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Stillwatch Reviews

  • Maurean
    2019-03-18 13:20

    I found this to be an entertaining mystery, and it has convinced me to try other MHC books in the future, but I don't know - based on this one novel - if I would classify her as the QUEEN of suspense (there are other contemporaries of hers that I enjoy just as much, certainly, if not more - Sandra Brown, Linda Fairstein, Heather Graham; all come immediately to mind). But, that's being really nit-picky, isn't it?! The storyline was intriguing, the characters were sympathetic, and it kept me turning pages until well past my intended bedtime, so overall, it was an enjoyable thriller, and I will try to read others by the author (Lord knows! There are a million of them out there...); What more could a reader want?

  • Xana
    2019-03-06 17:28

    Merece aa 3,5*Gosto de MHC. É daquelas autoras "conforto", onde volto sempre com a certeza que vou apreciar.Este é um dos velhinhos, com uma história que me agarrou nas primeiras páginas. Gosto sempre das personagens dela, mulheres fortes, e Pat não foi excepção. Gostei bastante. Boa maneira de terminar o ano :)

  • Walt
    2019-03-08 14:14

    My wife and a friend, Janice, from our third-Monday book club (we meet at Barnes and Noble) went to see Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter, Carol, speak at the high school recently. Subsequently, my wife bought this to read on her Kindle, so I decided to read it, too. I don't think I had ever read Mary Higgins Clark before. I probably won't read her again. Pat Traymore is the protagonist, a newswoman with a new job in Washington D.C. Her parents had died violent deaths there when she was a child--ostensibly, a murder-suicide. Well, right off, as a reader of a mystery writer you are suspicious of that notion of loving parents involved in something so horrendous, right? Well, the plot moves with a steady pace as Pat is assigned to make a documentary on one Senator Abigail Jennings, a prospect to fill a vacancy as Vice President of the U.S. Several convenient coincidences in the story show that at this early stage of her writing career, Clark, as a writer, hadn't learned to avoid obvious and manipulative deus ex machina. Furthermore, I saw several grammatical errors in the book that were distracting and put me off.

  • Eve Nolon
    2019-02-24 12:22

    This is my favorite of Mary Higgins Clark's books, possible tied with A CRY IN THE NIGHT, but where STILLWATCH shines is the politics of Washington, DC and all of the small town deals and double-crosses. Where most of Clark's characters are not all that memorable, Pat Traymore is the exception. I loved Pat's panache and grace, her vulnerability and strength. She's an interesting character because she has so much stake in the intrigue, even when she doesn't know it. The first time I read this one, I had no idea who did what and I was surprised by the resolutions several times over. On this read, I knew what was going to happen so I enjoyed the "scenery" more and it was just as fun. For those looking for an MHC novel to start with, I definitely recommend STILLWATCH. It works perfectly as a historical novel (firmly situated in 1979/1980 politics), mystery, suspense with just a tiny touch of romance.

  • Art
    2019-03-05 19:28

    One of Clark's better efforts from her early days. It's a better whodunit for the most part, and the intensity of the ending is better than she's written yet, since I'm going straight down her book list from the earliest on up.Pat is at least a stronger female lead than those that have come before her. She does fawn over a man wayyy yonder too much, but she also sticks to her guns in her project and doesn't seem to quail in the face of abject terror.Clark is getting better, for my list purposes, and I'll keep going.

  • Kim
    2019-03-20 11:27

    2.5 rounded up. I'm not sure why I used to like MHC so much in high school and college.

  • Fuglsang
    2019-02-23 15:07

    Not quite bad but not quite good either. Sure, it was a fun read, at least the last third of it, but it just lacked something. Come to think of it - that's pretty much how all Clark's books are.The characters lack some quirks and some spirit. They're not really that unique and they're certainly not gonna stay with me for a very long time, as is the case with all her books. I'm pretty certain I'm gonna forget what the book was all about in a while. Also, calling Clark's 'The Queen of Suspense' seems wrong to me - suspense is when I don't know and I really want to know.Well, I didn't want to know.The language is also quite boring, not brilliant but not very bad either. I really hated how almost every paragraph had to start with boring 'he/she did this and that all day, then changed into a black, expensive jacket which made him/her look even more serious and cool'. Stop it, Clark, please. Every character either has something special in their air or they're really beautiful or both and it's annoying to have to read basically the same thing about every single person. It's boring and it's not very original.Most of the time the pace was really slow and I didn't feel like reading it (which explains the gap between starting in... April and ending now in February) but it picked up the pace nice enough and at some point I could barely put it down. The story is quite interesting, even if it is a tad predictable for crime story fans. Basically, Clark is the written word's answer to Céline Dion - it's nice enough when you don't feel like thinking, but you're not in for a great surprise and the story is easily forgotten.

  • Connie
    2019-02-27 17:30

    This was about Pat Traymore and how she was doing an expose on Abigail Jennings a Senator who was looking to be vice-president. Pat had something from her past that she was trying to remember and it was related to what She was doing the expose on. It was not hard to figure out who the bad guy was, but I really enjoyed this book.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-07 17:07

    I would rate this book at3.5 stars.Mary Higgins Clark is quickly becoming my favorite author and Stillwatch doesn’t disappoint.Pat Traymore’s career is at a high point with Emmy nominations and growing acclaim in Boston which helps land her a high profile job in Washington D.C. The job, producing the first episode of a new series “Women in Government,” will have her working closely with Senator Abigail Jennings. Jennings is believed to be the favorite to become the first female Vice President. Luckily (or maybe on so luckily) for Pat her biological parents left her a house in Georgetown that her aunt/adopted mother had been renting out for her. The house was the sight of her parents death when she was very young and Pat hoped that staying there would help her regain some of her childhood memories, including memories of that horrible night. The book follows Pat as she works with the reluctant Senator and begins to discover that there are a lot of damaging secrets in the Senator’s past that could ruin her career. While she works with the Senator her own past and family secrets come back to haunt her – she is being stalked and threatened by an unknown person. It is a solid story, engaging and well written. There are, however, two elements that weaken the story, which is why this book only merits a rating of3.5 stars.(view spoiler)[ The first element is the ‘Father’ character. The entire “Nursing Home Angel” storyline felt like an unnecessary plot aside. And the fact that he had been the EMT who treated Kerry/Pat and then went on to adopt Eleanor/Glory was too coincidental. His blind hatred of Pat and his threats didn’t make sense… you would think that he’d be madder at the Senator for being the cause of Eleanor’s trouble versus at Pat who was just the television show producer. And she wasn’t even the main producer, it’s clear that she has very little real power to do the show how she wants and must defer to her boss who is determined to positively promote the Senator for his own agenda. It is also unbelievable that he would remember the exact positioning Pat had been in as a child (which he did because he placed the doll in the same position) but would not recognize Pat to be Kerry. Her neighbor even said she looked enough like her parents that anyone who knew them would be able to recognize her. Since the ‘Father’ character had been the EMT he must have seen the parents and at the very least he would have seen their photos – if not at the house then in the newspaper stories about what had happened. That coupled with the fact that the vision of the broken girl had stayed with him so many years makes it incredibly far fetched that he wouldn’t have even the faintest recognition that Pat was Kerry. For these reasons his entire character and storyline were a weak point in this book. The Abigail character and storyline had several points that made her another weaker element in this book. The first point that is bothersome is one of the same points that was bothersome about the ‘Father’ character, she didn’t recognize Kerry/Pat – though in her case it is more outlandish. Abigail and her husband were good friends with Dan and Renee, so much so that it took Pat a lot of time and effort to edit them out of Abigail’s personal photos and films. On top of that Abigail was supposedly in love with Dan (Billy) so much so that she was willing to ruin two marriages to be with him. The idea that she wouldn’t recognize his child is simply unbelievable. The final portrayal of Abigail as a victim of Toby’s action while mostly innocent herself was off putting. Toby was responsible for the death of her husband and his pilot, the theft of campaign funds, the injury of Pat/Kerry (and possibly the death of Renee, that point was left ambiguous) as well as the murder of the pilot’s wife. There is no question that he was a bad guy but it is unrealistic to think that Abigail was completely ignorant of his activities especially since she had lied to be his alibi for the hit and run wherein people died while they were teenagers. Particularly disturbing is the quote from Pat on page 355: “She never needed Toby’s kind of help. She could have done it all on her own.” This paints Abigail as an unwilling victim and negates her involvement in Pat’s parent’s deaths. Abigail’s arrival at the the house is what prompted Renee to get the gun and threaten to kill herself, which resulted in Dan being accidentally killed in the struggle for the gun. It is not clear when Abigail fled, or if Toby killed Renee (or if she really did kill herself) be regardless she fled the scene of a crime where she was at the very least a witness. She left her purse behind which is the why and how of Pat nearly being killed herself. Plus Abigailknew Toby had killed three people joyriding as a teen so I find it unrealistic that she would have zero suspicions about what had happened in Pat’s house and the other events Toby was responsible for. The sympathetic ending given to Abigail is unwarranted.(hide spoiler)]However, Stillwatch is a solid and engaging story with only a few weak elements that make it a 3.5 star novel that is still worth the read.

  • Laurie D'ghent
    2019-03-17 19:09

    A perfect example of why I love Mary Higgins Clark--no sex, very little swearing, an intriguing plot line without being evil or mess-your-pants material, antagonists that you can actually see a little of yourself in. Perfect.

  • Sharol
    2019-03-12 15:10

    All of her stories blur together over time. I can't recall what most of these are even about because they're all so similar. :)

  • Enrique
    2019-03-08 11:28

    Después de haber escuchado multitud de elogios a Mary Higgins Clark, quien no en vano es nombrada a menudo con el pomposo epíteto comercial de “la reina del misterio”, tenía muchas ganas de leer un libro suyo. El elegido resultó ser El ojo avizor, el cual compré de saldo por apenas 1 euro en una tienda de venta de artículos antiguos.Patricia Traymore, una joven reportera de una cadena de televisión de Boston, acepta un nuevo trabajo en Washington para hacer una serie de reportajes sobre mujeres en el gobierno. El primero estará dedicado a la figura de Abigail Jennings, una importante senadora con un pasado más que turbio. Instalada en la antigua casa de sus padres, se propondrá hallar también la verdad sobre la muerte de ambos, que tuvo lugar allí mismo en extrañas circunstancias hace veinticuatro años. Además, tratará de reanudar su relación con Sam Kingsley, congresista con el que tuvo un breve e intenso romance tiempo atrás. Por si fuera poco, nada más empezar el reportaje, comienza a recibir amenazas anónimas por correo y teléfono, advirtiéndole del peligro que corre si continúa con el trabajo sobre la senadora Jennings.El ojo avizor es un libro entretenido que engancha debido a lo bien construida que está la trama. Sin embargo la historia en sí no es gran cosa. El misterio que rodea a la protagonista me resultó bastante flojo. Conforme se van desvelando detalles clave, lo ves venir a la legua. Lo mismo he de decir de los antagonistas, predecibles e insulsos a más no poder. El personaje principal, Pat Traymore, por el contrario sí está muy logrado, con una biografía sólida y una motivación clara. De hecho sus escenas son siempre las más interesantes. Te implicas tanto con ella que deseas saber lo que le va a ocurrir a continuación, enlazando un capítulo tras otro. Es una mujer resuelta e independiente que debe luchar sola en un mundo de hombres (como era el ambiente de la televisión a comienzos de los años ochenta). El personaje de Abigail Jennings es otro de mis favoritos. Posee al igual que Pat muchos de estos atributos, aunque tiene un perfil más secundario. Es curioso, pero me dio la impresión de que Mary Higgins Clark sabe crear personajes femeninos muy potentes, pero los hombres que aparecen en sus historias son más planos que mi marcapáginas.Por ello, las escenas de los enemigos de Pat resultan algo tediosas. Por suerte no hay demasiadas, lo que lastraría aún más la novela. La historia de amor entre Pat y Sam es totalmente descafeinada. Hasta casi al final no ocurre nada entre ambos. Pienso que si ese romance se hubiera cerrado antes, con más chicha de por medio, habría ganado varios enteros. No hablo de sexo salvaje, solo que haya algo más de tensión entre ambos, y no el quiero y no puedo constante que se ve.Lo que más me ha gustado del libro es la arquitectura de la historia. Para un aspirante a escritor como yo, leer y detectar donde la autora ha situado las escenas claves, así como la forma en que dosifica la intriga, es oro puro. En este aspecto la novela gana mucho. Su trama principal está diseñada con ojo clínico (aunque supongo que también será mérito de los editores), equilibrada de una manera tal que hace que pese a que la historia no sea nada del otro mundo, quieras seguir leyendo sin parar. A ello ayuda bastante el estilo narrativo de Mary Higgins Clark, fluido y sencillo, con frases cortas y un lenguaje sin recargos innecesarios. Las descripciones son también ligeras y muy visuales, con unos pocos detalles bien escogidos para que te hagas una buena idea en tu cabeza.Mi conclusión general sobre El ojo avizor es que es otra novela comercial de misterio más, un género sobresaturado hoy en día. Si te van este tipo de historias dale una oportunidad. No perderás mucho tiempo en leerla (yo la terminé en apenas seis días) si consigue engancharte tanto como a mí, aunque desde luego no quedará en el recuerdo como una de las mejores. Es ideal para leer en vacaciones, pues su escasa complejidad hace que desconectes con facilidad. Haciendo un símil gastronómico, yo la veo como la típica hamburguesa de un euro del Burger King o del McDonalds. ¿Está rica? Sí. ¿Vale lo que cuesta? Sí, si la encuentras barata como me ocurrió a mí. ¿Te la comes en apenas un santiamén? También. ¿Se puede comparar con las lentejas de tu madre o ese plato que te gusta tanto de tu restaurante favorito? Ni mucho menos.

  • Edith
    2019-03-17 19:19

    Things I Learned: Nothing I can think of ...Comments: Second book in a week with a religious fanatic at its center. Dan Brown's religious fanatic was easier to understand. This one's motives were murkier. I don't really know where the religiosity came from. Also, it was very sensationalistic in its portrayal of a HOMICIDAL MANIAC!!! Yes, she actually used those words. Apparently, everyone who commits murder has to be insane, with murky motives - no one is simply a cold-blooded killer. Are all killers crazy and does that make all crazy people killers? I have to wonder if this is the general public's view of folks with a psychiatric diagnosis - that we're all potential ax murderers. But this book was written back in 1984, so hopefully, people are more enlightened these days. That aside, it was a page-turning read. The girl gets her guy in the end. MHC earned her title, "Queen of Suspense."

  • Reema
    2019-03-23 14:08

    I love MHC's writing and have read most of her books. But this books lacks suspense or conviction. The characters are vague and weak. the story is quite predictable. Pat Traymore is about to find all she can about the possible candidate who is set to become the first female Vice President of United States of America. But during the course of the research she comes across more than she could ask for. In the mean time she has to deal with her childhood memories which are rather vague and distant. Finding answers to the mystery surrounding herself and the possible future Vice President Abigale Jennings becomes a game that might cost Pat Traymore her life. The novel could have been better if it would not have been not too rushed and if the characters were portrayed in a much stronger light.

  • Ira Garcia
    2019-03-26 14:15

    It was a good a good and easy read specially if you just want to pass time and relax. I would usually rate a book depending on how it had affected me right after or while reading it. I would like to compare the experience of reading this book to watching a sitcom. There were so many things going on that it failed to explore the characters and what made them take a certain course of action. It was very convenient to build the story in such a way that it would end like this: incriminating one person (Toby) for the entire chaos while the other (Abigail) was clueless and simply took the high road... poof, problem solved. Like every happy ending episode of sitcoms.

  • Tamara
    2019-03-16 12:05

    He leido muchos libros de Mary Higgins Clark pero este era lo peor. El libro se hizo pesada e a veces sentia como no iba a ir a ningun lugar. Pat Traymore es una personalidad de la television, cuando ella era una nina sus padres se mataron violente. Ella regrese a la casa donde los homicidios han ocurrido, y ella empezo a recordar algunas cosas de la tragedia. No voy a recomendar este libro, porque he leido otros libros de MHC y eran mucho mejor.

  • Shivanshu Aggarwal
    2019-02-28 13:12

    Mary is a true master storyteller. The characters are real, and interesting. I love the fact that Kerry turned into Pat, came back and was strong enough to find the truth. Her boss was only looking out for himself, the lady across the street was a real psychic, Sam finally acknowledged his true feelings, and Abby was climbing her own political ladder.This book is great, has it all-politics, greed, murder, romance, intrigue , manipulation and power.

  • Tina
    2019-03-15 19:32

    I have read Many of Mary Higgins Clark's books. This one was my least favorite. I just couldn't get into it. I found myself thinking about other things while reading. I was unable to stay focused. the characters were very boring with no personalities. It was a struggle to finish the book. I hate not to finish a book and force myself to read if even if I am not enjoying it. This was the case with this one.

  • Cindy Kirkland
    2019-03-21 12:28

    I enjoyed this, mostly. The main character, Pat, was easy to like. It was suspenseful and written so that I had to keep reading to see what happened next. What I did not like was that I felt there were too many characters. Eleanor's friend added nothing to the real story and added dead weight. The ending was poetic.

  • Chelley R Mieyal
    2019-03-09 15:08

    Great plot twistsThis is one of the only books I've read of Mary Higgins Clark, where I didn't guess the ending. It was filled with lots of twist and turns. The plot twists were extraordinary! I can't wait to red more of her books!

  • Dawn
    2019-03-16 18:23

    Riveting.TV journalist Patricia Traymore's past hunts her as she prepares a program featuring a senator who may become the 1st female VP of the USA. What she discovers threatens the senator's reputation & Pat's life.

  • Arwen
    2019-03-03 15:33

    I read these Mary Higgins Clark books because my Aunt gave me a stack of them. They are a quick read, and yes a page turner, but not really my cup of tea. Capital politics and intrigue, and a past they will catch up to all the characters.

  • Tracy Doig
    2019-03-07 16:17

    I enjoy reading Mary Higgins Clark's books. They are so well written.

  • Peggi Warner-lalonde
    2019-03-22 15:03

    I had forgotten how well Mary Higgins Clark plotted thrillers.

  • Emily
    2019-02-28 14:10

    Well paced but teeming with cliches and one-dimensional characters.

  • Crystal Karre
    2019-03-12 14:08

    well done

  • Debbie Tanguay
    2019-03-17 15:15

    quick read woman reporter returns to where parents murdered

  • Shelley
    2019-03-06 14:18

    I see most people gave this novel a 3 for "liked it". I can't say that I "liked it", so it had to be a 2 for "it was ok" because it was nothing but ok, actually it was pretty disappointed. It's been awhile since I've read a MHC, maybe I've moved on or maybe this was one of her weakest ones? The story line was good, but the writing and the characters just didn't do it. When MHC was describing people who had money, I noticed they were all beautiful, but when she was describing people who didn't, none were beautiful or even pretty. I didn't like that. The characters seemed older than they were. As the story went on and we find out just how old these people are, I was surprised. They should had been more youth like, not like fuddy duddys and rather boring. For a journalist, the main character, Pat, is pretty slow. Gosh, when she was trying to figure things out that were just plain obvious, I was rolling my eyes. I liked how it takes place in Washington, DC, and Virginia (McLean, Alexander) as I am quite familiar with these places since the last 5 years I've lived in Northern Virginia and DC is only 45 minutes from me. So it's always fun when a story takes place with places I know of.This novel was written in 1984 and I see some things haven't change, politics, it's still ugly, probably even more so today. It's shocking that the speech Senator Abigail gives can still be applied to today's USA government: "But now it is time to examine what we have done. I maintain that the surgery was too radical, the cuts too drastic. I maintain that this is the time for restoration of many necesary programs. Entitlement by definition means "to have a claim to." Surely no one in this August chamber will dispute that every human being in this country has a rightful claim to shelter and food...." Oh how true!!!!

  • Sharon Mathews
    2019-03-08 13:26

    Stillwatch (Mary Higgins Clark)- Pat Traymore is known for her documentaries. Her success in them has landed her a new job- a tv series focused on important women. Her first assignment is over Senator Abigail Jennings, and she's anxious to start. Ah, Washington. The hustle, the bustle, and the scandals. With threats coming in over her program over Jennings, and the terrors of her past arising, it'll be a miracle if she makes it out alive.Let me start off by saying that Mary Higgins Clark is a fairly good author. I have read two books of hers already, one being a joint-piece with her sister, Carol Higgins Clark. That one, Deck the Halls, was assigned to me for a book report. The second book, No Place Like Home, I sought out. Both were great.I found this book when I dragged out a stack of Stephen King books (none of which I have read yet) and clung to the familiarity of the author. I know her. I can enjoy her. So, with that in mind, I set out to read the book.There is a lot of murder set in this book. With more than one killer. And from one point of view to the next, you get this deep connection that reveals itself at important intervals. Every word Clark wrote had a purpose. You won't see it at the time, but it'll come to you as you read on. Clark has a unique way of switching views, one that I actually like, despite mild frustrations (*cough* switching on cliffhangers *cough*). The switches only get more frequent as it wears on. In the end, I rate this book a three. It was good, but it took a bit for my interest to fully kick in. (Admittingly, technology had a helping hand in keeping me distracted.) For those who love mysteries and suspense, I recommend this to you.

  • Eustacia Tan
    2019-02-28 17:06

    This book, while it isn't mind-blowing, is interesting enough that I read it in one sitting (thankfully, I finished studying for the day)The premise is interesting: it starts with Patricia Traymore (apparently this is part of a series), as she moves to Washington D.C to do a documentary on a potential female Vice-President: Congresswomen Abigail Jennings. However, while it takes place (the novel spans one week), she receives threats that escalate in nature. This book is genuinely exciting. It reminds me of how a book can succeed in suspense without needing to focus on the mystery (i.e. the threats she received). In a sense, this is how Sudden Death should have been like, but failed. The use of omniscient narrator actually allowed a sense of menace to be created, especially as the deranged criminal's mindset was revealed. The ending was rather shocking with a well-written twist that I expected-and-didn't-expect. The characters were fairly well-developed by that time that I wasn't surprised by their actions, one flaw (out-of-character characters) that could've have spoilt the book, especially as it had a twist. (thoughts and opinions generated by the book but not directly related to it can be found on