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Faraday, a pioneer in contemporary dream research, has written this classic about how readers can understand their dreams and make them work to their advantage. A proven, personal, step-by-step guide to dream exploration that is as much fun as it is fascinating....

Title : The Dream Game
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ISBN : 9780061000263
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The Dream Game Reviews

  • Marvin
    2019-01-31 12:24

    Back in the eighties, I had a dream about an earthquake. in the dream, I am sitting in my living room when the earthguake hits. The wood beam ceiling collapses and the elm tree in the yard falls. Then I woke up. The dream was on a Monday night. I had the same dream on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. That morning, I told my neighbor about the dream and he started to get worried ."Did you see my house?" he asked.Thursday and Friday night there was no dream. However, on Saturday morning while I was making breakfast, the house begun to tremble. It was a 3.5 Richter scale earthquake which, if you are familiar with them, is noticeable but barely. Immediately after the tremor, my phone rang. It was my neighbor who said, "I am not impressed with your earthquake" then hung up.Was it a premonition? If it was, it was a really lame one. More likely, it was a representation of my own anxiety. There were recently two 5.5 quakes that year and quite a few small tremors. What the dream did was to heighten my own awareness of my unpreparedness in the case of a major disaster which came in handy ten years later in the more devastating Northridge quake.Ann Faraday's 70s handbook of dream work does have a little about premonitions (She believes in it, I don't). However it is mainly about using dreams to explore your own awareness. Her main inspiration is found in Gesalt dream work where the dream is a personal reflection of your psyche and should be examined in that way. Take the dream literally if you can and if a literal translation doesn't fit then explore the symbolic. For instance, my dream was quite literal. But if the dream didn't fit my actual situation I might want to explore other possibilities like the quake being a symbol of financial or social fears. She also borrows heavily from Jungian psychology but thinks the idea of archetypes is limited. She is very critical of Freudian interpretations as she should be. Her methods of interpretating dreams uses gestalt methods like empty chair techniques, dialoging, and dream journals. The book is a nice introduction to dream work if a little poor in the quality of writing. If you want to learn about dreams, it is a nice place to start. The book is out of print but appears easily available in used book stores and sites. If you are knowledgeable in dreams, you will probably not find anything you didn't know.

  • Dee
    2019-02-04 13:14

    I learned to interpret my dreams from this book. It is not a dream dictionary of any sort, but is rather a guide to using different methods to determine your own symbolism and the relevance of the dream to your waking life. My favorite technique that I learned from this book is Gestalting the aspects of the dream, also known in psychology as the empty chair technique. This book led me to further explore Gestalt therapy and Jungian psychology.This book is out of print. If you are interested in dreams, and you come across this book, grab it!

  • Rebecca margoles
    2019-02-08 07:17

    I am an avid dream seeker; I remember them, I write them down, I ask others about their dreams..I have read many books and this has been one of the most concise yet. I bought one for a friend that calls and asks me to help. I will be calling her now.Edgar Cayce aside, Faraday spoke to me.

  • Max
    2019-02-12 13:56

    Very fun! Some useful stuff in terms of dream journaling but a lot of nuttiness after that

  • Stephen Coates
    2019-01-27 12:56

    This book, which I read a long time ago, did provide some useful advice on dream interpretation although I found it didn’t add as much to what Faraday wrote in “Dream Power” but as with that book, while I was reading this one, I remembered many more dreams than I usually do, and recorded quite a number of them.

  • JM DeBord
    2019-02-09 10:58

    A terrific overall look at dreams, dream work, and dream interpretation. Faraday doesn't subscribe to any one "school" of dream interpretation. She takes bits of many and weaves it together, encouraging readers to develop a personal philosophy. Loved this book.

  • Matthew
    2019-01-22 11:03

    Inspirational, certainly helped teach my mind about our previous day's associations that come up in our subconscious dreaming.