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A #1 New York Times Bestseller!As part of the DC New 52 event, the Green Lantern Corps return, led by fan favorite Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart.When a new menace, The Keepers, begins to march across the space sectors and devouring not only their natural resources but their entire populations, it is up to The Corps, severely outnumbered, to stop them. The Corps sooA #1 New York Times Bestseller!As part of the DC New 52 event, the Green Lantern Corps return, led by fan favorite Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart.When a new menace, The Keepers, begins to march across the space sectors and devouring not only their natural resources but their entire populations, it is up to The Corps, severely outnumbered, to stop them. The Corps soon find one of their own held by the ruthless Keepers and must figure out a way to save their comrade and defeat the Keepers without the Green Lantern's most powerful weapon, their power rings.Collecting: Green Lantern Corps 1-7...

Title : Green Lantern Corps, Volume 1: Fearsome
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ISBN : 9781401237011
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Green Lantern Corps, Volume 1: Fearsome Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-01-21 00:10

    Not a bad addition to the GL books, but it almost feels like there are too many GL off-shoots out there right now. It's getting hard to keep up with all of the stories floating around in the Lantern-verse.This one deals with John and Guy on a mission to stop some bad guys called The Keepers. Unfortunately, they are mostly just cleaning up the mess made by the Guardians. It's a good story and the writing and art are solid, but I'm not convinced that I care enough anymore. It may be time to streamline these stories into one or two titles.Just sayin'.Best part of the whole book was Matian Manhunter and his Stormwatch reference.

  • Nikki
    2019-01-16 16:16

    On the one hand, this is a heck of an introduction to the Green Lanterns. There's so many characters and concepts packed in, and I had to play a fair amount of catchup. I was never sure what was a New 52 innovation and what was established canon, how I should be judging the storyline. So I couldn't tell you if someone was suddenly overpowered or turned into an enormous asshole.I did enjoy it, though. It's a bit thin on character because there are so many Green Lanterns in the story, but it gives us an introduction to the Corps and who they are, what they believe in. There are some interesting character moments for John Stewart, which I found intriguing: he makes some rough decisions and has to live with them, and does so honorably, to my mind.I actually enjoyed this enough that I will pick up other Green Lantern comics in the future, at least to try.

  • Fluffyroundabout
    2018-12-28 19:30

    One of the weaker GL titles going off this volume alone. It's a pretty standard GL story and the bad guys, the keepers, seemed badass but man do they get boring quick! You might want to buy this to read more John Stewart and Guy Gardner but they're not very interesting in this title, they're just not written well (especially Guy).That being said, there is one action which is actually really impactful to the reader and to the person who commits this action (it's a big deal).The art is good, the writing is just ok and the story is nothing special overall.Recommended to GL completionists only, unless perhaps this title gets better which I've yet to find out.

  • David
    2019-01-14 20:21

    Great book! Easily one of the very best of the New 52, maybe even the best. Tomasi's been handing in terrific stories now for years and he should be considered DC's best and brightest. He's right up there with Johns and Morrison and often he's better than either. Though I must admit that the gimmick of the Guardians' screw up biting the Corps on the butt is getting a bit tired. It's time to see them as wise and flawless for a few years or their screws up won't mean anything. Still what we have here in this volume is compelling and suspenseful.

  • C.J. Edmunds
    2019-01-07 20:09

    All is new (to some degree) but not well in the GL Universe as this New 52 collection opens with the murder of two Lanterns in their own Sector House in Sector 3599 by seemingly invisible intruders that are immune to the Green Power Ring. With that the mystery is set and we move on to find our heroes, Lantern Gardner and John Stewart having issues with having to find a real day job as a coach and (with some red tape) an architect, respectively. It seems they are coming to accept and realize that they can do more good being a Lantern than having to balance a real and normal life in the process, as according to Gardner, “it’s not all that’s cracked up to be.”Returning to Oa, they respond to a crisis on Sector 3599; the water planet Nerro, only to find it drained completely of water with the inhabitants of the planet all piled up with the exception of the bodies of two Green Lanterns skewered for all to see, sending the message to our Corps that this new baddie means business. The planet’s water, as revealed in the succeeding panels, has somehow been transported, or in this case, teleported to an unknown location ruled by a cloaked figure that has “missed the sound of the sea”. He responds to a report of a problem on the planet Xabas. And the problem is really more of Gardner and rest of the Corps trying to prevent the teleporting of another natural resource, this time the trees and forests. They are soon met by a force coming out of the warp hole dressed in black but wielding green energy blades that proves troublesome for our heroes as they are immune to the power of the Lantern ring. *spoiler begins....*Luckily for them, Lantern Porter from Oa with the capability of teleporting fellow Lanterns arrives just in the nick of time and proves to be the much needed reinforcement. But in spite of his best efforts, not all Lanterns were brought safely back to Oa. As it is, Lantern Vandor and Stewart were just some of the GL’s left behind for Lantern Porter was unable to teleport them all back. But in spite of the defeat, Gardner was able to capture one of the new baddies for interrogation and when they couldn’t make any progress, Jonn Jonz aka. Martian Manhunter came in and with his empathic abilities extracted the much needed intel and revealing these new baddies to be called The Keepers. And that they are called such for they are the ones tending to all of the batteries of each and every Green Lantern!If you’d recall, the Lanterns safekeep their personal batteries in an undisclosed pocket universe for easy and effortless access. Now it seems these Keepers want more and are after the Central Power Battery in OA. Their existence was only known to the Guardians after the “Smurfs” discovered the existence of the planet called Urak. Its atmospheric core allowed an instantaneous conduit that allowed unlimited retrieval of a battery for every Green Lantern. The inhabitants of the planet were thus provided for in perpetuity, in exchange for “keeping” the batteries safe. But it was only a short time ago that the Guardians, without warning whatsoever, came in and removed each and every battery from the Keeper’s custody and thus severing the connection that has already formed between all the Lantern batteries and the planet as it served as a “crop” and sustained the planet and its people and infused their DNA with an already potent resource of “Will”. Without the Lanterns, the planet began to die.This explains why the Keepers pillaged different planets for their different resources in order to stay alive. Meanwhile back on Urak, Lantern Stewart, Vandor and Kirrt are being interrogated, or should I say, tortured by the leader of the Keepers in disclosing to them the Vibrational Matrix signature that will allow them to breach Oa’s orbital force field without alerting the Guardians to their “stargate”. The interrogation which consisted of electrocution on top of three days without food and water proved to be too much even for a stalwart Lantern. And at the last minute when Lantern Kirrt was about to disclose the code and give way, John Stewart does what we say is the unthinkable, which is dispose of a fellow Lantern by twisting his neck and hereby leaving his ring to look for a new recruit. That served as the much needed distraction Stewart needed to break free temporarily from the Keepers and fly out onto the barren field while running on reserved energy.And just when it’s back to square one for my favorite Lantern Stewart, Guy Gardner, armed with military weapons, along with the Mean Machine; a group of bad-ass Lanterns camping out below Gardner’s own bar called Warriors underneath Oa, comes to the rescue and engages the Keepers head on. And of course you could count on Gardner to think of a crazy idea and follow thru. He deduced that the only way to fight someone with that much willpower is to not engage it with the same element that fuels it but give it what it lacks, which is the element of FEAR. So he drops a “Fear Bomb” on the Keepers by way of two Sinestro Corps War prisoners kept in one of the science cells. The cells detonate on contact and imbue the Keepers with Fear and had them begging for mercy; which is pretty much the antithesis of how they were moments before.The situation is soon resolved and decided upon by the Guardians (of course) that the Keepers dig a grave of each and every one of their victims, which according to Gardner is a lifelong sentence. The compilation ends with Lantern John Stewart bringing Lantern Kirrt’s body to his home planet of Lorror on Sector 2451, where not only was Kirrt regarded a hero by his family and also the recipient of a tombstone befitting a Lantern. All in all Peter Tomasi again has done a whirlwind of a good ride with this First volume of the New 52 for Green Lantern Corps that collects Issues 1-7. While I was expecting a cliffhanger of an ending, it was rather an emotional one with John Stewart accepting his guilt at having to kill Kirrt in order to protect the Corps and leaving it out from his report. Lantern Vandorr doesn’t condemn what Stewart had to do but also reminds John that at times the Corps needs someone to act as their conscience and that he is it.Stewart for his most part may be racking up his list of high profile body counts by adding Kirrt to this list, as well as the decimation of the Planet Xanshi and most recently of Lantern Mogo, during the War of the Green Lanterns, who if in case you didn’t know was also a planet. But John Stewart, when you think about it, is the best person to handle radical life and death situations like these, for not only has he made difficult decisions and lived through them, his military background also allows him to focus on the task at hand, prevent his emotions from getting the best of him just to get the job done. Now does that make him the perfect emotionless Lantern that some may label him to be?On the contrary, he is the Lantern that has a lot of emotion and heart to go around, and is good at having to distill what amount of it needs to be shown, needs to be channelled in order to continue to be good at his job. That’s why it was no surprise that prior to the New 52 and during the Brightest Day crisis, he was offered to become an Alpha Lantern; to which his quick thinking prevailed and allowed him to deny the post and think clearly at the consequences of being one. All in all it was good, for should that have happened, we probably would have one more emotionless sentry going about their duty and only seeing a situation in absolutes; the black or the white. But lucky for us, John still remains human and is willing to navigate the gray areas of being a Lantern. And that I think is a key ingredient why he has survived thus far and why the Universe is all the more better for it.Can't wait for the next volume that pits our beloved Corps with a nemesis closer to home and more of the ramifications of John Stewart's decision to kill off a fellow Lantern.{You can read the review (with pics) at}

  • Noetic_Hatter
    2019-01-24 00:06

    Very strong opening volume in the NU52 run of GLC. While it has its silly parts, this is a thoughtful story with more depth than just "bad guys vs good guys." It's a look at colonialism, for one, cloaked as a battle between the GL Corps and creepy aliens called Keepers. Consider a loose parallel from history: The Congo, a place colonized by the Belgians and plundered for its resources. When the Belgians left, they had taken almost everything of value, leaving the people poor and disorganized. Now imagine if the people of the Congo got their hands on nuclear weapons. Out of desperation and anger, they killed a lot of people -- and then threatened Brussels and all of Belgium with destruction. In the end, the Belgians were able to use their superior resources to defeat the Africans before they could put their plan in motion, leaving the people of the Congo more downtrodden than ever. What would that say about the Belgians and their responsibility for the people they used and crushed (even as they were fighting a defensive battle against a very dangerous enemy)?That's essentially what happens in this book. Tomasi doesn't linger on the politics, focusing mostly on telling a big, entertaining story. But he's given us enough to know that it's the kind of theme he had in mind. The best part of the story is the epilogue issue, where John Stewart has to face the consequences of doing something horrifying-but-necessary. The last few pages made me tear up. Also, I liked the opening with Guy Garder and John Stewart experiencing difficulty building a "normal" life on earth given their public identities as Lanterns. Terrific character moments that make you care.

  • Jason
    2019-01-02 20:10

    When I read about the Green Lantern Corps, I hope for mind-stretching alien characters à la Alan Moore. Like Mogo...or Rot Lop Fan, blind member of what he calls the "F-Sharp Bell" Corps...Alas the current volume, a "reboot" of the franchise, is a lot less about intriguing aliens and a lot more about the military nature of the Corps. The reader, like the contemporary US citizen, is treated to lots of morally ambiguous stuff that is glossed over with sentimentality. And when the story went all Dirty Dozen and the GLs replaced their emerald firepower with literal firepower—pistols, automatic rifles, and rocket launcers—I nearly threw the book across the room. (I'm not reflexively anti-gun by any means, but this just seemed egregious and sad.) The art was nice but it was unfortunately at the service of a mediocre story about a mediocre group of space cops. We know they're mediocre; as Martian Manhunter takes pains to point out, they couldn't save Krypton or Mars...

  • Danielle
    2019-01-09 19:15

    Read this review and more on my blog.Green Lantern Corps Volume 1 collects issues #1 - #7 of Green Lantern Corps.Considering that the Green Lantern Corps are the group that I know the least about (I do not count the movie), I found it very easy to understand that was going on and why what was occurring had occurred.The storyline follows Guy Gardner and John Stewart as they face off against the Keepers, a new alien race that no-one knew existed. A tad predictable a times ruined it for me, although there were moments where what happened was not what I expected.The art style was what I expected from a space-based comic. I just wish that their had been more panels that made me go wow as space always does.Since I have not read many other Green Lantern stories, I do not know how this one stacks up against them but I would still recommend Fearsome to most people.

  • Michael
    2018-12-25 19:21

    If you are looking for action then this volume has it in spades, and green ink, wow, the Green Lantern comic line must have their own green ink reservoir somewhere! This was my introduction to Green Lantern comics, and there is a lot going on but for the most part it is fairly easy to follow. The only rough spot for me was toward the middle when the background on the Keepers was revealed. The reveal made everyone's motives suspect, and they never really followed up on that, which I thought would have made for a much more thought-provoking story. The final chapter was the best in my opinion, because it dealt with the consequences of decisions and what honor means. It was not enough to pull it to 4 stars, though, especially since one character gets basically no accountability which seemed hard to swallow. Points for racial diversity and gender diversity (though the women seem to provide supporting roles, and wear less armor than the men).

  • Robert Wright
    2019-01-16 21:33

    GL Corps continues as a solid book despite the New 52 "reboot." Though from the story, characters, and action on display here you'd hardly know there had been a reboot.Good story that throws in some intriguing concepts, including where each Lantern's power battery goes when not being used to take the oath/recharge their ring.Tomasi throws in some good character bits too. Like Guy & John not really having secret identities and how that impacts their daily life. Though honestly, as funny as the situation is, why Guy is hunting for a job—isn't his job "Green Lantern"?—is not really clear. Guess the Guardians don't pay in "Earth money."Still, a fun read with solid art. Not a "great story," but then a monthly book doesn't turn out gold 100% of the time. Great storylines are praised and cherished precisely because they don't come along every day. Don't hold that against a book that simply turns out an entertaining time. That's rare enough in itself.So, read & enjoy!

  • Arturo
    2018-12-26 16:22

    I can't quite put my finger on it, what it is that makes this book so forgettable, what it is that is wrong with it. I'm not sure if I'm just tired of the corp. or what.The writing is good, the art is great, the action is awesome, it just feels like the same ol' same ol'. I did keep putting off finishing the book, because of how dark (which is ironic considering how colorful it is), bleak and serious in can be. Any Corp member could die in any issue and many do die. They did. Die that is. It's heavy emphasis on Corps. Because it's about wars and battles and strategies... and death. Well to give you an idea, how forgettable it is, I will copy and paste this unto the next volumes review. So although I don't really recommend this. It's something you have to be in the mood for, and I'm always in the mood for star wa... No wait, not that, .. battles in space!

  • Alex Sarll
    2018-12-30 00:26

    Well, that's the last of the bastards. I can't even remember to whom I said that I'd read whichever of the New 52 volume ones turned up in the library. Whoever it was, I'm sure they wouldn't have held me to it, and yet I did it all the same. Even as it became ever clearer that - as so often - first impressions were entirely accurate: there was half a good idea (make accessible, clearly-signposted starting points for new readers) mired in oceans of shit (editorial micromanagement; a needless universe-wide reboot; pseudo-gritty nineties stylings that mistake tits, misery and gore for depth). With the exception of a quite moving epilogue issue, this is typical extruded New 52 product, and as such a perfect capstone to the most utterly pointless 'achievement' of my non-working life.

  • David Williams
    2019-01-05 19:07

    Despite my limited knowledge of the Green Lantern universe, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. This story arc begins kind of ho-hum: exciting, yes, but rather thin. The story quickly fleshed out, both in terms of story and emotionality. The art is very well executed; however, I don't envy the colorist for this title, as those pencils must be ridiculously dense. While the corps members do tend to gravitate toward hackneyed battle cries and bouts of forced braggadocio, they are all awesome. While the it may slacken a bit during the more exciting bits, the character progression over the course of this slim volume is quite impressive. I may need to start getting to the racks on Wednesdays and follow these guys now. Book received for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Cale
    2019-01-01 17:07

    I guess the New 52 wasn't really a reboot. When you reboot something, you at least explain the basics of it over again for new readers. And that's definitely not happening here. Barely any explanation of what the Green Lantern Corps is, or who the characters are; instead it delves into minutia built off a new feature of the corps. The story itself is okay; not wonderful and the new twist is basically an excuse for new enemies who are in the end pretty uninspiring. It does explore a little of the key features of Lanterns Gardner and Stewart, but it's really not an introduction to either of them.As a Green Lantern story, it's okay. As a reboot, it is woefully inadequate.

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2018-12-28 17:12

    Pretty good. I'm relatively new to the Lantern Universe and this is the first time I've come across Guy Gardner. Can't say I liked his attitude much. But it also has my favourite Lantern: John Stewart. There are also over a dozen more Green Lanterns, a couple of which I'd heard of before. The story was action-packed but fairly cliche, being the story of a race who is wiping out entire planets and the Lanterns have to get them before they take over Earth, or in this case mainly Lantern headquarters, OA.

  • Sophie
    2019-01-23 19:28

    The plot of this volume was interesting and the artwork was stunning. However with next to no previous knowledge of the Green Lantern universe I found it quite confusing. I was also unsure how this universe coincided with the Justice League universe (ie. Does the Green Lantern from JL appear in these comics at all? If so who is he?)

  • Angela
    2019-01-04 17:35

    A good story with a great plot. A strange menace is killing Green Lanterns and Guy is sent to discover what it is. There's some very nice twists and breathtaking character development. A very good read.

  • Ivy
    2019-01-23 22:10

    RIP people who died. Very good story. Wonder what is going to happen next. Can't wait to read the next one!!!

  • Nicholas Donohue
    2019-01-12 19:16

    A great build-up for the coming fate of a certain Green Lantern. Seeds of the Third Army as well! Great read.

  • Annice22
    2019-01-15 19:27

    (Read the single issues)This was a very well written story.

  • Jesse A
    2019-01-17 22:29

    Not bad. Not exactly special either. A pretty diverting but ultimately forgettable book.

  • John Yelverton
    2018-12-27 00:21

    A fairly decent story, but I'm still not quite sure how it fits into the whole new universe.

  • FerronK
    2018-12-28 18:09

    Green lantern corps: feared Well the story start with a casual dialog between two green lanterns putting away some intergalactic terrorist their clocking out talking about getting lunch some place while the terrorist is screaming through the bars,typical tuesday for these heros when suddenly *bwerp *bwerp! The alarm goes off in the sector that they are in back to back guns t the ready they are ready for a fight when one of the lanterns goes silent the second one whips around to see her partners severed head rolling away from his body not expecting to have the same fate just seconds later cut to the main protagonists trying to land some job interviews as a football coach and the other main protagonist trying to land a job s an architect when the get called in for work so the suit up and while flying through space have a casual talk about how the job interviews went then coming in for entry to the sector after they land their mission briefing their told about the recent deaths of decapitates lanterns the head out to face an army of robotic willpower powered aliens immune to their powers when backup gets called in to hold down the fort a lot of lanterns die but one sacrificed himself to teleport them out of there four lanterns get captured and tortured in interrogation by the villains when one of the captives agree to tell them where the green lantern base is one of our main protagonists snaps the broken lanterns neck a little while afterword the heros are saved by some gunslinging heros the other main protagonists it's the book ends with a funeral and a ceremony of the highest honor for such a hero (the one with the broken neck) and a little heartwarming meeting with the family of the fallen hero The writing was very well done in this book i would have liked a little more context but all in all great story but not for a first time reader getting into the sires good writing interesting compelling story but you have to know the context before hand to really get into it like i did the characters were very well defined their personalities were very well crafted and made very carefully and you could tell this in the book the plot is where it really gets me it has so much mystery i couldn't put it down because i felt like i would miss something if i didn't keep going and i stayed glued to the book for with only two breaks in between i read the entire book in one sitting which was very satisfying the plot had several different climaxes which i thought was a solid point on the auther it's where you find out the identity of the villain is when several protagonists get captured and it's where their rescue plan begins and ends it's also when a new character gets introduced into the mix and i'm sure i could keep going but that just gives you an idea on what I thought of the plot to put this into perspective the book is filled with battle commands for several large climaxes in the book people always shouting “we lost another one” or “their getting closer!” and my favorite “AAAAHHH! IT BURNS!!” The book is very relatable in many ways despite being in several different alien planets with their own culture and laws and all that most notably the funeral at the end anyone who has lost a loved one has felt guilty in some way or another it's pretty common to feel guilty because it's the mind's way of saying you could have done something and the raw emotion in the book at the end when one of our main protagonists is directly responsible for killing one of his own just minutes before being rescued it's another part of the plot that i felt was amazing in so many ways i've felt that myself on many occasions when my uncle died when my great grandfather died despite being so far away from them i always felt that i was responsible and i could have done something you can also see this alot in the book the outsiders where main characters push each other away and pull them close and just the raw emotion again is very compelling to a young adult to adult audience it just makes the reader's experience better

  • Charles Mitchell
    2019-01-13 23:36

    Okay so this is really a two star book with the exception of the last issue which was so beautiful and heartbreaking it brought me to tears. One of the best single issues I've read. I will be picking that one up (#7).

  • Gabriel Wallis
    2019-01-09 17:23

    Green Lantern Corps: Fearsome, volume 1, was an entertaining graphic novel top read. The Keepers, those who keep watch over the lanterns, wage war against the Green Lantern Corps. The art was well done and the story was intense. I'll definitely be reading the next in the series soon.

  • C.
    2019-01-21 18:10

    While I have an immense fondness for Green Lantern, most of that appreciation is reserved for Hal Jordan, the original Green Lantern of earth. But I enjoy stories about the rest of the Green Lantern Corps here and there, too. So when I grabbed the first issue of GREEN LANTERN CORPS at the start of DC Comics’ New 52 reboot in 2011, I did so out of curiosity, and a hope Hal Jordan would be featured. But when I realized the main characters of this book would be Green Lantern’s 2 and 3, Guy Gardener and John Stewart . . . well, John’s not a bad guy I’ve just never given him much of chance because every time I see him, he’s teamed with Hal Jordan, so John Who? And Guy . . . I’ve always had a serious dislike of Guy Gardener. See, I was introduced to Gardener in the late 1980s when everyone was going ultra dark and moody, and Guy Gardener was, for me, just a pain in the a$$ and I didn’t like him.But, then I got to the last page of the first issue and saw that sea of dead bodies with the two Green Lantern’s impaled amidst it and I knew this wasn’t my normal Green Lantern book.DC’s GREEN LANTERN CORPS is a book about just that, the Corps, giving its various members (according to Guy, there are 7200 active Green Lanterns) various amounts of screen time depending on their place in the story, but what it doesn’t do that the regular GREEN LANTERN title does, is relegate those other Green Lantern’s to secondary roles. Yes, Gardener and Stewart are the main characters of this book, but that’s a surrogate role to better enable the readers to identify with the story. In truth, it could be any of the characters in these stories, if we focused from a different POV, that could be seen as the main character.In this first arc, “Fearsome”, the Green Lanterns are being hunted, and planets are being harvested for their natural resources. The problem is, the ones doing the hunting and harvesting don’t seem to be affected much by the Green Lanterns’ power rings, and, while the rings are powered by the will of the users, the adversaries are pretty willful themselves.When John Stewart and two other Lanterns are inadvertently left behind in the middle of a battle against The Keepers (that’s what the antagonists call themselves), Guy gathers a band of the meanest members in the Corps, a gang of Lanterns “who can bring the pain and not care whether they live or die--that the mission and getting the job done’s all that matters”, to go into battle with him and bring The Keepers down for good, no matter what.With the help of a certain Martian Manhunter, they’re able to determine where these Keepers come from and how they’re able to withstand the force of the power rings (the answer is pretty interesting and original), before realizing the one advantage the GLs have over the Keepers is fear. They devise a particular bomb that may work in their favor and Guy and the rest of the Corps go in for the attack, and to rescue John and the others.“Fearsome” is one of the most action-packed comic stories I’ve ever read. The story originally covered the first 7 issues of the monthly series, and about 75%-80% of that is nonstop action. If “Fearsome” were a movie, Michael Bay could direct it. Although hopefully he’d use the comic for storyboards and the action scenes would actually make sense. But I digress.Peter J. Tomasi wrote the story with Fernando Pasarin on art (Scott Hanna inking), and the Tomasi/Pasarin duo are a phenomenal team when it comes to telling a great story through a combination of dialogue and visuals. And in the quieter moments, they’re just as good.Guy and John start the story by trying to make a go of living on Earth. The problem is, everyone knows their identities as Green Lantern, a fact which keeps Guy from being hired on as a high school gym teacher (they’d never get the insurance necessary to have an interstellar cop on campus) and Stewart, an architect, can’t convince his bosses that the safety measures he’s planned, while a little more costly, are for the best. This was a nice touch, I thought. It was cool to see the other side of being a hero who doesn’t wear a mask. And it’s a conversation the two have while lounging outside a satellite orbiting above the earth before they head to Oa, the Green Lantern headquarters and home planet of the Guardians of the Universe, the elder race who created the power rings and the corps.I think my initial intention was probably to give the book a couple of issues try-out while already being pretty certain it wasn’t going to make the cut and I’d stop reading it soon after. But “Fearsome”, along with Tomasi and Pasarin, proved this to be the little comic title that could, and I had no choice but to continue reading every month until I stopped collecting the New 52 books altogether.The potential here is great for so many different kinds of stories. I mean, the possible cast is 7200 strong, what other books can boast a roster like that? And just going by this first look at what they’re capable of, I’d say Tomasi and Pasarin could make this into one of the most exciting and fun to read books on the shelves today.

  • Cameron
    2019-01-08 16:20

    Despite being volume 1 of a relaunched title, Fearsome is not an origin story. You can't even really call it the beginning of anything thematically speaking. It's a self contained story that could have very well been volume 7 or 13 as much as volume 1 with hardly, if any, changes made to the script. As such, a certain amount of familiarity with the concepts of Green Lanterns is needed to fully understand what's going on in the story. It's not a bad spot to jump in at, but it's not a good one either.Both Green Lanterns and entire worlds are being wiped out; killed with their ring finger removed and depleted of their natural resources respectively. Investigation by the Corps reveals an old and powerful enemy of the Guardians to be behind the attacks. Practically immune to the effects of green power rings, the race is on for Guy Gardner to try and find a way to defeat the seemingly unstoppable force before it destroys Oa and rescue a kidnapped John Stewart.The story and premise sound simple and even cliche (and they are), but there's some interesting stuff going on here despite that. The villains have an interesting back story and there are some cool concepts used in there methods that I won't spoil. Unfortunately, that's about all the story has going for it. It will be highly familiar territory for anyone who's read/watched/played even a modest amount of Science Fiction. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as great and new things can be done with old ideas and I can understand not wanting to go too deep too soon for fear of scaring away those potential new readers, but more could have been done to make this story memorable. To its credit, the villains do carry around an air of intimidation with them and they definitely feel like a worthy threat to the Lanterns. So even if Fearsome doesn't add any new angles to this type of story, it at least performs it with competency.The script isn't doing the book any favors, though. It's another aspect if the book solidly in "not bad, but not good" territory. Dialogue in the book serves its purpose, but feels unimaginative and plain and the themes of duty and honor get hammered home pretty hard toward the end, but it's not quite a deal breaker. Still, it all leaves more to be desired, and not in the "so good I want more" kind of way, but in the "so lacking I need more" sort of way.The artwork of Fearsome is both its strongest and its weakest aspect. When things are calm, it looks great; scenes are detailed and vibrantly colored. When the action is large and frantic, things turn into a mess. Everything becomes cluttered and dense, which makes it hard to tell what's going on. It's just a bunch of green and black going every which direction. There's very little color contrast to distinguish the different elements from each other. You could say that the frantic nature of the panels are indicative of the setting and the fierceness of battle, but I prefer clarity and I don't think you need to sacrifice the feel of battle to achieve it.Fearsome has some positive things going for it, but this is largely an uninspired start to its "New 52" relaunch. Fans may find some enjoyment in it, but new readers likely won't be impressed and may even be a bit lost. Definitely not the impression you want to make coming out of the gate.

  • Rick Hunter
    2019-01-08 22:06

    This is the 20th wave 1 book out of the 52 titles DC launched to start the New 52 that I've read. I've read 20 New 52 books overall, but the other one was from wave 2 after the first round of cancellations. I held off on this book for a long time because I really loathe the character John Stewart. I've never read many comics with him in them, but I hate Stewart because they chose him instead of my favorite Lantern, Hal, to be in the Justice League cartoon. Every single time I saw him on my TV, I hated him a little more. Out of the Lanterns that have been around for a while, he is my least favorite. Hal is my first choice. Alan Scott, the original Golden Age Lantern and the one from Earth 2, is my 2nd favorite. Guy Gardner would be 3rd. 4th would be Kyle Raynor, Don't know much about Kyle since he was created in the 1990'2 when DC ruined the Green Lantern comics and almost everything else and I quit reading their books because of it. I've only read 2 issues of comics that Simon Baz has been in and haven't seen enough of him to even pass judgement yet.There are several artists that did the art for this collection of 7 issues. Not a single one of them struck me as particularly good. All the art was detailed, but none of the human characters looked great. Most of the artists did better with the alien characters. I really liked the Ismot, the lizard GL. Brik, Sheriff, and Guy were some of my favorite characters in the book. I hope to see more of those lesser characters. It was nice seeing Kilowog in a cameo. He looked cool too. I liked Brik's outfit the best. Reminded me of Hal's old one. I've never liked Guy's vest and none of the artists did anything to the vest to try to make it look cool or better in any way. As a whole, I was underwhelmed by the art. It was all pretty average looking. Art gets 3 stars.It was only recently that I discovered Peter J. Tomasi. I'm rapidly becoming a fan. The story arc that runs through the first 6 issues collected here was one of the best GL stories ever written that wasn't done by Geoff Johns. I really liked the concept of the Keepers and how they tied in to the Guardians and Lanterns and what their motivations were. I really loved that Guy took charge in the story and what he did with the 2 Sinestro Corps members. The last issue spun was sort of related to the first story arc, but was mainly just a fill in issue to bridge the gap between 2 story arcs. Most of the time these sorts of issue are pretty disposable and meaningless. Tomasi did a nice job of telling a touching story in this one. I was thrilled with the writing in this volume and can't wait to read more. Writing gets 5 stars.3 star art score and a 5 star writing score gives this volume an overall score of 4. The art was definitely the weak link here. If not for the art, this probably would have gotten a better score than volume 1 of New 52 Green Lantern did. I was surprised by how much I liked this and want to read not only the next volume in this series, but anything else Peter J Tomasi has written. Definitely pick this up if you like any of the Green Lanterns. This is well worth a read even if your favorite GL isn't in the book.

  • James Dunphy
    2019-01-11 22:20

    After reading the fantastic volume 1 of the core Green Lantern series, I figured it was time that I delve into the GLC seeing as how DC's bi-title run of GL and GLC makes up some of my favorite long running comic series runs of the last decade or so. Seriously, everything from Recharged to Blackest Night is great. Go read that if you haven't already... Anyway, this New 52 GLC vol isn't much of a reboot title into a new universe or anything, as much of the GL mythos from those prestigious two aforementioned titles remain intact for this new DCU. Not too sure why this is even a #1 vol 1 type deal honestly. They didn't need to reboot the GLC title (or GL for that matter...). I approve of that though simply because I invest a whole heck of a lot of time reading the GL series and would hate for that amazing mythos to be discarded and rebuilt from scratch. This into opening arc features the lanterns fighting against some space commando race calling themselves “The Keepers”. Basically they're ticked off at the Guardians for screwing them (surprise to nobody, those dudes mess up everything). The arc does explore the corps' power lanterns, and what happens to them when they're not recharging member's ring. Hint; it isn't pretty. I enjoyed this for what it was worth, which was basically straight up Green Lanterns fighting an unstoppable planet-genocide creating menace. Guy Gardner lives up to being a total B.A by using captured Sinesto corps members to basically fear nuke The Keepers (with Sinestro members ironically named Fat Boy and Little man). Always love seeing him tell off the Guardians and put them in their place. I also like that this version of GLC is focusing on Guy Gardner and John Stewart instead of Kyle Raynor. The first issue touched up on Gardner and Stewart's issues being an unmasked superhero in the public eye. While it was brief, I enjoy those moments that create a human connection to the human heroes who leave their home planet to fight greater, universe threatening evils. I think they should honestly make that a focal point of this title down the line. They seemed to abandon that motif quickly for action and that bummed be out a bit. Another thing that I thought was stupid were the introduction of the “Mean Machine” sub-team – yes, ANOTHER Green Lantern Corp “special” sub-team. Like the 500th one in history. Making matters worse is there lanterns are like alien 'nam vets or some crap, because they're fighting this battle using space M4's instead of their rings. They're Green freaking Lanterns for crying out loud! They can make their own guns out of sheer willpower. Hell, that's John Stewart's thing. Why does the corps suddenly need guns too? 0_o Ok, that one gripe aside I did enjoy this. It's another solid addition into the outstanding running GL universe. Outside of Gotham I maintain Green Lantern has the best mythos in the DCU going today. This gets three.

  • Chris
    2019-01-16 16:15

    I love Green Lantern, he has quickly become one of my favorite super heroes. I’ve always liked reading about Hal Jordan and his adventures. From time to time his book crosses over with the Green Lantern Corps title. Normally I only read those story lines that cross over, but with things starting over with The New 52, I figured I would give this a shot. I am so glad I did. This series revolves around all the Green Lanterns throughout the Universe, but at the forefront is two of the Green Lanterns from Earth, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart. I have never really liked Guy Gardner because he was always arrogant and a show off. Not the kind of personality I care to read about when it comes to my superheroes. Reading this book I see that a lot has happened to Guy Gardner and he has calmed down quite a bit. The characters are written well and I think this series is one I will be following closely. In this story we find a new breed of villain attacking the Green Lanterns. These villains can defend against the will power of the green ring and dish it out themselves. They are powerful and running through as many Lanterns as they can till they get to OA to take the central power battery. The mystery of these new foes is what really makes this book interesting. About midway through this story Guy and John as well as a good bit of the Corps is divided against these attackers. We get to see how each character deals with their unique situation. This really gives a good look into each of the main characters. There are some tough decisions to be made by each, and the extent of their emotions and character are tested. With all that is going on we get to see a glimpse into the guardians of the universe also. These are the creators of the Green Lantern Corps and it seems like they are up to something only they know about. Possible foreshadowing for later issues maybe??? I really liked this story and I already have the next graphic novel in the series. I can’t wait to see what trials John Stewart and Guy Gardner will face with the rest of the Corps. I am officially hooked on this series. I have enjoyed catching up on all the heroes I have missed since I stopped buying weekly issues.