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ISBN : 14741502
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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  • Neda
    2019-02-28 17:20

    Well I should say it was not as interesting as the other two. It's the continuation of the second & itself doesn't get to a conclusion.. We don't have the rest & I believe we'd better buy them for the library. We to put it in a nutshell I should say it's the way the writer tries to get access to Ashkan's (the reporter's) notes about the Draculas. The novel opens with the writer talking with Ashkan's mother on the phone. The mom knows nothing about Ashkan's affair but gives the address & agrees on the writer's desire to search Ashkan's room. Here the description that we read is a bout creepy (about the way the writer finds the house, gets into the house & finally manages to get out.)However, the writer cannot get into teh house for the 2nd time 7 a neighbor or sth tells him that one month after the Ashkan's death the mother has moved away & died! But the writer is sure that he has seen the mother & has got some notes from Ashkan's room. The notes has been a description of the story of the family who has first lived in Darcula's house. Seemingly the one that the father kills all the family & himself. However, such info seems insufficient & the writer is seeking for more. He call a close friend of Ashkan & he gives him the address of Ashkan's fiance. Her name is Rita & by the end of the novel we notice that she's also been bitten bu a dracula but has not changed to one completely. Rita's cousin is sure to cure her & asks the writer fro help. That's it.

  • Eli
    2019-03-13 22:34

    هنوز هم به نظرم کلا مجموعه ضعیفی میاد، ولی الان حداقل می تونم بگم گلشیری یه کم از فضای مسخره ی تهران، کوچه اشباح فاضله گرفته و تا حدودی تو ترسوندن مخاطب موفق شده. چون اون تیکه ی مربوط به خونه مادر اشکان واقعا منو ترسوند.و من اونقدا آدم ترسویی نیستم. پس یه نصف ستاره به افتخار این کار، بهش تعلق می گیره