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For far too long these sailor-drowning, ship-sinking sea sirens have been portrayed as happy, peaceful creatures who want nothing more than to fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after. Undertow is an unconventional twist on one of the oldest mythological creatures known to man....

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Undertow Reviews

  • Ayanami Faerudo
    2019-04-24 11:10

    This review is originally published at Whatever You Can Still BetrayI kind of raced through the story this afternoon since it was only the time that I was free to read anything without anyone or anything claiming my attention. It has been a crazy week since I first came home to my hometown and basically, my grandmother has claimed my attention ever since. You know how old people are particularly when you're their only grandchild.As of this moment I am still swimming the Seven Seas; swimming around in circles trying to find some poor, hapless eel to strangle since I've been torn about the ending of Undertow. Why? Why did she have to write that epilogue!?! I was finally happy, after all the things that happened to our poor, darling heroine, that I could get my happily ever after. But, chances are, sometimes happily-ever-afters hide some things... although I am getting ahead of the story and my review.When you were in a plane crash (oh goodness, now she fed my fear of flying) and then found out you miraculously survived thanks to a bite from a merman (nope, he's not a vampire despite the other review that I unfortunately read before diving into the depths of Undertow), you might think that life could not get any worse. Granted that when you finally focused on the merman, you find him butt-naked - with legs and that firm, little tush. I just might ignore that little instalove that happened right there when she was rescued and spent the night with said merman, Josiah.Throw in a fiance, a crazy royal family, strict parents, a prophecy, another potential love interest and a deranged, wanna-be sea queen and life could not get any better.I liked Undertow even though things happened at quite a fast pace, from one thing to another that it was no wonder that Zoe was a little overwhelmed by everything. Kiri Newton came up with a lush and dark origin of Merfolk - something that was destroyed but that little Disney movie. Granted it did have a happily-ever-after, it also did away the human, realistic appeal of the original story. I'm drifting off again.As I said, I've never been one to be drawn to stories of the sea. Nope, never. I've read a few books before on mermaids, sirens and seals but this genre never did appeal to me. But sometimes, it gets a good story to make me go all asdfghjkl;'[email protected]#$%^&* and I've been waiting for the last three months for a book to give me that kind of reaction - in a good way, of course. And Undertow gave me that. It didn't make me bored nor did I put it down - except to eat and take bathroom breaks - and I seem to be able to imagine that I was there with Zoe and experiencing the things that she was experiencing. Although I would draw the line when it came to the romance part of the story.As I said, I was kind of frustrated with the epilogue. Zoe was already going to be with Josiah and be his queen. She clearly loved him and he loved her despite all that business of being together just because a book said so and she was marked to be his queen. But I really went all giddy when Josiah said that he wanted her to love him, to be really in love with him - for himself and not being forced to by Josiah, by his father or by a book... But that epilogue had to happen! WHY!?! Zoe was only drawn to Nox because he was gorgeous (what drew her to Josiah initially), a bad, boy and a tortured soul at that. Why are all these fictional females drawn to those brooding types? They're mysterious, yes. They intrigue - oh, all right! - us, yet, clearly, Zoe seemed to only pity him. Pity! There's nothing wrong with pity but to mistake it for love? ASDFGHJKL;'@#$%^&*!*sigh* Calm down.That was not to discourage you or anything from reading the book and, from what the author wrote in her guest post, she seemed pretty in disbelief as well with what she wrote in the epilogue. I recommend this book to all you mermaid-loving folks out there. Just ignore the epilogue.

  • Christine D.
    2019-03-29 10:58

    When I read the blurb for Undertow by Kiri R. Newton, I was expecting a read that I would instantaneously fall in love with. It is not often that I read books about mermaids. This is probably the second. Unfortunately, Undertow did not captivate me the way I expected it to have. Perhaps I put too much hope in it because of the intriguing blurb.Expecting a unique read, I was disappointed with the overplayed and predictable plot. For instance, there were many allusions to Twilight, a saga that I abhor. One of the characters is described as being hotter than Edward Cullen. I dislike when authors do this because it seems as though they are trying to enthrall readers by mentioning a memorable character. I am sure many readers will gush at these instances, but it made me frustrated.Another thing that made Undertow such a difficult read for me was the gullible and unbelievable Zoe. While on her flight to the US, the plane crashes. However, the only reason she is alive is because Josiah, a merman, has bitten her neck. Apparently, a mermaid can revive someone from the dead once in their lifetime, but the catch is that the revived will become a mermaid. This fantastical element can easily be associated with vampires, and I think the idea of this was very creative. However, Zoe is not freaked out about this. Instead she embraces being a mermaid minutes after she finds out about it and she is swooned by Josiah’s nakedness. I literally rolled my eyes during this scene, which was supposed to propel the plot.I know by now you are thinking that I have nothing positive to say about the book. Well, you guessed wrong. Though the novel had a rough and difficult start, the plot did heighten at certain parts. Readers soon learn that after this encounter, Zoe gets on with her normal life. That is until Josiah, the naked merman, comes back into the picture. He needs Zoe to help save the mermaid realm. How cool is that? This is where Zoe’s characterization improves. Rather than being the sappy teen who opened the book, she is a heroine. Sadly, the epilogue of Undertow brought me right back down to the mood I felt when I read the first few chapters of the book. It ends very suspenseful – too suspenseful. Sequel, maybe?As for the style of the writing, it was nothing to rave about. There are some scenes that are described masterfully, and I am sure Newton has more in store for us.Undertow was an okay read for me. With such a creative fantasy world, I really anticipated a consistent and intriguing plot. I just wish that I got into the book a little earlier than I did. I am sure other readers will.

  • Iris
    2019-04-24 06:03

    Read the full review at Witchmag's BoekenplankWow! A vampire mermaid! Haven’t heard of that one. Although they technically don’t drink blood, but with their sharp pointy teeth and the bite that is needed to convert a human, I’m still convinced they are vampire mermaids (or man ) ^^ This is so not like the stereotype! And wait, there’s even more! There are even different tails! Like the different kinds of skin color we humans have, merpeople have different kinds of tails. For example merpeople from the north-pole have a seal-like tail and the people from the North sea have a more eel-like. There’s also a vast history, which at times crosses ours. I finally got to know the truth behind Poseidon’s and other mythological creatures story. I like it when an author uses the known and creates something entirely new ^^The story was pretty good, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The beginning immediately captured my attention, but it wavered when Zoe meets Josiah. I couldn’t place that part of the story at first. I had a hard time understanding why and only saw the whole much, much later. Only then, could I fully comprehend what exactly happened and what the consequences would be. This lack of knowledge left me confused a great part of the story. Which in turn made me enjoy it less.I had also some trouble with the romance in this book. Or lack there off. I just didn’t feel the attraction Josiah and Zoe had going on. It felt more like they were good friends or siblings than a couple. There was no fluttering or looks, just a warm loving feeling. So I was a bit disappointed, till I read the ending. With a major cliffhanger and where I could suddenly feel everything that was missing. But with no explanation to why I couldn’t seem to find this earlier…Conclusion: 3 hearts. I found myself in a story that was a bit confusing at times, but it still managed to capture me. There was a whole new kind of mermaid: the vampire mermaid and an intriguing history, which at times renewed my look on mythology. My favorite ^^ The romance was a bit dull until I got to the cliffhanger.Only then, it was finally turned on full force, but it left me hanging as to how the story could have ended that way (as usual with cliffhangers -.- ), so I’m looking forward to the next book!

  • Cierra (The Book Lover's Report)
    2019-03-25 04:57

    From The Book Lover's Report**I was given this book in exchange for an honest review**I've got to say... A story about a vampire-like mermaid (that does not drink blood) is a new one for me. I pretty sure it would be new to you, my readers, too.In my opinion, the very, very beginning of this book immediately caught my attention.Zoe is on a plane, and then that horrible thing that absolutely nobody wants to happen on a plane, happens. The situation after that put Zoe in a life or death situation, and her savior caught on to the life part of it. Years later, after she is rescued, her savior has come calling for her help to fix something that has been happening (even in real-life our world): oil-rig and other companies polluting the world's waters and therefore damaging the sea life-- including the mermaids-- irreparably. Many of the mermaids have died from some sort of illness that the mermaids have no clue what is, so now they need Zoe's help to put a stop to the water pollution caused by the humans.Like I said, the beginning immediately caught my attention, and so did the summary. I mean, mermaids? Who doesn't love a good mermaid story, especially when they're called sea sirens in the summary?After that beginning, though, I got very confused. At some points in the first few chapters, the story became somewhat convoluted to where I was just plain confuzzled (confused + puzzled; don't knock my slang.) I had no clue as to what was going on, and then I kind of figured it out on my own from reading on in the book and context clues.What made me really mad (not at the author, just the characters) is the whole romance thing between Josiah and Zoe. I routed for Daniel the whole time, and that did not bode well Josiah (especially since I was sort of made at him for letting her leave at the beginning). And then not to mention that other one guy... (read the book to find out who I'm talking about).At a point I found myself absolutely not liking Josiah, and then the end with him and Zoe supposedly having to be together? Pffhhh. If I could, I would go into the book and tell them my two-cents. Errr.Any who, I thought this book was okay, other than me being confused through a lot of it... And the whole Josiah-being-a-jerk-loserwad.I give this book a solid three hearts, as its score.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-13 07:25

    "Oh, come on! Now is not the time to join the Mile High Club," Zoe thought angrily.'This book took me on a journey that I had never been. I had never read any type of mermaid book. And this one captured my attention from those first words. Zoe was on her way to the States to begin her college education. But the plane never made it. She was rescued by the mermaid/merman, Josiah that just happen to be a Prince. He had brought her back to life by biting her. Yes I said biting! (Vampire mermaids!) :) Turning her into a mermaid as well. And after a "love tryst" on an island, his family shows up making him return Zoe to her home.After several years and now engaged to be married to Daniel, Zoe has put that time of her life out of her mind. Then Josiah shows back up with a plea to help find out what is going on with the merfolk getting sick. After a chain of events and eventually losing Daniel and having Nox another mermaid come into the picture, Zoe is confused and trying to figure out what to do. Then the biggest cliff hanger ending I have ever read happens and I was just flabbergasted! Ugh!!!For the entire review you can go to http;// :)

  • Kiri Newton
    2019-03-31 05:26