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THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL Ian Baringer may have stumbled upon the greatest discovery of all time. Or possibly, the greatest curse . . . As a child, Ian lost his parents in a horrific accident, seeing them give their lives to save his. He never fully recovered, burying pangs of guilt, clinging to religion's promise that someday he'd see his parents again. But now hiTHE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL Ian Baringer may have stumbled upon the greatest discovery of all time. Or possibly, the greatest curse . . . As a child, Ian lost his parents in a horrific accident, seeing them give their lives to save his. He never fully recovered, burying pangs of guilt, clinging to religion's promise that someday he'd see his parents again. But now his demons have resurfaced. Despite the help of Angela Weber, the brilliant psychologist who loves him, he's in the grip of an obsession. He no longer trusts in an afterlife, he must know for certain if the soul survives death. And incredibly, he may have found a way. A risky bid to cross death's door and return with Knowledge of the Great Beyond. Knowledge that can be verified by anyone who follows his path. The implications are staggering. Proof of a hereafter! Perhaps of God, Himself! Knowledge to halt wars, to end at last the ancient animosities between Faiths! Or perhaps a Knowledge to doom us all . . . Some believe death's secrets are forbidden to the living, cursed with grave consequences for Humanity. One shadowy sect is sworn to destroy all trespassers, and Ian and Angela have but one hope to survive. They must defy the gates of heaven and hell to steal a Knowledge hidden from the world since the dawn of creation....

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the knowledge of good evil Reviews

  • Glenn Kleier
    2019-03-13 02:36

    --PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, May, 2011"Kleier's undeniably gripping second spiritual thriller is bound to provoke just as many arguments as his controversial first novel, The Last Day (1998). The Knowledge of Good & Evil is the first of a trilogy, and Kleier's many fans will only hope they won't have to wait long for the next installment."--Clive Cussler, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE WRECKER“One of the most intriguing tales of the decade.”--Steve Berry, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE PARIS VENDETTA“A tough, savory, formidable thriller layered with plenty of angst andadventure. Glenn Kleier is a pro who delivers his promising premisewith a flawless execution.”--David Hagberg, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE EXPEDITER“A fantastical puzzle of mystery upon mystery set against the broadtapestry of a fierce, diabolical running battle that actually culminatesin heaven and hell. I defy anybody to put this one down!”--Harriet Klausner, AMAZON #1 reviewer"This thought-provoking, exhilarating thriller asks many questions about religious dogma as Kleier questions contradictions between free will and forbidden fruits."

  • Teo
    2019-02-25 03:58

    Having read Glenn Kleier's first novel THE LAST DAY and loved it, I've been impatiently anticipating THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL. I was thrilled to get an advance readers' copy and read it almost nonstop over the weekend. It's an extraordinary book. I simply could not put it down. Like THE LAST DAY it explores the dark side of spirituality and religion and is bolstered by fascinating research (and some amazing photos--unusual for fiction). It's the story of a man who is obsessed with learning the truth about "the other side." Does it really exist? And if so, what does it hold for us when we die? The man, an ex-priest, was traumatized as a boy watching his parents lose their lives to rescue him from a terrible accident. He is broken spiritually and psychologically, and seems beyond the help of the beautiful woman who is both his psychiatrist and lover. He has to know if he will ever see his parents again, as his religion has always told him. But his religion has also let him down badly and he no longer trusts its promises. He must find the truth for himself, and he discovers a diabolical way to do it. It does not lead him to the answers he expects. It takes him on a harrowing and thought-provoking journey you will not soon forget. I won't spoil the fun by revealing more. This is a terrific, fast-paced story, and at times the suspense is almost unbearable. It is one of the few books I've read where I could never second guess what was going to happen next, and I had no idea how it would end. The ending came as a complete surprise, and it totally worked. It left me reeling and with a lot to think about. If you read this, set aside some time, you will not want stop. I cannot say enough about how different and engrossing the book is. Get it, read it, enjoy.

  • Katy
    2019-03-23 02:54

    I've sat down to write this review many times, but have never been able to find the words to describe how it affected me. Finally I just decided to go for it and say what's in my heart. I'm not a religious person - I'm more of a spiritual one - but this book was amazing! It questions dogma but at the same time shows how absolute faith, even when considered to be insanity by outsiders, can be its own reward. Ian Barringer and his fiance Angela Weber run a television show that explores supernatural mysteries and generally uncovers that they are fakes in some way. Angela is a skeptic, but Ian - a former priest - is a true believer and intensely (one could almost say obsessively) focused on uncovering the truth of what lies beyond death, what happens in the afterlife. He believes there is a way to see what is in the afterlife and come back from it. First he tries intense meditation, but when that doesn't work he goes one step farther, and has himself flat-lined under medical supervision. What he experiences is amazing. A major part of the plot is also his seeking for the missing journal of Father Lewis Merton, who claimed to have visited the afterlife and returned with knowledge that would change the world. However, he died before he could announce his discovery. Ian follows in the footsteps of Merton's last journey trying to discover the missing journal. However, this all threatens the structure of the Catholic church; if people knew what happened after death, there would be no more faith and no need for churches. A top-secret branch of the Vatican, containing deadly assassins, is after Ian in order to stop him before he finds Merton's truth. This is a fast-paced story, lots of action and suspense, and add the ideas contained in this novel on top and it's like the best icing on the best cake ever. PLEASE don't miss a chance to read this book - you will not regret it!

  • Don
    2019-03-20 02:32

    The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a highly suspenseful horror, supernatural, spiritual adventure novel, containing plenty of mystery elements (besides being very well written with quite an extensively researched plot/storyline).The horrible trek down through Hades/Hell is something else entirely and should not be missed due to the very graphic scenes depicted for each level of the descent. Dante would had been impressed. Nirvana/Heaven is not what is thought of even being remotely envisioned (as somewhat described in the limited so-called 'Scriptures' of the modern version of the Bible), and 'God' is not what you would have had really expected.Please note: very Religious folks will likely be greatly outraged and quite upset with this novel. While not meant to be anything upsetting or 'Evil', there is still those who would be appalled no matter what they read as their minds are closed to rational thinking and anything even remotely beyond their way of viewing or inner concept and instilled root beliefs is considered 'Evil' and corrupt. Need not doubt my praise of The Knowledge of Good & Evil — find out for yourselves and read it with a truly open mind.

  • J.F. Juzwik
    2019-03-17 04:01

    Faith is defined as belief that is not based on proof. One can find joy in practicing their faith, and also find comfort from their faith in times of hardship. But, what happens to that faith when tragic events occur that make it difficult, if not impossible, to blindly accept that what has occurred is all in the plan of a Supreme Being, a God who knows all, sees all, and tests that faith every second of every day? Do we simply go on and hope that, through our continual assent, we’re passing said tests and that, when our time comes, an eternal reward awaits us? Is it realistic to hope also that our reward will include, not only free access to the Tree of Knowledge which will enable us to understand the purpose behind all, but also enable us to reunite with any and all loved ones who have pre-deceased us? One man had strong faith, but when life dealt him a horrific hand, he began to doubt and question, and decided to seek his answers in a most unusual and dangerous way.The Knowledge of Good & Evil relates the story of Ian Barringer, who was an investigator of supernatural mysteries on behalf of a television show entitled Probing the Paranormal, that he and Dr. Angela Weber worked on. Dr. Weber, a psychologist, in addition to being responsible for helping Ian try to deal with the loss of his parents through various types of therapy and analysis, was also Ian’s fiance.Ian’s parents had been killed in a terrible accident when he was a child. He was plagued long into his adult life with emotional difficulties concerning their death. He was raised in an orphanage, and later entered the seminary and was ordained a priest. Over the years, however, the trauma and doubt resurfaced and he left the church. Even with all the years of treatment, the loss of his parents was something he simply could not move beyond.All the obsessions and fears return, and he informs his fiance that he intends to seek assistance to resolve his emotional turmoil. He assures her he loves her and wants to marry her, but cannot move forward in his life until he can resolve the issues surrounding his parents’ death, and the questions of faith regarding his fear that they are lost to him forever. He travels to a monastery and initially keeps in touch with her on a regular basis. The letters then become sporadic, and finally cease. After no word from him for over a week, Angela receives a telephone call from a priest at the monastery who informs her that Ian is there, in the Caribbean, and that her help is needed to stop him. She doesn’t understand what it is that she needs to stop him from doing, and she is informed that she needs to stop him before he kills himself.Before you envision Ian sitting on a ledge threatening to jump, or locked in a windowless room, sitting in the bathtub holding a razorblade to his wrist, let me explain. Ian has no intention of committing suicide--technically. He does plan to die, yes, but not remain in that state. He fully intends to return to the living. Ian’s plan is to achieve clinical death, then journey to whatever afterlife exists, and return. His purpose? To find out what happened to his parents, perhaps even interact with them; basically, to find out the truth. What happens after death--where does the soul go--is there a pre-Heaven interim location--is a sentence to Hell really eternal? Now, if that isn’t enough to make you want to grab this book and get started, there’s more. A secret faction of the Church is in no way supportive of Ian’s efforts. There is doctrine that the Church wants its followers to know and then again, there are documents, events and occurrences that the Church feels are best kept behind locked doors. This group will do anything it has to--and I do mean anything--to stop Ian from gaining the Knowledge and from visiting the various levels of Heaven and Hell.We share his experiences with death and his travels through all the regions of Heaven and Hell, as Angela waits in the realm of the living and prays he is able to return undamaged--able to return at all. Does he find answers to his questions--to the questions all mankind has been asking for centuries? Is he able to finally come to terms with the death of his parents and find the strength to be able to move forward with this life?The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a breathtaking thriller indeed. Twist upon twist will keep you turning the pages until the very last. The story will entertain you, the characters will intrigue you, the vivid descriptions of the realms and residents therein will terrify you, and whatever your personal beliefs are, it will leave you wondering. I guarantee, once you begin, you will not want to put this one down. I rate it Five Stars and then some.

  • Kara-karina
    2019-03-13 07:32

    *SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD*The Knowledge of Good and Evil is not a light read and I hesitate to recommend it to everyone. However, it is a book close to my heart. You may say, it all started with Dan Brown, but my husband and I, we love religious thrillers be that books or movies. Stigmata, Konstantine or Dogma, anyone?Glenn Kleier created a fantastic blend: a thriller full of race against time, a mystery hidden in time, a journey around the world and beyond mortal realm. There is also huge amount of research involved and very helpful corresponding with each chapter pictures which you can find on author's website.Ian Baringer is an ex-priest who got so disappointed in divine paradox: how God could be all knowing and all-loving, and yet let such evil be in the world? that he had to leave the Catholic Church. After being praised as a hero who saved a lot of African kids, he retires and becomes a paranormal investigator on a small scale radio where he meets his future fiancee, clever and gorgeous psychologist, Angela Weber.However, in his search for internal peace he stumbles into a work of another priest who wrote that he experienced Ultimate Reality which if known to the world will stop all religious wars and truly make people see that God exists. Sadly the priest dies mysteriously only hours before he is ready to give his speech.Ian's research shows that the priest's revelations happened when he had a near death experience (NDE) and crossed to the other side. Ian just inherited a large sum of money and he is obsessed with seeing his parents who died protecting him when he was a little boy, so he throws his fortune into repeating an NDE in a controlled environment, and things he sees lead to a chain reaction where not only an ancient order of warriors of God is after him for attempting to uncover the mysteries of the afterlife, but the beings he sees in his NDE want something from him as well.The whole book is a mad race where both Angela and Ian keep running away from the order and uncovering old secrets be that in Vatican or sacred places in India, Austria or Venice, and it get more and more surreal the longer you stick with it.I thoroughly enjoyed The Knowledge of Good and Evil and I'm glad that it ends with a question mark, so we all can make our own conclusions out if it. Fantastic read which provides plenty of food for thought.

  • Deborah Sloan
    2019-03-26 01:49

    Here’s a fabulous book that combines the intrigue and excitement of The Divinci Code with the ugliness of Dante’s Inferno to give the reader a thrilling experience you won’t soon forget! Based on real people,real places,actual paintings,The Knowledge of Good &Evil takes you through a journey of suspense and Church intrigue,a journey of Good vs Evil,a journey of seeking God and answers for the main character Ian –a former priest turned television host about his parents deaths as his finance Angela tries to keep his mind balanced and him alive..Author Glenn KleierCould there actually be a way for mankind to know the mind of God fully. Did the Nazis complete their search for the Garden of Adam and Eve? What secrets does the Catholic Church keep hidden from the world? Could the truth put an end to all religious and political conflicts around the world? You’ll find this and more in The Knowledge of Good and Evil by Glenn Kleier.Watch the trailer here!I so loved reading this book! I can actually see this as the next big movie screen success! Though it leaves you thinking and wondering which is what a good book should do. With several near death experiences that Ian goes through which include visits to both heaven and hell,it will touch your heart and soul. I would love to see these on the big screen and wonder how Hollywood would put these scenes together. Truly a fascinating read that I highly recommend! Available at Bookstores everywhere and also in e-book form. A must read that I give 5 stars for it’s excitement and insight!

  • Corie
    2019-03-26 01:59

    My first introduction to author Glenn Kleier was in 1999 when my father gave me his copy of 'The Last Day'. Immediately I was hooked and since that time have re-read that story more times than I can remember. Upon first hearing of Kleier's new novel, that rush of excited took over. I knew it would not disappoint and I felt I knew it would be as profound as his first book.As someone who throughout my own life has embraced my own questions about spirituality and religion. I found 'Knowledge' just as relate able as 'Last Day'. While the story is fiction, for me it reiterated those basic truths that through the daily perils of life we all seem to forget. Kleier does this so exquisitely through his story-telling and use of actual facts and events that I feel as though I am reading some lost piece of history that should be not just read but felt. These truths lie within us already we just have to embrace them and each other.I am even more excited for the next two novels in this trilogy and other works he graces us with.

  • Zachary
    2019-03-02 07:45

    I won this book off Goodreads and i have to say it was a good read. I would probably never have picked up this book if i had seen it among other books on the shelves because the title was not that interesting and the cover art only somewhat caught my attention. I started to read it and it caught my attention very early on and kept it through out the book. I enjoyed it very much and have allready recommended it to others to read. Its a book that will make you think at least it did that to me. Good reading to you.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-22 07:53

    This book is a masterful thriller which kept me captivated from beginning to end. It is a well researched, suspenseful tale dealing with some deep philosophical issues set against a dramatic backdrop. Another book for the "must read" list.

  • Glen
    2019-03-15 00:00

    First all I would like to suggest and recommend anyone who loves a great flowing story without a bunch of wordy dialogue and descriptions that add as filler, to pick this book up.Mr. Kleier easily immerses the reader into an entertaining thriller that slowly winds into a horrific nightmarish landscape.Without giving away details of the story to those who choose to pick this up, the book speaks strongly to using ones own faith to guide you through this life and to determine what lies on the other side.Open minds or even those with narrow vision who try out this book should first and foremost understand, this is a work of fiction. Secondly that it emphasizes a positive message that asks it's readers to believe in yourself and let conscience be your guide' rather than buying into the flavour of the week organized religions that are out there. Organized religions have there pluses and minuses when it comes to offering guidance to people who have lost focus or there way in life however there strict doctrines are stifling and can and have often been used to create chaos and horrible acts against humanity throughout history. All these acts in the supposed name of God, Alla, Jehovah, Buddha, the list goes on and on. Without going to deeply into my own beliefs and where I stand on organized religion, I came away with a positive message from reading The Knowledge of Good and Evil. That message is quite simple. Treat others as you would like to be treated and follow your conscience, both which are daily struggles for anyone in life. If you can achieve consistency with these small hurdles then simply enough, the rest is just window dressing and smoke and mirrors that have been fabricated to gain control of people. One not need to go to a temple, an alter, or what have you to make that connection with a creator. The novel also gives an interesting fictional spin on God,s moods, his behaviors and why we are often faced with a divine paradox. God created us in his image. Have a look in the mirror, what do you see? A reflection of perfection? I certainly do not. Does that mean I am not a good individual? No.This book is a lot of fun, mixed with some horrific moments that may lead the reader to reflect on just how small we are in the vast universe but, how each of us can do the right thing, without having to have some divine event take place in order for us to make those right decisions.Hopefully someone will find this review valuable enough to go out and get a copy of Mr. Kleier,s 'The Knowledge of Good and Evil' and even pick up a copy of his previous masterpiece 'The Last Day'. Enjoy the stories!

  • Peace Love and Reviews
    2019-03-15 07:44

    The first time I heard about this book is when author, Glenn Kleier e-mailed me about it. I read the synopsis and watch the very greatly made book trailer and I couldn't wait to read it. So I am really excited when I received this book for review. It has all the element that I am looking for in a book at the moment. Suspense, conspiracy, doubts/questions about religion, faith and after life, murder, adventure and photos for reference. The later part was not in the book the files are too large, so you have to go to Kleier's site to check them out. I was worried that it would be one of those Da Vinci code wanna be, sure same concept but I like this book much better.The seeker of the Ultimate Reality, Ian Baringer is quite scary and borderline insane for the methods that he used to have a glimpse of the other side. Do you watch Supernatural? Dean did the same insane procedure (sort of) so he can communicate with Death. But anyway, I was really excited to find out what is going to happen next, and if Angela will support this idea. I wanted to find out Ian's account about Near Death Experience (NDE), the afterlife itself and the consequences it would take to prove that God exist. I've always have my own questions and theories about the whole thing (God, religion, death, heaven and hell) and with the death of a friend 3 months ago, the thought of it got stronger, especially when my mother-in-law had a disturbing dream about where he is.All religious mystery, suspense thriller have a pre-requisite; aside from a world changing revelation and church secrets, a book like this must have a religious zealot. It is not right that they are not there to infuriate me with their twisted ideas and self righteousness while they try to kill the hero. The Knowledge of Good & Evil was wonderfully written and immensely entertaining. Action-packed and mysterious with a great ending. If you are a fan of Robert Langdon, Tom Harris, Paul Sullivan and other conspiracy, religious-thriller heroes, you should check out this book. It would be a great addition for your collection.

  • Louise Edwards
    2019-03-12 05:51

    My favorite book in a long time, by far. A riveting, intelligent, provocative romp into the supernatural. The story is totally unique, impossible to second guess, and with an ending that's as satisfying as it is surprising. It's a misnomer to lump this book in with any of Dan Brown's. Yes, there is a renegade religious cult involved that chases the protagonists around the globe (this is a spiritual thriller, after all), but the comparison pretty much ends there. The villains are a subplot, the real meat is the main character's quest to find a long-lost revelation called the Ultimate Reality. The Ultimate Reality is the spiritual equivalent of science's Unified Field Theory, a glimpse into the mind of God, (discovered by a monk who lost his life for it, but left behind a journal--based on a true life event). The Ultimate Reality has the ability to unite all humanity and end forever the animosities between religions and cultures. Not only do you learn what the Ultimate Reality is (an intriguing feat in itself) but the best is yet to come. You are then treated to an up-close-and-personal look at both sides of the afterlife. We all want to know what, if anything, awaits us on "the other side,"and the Knowledge presented here is the most spellbinding account since Dante. Along the way we also learn the answers to such spiritual enigmas as theDivine Paradox, the riddle of Job, and more. This is a book about faith, love, morals, loyalty, and Man's drive to know the unknowable. I highly recommend it to all, a book I will read again.

  • Melinda
    2019-03-11 02:41

    Ian is a complicated guy: He is in love with the extraordinarily beautiful and smart Angela, is studying Near Death Experiences and trying to rescue his beloved parents from Hell after they saved his life when they were in a car accident together. Author Glenn Kleier has given people who enjoy tense thrillers a reason to celebrate... The Knowledge of Good And Evil is imaginative, taught, tense and enough narrow escapes just to keep it real. Angela is the type of heroine we all love: she is bright, smart, listens to her own, interior panic button and saves Ian more than once from heading into straight folly. I'm not sure a book exactly like this has ever been attempted before. For one thing, the reader gets about 30 prompts to a web page to show the readers a particular painting or a scientist in the world of certain esoteric sciences. The reader doesn't have to wonder why a special church in Europe is so distinct.... instead of wasting 2 pages on trying to describe it, Kleier just takes the reader to a special website that has all the photographs on it. This gave the book extraordinary depth. Even though I tend to gravitate to literary novels and have recently been on a tear reading very old novels, The Knowledge of Good And Evil was a fun break from the more formal books and go on an old-fashoined (dangerous) treasure hunt that takes us all over this world and into others.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-03-05 06:33

    This is riveting, a very well written and researched story with likeable, developed characters. Ian Baringer, an ex priest, is on a quest to find answers about whether there is a life after death. After his parents died in a terrible accident while saving his life when he was a child, he is determined to try and see them again somehow. And he may have found a way, a very dangerous one. Ian risks his life in the hope he might succeed despite the total anxiety and fear of his fiancée, Angela.Fast paced, thrilling, thought provoking and intriguing on a religious level. Strict Catholic dogma brought into question and pitched against the eternal battle between good and evil. Corruption in the Vatican and assassins on the loose make for lots of action and suspense and the fact the story includes real people and places and so many elaborate and intricate details add so much to the story.The near death experiences and visits to horrifically dark places are more than a little scary. From Hell to Heaven, the descriptions of both are fascinating and vivid and make you reconsider previous assumptions. Great ending which left me wanting more. A thrilling listen, I loved it. PerformanceMacLeod Andrews has the ability and the voice to adapt to any narration with ease, regardless of accents or language. A stellar performance.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-14 23:38

    FANTASTIC BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!No plot spoilers in this review just opinion.Brilliant brilliant book. Don't be put off by the God element it's as accessible to believers of varying forms as non-believers of varying forms. People often say that books are roller-coaster rides but this truly is. The Last Day (its predecessor) remains my favourite book but my goodness I recommend this.Super critically it can be a little slow in parts but kind of necessary for the overall arc which is just brilliant. Glenn writes books that are a bit different from the run of the mill. You need to be a thinking mind to get the most out of them. It's many hours long so make sure the fridge is well stocked and someone is prepared to look after your kids for you as you won't want to put it down for anything!

  • Anabela Costa
    2019-03-01 02:59

    I won this book from Giveaways and i am really happy, this way i discovered a great writer.This book is a pleasant surprise. It is a book with a fairly light reading, but at the same time loaded with quite philosophical issues. The descriptions of the "other side" are superb and chilling at the same time. I find it curious that a book that reflects a view so different from mine was able to captivate and hold my attention. A beautiful book, which ultimately make us think not only in after life issues, but in life itself.

  • Jean-Paul Adriaansen
    2019-03-25 07:42

    This is a perfect book for mystery lovers as well as for anyone who enjoys thinking about religious issues.Ian, a former priest, is trying to find his parents in the “Afterlife” by subjecting himself to forced NDE’s (near death experiences) and by searching for the lost diary of Father Merton who might have had a view of paradise. All this could endanger the existence of the Church (and religions in general) - if you know how to get in Paradise, why keep up with rituals and a faith for which the truth will only be known after your decease?A very powerful, secret but autonomously working section in the Catholic church, so secret that even the Pope might not know about it, is charged with the defense of the Faith, even if it means killing. It is not difficult to imagine that Ian, and his girlfriend Angela, are now the prime targets of this section.This work of fiction is not an attack on religion; the value of believing is certainly recognized. While it offers some out of the box thinking about God, eternal life and the divine paradox, it will keep you on the edge of your chair as it is full of action and suspense.

  • Gordy
    2019-03-13 02:39

    After being impressed with the author's last book, The Last Day, I was skeptical that he could produce anything as good again; but I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong. The book loses none of the ingredients that made it's predecessor a huge success - short chapters, interesting charcters, and maticulous research into the subject matter. Combine all this with the author's decision to weave real locations and historical characters within the story makes for a all-more believable tale. Some have criticised the book by comparing it to the Da Vinci Code, and while it is true that some of the techniques and themes are similar, both are distinct in their own right.A thoroughly engrossing read that will keep you wanting to turn the next page. The only downside being, we may have to wait another 13 years before we get another one!

  • Terry Holt
    2019-03-23 23:36

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011"The Knowledge of Good & Evil" By Glenn Kleier WOW! What a great read this was. It was suspenseful, exciting, and spiritual. A man loses his parents in a horrible accident and he vows, with the help of his love interest, Angela, to try and solve one of life's see if the soul does survive death. Ian wants to see his parents again and the steps he takes to try and do this are riveting. There is alot of danger on the road that Ian and Angela take to accomplish this task, plus Angela has her doubts as well. There is a group called the Ordo Arda Christi, who want Ian stopped, because if he is successful, and word gets out, it could be devastating to the Church. By use of NDE ( near death experience), Ian plans on traveling and finding the " Final Reality". Find a comfortable chair and take the trip with Ian.

  • Annie Frame
    2019-03-27 05:40

    Brilliant read from start to finish. Ian Baringer used to be a priest once upon a time, but fell by the way side, found love with gorgeous Angela and should have lived happily ever after, but it isn't to be. Because of a tragic accident in childhood he aches to know more about life after death. To find out he must die periodically and come back if he is spared. The church is deeply involved in unsavoury ways, twisting truth to suit it's purpose. The author literally takes the reader to hell and isn't a journey you want to miss!

  • Glenn Kleier
    2019-03-19 06:44

    Performed by award-winning audiobook recording artist & dramatic actor MacLeod Andrews. A man of many voices, MacLeod is one of few actors capable of tackling the dozens of characters and dialects in KNOWLEDGE. English, French, German, Italian, Irish, Polish, Cockney, Rastafarian, Asian, Indian, Brazilian, to mention only some. His performance is amazing.

  • Martha Cheves
    2019-03-12 05:40

    The Knowledge of Good & Evil - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds‘He stared into his empty glass, unsure where to begin or how much to reveal. He didn’t want to frighten them into paralysis, but he couldn’t mislead them. The sad part was, despite his best efforts tohide and protect them, their odds of survival were next to none… Meeting their anxious eyes, he began, “I don’t know if what you do is sinful or not, these experiments of yours with Death and Hell. I’m asoldier, not a theologian, I leave the moral calls to God. But there are some who see such things as grave violations of God’s Will. And unfortunately, they take it upon themselves to intervene.” Iannodded. “The man with the tattoo was a religious extremist. Do you know who he was?” “Not who. What… I must ask your oath not to repeat what I tell you.” They gave their words. “This tattoo, it’s thesymbol of a very old sect. A brotherhood of militants cast off from the Church centuries ago, known as Ordo Arma Christi.” Ian translated, “The Order of the Weapon of Christ.” “Yes. Christ’s Weapon. Ordo Arma Christi dates to medieval times. There’s virtually no history of it outside the Bibliotheca Secreta –“ he clarified for Angela, “-the Vatican Secret Archives. And once you hear its checkered past, you’ll see why the Church keeps silent.”Dr. Angela Weber and former priest Ian Baringer make up the team for L.A.’s #1 Late-Nite Talk Show Probing the Paranormal. If there appears a mystery, they investigate and solve it. Angela and Ian havebeen lovers since he left the priesthood, but due to information acquired regarding the death of his parents, Ian has decided he must go back and set his mind and heart straight regarding his beliefs. He proposes to Angela and promises that when he returns he will be a completely new and level headed man. Nothing could make Angela happier, but her dreams are put on hold after receiving information as to what Ian is really doing. It appears that Ian has tracked information regarding Near Death Experiences (NDEs) which will allow him to step into the depths of hell to rescue his parents. Their sin? Ian can only surmise that when they wrapped themselves around his 9 year old body to prevent him from burning in the wreck that took their lives, God judged it suicide . . .Following Ian as he proceeds with his self-inflicted NDEs will bring a few questions to your mind, at least it did mine. Are these events real or is it the mind playing tricks on the mind? Science will give us one answer, but religion may have another. Is there one TRUE religion or do all of them hold truth? The answers to these questions and many more are answered with double answers. One answer is the way Ian sees it through his NDEs. The other answer is the way Angela sees it through science. You be the judge of what is true.Review Stir, Laugh, Repeat at Stir, Laugh, Repeat

  • Joel Gomes
    2019-03-02 03:48

    Received for free by Goodreads First Reads. "The Knowledge of Good and Evil" was my first insight into the amazing mind of storyteller Glenn Kleier and it left me both shaken and marveled. In a word: balanced. I didn't know what to expect and that made the story feel even better.The plot tells the tale of Ian Barringer, a young man desperate to learn the fate of his dead parents, and Angela Weber, his girlfriend, his anchor. Ian wants, NEEDS, to know what happened to his parents and he will stop at nothing to accomplish that, even if it costs him his life, his soul and Angela's love.From the paragraph above, it may appear that Ian is but a selfish man, caring only for his needs. Far from it: Ian endures all this because he's determined to save them.There is much to read here, much to absorb and interpret. Kleier's intake on what lays beyond is very well based. No one knows if it is any closer to the Truth, but it looks believable. Too much so sometimes. The journey into Hell, for instance, will make the most convict atheist pray it isn't as bad as he writes it.The first of a trilogy, "The Knowledge of Good and Evil" sets the bar very high. A decade and a half have passed since his first novel, "The Last Day" (one of my next reads), and I wish it won't be that long for the next two installments to be published.Final note, directly to Glenn Kleier: Don't haste your writing. I, we, want the next story to surpass this one and the one after that to be even better and we're willing to wait. Just don't make us wait thirty years. Some of us (hopefully, not me) may not be here by then. Keep it balanced. After all, aside from the Great Truth, isn't balance, equilibrium one of the most constant elements in this novel?

  • Kathleen McFall
    2019-03-24 06:56

    This is a very engaging book which nicely explores the commonalities of neuroscience and mystical theology through a credible plot, well told with richly drawn characters. At first, the book with its good Christians against Christians-warriors-gone-crazy-in-service-to-God seemed like it was going to tread too close to the fantastical dichotomy set up in the DaVinci Code but that fear proved unfounded. Rather, the author boldly carves out brand new territory in which a possible link between near death experiences and heaven is explored. The descriptions of those near death experiences are well done. I will refrain from saying too much more on that point for fear of spoiling the enjoyment of future readers. I caution readers however that this is an experience of the mystical world imagined firmly through a Christian lens. While the ending was a bit too heavily reliant on a classic text (don't worry, I won't spoil it by saying which one!) for my tastes, others may feel differently. Many kudos to the author for exploring a fascinating topic via fiction; I hope to see more.

  • Kara Fogle
    2019-03-05 23:34

    Once again Mr. Kleier has created a wonderful mix of an enjoyable, exciting read & as a Christian made me re-think my belief system & how I see the world!! While not a book for every Christian believer as it does call into question long held religious tenets and some may find it objectionable, but for someone who enjoys being challenged, having their world expanded or just enjoys an exciting & intriguing read then this book is for you. This is not a Christian novel but it delves into religious questions of Faith & our understanding of God & Heaven vs. Hell. I personally found it a gripping, exciting, engulfing read & could not put it down. Religion aside it is just a fun, fast read perfect for a summer book choice or a winter under the covers book!! Well done for another triumph Glenn!!

  • Sandra
    2019-02-24 03:32

    A great read for thoughtful readers yet with all the tension and drama and adventure of a thrilling novel. The storyline is both very introverted at times as Ian faces his own personal demons and faces the spirit world, as well as very extroverted as the characters jet across the world for the facts and secrets that they seek. Very short chapters that suck you right into the next one. And an ending that twists and turns to the very last line! Yet it all "works" without feeling like Kleier kept us in the dark at all; readers are discovering the potentials of the human spirt, the capacities of the human mind, and all with that great unknown, the spiritual world--and our own salvation--in the balance.

  • Teri
    2019-03-21 01:44

    This is an amazing book! From beginning to end, it maintained a quick pace that kept me engrossed and interested. This book has so many elements that kept me turning page after page: action, adventure, history, and religious philosophy. Indeed, it made me think twice about my own life and deeds, good and bad. No spoilers here. This is just a fantastic book that is not only entertaining but very thought provoking as well. Mr. Kleier, I look forward to reading more of your work! Well done, sir!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-14 03:49

    Wow! A book I picked up off the "New" shelf at the library and I am glad I did. At first, it is a little "DaVinci Code"ish, but as you got further into the story, you will not want to put the book down. Is a fictional story but with some true facts and people in it. The gist of it is a man who purposefully has near death experiences in order to find out about the afterlife. The descriptions of Hell and Heaven are so unbelievable-just makes you think. He has the faith, his girlfriend is trying to explain the science part of it. I was just in awe of this book.

  • Vinnie Watkins
    2019-03-11 01:34

    If ever there was a book written specifically for my tastes, this is it. A fast paced thriller confronting good and evil, science and religion. The descriptions of Hell are astounding. The historical references are educational and the story is flawless. The book even confronts what religion should be instead of how it is abused today. Believers and non-believers should read this. The ending will leave both with much debate. This book is incredible.