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She married into turbulenceTo inherit her rightful share of the family airline business, Heather Danvers was forced to marry her late father's partner--Daniel Taggart, a rough-edged, self-made millionaire whose contempt for her was obvious.In the two years since they'd first met, Heather's love had soared to dizzying heights while Daniel's feelings had stayed in a holdingShe married into turbulenceTo inherit her rightful share of the family airline business, Heather Danvers was forced to marry her late father's partner--Daniel Taggart, a rough-edged, self-made millionaire whose contempt for her was obvious.In the two years since they'd first met, Heather's love had soared to dizzying heights while Daniel's feelings had stayed in a holding pattern of indifference.The thought of sleeping with Daniel now seemed to Heather a little like hell--and heaven! Would true love be forever on standby?...

Title : Taggart's Woman
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ISBN : 9780373110506
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Taggart's Woman Reviews

  • boogenhagen
    2019-04-22 20:24

    Re Taggart's Woman - This one is a marriage to inherit story and I have to give it big kudos, the H and h are actually both nice people and while the H is a Mr. Crankypants for a bit (and who can blame him,) he really is a nice man underneath it all. The h is nice too, but for once there is very little doormattiness to be found, she has a spine and uses it. The story starts with the H and h at their engagement party - he is in his 30's she is 21 or so and they have to marry per the h's father's will in order for the h to inherit the shares of the jointly owned airline that H is a partner in. The h is not the bio daughter of the dead guy, he married her pregger mum in the hope that the h would turn out to be a son, (and he apparently loved the h's mum too.) Since the h did not pop out with a Y chromosome, the dead guy really wasn't interested and the h can't really decide if he left the marriage stipulation because he hated her or because he wanted to help her out. The h is in love with the H of course, but she also knows that the H isn't that into her. She is hoping the marriage will give her an inside advantage to his heart, but she isn't counting on it. Also present at the engagement party is the h's uncle on her father's side and his tarty wife. The tarty wife indicates that she would have no problems being the H's OW, but the H (for once,) is clearly and absolutely NOT interested. He doesn't like the the uncle's wife, though he seems to have no problems with the uncle, who works with the H at the airline. Both the h and the H have other people they have been seeing, the h has been dating a young airline executive and the H has a mistress -from their conversation we learn that the H doesn't do relationships, only lurve clubbin and the h doesn't do lurve clubbin, only relationships. Still they agree to have a consummated marriage trial for a month or two after the wedding, to see if they can make a go at a relationship even under the circumstances. They cannot divorce per the terms of the will without losing the airline.(Technically the H really did not have to marry the h, the will states that the h's shares are to be sold if she doesn't marry, and that they can't be sold to the H - the H could have gotten a third party buyer and bypassed this whole situation. Likewise with the divorce clause, he can merge with a smaller company which would void the h's shares in favor of the new company's shares and the father's will wouldn't apply if they divorced. CM gives the impression that the H realizes this, but doesn't say or do anything because A. he thinks the h wouldn't be able to support herself without an inheritance and B. he seekritly has a thing for the h and can't resist trying her out.)So trial lurvin it up bargain struck, the h and H prepare to marry. After the H tries to make the h get her own engagement ring and the h puts a stop to that by not having one, and then the H tries to transfer the h's old boyfriend to another part of the company, which the h also gets stopped, then the h makes the H give approval on their new house, the H is starting to learn that this h is no pushover.They marry and then have their first big crisis when the initial consummation doesn't go at all well. In fact the wedding night pretty much doesn't happen cause the H is very sensitive that his mum was a prostitute to support him and the h is so nervous about her non experience that she read a bunch of Cosmopolitans and was too aggressive in her moves- which turned the H off and he ran away like a frightened virgin when he thought the h was mocking his mother.The h thinks the H has left her and then is shocked when he shows up the next evening. It turns out there was a big bomb scare at the airline and the H forgot to let the h know. They have a big fight, cause the h feels that as the other shareholder she should be told about these things and the H and h wind up doing some boudoir bouncing.Then the H decides the h can go work at the airline with him, but the h feels really mocked and belittled and thinks the H was setting her up to look ignorant and winds up running out. On the way out the door, she runs into her ex and finds out that he and the h's uncle's wife are now involved in a big affair. She doesn't approve, but she feels a bit guilty for dumping him when she had to marry the H.The H goes to their new house where the h is sorting the furniture out and they wind up having a big fight that ends in major passion. The h tells him off for setting her up to fail and then tells him he can run the airline himself, just make sure he pays her the profits she is entitled to. The H threatens divorce if she doesn't stay faithful and after the lurve club extravaganza, he leaves to go back to work. The h decides to start her own business and buys an interior design firm. She manages to build the business up and is quite happy, the H is being nicer and wants her to come back to the airline to work with him. The h refuses, cause she already has a job. We also find out the H fired the h's ex BF because he was badmouthing the h, the h is quite touched by that. When the H finds out she is working and they have another big fight cause he doesn't want his wife to work. The h won't quit tho, cause she is finally doing something that makes her happy. The H storms off and the h thinks he ran off to find another woman.The H returns a few hours later and he wasn't with anyone, he apologizes to the h for messing with her dreams and the h tells him she loves him. The H is surprised, but happy tho he doesn't say it back. Things improve big time around the home front after that. Until the h decides to invite her uncle and his wife for dinner. The wife is still having her affair with the h's ex and has decided to leave the uncle, who was planning on retiring to spend more time with his wife. The H is out of town, but flying back that night and so the h goes and tries to buy off the ex, in the hopes that if the ex dumps the uncle's wife, she won't leave the h's uncle - who really loves his wife a lot. The ex turns out to be a fortune hunter parasite and refuses, then he tries to blackmail the h. She goes home and when the H calls, she very sensibly tells him what happened. The H tells her not to worry, he will sort it out as he is flying back now. Then the uncle shows up and there is a big drama when the h tells him about his wife. There is a huge snowstorm going on outside and the h gets the news that the plane the H was on has crashed and there are no survivors. The h is devastated and the uncle turns really mean, she decides to go to the airport but wrecks on the driveway when another car comes. It turns out to be the H, the plane had landed and was taking off again when it wrecked. The H is safe, but the uncle's wife and the h's ex were on the plane to escape and they both died. The uncle has a heart attack and he dies. The h and H are very grateful they are still alive and the H gives her a really nice ring while confessing he loves her. The epilogue is the H and h and a baby having a nice little family Christmas for the HEA.This one was good, the h stands up for herself, the H is pretty nice after he learns some communication skills and the HEA is highly believable. There is very little drama or angst tho, so if you're a wrecki fan, this is not one to hunt down. Everyone was surprisingly mature and willing to talk about their issues, which makes for a good story but does tend to seem a bit out of place for the usual roller coaster of HPlandia.

  • StMargarets
    2019-04-23 22:24

    A forced-by-daddy's-will story with a smitten heroine and a cranky hero. While the hero has a reason for his crankiness before the wedding (view spoiler)[ he thought for two years before the dad's deathbed confession that they were half-siblings(hide spoiler)], he could have lightened up after they enjoyed the "marriage bed." The heroine was fun in her determination to enjoy their sex life and have a career - even if hubby never came around. I liked her practical attitude. The best part, however, was the death of two unsavory characters. She killed them off! Bravo, CM! That's my kind of happy ending.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-04-03 20:21

    I don't think I was really in the mood for this when I read it. Sometimes I think I'm in the mood for old school HP and maybe I want something more modern and vice versa. Sometimes you want the best of both worlds. Maybe I wanted that when I read it. What I did like was that it's not toe-tipping on some issues and it was surprisingly frank in the fact that Heather's aunt-in-law was cheating on her husband and everyone knew it but the uncle. And his reaction towards the end when there is a huge potential tragedy. Oh, wow!I felt like Daniel was mean to Heather and you don't understand why. When you find out, it's kind of like, a weird, out of nowhere explanation. Heather's father was pretty awful. People like that shouldn't be parents. He made a choice to be in Heather's mother's life and to be a father to Heather. But he treated her like crap because she wasn't the son he wanted. What kind of man does that? Heather deserved better, and I kind of hate that her marriage had a similar tone of not being able to make her husband happy either, and his unwillingness to tell her what his deal was with her. I'm at a crossroads right now in my rating. I would have rated it highly if I wasn't as dissatisfied with Daniel's meanness towards Heather. Let's face it. A mean hero is par for the course with vintage HPs, but I have to be in the mood for it. I think I'll give this 3.5/5.0 stars. It's good and has quite a bit to offer, but in the end, it wasn't completely satisfying in all ways.

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-03-28 22:34

    "Taggart's Woman" is the story of Heather and Daniel.I dont know why I keep expecting more from the M&B trope, or maybe my expectations were high because of the other reviews. This was a disappointment.Another dead father who detested his illegitimate daughter.Another forced marriage between h and H.Another H threatening the wife with infidelity.Another round of slut shaming for a virgin heroine and verbal spars that went beyond personal vendetta.Another set of evil OM/evil relatives drama.Some good hot lovemaking.Angst.Dramatic ending.I honestly felt bad for Heather and uncle Lionel; and the father twist was surprising.Other than that this was the same overused formula, not done very well.Only thing I did love was the old school cover.SWE/Unsafe2/5 (generous)

  • Jenny
    2019-04-01 15:34

    Sweet love story, low angst. This heroine sure knew how to love unconditionally.

  • Dalimar
    2019-03-26 23:25

    Me encanto esta novela!Si no me quivoco fue la primera que lei de Carole Mortimer y aunque para ese tiempo era mas de lecturas como Paulo Coelho,cai rendida ante el encanto de estas historias Harlequin,en que el millonario y super guapo siempre rescata a su princesa en apuros y le da todo lo que la vida tan cruelmente le nego.Pero esta es muy distinta por muchas razones.La protagonista es millonaria,pero es la hija solo de apellido de un mal hombre que siempre la desprecio por ser mujer y por no ser su hija biologica.Al este morir,en vez de heredarla lo que hace es chantajear de alguna manera tanto a Heather como a Daniel a que se casen para no perder la herencia.Ella amo a Daniel a primera vista,el siempre la vio como una chica malcriada que no sirve mas que para adorno.El es 13 aÑos mayor y no la deja de ver mas que como una chiquilla tontamente enamorada,el piensa que el padre de esta con su muerte le esta cumpliendo uno mas de sus caprichos.Muy lejos de la verdad.Heather sufre con su matrimonio,pero ese dolor la hace mas fuerte y logra desarrollarse como mujer,cosa que su padre jamas permitio que realizara y lo mas importante poco a poco se gana el corazon de Daniel.

  • Su
    2019-04-09 20:16

    Sooo lovable heroine. Really a nice person.

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-04-05 21:11

    Wow it was great! Totally worth it. He was scared and arrogant and she was loving. They had a hard long road but so good at the end when all his actions were explained. Love it.

  • Azet
    2019-04-20 21:16

    What an incredible romantic love-story...Carole has made another magic!This book hooked me up from the first page (as Caroles books always does)A story about arranged marriage,a journey from engagement to marriage,and that an stormy one between the ruthless hero Daniel Taggart and the outspoken heroine Heather Danvers.Oh Boy was their realtionship a stomy one.They both despised each other while also secretly loving each other and i just LOVE the passionate scenes between them.Both of them had a lot in common and rooted for the heroine to win his heart...and i was so happy at his declaration of love in the end.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-03-31 18:13

    I found it rather unbelievable that the hero thought this 21 year old girl that he's known for 2 years was such a loose woman. I mean, he didn't see her acting slutty. The only thing he saw was her have a 8 month relationship with one man. He was pretty nasty to her for no real reason. It was pretty readable though if you overlooked that and/or enjoy the old school asshatery. Gotta admit, I kinda do. That's why I read these things obviously. And then at the end a bunch weird random stuff came out of left field. I would have liked those elements had they been introduced earlier in the book.

  • Roub
    2019-04-16 16:35

    i loved the fact dat heroine was strong enough for both she and hero. she had love enough for both of them. she did not need him to love her back, was happy just being wid him. she was warm and generous and won him over wid her undying love. daniel was a wounded man emotionally but he was never mean to heather. a few taunts here and der while his actions showed he did care about her.

  • Leona
    2019-04-22 19:08

    meh.....................I didn't buy into their relationship at all. I kept looking for the "exit" sign.

  • Ashima
    2019-03-31 21:20

    Loved it!!

  • Amafle
    2019-04-06 21:36

    Intensa, entretenida, sexy, romántica, pasional... este libro me encantoooo