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Suddenly Valerie's world was changed!Fate crossed Valerie's path with that of singing-star idol, Nicky Barratt, and for some strange reason he was reluctant to let her go out of his life.What set her apart from his other admiring fans, she wondered. And why should he suddenly want to marry her?She knew she could not fit into show-business life or compete with the glamorousSuddenly Valerie's world was changed!Fate crossed Valerie's path with that of singing-star idol, Nicky Barratt, and for some strange reason he was reluctant to let her go out of his life.What set her apart from his other admiring fans, she wondered. And why should he suddenly want to marry her?She knew she could not fit into show-business life or compete with the glamorous girls who surrounded him. Yet when she learned that Nicky was using her to maintain his carefully created image, she was shattered. By then, she had fallen in love with him!...

Title : An Affair to Forget
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ISBN : 9780373102655
Format Type : Paperback
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An Affair to Forget Reviews

  • Dianna
    2019-04-18 00:57

    Quiet country girl Valerie falls for petulant pop star Nicky, only to discover that their engagement is a sham. Nicky has been involved with Dawn, and when Dawn’s husband threatens to name Nicky as third party in his divorce, Nicky’s manager Bob comes up with a scheme to make it seem as though Nicky has been involved with sweet Valerie, thereby rescuing Nicky’s recording contract worth 20 million, and his basic brand as a romantic boy-man singer.This is worth reading if you’re interested in a vintage perspective on pop star romance, and how it hasn’t actually changed all that much. 40 years later you’d probably have to add in social media and more drinking and load in more wealth stuff, and sex, but the basic shape is still there. These stories still trade on the importance of brand and reputation.It’s also worth reading if you’re interested in heroes being mostly terrible and indifferent to nice heroines who deserve better. Nicky’s 30, but he’s described as boyish rather than manly, which feels kind of unusual. He’d work today as a K Pop star in a K drama. He’d be a perfect fit for the role, actually: dreamy handsome looks and a sulky, selfish, arrogant personality.The plot involves cheating, and it’s satisfactorily resolved ... but. If you’re preference is for heroes who can’t get it on with anyone but the heroine from the moment they meet, this isn’t for you. Definitely worth reading if you would find it funny that a hero would completely embarrass himself mid seduction scene, and the heroine wouldn’t notice. All I can think is that her hymen powers somehow made her impervious to sudden and explicable patches of damp.I liked Valerie - she had hidden depths. She didn’t just shut up and endure when Nicky was a bad boyfriend, she seemed to enjoy rather than just endure the socialising aspects of being a pop star’s girlfriend, and she got a really good deal on merchandise without having some annoying scene where Nicky comes along and watches her try on outfits and twirl. She also noticed things like manager Bob’s degree of control and was making mental notes to check into finances when she and Nicky were married, and I like a cold practical streak in the middle of fluffy love stuff. At times, I think she was more into Nicky’s talent than into him, but that was fine: Nicky was better at singing love songs than being a good boyfriend.He did grow on me, and by the time he got to his grovel at the end I was prepared to enjoy it. Also, he flies with her from New York to London in the Concorde, and it made me nostalgic. It’s so sad Concorde is no longer a thing, and that nobody has come up with an exciting plane travel experience to replace it. I mean, it’s fine that rich people have planes with cinema screens and Michelin star chefs and baths and bedrooms, but you can get those things on the ground so who cares?

  • Leona
    2019-04-16 01:08

    A young woman falls in love with a famous singer songwriter who happens to be exploiting her to save himself from a nasty legal battle that could have serious ramifications to his career. It seems hero was having an affair with a married woman whose husband is now divorcing her and naming the hero as the third party in their divorce. His Agent decides the best way out of this fiasco is to convince the public that he has been secretly engaged to another woman, thus hoping to undermine the credibility of the husband's claims. Our heroine happens to fit the bill perfectly. She is young, sweet, naive and a total country bumpkin. The hero was absolutely appalling. He had no compunction at using this woman and pretending to love her to suit his own purposes. He is rude to her, he refuses to meet her family, he barely spends anytime with her and he dictates the rules. He never buys her a ring. When he is away he never calls or writes... yet she actually believes he loves her and they will live their HEA. There were times, I kept shaking my head wondering how she could love someone like that. This was an interesting glimpse into the world of famous people and how they are used to getting exactly what they want, because they can. I couldn't help wondering how much of this really does happen in the every day lives of the very rich and famous. Probably most of it. Which face it, is pretty depressing. So after this revealing nugget, I realized that no matter how horrible the hero was, the heroine had her own very serious issues and flaws. At the end of the day, she fell in love because he was famous. If he had been the farmer next door, she would never had looked twice at him.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-31 00:08

    BACK COVER: Suddenly Valerie’s world was changed!Fate crossed Valerie’s path with that of singing-star idol, Nicky Barratt, and for some strange reason he was reluctant to let her go out of his life.What set her apart from his other admiring fans, she wondered. And why should he suddenly want to marry her?She knew she could not fit into show-business life or compete with the glamorous girls who surrounded him. Yet when she learned that Nicky was using her to maintain his carefully created image, she was shattered. By then, she had fallen in love with him!MY REVIEW: This is a very old school HP originally from the 60-70’s and you can tell it is dated that way. There are no love scenes and kissing his called making love. (Always find that amusing.) So our innocent Valerie accidentally meets our singer and is soon caught up in his manager’s machinations. Nicky is aware of the use of Valerie, but as far as he is concerned the ends justify the means and Valerie doesn’t need to know the truth. So pretty much from the outset Nicky is deceiving Valerie, and he doesn’t seem to care about it, but Valerie falls in love w/ the dashing singer. Not sure why, perhaps she thinks she can save him and so wants him. There is an OW on the scene and for those of you that are leery of cheating in your romance stories…this one has it! Sorry, it made “The List” and that’s the only reason I read it. I was looking to see what the excuse was that was given and I have to tell you I did NOT buy it one little bit and I am the rose colored glasses donnder! He could have hooked up w/ anyone for that but to specifically seek out this OW that was blackmailing him…well can the H’s be TSTL? If so Nicky Barratt ranks right up there!Nicky went along w/ what his manager suggested and he deceived Valerie quite a few times and honestly a few were not needed. For example: the boat incident. Did he really have to lie about who came on that boat?Valerie’s father changes his tune way too conveniently and there is a small romance b/w some secondary characters that distract from the main one. Yes, Nicky was nice to Valerie sometimes and went out of his way for her a couple of times, but it felt more like he could have been working another angle since he has proven himself a liar already. I know the romantic rose colored glasses girl in me wants to believe that he was falling in love w/ Valerie but the realist rears up and smacks those glasses off her yelling, “Buy a clue!!”On a side note, and I only mention it because it annoyed me, the OW was described as a blonde, later a red-head and then once again a blonde and there was NO mention of her coloring her hair. I could not figure out exactly what she was doing w/ this other guy and for some reason the whole saving of Nicky’s rep just didn’t hold up to the times.

  • Kay
    2019-04-25 03:15

    3 Stars ~ After her mother passed away over a year before, Valerie took over running her father's home. She likes her quiet life, enjoying the small village where they live and the domestic role she fulfills. Yet her friends and her father think she is in a rut. Mark wants her to marry him, even though she insists that she doesn't return his love. Feeling restless, she decides to go to London for the weekend and attend a concert of her favourite pop star, Nicky Barratt. After enjoying the concert, Valerie gets swept in the crowd waiting to catch a glimpse of the star as he leaves the concert hall. About to be trampled, she pleads help from an older man who comes up behind her, and finds herself dragged into a sleek limo to sit right beside the star himself. The older man turns out to be Nicky's manager, Bob, and he's actually quite thrilled to have met Valerie. Her good looks combined with her genuine air of integrity, make her the answer to the star's problems. Unknown to Valerie, Nicky needs a wholesome country girl to help his image and protect his new recording contract that has a strict morals clause. When Nicky sets out to woo her, Valerie can't understand why, and after only a few weeks he proposes, she's already so in love she accepts. While Valerie is naive she's not a fool, she recognizes that Nicky has an inflated ego that needs to come down a few notches. She hopes that with her gentle influence, he'll learn to see relationships are based on trust with both working hard to make the other happy. It's from Nicky's former lover that she learns her engagement is a rouse to gain Nicky positive PR. There were moments in this story that I groaned at how silly both the hero and heroine were. (This was published in 1978, the era of Tom Jones and Englebert) Nicky is a 30 year old pop star, when told that his fans believe that one day he'll meet the right girl and fall in love, proclaims, “I’m always falling in love .... At least four nights a week!” I must say I didn't find him to be much of a hero. Valerie readily recognizes that he's selfish but excuses his behaviour to be a result of his lifestyle and for the lack of love he had as a child. I thought it interesting that the author made the 23 year old heroine the mature one and the 30 year old hero the emotional adolescent. Once the deception is revealed, Nicky started to gain in character. The ending is what made this a 3 star over a 2 star. Even with all the silliness, I found myself enjoying this groan-producing read.

  • LuvGirl
    2019-04-13 21:07

    This was actually a good story-line of a regular girl falling in love with a spoiled pop star and had to contend with the trials that came with it, but I couldn't get past the bad writing. The conversation was just too juvenile and the characters were not developed properly. The hero and heroine had no chemistry and I couldn't understand what the hero saw in the heroine. She was as dull as a door nail. It was only the heroine's POV so you didn't know what he was thinking. He didn't seem particular impressed with the heroine. I would have loved to hear his thoughts in this situation being that he was kind of a jerk. I'm not 100% sure if there were cheating. The heroine did hear female giggling in the background but until 65% which is where I called it quits, there was nothing of significance. I don't call an ex showing up unwanted, that the hero was trying to get rid of, cheating but maybe that's just me. Who knows maybe it happened after I gave up. I certainly don't care to find out in such a horribly written book. I would love to tackle this story-line somewhere else but this author could not deliver and I lost interest.

  • Tia
    2019-04-11 01:21

    The hero and heroine met when the heroine was going to one of his concerts. Bob who was the heroes agent came up with a plan to get rid of a gold digging woman by getting engaged to the heroine. The heroine didn't know and fell in love with him. When the gold digging woman told her all about it, the heroine was heart broken. Eventually the drama got sorted out and the hero realized he was in love with the heroine and came begging for her love and forgiveness.I found the book pretty boring. The hero was arrogant and rude, he thought way too highly of himself and treated the heroine like crap. It was devastating to watch her take him back at the end of the book, she deserved a lot better.

  • Anuradha
    2019-03-31 20:57

    I know most reviews find the sexual indiscretion of the hero disgusting and unacceptable.But I would rate this story 3.5 stars, if not 4. Sounds odd ? Read on ...The mercurial pop singer, heart throb of millions, Ricky is the hero.Charming, totally conceited, living in his own bubble. Completely flawed, at least at the surface.The quintessential country girl , Valerie is the heroine.Sensible, unblemished, straight speaking. Her only weakness - her idol Ricky of course !So when fan meets pop star by accident, he latches on to her forcibly. Rather his manager does.She gets bulldozed into faking an engagement so that Ricky's lover boy image is given a boost, and the press forgets his latest inglorious affair with a married woman !Ricky is always charming and almost sincere in his wooing of Valerie. His conceit never lets him get deep into anything. So even his liking for Valerie floats at the surface until around mid way.But slowly, her integrity and her honest adoration for Ricky gets to him.Before he could break away from his pretense, the truth is out. And Valerie is furious.Of course, she forgives him somewhat easily. But that's ok with me. She is not the vindictive type, she'd rather get on with living her HEA with the man of her dreams.To give the poor guy some credit, he cozies up to Valerie's aunt and dad quite nicely. And finally also manages to put his nosy, bossy manager in his place.Its almost a coming of age for the hero. Different, relatable, good.3.5 stars.

  • Diamond
    2019-03-27 00:18

    شمس الليلنقضي العمر على شاطئ الحياة في انتظار المجهول في حين أن خطوة واحدة كافية لنحلق في سماء الحب أو لنسقط في هاوية الضياع جوانا لايتون الفتاة الريفية البسيطة خطت خطوة واحدة فإذا بها تجد نفسها في عالم طوني بروكلي, المغني الشهير , فتى أحلامها الذي تضحي الفتيات بكل شئ من أجل نظرة منه لم تستطع جوانا تصديق حظها عندما تقرّب طوني منها طالباً يدها لكن عالمه الساطع بالأضواء أثار فيها هلعاً وشعوراً بالغربة , ثم اكتشفت الحقيقة المرّة: كان كل شئ زائفاً في عالم الشهرة هذا حتى مشاعر خطيبها طوني بروكلي , إذ لم تكن جوانا بالنسبة له إلا درجة يرتقيها نحو قمة المجد

  • Lin
    2019-04-05 02:20

    Unusual story line. Famous singer/composer Nicky Barratt, London's superstar and Valerie (miss little I have to take care of my daddy) meet under most unforgettable circumstances. The man whose voice has haunted her dreams and most of her waking moments for almost as long as she can remember is suddenly sitting beside her sulking in the corner. He is nothing like the man on stage, he is grouchy, uptight, vane and demanding that his publicity manager give her a drink and then get rid of her.

  • Roub
    2019-04-14 19:53

    this was an ok read. der were lots of things happening which were not important or rather boring. i also found it incredulous dat nicky cud fall for val. she was a sweet kid, really! but not ready for any emotional entanglement or any serious relationship. do the HP heroes fantasize about cradle-snatching!? lol! i also thought nicky was a horrible person for disturbing a young girl's life and playing wid her emotions to meet his own ends! yuck!

  • Jan
    2019-04-04 21:22

    Somewhat typical fan falls in love with musician story, and musician accidentally falls back.Mostly kept it around because I'm convinced the man holding that guitar on the cover is a young (and sexy) Robert Redford.

  • Janet
    2019-04-02 21:17

    This could have been a good story ... if the writing had been better. and the storyline more developed. Very boring.... Didn't want to finish it, but forced myself.

  • Sahar
    2019-04-12 01:57

    Just no!