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A novel of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll…and survival. In a rock band breaking through to global fame, the bass player must fight the drummer to save the band…and the lives of his friends.Unknown musician Reid Taylor is searching for his place in life. After his girlfriend dumps him, by a fluke he auditions for a new band, Conquest. Once Reid is on-board the band realize theyA novel of sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll…and survival. In a rock band breaking through to global fame, the bass player must fight the drummer to save the band…and the lives of his friends.Unknown musician Reid Taylor is searching for his place in life. After his girlfriend dumps him, by a fluke he auditions for a new band, Conquest. Once Reid is on-board the band realize they have something special--and fame and fortune beckon.But the moment Reid meets drummer Clay Hicks, he knows deep in his heart the guy is deadly dangerous--to himself and everyone around him. A reckless talent in the mold of Keith Moon and many other rockers who died far too young, Clay soon threatens to destroy the band just as they are becoming a massive success.Reid vows to protect the band--while also struggling to stay close emotionally to Kristy, the love of his life, whom he must leave behind when the band goes on tour.Can Reid keep the band together and become the person he is meant to be? As the band's success grows, Reid and Clay find themselves on a collision course that threatens everything and everyone Reid cares about.From the creator of the hit TV show Early Edition, CONQUEST shines emotional insight comparable to that of J.D. Salinger (CATCHER IN THE RYE) on the intense and amazing world of rock 'n' roll....

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Conquest Reviews

  • Tammy
    2019-02-06 22:38

    The tagline for Conquest, Vik Rubenfeld’s new novel, says it all: “The hardship and triumph of following your heart.” Told in a strong first-person voice by bass player Reid Taylor, Conquest is the story of a band’s rise from its stalled and humble beginnings to fame as live performers and recording artists. When the story opens, Reid’s girlfriend has just dumped him, and he tries to combat his anguish by going to an audition for a new band. By the end of the auditions, Reid is the new bass player, along with drummer Clay and guitarist Barry, who has enticed Reid with his powerful songwriting. The band soon finds a vocalist named Link who is up to the task of singing the complex songs, and the band is complete. Their journey to fame begins as they start playing small clubs, gain a fan base, and eventually get signed to a record deal and are asked to go on tour as support act for a band named Redwing. Their popularity on tour continues to increase, and when Conquest’s record comes out, fame and fortune seem certain for the band. The road to fame, however, is a rocky one. Clay is self-serving and reckless, and he continually cheats on the girlfriend that he left behind at home. Barry is a brilliant song-writer and musician, but he doubts his own ability to succeed in the business. Link is one of the more interesting characters, a man who was homeless before he joined Conquest, and who never assumes that he won’t end up that way again someday. And our narrator Reid, who has met the supposed love of his life shortly before going on tour, is trying to do the right thing by not sleeping with all the women who follow the band. With this mix of personalities, there’s bound to be trouble. And it isn’t too long before things start falling apart.I found the best parts of Conquest to be the evocative descriptions of the band creating and playing their music. Rubenfeld may or may not be a musician himself, but he clearly has an understanding of what it feels like to get lost in the act of creating. And choosing a bass player as the narrator was a good choice. As Reid says in the first chapter, “My bass was just like the anchor that kept the kite from flying off into the sky and getting lost.” He is the easy-going band member that tries to keep it all together, and for a while, he succeeds.While the male characters are mostly convincing, however, the female characters are not. Although this is a story about guys in a band, unfortunately for the female reader there is nary an interesting female character in sight. Every girl here is either somebody’s girlfriend or even worse, a one-night stand. Reid’s girlfriend Kristy gamely stays faithful as Reid and the band hit the road, but Reid is clearly tempted at every turn by the groupies who show up at their shows. Although he claims to be in love with Kristy and even wants to marry her, he has a hard time saying “no” to these women, and eventually he gives in to peer pressure and starts sleeping with them. This scenario is probably true-to-life, but it made Reid less likeable for me. And even though Clay’s girlfriend Leah knows he is cheating on her while touring, she still reacts violently when he finally breaks up with her. Stronger and more believable female characters would have made a welcome change of pace from the stereotypical rock band typecasting.Despite these flaws in characterization, and a rather far-fetched and violent ending, Conquest is an enjoyable read that gets to the heart of what music is all about: the joy of collaborating, the drive to keep going in a difficult industry, and the magic moments that happen to a group of musicians when everything comes together just right.

  • David Brown
    2019-02-07 22:14

    ’ve thought in the past about how cool it would be to be in a rock band. Imagine being young in a group like The Beatles where you don’t just wake up to fame and adoration but your every song is writing another chapter in the glorious history of music. Vik Rubenfeld’s Conquest tells the story of four young guys who form a band and find themselves hitting the big time, but with so many pressures for rock groups can they stay together and remain successful?The novel is told from the perspective of the bass player Reid Taylor. By luck he auditions for a band led by Barry who is the lead guitarist and leader of the group. The drummer is Clay who Reid dislikes and fears will lead the group to ruin. Finally, there is Link the enigmatic singer who ties the music of his three band mates together with his vocals. The quartet form Conquest and though they begin small they soon begin to rise to prominence, recording an album, enjoying no.1 singles, and taking part in the luxuries of the rock star lifestyle with the temptations of drugs, alcohol and sex never far away. However, will Reid’s fears about Clay prove right?Reid begins the novel having come out of a relationship and decides to audition for a band. He’s a great bass player and is soon recruited to join Conquest. He has a good relationship with Barry but the drummer Clay is a problem. In a long-term relationship with Leah, Clay has no issues about ignoring his girlfriend or being unfaithful to her. In many respects there is a divide between the group. Early in the novel Reid meets Kristy who he falls in love with and tries hard to remain faithful to when he’s on tour. Barry meets a girl he brings on stage called Risa and the two of them remain inseparable. While Clay has left Leah at home, he sleeps with groupies and fans, as does Link who has no desire for a serious relationship.Though there are conflicting personalities the quartet are capable of overcoming their differences and producing great music. Over time they pen classic songs which leave audiences mesmerised and with their fame comes money, rich homes and lots of partying. While Barry has Risa with him, Reid has to endure months away from Kristy and he is torn about the life he leads. On the one hand fame and fortune are great, but not being with Kristy hits him hard and the regular flirtations of groupies do not help his loneliness. With one album completed Conquest soon move onto their second work along with touring but the wheels are coming loose and tragedy is not far away.Conquest is a very quick read, more a summary of the band’s rise and fall really. I did enjoy many elements of this but for me the ending was far too abrupt. It was a very tragic conclusion and there is an air of inevitability when rock stars live fast as some of the members of Conquest do. Somehow the end didn’t fully work for me. While the tragedy was acknowledged Reid was able to find many consolations which seemed somewhat selfish and cold. The novel could have been longer and dealt with a more gradual breaking apart of the group before its hard hitting ending.Conquest is an okay account of a rock group’s rise from humble origins to global superstars with the many vices and temptations being on tour can bring. The novel suffers with being too short and ending too suddenly in my opinion but rock music fans may well disagree. The ending is apt in the respect that anything good can very quick end.

  • Rachel
    2019-01-22 01:34

    Conquest is the story of a band. It's also about love. Reid Taylor plays bass and tells the story. When he meets Kristy, he knows she's "the one." Barry is the role model leader and main guitarist. When he meets Risa, they think they might be soul mates. Clay is the drummer, who lives with his high school sweetheart. They might not belong together, and can't take care of each other. Link is the singer, who never commits to one girl, and never wants to be married, settle down, or have kids. They all love the free life, and music consumes their lives. This book is sad. The ending is shocking and ungraceful. People who don't deserve it get hurt and bruised. Some die, and some are left behind. There is a lack of morals among the band members, who think they can own a woman for one night and get away with it. It's about discovering secrets and hidden motives, before it's too late. It's hard to see the real love in this book; I don't know if the characters ever figure it out. I don't know where the afterward takes them. My favorite part of this book is when Barry and Risa meet. It's on the cover. Barry brings a random girl who happens to be Risa up on stage and dances with her. And falls in love with her. She connects well with Leah and Reid, and is a bright, beautiful girl. She contrasts to Kristy, who is shy and doesn't know what she wants for her future. These women all their love men, and it's sad to see their hearts get broken. This was not my favorite book, but I didn't hate it. I feel very indifferent about it, actually. You could say I'm neutral about it, which is odd, because a book almost leaves me feeling something. I think it's perhaps because I don't know what to think of Reid's story. As I said before Conquest is only the story of a band. Note: I recieved this book from the author in exchange for a free review. This in no way affected my review.

  • L.E.Olteano
    2019-02-10 06:28

    Originally posted on Nov 26 2012 at Butterfly-o-Meter Books:I'm not a memoir passionate, that's the first thing I'll tell you. There was one memoir-like book I was ever tempted to read, and that was Steven Job's, but I never got around to actually reading one either. I've read some memoirs that I connected with, but not many. Like maybe two.The make or break for me is character, I'm either going to connect with the main in the first five lines of the book or not at all. I've always been a 'first thirty pages' kinna girl, meaning I give any book those first thirty pages to draw me in and if it's no go by then, then it's a no go. I didn't connect with the character of this story and I gave up at around 15%.The writing was light and fun, easy to read. If I would have connected with the story or character this might have gone a completely different way, but as it is it just didn't work out. You know how you go on a first date with someone, they're very nice, do and say all the right things, but the spark just isn't there? That's what happens for me with books, too. If there's no spark then we just have to move on, both of us.If you're into band-life stories you might want to give it a try, it will surely work better for you.

    2019-01-22 22:30

    Reviewed on Alexa Loves Books.The novel was interesting, though it had a semi-unreliable narrator in Reid. Because everything was told solely from his point of view, we only see things as he saw them or as defined by his relationship with the other characters. Reid certainly had strong opinions and an interesting thought process though.I liked reading about the life of a band - how things started, what dynamics might exist between the members, and what happened on tour. I feel like it would have been an extra bonus in the story’s favor if some of the band’s songs or even lyrics were included.The author did a wonderful job of writing the story in the voice of his character, so it came across as a very personal account. It was confusing at times, with the abrupt change of events or wandering off in thoughts, but overall, it was a quick, easy read.

  • Joyce Yanney
    2019-02-12 00:33

    A bands rise and fall. Story told by bass player Reid. Reid leaves girlfriend behind as he goes with a band he joins. Guitarist Barry is the songwriter. Falls in love with Risa. Takes her on the road with the group. Clay is the drummer. I f there is to be trouble it would be with him, he is not to be trusted. Link is the vocalist. He has no ties to anyone or thing, and wants it to stay that way. Along the way up they make a record and they rise to fame and fortune. With this mix of individuals things come a part. Clay and Reid have differences which threatens everyone and everything he cares about. Reid tries to keep it all together. The ending was a surprise, not what I expected. I enjoyed the book. A good read.

  • John Hayes
    2019-02-02 03:37

    Conquest. If you only read one novel in a year, read Conquest, and read it now. Why?Conquest on the surface is a simple rock-n-roll band story, but, fact of the matter is Vik Rubenfeld has added character and emotional depth (aka insight) to a simple "rock-n-roll makes it band" story.I enjoy reading what is being said and what is not being said. I enjoy a good simple read, especially a story with depth. What pleasantly surprised me is Vik Rubenfeld accomplished depth, character, plot, and most of all insight.Conquest taught me another area of life’s complicated and subtle emotions.Reading Conquest was and is a real joy and pleasure, something a good novel is supposed to do! Conquest goes on my read again list,Thank you Vik Rubenfeld.

  • LiteraryChanteuse
    2019-01-21 02:30

    An interesting view from the eyes of a bass player who has just joined a band and all the steps leading up to a tour, album(can I still say that)release and first taste of success. I really liked the character Reid. He reminded me of many musicians that I have known in my lifetime all rolled into one. Those early struggling artist years...I know so well. I was able to relate but for a reader who has not gone down this particular path it is an honest insight. The story has a steady rhythm without a lot of highs and lows but I found I was still compelled to keep reading. An epilogue could have given more of a conclusive ending but otherwise I enjoyed it and give it a 3.5 stars.

  • Yelania Nightwalker
    2019-02-03 04:39

    The descriptions are very good and is something worth say. However, there was something, I'm not entirely sure why I simply stayed out of the story. The male characters stand out, have the force and that motivated me to keep reading. The ending was not what I expected yet I liked the story.

  • Misty
    2019-01-30 05:12

    This was not my favorite but it was enticing. I lived in the 80's with the sex drugs and rock and roll. It was interesting to review another side of this life style.

  • Andrea
    2019-01-19 04:28

    Regretably, I can not get into this book. I may try against soon. We'll see.