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Fresh from a harrowing trans-Atlantic crossing aboard the Mauretania, and having recently earned a reputation as the best team of shipboard sleuths to sail the seven seas, George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield hardly set foot on land before embarking on another assignment. Temporarily forsaking the Cunard Line to work as private detectives aboard the Minnesota, a cFresh from a harrowing trans-Atlantic crossing aboard the Mauretania, and having recently earned a reputation as the best team of shipboard sleuths to sail the seven seas, George Porter Dillman and Genevieve Masefield hardly set foot on land before embarking on another assignment. Temporarily forsaking the Cunard Line to work as private detectives aboard the Minnesota, a combination freighter and passenger ship owned by the Great Northern Steamship Company, the couple are eagerly anticipating the prospect of a cruise bound for the Far East. Once aboard, the two begin to establish separate social circles in order to keep an eye on as many passengers and crew as possible. As the ship gets underway it's smooth sailing, and George and Genevieve are hoping that perhaps this will be their first uneventful cruise. Unfortunately, their luck turns quickly as a fiery Catholic missionary is murdered in what proves to be the first of a series of crimes that will stretch them to their limit. Dillman and Genevieve have to use all their skills to combat danger on more than one front, and to prevent an otherwise idyllic (and romantic) trip from becoming a terrifying nightmare. As fans of Conrad Allen and his nautical adventures have come to expect, Murder on the Minnesota packs another fast-paced, exhilarating mystery into the exquisitely rendered world of romance and suspense aboard the majestic ocean liners of the early 20th century. ...

Title : Murder on the Minnesota
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Murder on the Minnesota Reviews

  • Saleh MoonWalker
    2019-03-26 18:33

    Onvan : Murder on the Minnesota (George Porter Dillman & Genevieve Masefield, #3) - Nevisande : Conrad Allen - ISBN : 312280920 - ISBN13 : 9780312280925 - Dar 352 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2002

  • Jill Hutchinson
    2019-03-13 15:28

    This is an early book in the Dillman/Masefield series, set before they married. The couple work as detectives for the Cunard Line but are on loan to another company. The Minnesota is still a luxury ship although it is a combination freighter and passenger ship. The owners are convinced that the ship is being used to smuggle goods between Japan/China and the US. Dillman and Masefield, who pose as first class passengers (as they do in all this series), are assigned to assess the situation and hopefully find the smugglers.There are two plot lines going on that centers on the smuggling, and another involving the murder of a passenger. Are they connected? What is being smuggles and by whom? The pair soon find themselves up to their necks in danger and deceit. This is a light read and can almost be finished in one sitting. Fun for a change of pace.

  • Hannah
    2019-03-10 11:22

    Well, damn. Perhaps George Dillman and Genevieve Masefield shouldn't have temporarily forsaken the Cunard Line for broader shipping alternatives, because the absence of the general air of elegance and finesse on the Minnesota in comparison to the ships of the two prequels was quite keenly felt. Whereas the setting upon the luxurious Mauretania in the previous book was a highlight, the Minnesota lacked atmosphere - there was barely any sense that we were even at sea and the setting felt incidental to the crimes that took place. This wasn't helped by Genevieve's first impression of heavy disappointment when she first laid eyes upon the Minnesota; as one of our protagonists, her reactions very much drive those of the readers. George Dillman wasn't afforded the same level of power as ship's detective on the Minnesota compared to the Mauretania either (strangely enough, since he's actually friends with the Minnesota's purser), and it increased the feeling of dissatisfaction.This feeling extends to the hastily-plotted mystery and supporting characters, who were high in number but shallow in depth. Considering a point was made at the start of the book that this voyage would take George and Genevieve to Japan and China and that the ship's population has a large number of Asian travellers, I would have expected to see more of them, but ultimately we only got to meet one Chinese couple and one Japanese couple, both of whom remained peripheral to the story. There were a few likeable characters like Fay Brinkley and Maxine Gilpatrick, but I was baffled at how little purpose they served to the mystery in the end. The mystery itself didn't tie together very well - the actual murder felt neglected in favour of the smuggling subplot and much of the "solving" of it relied on George and Genevieve not-so-subtly pumping information out of passengers. I was pretty much waiting for something to go wrong.On the upside, the smaller quarters upon the Minnesota meant that George and Genevieve were able to work much closer together this time. There's also a bit more development of their relationship with the introduction of romantic conflict to spice things up (and now I actually feel like they're a real couple) and more details revealed about George's past. I'd commented previously that I liked George but felt like he remained very distant because we had so little chance to see him as anything other than a calm and collected professional, so a small chink in the armour was a welcome change.

  • Karol
    2019-03-01 11:33

    Still enjoying this series! I like the historical setting and in this book I found the mystery aspect most interesting.

  • QNPoohBear
    2019-03-06 12:21

    Genevieve Masefield is looking forward to seeing New York with her beloved George, but then he springs news on her: he's signed himself up for a voyage of the ship Minnesota to help out an old friend and Genevieve is invited to come as his partner. Though she feels put out that George didn't consult her and she feels a pang of missing her home on board the Trans-Atlantic luxury liners, she agrees to come on the trip. The Minnesota is not a luxury liner like Cunard ships. She sails from Seattle to The Orient (China and Japan) with cargo and passengers, mostly business men. The ship's crew have reason to believe someone is smuggling something and they're pretty sure they know who but not what or where the smuggled goods are. That's up to George and Genevieve. Genevieve quickly falls into congenial company, aside from a lovesick artist, a sleazy English roue and a Catholic priest who must proselytize to all and sundry. It's her job to cozy up to the wife of the suspected smuggler but when they become friends, Genevieve feels uneasy about deceiving the other woman. When the priest ends up dead, Dillman is on the job to find out who and why. Who would kill a priest? Not all is as it seems and the detectives have their work cut out for them. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. I didn't quite enjoy the plot as much as the previous two. The different setting made it far different from a Titanic rip-off which was a nice change. However, there's way too much info dump about the ship's history that bears little relevance to the story. There's also a lot of political situations that aren't explained enough until the very end. I didn't really understand the smuggling plot either. I did end up staying up too late reading because the death happened sooner than expected and I wasn't able to put it down. I was a little disappointed in the reason behind the death. The plot felt disjointed once everything was revealed. There's a lot more Genevieve than George in this book and I finally liked her and felt sympathetic to her in this book. She's warmed up a lot and in this book, she was put in a tough spot. I didn't really like Faye though I liked what she stood for. She seemed a bit hypocritical at times. I especially liked Maxine. She is not a stereotypical "moll." She's innocent in some ways but not in others. She has her eyes wide open when it comes to her husband and it seems he's finally met his match. I really liked her gumption and how she stood by her friend instead of her man. She was the most admirable wife in the entire story. I hope she makes an appearance in a future book as a famous opera singer. It would be nice to know what happens to her. George is as cool a cucumber as ever. I don't feel like I know him very well even after all this time and that's how he wants it. He stays cool and detached from everything but his job. Only when he's with Genevieve does he show a softer side. I am enjoying the series and plan to read the rest of the books.Content PG: Minor violence, flirtation, kisses nothing sensual, no dialogue, nothing.

  • Laura Edwards
    2019-03-03 15:24

    This is an entertaining series, though certainly nothing top-notch. All the books thus far hover in the 3-3.5 star range. The mysteries are quite good with plenty of red herrings. If you like or are interested in the history of ships (and you probably are if you're reading this series) there are some fun and interesting facts to gobble up. The main problem lies with the main characters of George and Genevieve. Both seem like nice people, but they are very two-dimensional. We never really get an understanding of their true feelings or what makes them tick. Neither is there any real passion in their relationship. Because of the lack of depth, they come across to this reader as mere acquaintances, not people I have a deep and vested interest in. Too bad because I think there is potential, but deep characterization is just not Mr. Allen's strong point nor do I think he's interested in that aspect of the story.

  • Rachel Despins
    2019-03-21 18:15

    This is fast becoming my favorite historical mysteries.

  • Wanda
    2019-03-11 18:28

    DNF. I wanted to like this book. It seemed perfect for a book challenge category, but it was soooo awful. I made it to page 82 and just could not go on.

  • Kate
    2019-03-25 17:18

    For my full review click on the link below:https://crossexaminingcrime.wordpress...

  • Nancy Oakes
    2019-02-28 18:28

    Ship detectives Genevieve Masefield and George Porter Dillman have left Cunard for a while, and embark on a new high seas adventure. This time they are sailing on the steamship Minnesota, built in 1904 for the Great Northern Steamship Company. The Minnesota was different than the Cunard line in that it was actually a freighter that took paying customers. Anyway, Masefield and Dillman are off to China and Japan, and have been brought on board because of the possibility of smuggling. However, it's more than smuggling that causes them trouble -- a murder quickly sends them into action in their undercover capacity. The idea of detectives at sea on true-life, historical ships is a good one. However, in this particular installment of the series, there's a bit too much fluff (describing in detail the ladies' fashions, the interior of the ship, and as usual, listing every man who's infatuated with Genevieve Masefield) and not enough meat to the mystery. I'll put this one into the "it's fun to read" category, but it's not a truly serious mystery. If you like series mysteries or you enjoy something different in the historical mystery zone, then you'd probably be okay with it. If you want something more serious, then this one may not be the book you're looking for. Overall, it's fluffy but there's enough of a mystery to hold your interest.

  • Anne Seebach
    2019-03-13 13:44

    I'd like to give this 3 1/2 stars really. I felt the characters were a little more lively and diverse than the prior novels, and a little better fleshed out. As always though, I found myself feeling the character's stories, and the characters themselves, were not as well resolved as they could have been.

  • Kim
    2019-03-11 19:39

    Two ships detectives- a romantic pair sail from Seattle to Asia. It was entertaining but the dialogue was clunky. He uses characters' names in the dialogue rather than using attributes. And Mr. Allen, seeing Puget Sound is not catching your first sight of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Katy
    2019-02-23 12:17

    Fun book with enjoyable characters and a good mystery. My biggest problems were with the stilted dialogue and with the fact that both mysteries wrapped up a bit too fast. I'm definitely going to give the other books in the series a try.

  • Michell Karnes
    2019-03-08 16:43

    A great murder mystery afloat an ocean liner.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-27 12:22

    Just another fun, light mystery, set on a glamorous ocean-going vessel in the 19-teens. Good summer read.

  • Lynn
    2019-03-18 12:25

    Read: April 1, 2003Re-Read: March 10-16, 2016

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-15 12:36

    My favorite so far in this Gilded Age detective series reminiscent of Tommy and Tuppence. George and Genevieve are smashing!

  • Justin
    2019-03-16 16:23

    Do not know much about the liner Minnesota so it was tough to picture the setting as well as previous books. That said, great novel.

  • Felicia
    2019-02-27 13:41

    I'm giving up on this book for now. The character interaction is so stilted and fussy. Perhaps I'll try again later.

  • Bev
    2019-03-24 16:15

    Wonderful period mystery series. Can't resist the charm of the ocean liner era