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Title : The Rudi Gernreich Book
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ISBN : 9783822871973
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The Rudi Gernreich Book Reviews

  • Andy
    2019-04-04 00:16

    The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles is currently exhibiting a show called "The Total Look" based on the photographs of William Claxton of Peggy Moffitt modelling Rudi Gernreich's brilliant designs. Rudi Gernreich was the most endlessly creative of all mod fashion designers, with his unlimited use of color, shape, patterns and prints. A lot of his work almost shows an architectural approach in design. What makes Moffitt's modelling so brilliant is the way she takes her dancing experience an applies it to his designs, lending a rhythm and flexibility to even the most asymmetrical designs in Gernrecih's palate. No fashion student's library is complete without this exciting and inspiring volume.

  • Joe
    2019-04-02 01:16

    One of my most prized possessions. You may never have heard of him but Rudi Gernreich single handedly changed the face of fashion. Underwear for women styled after men's underwear? He did it first. The thong? Thank Rudi. Bathing suits without all the boning and construction? Rudi did it.Unisex clothing? He's the man. Nude bras to wear under sheer clothing? Rudi again. The first fashion video? Guess who. Designer soups? Eat your heart out Wolfgang Puck, Rudi beat you to it. And of course, there's his infamous topless bathing suit. Gernreich was a dancer so he knew how the body moved and created clothing that worked with the body, sometimes using the body as a design element. He also wasn't afraid to mix plaid with polka dots, hot pink with poison green. His clothes were sometimes garish, sometimes theatrical but always pratical and wearable.What makes this book so awesome isn't just the document of Rudi's amazing, sometimes mind boggling but always fashion forward designs. It's the document of his amazing friendship with his model and muse Peggy Moffitt and her photographer husband William Claxton (known for his b&w jazz photos, especially those of Chet Baker). They were the fashion trio to be reckoned with. Gernreich did the designs, Moffitt exclusively modeled them and Claxton snapped the pictures.The Rudi Gernreich book is a loving look at the life and fashion of Gernreich as told by Moffitt through many touching anecdotes and some personal photographs as well. The book spans his career from the early 50s up to his untimely demise in the 80s. However, it focuses the most on Gernreich's largest creative output in the 60s with full page color photos of Gernreich's fashions, the majority featuring Moffitt. Pick up this book if you're a fashionista, a fashion design student or just a fan of fashion. You will be wow-ed. Gernreich single handedly changed my perspective of fashion. One of my all time prized possessions.

  • Tania Donald
    2019-04-01 21:25

    Anyone who is interested in fashion or the 1960s should read this wonderful book. Visionary designer Rudi Gernreich is responsible for some of fashion's greatest innovations, and was one of the 60's most fashion-forward minds. Creator of the modern soft-cup bra, the unstructured swimsuit, populariser of the use of cut-outs in clothes and in the use of materials like pvc, Gernreich's bold and witty designs epitomise the best of 60's design. Behind the sensational headlines surrounding his "topless swimsuit", the book reveals the radical (and feminist) thinking behind it; to stop breasts being treated like "a dirty joke" in society by revealing and normalising them.More than this though, this is a book about a beautiful relationship between a designer and his muse, iconic 60's model and the book's author, Peggy Moffitt.A feast for the eyes and the imagination, and a beautiful tribute to a true original, Rudi Gernreich.

  • Brittany
    2019-04-04 01:30

    incredible photographs, Moffitt's a babe, fashion is boring anyways right