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A plague wipes out ninety-five percent of the world's population, taking Nate Williams' wife and daughter and leaving him with his thirteen-year-old son to survive on their farm. In the bedlam of lawlessness and starvation, hungry, desperate men arrive from the nearest town to take their meager supplies. A benevolent stranger keeps coming in the night to steal food. SensinA plague wipes out ninety-five percent of the world's population, taking Nate Williams' wife and daughter and leaving him with his thirteen-year-old son to survive on their farm. In the bedlam of lawlessness and starvation, hungry, desperate men arrive from the nearest town to take their meager supplies. A benevolent stranger keeps coming in the night to steal food. Sensing the stranger means no harm, Nate leaves food out as charity. But the stranger ignores offers to join them, then comes to their aid when a gang of prison escapees, led by an old nemesis of Nate's, raids their home. In the end, it is the kindness of a father desperate to save his son that may give two families and the stranger an opportunity to build a new life in a post-apocalypse world....

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  • Apocalyptic Fiction
    2019-03-01 01:41

    Apocalypse Law by John Grit is a very entertaining story about a man and his son struggling to survive on a small farm after an influenza strain kills a large part of the human population. After the last few books that I have read, it was truly fun that the main character in Apocalypse Law, Nate, is a retired Army Ranger that can kick some major ass! (what can I say, sometimes I get tired of the bad guys running the show!:) Naturally, some unsavory types make their way past the farm in the period following the outbreak and Nate is willing and able to defend himself and his son. Apocalypse Law reads more like an action movie. It is fast paced and full of suspense. This is a good book to read after you finish The Road by Cormac McCarthy. You could argue that The Road may be more realistic but Apocalypse Law sure is a lot more fun!

  • M Suzanne
    2019-03-01 21:57

    I loved this book. It is kind of hokey in a couple of places. BUT!!!!!! The are a wealth of survival tips in this book and the second volume of the series as well. Remember when it finally does hit the fan...that there will be two kinds of people. People that will gather together into mobs and take all they can get their hands on and there are gona be those that do for themselves.....and they will be forced to defend themselves from those that dont have it in them to do for themselves because of their welfare mentalities. There will be no gubberment to come to the rescue. So if you want to learn how to handle this book! Great story, and my son is even reading it now for school.

  • Greg
    2019-03-19 00:43

    I enjoyed this book a good deal. It reminded me a tiny bit of "The Road" with the father/son plot line and apocalyptic, post-flu, world...The story flowed well and was hard to put down. Some of the elements were a might bit perdicitible (i.e. the "egg stealer") but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story.Best of all, even through the world was in the crapper and hope a limited commodity, at the end it was a story of hope. You didn't leave it depressed, but with a renewed feeling of hope and purpose.

  • Derrick Stone
    2019-03-02 03:56

    Excellent read about a father doing whatever is necessary to keep his son alive. A must have for anyone into the PA survival type books.

  • Fiona
    2019-03-10 02:47

    This is really good and a real page turner..Off to find the next one!!!

  • Sam Peoples
    2019-03-11 21:02

    A modest farmer who has downplayed his former life as a US Army Ranger fights to protect his son and a small group of refugees he befriends after a plague kills 95% of the world’s population, including his wife and daughter. His farm is remote and surrounded by federal forest land, but it isn’t long before hungry, desperate men come to kill them and take their meager supplies. With limitless patience, he helps his son deal with the loss of his mother and little sister and man up to the realities of the new world they both face. Reading the second book reveals that the son has started to become the man his father is.Well written and edited, these books have hundreds of reviews on many sites on the Net and average four stars. While not survival manuals in novel form, they will entertain and give you an idea of how difficult it would be in a total breakdown of society to feed your family through farming and maintain security at the same time. Working an open field turns you into and easy target. One or two people cannot do this alone, and the series makes that point well. Most of book 2 is about fighting a large gang of killers who go from town to town taking what they want. The thirty-eight-year-old ex-Ranger is stretched to the limits of human endurance in a desperate struggle to save his farm and prevent his son and friends from starving. A few reviewers have complained that the farmer suddenly becomes a “Rambo,” but I disagree. All of the shooting is entirely possible and done every day, and going on little sleep is part of military training. To me, it was about a man willing to do anything to protect his son and friends.I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys survival or post-apocalyptic stories. Apocalypse Law 3 is scheduled to be out in November 2012. I will be one of the first to buy it.

  • Sheila Myers
    2019-02-21 20:36

    Apocalypse Law is an exciting and stirring story about a man and his son attempting to survive after a plague wipes out most of the world's population. I'm not really a fan of books that give in-depth descriptions of military type tactics, but John Grit does a wonderful job of giving those details in such a way that I was pulled into the action and interested in why and how the characters used their military training. But this novel isn't just a "us against the world" story, it delves into the emotional bonds that cause the characters to act they way they do. The reader also gets a good look at the compassion that binds a father and a son as well as their compassion for the other people experiencing the same pain and tragedy they themselves are living. The characters, settings, and actions are well-developed and very believable. I was a bit confused at the end of the book by the excerpts the author provides of his other novels. At first I thought they were supposed to be part of the novel. That said, the confusion didn't last long and in no way takes away from expert storytelling of the novel. I highly recommend Apocalypse Law.

  • Paul Moore
    2019-03-06 22:47

    A great story with plenty of action and tension, and the relationship between the father and his son is skillfully depicted with nuance. This story was on Amazon’s 100 bestsellers list for action and adventure when I bought the Kindle version, proof others liked it too. A strong four stars.May 2012:Okay, this author has had his books edited by several different editors over the last six or seven months. It seems his first editor was not so good, and he has spent thousands on professional editing to polish his books. I recently read new versions of both his Apocalypse Law novels, and could not find a single typo or grammar mistake (not that I was bothered by either before). I would rate this book at 4.9 stars if reviewing it today. (I liked it even better the second time around.) Everyone has their own likes of course.

  • Mike Nemeth
    2019-02-26 03:39

    John Grit doesn't mess around with his characters. The lead is a father faced with raising his remaining child in an environment in which strangers mean serious danger. The kid is a little slow to get the picture, but the book moves quickly. It's straight up action/adventure from a pretty narrow perspective. Yet, it works. Very engaging. Had to read it quickly.

  • Russ Thompson
    2019-02-22 22:54

    Good story , somewhat predictable but a decent amount of insight into decline of law and order . A reasonable scenario with a bit of overdone moral clarity when it came to classifying survivors. I agree son needs a good whack. Overall a decent read

  • John
    2019-02-21 01:37

    Good plague book - enjoyed it - TEOTWAWKI

  • Brad T.
    2019-03-01 03:01

    I really liked this book. I typically dont like short time frame stories, but this one was well written and I liked the characters enough that I will be buying book 2 right now.

  • Paula
    2019-02-23 21:01

    Really good book for fans of dystopic fiction. I bought the sequel yesterday for my Kindle, and will begin reading it today.

  • Chad Beaudin
    2019-02-24 23:59

    Nothing but spoilers. This is a synopsis, not a review.Nate is the father, Brian is his 13 year old son. They live on a small farm in northern Florida. Nate was an Army Ranger.Book opens with Nate's daughter (???) dying in bed from the plague that is going around.Nate and Brian bury her next to her mom, who died a few weeks before.Nate takes Brian out one morning under the guise of hunting wild boars. They set up out away from their house. They notice that there is someone with a fire up in the woodsAfter a few hours they see a few armed guys trying to break into their house. One of them is killed by a booby trapped shotgun that Nate set up. The other one is shot and killed by Nate.Nate notices someone is stealing some of their chicken eggs.Nate leaves eggs out in a basket for what the now call "the egg thief". Nate makes a trip to their friends (Mel). Mel is a survivalist. He has a bunker with years of food in it. Mel was away when the plague hit. Nate brings back a few food items.They kill a couple of wild boars on a hunting trip. They leave a large ham along with a note out for the egg thief. Nate would like the egg thief to join them. The next day the ham is gone.Nate tries tracking the egg thief. Nate tracks him to a island in the swamp but Nate doesn't want to wade through all the cold water and possibly expose himself. So he goes back home. The egg thief stops coming after this night. Nate believes the egg thief discovered he was being tracked.While out fishing one day Nate heads around a bend from where Brian is. He hears shouting and a gun shot. He runs back to find two guys shooting at Brian, who is behind a log. Nate shoots both of them. Brian was shot in the leg by one of their. 22's.Brian decides that they must abandon the farm and move to Mel's. They can't maintain safety and farming with just the two of them. Nate stages things to move to Mel's. It will take multiple trips, a few miles away. Nate sets Brian up with a sniper hide in the upstairs bedroom while Brian is recovering.That night Nate is moving a water barrel to the river so he can use it to transport all the goods to Mel's via the river. A girl speaks up in the forest, but Nate can't see her. She is the egg thief and thanks Nate for the food he has given her. He tries to convince her to join them but she doesn't trust them. Nate offer to give her some supplies (sleeping bag, ponchos, tarp). She says she will take the supplies in a few days.Brian's leg becomes infected before Nate can get everything ready to move to Mel's. He decides to go to Mel's to look for some medicine. On his way he comes across four escaped prisoners. The four are friends of Chuck Shingle who tried to rape Nate's wife/girlfriend back in high school. Nate overhears their plans to kill Nate's family except his wife and take his farm. Nate kill's them.He gets to Mel's, gets supplies and runs the miles back to his farm. Chuck's guys are trying to break into the farm. Brian shoots one of hte guy's hand off. The egg thief girl takes shots at some from the tree line. Chucks guys retreat before Brian gets back. That day and night Chucks guys take pop shots at the house. Nate gets one of them. The next day he gets another while the guy is trying to shoot from up in trees. He thinks it is just Chuck left. He heads out at night to hunt Chuck down. He comes across a few of their bodies. The girl leaves a note that she is going to join Nate and Brian.The next day Nate starts taking more supplies down to the river while he is also looking for Chuck. He comes across the girl. She comes back to the farm with him. She tells him that she tracked Chuck for a while and he took off downriver back towards town.The egg thief is Deni Heath. 21. Army infantry. Father was the Colonel that Nate served under.Deni and Nate spent a day on moving more things down to the river cache point.Deni baked Brian a birthday cake and gave him a .22 pistol as a birthday present.It rained heavy one night, so Deni and Nate used the cover of weather to move everything else to the cache point using the tractor and a flat bed trailer. After they were done and sleeping, Chuck hot wired the tractor and drove it through the house wall. Brian shot at him and he took off. Nate tells everyone to pack up, they are moving to the cache point now. From the cache point, he sends Brian and Deni up river to Mel's place. Nate goes to hunt down Chuck. He finds Chuck and kills him. On his way back Nate comes across a couple with a kid. He gives them food and tells them to take over his farm. He will come back in 3 days and see how they are doing. They might group together.Book ends with him in the canoe heading upriver to meet with Deni and Brian.

  • Jordan
    2019-03-03 21:58

    I do admit there are a few things in this story that were excess; ie, father son dialogue and build up to somewhat predictable outcomes... but found myself needing to know what happened next. Kept me thoroughly entertained and was set a a decent pace. And yes, the fighting scenes are mildly descriptive (compared to other books of this genre) but to say they make the main character heartless, cruel, or savage in anyway is laughable... yes, I too would shoot the bastard again to make sure.

  • Jenee Rager
    2019-03-14 01:53

    I have always enjoyed the post-apocolyptic type of books. The concept of this book fits right in and had the potential to be very good. Unfortunately it fell into the trap a lot of these type of books do and within 30 days of the end of the world everyone seems to revert back to an old-fashion manner of speaking more typically found in the 1800's. It drives me crazy. In addition to the goofy dialogue this book simply had too much dialogue. It tended to tell you things rather than show you and it just got boring and repetitive.

  • Gerri
    2019-03-20 01:33

    Great storyI really enjoyed this book. A word from the wise...don't start reading this book close to bed time cause you won't get much sleep! Very engaging with good action and preparedness information. I am going straight to buy book 2 and hope it is just as good. The author tells a great story and is a good writer.

  • Angela
    2019-03-17 21:38

    I finally decided to buy this on Kindle after reading the sample and debating a few days. I wanted to find out what happened, and how the author made it happen. It was only something like 2.99 but if you tend to read a lot, it adds up. I think, for the length, it should be more like .99-1.99, but people gotta make money.This post apocalyptic novella was a little different than others I read in that the father, Nate, didn't ask questions before he shot and killed people. He figured out quickly how things were in the new world and understood that when men came to his house armed, they were there to take what was his, not chat. Nate had no qualms about killing to protect his son. (Usually in these types of books the characters have a hard time accepting things have changed, and I think that is an accurate portrayal, but sometimes it takes forever for them to get through their heads that life has taken a turn for the vicious and they need to stand up for themselves and be on the defensive.) Conversely, Nate cares about the unseen "egg thief," and makes no attempt to trap or kill him, because he figures the way the egg thief has gone about things, he's harmless.The other main character is the (just turned) 13 year old son, Brian, who complains about everything. He's snotty, argues with his dad, and whines a lot. As annoying as he was, I think he acted accordingly, that is, a teenager who is suddenly under a great deal of stress, grief, and gunfire. Not everyone can be graceful in a crisis like ole Nate.The book, novella, whatever, was very dialogue-driven, and often the dialogue was a little clunky. While there was smoother dialogue mixed with the clunky, the dialogue did, unfortunately, frequently sound like robots were conversing. It also needed some editing. Here is one example of clunkiness from Apocalypse Law:Brian was still standing by the stove, looking at nothing.Nate sliced a loaf of bread and put them in the pan and the pan on the stove. "Get the butter out.""There's not much left.""We will churn some more later when we have time. Might was [sic] well use it now."I know dialogue can be pretty hard to write, but since I'm paying for this, albeit not much, I expect more polish.Anyhoo, I enjoyed the book and am curious to see what happens next in any sequels.

  • Samantha Blair
    2019-03-09 19:34

    I was torn between 3 and 4 stars on this one. It's actually better written than many of the books in this genre, but it had a few quirks that are bothersome too. This book really has no beginning and no end. The whole story is a limited chunk of time that is pulled out of the middle of a crisis. It doesn't start at the beginning of the crisis, but rather with the death of the second family member, and it ends abruptly with no conclusion at all. So if you're looking for some kind of resolution, you won't find it here. For the most part, I think it's believable, but it's also vague. We know that there is some kind of a plague that kills 90% of the population, but we don't really get an understanding of how or when it began. Shortly thereafter the world goes nuts, which is understandable. Where it falls apart though, is the lack of resources. All of sudden the food is all gone and of the people are starving. There's no way that with only 10% remaining population that the food would have been used that quickly. When you take 90% of the people out of the equation, the resources should last longer, even in a state of chaos. There's no real explanation for what happened to cause this phenomenon or how long it took to occur. Also, the story takes place in Florida in a snowstorm, and I had a hard time with that. I'll buy the story about the plague and possibly the starving people, but to make it 15 degrees in Florida on top of everything else was a little too coincidental to me. Like most books of its kind, it's also very military heavy. It supports the idea that you can not survive or shoot a gun well if you've never been in the army. Having said all of that though, it reads smoothly and the characters are interesting. The father and son dynamic is well written and true to life. I liked having this little glimpse into their lives, even if the supporting information was lacking.

  • Bigal-sa
    2019-03-03 03:41

    90% of this book is a dialogue between a father and his very precocious son, so it does get a bit boring (the kid needed a clip along the earhole very early in the book). The killing scenes also don't work for me, especially the need to put extra bullets into a dying person.Formatting for the Kindle is really good, but the proofreading was a bit lax. I don't like seeing words like shined and glassing. I did like the idea behind the story, hence the 3*.

  • Pam Shelton-anderson
    2019-02-22 23:58

    This was a very short book. I meant to just get started on it and finished it very quickly. It was entertaining though there was way to much repetitive dialogue between the concerned father and the teenage boy who wanted to be a man. They seemed to be on a treadmill with the same interchange. There was also a tendency to have to tell the read what was happening rather than let it unfold (the egg thief was easy to predict). Still, it was good enough for me to move on to Book 2.

  • Larry
    2019-02-23 21:47

    This book was just ok maybe I am growing tired of the fact that every Apocalypse themed book seems to have the survivors killing off other survivors and running out of food before what I feel would be a reasonable time and then sickness takes out (in this story) 90% of the population..If your in to survival and military superiorty than this book may be for you

  • Kasey
    2019-02-22 23:45

    I am giving this book 3 stars because in spite of the many grammatical erorrs (what ever happened to proofreading?), it was a good story. This post apocalyptic book dealt mostly with the day to day survival after a deadly virus wiped out most of the population.

  • Allison Ferrini
    2019-02-22 23:33

    Trying too hard to be On the Road. Not realistic conversations. At first I thought that although the writing wasn't good, the story line would be interesting enough to make up for it but very little was explained about the sickness, or anything. The typos and grammatical mistakes were distracting.

  • Patricia Kaniasty
    2019-03-08 02:51

    Not bad but not great. Nothing special. Very typical apocalypse story. I guess I found it boring only because I read this catagory of stories alot.

  • Tome Addiction
    2019-02-27 21:43

    Enjoyed the story, nice beginning, middle, end. Entertaining and set up the next book.

  • Mary
    2019-03-09 00:53

    just couldn't get into it....