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Based on more than 20 years of experience and 40 years of research, this book presents a practical, proven strategy for creating and meeting goals that has been used by more than 1 million people to achieve extraordinary things in life. Author Brian Tracy explains the seven key elements of goal setting and the 12 steps necessary to set and accomplish goals of any size. UsiBased on more than 20 years of experience and 40 years of research, this book presents a practical, proven strategy for creating and meeting goals that has been used by more than 1 million people to achieve extraordinary things in life. Author Brian Tracy explains the seven key elements of goal setting and the 12 steps necessary to set and accomplish goals of any size. Using simple language and real-life examples, Tracy shows how to do the crucial work of determining one's strengths, values, and true goals. He explains how to build the self-esteem and confidence necessary for achievement; how to overpower every problem or obstacle; how to overcome difficulties; how to respond to challenges; and how to continue moving forward no matter what happens. The book's "Mental Fitness" program of character development shows readers how to become the kind of person on the inside who can achieve any goal on the outside....

Title : Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
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ISBN : 9781576753071
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Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Reviews

  • Mikayel Galstyan
    2019-02-25 00:11

    I started reading this book because my mom suggested it. She thought it would be a good book to get me to set good new years resolutions. To be honest, even though this book probably isn’t meant for a 13-year-old kid, it was actually really interesting. The plot of the book; well there really wasn’t a specifically set plot. The book started out with him talking about how he changed his life and how we can all change our life’s if we set reasonable goals. The book also goes over key points on what type of background one needs and what type of steps one should take to be successful in life. A knowledgeable quote from this book would be, “Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.’’ I think that he is trying to say that if someone fails at something it shouldn’t be a set down, but an opportunity to not make the same mistake. Something that I thought was unique about the authors writing style is that he makes the book feel like it is written for me. I would recommend this book to adults who want to learn the skill of goal setting or adults who want to get their life’s back on track.

  • Eric
    2019-02-19 22:06

    This is a good book if you want to set some good goals. Of course, that's what I wanted to do. And thanks to this book, I now have set some good goals. As you can probably guess this book has a lot to say about setting goals, but it's not just about the tactics and quick tips. It also covers a lot of the psychology of setting goals as well. There is a lot to read and it can get a little convoluted, but the book basically follows these five points: 1. Get in the right frame of mind. Accept complete responsibility for your life. Remove negative emotions like fear, self-pity, jealousy, and anger. 2. Clarify your values. Set the values you want to base your life around. Take the time to think about what you really believe and build your goals around it. Make sure your beliefs are congruent with reality. 3. Set your goals. Identify where you are right now and where you want to be if there was nothing to stop you in the realms of work, finance, health, relationships, and lifestyle. Choose the most important goal and make it your major definite goal for the foreseeable future. 4. Refine your goals. Clarify your goals and make a plan of action. Identify ahead of time specifically how you will accomplish this goal, what resources you will need, and who you'll need to know. 5. Review your goals. Practice measuring your progress, visualize your goals, and review your goals every day by writing them down. The more you can get them into your subconscious, the better.Of course, like all good 200-page self-help books, Goals! is very verbose, very redundant, and quite disorganized as well. There was one chapter that was almost exactly the same as the one before it. And the action steps at the end of each chapter, while good, had you doing the same damn thing over and over again.But, as much as I like to criticize, I'm glad I read this book. It has some great principles and it helped me set some great goals. I used to be pretty bad at setting goals. I just had a bunch of vague ideas and some vague steps to get there. Then I always got sad when I never accomplished them. This time, though, I think things will turn out a little differently.My favorite takeaways: 1. You are completely responsible for your own life. The antidote for negative emotions of all kinds is to accept responsibility. Only after you do this can you begin to set and achieve goals. To keep your mind positive, never complain about or criticize someone or something. 2. You become what you think about most of the time. The most successful people think about what they want and how to get it. Unsuccessful and unhappy people think about what they don't want most of the time. 3. Have a desire: what do you really want? You must have an intense, burning desire for your particular goal. What do you really want, and how badly do you want it? 4. Believe that your goal is achievable. 5. Write your goal down. Continually ask yourself, “How will I measure success in the achievement of this goal? What standards will I create? What benchmarks or scorecards can I use to measure my progress?” 6. Determine your starting point. When you assess your situation by analyzing your starting point, you are forced to be honest with yourself. This enables you to set goals that are believable and achievable rather than setting goals that may be unattainable and self-defeating. 7. Determine why you want it. Make a list of all the ways that you will personally benefit by achieving that goal. The more reasons you have for wanting to achieve your goal, the more intense will be your desire. 8. Set a deadline. A deadline is a “best guess” of when you will attain the goal. You will achieve fully half of the goals that you set for yourself before your deadline, and you will probably achieve half of your goals after the deadline. But you must have a deadline. If your goal is big enough, break your deadline down into subdeadlines. 9. Identify the obstacles in your way. Why aren't you at your goal already? What is blocking you? 10. Determine the additional knowledge and skills you need. Every new goal should be combined with a learning objective. Whatever your goal, you must decide what you will have to learn and master to attain it. 11. Determine the people whose help you will need. Relationships are everything. To achieve anything of consequence, you will need the help of lots of people. The more and better relationships you develop, the faster you will achieve your goals and the better will be every part of your life. 12. Make a plan: put it all together. A plan is an organized list of tasks that you will have to complete to get from where you are to where you want to go. Analyze your starting point and your reasons, set a deadline, list the obstacles you will need to overcome, and what skills and knowledge and people you will need to know. You then take all of these elements and combine them into a plan of action. 13. Visualize your goal continually. Imagine what it would look like if you had already accomplished it. Get the feeling that you would have if you were at your goal already. Repeat this visualization, combined with the feeling that goes with it, over and over during the day. Eventually, your goal becomes a powerful unconscious force motivating and inspiring you day and night. 14. Never give up. Make the decision, long before you face any obstacles or difficulties, that no matter what happens, you will persevere until you finally reach your goal.Action Steps: 1. Clarify my values. 2. Set my major definite goal. 3. Set goals for the next six months to a year for my work, finance, health, relationships, and lifestyle. 4. Rewrite my goals every day.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-22 23:19

    A very powerful and inspirational read!Goals! offers you practical pieces of advice on establishing what it is thatyoureally want and how to get it.Brian Tracy emphasizes on the importance of setting goals the correct way. All you have to do is set a realistic goal, make a clear practical plan, and get busy doing what needs to be done to make it happen.You see, if you really want to achieve your goals; you have got to internalize them, you have to make them a part of you and your life. By doing so, your subconscious will move you towards them. In this book you will learn things about yourself that you did not pay attention to before, you will discover the reasons why you are unhappy with yourself and your life, you will uncover what you are doing wrong, it will offer you tips to unlock your inner potential and taking charge over your life, and helping you to live as the best version of yourself.I really needed to read this one, it definitely helped me realize what I was doing wrong.Recommended to everyone.

  • Mary
    2019-03-08 00:12

    I'm not a business person. In fact I'm the opposite of that right now -- a stay-at-home mom. I was skeptical of this book when it was recommended to me because I don't need to "double my income" (twice of nothing is still nothing!) After reading it I see that it is a practical resource for readjusting my focus and my attitude. I am interested in regaining purpose in my day-to-day life. This book really helps with that. Who knows,someday I will be back in the money-making game and this book will have a place in that life too. For now, it's helped me clear away some fog that comes with my job description. I'm much happier and focused on getting things done (like laundry... don't laugh, but sometimes you just have to get that stuff done!) It has cleared some cobwebs and allowed me to make the most of each day with my husband, kids, house, everything. There is a lot to learn here. I will be re-reading this book.

  • J.S.
    2019-03-04 17:26

    It took me about six months to get through this book. Not because it was boring or a tough read. I believe a book like this needs to be read when your mind is ready to accept it.Tracy talks about how your mind can postpone certain events in your life. To me, my mind held me up for a while, but certain events occurred in my life that bolted me past the hurdles.I have been using the techniques laid out in this book, and I already feel myself focusing on the things that are most important to me. It truly is like a magic wand has lifted a cloud, and I can see what is possible for me in the future.I know this sounds pretty weird, but if you read this book and act upon it, you will understand what I'm talking about. -24Jun2013, Smojohn

  • Aura
    2019-02-25 17:19

    ***For more reviews, contests, interviews, book news and more go to my blog: http://theheelshaveeyes.wordpress.comThis is the second Brian Tracy book I have read and he is fast becoming my favourite career advice authors. In this book Tracy discusses the importance of goal setting and what a difference it can make to achieving what it is you want in life.His advice is clear, concise and easy to follow. There are some moments where it gets slightly repetitive and some areas that I thought could have been slightly cut down but other than that, this is a fantastic book and well worth the read.REACH FOR YOUR GOALS!! (and make sure to write them down to).

  • Jason
    2019-03-19 17:10

    Good Book. Nice Tips. It would have sufficed to read summarized notes of the authors ideas. Great Plan/ Tips. The one thing that I am have a challenge with these kinds of books is they give you so many steps to do while you are reading it. It would take a month to do all the activities. A great book should be able to be condensed into three great ideas. Otherwise it's too much. I enjoyed the beginning and the end most of all. I will review this book in the future.

  • Ramy
    2019-03-03 21:23

    2.5 / 5و لعدم وجود انصاف نجوم 3 / 5الكتاب ذكرنى ب نكتة الجمل ...كان مدرس يطلب من التلاميذ كتابة موضوع تعبيرفطلب منهم فى مرة كتابة موضوع عن الجملفكتب احد الطلاب ان الجمل حيوان صبور يعيش فى الصحراء لذلك يسميه البدو سفينة الصحراء....الخفى الاسبوع التالى طلب منهم المدرس كتابة موضوع تعبير عن التكنولوجيافكتب ذلك الطالب ان التكنولوجيا شىء جميل ..تشتهر اليابان بالتكنولوجيا...و لكن لا يوجد لديهم الجمل و هو حيوان صبور يعيش فى الصحراء لذلك يسميه البدو سفينة الصحراء....الخفى الاسبوع التالى طلب منهم المدرس كتابة موضوع عن شهر رمضانفكتب الطالبشهر رمضان شهر مبارك و هو شهر الصوم يصوم المسلمون مثل الجمل حيوان صبور يعيش فى الصحراء لذلك يسميه البدو سفينة الصحراء....الخوبخه المدرس و اعطاه صفرتضايق الطالب فقرر كتابة شكوى لوزارة التعليم كتب فيهاان المدرس فلان الفلانى يضطهدنى و لقد صبرت كثيرا مثل صبر الجمل و هو حيوان صبور يعيش فى الصحراء لذلك يسميه البدو سفينة الصحراء....الختذكرت النكتة و انا اقراء الكتاب ل براين ترايسى بعد طول انقطاع عن قراءة كتبه لسببين 1 عدم صدور كتب جديدة له ب العربية مترجمة pdf متاحة على النت ببلاش2 قررت التوقف قليلا عن قراءة كتب براين ترايسى لتكرار نفس المادة و نفس الرسالةكتب عن تنظيم الوقت ...يكرر كل مادة التنمية البشرية اللى عندهكتاب عن التخطيط للمستقبل و الحياة المالية و المهنية ..يكرر كل مادة التنمية البشرية اللى عندهكتاب عن الاهداف و هو اللى بين ايدينا الان ..يكرر كل مادة التنمية البشرية اللى عندهالكتاب يعيبه التكرار و السجع والاطناب ..رغاييين اوى الامريكان و خصوصا لو الموضوع مش علمى او عملى و انما ادبى او ثقافىيبالغ اوى براين ترايسى حينما يقول ان الانسان وجب ان يكتب اهدافه فى ورقة صغيرة يوميااكتب اهدافى نعم اراجعها دوريا نعم اذكر نفسى بها و اتحفز نعم اسعى اليها و اخطط لها و اجهز مواردى العلمية و الشخصية و المالية نعملكن مش لدرجة كتابة ورقة بالهدف يوميا كدا الشقة هتزدحم وريقات مكتوب بها الهدفالكتاب تحفيزى جميل فى بعض الفصول و هناك فصول اخرى هى مجرد حشو ...فقط لاطالة الكلام فى موضوع كان يمكن اختصار صفحاته للنصفالكتاب التالى : تأملات مسافر

  • Nothanks
    2019-02-21 17:24

    Some valuable points but overall not succinctly put, way too many sub-sections for what is an overall simple topic to cover. I stopped paying attention around page 180 as it just started to drag on and essentially be predictable permutations based off the points in the first few chapters. The silver lining to this book is the somewhat inspirational point it makes - essentially everyone (at least if you aren't horribly oppressed) has potential to achieve just about anything they want and 80% of what is keeping one from what they want is one's own psychological self model. In a nutshell, know yourself, plan realistically, commit to excellence, make commitments to your goals, manage your time well, track your progress, adhere to a schedule, modify your actions to better fit your plans, fake it till you make it, etc etc. This book also has a disturbing material wealth = happiness stance that is kind of a downer.

  • Sohaib
    2019-03-03 00:16

    To be honest, I haven't gotten through this book. I doubt even if this is the kind of book to get through once and then shelve it done.This is a partner of a book. To keep shelving and unshelving whenever you need it. I'm constantly adopting fragments from it into my daily routine ... and right now, I can honestly say that this is one of the most resourceful books I've ever read.I'm likely to modify this review depending on how things turn out in the future as I take in more with experience.

  • Matt
    2019-02-27 22:16

    I just finished this book a week or two ago and have immediately begun to re-read it. It is packed with incredibly valuable and easily implemented tools to help you identify your goals and make clear plans to reach them. Don't just float through life.Highly recommended.

  • مدلول الشمري
    2019-02-23 16:28

    كيف تحصل على كل شيء تريده أسرع مما ظننته ممكناً؟ جذبني هذا العنوان ، الكتاب يتحدث عن ادارة الجهد والوقت والتركيز من تأليف براين تريسي ، المقدمة ممتعة عن قصة حياة الكاتب والنجاح الذي حققه في مجال التسويق، لازلت في المقدمة ! احسست ان الكتاب ينمي (الأنا) في النفس وربما تكون انانية معتدلة

  • Vanga Srikanth
    2019-02-23 00:31

    Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Review by Vanga SrikanthAbout the AuthorBrian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. He has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 40 other countries worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.Tracy speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of America's largest corporations. His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.Prior to founding his company, Brian Tracy International, Brian was the Chief Operating Officer of a $265 million dollar development company.Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Review by Vanga SrikanthOver his stellar career, Brian Tracy has authored over 50 books. This one, GOALS!, was first published in 2003. I've read probably half of Tracy's books over the years and have long had this on my short list to read but for one reason or another, it never did seem to make it to the top of my reading list. What a colossal mistake that has been on my part. I won't go so far as to say this has been my favorite Brian Tracy book, but it would certainly rate in the top five. As I read this book, a recurring thought that kept running through my mind was, "Man, I wish I had read this nine years ago!"One of the reasons this book never made it to the top of my reading list is that a few years ago I purchased Tracy's audio download, How To Set and Achieve Goals, which I have listened to many times over. I thought this book would be much of the same material, but there is so much more contained hear that you simply must read to benefit from.Goal achievers know the first step in achieving goals is a line from the old Cool Hand Luke movie, "You've got to get your mind right!" That's what Tracy does here. Much of the book focuses on how to prepare mentally and avoid the mental sabotage that makes so many goals in life but a distant fantasy. There is a great deal of powerful information here on making your mind work for you, not against you as is often the case. Once you've got your mind in the right place, the rest becomes much more achievable.Each chapter is broken into bite sized pieces that really allows the reader a chance to contemplate, absorb and reflect on what you have just read. In fact, this book reads much slower than most books because you will (or at least I did) spend a great deal of time reflecting. Each chapter concludes with a brief point summary of putting to work for you the material just covered. Again, this creates another opportunity for the reader to contemplate an action plan without becoming too overwhelmed with information.Often when setting goals, obstacles get in the way that we might not even consider as having anything to do with why we might have fallen short of a goal. Tracy leaves no stone unturned here and provides valuable insight on each of these roadblocks such as time management, measuring your progress and associating with the right people to help you become successful. Along the way, the book is filled with quotes and quips that you will surely want to highlight and use on your life journey.Learn from my mistake. If you have this book on your radar but have kept putting it off to read something else, move this book immediately to the top of your reading list. You can thank me later.In the market of Personal Development and Self Help there are hundreds of books, hundreds of DVDs, Hundreds of CDs and dozens of programs that are designed to help you succeed.Some are better, others worse.Goals!It is for all intents and purposes a complete guide to setting goals.He leads you step by step through the process of sitting down and setting your goals and all the way to what you need to do to accomplish your goals.If You Have Read One You Hvae Read Them All!The problem with books by Brian Tracy is that they are all very much alike.This was no exception.Many books in the industry say about the same things, just in different words, Goals felt as though it was using the same words. I didn't like feeling like I had read it before.Most of the advice can be found in other books.Who can it help?The guide itself was very good and if you haven't set your goals this book or read other books about personal development then this book will make a big difference in your life.The act of setting goals and making plans for their accomplishment is the one action that will make the biggest difference in your life.By setting your goals you are going to start pulling events into your life and make you move faster and faster towards your goals.Easy to follow steps:What I did like about this book, and most Brian Tracy books, is how easy his advice is to follow.This book is a 350 page guide going from step 1 to step 2 and so on.If you haven't read these types of books before you could really use this book as a manual and just follow the steps one after the other until you are finished.My Recommendation:If you are new to self help and personal development books I think this book could really make a lasting impact on your life. If you haven't set your goals and started working towards them in a structured manner, Brian can really give you some good advice.On the other hand, if you have read other books in the industry and have taken these first steps I think this book would be a waste of your time, you have already read the advice and your time would probably be used better by reading other books.RegardsVanga Srikanth

  • Sudeep
    2019-03-10 17:32

    You can only describe your life story. you cannot tell other people what to do, it's their life and they can do whatever the hell they want to do. This book literally gave me anxiety, it was giving me chills, ordering me to to do the same stuff the authour did. Like no, I want to do it my way, you are not my dad.

  • Sara Crewe
    2019-02-25 16:08

    1. Отключете потенциала си. - Всяка цел, която си поставя е осъществима. Ние ставаме това, за което мислим през повечето време.2. Придобийте контрол над своя живот. - Нивото, на което сме сега е само и единствено наше дело. Ако не сме довлни добрата новина е, че можем да го променим. Всичко е в нашите ръце. Дръжте се като собственик на фирмата, в която работите, а не като обикновен работник.3. Създайте собственото си бъдеще. - Представете си, че няма ограничения, в това какво мовете да постигнете. Създайте си петгодишен изключително детайлен план как ще постигнете целите, които искате. Представете си, че вече сте там където искате и сте постигнали това, за което мечтаете. Запишете всичко.4. Изяснете ценностите си. - Личността е съставена от пет кръга: ценности, убеждения, очаквания, жизнена позиция, действия. В основата на всичко стоят ценностите. Когато човек има ясна представа какви са ценностите му, може да изгради план как да живее в хармония с тях. Запишете идеала за човек, който искате да бъдете и до края на живота си, всеки ден се стремете към него. Дайте си обещание да бъдете човек на честта. 5. Определете истинските си цели. - Запишете кои са трите най-важни неща във всяка област от живота ви. Намерете най-простия начин за осъществяване на поставените цели. Правете малко повече отколкото се очаква от вас. Представете си, че ви остават шест месеца живот. Направете списък с нещата, които да направите преди да умрете. Изхвърлете страха от провал. Колкотото по-ясни аа целите ви, толкова по-бързо ще ги постигнете. Формулирайте най-сериозните си проблеми и тревоги.6. Главната цел на живота ви. - Нещо, което желаете изкльчително силно, ясно и конкретно формулирано е вербално и визуално, подлежи на качествено и количествено измерване, реалистична и постижима е и има 50 на 50 вероятност за успех в момента на започването й. С научаването как да постигате цели, този процент може да стане 10% вероятност за успех. Всеки ден записвайте 10 цели, които искате да постигнете. Постепенно те ще се изменят или усъвъряенстват, но в ядрото си, ще останат същите и ще се изяснят.7. Подложете на анализ убежденията си. - Дали вие сте това което мислите, че сте и дали имате възможностите, които мислите, че имате. Погледнете се от друг ъгъл. Ако искате да станете нещо повече започнете да се държите и да изглеждате като човека, който искате да сте. Постепенно ще си ловярвате, че сте него и ще станете него в действителност. Не разминавайте делата и думите си.8. започнете отначало. - С всака цел, която си поставяте, започнете да изпълнявате отначало, стъпка по стъпка. Мислете има ли нещо, което правите днес, което не бихте правили, ако можехте да започнете отначало. Прекратете го възмлжно най-скоро. Оценете честно уменията си. определете честно слабите си места. Когато си поставяте цели, си представете, че започвате отначало. 9. Направете преценка на напредъка си. - Вярвайте, че вселената стои зад вас и ви помага, че сте роден за постигане на успех и за да бъдете велик. Определете кое е нещото, което само вие вършите така както го вършите, особено що се отнасч до работата ви. Това е уникалното ви качество - развивайте го усилено. Непрекъснато се самоусъвършенствайте. Четете всеки ден.10.Премахнете пътните прегради. - Винаги щом има проблем, първото нещо, за което трябва да мислите е как да го решите. Мислете за решението, а не за самия проблем. Избашете се от чувство на безпомощност. Предизвикателства винаги има и те са нещото, което ни развива.11. Станете специалист в сферата на вашата дейност. - Бъдете всичко, което можете да бъдете. Постоянно се развивайте като професионалист, заяото знанията ви са вашите активи. Не е лошо да смения работата си и дори професията. Важното е да я чувстваш като правилното нещо. Открийте специфичните си дарби.12. Общувайте с подходящите хора. - Ако искате да летите с орлите, не бива да стоите долу при кокошките. Изграждайте стойностни връзки със стойнлстни хора. с каквито се съберем такива ставаме. Бъдете отборен играч. Дръжте се с хората, така сякаш те са най-важният човек на света в този момент. Превърнете се в специалист в човешките взаимоотношения.13. Съставете си план за действие. - Имате точна картина, определена главна цел, критерии, по които да оценявате напредъка си, яснота какви умения и знания не ви достигат, ясни приоритети относно това кои знания да започнете да усвоявате и представа кои хора ще могат да ви помогнат по пътя ви. Бъдете дисциплинирани.14. Научете се да управлчвате времето си. - Най-интелигентите хора, не са тези, които имат най-високо IQ, нито тези, които имат виско оценки, а тези, които постъпват най-разумно и взимат най-оптималните решения. Работете по дадена задача докато не я приключите. Откийте кои са 20% най-важни дейности, които определят успеха на останалите 80%. 15. Правете ежедневен оглед на целите си. - Всеки ден записвайте наново целите си. Будете не само позитивни, че ще успеете, ами и действайте всеки ден. Програмирайте подсъзнанието си с визуални цели. Записвайте целите си в утвърдителна форма в сегашно време. Наслаждайвайте се на процеса.16.Визуализирайте целите си. - Въображението е много важно, използвайте го, за да си представяте постиганшто на целите си. Имайте колаж с картини, на които виждате мечтите си осъществени. 17.Ативирайте свръхсъзнанието си. - Това е интуицията и потенцияла на млзъка да открива невероятно отговори. Факт е, че използваме тази уникална машина съвсем малко. А реално, ако използваме дори само малко повече от потенциала на мозъка си, можем спокойно да запаметим няколмо тома енциклопедии, да научим множество езици и да бъдем професори по нпколко дисциплини едновременно. Мозъкът има неизчерпаема сила.18.Бъдете гъвкави. - Обстоятелствата постоянно се променят. Колкото по-лесно се нагласяте спрямо тях, толкова по-лесно ще ви бъде. Най-лесно оцеляващите са тези, които най-добре се приспособяват. 19. Дайте излаз на творческите си способности. - Хората имат огромен потенциал за творчество и колкото повече го използват, толкова по-голям става той. Идеите са най-доброто нещо в трудни моменти. Подхождайте към решаването на проблемите творчески. Винаги имайте план Б, ззащото колкото повече опции имате, толкова по-къвкави ще бъдете и толква по-спокойно ще спите. 20. Правете нещо всеки ден. - Винайги изминавайте допълнителната миля. Изграждайте се ежедневно и ежечасно. Времето така или иначе ще мине - няма начин. Но изборът как да го оползотворим е наш. Затова трчбша да бъде използвано максимално добре, всеки ден. 21. Работете, докато не постигнете успех. - В крайна сметка упорството и волята са най-важните неща за постигането на една цел. Много е жалко, когато човек се откаже да се бори съвсем малко преди да е постигнал целта си. Куража е много важно качество. Всеки човек го е страх от нещо, но смелостта е качеството да продължаваш напред въпреки този страх. Никкга за нищо на света не се предавайте, в никаква ситуация, при никакви обстоятелства. Докато дишате, се борете за това, което искате и в което вярвате. Научете се да издържате повече от останалите. Величието ви не е в това да не падате, а в това да се изправяте след като сте паднали. Нищо не е приключило докато не е приключило. През колкото повече изпитания минаваме, толкова по-успешни сме. разочарованията и неприятностите аа неизбежни, точнк затова са тестове за нашата устойчивост. Ако ги преодолеем, значи ще постигнем целите си. Победата винаги се намира на една крачка след поражението.

  • David Hooper
    2019-02-22 19:13

    This is a great book. Well organized and easy to get through. Brian Tracy comes from a sales background, so if you're in sales, it will especially work for you. If not, it's still worth a look, since the information here applies to anybody who wants to get more accomplished and the goals you set don't have to be anything to do with business.I read a lot and have read a lot of material on this particular subject. Out of everything I've been through, this is the one I'd recommend to friends. It's very practical with easy-to-implement strategies. It sounds cliche, and maybe even hard-to-believe, but I got one strategy from this book, which only takes about ten minutes per day, that has increased my income, given me a better work/life balance, and brought new opportunity in ways I would have never imagined.This book won't work for everybody and it may not work for you, but if you're a fan of Brian Tracy or somebody who wants to attain certain goals in life, I recommend checking it out.

  • Asma
    2019-03-06 21:15

    The Book Goals! was supposed to help us realize and reach our goals and the author gave a good roadmap to get there in the first two chapters the rest was just repetition and non-relevant ideas or segments of various ideas that were not linked.I loved the questions presented in this book, they made me think and they encouraged me to take action like the questions to help unlock potential.What I didn't like is while reading I found my self at the end of every chapter a bit lost it was like the author didn't share everything he experienced he just tells us the very brief summary of what happened with no examples or details, it was like he was saying things that only he could understand or the people that participated to his seminars and lectures.Most ideas presented after chapter 2 you can find them in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 which I found better and more helpful.

  • Julie Connor
    2019-02-26 22:07

    Brian Tracy, author of the phenomenal book, "Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time," offers more practical strategies achieving your goals by carefully observing, documenting, and modeling the successful habits of successful high-achievers. Tracy describes seven critical elements of establishing goals and 12 fundamental steps to set and reach goals. He offers meaningful advice and provides examples that allow readers to articulate goals and align their vision with their core values. Tracy also explains how to build confidence necessary for achievement, overcome obstacles, face difficulties, respond to challenges; and move forward despite surrounding circumstances. Tracy's "Mental Fitness" program of character development is a particularly valuable tools that empowers readers with tools to walk their talk.

  • Jim
    2019-03-01 22:11

    This is a book I'm bound to return to again and again, one of my personal seven pillars of wisdom in life. I believe goal-setting works, and this has to be the bible of doing it. So full of good ideas and inspiration for the eager, if maybe susceptible, mind that even writing this makes me want to go and pick it up for another idea. Because I managed to get through most of this sitting by the pool and reflecting on career, I came back with a positive drive to start changing things that I want to. Which I have started, but it's not easy, and therefore I'm sure that I'll be needing this book to hand this year to see if I can really move things forward to a new dimension.

  • Garland Vance
    2019-02-21 18:24

    Imagine a book that takes the most basic advice on goal setting and interweaves that with pop-psychology and fails to grapple with reality and you will have imagined this book. If you are looking for a good book about goal setting that grapples with reality, read David Allen's Making It All Work. He has a great chapter on goal setting which also includes advice on transforming your goals into reality. Skip Brian Tracy's work on Goals.

  • Seth
    2019-03-09 16:07

    This is a book that really changed my life. I know this is pretty corney to say about a business self-help book, but it allowed me to focus my energies in a particular direction and stop my life-drift. If you just read it, I don't think it will do much for you, but if you really do all the activities and apply yourself, it can really change everything. I set a list of goals for 2007 that I thought was pretty ambitious and I am still on track to make them!

  • Carolina Esteves de Andrade
    2019-02-28 19:25

    If you want to know more about setting goals I recommend the book Goals! from Brian Tracy. On this book Brian Tracy guide you through the entire process since clarifying what you want, to helping you measure your progress, create an action plan, manage yourself and set your priorities in order to achieve your goals in a more effective and efficient way.

  • RJ Stayton
    2019-03-16 19:20

    Easy to follow goal setting book that I keep on my bookshelf and re-read yearly.

  • Pratap
    2019-03-15 22:11

    You need Goals to be successful, and you need to read this "Goals" book to set and achieve your goals.

  • Patrick Oneill
    2019-03-16 17:34

    Wow!Just get it, do not argue with me, just get it!If you follow the steps he gives you, you can not help but make dramatic positive life-changes.Patrick

  • Farzaneh
    2019-03-17 21:19

    that is a great gift from dear person who care about me. I hope to make real goals for myself in this regarding.

  • DianeHolcomb
    2019-03-03 16:35

    Do you have vague ideas about what you want to achieve, but never get around to making a plan to achieve those goals, and put that plan in action? Or maybe you've made a plan, but for some mysterious reason haven't taken action? Or you took action, but those action steps you took didn't get you any closer to your goals because you don't have a clear plan?Yeah, me too.That's why I picked up this book. I liked the idea of getting everything I wanted, faster than I ever thought possible.This isn't a book to read and then shelve. Ya gotta do the exercises. At least some. Most. If you do, by the time you finish reading the book, you'll have listed the goals that are important to you in work, relationships, health, in your personal life, and with finances. You'll have pinpointed what gets in your way, learned to manage your time well, made a plan, set up ways to measure your progress, discovered the power of your "superconscious mind" for guidance, and gained clarity on the whole universal power of attraction theory. Hey, if it works, why knock it? The author wraps things up nicely with a motivational chapter to help you "persist until you succeed."This book helped me clarify my goals and get on track to accomplishing them. I worked my way through a chapter a week, doing the suggested steps along the way.If you're stuck in your career, your relationships or personal life, or sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, this book may be your ticket to a better life. Or at least a kick in the pants.

  • Francisco
    2019-03-12 16:30

    Un libro imprescindible, porque la vida va de tener metas y alcanzar metas. Como dice Brian Tracy, autor incluido en 'Aprendiendo de los mejores' (Alienta): «He hablado más de 2.000 veces ante públicos compuestos por hasta 23.000 personas, en 24 países. Mis seminarios y conferencias han tenido una duración de entre 5 minutos y 5 días. En todos los casos, me he concentrado en compartir con el público de cada ocasión las mejores ideas que podía encontrar sobre el asunto de que se tratara en particular. Después de innumerables charlas sobre diversos temas, si me dieran sólo 5 minutos para hablarle a usted y sólo pudiera transmitir una única idea para ayudarle a tener más éxito, le diría: ‘Anote sus metas, haga planes para alcanzarlas y trabaje sobre esos planes cada día, sin excepción’».Para más info y reseña:

  • Tao Lee
    2019-03-12 23:26

    Note to self: You are only happy when you are doing something that is moving you towards something that you want. Dream big and dare to fail. Invest money in investment each year. Refuse to compromise your dreams. Spend time with better prospects. Double the number of minutes that you spend face to face with prospects each day. When you complete a task, your brain release a small quantity of endorphins. This natural morphine gives you a sense of well being and elation. It makes you feel happy and peaceful. It stimulates your creativity and improves your personality. It is nature's wonder drug. Have a reputation of being dependable. The person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process getting to the top. You don't need to have formal education at school to be very successful. Start earlier, stay later. Do more than you are paid for. Let your boss know that you would like for responsibility. Do it fast, do it well and as for more responsibility. Be the go to GIRL!

  • Msgadget
    2019-02-23 17:08

    This my second Brian Tracy book I've re-read in a month as well as the second in my new 'shower series', which are audiobooks I listen to while getting ready for the day. And, the beginning of this one brought out my inner snark, I won't lie, but, as it went on I picked up quite a lot of actionable steps to achieving goals. Now goals are what we should all have and work toward. Unfortunately, they can be like resolutions, promises one makes will all the best intentions but which sorta peter out not too long after the proclamation or when the first bump in the road is encountered. Tracy suggests habits for keeping goals in the forefront so they're embedded as well as lots of other great tips. This would be a great listen for a commute as well. Worth buying.