, the lost love of her highschool years.

  • Debbie
    2019-02-16 17:24

    Six years after he had walked out on his wife and kids, Grant was freshly single again and looking to reconcile with Bethanne Hamlin. To forgive the betrayal was one thing, she did that for herself. To forget was something that she didn’t think she could ever do and she wasn’t sure if she could ever trust him again either. Being willing to at least think about it for the sake of the grown kids, herself, him, she wasn’t sure, but think about it she was. Hearing that her ex-mother-in-law was planning a road trip across the country to her 50th class reunion in Florida was the perfect excuse to get away and do that thinking. With the addition of her daughter Annie, Ruth and Bethanne set out to see America. Even though Ruth had made plans, the addition of Annie added spontaneity to the group, taking them off the plotted course early in the trip. Helping out in a diner for an old friend of Ruth’s was the fist of may changes to come. Then they have trouble with the rental car with only one source of help, and that coming from a group of motorcycle riders they met at the diner. Offering a ride to the nearest town was the best way for Max to help, but the connection they found while offering confessions may make some decisions more difficult.Book 8 ….. I remember Bethanne from a previous book. I liked her than and I like her more now. She has proven herself to be a smart independent women over the years and even with the dual “Grant push” from Ruth and Annie, she is able to understand it is her choice. Now, on a personal note, can I have a Max of my own? I instantly fell for him and was shouting at Annie to stop pushing for her dad, and at Bethanne to realize what she should be doing. Really enjoyed the relationship between the three women and the side story of Ruth and Royce was a lovely addition also. Can’t wait to see if there is another book taken from the friends of the Blossom Street yarn store.

  • Jennifer Estep
    2019-01-22 14:34

    A Turn in the Road by Debbie Macomber is one of the books in her popular Blossom Street women's fiction series.Bethanne Hamlin has no idea of the adventures that are in store for her when she agrees to drive across the country with her daughter, Annie, and her ex mother-in-law, Ruth, so Ruth can attend her high school reunion. Bethanne goes on the trip to clear her head and so she can decide whether or not she wants to get back together with her ex-husband, who cheated on her and left her for another woman. On the road, Bethanne meets a biker named Max, and the two quickly form a bond. But Bethanne doesn't know if it's enough for a lasting relationship, and she can't forget about her history and the children she shares with her ex-husband ...I've been wanting to try Macomber's books for a while (my mom loves her books), and the cover on this one was just too pretty to pass up.Bethanne is a lovely character -- a woman who's been through some tough times but reinvented herself and came out stronger on the other side. It's nice to see her success and how much she's grown since her divorce. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, like the feisty Ruth and how she makes amends with the boy that she once loved. There are also lots of nice descriptions of the scenery and the various places that the women see on their road trip.My only complaint is that Bethanne was kind of wishy-washy when it came to choosing between Max and her ex-husband. She goes back and forth several times, telling Max that she can't see him anymore and that she needs some space, before she finally makes her choice. Also, Annie comes off as a bit immature and bratty at times, especially when she tips off her father about Bethanne meeting Max.Overall, though, this was an entertaining read, especially if you enjoy women's fiction.

  • Suzanne
    2019-01-25 10:47

    This is the latest installment of The Blossom Street series. Bethanne is a divorcee of 6 years. She has her own business which is known as Parties. Her daughter is a part of this thriving business. Bethanne and her ex-mother-in-law, Ruth, still remain friends. Bethanne is on her way to the Blossom Street knitting store where she notices Ruth sitting outside a near-by cafe. Ruth is in deep thought and does not notice Bethanne walking toward her.Ruth has amazing news. Her high school is having their 50th reunion and she plans to attend. She also has intentions to drive across the country by herself. Her chidren have made it quite clear that this a bad idea. Bethanne's ex-husband is calling and trying to have dinner with her. He wants to reconcile but she's not sure. She feels the urgency to travel and collect her thoughts about her situtation. Her daughter, Annie, has a fight with her boyfriend. He is going to Europe for the summer and did not let her know until the last minute. Annie decided to go on the reunion trip while she can collect her thoughts as well.Ruth has made hotel reservation along the way and knows exactly what cities she wants to visit.She does not realize that her companions have other plans for this adventure. I loved this book as well as Macomber's books. It was amazing that 3 generation of women can make a road trip and remain friends. They encourage each other and learn about each other even after 26+ years. Ruth, Bethanne, and Annie each have their own troubles and they learn life's lessons along the way.I would highly recommend this book to Macobmer's followers and anyone who is at a crossroads in ther lives.

  • Norma
    2019-02-16 18:31

    When I first heard that I could read this book before it was released I was all giggly like a school girl. I absolutely LOVE everything written by Debbie Macomber. All I have to say is “Hi, my name is Norma and I am a Debbie Macomber addict!!” Yes, I love her writing that much. I had the chance to review The Knitting Diaries last month that had a short story from the Blossom Street Series. Her Blossom Street series has tons of wonderful characters that I love revisiting over and over again. They are like old friends that you love sitting around, drinking coffee with, and catching up on the good gossip.This book wasn’t any different. Each of the Blossom Street series centers around one specific woman from this street. This time its Bethanne. As you weave your way through the different books (this is number eight), you get to know the women more and more. They will each lend their voices to each others stories in order to help them grow.I love the camaraderie that Debbie Macomber builds between her characters. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, well what are you waiting for? You will be in for the time of your life. Be prepared to laugh until your sides hurt, cry until you can’t cry anymore, and every other emotion in between. In conjunction with the Wakela's World Disclosure Statement, I received a product in order to enable my review. No other compensation has been received. My statements are an honest account of my experience with the brand. The opinions stated here are mine alone.

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2019-02-02 11:34

    Bethanne Hamlin went through a devastating divorce after twenty years of marriage to Grant Hamlin. Even in the amidst this trying time Bethanne's passion for parties and hostessing created Parties something she didn't think was capable of at first. Now six years later, Bethanne has successful business and a changed woman. As Bethanne and Grant's son Andrew's wedding approaches, Grant wants a chance to win Bethanne's heart again. Bethanne isn't sure about reconciliation with Grant is even possible at this point in her life maybe five or six years ago yes but not now. When Bethanne discovers that her mother in law Ruth is planning a trip cross country by herself just in time for fiftieth class reunion. Bethanne jumps at the chance to getaway to make some decisions about Grant and herself. Instead of it just being Bethanne and Ruth, Bethanne's daughter Annie also tags along. Life on the road offers many challenges and coming to terms with certain facts in all of their lives. Along the way Bethanne meets Max Scranton who appears to be a biker with a heart of gold. All thoughts of reconciliation with Grant fly out the window when Bethanne with Max. What does this road trip mean for all of them? Will Bethanne let Grant back into her life? Or will she move forward with Max? Your answers await you in A Turn in the Road.I love this series! Keeps getting better with each book that I read. The story was about how life can change in a instant. I simply adore the characters. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

  • Tali
    2019-01-22 12:52

    After the last book in the Blossom Street series, I really struggled to get into this book on the first attempt. My second attempt at reading this though practically sped by. The character of Bethanne, a divorcee choosing between her ex-husband and a new suitor, was a nice surprise and a surprisingly engaging character once I'd got past the first few pages and the story was pleasant. What I didn't like about this novel were the characters of Ruth, Bethanne's ex-mother-in-law, and Annie, Bethanne's daughter. While I appreciate what Macomber was trying to do by writing about three generations of women, the two characters were annoying, obtuse and in some cases just plain insufferable. The character of Annie is particularly hard to stomach. I know that in this novel Macomber is trying to show a younger point of view and the character's immaturity, but I also know that even at the age of 21, if I'd talked to my mother the way Annie speaks to Bethanne, I would've received a smack around the mouth for being so goddamn rude.This novel definitely would've received more stars if those two characters hadn't bothered me so much. As it is, I would've much preferred to read a novel more centred around Bethanne solely, than one that attempts to follow her family's lives and attitudes as well.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-03 15:44

    Who doesn't love a road trip! Delightful new novel by Debbie Macomber. I had not read any of her previous books and I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a great storyteller she is. I understand that Bethanne was introduced in a previous Blossom Street novel however you do not need to read the previous books to enjoy this one. Three generations of women set out on a road trip from Seattle, Washington to Vero Beach, Florida. They have lots of adventures on the way. They discover things about themselves and each other on this great trip. And they all come to conclusions about love in their lives.I just loved the character of Max. And Debbie Macomber had a lot to say about people judging others by their outward appearance. I loved that she utilized bikers to point this out. Bikers are often considered the outlaws of present day. However, if you actually do spend a lot of time on the road you will realize that a lot of bikers are actually middle aged professionals who enjoy riding the open roads of this continent as an amazing stress reliever. I know this from experience...don't knock it until you've tried it!Uplifting, wonderful read that I highly recommend. I couldn't put it down because I was dying to know what decision Bethanne would make and that's all I'll say about that!

  • Rayni
    2019-01-30 12:50

    This should be on my unputdownable shelf. I put a hold on the book at the local library. On my way out of the library from picking it up I had to wait on the curb for a car. I took that short opportunity to look at the book. I hadn't even had a chance to open it & look at it. Five minutes later I was still standing on the curb. I took it home & at 3 a.m., I was still "looking" at the book.The three generation storyline was fun, maybe because my mom has lived with us, or we have lived with her, for the past 15 years. We have gone on family trips together, nothing as ambitious as a cross country trip.I was glad Ruth stuck to her original plan of Branson, someplace I'd like to go myself. I loved the music education conversation in chapter 16. Ruth commenting that Andy Williams is like Perry Como, Frank Sinatra & Steve Lawrence all rolled into one. Annie asked her grandma if they were part of a group. I laughed out loud. So, when my son, who is in his mid-20s, came home from work, I asked him if he knew who these 4 singers were. He'd never heard of Perry Como or Frank Sinatra, but had heard of Andy Williams & Steve Lawrence. As usual, with a Debbie Macomber book, I was disappointed to see it end.

  • Stacy
    2019-02-09 18:34

    Well I have mixed feelings about this book. This is the story of a divorced woman coming to a cross roads in her life. Spending time with her "ex" mother in law and her extremely immature adult daughter on a 3 week cross country road trip. Bethanne must come to terms with her ex husband's (and daughter and ex mother in law's) desire for Bethanne and Grant to re-unite after 6 years of being divorced. I rated this so low (only 3 stars) because I was sick to death of this fabulous, strong, independent woman allowing herself and her feelings to be berated and manipulated by her ex-husband, ex-mother in law and most importantly her disrespectful and immature adult daughter. On the flip side, Max was a refreshing character -- the new man in her life. I love the expression and the feeling between Bethanne and Max. The what if's and the what could be's grabbed my heart in a vise grip. Macomber did a fantastic job of making you unsure which way Bethanne was going to go with her decision - down to the last page. If you like Macomber - then you will most likely enjoy this book... I just had to share my frustration with the way she created the relationship with the other primary characters.

  • Vannessa Anderson
    2019-02-05 13:34

    A Turn in the Road is a story about a woman in turmoil about whether or not she should take back the husband who wants her back after leaving her for a younger woman and in financial straits. The husband, after his young wife divorces him, wants his first wife back. The first wife meets a man, a good man, whose never cheated on his wife. A man who is honest and who hadn’t had sex since the death of his wife whom he was deeply in love. Joyce Bean did an excellent job in making us feel the emotions of the characters.

  • Sonja Johnson
    2019-02-19 15:28

    Loved the plot line of a spur of the minute cross country road trip which includes a mother, daughter, and ex mother in law. It was fun to watch their relationships grow and strengthen across the miles. Each character had to face an insecurity that most women could relate to when it comes to loving someone, trust, and their own happiness. Quick read with well developed characters and plot line. A very satisfying ending on so many levels.