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Twenty-year-old Chris Simms is barely keeping his head above water. After losing his mother and his home, he struggles to provide for himself and his brother. When homophobes attack him, he thinks his life is over, but then he’s rescued by jackaroos from a nearby sheep station. He's as stunned to be offered a job there as he is to discover both the station owner and foremaTwenty-year-old Chris Simms is barely keeping his head above water. After losing his mother and his home, he struggles to provide for himself and his brother. When homophobes attack him, he thinks his life is over, but then he’s rescued by jackaroos from a nearby sheep station. He's as stunned to be offered a job there as he is to discover both the station owner and foreman are gay. For Chris, Lang Downs is a dream—one that only gets better when Chris realizes the jackaroo he's crushing on, Jesse Harris, is gay and amenable to a fling. Everything goes well until Chris realizes he’s falling for Jesse a lot harder than allowed by their deal.Jesse is a drifter who moves from station to station, never looking for anything permanent. Convinced Chris is too young and fragile for a real relationship, he sets rules to keep things casual. Watching the station owner and his foreman together makes Jesse wonder if there are benefits to settling down, but when he realizes how Chris feels about him, he panics. He and Chris will have to decide if a try for happiness is worth the risk before the end of the season tears them apart....

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Chase the Stars Reviews

  • Arthur
    2019-02-16 11:45

    Beautifully written novel and a worthy sequel.While it's not required to read Inherit the sky since Ms. Tachna makes references now and then, it's nice to read it first since it will give background about events happening in the book. There are two stories in this book. The first one is about Caine and Macklin, whom we met in the first book, and the second one is about Chris and Jesse, new characters. The two stories are interwoven beautifully but we still can feel and enjoy them separately.Ms. Tachna's contemporary m/m romance is not for everyone. Some readers may find them boring since her books move slowly, with some day-to-day life without any big-bang event. Plot wise, they are usually very simple. They are not about two exes whose mutual boyfriend died so they get together, or some other tragic plots (which, interestingly, some people call 'realistic'). No. Usually the plots involve man meets man, befriended, and fall in love. Yes, that simple. But, various settings make her stories appealing to readers: Aussie jackaroos, French racers, or horse rancher. In those settings, we meet people that behave or have backgrounds like ours or people we know in real life.None of her characters is deeply damaged by having been sexually abused by their parents, sold by their BDSM partner, or being forced to prostitution by their boyfriend. It doesn't mean her characters are perfect or live a perfect life. Some characters in this book, for instance, were dumped by their boyfriend, thrown by their family for being gay, or had to work very hard to live. Because of the simplicity, I can identify myself with the characters better. I suspect so can many other readers (after all, how many of us actually was selling our body to appease our boyfriend/girlfriend?) The book started several months after the first book ended. Caine and Macklin were functioning well as leaders of the sheep station and their love life was strong. Still, there was something that Caine wanted but Mac was still holding off. (view spoiler)[Caine wanted to top once in a while, but Mac felt he needed to retain small control of himself. (hide spoiler)] In a business trip to recruit seasonal workers (because several usual workers refused to work for gays), they rescued brothers Chris and Seth from gay bashing and brought them to the station. There, Chris developed a friendship and later sexual relationship with Jesse, one of the seasonal jackaroos. Slowly, Chris fell for Jesse. Would Jesse return his feeling, considering he might be in the station for temporary only?I really loved reading this book. Some highlights:- the cover: not often do we see characters portrayed in the book match the pictures on the cover. These two men really are 28-yr old green-eye Jesse and young-but-somewhat-weary 20-yr old blond Chris.- slow friendship between Jesse and Chris that later developed something else- the problem between Caine and Macklin feels real, especially since we learn about Macklin's background- The way Caine and Macklin handle their relationship in the public. They were the owner and foreman, respectively. Several older workers refused to work for them, so they had to deal with less people and less experienced workers. The ones that stayed were loyal to them. Yet, they exercised some restraints in their behaviors in public. They didn't kiss or even held hand so that they didn't put other people in awkward situation. To me, this seem more realistic than the way most m/m books portray the characters' behaviors. Often, those characters behave like crusaders of gay rights with in-your-face attitudes. There is no middle ground for them. Not here. Caine and Macklin didn't hide, nor flaunt their relationship--even though it's their own station.- Christmas in summer!Will we see a childhood-childhood-friends-turn-lovers in Jason and Seth in the future?If there are complaints, it's in Jesse & Chris' relationship at the end. (view spoiler)[First, Jesse had to fall to the cliche of trying to hookup with other man before realizing it's not working since he loved Chris. While it's true that Jesse was portrayed as a freeman who was confused with his feeling, his behavior toward Chris really shows the behavior of a man in love. In fact, we see Chris tried to exert independence from Jesse several times, while Jesse seemed to be very attached to Chris. Since he's supposedly freeman, trying to hookup may be realistic, but still, I could do without it.Second, Jesse ran to Melbourne to think, but after several days decided to return to the station. In the meantime, Chris drove to Melbourne to meet Jesse. They coincidently met in an in-between town. I would prefer they didn't meet that way. Chris could just arrive in Melbourne and Jesse left already. They both had cell phone, so they could meet later. The probability of them meeting in that town was quite small that it'd be better to have them met differently (hide spoiler)] These complaints are small, but it's enough to knock off the Chris-Jesse story half star. Caine-Macklin story is still full five stars. That, and still there's no Waltzing Matilda in the book! :-(

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-02-17 12:45

    3.75*This is a sequel to Inherit the Sky and as usual, I messed up and read this one first. It wasn't a problem I think it's fine as a standalone, although the couple from the first book also plays a predominate role in this story, it wasn't an issue.Chris has been taking care of his 16 year old brother for months, barely scraping by, when he is jumped and beaten and is saved by Jackeroos from a sheep farm. Caine and Macklin ( the MCs from book 1) offer them a life and jobs at the farm and they accept.There Chris meets Jesse and they form a friendship and start an affair, even if that doesn't seem quite right either, there isn't vey much sex in this book and it isn't really an affair , maybe friends with benefits, but that doesn't seem right either, I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but it's sweet and special and meaningful to both of them.Jesse is 28 and sees himself more as a drifter, carefree and footloose, so when he thinks Chris feels more for him, he is spooked.Now, first I have to say this story is a very relaxing read, no real drama or hysterics, no angst or fighting, just a slow easy,entertaining read. I did think Jesse should have spoked with Chris first and not just take the word of a 16 year old, even if he was right, I didn't see the issue, Chris certainly didn't make it one. But the 'misunderstanding' wasn't dragged out, and I look forward to reading the first one.

  • Tina
    2019-03-14 09:31

    This was a good sequel to Inherit the Sky. The book starts several months after the first book ended.Caine and Macklin's love is strong and they work together on the sheep station. In a business trip to recruit seasonal workers they rescue the brothers Chris and Seth from gay bashing and bring them to the station. Chris developes first a friendship and later a sexual relationship with Jesse, one of the seasonal jackaroos...What I loved about the book is that Caine and Macklin are featured here just as much as Chris and Jesse. They have had six months to adjust to their new love and partnership. As they work to create a successful and accepting work place, they also learn to trust each other and lean completely upon the other man for their emotional support.The author has found a nice blend in this story. I really look forward to reading the next installments. Four solid stars from me.

  • Nic
    2019-02-16 13:50

    As with the first book in the series, Inherit the Sky, this book did not fully live up to it's potential for me. However it was still a pleasant read.I enjoyed the characters in the book, where once again we have one main character (Jesse) who is a jackaroo and another character (Chris) who is totally out of his element.Chris has been assaulted (for being gay) and rescued by Macklin and a few other men from the sheep station. When they find out that Chris and his younger brother Seth are struggling on their own, Caine and Macklin take them back to Lang Downs. Jesse is working at the station for the season with no real plans for the future or for settling down. Chris and Jesse start a casual relationship but of course things aren't simple. They begin to have feelings for each other but each of them doubt they are right for the other. They don't fully admit their feelings to each other but their internal reflections show that their bond is more than physical."Chris needed someone so much better than Jesse, someone with a stable life and the ability to make promises and keep them. Jesse didn't know where he'd be after April when the seasonal work at Lang Downs ended.""His heart was his to give as he chose. Jesse might not keep it, but if the other option was breaking things off now, Chris realized he'd rather have a broken heart later, having loved now for all he was worth, than never have that experience at all."This book was an interesting blend of story that focused on the new couple of Jesse and Chris but also continued to build on the story of the original couple, Macklin and Caine.As with the previous book, I had a few issues with the writing style. Basically I didn't like the way the sex scenes were written (they didn't seem natural) and also found a few passages where I felt the author was aiming for the deep or profound but it just didn't work. For example, I didn't understand the following "They walked upstairs to their bedroom, hand in hand, pausing to kiss occasionally, but mostly walking together like it was the simplest thing in the world. Macklin wasn't sure if it was the simplest thing or the most complicated, but he knew one thing to the depths of his soul: it was the most important." Maybe I am missing something here? There is also the scene where Caine tops Macklin for the first time. Macklin has always resisted as he didn't want to give up control. In the midst of this scene, instead of focusing on the beauty and significance of Macklin's gesture, the author has Macklin thinking "The problem had been his own hang-ups and issues, but they all seemed insignificant in the face of Caine's proposal. If they lost more men because of it, they'd hire new ones. If they had to work twice as many hours to get everything done, they'd do it." It seemed unnecessary and weird because how would the men even know that Macklin had been topped to lose respect for him? Finally there were a few sections where Caine's stutter seemed too obvious, alternating from no stutter in one paragraph, followed by a paragraph full of stutter (showing he was nervous), to another one with no stutter.These issues weren't enough to detract from the story too much and it was still a nice enough read.

  • Ami
    2019-02-19 13:41

    3.5 starsI enjoyed this more so than the first book, even if the story did feel a little mundane in the middle. I could feel Chris and Jesse's connection much stronger than Caine and Macklin (I was surprised when Caine and Macklin had their first kiss, but I was anticipating Chris and Jesse's here). Despite it began with Chris being bashed for being gay (though I had no idea how the bashers found out, it pretty much happened off page) but the story didn't have strong angst throughout. With Chris and Jesse working together at Lang Downs, which was very tolerant with homosexuality considering the owner and the foreman were gay, the problem with Chris and Jesse was more of Jesse's being a drifter. That he didn't see their relationship as long-term and wasn't sure he was ready to take 'responsibility' with Chris having his younger brother in tow (despite Seth already a teenager, not exactly a kid). I liked how they worked things out; Chris didn't let Jesse go without a fight, and Jesse had quite big words to show his remorse *haha*. I also enjoyed the fact that this story didn't focus on sex scenes. I am a reader who ALWAYS welcome little to no sex -- I focus on romance, and romance doesn't necessarily mean sex scenes ^_^I also enjoyed the updates with Caine and Macklin's relationship. The part where they had dinner with Caine's parents was particularly sweet.I am rather weary with the blurb for the third book though. "Emotionally abusive wife" -- yeah, I had enough of females being portrayed negatively in MM romance. Like we are major obstacle for the men to be together. But I still want to find out about what happens at Lang Downs. URGH, decision, decision.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2019-02-23 09:57

    Chase the Stars is the sequel to Inherit the Sky. I loved the first book, and while this was not as good it was still really good for a sequel. I enjoyed seeing Macklin and Caine again. We also got a peek at their characters relationship as it grew, which is always good in a book.The story starts with some of the Lang Downs men eating when a kid (Seth) shouts about how his brother is getting attacked. From there we get introduced to Chris. He's gay and looking after his younger brother. The story goes on from there and we watch Chris heal and meet Jesse. One of the station hands. I was into the couple, but I would have preferred it had they been a bit more romantic? Okay, I would have preferred it if they had admitted their feelings.The story has a few twists, and we even got to see Caine's parents again. Plus we had some fun with Caine's mom and Macklin/Caine which was nice. (view spoiler)[I loved the scene where she got them to dance together. (hide spoiler)] That just made my day with this story, as well as (view spoiler)[Macklin letting Caine top for the first time. (hide spoiler)]I would highly recommend this series. I have enjoyed the first two books and I cannot wait to read the third book a sequel.Recommend it!

  • Juxian
    2019-03-19 12:31

    2,5 stars.I liked reading about the life on the sheep station, and it was nice meeting characters from the previous book. Especially Caine and Macklin, it really saved the book for me because there was quite enough of them and they had their own story. And oh, some very endearing moments between them!But the main couple, Jesse and Chris, was so meh. So boring. Didn't like either of them, didn't feel their relationship.But I'm going to keep reading this series. For one thing, sometimes I have a craving for cowboys. For the other, I think probably with a different couple it'll work much better for me.

  • Lillian Francis
    2019-03-14 13:32

    Really enjoyed catching up with Caine and Macklin again. The more established nature of their relationship was an interesting contrast to the new relationship we were primarily there to watch unfold. But while their relationship was being held up as something to be inspired to, even six months on it wasn't without its issues.Have now picked up the last two books in the series.

  • Jess Candela
    2019-03-02 07:42

    Review Summary: This was a good sequel to Inherit the Sky, almost as much as it was a good story about new characters I really liked.Review: I liked both Jesse and Chris, and the slow build-up of their relationship from friends to lovers to romantic partners. I was impressed with Chris’ maturity and understanding when he realized he had stronger feelings for Jesse than were reciprocated. I really loved Chris and loved seeing him really grow into his own on the station. He’d been so determined to pull his own weight, and he did. And in the process he really made a wonderful home for himself and his brother.However, there were a few things that confused me and pulled me out of the story at times to try to figure out. Early on I got confused about exactly how long Jesse had been on the station before meeting Chris, whether he’d been there for a while or was a new arrival. He was clearly an experienced hand when it came to working on stations in general, but there were a few things that seemed to contradict each other about how long he’d been at this particular station before Chris arrived. That was a minor niggle, especially when I got more engrossed in the story, but it did confuse me a bit at first.I also never understood why Jesse had such a low opinion of himself as a prospective romantic partner (as opposed to someone to have fun, casual sex with), or why he was so certain a future for himself and Chris was impossible. I’m sure those opinions were related, but I never quite sorted out their source. At one point Jesse realized Chris wanted a real relationship with him, and “The thought clawed at Jesse’s brain, making him crazy with panic. That wasn’t his life, his future. He couldn’t have that. He didn’t want that. He never had.” Okay, got it, but why? Such a big deal was made of it so consistently, I truly couldn’t believe it when I reached the last page. I flipped back and forth for a few moments, sure there must be at least another few pages hiding from me. Because the book couldn’t really end without answering that question! Could it? Sadly, it did.It was wonderful to revisit Caine and Mac, and even nicer to see their relationship continuing to develop. There were a few moments I felt like maybe there was a little too much focus on them, considering this was Chris and Jesse’s story, but I enjoyed their presence and thought it was pretty well balanced. There was a moment when Caine answered one of my questions from the first book. I’d wondered why he was so sure a career wasn’t an option for him, and in this one he explains that although he had the education he lacked the confidence. Okay, I can totally see that.I especially loved when Caine’s parents came to visit, and their interaction with Macklin. There was one scene in particular that made me teary. Good tears, but tears all the same. This book is definitely worth reading if you liked the first one and want to see more of how Caine and Macklin’s relationship developed. Although this wasn’t technically about them, they were very strong secondary characters. That said, I don’t think it’s necessary to have read the first to be able to enjoy this one, it just adds an extra layer to appreciate if you have.So although I enjoyed the story very much all the way along, I was left feeling a little disappointed in the ending. But I think that was a result of my desire for an explanation for Jesse’s assumptions, so anyone who simply accepts that that’s the way he is would probably be perfectly happy with the ending. I loved the opportunity to revisit Lang Downs, and would be delighted to go there again if the series continues. Not that it needs to because anything is lacking (aside from that explanation about Jesse), each book has been solidly complete unto itself. It’s just that I enjoy the world and the characters enough to be eager to spend more time there.This review was originally posted at Reviews by Jessewave, where I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2019-03-19 08:56

    When I read Inherit the Sky, I fell in love with the cowboys, Caine and the station. Reading this book, all those feelings came back ten-fold and I fell in love with it all over again.My heart broke for Chris. He's so young but already been through so much. Jesse is more experienced and hardened and jaded but Chris's innocence gives Jesse hope, sort of. It was sweet in a way. I liked but hated the way their relationship developed. Their feelings and passion became deeper but then Jesse didn't want to acknowledge where his feelings were heading. I did love Chris's brother, Seth. He gave the story a little something special. I think my biggest problem with the book was how Caine and Macklin's storyline continued within this one. With Inherit the Sky I felt like their tale was, more or less, concluded and since they played a relatively big part in this one, I felt like it took away from Chris and Jesse's story. I love Caine but I was saddened that his story interfered with Chris and Jesse. Although Caine and Macklin's 'encouragements' of Chris and Jesse were kind of funny. Also, while there wasn't much sex in the first half, the second half seemed to make up for that and got a bit too excessive for my liking. Overall, a good book. I did enjoy it but Inherit the Sky is still my favorite. I'm curious if there will be more books in this series. I do love the station and would really like to see more of it.

  • Candice
    2019-02-18 08:31

    To be honest, I wasn't a Jesse fan :( I really liked Chris and thought he was great, even if he was young. That's a thing for me, too. I don't like young MC's in my books, but I really liked Chris. I was kind of hoping for more with his bashing though. Macklin was there, why didn't he hold them all and then call the cops? Chris and Jesse together though? They didn't do much for me.

  • Dee Wy
    2019-02-26 06:58

    A sweet addition to the series. It was a bit predictable, but I enjoyed listening to it on audio.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-28 12:31

    Review originally posted at Joyfully Jay and 5 starsChris Simms and his brother just happened to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time and now Chris was getting the beating of his life by a gang of homophobic thugs. His brother, Seth, runs off to find help and the jackaroos who return to intervene and take him to the hospital end up changing their lives forever. One of the men to stop his attackers happens to be Macklin Armstrong who along with his partner Caine Neiheisal, offer Chris a job and both brothers a place to live on Lang Downs, their sheep station. Chris realizes how badly he needs this place for himself to heal and for his brother’s safety but it is so hard for Chris to trust other people, especially with his history.Jackaroo Jesse Harris is gay and quietly so as he has seen more than his share of homophobia on other sheep stations he has worked for. Having a station manager and a station owner who are not only gay but partners is taking some getting used to, so is not having to hide his sexuality as Jesse has always done before. Then injured Chris Simms arrives at the station with his brother and Jesse’s offer to help Chris adjust to station life turns into mutual attraction between the two men and then so much more. But Chris’ emotional state is in turmoil. He feels guilty for not pulling his own weight on the station because of his injuries and ignorance. And so is being there for his brother as Seth adjusts to a life so different in every respect from the one they were used to. Can he and Seth make a home on Lang Downs and be happy? And what about Jesse? Most jackaroos are nomadic by nature, roaming from one sheep station job to another from season to season. Would Jesse be able to make a commitment to Chris, a family, and life lived permanently at Lang Downs? Impermanence is all Jesse has known but when he falls in love with Chris, he realizes in a panic that returning that love means a fundamental change in his life. Now only if he can find the courage to accept that.Chase The Stars is the sequel to Inherit The Sky, the first Lang Downs novel and I certainly hope this is not the last visit to the men and the Lang Down sheep station I have come to love. Once more we are pulled into the world of wide open spaces of New South Wales and quiet reserved men who make their living off the land. Caine Neiheisel and his partner, Macklin Armstrong are featured here just as much as Chris Simms and Jesse Harris to my utter joy. Caine and Macklin have had six months to adjust to their new love and partnership. Lang Downs too is having its own adjustments to make to having an openly gay owner and manager. As Caine and Macklin work to create a successful and accepting work place, they also are still discovering new things about themselves as they learn to trust each other and lean completely upon the other man fpr their emotional support. Work schedules are tight on Lang Downs where they are shorthanded as not all the seasonal jackaroos will accept working with gay men and Macklin is still keeping secrets from Caine about his history to Caine’s frustration. Nothing ever comes quickly and there is work to be done, even on relationships, if all are to succeed.Into this evolving mixture of men and relationships, Tachna adds the Simms brothers, Chris and Seth who are woefully in need of sanctuary, a home and support. At Lang Downs, they find all that and more as Caine and Macklin provide a needed portrait of two gay men who love each other and successfully work together. Chris and his brother Seth were tossed out of their home by their stepfather after their mother died and Chris was having a hard time just getting them food and shelter on a day to day basis. With Caine and Macklin making them feel at home, Chris can finally get past a state of stress and starts to think about a future for them both. Chris Simms and his brother, Seth are wonderful characters and work perfectly within the established framework Ariel Tachna has created. We have already gotten a real understanding of the flow and pace of life on a sheep station, we anticipate the seasonal duties the jackaroos have before them as much as they do, and we sympathize with Chris and Seth’s feelings as outsiders when they first arrive at Lang Downs. But then the station’s strangeness starts to wear off as Chris and Seth find their way into the rhythm of life at Lang Downs. Seth settles down as he starts the School of the Air with the other children and finds an outlet for his mechanical nature in helping to work on the engines, the people around him making him feel like family. But it is Chris who we empathize with the most. He is the one beaten for his sexuality, he is the one who has shouldered all the responsibility for his brother and we breathe a sigh of relief and joy as Chris learns to trust in his situation and the men around him. Chris’ vulnerability and sensitive nature engages our affections from the beginning and we root for him to succeed and find happiness just as Caine and Macklin have.The character of Jesse Harris brings a wonderful contrast to Chris Simms and Macklin Armstrong. Jesse Harris is more typical of the seasonal jackaroos who work the sheep stations, never settling at one place for long. These men have learned to be self sufficient and hard, reserved and used to isolation. Still Jesse’s homosexuality sets him apart from the others and the high standards that Macklin and Caine set are not only new but bring the potential for more into a future Jesse had never thought of for himself. Watching Jesse change and adapt to new thoughts and feelings is like watching the parched ground soak up the rain after a steady shower, the cracks fill up and finally disappear as the ground repairs itself. We thrill to watch that evolution happen within Jesse as well.And that’s really how this book and Inherit The Sky feel to me. They are as much about a life lived as close to nature and as in tune with the seasons as one can be. Changes in emotions and thoughts are measured as incrementally as changes in the land around them. The wind blows a little colder, the rains and sleet pour down upon men and sheep equally. And life is slow until the threat of dingos appears and then the rush to face the threats is quick and fierce as the storms themselves. There is the calm enjoyment of the beauty of the outback and the clear night skies contrasted with the life and death nature of the floods in the rainy season. This is a novel that spreads out before you in as elemental and earthy manner as the land itself. We are made to see an Australian night sky ablaze with stars, and feel the cold seep into bones of the men checking the fence line and what a gift that turns out to be. It is a treasure when an author can meld you seamlessly into their world, make you a part of their characters lives so completely that you hurt and laugh when they do. Ariel Tachna did that with Inherit The Sky and does it again here with Chase The Stars.Easing back into the world of Lang Downs was like revisiting with old friends and meeting new ones as well. I love watching the changes in the lives of the characters I have come to love, whether the permutations inch forward or flow fast like a stream. I hope that Ariel Tachna brings us back here again, to see what changes time has brought and to whom Lang Downs has given sanctuary and home. Until then, I will be picking these two books up again and again to read and remember.Cover by Anne Cain is lovely and perfect for the book and the story within.

  • El Ma
    2019-03-14 14:58


  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-02-19 07:31

    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire... Another visit to Lang Downs was like going back home again. It's just that kind of series that a person gets comfortable with. Chris Simms has been barely making ends meet working as a dishwasher and taking care of his 16 year old brother, Seth. A gay bashing brings Chris and Seth into the fold of the Lang Downs family. Caine, Macklin and a couple of the guys are in Yass looking to hire some new jackaroos for the season. Last year had been a tough one and many of Caine and Mack's better jackaroos left after finding out that Caine and Macklin were a couple. Macklin and Neil step in and save Chris from being killed but he does have some serious injuries. With no family, Chris and Seth return to the station and become part of Lang Down. Chris is soon paired up to work with Jesse who is a closeted seasonal worker and we are soon looking at a younger version of Caine and Macklin. There were a few nice, heart warming surprises in this book like Caine's parent's visiting Lang Downs. There is no real mystery or life and death action just excellent writing about life on a sheep station in Australia. I enjoyed the way that Chris and Jesse's lives almost mirrored those of Caine and Macklin. Much like RJ Scott with her Texas series, Ms Tachna has the talent to take everyday life and weave it into something special that leaves the reader sitting back just feeling good and wanting more. The subjects of homophobia and family are handled perfectly through the personal interactions of the people both gay and straight on Lang Downs. I don't know if there is another visit to Lang Downs planned but if there is another one, I suggest you be there.

  • Angelmira
    2019-02-28 14:39

    i love Cain and Macklin's storyline. i think i will love these two a very long time and they will be one of my favourite couples in m/m books. just because i finally had the feeling Macklin didn't dissapoint me in this book. from the book one i saw their connection. i love Caine. have some doubts about Macklin. but finally he prooved me wrong and won me over. well, that's one part of this book.the other one is Chris and Jesse. separately i like both men. Chris for his unbreakable spirit after his beating and his devotion to Seth. and Jesse for his heart. they were both likeable characters, but i didn't saw any chemistry between them. if it wasn't for Macklin and Cain i would give this book 3 stars.i didn't like the way Chris and Jesse acted. both of them felt something for the other but spent 80% of the book repeatedly saying they were just f*ck buddies. i don't mind books where things develop slowly. but here i thought they are beyond help. they were both so ignorant of the facts. they both secretly want something like Cain and Macklin's relationship, but still in the next inner thought they are convinced they will find that with different person. i didn't have the feeling they WANT to be with each other. like they don't have the need to change their situation up until maybe 20 pages before the end.well, and the this tiny little problem with Caine's father. his name is Len. and i was instantly catapulted into Andrew Grey's Farm series and wanted to crawl under big rock. "Love Means..." is my guilty pleasure and i will always associate the name with different books.

  • Tessi4M
    2019-03-10 09:51

    I need to start off with a detour here due to my most recent reads:I read a lot of BDSM-themed books. I like them. Well-written they are the perfect mix of a turn-on and stunningly beautiful.They are also increadibly intense! I am usually physically and emotionally drained after reading a good BDSM book.And that is where Lang Downs comes in. It's a place I come to relax. The stories so far are sweet, low on the drama and set against the backdrop of the Australian outback. Just perfect to get my nerves back in order.And, of course, there are cowboys! Yeah, so call them Jackaroos for all I care, same thing and an added bonus to any book.Chase the Stars is Chris and Jesse's story. Both new to Lang Downs they become instant friends evolving quickly to friends with benefits. As deeper feelings develop, things get difficult.There are no outside forces messing with them. The only thing standing in their way are their own insecurities and Jesse's hang-ups. Having known the life of a gay man on various sheep stations in the outback he is afraid to believe he can truly have everything he has refused to let himself even dream of.I love the Lang Downs family. I love how all the people we already know - primarily, of course, Caine and Macklin - are still involved and visible even when other characters have taken center stage.And the narration in Chase the Stars was obviously every bit as brilliant as in the first one. I'll be diving straight into book no. 3.

  • Rachael Orman
    2019-02-16 10:53

    **AUDIOBOOK REVIEW**I loved this story. Ariel Tachna is becoming one of my favorite authors. I love the way her stories slowly unroll and the reader is kept wondering what is going to happen until the very end, yet love every word along the way. The characters are unique and fun to learn about as they deal with their own struggles as the story progresses. There is even a bit of steam included in the story, but it's on the back burner for the most part as there is such a good plot line going on. I love the narrator and his accents and stutters.. he just does an excellent job all around. I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.

  • Chappy
    2019-03-17 10:45

    I'm a confirmed addict of M/M western-type erotica and this series doesn't disappoint.While out hiring new stockmen, Macklin and Caine run into Chris and save him from a brutal gay-bashing. Caine decides to offer Chris and his younger brother jobs at his sheep station.Chris meets Jesse and is surprised to find another gay man on the ranch. They quickly become friends with benefits...but it turns into more. Jesse has to decide if he's ready for what Chris is offering.I loved that we get to see Macklin and Caine again. There's some great sexy-times and Caine finally gets to top Macklin. Very Hot!

  • Kerrysullivan
    2019-03-15 07:54

    I loved this for two reasons, 1 because we got to check in with Cam and Macklin and 2 we got to meet 3 really sweet people Jessie Chris and His brother. The story was sweet and made me smile a whole lot, I will admit that I have thing for stories set in Australia so this was a sure bet for me and I will be reading the others in this series soon to get my aussie fix.

  • V
    2019-03-06 09:45

    Don't get me wrong. I love this sequel, although my favorite is still book 1.

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-02-17 14:54

    4 StarsWhile Chris & Jesse's romance drama was a bit of "been there" over-done trope, I really liked the small, important scenes with Caine & Macklin because we got to see some significant steps forward in their relationship. But I have to say that what sometimes fascinates me are the details here laid out in running a sheep station and how I get sucked into mentally comparing it to how an American cattle ranch is run. Similar, but enough distinction to keep making books set in the Australian outback interesting!Also, LOL, hearing a narrator say "arse" in an American accent is hilarious. We aren't meant to say that word, I think. Not with a straight face, or while cursing.

  • Donna
    2019-03-02 13:41

    A nice easy read... a few tense moments but pretty low on the angst scale! I liked the "family" feel of the book and of course, there was some hot man on man time! *grin*

  • Tyra Berger
    2019-02-26 07:00

    What a fabulous follow up to Inherit the Sky! I was excited to be traveling back down under to see how things were going at the Lang Downs ranch. After the drama of Caine and Macklin declaring themselves a couple you had wonder what would happen after things settled down.Chase the Stars starts up just a few months later, we are heading into summer and new jackaroos need to be hired for the season. While in Yass hiring men for the season Macklin, Neil and Ian step in a save a man who is being attacked, after learning the reason for the attack Caine offers the young man and his brother a place at Lang Downs. Chris sees an opportunity to start over for he and Seth and while cautious knows he can't pass up the chance.One of the things that Ms. Tachna does so well is create fully fleshed out characters. She doesn't rush the relationships, she lets them develop over time and that adds a realness to her stories that I appreciate. She tells a full story with interesting and necessary secondary characters that you want to know just as much about as the main couple. The land and ranch itself becomes a character in this series in the way that she describes and uses the elements in the story.Chris is one of those people that you can't help but fall for right away. He sacrifices his needs to try and make things better for his brother. He doesn't even realize at first that he wants the home and the long term relationship until he sees it in Caine and Macklin and then he doesn't want to settle for less.Jesse is that guy that falls in love but doesn't know it until it smacks him upside the head. I love to see those aloof, I don't need anyone but myself, men fall hard! And like most of them he tries to run but Chris isn't one to give up so easily.Being one of those readers that is always wondering what happens next with the couples that I really fall for I was thrilled with the amount of page time that Caine and Macklin get in this book. I loved every word that I read about the two men, but also enjoyed getting to know more about some of the other jackaroos on the ranch like Neil and Kami, Patrick and Jason. And I don't know about anyone else but whenever I read one of these books I am totally picturing the ranch from the Thorn Birds in my mind.I can't wait for the next book in the series and I hope we bring in some of the guys from the Taylor Peak ranch and really shake up the outback!

  • Inked Reads
    2019-03-19 15:00

    FiveStarsThe second book in the Lang Downs series focuses on Chris and his brother Seth. Lang Downs’ foreman, Macklin rescues twenty-year-old Chris from an attack before he and Caine offer the homeless boys a place on their station. While a romance develops between Chris and one of the seasonal Jackaroos, Jesse, Tachna also continues to develop the story of Caine and Macklin from the first book.The continued development of Caine and Macklin’s story is what makes me award this book five stars. So many authors, even in complex series, complete a love story in each book. Tachna recognises that relationships actually develop over lifetimes, not months. Tachna also refuses to make her characters’ romances more complicated than they need to be. Granted, all the men on Lang Downs seem to have complicated, difficult histories, but growth in these books is personal. Once characters get a chance to heal (and some of Chris’ healing is actually physical in this book) their relationships are relatively simple.So Macklin and Caine struggle to live openly without upsetting the men who work for them. Chris and Seth come to grips with their mother’s death and their subsequent abandonment, and Jesse begins to consider permanence and making a home on Lang Downs. Other characters begin to develop in more detail in this book - Seth and Jason meet each other here, paving the way for their story in book five. Neil becomes a more rounded character, and we get our first glimpse of Molly.I love the way this second book becomes less of a traditional romance and more the story of the interactions between the many characters on the Lang Downs sheep station. For me, this is the book where the series moved from good to fantastic.I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Sarah

  • Sarah
    2019-03-16 12:47

    The second book in the Lang Downs series focuses on Chris and his brother Seth. Lang Downs’ foreman, Macklin rescues twenty-year-old Chris from an attack before he and Caine offer the homeless boys a place on their station. While a romance develops between Chris and one of the seasonal Jackaroos, Jesse, Tachna also continues to develop the story of Caine and Macklin from the first book.The continued development of Caine and Macklin’s story is what makes me award this book five stars. So many authors, even in complex series, complete a love story in each book. Tachna recognises that relationships actually develop over lifetimes, not months. Tachna also refuses to make her characters’ romances more complicated than they need to be. Granted, all the men on Lang Downs seem to have complicated, difficult histories, but growth in these books is personal. Once characters get a chance to heal (and some of Chris’ healing is actually physical in this book) their relationships are relatively simple. So Macklin and Caine struggle to live openly without upsetting the men who work for them. Chris and Seth come to grips with their mother’s death and their subsequent abandonment, and Jesse begins to consider permanence and making a home on Lang Downs. Other characters begin to develop in more detail in this book - Seth and Jason meet each other here, paving the way for their story in book five. Neil becomes a more rounded character, and we get our first glimpse of Molly. I love the way this second book becomes less of a traditional romance and more the story of the interactions between the many characters on the Lang Downs sheep station. For me, this is the book where the series moved from good to fantastic. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews.

  • Chris Jeffreys
    2019-02-18 14:38

    Chase the Stars is the second book in a series (a series that I hope will continue for a longtime to come). This is the second story that's based in Lang Downs - a sheep ranch in Australia the was formerly owned by Uncle Michael -- one of the two main character's great uncles. In this book of the story, we learn a lot if the back story about Uncle Michael, and he was a good man. He believes that his ranch should be a home to those who need it. (It's a lot like Andrew Grey's Laughton Farm in his Love Means series or Holden Ranch in the Range series.)The first book in the series began the relationship with the new "owner" of the sheep ranch, Caine, and the foreman, Macklin. We learn a lot more about these men in his book as their relationship deepens. We are also introduced to two new main characters, Chris and Jesse. Jesse finds his way to the ranch as a jackeroo (a part time ranch worker). Chris is involved in a gay bashing, and Caine and Macklin take a shine to him and his brother, Seth. Both Chris and Seth find their way on the ranch, and they become full-time workers. Love finds its way between Chris and Jesse, and we are able to see it develop in this book. Where their love affair will end up is unknown, so we definitely need another sequel in this story. The author has definitely found a nice blend in this story. I really look forward to seeing where this story goes from here. Five stars from me.

  • Bo
    2019-03-06 06:46

    Another Wonderful Aussie RomanceLike Inherit the Sky, the first book in the series, this is a romance that starts off hesitatingly with one man seeking fulfillment while the other is seeking a good time. It starts when Caine and Macklin, owner and foreman respectively of Lang Downs, a huge sheep ranch in Australia, are in town to hire jackaroos for the season. That they are also openly lovers is part of the fuel that ignites the way the story comes about--a teenage boy (Seth) comes screaming down the street looking for help because his 20-year-old brother Chris is being beaten nearly to death by a homophobic gang of thugs. Mackin and some of the farm's jackaroos jump into action and our tale begins.Chris and Seth soon become part of the Lang Downs family as does new jackaroo Jesse Harris, and from there you can read the book blurb to get what might or might not happen. As in the first book, author Tachna carefully and beautifully builds the relationship between Chris and Jesse, but what is surprising is how much of the book is also spent on further development of the love story of Caine and Macklin--especially when it comes to the pending visit by Caine's parents from Philadelphia.The cross currents of all the relationships in this book meet in a confluence of events in the last part which are exciting, frustrating, inspiring and heartwarming, all at the same time. The sex is good but the book itself is very good. On to the next one for me.

  • Brian
    2019-03-07 06:51

    I loved “Inherit the Sky” so I was very pleased to find 3 more books in the series. I had a difficult time with “Chase the Stars.” At 96% After Jesse returns from his flight to Melbourne and finds Chris in the restaurant, they are talking and Chris asks Jesse if he picked anyone up. Jesse’s response is “No, I thought I would, but I didn't do it. I couldn't do it.” Blah blah blah!!!Well funny, because just a few pages before, Jesse is in a toilet stall with some guy manhandling his “business.” Maybe I have different definitions of cheating, but when someone is handling my junk that has to mean something. It doesn't matter if someone achieves orgasm or not. I don’t like reading about cheaters. So I stopped reading the book at 96%.I do have the remaining 2 books and I plan on reading them. However, if I come across something like the aforementioned you can be sure they will be put down immediately.

  • Sam
    2019-02-21 15:00

    3.5 starsI like this series, this book more in some ways than book one. I enjoyed Jesse and Chris, and it was great to see more of Macklin and Caine. I know I'll read the next book; I'm certainly invested in the world now. I'm not sure what happened with the Aussie tone though, whether the author didn't utilise Australian pre-readers, but I really noticed a big shift to Americanisms and inappropriate usage in this one, which sadly pulled me out of the story. "Shite" is Brit, not Aussie (we say "shit"); we don't drink "soda", or have "fixings" as sides to a meal, and we use "torches" not "flashlights." They may seem like insignificant annoyances, but if a story is set in Australia with Australian characters then the characters should sound like they're speaking it. Most readers won't notice this though, so I'd definitely recommend it as an enjoyable read and a reasonably accurate portrayal of Australia.