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When the Oceanic sets sail from England's Port of Southampton, its ultimate destination is New York. But it must make one very important stop first: at Cherbourg, in France, to pick up internationally renowned financier and art collector J. P. Morgan, fresh from a continental buying spree sure to have turned up numerous priceless objets d'art.Needless to say, George PorterWhen the Oceanic sets sail from England's Port of Southampton, its ultimate destination is New York. But it must make one very important stop first: at Cherbourg, in France, to pick up internationally renowned financier and art collector J. P. Morgan, fresh from a continental buying spree sure to have turned up numerous priceless objets d'art.Needless to say, George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield, ship's detectives aboard the Oceanic, are slightly nervous about the presence of such an important passenger, not to mention his valuable cargo, among the passengers. For in their five years as detectives aboard the most elegant, regal sailing ships of their time, the two sleuths have never known a transatlantic voyage to pass without incident.Also on board are a recently engaged couple, a charming rake who seems set on breaking them apart as well as seducing Genevieve, a controversial painter of nudes traveling with his bohemian wife and his alluring French model, and a pair of cabin stewards who have exclusive access to the private lairs of all aboard.The latest shipboard tale from master of mystery Conrad Allen is certain to sail right into the hearts of the many fans of this delightful series....

Title : Murder on the Oceanic
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Murder on the Oceanic Reviews

  • Sharon
    2019-02-26 15:25

    George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield are working as undercover detectives aboard the cruse ship Oceanic investigating burglaries, recovering lost objects and always observing their fellow passengers. On this trip they have several challenges; a major burglary, petty thefts and a murder. The resolutions of all of these crimes are fascinating as are the conventions of the first class passengers, their wardrobes and their relationships. Most heart warming is the relationship between the two detectives who are not only partners in solving crimes, but in marriage. I found their total honesty with each other to be very touching. I recommend this book, as well as others in the series, very highly

  • QNPoohBear
    2019-03-11 14:30

    George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield are now working for the White Star Line, sailing for New York on the Oceanic. On board is the owner of the shipping line, noted financier J.P. Morgan, who is returning from Paris with a suite of art treasures. Urged by the purser and both detectives to lock up his valuables, he believes his bodyguard, Howard Reidel, will keep away any unwanted thieves. Dillman makes the acquaintance of an eccentric, bohemian artist, the artist's wife, Veronica, also an artist and his model, Dominique. Dillman finds them all charming. He also likes his steward, Manny Ellway, but suspects the man is hiding something. Genevieve is dealing with too much adoration again. A young woman, Blanche Charlbury, latches on to Genevieve and wants Genevieve to know her fiance, Mark. Mark disapproves of Genevieve and tries to curb Blanche's friendship,which angers Genevieve. Blance also introduces Genevieve to Johnny Killick, a rake with no scruples when it comes to the female sex. Not only does Genevieve have to worry about Johnny, she has an irate passenger who lost her diamond earrings and demands their return NOW; an absent-minded lady who lost her purse and a rash of other thefts. She's on her own because Dillman has a bigger crime to solve - the murder of J.P. Morgan's bodyguard and the theft of some valuable artwork. Dillman thinks the thefts are a ruse to distract him from his pursuit of the murderer. He needs Genevieve to solve the mystery quickly so he can catch the thief and murderer.This story was less interesting than the previous mysteries. Now they're on the famed White Star Line but there's little description of the ship's interior. There's a lot of info dump about the history of the ship which does not bear any relevance to the story. There's a couple of red herrings and I couldn't figure out who committed the crimes. I suspected one person and was partly right. I wasn't sad or surprised that Reidel was murdered. He was too harsh and too stupid to stick around for long. This story lacks the charming characters of some of the previous books. I felt sympathy towards Blanche and hoped she would not work things out with Mark because he is not right for her. The victims of theft are not very sympathetic characters and one is horrid to Genevieve. The stewards and stewardess are the most sympathetic characters because they're just trying to earn a living but because of their social status, they're accused of crimes. There were two major things I hated about this book: 1)Our detectives get arrogant again and make mistakes. By now they should be so experienced they would act cautiously. 2)Once again Genevieve puts herself in a dangerous situation and needs to be rescued. I absolutely think Dillman needs to teach her some self defense and that she should be smart enough NOT to put herself in that situation. It was horrible for her and horrible to read. At least this time she has a good reason not to press charges but even in 1910 I think she should have stood up for herself more. The minor thing I disliked about the story is that other than J.P. Morgan, the story could have taken place at any time during the steamship era. Content warning: Dialogue about free love and what that means for the characters; near sexual assault

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-21 15:45

    This is the first book by Conrad Allen that I read, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. The setting of a historic ship was both intriguing and informative. Mr. Allen does a good job of bringing the reader on board an ocean liner. I began asking myself questions like, "How would I deal with being trapped on board a ship in the middle of an ocean with a murderer? Another interesting dynamic that I thought about was, "Could I work with my spouse without openly acknowledging that I am married?" I like to read books that make me ask questions.

  • Nancy Oakes
    2019-03-20 16:35

    sigh. Once again I hoped for something decidedly different from the other books in this series and was once again disappointed. The formulaic nature of the series gets to me sometimes. So, you may ask why I continue to read these books, and the answer is because I own the entire series and have a thing about reading the books I own. Plus, as much as I can't stand the same thing over and over, I've never yet guessed the whodunit so I keep reading them. If you've been following the series, then you have basically read this book as well. Dillman and Masefield are once again on duty; this time on White Star's ocean liner the Oceanic. As the voyage gets underway, there is a theft, and that branches out into multiple petty thefts on board. As the detective duo works to solve the recurrent rash of robberies, someone goes and murders the bodyguard of JP Morgan. Morgan is a passenger on the cruise, alone in his room except for the bodyguard and a stash of objets d'art and some very valuable paintings, which also get stolen. Finding the murderer and finding the thief push the detectives almost to their limits. I have one more book in this series so I can only hope! Who would like this? Anyone who is following the series, definitely; fans of historical mysteries may also find it a bit interesting. if you're just embarking on the series, do not start with this one -- there's too much background info you need before you get this far.

  • Jill Hutchinson
    2019-02-22 18:52

    Murder on the high seas........this book, one of a series, concerns the married detective duo of George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield who are employed by the White Star Line, the major passenger ship company at the turn of the 20th century. In this story, the owner of White Star, the financier J.P. Morgan is robbed of some priceless art work and murder ensues during the theft. The detectives are put under pressure by Mr. Morgan and the chase is on.The books in this series should not be read in tandem since the stories are somewhat the same....the ship setting limits the action and opportunity for variety. They are, however, quite enjoyable light reading and provide an interesting look at the world of passenger liners when ships were the only transportation across the oceans of the world.

  • George
    2019-03-23 13:35

    Number seven in Allen's murder on an ocean liner series with George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield as shipboard detectives.Set in 1910, this novel traces Dillman and Masefield's exeriences trying to solve a murder as well as recover various stolen items involving first class passengers on the Southhampton to New York voyage of the White Star Line's Oceanic.This pretty much follows the same pattern of previous books in the series with the development of Dillman's and Masefield's releationships and interactions with other passengers, personal dramas, as well as recovering stolen items and solving the muder in their roles as ship detectives. Generally on the lighter side regarding plot and substance.

  • Cornelia
    2019-03-25 16:48

    It's 1910 and ship detectives, George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield solve thefts and a murder on board the luxury passenger ship, the Oceanic, as it sails from England's Port of Southampton to New York, with a stop first at Cherbourg, in France. J. P. Morgan boards the ship there and apparently along with him a murder, who later kills Mr. Morgan's security man. As always interesting passengers and a glimpse of life in first class on a lush passenger ship of days gone by.A charming, cozy mystery. I love this series.

  • Laura Edwards
    2019-02-28 20:47

    This is the worst of the bunch (though I haven't read the last one yet). The secondary characters are disinteresting, aside from Abednego Thomas. And since the premise is so formulaic, the secondary characters are crucial in these books. And, once again, Genevieve is cast as the damsel in distress and needs rescuing. Sigh. It's getting old. One more to go and that's probably a good thing. This ship has sailed, as the George and Genevieve mysteries are running out of steam.

  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    2019-03-07 15:31

    3.5 stars...This was the 2nd book I've read of this series. I liked it but it was basically almost the same as the 1st book that I read -"Murder on the Maramora." I like mysteries set on ships and sea etc.but bc the books are so similar I probably won't read them all at the same time like I normally do. They are a nice light read every once in a while though.

  • Ruth Ellen
    2019-02-27 14:46

    I am really enjoying these stories. It makes me wish I could go on one of them. I like the little bit of history from each of the books. and the characters who don't get to spend much time together. Still I like them very much.

  • Pamela Gibson
    2019-03-12 16:49

    Wonderful details, great setting, a good look at a time/place usually glossed over. A cruise as a setting, with the historical details accurate as far as I can tell. Recently found ship manifests showing one of my relatives travelling worldwide on some of the ships in this series.

  • Todd Hoessler
    2019-03-24 16:47

    well written, good description of characters.

  • Julie
    2019-03-09 14:30

    Fun murder mystery, good author. Easy read and pretty interesting. End got more boring.

  • Lynn
    2019-03-04 20:48

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