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Someone wants Alyce Hythe dead… Shunned from London society for being the daughter of England’s most notorious spy, Alyce Hythe desires only to clear her father’s name. For years, she has been hidden away from all prying eyes, given a new identity and told to forget who she was. But strange things have been happening causing old rumors to once more be whispered. Long has LSomeone wants Alyce Hythe dead… Shunned from London society for being the daughter of England’s most notorious spy, Alyce Hythe desires only to clear her father’s name. For years, she has been hidden away from all prying eyes, given a new identity and told to forget who she was. But strange things have been happening causing old rumors to once more be whispered. Long has Lord Julian Casvelyn lived with guilt brought on when his brother was murdered by England’s most infamous traitor. But one eventful night has changed everything Lord Julian believed about his brother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certain harm is the daughter of that man. Now Julian is caught in midst of a conspiracy and desire for that woman. Thrown together by fate, the two search for answers long denied them and along the way discover a love that can free them both.Previously published as Daughter of Deceit under Carrie James Haynes...

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seductive secrets secret lives 1 Reviews

  • Shilo Quetchenbach
    2019-03-30 19:59

    I actually found the story very interesting - but I really really wish someone else had written it. The writing was TERRIBLE. Possibly the worst-written book I've ever read. I would have put it back down after the first few chapters, but I wanted to know what happened. so, +4 for intriguing story, characters, and situation. -8 for writing. Some choice examples:"His lack of fortune hadn't waned their attraction toward each other." and "Dancing gracefully across the dance floor, the music ended." There are multiple sentences of this stellar quality on *every* page. Ugh.My advice to the author: you have a really great plot. Find a good editor! Even better, learn to write! You can't just throw down random words in any order and hope to get your point across!!!

  • Jessy
    2019-03-30 01:59

    There were many editing problems throughout this book, BUT I couldn't put it down! I read it in one day! It was paced perfectly. I didn't get bored as the story line built up like so many books these days...I recommend this book to people who like romance, deceit, conspiracy and mystery.

  • Adrienne
    2019-04-18 02:58

    Terrible I cannot believe that this is actually a published work. Did no one read this before it was published? There are a host of grammatical issues that get worse throughout the story which ruined the reading. That is something that usually occurs with free e-books I know but then there were the inconsistent pronouns that made it difficult to find out what exactly was happening within a scene. I must admit I only made it a little over half way through this book and I had to stop because it made no sense. The story of this begins as a sort of mystery/spy narrative where the main character Alyce is the daughter of known spy and traitor Lord Hythe who killed Lord Julian's twin brother and then himself to evade capture, but Alyce never believed this. Lots of nonsense ensures and lots of characters are introduced in rapid succession very unsuccessfully. No one is really given a role in the story or a purpose so the reader gets lost, or at least I did.I believe that the author was trying for a complicated plot worthy of a historical spy novel but it just ended up being a rather large hodge podge of unrelated details including trying somehow to make this a ghost story involving Julian's twin communicating with Alyce still acting as her guardian from beyond the grave. Now these sightings or feelings of his presence occur randomly thoroughout the tale to explain why she feels comfortable in unknown settings. It's rather hard to get through much of the book after that because even the sex scenes are laughable. I was literally laughing at the descriptions that randomly got excessively detailed. I would just pass even though this was a free e-book I paid too much for it.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-13 21:03

    OK, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with this book. I had put it down to read something else about 5 times. Since I'm not one to not finish a book no matter how crappy I pushed myself the last few days to finish it. It had a lot of potential if it would have been written better. The story was extremely confusing. I'm not going to even try to explain it since it gives me a headache. It was like she tried to write about a love story (and failing) or a who done it. It was like the author didn't know which to write about so she threw them together without taking time to see if it flowed.There were way to many characters to keep track of. Most not explained as to why they are even mentioned. A lot had to do with the conspiracy going on but their position wasn't defined enough for me to understand it. I kept thinking on many, what is their position again. The only character I really liked was Julian and even his character was poorly written. In all I wouldn't recommend this book. It hurts my head to even try to write this comment on the book because the more I think about what I read the less I can put into words on what I got from it. Just jumbled confusion with a somewhat romance thrown in I guess.

  • Christy
    2019-03-24 20:58

    I had trouble putting this story down. It is complex and the characters engaging. There were lots of twists and unexpected turns, but the relationships between characters were well-developed. I had some confusion to find out that Julian had actually been the Lieutenant, and difficultly reconciling the first couple of chapters with that notion. If he took her to his father for safe keeping, why wouldn't he inquire as to her whereabouts afterward. The author tries to reconcile the points but less successfully than I would have liked. It also seems an unnecessary twist; the rest of the story could have developed the same way without this twist. That said, it is a very good story and was a fun read.

  • jane pearson
    2019-04-17 02:40

    Secret lives book 1A really excellent story very written and it's more than a romance it has a really good plot that grabs you and the heroine is in the middle of it

  • Dee Doyle
    2019-04-01 21:54

    Secrets Intriguing. Suspenseful. Truly enjoyed the various twists and turns throughout. With each twist a new plot evolves. Despite this truly love is found.

  • Jackie Orellana
    2019-03-21 03:53

    Surprisingly loveI got this book a long time ago and I'm glad I opened it. Once I started reading couldn't put it down.

  • Amaryllis Turman
    2019-04-05 21:52

    This review was previously published on my blog this romance story, Alyce is trying to find evidence to prove that her father was murdered instead of committing suicide after killing a fellow officer. If (and it is a big IF) she is able to exonerate him from this, it will also prove that her father was not guilty of espionage and treason. Julian is the grandson of Alyce's guardian. Julian's brother is also the man that Alyce's father allegedly killed.Of course, Alyce's investigation put her life in danger. With the physical connection that she shares with Julian, he does not want her put her life at risk. He wants her to trust him while he carries out the investigation. I love stories with strong willed women and the men that try to rein them in.While Julian is trying to keep her from the investigation, her good friend Charles is trying to help her on her fact-finding mission. When there was an introduction of what seemed to be to leading man, I thought this was going to be a love triangle. I hate to love triangles! Fortunately for me, this story has only two people in love: Alyce and Julian.The story was so complicated, but in a good way. There were so many different people involved red herrings as it were. When the true villain is exposed, it was totally unexpected.I like it when I'm not able to determine who did what and why. This means to me that the author has woven a complex story that keeps me engaged to the very end. Bravo. I admit that three quarters of the way through, I had to reread parts of the book to keep the story straight. Like I said, there were so many different people that I was getting confused about who was who and what role they played.Half of the way through the book Julian and Alyce profess their love for each other. That, too, was unexpected. When I read the proclamations of love, I check how far along I am in the story. I know that will give me an indication of how soon the whole book and all of its questions would wrap up. Declaration of love halfway through the story? That does not bode well for the additional trials that the couple has to face before they get a happy ending.In summary, this book is worth reading because it kept me hooked to the very end. I had the happy ever after ending that satisfied me as well. Additionally, there are some interesting subplots that also add to the story.

  • Duchess Paula
    2019-03-26 00:03

    Well... where do I begin with this one. The story was ok and the plot was ok, but there is a lot of issues with this one. It is completely lacking in the essence of the age. The main character, Alyce, has been more or less raised a peasant since the age of 12. Now she's brought back into society and no one knows the wiser. She's thrown into a pretty dress and a tiara and is just openly accepted by the ton. I would assume she would be lacking in their mannerisms, aloofness, social skills... the whole works, but no. At one point Alyce also stays at Julian's house. It's briefly mentioned that she thought she was going to be his mistress, but it never mentioned how unacceptable the situation really would have been. Staying at a bachelor's home with a skeleton staff and no chaperone. Another thing that I didn't like was that the main man had inner thoughts going on throughout the entire book. Never once did they show his involvement until the middle/end off the book. It seemed weird. He wouldn't wonder who the girl was when he already knew. It made for odd reading. Also there were too many background characters. I couldn't keep straight who was important and who wasn't. Just too many people mentioned and most not important. Overall it's a good concept with poor execution.

  • Jean
    2019-04-14 20:59

    This Amazon Ebook freebie starts out very fast paced and has a lot of intrigue and suspense. It is very engrossing as you try to puzzle out the mystery and conspiracy behind Hyte's and Roland's death. There are a lot of red herrings nicely woven in. However...what I couldn't deal with is the sudden revelation that Julian and Roland has switched places and Julian had been working with Alyce's father. Julian's reaction and ignorance of Alyce's true identity in the beginning of the story, doesn't work for me with this revelation towards the end.The other part that didn't sit well with me was the supernatural element during the final chase scene. Roland's ghost? It just didn't work with me.Those were the only elements I could not reconcile. Otherwise, it was a pleasant surprise especially since it was being offered for free on Amazon.

  • Jenna
    2019-04-18 00:42

    A good story, and full of thrill and action.....spionage, murder, and a traitor to the crown of England.Alyce Hythe life was in danger due to her father's past being the notorious spy of England. Strangers are attempting to kill her a few times upon her knowledge of witnessing the murder of her father. Her father died protecting England's secret, but was framed-up by the highest rank in the crown to get the blood money from the war of selling guns to Colonial America. A page turner just read it last night and finished this morning :))

  • Aspoon
    2019-04-05 19:52

    You have to be a good writer to have a reader fall Unrealistically in love with a character...What I wouldn't give to meet a real Lord Julian Casvelyn. One of my favorite male characters.This book had a lot of energy from beginning to end. Lot's of twists and turns between the sultry lovemaking. I loved both the hero and the heroine. Great Book!

  • Shay
    2019-03-23 02:58

    The book started out well but it needs some major editing. There were some sentences I could not understand because the author added extra words. I'm not sure if it was to sound more formal or just typos. The story was good but became convoluted towards the end. A good copy editor could help this book get to 3 stars easily.

  • S.R. Roddy
    2019-04-06 02:55

    Highly recommend this book. It kept me engaged throughout the entire story. It had been a while since I read a nice romantic mystery. I also enjoyed the small paranormal twist. A good read for those who like sweet historical romances that concentrates more on the story line than the sexual attraction of the characters.

  • Taylor Simons
    2019-03-29 02:37

    This book was AMAZING!!! I loved it and I couldn't put it down. It was that good of a book. I almost died when Alyce almost died. I had to keep reading to make sure she lived and poor Julian didn't live without her.

  • Jessie
    2019-04-13 19:43

    A great read! Loved reading a historical romantic novel again. Lots of twists, turns, secrets uncovered, love & piece of mind with all the men/women in this book. Thanks to the author for such an enjoyable HEA book. This is the first I've read if this author, but it won't be the last!

  • Leisa Prater
    2019-04-20 03:46

    I dearly enjoyed this story...I loved Alyce's connection to Charles. I loved the twist of the twins. A very interesting story that I didn't stop until I finished..

  • Sherrie
    2019-03-25 21:46

    Great book! It was a fun read and I got it for free from amazon. I would definitely recommend this book! Yes I will read it again later lol.

  • Constant Reader
    2019-04-21 04:05

    ToshWell, she certainly has an imagination, there is a lot of plot to this tale, but also a lack of ability to develop credible characters, or to write English that in any way reflects the period, or is even grammatical. Exuberant but very badly written tosh.

  • Katie
    2019-04-19 23:58

    I have to admit I was surprised to see so many negative reviews so I decided to go back and write one myself. I love history and have found that many writers often make mistakes when writing historical fiction. It would be difficult for me to read historical fiction if I always feel the need to nitpick so I have worked really hard to ignore it. That being said I did notice mistakes like the aristocratic titles in this book but it personally didn't distract me much from the story. My copy had no spelling or grammatical errors that I noticed but don't quote me on that as I frequently like to rely on spell check.When I read others reviews I had noticed the things they pointed out like some awkwardly worded/contradicting sentences. I guess once I got into the story though I didn't notice it much. I thought the premise was intriguing enough to overlook certain things. I was also pleasantly surprised to have correctly guessed the villain though I didn't do so until later in the story. When it comes to a good romance I always like an epilogue to see how the characters lives turned out so I like that the author included one.Could this story be improved? Yes. But is it completely horrible? No.

  • Jill
    2019-04-15 22:37

    I'm very divided on this book. It's not a Regency-era book. It's late-Georgian. There's only one reference to the period at the very end.This is not a happy, fluffy romance. It's not dark, but it is a mystery with conspiracies, political intrigue and a few deaths. That doesn't necessarily make it bad. There were some editing issues, but not many. I did not like the three, yes, three sex scenes. They really had plenty of time to get married. He had the special license in his pocket for a while, they just chose to never get around to it. Even the hero considered their time together a 'lapse in judgment.'I don't know if it was all the sex, the writing style or the non-fluffiness of it all, but I couldn't love this book. I only finished it to discover who the murderer was. I liked the 'voices' she heard and that whole aspect, although it was hard to follow at times. I loved that there was an epilogue. Too few books have them. Very nicely wrapped up.Not horrible, but could've been a lot better.

  • Heather
    2019-03-30 03:51

    This book gave me a headache! I tried to get in to this story, I really did, but it was so confusing. Trying to figure out who everyone was seemed my biggest challenge. Some characters had more than one name...and I do get that in historical romance that is a given, but once they are introduced choose one or the other. This author kept using both names at different points in the story and it was so hard to keep up. I can't even begin to try and explain this story. Yes the basic premise of it I understood, which is why I decided to read it, but the details inside where just all over the place. Was it Julian or was it Roland who befriended Alyce's father? Was it both of them? Was Charles' father a friend or foe? Those are only a few of the questions i had during this book. I actually read parts two and three times trying to figure them out. I almost gave up on it. I generally enjoy this genre of books, but this one just was not for me.

  • Jackie Williams
    2019-03-31 20:37

    This lovely story has a complicated plot line. There are so many twists that it's hard to keep up on occasions, but it's worth sticking with as the building romance is wonderful. Julian and Alyce are perfect for each other.I liked how the serious subject of war and post traumatic stress are brought up in just a sentence or two but obviously impact on the whole story.The characters are distinctly drawn and the relationship between Charles and his secretary is beautifully written.4* book because although we have already guessed the end, the plot jumps around so much that we wonder if we are ever going to get there.

  • Sarah G. Baker
    2019-04-08 23:39

    Don't let the book cover deceive you!This is not a steamy romance novel (and that's just fine), but the writing is poor, editing is worse and the story is difficult to follow. it's like a derailed train. it's hard to follow the characters who are under developed and shallow at best. I would have thrown it out and quit reading except I somehow felt committed to finishing it. don't waste your time. if you're looking for a romance novel, look elsewhere!

  • Dawn
    2019-04-11 00:57

    The idea of this story is a good one; however, the author has a horrible writing style. The book is full of grammatical errors, and she uses "within" "upon" and "all" at least once in almost every paragraph. This often makes the sentence awkward and interrupts the flow. I would have returned it to Amazon if it was not a free book. This was not a good way to introduce me to this author, and I am unlikely to pay money to read another attempt by her to write a book.

  • Heidi
    2019-03-23 01:01

    I've learned that some of the cheesiest titles with equally cheesy covers can sometimes surprise me with good writing, witty dialogue and interesting images of another time period. Unfortunately not this time. Cliched characters, over dramatic plot twists and ridiculous romance scenes that had me turning pages without glancing back. The one star is for being mildly spooky during a few scenes... more of that would have certainly been welcome.So glad it was free!

  • Mel
    2019-04-18 20:46

    This is the first book I have read by this author and she didn't disappoint. The writing style takes a little getting use to but the plot was different... I like that. At one point I was surprised at one of the twists in the storyline, which isn't usual for me. I don't like spoilers so I'll leave it at that, but I enjoy it when something happens that I don't see coming. I got this book on sale and tried it out, and would definitely purchase this author in the future.

  • Dorothy Jones
    2019-03-27 00:49

    Love the's a must read if you love romance suspense novels Love the's a must read if you love romance suspense novels This is a must read novel. Five stars for the author Colleen Connally creative imagination for a great read suspense novel. I could not put the book down and can't wait to read another one. of her books.

  • Tinsoni
    2019-04-05 22:53

    Too many twists and turns in the plot to make it enjoyable. The culmination of all the chaos was too far fetched. A government conspiracy...fine, greed of a man with bad finances....ok...protecting your offspring...alright.....but the scenario that was the ultimate revelation was too fantastical. Very unrealistic even for a regency romance.