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The end of an era! They say that pride comes before the fall, and this tumultuous tome is proof of that! When longstanding and founding member Hank Pym - in his guise as Yellowjacket - demonstrates reckless behavior in battle, his fellow members schedule a formal court-martial hearing in order to determine the fate of their emotionally confl icted comrade. Will YellowjackeThe end of an era! They say that pride comes before the fall, and this tumultuous tome is proof of that! When longstanding and founding member Hank Pym - in his guise as Yellowjacket - demonstrates reckless behavior in battle, his fellow members schedule a formal court-martial hearing in order to determine the fate of their emotionally confl icted comrade. Will Yellowjacket triumph over his inner demons - or crumble under the pressure of being an Avenger? COLLECTING: AVENGERS (1963) 212-230...

Title : Avengers: The Trial of Yellowjacket
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ISBN : 9780785162070
Format Type : Paperback
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Avengers: The Trial of Yellowjacket Reviews

  • Gianfranco Mancini
    2019-01-21 07:36

    Far better than I remembered, and with Roger Stern taking the lead of the series it becomes just better and better... Shooter's first part was just terrible for me, sorry.A run full of milestone events that every fan of the Mightiest Heroes of the Earth should read sooner or later: the start of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark friendship, the Tony/Janet affair, the evolution of Hank and Jan characters... it's all here, true believers.Just read it

  • Brian Poole
    2019-02-08 05:57

    Following the abrupt departures of several long-time Avengers, membership was refocused on original members Thor, Iron Man, Wasp (Janet Pym) and Hank Pym (then in Yellowjacket mode), plus “honorary” founding member Captain America (as Chairman) and wild card newcomer Tigra. Writer Jim Shooter immediately zeroed in on the Pyms and the trouble that the façade of their seemingly happy marriage covered. Hank was eager to relocate his self-esteem by taking an assertive role in his return to active duty with the team. His belligerent attitude and casual cruelty to his wife generated awkwardness, but his ill-advised attack on a grief-stricken sorceress that Cap had managed to calm down would have gotten him and the others killed, absent an 11th hour save by the Wasp. In the aftermath, Cap felt he had no choice but to institute a court martial against Hank, causing angst for all involved. After an ugly scene, Hank left in shame.Jan retreated for a bit to recover, while Hank, troubled and broke, spiraled downward. After the team's encounters with Ghost Rider and Molecule Man, Tigra decided she wasn’t cut out for the big leagues and left the team. Jan, newly divorced, returned and was elected Chairwoman. A destitute and desperate Hank allowed his old enemy Egghead to manipulate him into robbing a government facility, a crime for which Hank was arrested after a clash with his former teammates. The Avengers were shanghaied to a distant alien world for a confrontation with former member Moondragon. Returning home, the team rounded out its membership with a returning Hawkeye and new recruit She-Hulk, just in time to face off with Egghead’s new Masters of Evil. In an unusual twist, Jan began a romance with Tony Stark, who kept the fact that he was also Iron Man from her. That revelation ended their fling and sent Tony into an emotional tailspin that would dovetail with events in his own book. After Doctor Druid sent the team into the past to help old friend the Black Knight (who was finally restored to the present, in his own body), Hawkeye teamed up with the new Ant-Man against the Taskmaster. The new Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) came aboard as a trainee just in time for Hank’s trial and a climactic final showdown with Egghead.This arc was very powerful and made excellent use of the characters’ tangled histories. At the outset, Wasp was still presented as something of a flighty airhead, but her strength and intelligence quickly came to the fore, especially once she took lead of the team. The domestic violence angle was controversial then and still rankles many fans three decades later. While heroic breakdowns are common in modern comics, at the time having an established hero like Hank go off the rails the way he did was pretty daring, though not inconsistent with his past bouts of mental illness. No matter where the character has gone since, that one moment continues to haunt him.It’s also interesting to revisit an era where it wasn’t common for the members to be in on one another’s secret identities. But the revelation of Thor and Iron Man’s identities during the Molecule Man story got that ball rolling and it was used to great effect in the Tony/Jan romantic plot.Jim Shooter did some really strong character work during his stint, before handing the reins over to Roger Stern, who would settle in for a run that would last nearly six years. Bob Hall was the nominal regular artist for the first half of the arc, but frequent fill-ins were necessary. Other guest artists came aboard after Hall’s departure, before Al Milgrom arrived to provide some stability. Milgrom’s clean, classic style suited the material without being too big a departure from Hall’s somewhat more detailed work. The art highlight, though, was a two-issue stint from the notoriously unprolific Alan Weiss, who did some stunning things with the Molecule Man tale. Even with a couple filler issues included, Avengers: The Trial of Yellowjacket is a strong overall collection and a necessary chapter in Avengers history for any fan of the team.A version of this review originally appeared on

  • Sean Brennan
    2019-01-30 11:55

    The issues contained in this outstanding GN are of importance to any comic book fan. Alan Moore is usually credited as the first author to portray 'super-heroes' as living under extreme pressure and just as flawed as ourselves in theWatchmen series started in 1985, this is in fact incorrect as a few years earlier Jim Shooter started writing this ground breaking run of The Avengers which highlighted the emotional breakdown of Hank Pym culminating in his striking his wife. I will not reveal the outcome of the story but would just like to say if you want to read a truly ground breaking GN that REALLY did advance the whole genre try this. EXCELLENT.

  • David
    2019-01-19 08:48

    A large portion of pretty terrible material. Roger Stern begins authoring towards the end of collection and the difference is night and day. Like comparing pre-schoolers to a post-grad. Hated the Tigra issues. Her sole super-power is being horny and sticking her butt up in the air and flirting tactlessly. Cringe-inducing embarrassment.

  • Nicholas
    2019-02-14 08:42

    Gosh, this was terrible. There was *nothing* good about this. The art was bed, they story was worse, and the dialogue . . . yeah, no. I'd almost think that the writers had no idea who the characters were. Certainly, I question their interactions with humanity. And they may have some deep-seated issues with women. Frankly, I'm surprised Jim Shooter had anything to do with this POS.

  • Devero
    2019-01-27 12:49

    Non è il punto più alto di Shooter come sceneggiatore, ma questa saga, non eccelsa nemmeno per i disegni, ha un grande pregio: mette in luce la grande umanità di Henry Pym, socio fondatore dei Vendicatori, uomo tra i superumani, anello di collegamento tra gli uomini e gli Dei (nel Marvel Universe) ed eroe controverso. Ebbene, buona parte della controversia parte da qui, da queste storie, che precedono il recupero del personaggio, il più complesso tra quelli Marvel.L'esperimento di Shooter di mostrare la discesa nella delinquenza di un eroe consolidato, non si può dire riuscito. Ma gli sono stato grato, per averci provato.

  • Feather Mista
    2019-01-21 10:01

    Siempre que leo comic del año del ñaupa de Marvel me pasa lo mismo: historias interesantes, dibujos logrados y personajes llamativos. Pero como la mayoría envejeció tirando a mal, se me hacen laaaargos y a veces tardo mucho en terminarlos por las pausas que voy haciendo entre capítulos. Incluso lo hice con los Vengadores de Lee y Kirby, que me parecen -lejos- lo mejor que he leído de la primera Marvel. En resumen: buen tomo, original y polémico para la época, pero no soy de los que se arrancan los ojos por estos comics, al menos no en el buen sentido.

  • Marcello Tarot
    2019-01-28 05:35

    Probabilmente gli avrei assegnato solo 2 stelle, se non fosse che è in questi numeri che Wasp diventa presidentessa, e da lì parte la felice evoluzione che ha avuto il personaggio negli anni a venire grazie a Roger Stern e, successivamente, anche a Kurt Busiek.