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Have you ever wondered what Santa did before he was Santa? When Santa was young and needed a job, no one was looking for a man in a red suit to deliver gifts on Christmas. So Santa tried just about everything -- from a chimney sweep to a postman to a circus performer. But none of these worked out. It wasn't until he met a group of elves who helped him use all his specialHave you ever wondered what Santa did before he was Santa? When Santa was young and needed a job, no one was looking for a man in a red suit to deliver gifts on Christmas. So Santa tried just about everything -- from a chimney sweep to a postman to a circus performer. But none of these worked out. It wasn't until he met a group of elves who helped him use all his special talents, that Santa was able to find his dream job....

Title : How Santa Got His Job
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How Santa Got His Job Reviews

  • midnightfaerie
    2019-02-20 22:57

    A cute story about Santa growing up that is unlike anything you've ever read about Santa. How he met his reindeer, why he knows so much about chimneys, and his reason for weight gain are just some of the questions answered in this book. My 5 yr old really liked it but it had him questioning everything he knew about Santa. If you don't feel like answering a lot of unusual questions about Santa's life growing up, this book isn't for you. If, however, you approve of alternative stories regarding your favorite beloved characters, by all means, add this to your library. The kids will get a kick out of it.

  • Becky Tilton
    2019-03-20 01:42

    How Santa Got His Job is a wonderful children's picture book.This story would be a fictional cultural folktale. The story begins when Santa is a young man search for a job. He goes through quite a few jobs before finding his niche. This clever story shows the steps necessary for Santa to go through in order to become the legend which he is today. This would be great to use in the classroom. Activity #1:I would use it to show cause and effect (He worked at a zoo and met the reindeer.) It is also a great way to show how persistence pays off in the long run. The teacher could give the students imaginary situations and ask the students what the cause and effect of each situation would be. Activity #2:Another theme in this book is that jobs involve teamwork. Children should be taught to work together to accomplish large goals. Students could play games involvint teamwork. This book proves it. I really enjoyed this book!

  • Gina
    2019-03-02 00:56

    Even Santa needed to try a few jobs before finding what he was meant to do best!

  • Rebecca Palermo
    2019-03-17 00:46

    Summary: This is a story about Santa and how he got his job to deliver toys to all the children in the world in one night. The story goes through the various jobs Santa had before he got his job today and how they prepared him for what he does now. Evaluation: I chose to give this book four stars because I find it to be a fun, intriguing book for students. Most, if not all, students are aware of Santa Claus and what he does, so this book is quick to stark interest in the students. I liked how the book went through the numerous jobs Santa had before he found the job that he does today. With each job there are characteristics of the Santa that we hear about all the time. It teaches the students that everything they do in their lives is going to prepare them for their ultimate goal. Teaching:I would teach this book in the classroom around the holiday season. With this book, I would focus on teaching my students about the different jobs in the economy. For example, Santa was a chimney cleaner, baker, zookeeper, etc. before he was the Santa Claus the all know of today. I would ask my students to think about themselves and their interests and name some real world jobs they think they might enjoy doing.

  • Jamie
    2019-03-12 01:03

    A tad long winded for a three year old, but I liked the creative concept. I also like the illustrations.

  • Karen
    2019-03-14 01:57

    Krensky did a really nice job explaining how all of Santa's previous work experiences helped prepare him for his current occupation. My students enjoyed discussing the story.

  • Donna Mork
    2019-03-19 22:01

    Young Santa takes various jobs but gets let go each time. But each job teaches him something about his ultimate job, being Santa Claus.

  • Laurie
    2019-03-08 23:49

    Booklist starred (Vol. 95, No. 1 (September 1, 1998))Gr. 2-4, younger for reading aloud. This very funny picture book will best be appreciated by kids who know their Santa Claus lore--and no longer think he's real. The story begins with Santa as a young man, in jacket and tie, applying for jobs. He starts out by sweeping chimneys, but he stays too clean, so he moves into postal work. Problem: he likes to make deliveries in the middle of the night. Fired, Santa moves on to work in an all-night diner, where he piles on the pounds. Then he moves to the zoo, where he becomes friendly with the reindeer, after which Santa and the reindeer all join the circus and fly through the air. Elves rescue him from that job. Santa and the reindeer are taken to the North Pole, and--well, you know the rest. This is a wonderful wedding of text and art. The story is smart and funny, and Schindler knows exactly how to make his artwork play off the humor. It's particularly fun to watch the Santa aging process as he goes from an eager young job applicant to the jolly old Santa we know. Setting the boxed text against a background of want ads is also an inspired touch. Fun to look at, fun to read, fun to share with kids.Horn Book (Spring 1999)A young, redheaded Santa grows older (and rounder) as he tries and fails at a series of jobs--chimney sweep, mail deliverer, circus act, short-order cook--before finding the perfect career as gift-giver. Schindler's colored ink illustrations, framed on many pages by reprinted want ads, add an element of sly wit to the text's understated humor.School Library Journal (October 1998)PreS-Gr 2--A contemporary, funny, and truly original look at how Santa Claus acquired all the skills that have made him the great success he is today. As a young man, Santa wants no part of desks or offices. His first job is cleaning chimneys, and he is so good at getting up and down them that he never gets dirty. His second position is with the post office, delivering packages--but people dislike his zeal when he continues delivering into the night. Later, he cooks at an all-night diner (he gains a lot of weight), works at the zoo (he loves the reindeer best), and does a stint with the circus, where he meets elves who live "out of town and need someone to deliver toys." And, of course, the rest is history. Children will love the clever way in which the story builds, showing how Santa's diverse background prepared him perfectly for his Christmas Eve duties. Schindler's amusing, detailed ink drawings include full-page and half-page spreads, and are sometimes set in a white box against a background of want-ad newsprint, also featured on the endpapers. Krensky's spare text makes brilliant use of every word. A jolly choice for reading aloud during the holidays or as a spoof during career-study time.--LF

  • James Son
    2019-03-07 02:54

    This book tells the story on how the famous Santa Claus got his job in the first place. It first starts off with showing Santa Claus when he was young, and still looking for a job. He did not want to work in a office though, because he liked always being on the move. His first job was cleaning Chimneys. However, he got fired, because he never got dirty. The other workers all thought he was faking his job. Then he worked at a post office, but also got fired, because he delivered the packages too late. He worked at a diner, but ate all the sweets, so of course, Santa got fired once again. While Santa Claus was looking for jobs, he met friends like the reindeer at the zoo, and elves who enjoyed watching Santa in the circus. Then after Santa was invited to the elves house, he discovered what he can do. He saw all the toys the elves was making, and decided to share the toys all over the world. I thought this book was great. I feel like any child could relate to this book, because everybody knows who Santa Claus is. I thought it was pretty clever of the author to tell the story of how Santa Claus became to be. I also really enjoyed how all the different jobs relate to him gaining experience of becoming Santa. I think once the readers get the clue of how it all relates, it would really make them want to read even more. The author even showed how Santa Claus gained weight! He put in all the little details to perfectly illustrate the process of Santa becoming who he is today to all the children in the world. The pictures of this book was really well done. The author put in a little tweaks to make the book more creative. For example, like the first page, the background has the job listings to represent the young Santa looking for a job. Then the co workers who all got really dirty from working in the ceilings, while Santa is perfectly clean. I thought the pictures really captured what the characters were feelings. You could really feel the disgust and hatred the people felt to Santa as he kept screwing up his jobs. Also the way the pictures show how Santa Claus is aging and gaining weight through the story to become the image of the man we all know today, I thought was really well done. Overall, I thought this story was well written, and the pictures were beyond perfect.

  • Johna Brown
    2019-03-24 03:04

    Before reading this story to my class, I will ask them "Does anyone know who Santa is?" "How do you think he got the job as being Santa?" I really enjoyed reading this story. It is a good way to introduce Santa to your kids. It talks about the many jobs Santa had throughout his life. Santa was very good at all of his jobs. He worked cleaning the chimney. He was a postman where he learned to get around the town. He worked as a zookeeper where he met some of his greatest friends, the reindeer. Santa and the reindeer worked together at the circus. One day he met elves and they had a toy workshop. Santa got a job delivering free toys for the elves. As a teacher, I would use this story to teach students how to make predictions. I would demonstrate this by reading the title and making a prediction about the book based on the front cover. I would explain to my students that predictions require making new connections using prior knowledge. Predictions can be made by using the book title and illustrations on the front cover. Predicting is not a wild guess but a thoughtful hypothesis based on the clues provided. I would give the students 3 examples on how to make predictions. While reading the story aloud, I will stop and let students make predictions. I will take notes of the predictions so that we could see whether our predictions were correct. I will explain to my students that our predictions will change as we continue reading. Predictions change with the more information you receive. We will discuss and share our thoughts as a class.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-22 20:49

    THis was very cute and inventive. Of course, Santa wasn't always Santa - he had to work at lots of odd jobs before getting settled in his chosen career! In this book, he first works as a chimney swift (thus learning how to quickly get up and down chimneys), then as a postman (delivering packages!), then at a diner (where he samples the desserts all night long), then as a zookeeper (where he befriends the reindeer, of course!), and last at a circus getting shot out of the cannon (and he loves flying through the air!). Here some elves attend the circus and as his biggest fans invite him over for dinner, where he discovers they make loads of toys but have no one to hand them out, so of course he draws on all his experiences and it all comes together to be the story of Santa we all know and love!

  • Beth
    2019-03-12 03:57

    How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky is a wonderful children's picture book. This book would be good for children from ages Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Younger children who cannot read would enjoy just listening to the story. This book is a great cause and effect book. Santa got a job at the zoo and that's how he met his reindeer and Santa opened an all night diner and ate too much of the food and become bigger. This book is not for parents who do not want their children to believe in Santa. This book tells the story of how Santa got his job. It depicts Santa as a regular person trying to be productive in the real world and ultimately finding his true calling of being Santa Claus!

  • Jenny
    2019-03-08 02:50

    This is darling! Santa needs a job. He starts off as a chimney sweep but gets in trouble because he never gets dirty so they don't believe that he is doing his work. He tries out a series of other jobs: mail carrier, chef, circus performer and zookeeper. Each time he makes a "mistake" that leads him to lose his job. Finally, he finds the perfect job for him...becoming the Santa we all love. I like the illustrations and enjoyed the added touch that the background is the want ads of the newspaper.

  • Brooke Birchler
    2019-03-07 00:50

    This is a really cute story that talks about how Santa got his job. It goes through how he started out with one job, such as a chimney sweep, but he found out that didn't work for him so he moved on to another job. It then shows that he eventually decided to put his talents together to become Santa. This would be a good book to read to children so they get an understanding that just because they try at something and it doesn't work out doesn't mean they shouldn't try something again. They could learn to put all of their skills together.

  • Peggy
    2019-03-23 01:35

    Not bad actually. A fairly plausible modern-day story about how Santa sort of fell into his job. First he was chimney sweep, but there was a problem - he stayed too clean. Then he was a postman, he loved delivering packages, but there was problem the daytime traffic frustrated him so he started delivering at night and got in trouble. Then he worked at an all-night diner, but there was a problem - he gained too much weight.... etc. Really sort of works best for the 7-9 year old crowd, but my four year old still likes it. The pictures are really very detailed and good.

  • Tasha Johnson
    2019-02-27 03:51

    A Christmas picture book that is perfect for young students. The storyline explains all the jobs santa had to go through before becoming santa. Discussions in class can include different occupations and how they help our community. The reading level is more appropriate for K-3, but older elementary would enjoy the tale about Santa as well. This is one of the most creative Christmas storybooks I've read.

  • Jess
    2019-03-15 01:44

    You didn't think Santa just started out as a toy giver, did you? Find out what he tried when he was started out and why each of those things didn't work out.I like that all his previous jobs point out how perfect he is for his current job. That's fun and at least one of the kids figures this out.1st-3rd

  • Nayeli
    2019-02-21 20:35

    this book is about a man that gets alot of jobs but non of them are the right ones and then he gets a job at a zoo and he only likes the reindeers and the other animals are sad because they don't get love so then the man finds some little short poeple (elfs) and the elfs tell him if he wants to work as Santa Claus and the man says yes so thats how Santa got his job.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-16 23:50

    Another mom at storytime said that this book was hilarious when I was picking it up and I have to agree. It goes into all the odd jobs Santa had before his current gig, which gives some interesting and funny insights into how he got where he is today. Definitely fun and I'll probably check it out every year because I see it getting even more funny for DS as he gets older.

  • Alissa
    2019-03-11 20:01

    Have you ever wondered how Santa became qualified for his job as Santa? This book will take you through his various jobs from chimney sweeper to zookeeper. We loved the clever answers to our questions and looking at the pictures to see Santa's progression from a skinny red head to his jolly old self.

  • Patricia
    2019-03-18 03:37

    I really enjoyed being a witness to how Santa Claus got his job. It is amazing that all of his jobs had something in common with his greatest job of all. It was a joy to read. The story is really cute and the illustrations are nicely done.For those familiar with the Accelerated Reader Program, this is a level 3.5 book.

  • Chenoa Brown
    2019-03-06 00:38

    Good read for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Santa tries to a numerous amount of jobs to work. Fortunately he figures that he isbetter fit for giving gifts to those children who are nice. Good book, but it depends on the beliefs within the classroom.

  • Marcia
    2019-03-19 02:40

    It makes sense that Santa once worked as a chimney sweep, a delivery man, and a zookeeper. How else would he acquire the skills he needs to perform his yearly duties? The kindergartners loved this one.

  • Kathryn
    2019-02-20 21:36

    Quite a fun story about all the failed jobs that Santa attempted (learning valuable skills along the way!) that somehow leads him to becoming the Santa Claus we all know and love. You'll see early Santa as a chimney sweep, zookeeper and mailman! ;-) A delight!

  • Mandy
    2019-03-02 20:47

    Santa looked for the perfect job that he was good at and that didn't get him into trouble. He tried various jobs such as being a chimney sweep, a delivery man, a zookeeper, and other jobs until he discovered what he did best- being himself!

  • Stacy Renee(LazyDayLit)
    2019-03-01 00:52

    This was a pretty neat perspective on how Santa got his job. My only problem with it was that even though Santa seemed to come from our modern world with normal jobs like working with the Postal Service, there was never any mention of how the reindeer could fly!

  • Karen
    2019-03-12 01:54

    2014 - Enjoyable Christmas read. This is a fun story of the road it took for Santa to realize he was best fit for delivering packages to kids around the world. The job choices he went through perfectly fit what you would think Santa would have done. Well done.

  • Beverly Kay
    2019-02-22 02:40

    My kids and I love this one. It helps frame the Santa myth in a way that made sense to all of us and was great fun to boot. Did you know Santa had a stint as a post man? Or a chimney sweep? or a zookeeper?

  • Andrea Wick
    2019-03-21 20:46

    This story is how Santa got his job. He goes around and works at different places, all giving him unique skills that lead to him becoming Santa. This story would be good to use around the holiday times, you got to be care as to beliefs, however!

  • CRC Washburn
    2019-03-13 03:58

    Santa needs a job and goes through several ones before landing his perfect 'gig'. Postmaster, zoo-keeper, toy-maker, etc. This would be a wonderful book to use in conjunction with a lesson on 'community workers' or 'my community'. The reading level is about gr 2, but it would work as a read aloud.