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"For fans of Tom Clancy, Joe Buff, and Michael DiMercurio"Book 1 of the Rogue Submarine Series: THEY STOLE HIS FUTURE. HE STOLE THEIR SUBMARINE.The accident changed everything... One moment, Lieutenant Jake Slate was going about his duties aboard the ballistic missile submarine, USS "Colorado." The next second, he was sprawled on the deck plates in a spreading puddle of bl"For fans of Tom Clancy, Joe Buff, and Michael DiMercurio"Book 1 of the Rogue Submarine Series: THEY STOLE HIS FUTURE. HE STOLE THEIR SUBMARINE.The accident changed everything... One moment, Lieutenant Jake Slate was going about his duties aboard the ballistic missile submarine, USS "Colorado." The next second, he was sprawled on the deck plates in a spreading puddle of blood and hydraulic fluid. But it wasn't the injury that ruined his life and doomed his military career. It was the rescue effort.Now he's being thrown to the wolves to cover up the misdeeds of a superior officer, and Jake doesn't care for the role of sacrificial lamb.Blinded by rage and unsure of his future, he finds himself at the center of a treacherous plot to hijack the "Colorado" and sell her nuclear warheads to a foreign power. Jake no longer knows who he can trust. He doesn't know what the future holds. He really only knows one thing. He "will" have his revenge....

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Rogue Avenger Reviews

  • Larry Laswell
    2019-03-25 03:41

    Rogue AvengerBy John MonteithFate brings two men together. A submarine officer has had his life destroyed by an ambitious captain and seeks revenge. An arms dealer wants to correct the imbalance of power he has helped to create. Together they steal a Trident submarine for a third-world country to harvest its nuclear warheads. The US Navy wants to find out which nation is behind the heist before they destroy their own submarine.Then everything really goes wrong.Rouge Avenger is plausible, unpredictable and tense. After the first chapter you won’t put this book down.Montheith has the submarine and tactical experience to write an accurate and gripping techno thriller. He didn’t have to research his subject, he only had to remember and it shows in the detail that is both surprising and illuminating.I particularly appreciate the Monteith’s skill in providing each character’s backstory that provided depth and motivation without bogging the story down with long excursions into their past. The story is well written and well balanced. Overall it is one of the best novels of this genre I have read in the past several years. I highly recommend it.Larry Laswell – Author of Vows to the FallenVisit me at

  • Shane Amazon
    2019-03-19 06:35

    John R. Monteith has a very good imagination. His ability to break the mold of the common stories found in most thriller publications makes for a refreshing read. Of course the big fish in the pond will always be Red October, so how does Monteith's Rogue Avenger stay clear of the shadow cast by Clancy? Well, for the most part Monteith takes ideas that seem to be the exact opposite of what a reader of a submarine thriller would expect to find. Instead of a patriotic American attached to some government agency hell bent on saving the world from an evil foreigner with a nuclear arsenal, Monteith tells the tale of an American sailor thrown into unfolding events and having no choice but to save the day or lose his life.This type of storytelling can connect a reader to the author very well, but given this is Monteith first outing there are some problems that need to be addressed(later Monteith books have solved these issues and make for better reading). First you will note that the events unfold very fast, too fast. Scenes are described well, however big chunks are left out which cause the story to feel a little like Swiss cheese, full of holes. There are parts of the book, especially in the beginning, that describe characters being shot in the leg in order for the bad guy to show dominance and suppress any kind of uprising by the good guys. Sure, this is found in most books and the reader can get the image of that in their head pretty easily, but the way the scene is described leaves key information out. Montieth tells the reader that the character has been shot in the leg, but past that event there is no reaction by the character to the event. No description of how the character feels or reacts to the shooting. If I were shot in the leg I would scream out and drop to the floor grabbing at my wound. The book just describes the shooting and none of the reaction. Things like this pop up throughout the book, as if the writer was eager to get to the next scene or the editor got too willy-nilly with the editing pen.With that aside the book is pretty good for a first time author. Montieth's next book is a night and day comparison as it is by far better written. In the end I would say this book is just okay. The story is well thought out and entertaining, the writing is good but not great and the book is a fun read. Maybe it shouldn't be on the top of your to-be-read list but it should be on it nonetheless.

  • William Bentrim
    2019-03-18 01:45

    Rogue Avenger by John R. MonteithWhen I first read Rogue Crusader I’m stated that I wonderef if the Navy was offering creative writing to it’s officers. I am almost sure of it now. This is the first book in a continuing series. Jake Slade, an U.S. naval officer is introduced. He finds himself questioning his loyalty to his nation and to his ship. He finds himself lying down with strange bedfellows in this naval thriller. John Monteith does a nice job building characters. I enjoyed this book for many reasons but mostly because it explains Jake Slade’s motivation and roots. You can read the books out of order but I derive greater pleasure in reading them in order. (anal compulsive anybody?) Jake’s character is angrier and more brittle in this book. The action is non-stop even as the characters grow. Political expediency is explored in it’s treacherous and self serving mode. The realities of the world seem to preclude loyalty and trust except in Monteith’s characters. I was satisfied with the ending. This book doesn’t have the same polish as the third book. It is nice to see an author honing their skills. This book was good, the third one was better. In some ways though, this seemed grittier and perhaps more realistic in portraying some of the more negative human emotions. This is the second John R. Monteith novel I have read and it was exciting and I recommend it. BTW I can’t wait to read the next one.

  • Alain Burrese
    2019-03-25 05:40

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Rogue Avenger" by John R. Monteith (originally published as "Rogue Trident") This was a fast, action packed, thrill ride that engaged throughout and kept me on the edge of my seat as I rapidly turned pages to see what would happen next. It's a quick summer time read that's a lot of fun.It's a bit shorter than many novels I read, but nonetheless exciting, and complete. It was tightly written, and contained all the elements that make a good thriller. Monteith served aboard a Trident Missile submarine, so he knows what he's writing about. His background allowed him to weave a tale both realistic and action packed. It was both technically and tactically sound. (Well, as much as this old Army guy knows about naval tactics.)When a naval officer is betrayed, how should he exact his revenge? "Rogue Avenger" tells the tale of Lieutenant Jake Slate, and how his plans of revenge pan out. It's a story of revenge, betrayal, broken trusts, international intrigue, and most of all suspense.The book is both engaging and satisfying, and one I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys thrillers, and especially naval thrillers. Monteith has written one fine book!

  • Ted
    2019-03-10 00:30

    High seas action in the best nautical yarn I've read in a long time.John has written a novel in the vein of Tom Clancy. Accurate naval combat without being to technical gives life to this wonderful tale. Great characters bring it to life. I highly recommend if you are into military fiction.

  • Brent
    2019-03-16 04:48

    Not believable and hard to connect withI was disappointed with the book. It's narrative is not easy. To connect with in terms of the storyline. Although the author clearly mastered the technical aspects, the narrative is hard to overlook.

  • Hornjt
    2019-03-12 07:38

    great story, looking forward to the next one

  • Robin Smith
    2019-03-17 05:33

    Relatively short, fast-paced submarine novel that stretches the limits of credulity. It's OK for those who like or know submarines, but not otherwise.