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London, 1817Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft is intoxicating. His hands know just where to touch her, his lips know just how to trip her pulse, and his body knows just how to bring about every forbidden desire Lindsay Dunsfield has ever felt. He's the one man that's owned her heart...and he shattered it two years ago. Returned to London on assignment with the War Office, JonathLondon, 1817Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft is intoxicating. His hands know just where to touch her, his lips know just how to trip her pulse, and his body knows just how to bring about every forbidden desire Lindsay Dunsfield has ever felt. He's the one man that's owned her heart...and he shattered it two years ago. Returned to London on assignment with the War Office, Jonathan's mission is hindered by a love he cannot forget. One scorching kiss reignites the flames of their passion, but he inadvertently drags Lindsay into a mire of murder and deception that hits closer to home than she ever would have dreamed. In a world where Lindsay can trust no one, will she find renewed faith in the last place she expected to look?...

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Confessions of Love Reviews

  • Farrah
    2019-03-25 04:12

    Thrilling mystery, sweet romance, and a plot to catch a traitor. Confessions of Love was a fantastic historical romance. I loved this book!Lindsay was a great heroine. She is incredibly loyal to her loved ones and, if saving them involves marrying a nasty old man, then that's what she's going to do. She was determined to clear her brother's name and to hell with the danger. She was very much a character defined by her love for other. That is what guides every one of her actions. But, that also made her susceptible to being manipulated by others. For example, why would her family feel like it was totally okay to sacrifice her for their own good? My only complaint about her was that she didn't trust Jonathon to take care of everything that he promised to take care of. He never gave any indication that he would break his word. Otherwise, I thought she was a lovely character.Jonathan was also wonderful. He was so sweet. He a very determined character. He was dead set on proving the innocence of Lindsay's brother and freeing Lindsay from her engagement to a traitorous old man. Nothing was going to stop him, not even a risk to his own life. He was a strong, clever, and very sweet hero. I really liked him.The romance was lovely. Lindsay and Jonathon were very sweet together. They might have been separate for 2 years, but they still loved each other. And, there were certainly sparks between them, made even greater by years of unfulfilled longing. I thought they were a wonderful couple.The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way though. The thrills were nonstop as the mystery of who the real traitor went on. I was on the edge of my seat with all the secrets and surprises and betrayals. The truth of who was behind the plot was a huge surprise that I only began to suspect a few pages before the reveal. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.Confessions of Love was a fantastic historical romance. I loved this book! It was thrilling, romantic, and kept me completely hooked. Lovers of historical romance, this is a book you don't want to miss.*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Em
    2019-03-16 05:15

    Emily’s verdict on… “Confessions of Love” by Melissa Blue In which two hot young things solve crimes and rekindle their romance. I have a weakness for historical romance. Perhaps it's because I'm interested in finding out about societies with more elegant customs or perhaps it's simply because it is an excuse for more dashing men and gorgeous dresses. Melissa Blue’s “Confessions of Love” is a great example of a Regency Romance done right. Lindsay Dunsfield is a pretty society belle about to marry the elderly and relatively unattractive Lord Harold to save her disgraced family from financial ruin. That is until her plans are ruined when her old flame Jonathan Rycroft returns – and shoots her fiancé! Jonathan must work hard to prove to her and the police that he was framed, and that Lord Harold’s intentions are far less innocent than they seem.Melissa Blue evokes the glittering world of high society during the Regency which is common in these sorts of novels. Interestingly, she also ventures into the seedy criminal underbelly of London, creating an interesting contrast. I particularly liked Lindsay because she had the sort of dry sense of humour which I always enjoy reading. For example, her reply when Jonathan is on the run for shooting her fiancé:“Keep your voice down. Every runner out of Bow Street Station is prowling the streets tonight.” “Haven’t you heard? There is a murderer on the loose.” The writing style took me a while to warm to. At the beginning, I found it difficult to make sense of and sidetracked by unnecessary details, like so:‘Lindsay Dunsfield cringed as the dull feminine roar emanating from the nursery reached an unprecedented raucousness. Warily she eyeballed an errant silver pin rolling beneath the closed white door. Heaven help us, tonight is sure to be a disaster.’ I’m still not entirely sure I know what’s going on in that sentence. Also, the author had a habit of unceremoniously dropping information about the characters into the narrative rather than letting the reader come to their own conclusions. ‘Much like her late brother, Lindsay was wildly brilliant with a sharp wit, though most never saw past her quiet disposition and intoxicating kindness. Children of all ages adored her and people often took advantage of her good nature… Particularly her mother and sisters.’But I found that as the story really got into gear and the thriller subplot started, the writing got much crisper. “Confessions of Love” is an enjoyable romance-thriller with plenty of twists. It will keep you guessing – not just about whether the hero and heroine will be able to recover their previous romance, but also about how Jonathan will prove his innocence. Exciting, pacy and fun to read.

  • Angie
    2019-03-27 04:19

    I received an ARC through NetGalley.Confessions of Love is full of treason, betrayal, espionage and ravishing! Well, there's not enough ravishing for my liking, but it is there. Lindsay's family is on their way to the poor house thanks to bad business investments. Their name has also been tarnished thanks to being linked to treasonous events. Events which got her brother killed. Now her father is on his death bed, leaving it up to Lindsay to marry well and save her mother and sisters from becoming destitute. She's currently (kind of) engaged to a much older man, but then her ex-fiance and love of her life reappears and shoots him at a ball. Lindsay is soon swept up in dangerous plots and thrust back into her lover's arms.I really love enemies to lovers romances, but Confessions of Love does one better: lovers to enemies to lovers! Lindsay believes that Jonathan was involved in her brother's murder as well as the reason her family's finances are dwindling. Two years later and she's grown to hate the man she once loved, but now he's back and he needs her help to clear his name as well as her brother's. Lindsay is bombarded with a slew of new information, most of it conflicting with that she thought she knew, and now the only person she can trust is the man who broke her heart. Of course, she agrees to help and they fall back in love. They have two steamy scenes together, but it wasn't enough. One thing I absolutely love about Historical Romances is the tension! The hero and heroine always want each other, get caught up, and then stop for propriety's sake, but eventually succumb to their passions. Well, there was one scene of lusting and stopping, soon to be followed by the ravishing. I wish a scene of Jonathan proving that he can "make love without mussing [her] hair" had been included.I quite liked Confessions of Love. It was exciting and dangerous! There were lots of twists along the way, which made it a little confusing, but I still enjoyed it. I did like the mystery plot better than the romance, which was a shame. Lindsay spent too much time telling Jonathan that he can't provide for her family even after he tells her several times that he can. I did like how loyal she was to her family, but that point seemed very dragged out. However, she really shines during the investigation. Lindsay is no damsel in distress and almost single handled figures out exactly what's been going on right under her family's noses. So if you're looking for a quick Historical Romantic Suspense that is light on the romance and heavier on the suspense, I'd recommend Confessions of Love.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Love Reading Romance
    2019-03-22 03:13

    Confessions of Love is the story of Lindsay Dunsfield, the eldest of the Dunsfield daughters, who must marry to save her family from impending financial ruin. With the security of her entire family resting on her marriage to a man she wants nothing to do with, what is she to do when her past flame, Jonathan Rycroft, returns to London to make Lindsay question everything she knows? Nothing is as it seems, however, and Lindsay becomes drawn into a plot of spies, intrigue, and passion. I really liked both Jonathan and Lindsay as characters. Lindsay is used to doing what she is told, but she also has a fiery determination that results in her taking control of situations to protect herself, Jonathan and her family. She even goes so far as becoming a spy for the War Office and discovers that there might be more to being a woman than simply marrying a man. Of course, with her family in dire straits, marriage is never far from her mind. Because of her past knowledge of Jonathan, she has trouble trusting him, despite the passion she feels. But even though Lindsay fails to trust Jonathan, his love never falters and he is dedicated to protecting her and her family. As he discovers how she has changed in their time apart, his love grows even further, and I loved that, despite his reservations, he supported her work with the War Office.In terms of their relationship, it is apparent that Lindsay and Jonathan feel very passionately about each other, but I struggled a little to fall in love with them as a couple. I liked them as individuals, and I liked the way they expressed their love for each other, but I did not feel swept up in their passion. I kept wishing I could have known more about their previous relationship and almost felt like I was reading a sequel, expanding on their love affair rather than introducing it. I wanted to fall in love with them, but instead felt like they had fallen in love long ago and I was only privy to a small extract of their passion.This is a historical suspense romance, mixing romance with intrigue. I enjoyed the development of Lindsay's character as she found her way in becoming a spy. However, I felt a little lost by the rest of the suspense aspect of this narrative. That said, while I felt occasionally confused through the intrigue of the plot, the action sequences were well paced and provided an interesting, if somewhat convoluted, subplot to the romance. I only wish that there had been more of a development of Lindsay and Jonathan's emotional relationship, without it being so buried amongst the lies and intrigue storyline.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-23 01:13

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It has both romance and intrigue, which I think is a great mix. Lindsay transforms through the story into a strong, courageous woman. That is unheard of in her era. Women were supposed to be meek and subservient. Men were supposed to be the strong, heroic types. I love that you find women are just as devious, intelligent, and daring as men in this book. The romance is a story we've heard before, kind of. Boy and girl love each other, boy goes off to make his fortune and seemingly forgets about girl, then suddenly reappears in her life expecting her to fall back into his arms. Except that this story has a few twists and turns that you're not going to expect. Or, even if you do expect them, they are a treat to read. The characters practically sizzle each time they are near each other, no matter how they are feeling about each other or themselves at the time. Their chemistry just can't be denied.I won't even get into the intrigue! Lets just say that people aren't always who or what they seem in this book. There are murderers, spies, liars, and thieves at every turn. It's a delight! I highly recommend this book to any readers of adult romances and thrillers. The story is terrific, the characters are believable, and the writing is effortless to read. You'll find yourself at the end before you realize you've been sitting, enthralled, for hours.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the ebook for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced. I was not required to leave a positive review.

  • Linda
    2019-03-14 02:30

    Lindsay is the eldest of 4 girls who are all coming out in order to find husbands. Their ailing father loses all his money & their brother dies suspected of treason leaving the family in desperate straits. Jonathan was Lindsay’s brother’s best friend and they have known each other for years but disappears from her life when accused of destroying their family.Lindsay & Jonathan both have never stopped loving each other but circumstances; lies & treachery have separated them. Thinking that Jonathan has betrayed her family Lindsay has put her feelings behind her & is steadfast to being a dutiful daughter in order to save her family. When Jonathan comes back to her life he tries to convince her of his innocence and Lindsay gets involved in Jonathan’s mission to uncover the person behind a treasonous plot and to clear her brother’s name.The story revolves around different types of love. Lindsay’s love for Jonathan & also her family. “The love I have for my family is as unconditional as what I feel for you.” “I’m not willing to condemn them to a miserable fate to secure my own happiness. If you possess no measure of understanding for my predicament then it is you who does not know what love is.”I thought that very poignant and very true of unselfish love.& Jonathan’s for her: “Because I love you even if you’re not mine. Nothing in this world or the next compares to you. You are my heart, Lindsay. My reason for breathing.”A well written story with a wonderful connection between the hero and heroine.

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2019-03-18 03:19

    CONFESSIONS OF LOVE by Melissa Blue is an exciting Historical Romance set in 1817 London. Fast paced with treason, treachery,lies, secrets, betrayal, passion and romance. Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft,an agent for the War Office and Lindsey Dunsfield where friends and in love once but lies and deceit separated them. Now Jonathan is on a mission to bring the truth of Lindsey's brother to light,for her brother was no traitor but a hero. Lindsey can trust on one or so it seems, but one fiery kiss re-ignites their passion. What they inadvertently find may just cost them both their lives along with others. For what they find is murder, deception,treason and so much more. I enjoyed these characters as they come to grips with their past, their present and their future. Old flames re-ignites and their passion sizzles but Jonathan is determined to find the true traitor and clear Lindsey's beloved brother's name. What a thrill ride of adventure,danger and love. This was my first time of reading this author's work and it will not be my last. I look forward to reading more of her tantalizing stories! I was hooked from the first page to the last. A most satisfying read!! Received for an honest review from the publisher.RATING: 4HEAT RATING: MILDREVIEWED BY: AprilR, Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  • Rosemary K
    2019-02-24 07:30

    The Dunsfield Family are struggling to survive. They are in dire financial straits. Society is shunning them because Andrew, their son, died a traitor. Things are so bad that Lindsay is being sacrificed. She has to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather. Things become more complicated when her first love, Jonathan Rycroft, returns. These two are soul mates, but honor and duty keep them apart. He's working as a spy for the War Office and is trying to bring a traitor to justice. His target is Lord Harold Grimsby, the man Lindsay is to marry. Can Lindsay and Jonathan find happiness together? Melissa Blue has written a passionate and suspenseful story. It is filled with so many unexpected twists. I never suspected the ending. It took me completely by surprise. I love Lindsay. She is no simpering, fragile miss. She is a strong, independent woman who will not be stopped from doing her duty to family and country. Jonathan has been wounded by life and doesn't feel worthy of her, but he won't give her up. These two struggle to overcome the past and to deal with a deadly present. This is the first book that I've read by this author, but it won't be the last. If you want passion and excitement you should read Confessions of Love.

  • Jasmyn
    2019-03-13 03:17

    Confessions of Love has refreshed my faith in sweet historical romances that have a female sleuth in them. Too often they fall too far on the young adult side, but this one sat just right. The writing of the romance and the suspense was all at the same level which helped the story flow without a break from style changes. Both characters, Jonathan and Lindsay, seemed to be written as typical people with typical views for their time. At the beginning Lindsay is more than willing to marry a grandfatherly old man to save her family's fortune - after all, it is what was expected of a young girl. While Jonathan was a navy man, loyal to the War Office and his current mission, always hoping to find a way to win Lindsay's heart. There were quite a few rapid turns of events that helped to keep our story moving along very nicely and a couple of them managed to surprise me in the end. With a little bit of tragedy thrown in to keep the story real, Confessions of Love was a great historical romance, perfect for fans of the genre. - See more at:

  • Tabatha
    2019-03-18 07:35

    Simply Stunning! I was provided this book for an honest review. If you love historical fiction and Regency Romance, you will not be disappointed with this book! Johnathan and Lindsey's chemistry crackles and sizzles! They are drawn together despite the tragic past they share! If you want action, romance and mystery this book is for you! Follow Johnathan and Lindsey as they try to sort out mysteries of the past, as well as their passion for one another! I will definitely be reading more from Melissa Blue!!

  • Marya
    2019-03-15 05:07

    2.5 stars