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When history buff and multi-lingual American tech writer Annie Young returns to Southern France, she discovers the body of her fellow researcher, Père Yves, on the church steps....

Title : Murder in Argeles
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ISBN : 9781432825515
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 338 Pages
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Murder in Argeles Reviews

  • Calensûl
    2019-02-09 12:15

    I give two stars for the setting, which was cosy and nice. I really wanted to get lost in that little village in the Pyrenees and explore its mountains and historical secrets. Also for the historical and suspense plot, of which I was eager to know more, and that kept me reading. However, that knowledge never came, and that is only one of the problems of this book.It promised lots of diving in history and working out the mystery, but it glossed over it, only ocassionally spreading weird names here and there without actually explaining why exactly people believed Mary and Jesus reached the Pyrenees, or that lost line of kings. It turned out there was never a treasure or anything of relevance, only some ruins no one cared to explain their importance and it was disappointing.But fine, the main plot is solving the murder. This priest, friend of our protagonist and history nerd colleague, was murdered because he was going to uncover the mystery. This is also done quite well, especially when (view spoiler)[ the protagonist's house is ransacked and painted with blood (hide spoiler)]. However, it is clogged with unnecesary stuff and bad characterization.The style was awful. Every page or two the author diverted the narrative to tell about irrelevant things. There is a subplot of the life of a woman living in another village. We are told how she worked in an esoteric shop at an airport, how she remembers her grandma and her past sex life with various men. All of which builds up to nothing. As another example, we get scenes of the protagonist as a child stepping on puddles, or how she grew up in different countries because her parents traveled a lot and how special she is because of that. And that is another problem.The protagonist is perfect. Everyone loves her and the people who don't are rude and ugly. It is so blatant it is unbelievably anoying. She has lived around the world and speaks multiple languages, her work colleagues always do her favours, she is always nice to everyone and "her hair is uncomfortable but she knows other women envy her red curls". Come on! This might not seem like a lot, but it is not only her. Everyone tells her how she totally should go back with her policeman ex-boyfriend, who is perfect, how the daughter of said ex-boyfriend is super friends with her, who is also perfect, the priest secretly loved her, a stranger in the train tells her how special she is, etc, etc. And the ex-mayor of the village and his family are the rudest, ugliest people of all time and mean to her. (view spoiler)[It is no surprise that he turns out to be the villain (hide spoiler)].But the worst thing is that I actually like the premise of the character: she is a woman who has seen a lot of the world and struggles to find a place of her own. She has a cool job translating technical texts and is willing to sacrifice her feelings for her freedom. At the beginning of the book she was all about how she was not going to marry because it was not for her and how her ex was too controlling, and the resolution of that subplot is (view spoiler)[her saying "well, marriage is not that bad" and thinking that he is awesome, despite the fact that he is still the same (hide spoiler)]. Seriously? Is that the moral?Speaking of resolution, the climax fell completely flat and left me seeing my breath. (view spoiler)[She is taken prisoner by the ex-mayor. She was shopping and "suspiciously" her car broke down and "very kindly" the mayor offers her a ride. Then he ties her and forces her to tell him where the treasure is. There is no treasure, but she makes up a place. At the town people are looking for her and there is quite some tension. When they are walking down a mountain where the alleged treasure is, a viper bites him and leaves him in a wheelchair. Then she goes back feeling no pity for him....Really? She didn't solve anything. The policeman didn't solve anything. The VIPER did. Good viper. And of course she can't feel the least sympathy for an ugly, greedy, smelly quadriplegic. (hide spoiler)]To sum up: good premise, bad development, good setting, bad characters.Thanks for reading!

  • Linda
    2019-01-29 14:20

    A thoroughly enjoyable mystery. It was great to read not only a great story but also to learn a bit about French history and life in a French village. I liked the main character - American Annie Young. This is the second book in the series I have read (Murder in Caleb's Landing was the first) and I can't wait for the next one 'Murder in Geneva'.

  • Francine
    2019-01-21 13:16

    Another find on the library's bookshelf of books recommended by the librarians. I enjoyed this book and will read the next one, Murder in Geneva, when it comes out. Likeable characters, a little bit of history, a little bit of French, and a protagonist who isn't intentionally getting herself into transparently dangerous situations, but is still interesting and has adventure.

  • Debbie Tanner
    2019-02-06 07:23

    An interesting murder mystery set in France. The main character is a translator and her boyfriend is a police chief. When the village priest, who has been researching the area's history is murdered, she tries to help out with the investigation.