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Following the “globetrotting supernatural adventure” (Publishers Weekly) of Damned, the riveting conclusion to the Crusade trilogy pushes the power of love to its limits.Hope is in short supply, but courage runs deep as the Salamancan hunters recover from a devastating loss. Jenn knows she must rally her team against the Cursed Ones, but her focus is shattered. She’s tornFollowing the “globetrotting supernatural adventure” (Publishers Weekly) of Damned, the riveting conclusion to the Crusade trilogy pushes the power of love to its limits.Hope is in short supply, but courage runs deep as the Salamancan hunters recover from a devastating loss. Jenn knows she must rally her team against the Cursed Ones, but her focus is shattered. She’s torn between passion for Antonio, who once fought by her side, and hate for the bloodthirsty vampire he’s become. His volatility is tearing apart their team...and Jenn’s trust.As the Cursed Ones amass new strength, Team Salamanca must strike together if they hope to survive, let alone defend humanity. Jenn wants to believe Antonio’s loyal to their cause—and their love—but she’s slowly losing her heart to Resistance fighter Noah. And if Antonio’s not careful, he may just end up with a stake in his.This gripping conclusion to an epic trilogy pairs steamy romance with heart-stopping action, and delivers an ending as dramatic as it is unexpected....

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vanquished Reviews

  • Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones
    2019-02-22 06:14

    SPOILERS!!!Ok, i liked it, but i didnt love it. It took too long for me, and then the action was actually cut really short. I also couldnt get into Jenn and Antonio, maybe i just need to re-read the other two books but i feel like there was NO development in thier relationship. I mean WHY are they so in love...i didnt get it. I felt like a book was missing where we got to see their love bloom, or that maybe they would start to spend more time together, but there was nothing, in the entire series they spent more time apart than together. Because of that i found it hard to root for them. Also random things kept happening. Like Jamie suddenly loving Skye, or Heather being beautiful and wanting Lucifer, or Skye loving Holgar (and him loving her for that matter, i mean he hardly thought about her at all, or worried about her being killed, it was JAMIE who left to save her), it's not like i didnt suspect that Holgar and Skye would end up together, because i did, but it still came out of the blue, again with no real build up. So i couldn't make myself care about their relationship either. I think by the end of it the only characters i liked were Heather, because she had that i dont give a feck attitude and Esther, Jenn's grandmother, because she told Antonio to stop whinning and get on with it, something i'd been dying to tell him myself. Noah was confusing because on one hand he did what needed be done and i was slightly sad when he died, but i never felt that connected to him. I never even felt that connected to Jenn, all she seemed to do was angst about everything, which started to drive me crazy after a while, i know thats unfair because she went thorugh a lot but i couldn't feel much sympathy because i didn't feel connected her and her problems. I really wanted to but i just didn't.I was still very much invested in the war itself though, i wanted them to win, to destroy the EVIL vampires. So in that respect i was quite pleased with what happened. Even if i kind of expected more, maybe thats just because of all the build up.The description for this book is very misleading in one regard. In book two we kind of see the beginning of a love triangle between Noah,Jenn and Antonio, but that never really goes anywhere, and i wondered why the author even added it if they weren't going to take it anywhere. The description makes it sound like Jenn might start to fall for Noah but i saw no evidence of this. All she did was worry about Antonio, and then worry about if she should worry about Antonio, or if she could TRUST Antonio, and stress about how much she hates her father, and about if Antonio is a monster, and about how horible a leader she was, oh yeah and more angst about Antonio blah blah blah. At times i wondered if she even loved him at all. They didn't even really show eachother any affection, it was annoying to say the least. But im not saying the book was bad i liked certain parts. I was moderatly suprised that the ever so mysterious Father Juan was saint John of the cross, i had started to think he was frigging Jesus or something, but then he had Noah kill him to make the Elixur, and in the Epilogue he came back again. I liked Skye convicing the witches to join the war and fight, also i started to warm up to Jamie a bit too. In the end two couples got married and someone else became a priest, also two vampires are turned back into humans by a dead Father Juan right before the toxic vamp killing gas is let loose into the air. All in all it wasn't a bad end to the series, and im glad i read it. xxxUpdateHave finished, review to come peoples! ;)I FINALLY HAVE THIS BOOK YES!!! XXXJen stop whining and kill some vampsAntonio stop whining and kiss JennJamie stop being a ignorant twitSkye good on you for defying the witchy folkNoah dont you be killing Antonio or Jenn will fuck you upThe rest of you, STOP MOPING AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL!

  • Fabienne Gilbert
    2019-03-02 10:59

    This book honestly sets you through the ringer. First you've got the team still grieving for Eriko, then you have Skye missing with her psycho ex, then Antonio is still a little evil, Holgar is being hunted by multiple packs and also Jenn's father is back in the picture. Dum dum durrrrh. Since the majority of this book is spoiler central the rest of this review will be spoiler locked.(view spoiler)[So really the only part that is screaming at me to write about is the ending. Honestly that will stay with me. The big fight was not what I expected while also being everything that I did. Jenn being hurt was kind of what I expected and even her asking Antonio. What I didn't see coming was Father Jaun making an appearance and telling Antonio to bite her. Part of me wished that she would turn and be with her forever completely; however I am exeptionally happy with how it ended. Even bigger spoiler...THEY GET MARRIED!!!! (hide spoiler)]

  • Sydnee
    2019-03-20 08:52

    Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS. This was the best ending to a trilogy!!!!!! There were so many surprises. I will admit I never though that Antonio would give in to his baser urges and actually bite Jen. Nor did I think that Jamie would confess his love for Skye. In character development I'm very proud of Skye. I thought that girl was never going to come to terms with her feeling for Holger but true love did prevail. I will admit I did feel a bit bad for Jamie. First he lost Eri to death then Skye to Holger. It was like through out all 3 books Jamie just couldn't catch a break. I was really sad for Heather. I was not expecting her to die but I wasn't expecting the virus to work either so that goes to show how much I know. I still don't get how Antonio was able to unvampire himself. That through me for a loop but him and Jen were able to get married so I'm not complaining to hard. I found the epilogue to be particularly interesting. I was so happy because I though finally Father Juan would get to rest but then they woke him back up again. I wonder if there will be like a prequel seiers. I mean since all the vampires are dead what else can they do. But as the stated many times in the book Father Juan is there for reason. I just hope I get to find out what it is.

  • Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews)
    2019-03-08 13:15

    Detailed Review: * Start of the book, I was completely hooked! The book is split off with Team Salamanca and other characters from the book.BOOK ONE - It starts off with Skye, a White Witch who has been captured by her ex, Estefan who is a Dark Witch. She convinces him by using memories of Holgar, the Danish werewolf and her. And next thing you know, Estefan goes crazy... He was totally jealous and Skye got away. Met her family, done that. But the saddest thing is that Skye's family threw her out! I mean, how can you treat your daughter like that eventhough she broke all the rules especially the worst one! I mean...! Any way Skye tries to find a way as she meets another Witch Coven where they took her in. In the meantime with Team Salamanca, Jenn and her teammates gear up. They decide to split up and at the same time Jenn and Antonio can't seem to look at each other. I was completely disappointed because I was like 'What are you doing? You've only a few minutes or even seconds to live, and your not even talking to each other?!?' I was practically jumping around the room as the story continues and one of the teammates called Jamie, an Irishman finds Skye. They are soon reunited. At the same time, Jenn, Antonio and Holgar have gone to a place hidden away. Holgar meets other werewolves who are trying to kill them. Following into a scene where Antonio is draining Jenn's blood. Aha! Antonio's a vampire. '"Hey!" he shouted, because he shouldn't call out their names. "Hey!" There was no answer. He tried the latch. It was locked. He pounded once, then threw himself against the door as hard as he could. No good; he tried again. This time it gave. He burst across the threshold to find Antonio with his fangs sunk into Jenn's neck. She was struggling against him, but he had both her hands in one of his, stretched above her head. So much blood. Dear God, Jenn-With a roar he tackled Antonio, and they rolled together away from Jenn. Holgar hit Antonio in the face as hard as he could, then whirled around, scooped up Jenn in his arms, and bolted for the doorway into the sunlight. The blessed sunlight.'BOOK TWO - I felt really excited. Now, the real start was beginning. We find Noah, a teammate who went to a secret place, which was not so secret and met Michael Sherman, a scientist but now a vampire who has still kept his goodness eventhough he says he hasn't. The story was completely fluid, easy to read eventhough the characters were jumping about. The scientist confronts that he made an airborne virus that can kill vamps. Noah leaves. During the book, it also shifts to Aurora, the soon to be vampire queen with her sire. A sire is someone who made you a vampire and her sire is called LUCIFER! I thought Lucifer was the devil but instead he was actually a vampire. Back to Jamie and Skye, they have a run in with Estefan all over again. 'The room around Skye and Jamie erupted in flames. Beneath her feet Skye could hear the startled screams of the other patrons of the inn as fire engulfed the entire building in one blinding moment. "Where are they?" Jamie roared, his voice barely audible over the crack and whoosh of the flames. They were trapped with no way out. Once more Estefan was calling the shots, herding them in the direction he wanted to go. And this time he was killing innocent people. People Skye realized she couldn't save. She grabbed hold of Jamie's arm and yanked him toward the window. Before they reached it, she lifted her other hand and exploded the glass outward. She shoved Jamie halfway through it. "We can't jump. It's four stories down!" he shouted. An explosion rocked the ground, and she could feel the floorboards starting to give way beneath them. Heat and smoke rushed up toward them both. "No choice!" She screamed. She hit him low, hard enough to throw him off balance and to send him toppling through the window with a shout of terror.'So... Antonio tries to push his hunger away and he meets Jenn again! BOOK THREE - Antonio gets captured. Jenn's worried out of her mind. Noah's falling in love with Jenn and dying in the end, thinking about his wife. Holgar learns how to shift on his own.They have the FINAL BATTLE. Guess what? Jenn's sister, Heather, the girl who became a vampire, she killed Aurora and became the new vampire queen but was killed by her own FATHER! Poor guy. He had to kill his own evil daughter yet he too was ruining the world with another vampire called Soloman. Antonio finally escapes and meets Dr. Sherman, who tells him about the virus. Antonio quickly finds the battle and Jenn is dying. They help her and Antonio drinks some kind of elixir and survives the virus! He became HUMAN. Happily ever after, Jenn and Antonio marries secretly and then Skye and Holgar marry next!!!! I was so happy! I can't believe Antonio became human. In the meantime, we learn about Father Juan's secret. Father Juan is Saint John of The Cross. He gets reborn if there is terrible trouble in the world. I couldn't believe it at first but it finally made sense so yeah..."That's true," Jenn said, as Antonio brought here something to drink. Antonio, in the sunlight. Jamie was floored. He'd never dreamed he'd see such a thing. He couldn't help his lopsided grin. It was hard to stay sour when there was so much happiness in the air.'Brief Review: 'Start, ending? I love it ALL. I was hooked on the book, it's fluid changes and the characters! Jenn was my favourite. She was a fighter and a solid gold heart even with the shadows lurking inside of her. Now to add to my all-time favourites.'*Don't forget to read the first two books if you don't understand this*You can find this on the blog

  • Mae
    2019-03-03 06:53

    Okay, well I finally finished this trilogy and I do not know where to begin. Crusader was really good and had so much promise in it, that I was determined to read the other installments. Damned lower the star rating by a lot, it was simply a hot mess. Now, Vanquished. Vanquished was more than a hot mess, it was Judgement Day itself boiling in Hell's fire. Let me give you some examples (these examples are off the top of my head):1) When Holgar punched her in the face. Jenn woke up and was like, "Even though I'm you leader its perfectly fine that you disobeyed my orders and knocked me out." There were no repercussions whatsoever. 2) When Jenn was dying. I had no idea what was going on. Jenn was dying then Antonio said "I will never damn her" (something to that affect), which I respect him for, but then he "turned her" and she alive and kicking butt again. There was no cooling off period. No, "hey I almost died, let me relax a few."3) When Eriko dies. I'm going to leave it at that.4) Jamie can never get a break, everyone he cares about either dies or likes someone else.5) Father Juan and the epilogue. 6) Antonio and Jenn. I really pushed for them to be together, but their ending was absolutely horrible.Now, my final comment. I loved all of the characters and the plot, but I feel that it was executed pass the point of horribly, catastrophically. I, personally, would not recommend this book unless you want to read a bad book.

  • Joti
    2019-02-17 08:52

    OMFGGG!!!! THE ENDING!!! AMA-FUCKING-ZING!!!!!!HOLGAR & SKYE MARRIED!!!JENN & ANTONIO MARRIED!!! & ANTONIO IS HUMAN!!!JAMIE A PRIEST!?!?!? LMFAOOOOO OMFGGG WHAT A SHOCK!!NOAH DEAD TOO! & HEATHER, PSYCHOTIC BITCH!!! FATHER JUAN WAS ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS!!! FATHER JUAN ALIVE!!!!OMFG THE ENDING HAD SO MANY SURPRISES!!!!Book 1 - Morrigan: Estefan is torturing Skye - he'd kidnapped her at the end of Damned (Book 2) & she escapes, using images of her & Holgar kissing to shove Estefan outta her mind & she burns him in the process. Aurora is scared shitless of Lucifer, Vampire King. Jenn feels for Noah & there's so much inner conflict within them. Heather's depraved & hungry for blood & wants to kill Aurora. Solomon is experimenting with hybrids & has the president of the states scared of him. Jenn's mother Leslie shows up - the bitch, so ungrateful & all she cares about it Heather. Solomon's putting american people into concentration camps like WW2. Skye runs to her family for help & they'r useless assholes & she does get food & drink, then leaves. Sade is still scarred by the last battle. Father Juan sends Jamie to find Skye with a scrying stone, Antonio, Jenn & Holgar r sent to Romania - Holgar's got werewolves after him - & I STILL WISH ERIKO WAS ALIVE FOR JAMIE!!!! :( - Father Juan tells Jenn & Antonio they're meant to be together & they're shocked & can't overcome their own personal issues. Skye meets up with the Circuit of witches who want her to join them & her 2 friends, Lune & Soleil r there too but they don't wanna fight back which is stupid. Estefan calls his brothers to help catch Skye. Jamie's in London, looking for Skye. Kent Wallace, voice of the resistance is still sending out messages on radio. In Romania, Antonio loses control & bites Jenn while Holgar's out & when he comes back, he freaks out & there's so much of Jenn's blood everywhere. Jamie's being chased by 4 guys on motorbikes - Estefan & his brothers.Book 2 - Ankou: Heather's after Aurora, who'se with Dantalion & Lucifer in Transylvania i think. Gramma Esther (jenn's grandma) & Father Juan are in Southern France looking for the Tears of Christ flower, which Father Juan needs to make more Elixir for the Salamanca Team (Jenn & her friends). So Esther figures out Father Juan's true identity - she doesn't say who but she asks how he's alive & he says God keeps him alive. Noah is sent to Project Crusade headquarters, where he infiltrates the base in Budapest - to find out info about the virus Dr. Sherman, a vamp, is working on that will wipe out vampires - it's air born so it'll kill all of them. Noah's story is told - he was married to Chayna, the woman he loved & one day, she went out to visit a sick aunt & came back mesmerized by a vamp & tried to kill him & they fought with a kitchen knife & when they fell, she was stabbed by accident & died & IT's SO SAD!!!!! but i wanted Jenn with Antonio, not him. Jamie's in Stonehenge England, driving away on his motorbike, trying to escape Estefan & his bro's who're throwing fireballs & thunder bolts at him. He kills one of them & the scrying stone lights up - it would if he was in 20 miles of Skye so he's close. He finds Skye in this cave thing i think & he goes through it * finds her & they're overjoyed to see each other!! Skye wants to fight Estefan & the Circuit will kick her out so she leaves with Jamie & they run. Jenn, Antonio & Holgar are on the Carpathian mountains, heading for the Monastery of the brotherhood of st. andrew & Antonio's being watched & a werewolf pack comes to catch Holgar for the price on his head. The alpha Marku & Holgar's attacked & Antonio ends up saving his ass & they continue . Castle Bran, Transylvania - Heather's lurking outside the castle, watching Aurora, who is freaked out by Lucifer finding out that she lost Antonio when she'd captured him. At the Monastery of St. Andrew, Jenn, Antonio, Holgar, Father Juan & Esther meet up there & Antonio's locked up - he's kinda in relapse. Father Juan needs more Transit of Venus herb & Holgar's gonna meet the Transylvanian werewolf pack - they were attacked by Romanian ones before & Noah shows up too. Jenn's gonna go with Holgar. noah nearly kills antonio when he finds out that he bit Jenn - he loves her, too. Los Angeles, Solomon has Katalin this woman whose seeing the future crap & telling him about his demise & obstacles in his path. Werewolves - Holgar meets the alphas of the pack - Radu & Viorica - Radu wants to align with the vampires but Viorica doesn't believe that & she kills him, taking over the pack - this reminds Holgar of his fiancee, Kristinne, who he'd been forced to kill in battle. Viorica's gonna help them find the herb they need. Solomon wants to meet Jenn so Holgar & her head back. Heather now, not only wants to kill Aurora, she wants to be like her; have power & beauty & everything. Solomon wants an alliance with Jenn & is willing to provide aid - for them to kill Lucifer & all his followers but he's untrustworthy & gives Jenn her father, Paul Leitner, back as an act of goodwill or w/e. But he'd just as soon as betray them to Lucifer if it saved his hide. Gramma Esther confronts Antonio & tells him to man up & be the man that Jenn needs & everything. What matters is if his will is strong or weak. Skye & Jamie in Dover, England at an inn & Estefan finds them, sets the inn on fire - they jump out a window & run. Jamie's hurt & she heals him using her magick, but is weakened herself. Estefan's hunting her - back at the St. Andrew monastery, Father Juan & Holgar are laughing their asses off - b/c Esther & leslie confront Paul & the stress just needs to be relieved somehow. Jenn hates her father & the hate is putting this darkness inside of her that she has to let go of by forgiving him for what he did to her. sold her out to the Cursed ones so the rest of his family would be safe. Father Juan & Holgar go to find the Transit of Venus on the werewolf territory & the werewolves will help them. Solomon calls Jenn about his offer & they discuss the virus & crap & if he's loyal, she tells him to send fighters - vampires, werewolves, whatever. Holgar can't change at will yet so Father Juan sends up a prayer for him & he does change & he gets the Transit of Venus. Skye & Jamie r fighting Estefan & Skye kills him, making blood come out of his body everywhere & he's been about to bite her so he'd changed & been fucked up. Jamie's thrilled & confesses to Skye that he loves her & she's shocked b/c she'd liked Jamie before & now , her heart was for Holgar. She tells him as much & jamie's revolted & can't believe it & vows to kill the other werewolf - he even has a silver bullet with an H engraved on it. It's really sad! :( Kent Wallace knows it's time for war, to take the fight to the Cursed Ones & this is the final battle. Book 3 - Ereshkigal: Father Juan talks to Antonio & Jenn again about Jenn overcoming her hate for her father & for Antonio to understand that he wasn't cursed, but a man & love was the answer - he didn't want to be with Jenn cuz he was afraid of hurting her but NOOOO!!!! IDIOTS!!!! The street fighters that Jamie met while searching for Skye join them for the final battle too. The witches join Skye. Aurora remembers when Lucifer changed her into a vampire, she didn't remember agreeing to it. AND SHE'd aNgry & furious & wants to gain his favour by bringing Antonio to him. Antontio & Holgar go meet Viorica's pack & Holgar's shot with silver & Antonio's taken away. Jenn finds Holgar, thinks he's dead BUT OMG, HE'S ALIVE - VIORICA'S PACK HAD WEREWOLVES THAT WERE STILL LOYAL TO LUCIFER & THEY DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN FOR HOLGAR & SKYE ARRIVES WITH JAMIE & THE WITCHES & STREETFIGHTERS & OMG SHE FREAKS & SHE HEALS HIM, SAVING HIS LIFE. MEAnwhile, Aurora, Dantalion, Lucifer - they're gonna study Antontio's blood. Holgar tells Skye he missed her & she's so relieved!! Dantalion finds nothing special in Antonio's blood & there's the big celebration right before the final battle & aurora can't find her black dress & she's losing her calm control - & then Heather shows up at the party wearing her dress. And Heather is really a bitch & she kills Aurora & before she does, she asks if Aurora recognizes her & Lucifer asks why & she says he deserves better & he watched her for a long moment & then kissed her, saying she's his queen. Kenji Sakamoto shows up - Eriko's brother the Hunter. And he's gonna fight with them too. Fighters started arriving from everywhere for the final battle & the witches have a ritual to bless Jenn their leader & everything. Holgar changes at night & had locked himself down in the basement - & Skye visits him & he's just got his pants on & she has to tell him she loves him b/c she realizes there might not be a tomorrow & so she says it - SHE TELLS HIM SHE LOVES HIM & HOLGAR DOESN'T GET IT - HE THINKS SHE MEANS AS A BROTHER OR WHATEVER BUT SKYE EXPLAINS & HE SAYS LIKE A MATE & OMG IT'S SO CUTE!! SHE KISSES HIM & HE SAYS HE LOVES HER TOO & HE ASKS HER TO MARRY HIM & SHE'S SHOCKED & THEY TALK A BIT ABOUT THE DIFFERENCES - B/W WEREWOLF & WITCH - & SHE SAYS SHE HAS TO THINK ABOUT IT & HE'S FINE WITH THAT!!!!! OMG! so the Elixir's just about ready & it requires a sacrifice & Father Juan's giving his life for it & wants Noah to kill him & Esther's present as well. Solomon calls up Lucifer who doesn't know about the virus & Katalin kills Solomon before he can tell Lucifer. Lucifer questions Antonio about the virus who says it doesn't work . Esther gives the elixir to Jenn & her team - it's painful & it's only enough for a few weeks - after which, its effects would fade - there's some left for Antonio which Jenn saves. SO THE FINAL BATTLE - EVERYONE'S READY & RIDING OUT TO CASTLE BRAN - WHERE ALL THE VAMPIRES & LUCIFER'S SIDE COME OUT - THEY'VE MAGICK THAT LETS THEM COME OUT IN THE SUN- Jamie & Noah get inside the castle & find Antonio in a dungeon & don't help him -___- but don't kill him either. seriously -__- WOW. Kenji sakamoto's fighting with his sword & the hybrids are there & it's total chaos. Holgar & Skye r getting attacked by rival packs loyal to Lucifer & Holgar changes & Skye sees the change for the 1st time. Antonio escapes the dungeon & Holgar & viorica have the 2 components of the virus - they have to mix it together to release it. Jenn's group is at the castle & the stairs r ruined so she's hanging on & she falls & Antonio sees it happen & screams - she's dying & he calls for Skye & the witches - Noah shows up too - Heather sees Jenn & Antonio & goes to her parents & Paul stakes her (her father) & apologizes & Jenn's DYING!! JENN TELLS Skye to tell Antonio to change her so they'll have a few minutes together before the virus kills all vampires. Father Juan's spirit or whatever speaks to her - so Antonio hesitantly gives her his blood & she lets go of her hate for her father - Noah sees that holgar & Viorica are in trouble & he goes to help them & is killed & feels Chayna's presence there as he's dying & asks what she said when she died & she said she thanked him for saving her. & OMG SO SAD!! Holgar & Viorica mix the virus & vampires start dying & Jenn & Antonio think they're gonna die & they look into Skye's crown of mirrors & see their reflections - by some miracle they're both alive & human!! HUMAN!!!! AND THEY're GONNA LIVE!! AND IT'S OVER!!!Funerals - Noah's, Father Juan's & Heather's. Holgar & Viorica saved the world. And JAmie doesn't wanna kill him anymore. And he's going to be happy for Holgar & Skye even though he's still repulsed by imagining Skye in Holgar's arms. And he was saddened by Noah's loss - he'd kinda become a brother to him. CELEBRATIONS ARE HAPPENING - Kent Wallace, Resistance Voice even shows up. Jamie promises himself to go back to Eriko's grave, a pile of rocks at Salamanca & bury her properly. Sade was the traitor & she'd been mesmerized by Dantalion & is ashamed but no one blames her for it. Esther told the group that Father Juan had been st. John of the Cross & they're all shocked & Father Diego comes to Jamie & tells him that Father Juan saw him as one of them - a churchman & JAMIE ASKS THE MAN IF HE'S DAFT & IS SHOCKED AT THE THOUGHT OF BEING A PREIST BUT FATHER DIEGO TELLS HIM TO LISTEN TO HI HEART & it'll tell him where he belongs.SKYE & HOLGAR'S WEDDING!!! JENN LEITNER WAS ALSO NOW JENN DE LA CRUZ - SHE & ANTONIO GOT MARRIED IN SECRET BY FATHER DIEGO & GRAMMA ESTHER & GREG WERE WITNESSES & OMG!!!! FINALLY!!! THEY'RE TOGETHER!!! AND SO THE PREIST MARRIES HOLGAR & JAMIE - HANDFASTING THEM FIRST - WITCHY STUFF & CALLING THEM A MATED PAIR & HE FORGETS THE PART WHERE HE TELLS THEM TO KISS & SO JAMIE SAYS IT - THAT U BETTER KISS HER QUICK WOLFIE!!!!! AHHHH!!! SO SO CUTE!!! I LOVE HOLGAR & SKYE!!! JENN & antonio got offered teaching positions at Salamnaca & they had to rebuild the world now & Jenn loves Antonio, her husband! And their enemies were VANQUISHED & now their lives were just beginning - and in his coffin, a blinding light revives Father Juan & he says not again - HE'S ALIVE!!! SO HE GETS TO WORK ONCE AGAIN!!!LOVED THE ENDING!!! LOVED SKYE & HOLGAR ENDING UP TOGETHER MARRIED!!!1 AS WELL AS JENN & ANTONIO (FINALLY)!!! LOVED THE SERIES - MAYBE THE AUTHOR COULD WRITE A POST-VANQUISHED STORY FOR LIKE A FEW YEARS LATER!!!LOVED THE ENDING!!! <3 LOVED THE SERIES!!!

  • Shelley
    2019-02-28 08:16

    Genre* YA ParanormalRating: 3.5-4*Review*Vanquished, written by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, is the final installment in the Crusade series. If you haven’t already read the first two books in the series called Crusade and Damned respectfully, I would encourage you to do so before attempting to dive into this book. The series is complex in its creation, and there are a bunch of separate storylines that won’t make much sense to you unless you know the particular characters and nuances involved.Vanquished continues to focus on a group of eclectic teenagers who were trained to fight vampires worldwide after the vampires announced themselves to the world thanks to Solomon the leader of the Vampire Nation. The group, called Team Salamanca, is now lead by Jenn Leitner after events of Damned. They’re still on the run from everyone, including the Catholic Church who has outlawed vampire hunters and declared that anyone caught helping them would be disavowed. This includes their leader Father Juan who is as mysterious as they come. There’s even a surprising revelation in regards to Father Juan which you will totally understand if you’ve read the previous books.Jenn, who previously thought of herself as just Jenn, has grown to the point where she could be considered cold and hardened to the core. She’s now a leader in her own right and can no longer afford to let her feelings for Antonio or Noah get in the way of the mission to stop the vampires from taking complete control of the world. She’s also worried about her sister Heather, who was turned into a vampire by Aurora and disappeared without a trace. In the end, Jenn will need to find all the courage and strength she can find in order to survive the final battle between good and evil.Vanquished is broken into THREE books, each holding important clues to the final battle against the vampires and each telling the story of Team Salamanca teammates Skye York, Holgar Vibbard, Jamie O’ Leary, as well as Jenn, Noah, Father Juan, and Antonio.I think the most interesting character this time out is Skye. Not only was she kidnapped and tortured by her Ex-Estefan who is a Dark Witch, but she has to deal with her family and former coven mates who basically turned their back on her when she went to join the fight against the vampires. But, it’s her feelings for Holgar that are the most endearing and helps keep her sanity in check. She also becomes a leader in her own right when the final battle between good and evil reaches its pinnacle thanks to some surprising new characters that decide to forgo their isolation and join in on the fight against the vampires. Vanquished is a fitting finale to a pretty amazing series. It introduces readers to the Father of all vampires in Lucifer, as well as secondary characters who reappear to help fight the vampires like Jenn’s grandmother Esther who I must say is a total badass. There’s plenty of action and intrigue to keep readers going right until the surprising ending. The ending, in my opinion, leaves a lot of room for further story development if the authors ever decide to come back and revisit this series from different characters perspectives.

  • Jagged
    2019-03-16 10:13

    This book made me cry. In fact, at times it ripped me to shreds. Beautifully written. And I am truly sad to see the trilogy end. I was very attached to the characters in this story. The journey I was taken on touched me deeply. And for a vampire novel, I am impressed.There was so much growing up done in these three books, for all of the characters. It was very inspiring. I was satisfied with the ending, though I wasn't sure if the last part was supposed to be humour or what. It actually just made me feel bad for Father Juan.

  • Kristen
    2019-03-02 14:16

    Such an amazing end a really great trilogy. Though I hate how the last page was kind of a cliff hanger. But I loved the series and I wish it were more popular. I know people are probably straying from these books because the vampire theme is getting old, but these are very well written and deserve more readers.

  • Bria
    2019-02-20 07:16

    Waited way too long to read this last book...

  • Reading Teen
    2019-02-19 12:57

    Amazing ending to a phenomenal series!

  • Turner
    2019-03-15 14:09

    Each book kept getting better and better. This was a nicely wrapped up story. I wish there was a showdown with Lucifer fighting wise but overall I enjoyed the outcome.

  • TaylorH.
    2019-03-02 10:57

    Holder and Viguié did a great job wrapping up their epic crusade series! As always, this book was jammed pack with action!As this series went on, I found myself caring about the characters more and more. One of the things that I loved most about this series was how readers are able to see each one of the characters grow. We are able to see changes in ALL the characters...including Jamie! Speaking of, he actually grew on me in this book! I found myself somewhat actually liking him!The only problem I have with this installment is how quickly and nicely things were wrapped up. Despite all of the action, the book seemed to progress kind of slowly; so, I was super surprised when I got to the end and everything was wrapped up in just a few pages. I was waiting for an epic "final battle" to take place, which I did get a battle, but I don't think it was Harry Potter final battle worthy.Despite this, I am truly glad that I picked up this series, and I can't wait to read more from Holder & Viguié!

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    2019-02-26 08:08

    It's been ages since I read the last book in Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie's Crusade trilogy, I read it as an ARC in 2011, so it's been a really long time! No matter, after a few bumps in the road I was able to get back on track with Vanquished.So much has happened to Jenn and her team that it's impossible to sum it all up now, even with my poor memory! This time around, Jenn is still hurting from Antonio's actions, he went to the "dark side" and was able to come back to himself, but there's a distance between them. She loves him still, but it's hard to know if he feels the same way. And having Noah there only complicates things. This is one of the more complicated love triangles I think, and yet not really complicated. Noah is a pretty awesome guy and he cares for Jenn, even gave up smoking because she didn't like it. He's a good guy and could make her happy, yet I don't see many sparks between them. Jenn frets a lot over Antonio and wanting to be with him and yet his holding back because he's a vampire. It gets a little tiring at times, but not to the point where I hate the characters.With so many characters in these lovely authors' series, it's always hard to "sum up" what happened with who. Too much happened! We get back in touch with Skye and her being kidnapped by her ex, Jamie decides to go after her and rescue her. Where Heather, Jenn's sister and newly made vampire, is on a mission of her own. To kill Aurora.Heather was an interesting character to follow, I felt like I knew what she was doing at times, but then she would do something else that would totally blindside me! I wasn't expecting her to do this or that. For that matter, there were a LOT of surprises in this one!It's the final book and the final battle. Jenn and her accumulated team that has crossed borders to get to her and her friends are going to take down the vampires, led by Lucifer, yep, that GUY! The battle was long and worrying because so much was happening, lives were being lost left and right, by both bad guys and good guys. By the end we're left reeling with all the chaos that had been wrought.I thought the ending was good, maybe a touch to perfect, yet there's still all these other things the characters have to consider that are on the horizon. We won't get to see any of that though. For now, the story is done.Yet I am still left reeling with a few questions, ones I can't really pose, but it makes me wonder are we sure it's all said and done? How did this "event" work out the way it did? What was all that? Errg! Too many questions and no answers in sight! And if that wasn't enough to make my head spin, the epilogue brings about another question!! It's hard to explain the exact feeling I got, but I was seriously thinking somewhere along the lines of "say what?" again! It was just that surprising! And there were just too many twists and questions like that that left me a little unsatisfied to truly enjoy the novel, hence the not perfect, but still awesomely good, rating.All in all, it was a good read. I enjoyed reading this trilogy because I have enjoyed the duo authors' first series that was cancelled for a few year, tearing my world apart since that fourth book (or second book in the second compilation for newbies) ended with a whopper of a cliffhanger! Took years before that cliffhanger pain to end! Anyways, this series has been good! Different from the last, but has the same writing style the authors have adapted with multiple points of view in third person, from both hero/heroine and enemy alike! I cannot wait to see what the next series these ladies cook up will be!Overall Rating 4/5 stars

  • Jenny
    2019-03-01 09:17

    This was a thrill ride of a novel! I've always loved this series, and I finally got to finish the series! I was not disappointed with the finale in the least. It completely lived up to my expectations!The beginning of the book starts off so dark and hopeless. One of the team members of Team Salamanca is dead, another is missing, Antonio is fighting his blood lust, and Jenn is reeling from what happened to Antonio. The only member at all who seems to think they can recover from this and be triumphant is Father Juan. The one thing that really stuck out in this book that didn't in the first two was Father Juan. We finally get to learn something about him, who and what he really is. The epilogue of the book is one page, devoted to him, and made me laugh out loud! The team would have been doomed without him.There isn't much lying around in this book. Every time the team seems to get a chance to rest and strategize, something happens that flips everything on its head again. Considering that this story is about a worldwide war with vampires, the authors manage to make this book feel so real. And everything about it is the exact opposite of Twlight!The reason I think I love this series so much is the characters. This story would make a fantastic movie, just in the characters are so easy to love and connect with. The group makes me think a little of Cassandra Clare's characters--atleast the comradeship, and jealousy between them. I'm going to talk a little bit about the characters and why they are so great, especially in this book. There will be spoilers ahead from the other books, so if you haven't read the first two books, you may want to stop reading!Jenn --the team's leader has finally come into her own. She is like a commandeer steering her troops in battle. In this story, its more than just her team, she's the general for the whole army! She is just amazing in how she never gives up on her teammates, especially Antonio.Antonio--a kind vampire turned cruel, then back to kind--sort of. He is having major trouble with bloodlust in this book. Its like his demon has been awakened. It was a completely different Antonio than in the first book, and it kind of drove me crazy! Until the end, where he finally manned up!Skye--I think Skye is my favorite member. She has such goodness in her, but she is one tough cookie. She finally starts to realize she might have a thing for Holgar in this one, which complicates things a bit! She has to make some tough choices in this story, but I never doubted her for a second!Holgar--the kindest and most loyal werewolf you will ever meet! He saves his members countless times in this story, and he is rock solid throughout. I think he turns into the biggest hero in the story myself. If only Jaime would leave him alone!Jamie--the member that frustrates me the most. But in this story, I actually did connect with him more, and he does some pretty out of character things to help his teammates. He may act like he's in it for himself, but I think the team is wearing off on him! He also does something in this story that I never would have expected!Noah--not an original team member, but he is desperately needed in this battle. He plays his part to perfection. I really liked Noah, and I felt so awful when the authors finally told us his back story. Of all the members, he really has the least to lose.The final battle and ending was more than I could have hoped! It tied up everything, but it wasn't cheesy or an easy fight by any means. There are more deaths, but I won't spoil it for you! But I was in tears at one point! A great finale for a great series!

  • Viola
    2019-03-11 06:12

    Talk about rushing a whole book from start to end...that said, I loved the ending. I don't know why exactly, but I did. It was a fitting end for Jenn and Antonio, though I was a little scared for a bit about what would happen to my favorite characters, especially after Eri left. And my goodness, poor Skye. She was always being tormented, wasn't she? Jamie's end was definitely unexpected...if not a bit ironic. I'm super happy that all of the characters had 'endings' but I still get the same feeling I dis from the second book. I loved what was happening, but there was entirely TOO much going on. There were too many side stories and too many events being all mashed together. You don't get a really feel or attachment for anything, which is fairly disappointing. And as a result, everything seemed to be rather skimmed over. All the pieces were there...just not put together in a way that worked. Or there were just too many pieces and not a big enough table to put them on. One thing I did like about all of the intermittent stories was that they all had potential to be their own story. And to go their own way. I just wish that more would have been incorporated into each section...and by section i mean the vampires and witches and werewolves. It's great that everyone teamed together at the end, but it felt rushed and forced. There was no emphasis on the ending, other than to have it end. So...I guess I'm just a little disappointed by the ending to this series overall. I think the epilogue is funny because it leads you to believe that their may be more. At the same time...things need to be revisited. This book should have been twice the size it was. Anyhow - I still love the characters (even if they seemed to be less of their own persons in this book) and i liked that they all had different issues going on. I'm happy with the way things ended, I just wish the path to get there would have ben drawn out better. And that there were more explanations for things. You cant shove all of these different characters from different backgrounds with different stories together and expect a cohesive turnout. And you can't bring up all these emotions and then just never touch on them. Like the Noah Jenn dilemma or Jamie's guns or Skye's vows and fear of inadequacy. I would also like to have learned more about Holgar . He had so much potential for personality and to be such a big part of the story, but he wasnt. Not really anyhow. *sigh* SO much potential... But eh, not a bad series for the most part I guess. I'll enjoy rereading again, I'm sure.

  • Kelli
    2019-03-17 13:04

    This book was another case of hate that its over but loved the ending! This was an amazing end to a great trilogy. Want vampire books done well? Read the Crusade books. They will not disappoint. Unless you only like cutesy sparkly vampires. Then you might be disappointed.this book picks up right where the last book left off. The Battle of Salamanca just ended and Skye is the prisoner of her dreaded ex. Antonio is trying (and failing) to come to terms with what he did while his humanity was taken away.This book did an excellent job of reminding me what happened in the previous books without making it obvious that I was getting a recap. It has been quite a while since I read Damned, but I felt like I had just finished it with how this book seamlessly helped me remember the important points.This book was altogether excellent. I flew through it, not wanting to put it down. I will admit that their were time when I got worried I did not think the HEA was going to be possible, but I just kept going because I had to know what would happen.This book has some shocking moments, some sweet moments, but for the most part, it is about preparing for the final showdown. Everything is about the battle. They are at war and you never can forget that.I loved Antonio, Jenn, Skye, Holgar, Fr. Juan, and Jamie even grew on me by the end.This book really was a great end to the series. There really is no more to say.

  • ephrielle
    2019-03-05 13:54

    I definitely loved the portion of the book where Jenn's grandmother tells Antonio off. He has been moaning and complaining about his lot for many pages. She puts him in his place not a moment too soon. I envy her this moment. Even Father Juan got on board and tried to pull him out of his self induced confinement. I have encountered many similar characters in my reading. I often wish I could smack a little 'so what' sense into them. Do something, anything just make a decision.Loved the ending or more precisely the epilogue. It made me laugh. "Not again." So very funny coming from the Catholic Father.So awesome! Not perfect but definitely worth every page. What a ride. The bad guys who spread so much terror and torture through the first two books turn out not to be all that scary or bad compared to what waited in the shadows. As horrifying and terrible as the evil in the shadow it seems the light had better plans in the wings. What a battle!I really enjoyed the view of religion and more specifically God and Love. It was nice to watch how each character came to grasp with those two things.I loved the different languages and cultures of the characters. So much life in them. Fabulous trilogy!Content:Violence: Heavy

  • Carmen Terronez
    2019-03-02 13:06

    I enjoyed Vanquished the last in the Crusade Trilogy. Jenn is the new Hunter of the Salamancas after Eriko was killed in the last book. Antonio is still a Vampire and is battling the monster inside him more than ever and his love for Jenn. Father Juan has cast the runes hundreds of times and is certain that Jenn and Antonio can and will be together if Jenn can finally lead, let go of her anger and love completely. It is also up to Antonio to let go of the monster within, believe in himself and his love of/for Jenn and his love for GOD to help his fellow Salamancans. This book is split into 3 and takes us on several different journeys from several different POV's:Skye & Jaime, Noah, Solomon, & Heather, Aurora, Lucifer and Dantalion, Holgar , Jenn, Father Juan, Esther, and the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.Pay attention and as I did and figure out something very important. I became confused at first trying to keep up with the many different stories but then as I read further in it became easier and flowed nicely. I was shocked by the author and the ending she gave Jaime, I definetly didn't see that coming! My understanding is this is the end though the Epilogue confuses me and makes me think much differently.

  • Gabby
    2019-03-14 12:10


  • Sophie
    2019-02-21 13:01

    In some ways I liked this book best out of the trilogy - there's a fair amount of action, and it feels directed and not aimless, unlike the first two. Also, Jenn sucks a lot less. She comes into her role as a leader and is so less annoying. Still though, the plot overall was on the confusing side and seemed to leave a lot of things out. How did all the warriors manage to gather in Transylvania for the big battle? Given previous descriptions of travel, it would seem rather hard for people all over the world to come to vampire-infested territory with weapons and food, even if they got the word on where to be. Also, Jenn's sudden knowledge of military tactics baffled me - and that none of the other [older, more experienced] troop leaders tried to usurp her. The entire final battle was just mystifying - the bit with the virus was way to easy and convenient (if it was so easy to do and spread worldwide anyway, why wasn't it released as soon as it was ready?), and I still don't understand why Jenn and Antonio's romance was so crucial to the final outcome. Anyway, this probably would have been a 2.5->3 star book for me, but I'm docking a point for confusion and nonsense.

  • Diane Ferbrache
    2019-02-18 12:10

    After the battle at Salamanca in Damned, the hunters have scattered to the four winds. Countries all over the globe have surrendered to the vampires, but there is still a very strong resistance organization consisting of werewolves, priests, witches, humans, and even a vampire priest. Young lovers have been separated by distance, and some have been captured and tortured by the Cursed Ones (the vamps). While the hunters are plotting their attack, the vampires are cooking up a virus to release on mankind. All this is leading up to the final battle. This is a fast-paced trilogy with LOTS of action and romance and dozens of characters of all sorts. For fans of this sort of good vs. evil story featuring teen heroes and villains, this is a nice addition. I found it a bit tiresome and overly melodramatic at times, and the ending is incredibly so – the lovers who have pined for each other over the three books end up together, even though one of them had to be brought back from the dead. Read the book to find out how that happened.

  • norcalgal
    2019-02-21 10:59

    Complete letdown of a series.All series long, we're told Jenn is oh so special because she's thinks as an individual and that will be key to defeating the vampires, but this never pans out. Jenn didn't do anything extra special that any of the others couldn't do in the ultimate battle.And of course there would be a HEA for Jenn and Antonio - a ridiculously contrived manner of achieving HEA to boot! [At least the authors didn't drag out the love triangle too long. And what a silly introduction THAT was! I suppose they did it only because it was au courant at the time of writing to have love triangles in YA].Finally, this series really should have been a duology. It was needlessly stretched out to three books because, again, publishers/authors probably felt "Hey - everyone else is writing trilogies, why not jump on that bandwagon"?!

  • Jenn
    2019-02-22 06:56

    I thought that this ended the series fairly well. I liked everything leading to the final battle. So much happened to these group of characters and they grew so much throughout the series. Defeating evil exes, finding love with an unexpected person, overcoming old hatred, and figuring out one's strengths. What happened with Jenn and Antonio near the end was kinda surprising to me. I found it to be different and interesting. I found the finally battle to be an epic one. I found myself to be at the edge of my seat. I loved how things turned out even though they lost a few people on the way. I especially loved the epilogue. When I read that I was like “ha and you thought you were done.”Overall I found the series to be a good one even though I didn’t really like the first one and I’m glad I didn’t give up on it.

  • Emmalynn Herbstritt
    2019-03-04 07:10

    I know that on the other books I did not comment on the book, it was just that I was super tired and did not want to do it right then and there. So to sum up the series, it was amazing! If you like mystical creatures like werewolves, vampires, witches, angels, ect., I would read this series. Also if you like romance, mystery, and action/adventure. Now for Vanquished, I predicted some things and they came true, but how/when/why kind of caught me off guard. It made the story much more entertaining.And I have to say that after The Vampire Academy, this is my most favorite vampire series. And that means something.

  • BookLoversLife
    2019-03-17 14:17

    Brilliant end to a phenomenal series!! Loved it. The battle scenes were epic and all I can say is if you havent read this series you are missing out! Vanquished was an amazing ending to the Crusade series. I cried so much and my heart broke but it was worth it. The authors finished it perfectly. All the characters come into their own with one surprise (Jamie)and some losses. I loved how the book has so many different characters and things happening and the way they all come together in the end.I cant express just how good these books are, this is one of my all time favourite series and I know this is the last in the trilogy but hopefully one day we will revisit this world!!!

  • Aydrea
    2019-02-20 06:59

    Wow that was a nailbiter! To be honest I wasn't really sure what was going to happen & I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. I was satisfied with that ending, even though there was a lot of pain & heartbreak to get there. Team Salamanca is pretty freaking strong & there were some interesting reveals along the way. That epilogue left me wondering though!Jenn & Antonio, as well as the other characters, had to go through a lot & it was kind of amazing to see them get past their issues & come out better. It was nice to see Skye become totally BA & a bit of a leader herself. And to see Jamie calm down a little. I have really enjoyed this series!

  • Becky
    2019-02-21 08:16

    I didn't expect the ending to come together like it did. Without giving anything away, I would say that this trilogy is easier described as one of those "better by the book" trilogies. Book one was decent enough that I wanted to know more. Book two held my attention and book three was the best of all. I'm still not crazy about the different things mashed together (magic and prayer done together...praying to God and to other false things). I guess it just shows diversity. It's safe to say there is an ending that made me tear up and smile. I would say it's worth the read.

  • Iris
    2019-02-22 07:02

    I always liked this series and this last book tied it all up nicely. Everyone fully developed their talents and truly believed in themselves which is what was needed in the end against the vampires. We FINALLY get an answer as to how Jen and Antonio are meant to be, considering she's human and he's a vampire. Tons of action, betrayal you don't expect, and lots of love. Love of self, declarations of love between surprising people, and love conquers all. I also love the very very end. Poor Fr. Juan but yeh! and the same time.

  • Émeraude
    2019-02-27 11:12

    Epic!Nancy my diva *Great finishing to series!I wanted to cry, I wanted to jump...OH MY GODThere were many surprises and losses, but everything was brilliantly snapped by Nancy. The ending was amazing and beautiful.I will miss these characters.***** stars