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Dover is a small town, and small towns have legends, like The Pond Beast. But such things are only believed by children. Or so Genevieve thought, until her friend Oren insists he's seen it lurking around his own pond late at night. But when circumstances find Genevieve alone in that murky water, she learns what it means to be Ravaged by the Pond Beast....

Title : ravaged by the pond beast
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ISBN : 16153937
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 15 Pages
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ravaged by the pond beast Reviews

  • karen
    2019-02-12 13:59

    i don't know if it is just not having written a review in a while, or the vicks "chesty cough" formula running all through me, (which if i ever become a late-model stripper, i am going to use as my stage name; i call dibs), or - and this is the scariest of all possibilities - that i have just read too much monsterotica, but the end result is: i got nothing to say. how can there be nothing to say about pond monster erotica? but, no - the well is dry - i am uninspired! i mean, this is your basic "boy who cried pond monster" story, where the childhood friends of a compulsive liar call him on his latest, and head out to the pond where he claims to have seen something unusual a few nights running. finally, fearing that his frantic divings and rantings will be the death of him, two strapping men-friends drag him back to the house with another middling-strapping man, probably for some other kind of unexpected erotic foursome journey, but this leaves our heroine genevieve alone by the edge of the pond, with mud in her underpants. yeah, i know, i don't know how either, but apparently when you stage an intervention for your friend by a pond, and there is "no, don't drown!" rassling involved, mud gets caked in the underpants. and the only solution is a nude swim in this here pond.which, since there isn't really a pond monster, will be safe and orgasm-free. OH NO, BUT WHAT IF THERE REALLY IS A POND MONSTER?? and what if he drags you down to his mating-grotto? and what if he has weird electricity-vibrating fingers and a penchant for double penetration? well, then that's what's going to happen. i hope u think mud is sexy!so a pond monster is similar to a lake monster, or a black lagoon monster, except a little more dressed up:My gaze slid down his rippled abdomen, to the enormous, rigid cock, long and thick. The skin that housed it was rough and grainy, with a lacy fin surrounding the puckered nuts hanging below.i have included an illustration, hidden for modesty:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]or this pinball machine i conveniently saw this past weekend:that one must be a girl...and so at first she tries to think of england or whatever, but then she gets really into it, as one does. pointy little teeth, grainy little skin, high cheekbones with gills underneath...and of course, that scrote-frill. he's a little rough, but there is electricity! which in this case appears to be literal. and she likee.but, tut tut, then she tries to leave midway, pulling the old "thank you for the orgasm you gave me with your monster mouth, but i have just realized that i am naked with a fish-creature, and what will the sorority girls think??" routine, and tries to leave. which is just bad form. when you receive an orgasm, even by a less-than-awesome partner, it is just good manners to return the favor.the gill-monster seems to agree, and there is more intercourse. i personally, am super not-into the idea of sandpaper-penis going inside of me? but apparently in the heat of the moment, it is pleasurable to this girl. but i'm thinking once the flush of terror-arousal wears off, and all the cuts from rocks and grit-skin, and the opening-stretchings and electricity-zapping and water-puckering really sink in - it just sounds like a rougher-than-usual morning-after state of disarray. but she has no regrets! and she is left with a lasting reminder of their time together, BUT I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU READ ALL THIRTEEN PAGES TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!!huh. guess i found some words after all. thanks, chesty cough!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-02-17 14:11

    So, what exactly is a Pond Beast? He's a sexy beast with webbed fingers and feet. If his fins and gills don't turn you on, his vibrating fingers will make you see stars. Oren's more likely to tell a lie than the truth. So when he adamantly demands that his friends come to his home to spy on the Beast living in his pond, they come along just to prove him wrong. Of course the beast isn't there and Oren's friends literally have to drag him out of the water and force him back into his home. Genevieve is covered in mud and grass after all this craziness and decides to take a swim to clean off. Ladies, I can't stress this enough! Never go skinny dipping alone at night! So what starts out as a relaxing swim turns into a night of terror as the Pond Beast makes his intentions know. This pond beast never learned that saying, "No means No", but he apparently has learned some mad sex skills as he brings Genevieve to pleasures she never imagined were possible. This monster book was very entertaining and well written. The Pond Best had mad skills with his vibrating fingers and "ribbed for her pleasure" member.

  • Paula
    2019-01-31 08:06

    Since someone else wrote the best review possible already (Karen) I guess there's not much left to say except I enjoyed reading this erotic fantasy. Now lets hear it for the Pond Beast and his gritty penis. The very intriguing. Boy that sure leaves room for more story. What exactly does the author have in mind with that? Hopefully she'll tell us.....

  • Alisa
    2019-02-12 09:11

    Ok... That was... interesting. Oren.. he swears there is something in the pond.. the Pond Beast of local legend.No one believes him when he tells them.. they are supposed to be his best friends.. damn you Gary and Geneveve.Soon though, as Gary has two large men I wouldnt mind hearing stories about come and fetch Oren out of the pond, Geneveve decides that she is going to wash off in the pond... little does she know what is in store for her as she wades in the water rinsing the mud from her body.One bad-ass sex scene later with vibrating fingers in anal canals and a rough and ready cock so big it makes you wonder about things... and Geneveve finds herself back on the bank of the pond, very soar and very confused. I wonder if there is going to be a part 2 to this.... did the Pond Beast mark her as his??? Is that why (view spoiler)[her eyes are now a different color? Is she going to have a Pond Beast Baby? (hide spoiler)]I guess we will just have to see.... wont we.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-28 11:18

    I loved it! Loved the story, sex, and I loved the ending. I'm really kinda hoping we get a part 2.Sex Scene Info: 1 He has vibrating fingers - how handy is that huh.Warning this short story contains - forced seduction, ass play, cunnilingus, and rough sex with a humanoid pond beast who knows how to please a women.

  • Maryjanezigzag
    2019-02-07 08:19

    A more wham-bam version of 'I F**ked The Swamp Creature', this one's pretty quick and dirty(there's an awful lot of mud.)

  • Velia
    2019-02-08 08:09

    Vibrating fingers. Enough said.