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Title : fundamentals of prosperity what they are and whence they come
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fundamentals of prosperity what they are and whence they come Reviews

  • Vaishali
    2019-04-21 03:09

    A short book from 1920 by the founder of Babson College, so a little dated. He is surprisingly uber supportive of the church, since spiritual teachings are the foundation of success. And he's a staunch believer of the Massachusetts work ethic... of which I'm personally a product :)His Fundamentals are:1. Integrity “The seeking after or dispensing of truth”Important to a person or an institution or system. There is no safety or civilization without it. Intregrity is the mother of all knowledge2. Faith/vision/hope "The willingness to look ahead and trust God" The power of our spiritual forces is largely untapped. 3. Industry The habit of work means power. Entrepreneurs systematically save money. Wage workers spend their money. Yet the entrepreneur started from the same place as wage workers. That laziness and extravagance are sins is a New England trait. 4. Cooperation The best barometer of civilization is the ability to work, serve, help, and give to one another. Most people are unproductive. Strange, since enthusiastic efficiency is a joy man had instinctively when he was a small boy. Men act according to their feelings. 5. The Human Soul Every improvement we’ve ever had has originated in the minds of only 2% of the people. Jesus urged his followers to look long-term... and the eternal.7. Studying the Human Soul Know all of the people who work with you intimately Spiritual resources need to be revived. Today’s press wants to make consumers, not producers. They want people to buy, not serve. Responsibility develops faith, vision, courage, and initiative8. Boost the other fellow Develop people, rather than acquire them already-madeGive them responsibility9. What truly counts:The need of the hour is to revive in men a desire to produce and a joy for service. Only the entrepreneur can do this. The mind of a man is a wonderful thing, but unless the soul of a man is awakened, he will lack faith, power, originality, ambition… those vital elements that make a man a real producer.10. What the numbers show: Panics have spiritual causes, not financial. Prosperity is the result of righteousness rather than material things. Research shows the less money you leave for your children, the better off they will be both financially and spiritually11. Where religion fails:It’s a fundamental law: whatever a man sows, he will reap. We are paid with the coin we give.12. The future of religion:Businesses need someone to sell and finance the project.Religion - the foundation for spiritual strength - is the institution with the least business savvy