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A direct tie to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman, Volume 3: Death in the Family, comes the disturbingly creepy and psychological thriller of Batman and Robin by the all star team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.The Joker returns to test Batman and the extended Bat-family but when he squares off against Batman's son Damian aka Robin! With Batman's life hanging inA direct tie to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman, Volume 3: Death in the Family, comes the disturbingly creepy and psychological thriller of Batman and Robin by the all star team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.The Joker returns to test Batman and the extended Bat-family but when he squares off against Batman's son Damian aka Robin! With Batman's life hanging in the balance, The Clown Prince of Crime pushes Robin to his limits and beyond. And with the 300th anniversary of the founding of Gotham approaches, tragedy strikes the Bat-family.Collecting: Batman and Robin 15-17, Annual 1; Batman 17...

Title : Batman and Robin, Volume 3: Death of the Family
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ISBN : 9781401242688
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Batman and Robin, Volume 3: Death of the Family Reviews

  • Anne
    2018-12-26 21:34

    This volume is basically chopped into 4 parts.Part OneDamien sends Batman on a heartwarming scavenger hunt, while taking out bad guys on his own in Gotham.It's sweet, and I'll admit I got sucked into the sappy storyline.Part TwoThis is what happens when the Joker gets hold of Damien.It's ok, but nothing awesome. I wasn't buying the Batman on Joker toxin, and I had a hard time believing Damien would either. I mean, he's a scary-smart little kid...Part ThreeThe same friggin' story I've already read at least twice beforehand. It's the Batman vs. Joker at the dinner table story.If you haven't seen it yet, you'll love it.If you have, you'll probably do what I did...and skip it.Part FourIn the aftermath of the whole Joker fiasco, Damien, Alfred, and Bruce all have nightmares. So...yeah. It's a dream sequence. Touching.It's a decent story.If you're trying to catch all the tie-ins to Death of the Family, then you'll wanna read this one.

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-01-10 19:14

    This is the shortest collection in Peter J. Tomasi’s Batman and Robin run - two standalone issues bookend it with a three-issue Death of the Family arc in the middle (one of which is Batman #17 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo which I’m almost certain anyone picking up this volume will have read at least once already); essentially it’s four B&R issues long. But it’s also surprisingly good and one of my favourites in the series so far! Ironically the Death of the Family arc is the weakest part so let’s get that out of the way first. Damian tracks Joker to the Gotham zoo where he has to fight a Joker toxin-infected Batman for Joker’s amusement. Tomasi’s been hitting the father/son relationship angle pretty hard in this series and that continues in this book with the way Damian defeats Jokerized Batman. It’s an average story that, like the other Death of the Family tie-ins, didn’t really need to be told but I didn’t hate it. By far the best part was Patrick Gleason’s rendering of Joker who, remember, cut his face off and is wearing it as a mask. I’ve seen a number of artists draw this and not one has come close (even Capullo) to showing the true horror something like that would look like - until I saw Gleason’s depiction which was utterly chilling. Page after page of real Hannibal Lector shit - hats off to you, Mr Gleason! The other two stories are inconsequential but quite pleasant. If you like Damian Wayne, you’ll like them, and I love Damian. Damian sends Bruce and Alfred on a wild goose chase around the world with Bruce discovering previously unknown moments from his parents’ lives while Damian puts on the 666 outfit and becomes the Batman of Gotham for the first time (I call it the 666 outfit as future Damian/Batman debuted in Grant Morrison’s Batman #666 and was AWESOME!). Tomasi revealing a softer side to Bruce while giving Alfred more of a story presence was great, like reuniting Alf with the English stage and his ex-fiance - you want to make me a happy Batman reader, write Alfred well, and Tomasi does. But the callback to Morrison’s nightmarish devil future of Gotham with Damian as Batman? Aw, man. So good! DC NEED to make a future Damian/Batman series happen (I’m ignoring Andy Kubert’s fucked up Damian: Son of Batman miniseries). The final story, Life is But a Dream, is especially poignant if you know what’s around the corner for poor Damian. After a hard day’s night, Bruce, Damian and Alfred go to sleep, perchance to dream. Alfred’s dream was the best but his face after he wakes up, realising it’s a dream, right before he drifts off again, was so good. Alfred, man, he’s such an overlooked character but he’s brilliant. Given the poor quality of the other Death of the Family tie-ins, I wasn’t expecting much from this one but I was pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable it turned out to be. If you like Damian Wayne, his story with Bruce, and lots of nice little things that you rarely see in Batman, you’ll be charmed like I was with this short volume.

  • Chris
    2018-12-26 23:26

    Collecting just five issues, Death Of The Family is the shortest entry in the Batman and Robin series. However, it still showcases some of the series at its best.The Annual sees Damian leading Bruce on a worldwide treasure hunt to reconnect with the Wayne family history. However, Damian not so secretly stays in Gotham and fills in as the Dark Knight! Writer Peter J. Tomasi pens a touching issue that's packed with fantastic dialogue. Alfred's return to a prominent role is the icing on the cake for this outstanding issue.Artists, Gleason, Gray and Kalisz take the spotlight in the first part of the Death Of The Family tie-in that follows. Their creative visual ideas for the Joker's appearance are images I will remember for a long time. It makes his monologues all the more captivating as it's difficult to tear your eyes away from his unsettling viasge. Disappointingly, the second chapter is tedious and clichéd, with even the art team struggling to redeem it. (view spoiler)[I didn't buy the idea that Damian would believe he was really fighting Batman. It broke my suspension of disbelief and the dramatic fight felt empty as a result. (hide spoiler)]The issue serves it's purpose though, leading to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #17. It's a solid ending that lends itself a little more to this trade as (view spoiler)[Damian is the first person Bruce runs to once they're freed (hide spoiler)]. In the wake of Death Of The Family, another remarkable issue delves into Bruce, Damian and Alfred's dreams, each of which utilises the previous storylines to highlight character progression. The end of Alfred's dream and his reaction to it is one of the best moments you'll ever see!The minor hiccup of issue #16 aside, Death Of The Family shows just how much Damian has grown into the role of Robin and how far his relationship with his father has progressed since their initial conflicts in Born To Kill. Unless you've been living in a (Bat-?)cave, you'll know what's coming in Volume Four and it makes the sentimental moments here all the more poignant. The length of the book may have left me wanting more, but when it also contains three of the series best issues to date, it's easier to overlook the page count. Death Of The Family is a successful case of quality over quantity.

  • James DeSantis
    2019-01-20 20:14

    Man this series remains one of the best New52 comics that I completely missed years ago. So this volume ties in with Death of the Family, which is one of my favorite Batman arcs ever. So I was excited to get Damien's story on it. We also get a two part arc at the start of Damien setting up little reminders for his father so his dad has to go on a hunt. It's cute, adorable, and real father and son loving. The last issue deals with the fallout of death of the family and you get to see Bruce/Damien/Alfred deal with their nightmares. What I liked: The start of this volume is great. Really gets you to like Damien. I then love when Joker meets Damien and they go head to head. They've done this before in Batman and Robin in Morrison run and it was great but here it's even better. Damien has to face his fear and fight his father jokerized. I really like the Death of the Family issue in here. If you haven't read death of the family arc in Main batman line I'd recommend reading that first. What I didn't like: The last issue felt little weak in comparison. The nightmares seemed to be a little forced, not very compelling, not huge insight into the character that I expected. Overall I loved the HELL out of this volume as I did the previous ones. I really hope this series continuing being as good as it is. I expect it will be due to Peter being the writer. He never lets me down.

  • Joseph
    2018-12-28 21:37

    This week with the Shallow Comic Readers Buddy read: Batman!Seriously, I'm kinda tired of the New 52 Joker. Blah-blah-blah, blah blah-blah-blah.Has there ever been a more chatty villain? Seriously, Joker, STFU. Like NOW.The first story in this collection was cute and gave me what I was wanting: some more father/son dialog between Bruce and Damian. It made me smile, all was well, then that dastardly tie-in to the Death of the Family story from Batman.Joker was such a chatty Cathy that I ended up skimming that issue because of the mind-numbing dialog. Then, yet another reprint of the Batman denouement issue that ended with all of the Bat family pissed off at Batman. Ok, I'm thinking, we'll get something out of this, some growth in the relationship between Batman and Robin, but nope. Nothing happens and things are back to normal in the next issue. I am so annoyed, I don't even know what happened after the Joker stuff. Just lost interest, didn't care.Gleason's art is great as always, and that sells the book. But that's about all it has going for it.

  • Gavin
    2019-01-17 01:31

    I would probably lean towards 3.5 stars on this, but not quite 4.Of course, with "Death of the Family" you know it's going to include BATMAN #17, which I've now read...5+ different times in different TPBs? It's a damn good book, one of the best individual Batman/Joker issues of all time...BUT, I've read it a ton in the last year.I really enjoyed the first story arc, where Damian sends Bruce on a round the world wild-goose chase after some family memories, which seems very sweet, and it actually is. Of course, Damian uses this opportunity to patrol Gotham as pint-sized Batman, which is fun on it's own. Eventually Bruce catches on to it, or maybe he knew all along and Alfred just pushed him to let the boy do it. It's an even more bittersweet story arc when you know what is coming for the Waynes.Leading up to #17, we've got Damian and the Joker tete-a-tete, which is interesting, and I'm pretty impressed that he nearly holds his own against the Clown Prince.In the aftermath of it all, Damian, Bruce and Alfred all suffer nightmares, which are fairly vivid.I really enjoyed the artwork by Patrick Gleason here; great use of colours, especially Yellow/Orange/Red and Black.A solid collection, gives us a good chunk of Damian and Bruce.Get this review and more at:

  • StoryTellerShannon
    2019-01-06 01:34

    The treasure hunting early on was nice but the Joker stuff felt off in plotting. Great artwork, though, and I do like to see the Joker in Batman tales. OVERALL GRADE: B

  • Koen
    2019-01-11 01:24

    Hmm, well, too bad this awkward volume exists... Very strange volume picking up on too many different angles:Okay, since it's called "Death of the family", I knew this was coming, the same story from Batman, Volume 3: Death of the Family.. Good story of course, but it felt like a repeat..Secondly we had the dream issue.... Nope, sorry, that didn't cut it for me (except for Alfred's dream, and definitely the last frame ;))And to save the best for last, we had a very special treat: Batman Damian! :D While he's playing around with his dad, sending him off to where ever, his "The night is mine"speech sure will give you a sense of what he's up to... Liked this part the most!So, to conclude: a lot is happening in this volume, and it's definitely worth checking out!

  • Jesse A
    2018-12-23 17:38

    Man, this title is awesome! I hate to admit it being a Superman guy but this title and Snyder's main Batman title are the 2 best in all of the New 52. I do have to say however this 'Death in the family' stuff is some twisted stuff. Good, twisted stuff.

  • Donovan
    2019-01-16 21:16

    Well, that was a bit disjointed. While I enjoyed DOTF more in the Batman series, it felt really off kilter here. The first story is tender, then there's DOTF that crushes like a bulldozer of overwriting, and the third story is just a series of interesting but pointless dreams. The first story features Damian sending Bruce on a scavenger hunt across Europe while he goes out on patrol by himself and wearing, interestingly, a crude version of his future costume. It's a short tale, but it's cute and warmhearted of Damian in his choice of clues and rewards, dealing with nice memories or mementos from Bruce's childhood and past. See, Damian isn't an asshole anymore. Jeezus, though. Death of the Family goes on and on here and is far less interesting than in its full version by Snyder and Capullo. So much dialog it's dizzying. Gleason and Gray absolutely destroy it with the artwork. And the first and last stories are pretty good. Maybe skip over DOTF if you've already read it elsewhere.

  • Kyle
    2019-01-16 20:19

    Oh man!!! I promised I wouldn't let myself get suckered into loving Damian Wayne as Robin.... but after a collection like this one, it is seriously difficult not to love that kid!! Dang!The scavenger hunt that Damian sends Bruce on is killing my frozen heart! Such sweetness! Such adorability! And the father/son relationship is really showing playboy Bruce Wayne in a different, more likeable light (I was getting so tired of that playboy schtick).Robin vs. Joker (the bulk of this short collection) is also very sweet because it shows how faithful and committed Damian is to his father and the Batman cause. And finally, the "nightmares" story is a neat way to show the residual fears that Bruce, Damian, and Alfred have after defeating the joker. Not great, a little sentimental, but still a good read.Sigh. Because I know what is going to eventually happen to Robin, right? And I don't want to have to be emotionally invested in it.... I guess there is no turning back now. Stupid little ten year old, working his way into my heart... Harrumph!4/5

  • Blindzider
    2018-12-26 19:43

    Another nice, solid entry into this series.The first couple issues feature a story where Damian wants to play Batman while Bruce is away, yet gave some heartfelt reasons to lure Bruce away. It really helps to win you over to Damian, a son trying to win his father's (the reader's) approval.There's a crossover issue with the Death of the Family story, followed by the final issue of that crossover. It serves to show you just how Damian does in a one-on-one with the Joker and further cements the relationship with his dad.Lastly, there's a "dream" issue which I really enjoyed for a couple of reasons. They always serve to give you a peek into some of the character's fears and in this case, it also shows you that with all of the crazy, evil things they see (Bruce, Damian and Alfred) they are still human and have nightmares and that there is a cost to what they do. An elegant touch of humanism to the trio.

  • Sud666
    2019-01-18 21:42

    I was hoping with this Death in the Family volume to figure out how Damien died, but that was not to be. I did get a very good Joker story though. I am a big fan of the Joker, and if he is done well- there are few characters who can match his dark, diabolical and utterly insane ways of mayhem. Batman goes on a trip and Robin takes the time to wear an outfit that makes him look like Bat-mite. But all is not well, the Joker somehow (it never says HOW exactly) manages to capture anyone and everyone associated with Batman- from Red Robin to Nightwing to Red Hood... trust me the whole damn Bat family is captured. Kinda makes you wonder how these imbeciles survived all this time. But anyways, lets not interrupt an otherwise decent story. Actually what makes this story decent is the Joker. His ramblings go the measure of brilliant to batty, pun intended. I appreciated the nod to the Killing Joke when Joker laments the ONE time he did get Batman to laugh at one of his jokes in the rain. Well done. I also enjoyed his fascinating back and forth with Batman where he questions why Batman never just kills him and it reminds me of the darker vision of the symbiosis between Joker and the Dark Knight.The artwork is well done. But don't get this story because of the large-and-ever growing Bat family- because that part of the story is poorly written with no explanations of how these supposedly smart heroes ALL got taken by the Joker; don't read this story because of Batman- he spends most of it wandering around the world weeping over his dead parents and then shows up captured; No- read it because of the Joker! There is brilliance in his ramblings. He makes many points that ought to make Batman uncomfortable. So if you are a Joker fan this is a good comic for you. If you like Batman or Robin (Damien) and want to see how cool and smart they are- avoid this one since they all end up as dullards completely taken in by the Joker and LUCKY that the madman chooses not to kill them to be alive (and have faces). If that's your thing- go read the far,far,far better Batman and Robin Vol 3 by GRANT MORRISON.

  • Relstuart
    2019-01-12 00:42

    Death of the family tie ins. Some repeat material from the Snyder run to make the story make sense, which means if you bought the Snyder volume with Death of the Family you have some of this material already. The only really original work was the opening story where Damian sends Bruce and Alfred on a scavenger hunt into their past.

  • Vanessa ♛Queen Alchemy ϟ Novel Nerd Faction♛
    2019-01-20 23:15

    This review MAY contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.This volume was middle of the road for me. The scene with Damian and the Joker was okay. Not terrible by any means, but nothing to really wow me. The scene with Damian tricking Bruce by sending him on a scavenger hunt around the world while he stays home and patrols as Batman was kind of cute. I honestly didn't care for the dream sequence. I have never been a huge fan of those if I'm being truthful. They definitely show the state of mind that the characters are in, but overall it felt like a waste of time reading it. The dinner table scene with the Joker in the Batman issue was the best thing about this volume. I really loved the Death of the Family on the Batman side. If that Batman issue was not included in this volume I likely would have rated lower than four stars. If you are more of a Batman fan than a Robin fan then I would skip this volume and stick to the Batman Death of the Family trade paperback. If you are a Robin fan then you may find this one enjoyable. More reviews on my blog: Novel Nerd Faction

  • SarahKat
    2019-01-05 17:40

    Batman and Robin: Death of the Family really delves into the connections of Bruce Wayne. It opens with Damian tricking Bruce into touring Europe where he finds little pieces of his parents' lives together before (and shortly after) Bruce is born. I expected Bruce to punish Damian in some way for patrolling alone while he was gone, but instead he says he trusts him. That was a sweet father/son moment. Then of course, the "Death of the Family" section highlights the question the general public has been asking for decades: why is the Joker still around? No one really wins.

  • Matt Garcia
    2019-01-16 00:32

    This series is surprising the hell out of me. It’s really damn good. I expected to enjoy it but I didn’t expect it to be so fun, well written and beautifully drawn. We continue to explore the father-son relationship with Bruce and Damian here and the Joker comes to crash the party as always. Good stuff.

  • Ivy
    2018-12-30 17:14

    5 starsNice to see that Bruce and Damian are bonding. Damian's scavenger hunt was very thoughtful. Hope they will be able to reconcile. Death of the Family was very creepy and sad. Wonder what the Joker's real identity is.Can't wait to read Batman and Robin, volume 4: Requiem for Damian!!!

  • Jenny Clark
    2019-01-09 23:39

    Creepy Joker! The rest of the stories were pretty good too, but some just seem like filler. Good filler, but still.

  • Tony Laplume
    2019-01-17 01:25

    This third collection of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's remarkable run on Batman and Robin is a strong argument for the comic book format in general, actually.Comic book fans tend to read the stuff in monthly installments. They also tend to read more than one series. A character like Batman, of course, will have several series running at the same time. They're not always strictly coordinated in their storytelling. Particularly in recent years, aside from crossover events. Last year a truly remarkable confluence occurred, however, and it happened in the pages of Batman and Robin.This is not the series that receives the most buzz, mind you. Scott Snyder's Batman does, and it receives some of the best sales, too. Grant Morrison's Batman Incorporated was coming to an end, too, at that time, and Morrison had a big surprise waiting. And as I said, it's in the pages of Batman and Robin where things really came together, and this volume of material is crucial in understanding how that happened.Three out of the five issues in the collection are tie-ins to the title event from Snyder's series, in which the Joker returns to torment Batman into rejecting the concept of having close allies, calling them burdens more than assets (in the selfish hope of monopolizing the Dark Knight's attention). Tomasi's contributions are all part of what he'd been doing all along in his series, though, exploring the conflicting emotions that course through Batman and especially his son Damian, the title Robin. Joker is a creepy presence, as he is in this incarnation, and Gleason keeps him creepy indeed.But that's not the best material in the collection. In fact, arguably it's not even the reason this collection should be known for the subtitle Death of the Family. And that's how Tomasi brilliantly orchestrates this lesson in comic book writing.The first issue included in the collection is Batman and Robin Annual #1, a story that sees Damian spread his wings a little, having his dad travel around Europe reminiscing about family while he spends time in Gotham flying solo. (The completely unstated link of all Damian's memories he has Batman relive center on Bruce Wayne's mother Martha, thereby emphasizing the importance of mothers in Damian's life, significant because of the looming shadow of his own, who happens to be Talia Head, daughter of Ra's al Ghul.)The last issue is an extended dream sequence. If you read it on its own, you'd probably think it was pretty much throwaway material. But context is everything. And this is where the collection truly becomes masterful. It's a story about family, as with the whole collection, Batman and Damian and butler Alfred, who became increasingly important in the dynamic. The final page is heartbreaking, once you know what's coming.You need to read the first volume of this series, and then the second, and then you'll be begging to read the fourth. This is a series that unlocks the potential of comic book storytelling, especially the kind that features superheroes. Often you'll hear people heaping the most praise on comics that feature anything but, the unspoken suggestion being that superheroes can't make for truly great comics. Read only this series. Or read it in concert with others. Read it issue by issue. Read it collection by collection. It becomes the very definition of must-read. No, fans tend to direct their Batman attention elsewhere. But this is where they should be looking.

  • Octavi
    2019-01-20 19:30

    Entretenido y ya. La historia del Joker está repetida en la serie de Batman.

  • Batastrophe
    2019-01-16 22:29

    Tomasi and company just keep getting it right. In volume three, we pick up where volume two left off by further exploring Damian's growing relationship with his father. At the beginning of this series, Bruce was concerned that Damian was too violent, too uncut, but really the heart of their problems wasn't Damian's violence, it was a failure for the two of them to communicate, and especially a failure of understanding and trust. Damian doesn't want to change who is to meet Bruce's standards, and as the series has progressed we see them coming to understand one another and meet in the middle. What I appreciate the most about this series is Tomasi's ability to bring that emotional touch to the story--so often in comics, I see everything get completely wrapped up in the next ridiculous plot, the next villain of the month, etc, and the development of the characters often suffers for it. But Tomasi understands that in order for anyone to come to enjoy Damian as a character, he needs to grow in an emotional story. The first story is a thing of beauty. What I probably love the most about how Tomasi writes Damian is how he manages to perfectly balance the fact that he is a supremely dangerous person who is fully capable of maiming and murdering people, but he's also still a ten year old boy. We get such delightful scenes as Damian having the run of the manor while Bruce and Alfred are away:(While the cat's away the mouse will play, etc. etc...and let's be honest, who hasn't done something as equally fun and ridiculous as this when they get the house to themselves? I also just love all the little details, like Damian wearing Bruce's giant bathrobe, the milk in the wineglass, etc.) Tomasi really understands how to get us all to fall in love with this tiny assassin, and it's brilliantly done here.The final issue in the volume is another beautiful one. Exploring the different dreams and nightmares of Alfred, Bruce, and Damian, it's a journey that's all at once action-packed, psychological, and emotive. A+ work again. In a somewhat unfortunate turn of events, the book is interrupted mid-way through by the Death of the Family arc, which in my opinion is much better read outside of the individual trades. Presented within the larger stories being told in each of the trades, it really comes out of nowhere and disturbs the narrative flow. The crossover issues are passable, but are clearly distracting from the larger theme of the book and the series. Overall, excellent work on the annual and issue #17. The Death of the Family arc drags it down a little, but as the team was beholden to a cross-over event, I can easily forgive it.

  • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)
    2019-01-19 19:23

    I really thought this was a pretty strong volume. I enjoyed the pre-Joker centric part of the story, in which Damian sends Bruce on a sentimental scavenger hunt, so that he can dress up as Batman. He thinks that when Bruce sees what a good job he did, he'll decide Damian is more than just a kid to protect and order around. I liked that the places he sent him had to do with Bruce's parents, and the life he had with them as an infant, their honeymoon, etc. I also enjoyed the interactions between Bruce and Alfred on their trip through Europe, following the "clues." Alfred's sorjourn in the theater with his old friends ends the issue on a fun (and funny) note! :) After that it's all about the Joker and the terrifying things he's been doing. I liked the representation of the storyline in this one. I got a different angle then Teen Titans, which was very much at a distance, and I could finally see a little bit what the hype is all about in terms of the overall DOTF. I still have yet to read the main story in the Batman Vol. 3, so I'll reserve final judgement. The table sequence was just retread, but the nightmares of Bruce, Alfred and Damian afterwards were trippy and very believable. All in all, an interesting volume and a throughly enjoyable read.Favorite Quotes/Conversations #1:Alfred: "For the record, I have seen you cry many times: over your lost binky, the ant farm you dropped in the fourth grade, and, I believe, the end of 'The Natural' and 'The Magnificent Seven' when--"Bruce: "Charles Bronson saves those kids. Mention that again and you're fired."Also, (after the Joker's defeat, with Alfred on bedrest, and being given a bell by Bruce to ring for assistance) #2:Alfred: "You will promptly take this back, Sir, or heaven help me I will wrap this IV pole around your--"Bruce: "One ding for food. Two for a drink. Three for a real, drink."Alfred: "Go to Hell."[image error]Oh Alfred, you're so hilarious! :D

  • Nicola Mansfield
    2019-01-10 21:13

    This is my first time reading "Batman & Robin" and I've jumped in here because I'm reading the whole "Death of the Family" arc to see how DC actually plays out a crossover storyline like this between all the different series. So far I've read Catwoman and Batgirl and this makes the third book. (Though I've now read Batman by the time this review is published) From these books I know that the Joker is torturing the Bat-family and I know who dies but that death hasn't happened yet; it has only been relayed in a phone call. One chapter has appeared in two books but in different lengths.Surprisingly, this volume has very little new to add to the "Death in the Family" arc. Not having read the previous volumes I feel like I'm missing something here but the book starts off with Damien playing at being Batman to prove something to Bruce and all the while Bruce, I think, is in on what he is doing. So there are some crimes and superhero action going on with vague references here and there to Batman's past.When the Joker comes along to do his torture session of Robin it's pretty gruesome. Love the artist's take on the new Joker's look! Then things got a little weird for me going back to the 1700s, back to the present, two Batmans and Professor Pyg? After this psychedelic run we're back to the famous scene I've already read in Batgirl where Joker has the entire family captured. Love this part! It's cut a little different than the first time I read it but I'm really looking forward to reading it again and finding how each member works their way to the party (heehee). Then we end off with another fairly psychedelic issue with Damien, Bruce and Alfred all having frightening dreams. A scary ending paired with a touching father/son moment.A strange book I must say. It does nothing to make me want to read this particular title further. I'm glad I read it though as in the grand scheme of things it's important to have some knowledge of Damien in this story arc.

  • Matt Raymond
    2018-12-29 17:34

    If you've read the Death of the Family arc already, then this is kind of a waste of time. The story is good, but I read it twice already. I include the dream epilogue at then end with my disclaimer. So it's unfortunate that the ONE NEW THING in this book is terrible.Damien sends Bruce on a nostalgic scavenger hunt that I'm surprised he fell for. Meanwhile, Damien beats up people and it's irritating. Not because of his dialogue, but his selfish reasons for doing it. I felt like the only reason he sent Bruce away was to take over for him. Not because he liked him or wanted to give him a break. It was just because he wanted to fight crime alone and on his own terms. Way to go completely ass backwards in the self development department.And that's it. Nothing new, so really I felt like I wasted a lot of time waiting for this to get sent to me just so I could read something that took me maybe 10 minutes. And really, it didn't shed light on anything, other than I think Tomasi needs to stop with the sappy & far between family bonding moments and actually try and create a character arc WITHIN the entire storyline. I know, it's crazy but we can write it. We have the technology.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-01-14 20:22

    The opening issue here is the Annual which has Damian playing Batman whilst Bruce is galavanting across the world on a wild goose chase. It's good fun, if a little overly long, but it does show how much heart Damian has developed and how much he wants to impress and be loved by his father.The Death of the Family issues in this volume take on a whole new meaning having read the rest of the series; I'd read them separately as part of the Death of the Family collection, but they resonate a lot better with the themes of the book having read the rest of the series.The final issue of the trade is by far the best, echoing the set-up of the #0 issue (an issue that most titles just used as a random filler story) and giving us some closure on the journey of Batman and Robin just in time for Damian's untimely death in Batman Incorporated. Plus, Alfred's little segment of the book is just plain awesome.

  • Quentin Wallace
    2019-01-19 18:22

    This volume starts out with a Death of the Family tie in, and even thought it featured The Joker, one of my all time favorite comic book villains, I still thought it was one of the weaker issues of the crossover. We do get to see Damian vs. The Joker, however, which was interesting. We also got a one shot that showed the dreams of Damian, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred, that seemed like just filler. Finally we got an annual which was a little more interesting as we see Damian investing Bruce Wayne's past in a more sentimental way that usual. Art was good as usual.Overall though, I found this the weakest volume of the series so far.

  • Michelle Cristiani
    2019-01-16 01:38

    I found this a little disconnected. The stories individually are pretty good. From a parent perspective I enjoy this title because it really highlights what it would be like to have a parent and kid be superheroes (like I would know). Here I find Batman a little more indulgent and Damian a little more compassionate than I'd expect, so it's a little off-character for me. But still fun. By far the best is the first story (is that the annual?). Everything else just seems repeated and/or thrown together.

  • Jase
    2019-01-20 18:25

    Who doesn't love when the Joker comes back for vengeance!? That's what I thought. The art is great and the story of Joker is amazing. He is the actual star of the book. Not drawn like most other artists makes it a nice treat.

  • Dan
    2019-01-08 17:33

    Mostly stuff from the Joker Death of the Family volume. The first part was the only difference.