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The dead of winter.An isolated island off the coast of Maine.A man.A woman.A sinister house looming over the sea ...He's a reclusive writer whose macabre imagination creates chilling horror novels. She's a down-on-her-luck actress reduced to staging kids' puppet shows. He knows a dozen ways to kill with his bare hands. She knows a dozen ways to kill with laughs.But she's nThe dead of winter.An isolated island off the coast of Maine.A man.A woman.A sinister house looming over the sea ...He's a reclusive writer whose macabre imagination creates chilling horror novels. She's a down-on-her-luck actress reduced to staging kids' puppet shows. He knows a dozen ways to kill with his bare hands. She knows a dozen ways to kill with laughs.But she's not laughing now. When she was a teenager, he terrified her. Now they're trapped together on a snowy island off the coast of Maine. Is he the villain she remembers or has he changed? Her head says no. Her heart says yes.It's going to be a long, hot winter....

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Heroes Are My Weakness Reviews

  • Ana
    2019-01-22 14:21

    Annie had hated every one of those novels. Others might fall in love with Melville, Proust, Joyce, and Tolstoy, but Annie wanted books that depicted courageous heroines who stood their ground instead of throwing themselves under a train. Heroes are my weakness. No, really, they are. Basically I like all kinds of heroes. Dark, complex and mysterious men with a chivalrous side to their nature. Gary Stu heroes. Asshole heroes. Sensitive 'dim the lights and put on some Barry White' heroes. Crazy heroes I could never take home to meet my mother. Umm yes, count me in. I know, I know, that's such an anti-feminist thing to say, isn't it? Women are capable of saving themselves. However, having a knight in shining kevlar/leather/armour is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Am I right or am I right. This is the weirdest romance novel I've read in a long time. The characters were weird. Super weird. She talks to puppets. (she legit has conversations with them) That's a special kind of weird. One thing you may not know about me is that I am terrified of dolls. Dolls/puppets/big teddy bears creep me out. Some people claim that haunted toys really exist. Whether that's true or not, I don't want Chucky anywhere near me. Barbies are ok, though. I love Barbies.Oh no...Anyway, the heroine has major mom/puppet/guy issues. But hey, who doesn't. I wasn't particularly attracted to the hero in the beginning. In the first scene, he is seen wearing a pearl gray waistcoat, snowy white cravat, and dark trousers tucked into calf-hugging black leather riding boots. Hanging languidly at his side was a steel-barreled dueling pistol. Pretentious much? Who does he think he is, a meterosexual John Wayne? For most of the book, he behaves like a blend between a serial killer and a member of an emo band. He's like Heathcliff , only creepier. I slowly warmed upto him. But these good feelings aside, Theo remains one of my least favorite SEP heroes. King of douchebags title still belongs to Alex Markov. To quote Happy from Sons of Anarchy, 'he's gotta die, like a lot.' Theo and Annie had dark chemistry. They had a certain spark, but it lacked the warmth of the previous SEP couples. In other words, their love story lacked lightness and humor. Oh SEP, my beloved queen. What happened? I really, really need to do a reread of her older books soon. The Great Escape was a huge miss for me. This one wasn't exactly a winner either. I'm looking forward to another Chicago Stars book. Those were the best thing ever, don't you agree? Of course you do.

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    2019-01-31 07:41

    4 STARSFirst third of the book: 2.5-3 stars (almost DNf'd it several times)Second third of the book: 4 starsLast third of the book: 5+ stars

  • Jill
    2019-02-06 11:41

    He'd been a hero, and heroes were her weakness...Stick with this. The first quarter to a third of this novel is slow-going, even a little...boring *winces*...but the last half and epilogue are a joy, and pure SEP.Annie Hewitt, puppeteer, out-of-a-job and in financial straits, has nowhere else to go but back to the cottage on the isolated and bleak island off the Maine coast where she spent time as a teenager. There she hopes to locate the legacy left to her by her dying mother.Theo Harp, author, has come back to his family's mansion on the island to write. He wants to be alone, but with Annie in the cottage, dredging up their painful past, he hasn't got a hope.SEP has given a dedication at the beginning to a number of great writers, many of them known for their gothic novels. And although Heroes Are My Weakness does have a slight gothic flavour, I didn't think it differed greatly from SEP's usual style. It's quite a busy novel. There's a mystery of who is intimidating Annie and trying to force her off the island; a subplot with a small child who won't talk...and you can guess how Annie's puppets come in handy; uncovering the reasons for Theo's teenage meanness and bullying; the legacy that Annie's trying to locate; dealing with some medical emergencies on the island, leading to the uncovering of some of Theo's hidden talents; and of course, the romance.So, there's a fair bit happening, but I didn't feel it was overdoing it at all. My only real complaint here is that the first part of the book was such a slog. This reminded me of both Ain’t She Sweet and What I Did for Love in some ways, two of my least favourite SEP's. Heroes Are My Weakness though, is really pretty good, especially once you get past the first 25% or so, where way too much time is spent inside the puppets' heads. The introduction to the hero, Theo was less than impressive; and recounting his teenage years as the insufferable, unlikable bully-boy who was in dire need of a throat punch, did little to endear him initially. We do learn later though why he was a first-class knob.All in all, I liked it. Not my favourite by the incomparable SEP - that honour still goes toMatch Me If You Can - but still a worthwhile read. Steam: 2.5

  • Mo
    2019-02-13 09:27

    I love SEP. All of her books that I have read have been solid 4 or 5 stars for me. So why did I put this on the long finger .... One reason, the title - I don't like it. Another reason - some friends reviewed it and were not very complimentary about it. Then I see my lovely friend, Karen started it and was enjoying it so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot - God those puns are dreadfulThe dead of winter.An isolated island off the coast of Maine.A man.A woman.A sinister house looming over the sea ...Shades of Rebecca or Jane Eyre.Yes, indeed.I really liked this book, Love Annie. Strong, independent. Stood up to Theo, the arrogant jerk. Even the puppets didn't annoy me.I found the story flowed really well. The secondary characters were interesting. "Their kisses had gone on and on—cheeks, neck, mouth, and tongue. Seconds . . . minutes . . . hours. Then they’d start all over again. Adults were too fixed on the final goal to take that kind of time. Only teenagers afraid of the next step exchanged kisses that lasted forever."Theo and Annie had a past. A past that had not ended well. [image error]“He gave Dancer one last pat. 'You're luckier than you know, pal. Living without a set of balls makes life a lot less complicated.” Some really funny banter between them and a fantastic epilogue.ANNIETHEO“He tunneled his dirty hands through her hair and kissed her breathless. Her neck, her eyes, the corners of her mouth. He kissed her lips as if his life depended on it. Kissed their future into her. All they could have and all they could be.”

  • Amanda
    2019-02-01 08:27

    4.5 'Lobster town' starsGoing in, I was feeling a little reserve and my expectation was lower due to not too glowing reviews from my GR friends. So color me surprised that I ended up enjoying it very much after reading past the initially awkwardness with the heroine. As per SEP signature, Heroes Are My Weakness got the witty humor, great supporting cast, the lovely backdrop, the brooding hero and a hint of mystery to keep me hooked.I love the lovely description and the simple life they have in Maine Island."On Peregrine, hamburger is more expensive than lobster."The heroine, Annie is a down on her luck, ventriloquist, who reached the island reluctantly and have stayed in her late mother's cottage. Theo is the brooding and mysterious hero, who is also her ex-stepbrother turn crush turn bully. He is now a famous writer of horror story, who is secluding himself in the island's manor. Annie is convinced he is a total psychopath for what he did to her two decades ago."Stop going all bloody Heathcliff on me. The saunter. The hooded eyes, the whole bloody arrogant thing."What I love:1. the mystery behind Theo's past and the secret he keep2. the mystery surrounding the accidents on Annie. Who is the one trying to drive her off the island?3. Livvia, the mute girl4. the humor and the sarcasm between Annie and Theo. They are just too entertaining. "Aren't you supposed to take off your clothes now?""It would only be pity sex. I won't insult you like that.""Go ahead. Insult me."What I don't like:1. The sex scene are kinda hush and short. Totally not satisfying at all. But at least is better than fade to black. Is saying a lot that I can enjoy the book without the dirty stuff.2. Her multiple alter ego. Annie is a ventriloquist who tends to talk to herself. At first I found it really annoying especially in the beginning, but their part was tone down a little towards the middle and I started to warm up to them too. We got Scamp, Dilly, Peter and Leo. I love Leo...The way he sneer. Peter sounds like a douche.The mystery just keep me guessing who will be the main culprit, I had my suspicion but I often got it wrong. I love the slow revelation of Theo's true nature and his history. Initially he was described as Lord of the Underworld, but later we get to know the responsible and compassionate man who was deeply affected by his past. Overall, this is the kind of book that make me have a huge smile on my face and close the book with a big satisfying sigh. "I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out, but I'm not exactly used to having love feel good."

  • Geri Reads
    2019-02-04 13:40

    Definitely different, and I still can't believe I'm rating SEP book a three. I almost DNF'd twice. Thank God I continued because it got better towards the end but just barely though. :(I can't wait to read this book by one of my favorite romance author ever!! ARC provided by William Morrow in exchange for an honest review.

  • Maria Clara
    2019-01-31 09:38

    Con sinceridad, espera más! Es decir, la novela está bien, pero hasta ahí, sin grandes sobresaltos ni emociones ni... Lo único que me a encantado ha sido el guiño que ha hecho la autora de Jane Eyre :)

  • Jess
    2019-02-03 12:26

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBlog rating: C-We open with Annie, who is trying to find her “legacy” at her late mother’s home on Peregrine Island. She doesn’t expect to run into Theo Harp, a man who as a young boy made Annie’s life a living hell and almost killed her. He now writes grisly horror novels (which fits his personality according to Annie) and he’s staying at the Harp House near the cottage of Annie’s mother. Theo’s twin sister, Regan, had been a close friend of Annie’s growing up but Regan’s death followed by Theo’s wife killing herself has all added to Annie’s belief that Theo is unstable and she wants to stay far, far away from him. Yeah right. There’s much more to Theo and their past together than Annie realizes, and not everything is the way she believed it to be. As the truth comes out, her feelings for Theo change no matter how hard she tries to fight it.Annie was a struggling actress for years and has since starting using puppets and being a ventriloquist as a way to pay the bills. Because of this, she often thinks in the voices of her puppet’s personalities that she’s created. This…is annoying. I know it’s supposed to be charming and a way to get into Annie’s head a little bit as each of the puppets plays on her thoughts and emotions, but it came off as Annie just having multiple personalities, it was annoying and didn’t read all that smoothly. This is especially bad in the beginning when almost all of the conversations on page are between Annie and her puppets. Thankfully, as Annie starts to meet people and get more involved with Theo, her talks with her puppets dies down, although not completely.I found Theo’s story and history to be the most interesting piece of this book and really would have liked more to have been told from his point of view. He’s misunderstood, but he keeps the truth about so many things hidden, playing on his psycho/bad guy persona that people have labeled him with. He’s on the island temporarily to try and finish his next book and he’s not having much luck. Instead he finds himself drawn back to Annie and acting as the island’s medical expert even though he’s only qualified as an EMT. Annie’s influence brings life back to Theo and he goes from an anti-social grump, to a man who finally has a ton of weight lifted off his shoulders when he’s able to let some things out.There’s a small suspense storyline surrounding someone trying to force Annie off the island. I wasn’t able to really get into that portion of the story. I like that it served to bring Theo and Annie closer together, but the resolution to this storyline felt a bit weak and easy.I struggled with the romance. There was a big lack of chemistry on page between these two, especially in the bedroom and it’s unfortunate because I know Susan Elizabeth Phillips can bring it for her couples, and it just was a letdown here. Their first time having sex almost seemed to come out of the blue, one sentence they’re kissing, the next BAM, on the floor having sex and fade to black. In general, I was left wanting a lot more not only when it came to their romance, but the relationship in general. I just never bought into them as a couple in love with each other.I was ultimately letdown with this story. I enjoyed Theo and seeing his progression on page. Annie has some fun, quirky moments, but it wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with her or them as a couple. The first half of the book was struggle to get through as the pace felt incredibly slow. The second half picks it up a bit, especially when more about Theo comes out, but it ended up being a book that was easy to put down.

  • María Ángeles
    2019-02-03 07:42

    Vale. El primer capítulo del libro...¡lo odié!. Lo siento, pero fue duro para mí ver a la protagonista del libro hablando con sus muñecos. PERO... Como siempre sabe hacer SEP, poco a poco empieza a conquistarme con la historia. Punto fuerte del libro: la intriga!!! Yo he empezado a crear hipótesis desde el segundo capítulo {cuando dejó de hablar con los muñecos}, y por supuesto, me he confundido.Aunque he leído en bastantes comentarios la crítica hacia los protagonistas, porque lo que les une es algo más físico que amoroso, ¡a mi eso me gusta! Lo veo mucho más actual, y me alegra que SEP así lo exponga. ¡Yo creo en lo físico de los comienzos!Hay un "momentazo" dentro del libro, que HE AMADO. No es nada significativo pero capta perfectamente la magia que SEP sabe plasmar en una escena insignificante. Para los que se queden con el gusanillo de saber cuál es, lo contaré muy pronto en el BLOG.Y los muñecos... SEP ha conseguido cambiar las tornas para que terminen gustándome. Me parece tan bonito lo que la protagonista de la historia decide hacer con ellos...Ay SEP!!!!!!!Reseña en BLOG:

  • KatLynne
    2019-02-04 10:18

    The gothic feel at the beginning makes this different from SEP's prior reads. As the heroine, Annie returns to the isolated, small island off the coast of Maine, she's bombarded by painful memories. At first, I was wary as Annie worked out her problems through brief conversations with her puppets. However, as the story unfolds, they fit perfectly.Of course, the root of her most painful encounters is the hero, Theo Harp. His psychotic behavior when they were teenagers was another cause of concern. But once again, SEP's talented writing produces a very compelling hero. Mystery, suspense, and a sexy, dark, brooding hero all work to make this a very good read. I enjoyed the sassy banter between Theo and Annie as well as the fantastic epilogue. Heat factor: 2.5

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-01-27 13:21 was okay. Far, far from SEP's best. It took about half of the book for me to even get a inkling about the hero. The heroine is a bit obsessed with her puppets...they talk to her and give her advice. I know they are meant to be her sort of conscience or something, but I just found them annoying. The story with the little girl and the goings-on in that arena really brought the story up to a more interesting place, but it was too little too late for me to really love it. Entertaining, if forgettable.

  • Pixelfish
    2019-01-23 12:16

    First up, let's get the compliments out of the way. I started reading this last night shortly before one in the morning with the intention of putting it down AND OF COURSE I KNEW BETTER. Didn't stop me from breezing through the entire thing and going to bed just shy of five o'clock. SEP's forte is precisely this sort of over-the-top romance with reluctant lovers, sordid pasts, personal wounds, and dramatic settings. She runs at this novel full-tilt, and there's a lot to enjoy if you dig contemporary romances with a streak of larger-than-life joie de vivre. However, I feel that Heroes shares a lot of similarities with another better SEP novel, Ain't She Sweet? We have a down-on-her-luck heroine whose only home is a tiny cottage on the lands of her former, much larger home. We have a mysterious and hard-to-find artistic legacy that would keep our heroine in funds if she could only find it. We have two lovers with a past that includes one of them being incredibly cruel to the other. And a dark brooding writer with a penchant for the dramatic, who is stuck creatively. With all these echoes of Ain't She Sweet, which took unusual risks in making SugarBeth, the heroine, a real manipulative person in her past, frankly Heroes has a lot to live up to. Heroes, alas, falls short. The SugarBeth storyline worked because it was unusual. Inverting the dynamic so that the hero seems to be the one arcing from manipulative to loveable plain doesn't work as well in modern romance--it requires an Idiot Plot to keep up the dynamics. While I get that SEP was trying to do a deliberate call-back to Rebecca, basically all the tension is largely because the two main characters, and most especially, our Hero, don't bother to talk out their past. Five minutes of conversation would have derailed this entire plot--and in the meantime, our Hero looks like a certifiable psychopath on the thinnest of pretexts. There's no need for the Idiot Plot in Ain't She Sweet--SugarBeth's past is undeniable and manufactures enough trouble to maintain the steam for most of the book. The stuff that SugarBeth doesn't tell Colin is legitimately stuff that he doesn't need to know, whereas the major stuff that Theo doesn't tell Annie DOES concern her. I wanted to have him have a more clear-cut reason for rebuffing her and not telling her, and it never really materialised.Modelling a book on a romance classic also comes with downfalls. If you know the plot of Rebecca, you know certain elements before the characters do. Certain things will happen. The tension comes from wondering HOW they happen, and honestly, I'm not sure that SEP was able to pull it off completely, as I felt certain elements were entirely predictable, and I felt frustrated that it took the characters so long to figure it out or address various issues. The final point is something of a personal nitpick and less a structural one: The conceit of Annie's puppets talking out her issues grew old rather quickly for me, and more than a little twee at times. I felt the story picked up more for me when the puppets stopped talking so damn much.As I said, I felt this was a large retread for SEP in many respects, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it and read it into the wee hours. She's a fun writer and even when she recycles a plot and grafts it onto Rebecca, it's still a fun ride. But I really do feel that the over-all structure and plotting and emotional arcs in Ain't She Sweet trump Heroes and it's hard for me to read it and not have that colour the experience.

  • Marisa Sauco
    2019-02-16 15:28

    El argumento me encantó. Me sorprendió el enfoque de misterio y suspenso que le dio SEP a esta historia, y el contraste que logró con escenas y momentos de exquisita dulzura. El discurso fue efectivo (para mí siempre lo es). Y los personajes me parecieron adorables y muy bien construidos. Entonces, ¿por qué solo 4 estrellas? Por los protagonistas. Theo y Annie me encantaron... individualmente. Pero no logré conectar del todo con ellos, como pareja.

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2019-01-19 10:14

    And I sure did love Heroes are my Weakness. Well done Ms. Philips. You are the shining star on the top of my favorite authors tree.I know what you are thinking. Another five star book. How can that be? Quite honestly I just love the way she writes. Her stories give me that “easy like a Sunday morning” feeling. Her creativity and wit allows for her magic to happen which only makes it is easy to fall in love with her characters and let your mind drift away with the story.While there were similar SEP threads within this one there was a mysterious thread too. For me this was different. There was something about the hero that appeared a bit forbidding. I was intrigued. SEP balanced him off with a heroine that was sweet and funny so it provided for a rather entertaining and dare I say tender story. Then you add in a few fabulous side characters and voilà a 5 star book….IMHO!I ❤’d Theo ~ He was mysterious, sexy, brooding and sweet. His past broke my heart.I ❤’d Annie ~ I loved that she was feisty yet soft hearted. She would be Theo’s undoing.I ❤’d Livia ~ She was precious. She stole my heart. Such an enjoyable story. It was different yet the same if you know what I mean. If you love SEP and haven’t read this one, be sure to check it out soon.

  • Darcy
    2019-01-18 14:42

    I think I would have liked this one better had the dummies/puppets not been in it. I found the start of the book creepy with Annie using the puppets voices to talk to herself. It seemed like she did it all the time, to the point that I was about to give up on the book. It did back off, so I kept reading. Later in the book I did like the role that the puppets played, loved how Theo took some liberties with the puppets and created some fun scenes for Annie to come home to.I had a hard time buying into the romance, that Annie and Theo had the connection as kids, then it stopped, but picked right up as adults. For some reason I was amused with how Annie was at the start with Theo, loved that she antagonized him. Another part of the book that I had a hard part with was how the islanders treated Annie, especially at the end and how Annie let them and did nothing in return.Overall I felt like this book wasn't one of the author's best.

  • Eilonwy
    2019-02-12 10:26

    After taking care of her dying mother, Annie Hewitt is at the end of her resources. She has no steady job, no place to live, and no immediate way to pay off a mountain of debts. But there is one place she and her puppets can go -- a cottage on an island off of Maine that her mother won in a divorce. The cottage is nice in the summer, but not so great when Annie arrives there in February. Just to make sure she’s truly miserable, her former stepbrother, Theo, with whom she had a very disturbing brief relationship as a teen, is also there, living in his father’s mansion, and Annie is stuck dealing with their complicated past and present. Sparks fly … but can two flinty people ever really warm up to each other? I was intrigued by this book’s premise as a modern Rebecca/Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights. But it never quite manages what it’s trying to do with a suspense subplot (somebody wants Annie off the island!), plus the whole Dark Hero thing fell a bit flat for me. I don’t want to knock the book too hard, because I really enjoyed the setting and subplots. The isolation of a small town on an island in winter was sharply drawn, and the townsfolk and the issues they faced all felt very real. I liked Annie’s puppets and the habit she had of talking with them in her head (and yes, there is a good reason for puppets being in this book) -- it was creative, and almost made up for the fact that Annie didn’t seem to have any actual real-life friends. I loved how the puppets played into Annie’s relationship with Livia, a traumatized 4-year-old who refuses to speak. I appreciated the depth of all the supporting characters and their complex interactions with Annie and each other. And I admired how all the subplots did eventually come together and get resolved. Susan Elizabeth Phillips works a beautiful plot, with no thread left hanging. But at the same time, the minuses of this book made for uneven ground. The biggest one was that I never felt any real chemistry between Annie and Theo. Maybe that was because I never really saw them as a good match, not even after all the revelations at the end. I felt that I was being pushed to like Theo because he was the Designated Love Object, but I never found him all that likable. Part of the problem was that this book has too many genuinely mentally unstable women -- because if you’re re-telling Rebecca and Jane Eyre, there have to be crazy women, right? -- and their stories were too much along the Women In Refrigerators trope, as their pain existed mainly to make Theo look suffering and sympathetic and chivalrous. I did not like this treatment of mental illness at all, and it really took away from the story for me. I would have especially preferred (view spoiler)[that Theo had turned out to actually have been the total twisted jerk he came across as as a teen, and just apologized for it. That would have made me genuinely like him, rather than the story blaming his emotionally disturbed sister for his seeming bad behavior and turning him into Annie’s protector. Blech.(hide spoiler)]More minor complaints are that: (1) If anyone in this book had ever shown any real interest in each other instead of blocking one another out all the time, the story would have been finished in five pages. And while I understand that every character was wrapped up in their own problems and not really inclined to care about anyone else, the abruptly-ending-conversations-so-no-one-could-ever- reveal-what-was-actually-going-on-with-them, or just- refusing-to-be-curious-and-ask-questions behaviors got really overused. (2) The conditions for keeping that cottage were ridiculous. If Annie were to spend a day “off the island” by going out in a fishing boat and then returning to the island, without ever touching dry land elsewhere, it still counted as leaving and breaking the legal contract? I’m having a hard time believing a lawyer would actually apply that argument. (3) In the Epilogue, Livia is turning 10 when she should be turning 11. Age problems in books just bug me -- I’m always mentally keeping track of what ages characters are at various times in a story. All that said, I did read this book quickly and breathlessly, because the writing is excellent and the pacing is mostly good. But if this had been my first book by this author, I wouldn’t be running off to read everything else she wrote. I’m looking for some more Chicago Stars for my next SEP.

  • Karen
    2019-02-03 08:31

    5 STARSAnother fiver! Believe it or not… I’m actually trying to find fault in Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s books. It seems I can’t give her less than 5 stars. This book had some mixed reviews, so I thought maybe this one will bring me back to reality. Nope. I was wrong. Although this was a much different storyline, almost reminiscent of the old gothic romances of du Maurier and Brontë. SEP takes us to a desolate and rugged island off the coast of Maine during the dead of winter. Where our heroine, Antoinette Hewitt must spend the next sixty days of her life in order to fulfill an obligation she inherited from her mother, who has recently died.But surviving the harsh winter on this rugged island may just prove to be the easiest part of her obligation. It seems that some demons from her past that she left on the island years ago are back to remind her of a time she would just as soon forget. A time that almost took her life.Theo Harp is the villain in question. And she’d heard he’d left the island years ago. Not that she was keeping track, she wasn’t. She’d just as soon never lay eyes on him again. Not that he’s difficult to look at… unfortunately he’s quite the opposite. It’s just that little incident eighteen years ago, when he tried to kill her. Theo what have you done?She’d heard he was a writer now. She even read his book… and then wished she hadn’t. What kind of warped mind writes such gruesome and horrifying stories? There were also those mysterious deaths in his past. Was he really as insane as she suspected? I really loved all of the creepy imagery in the story. And I loved Annie’s quirky personality. (or should I say personalities) Yes, she is a puppeteer/ventriloquist. And her puppets never really leave her thoughts or her company. I know it sounds bizarre, but it was actually quite endearing. She was also strong willed and independent to a fault. She was used to looking out for herself and those she loved even at her own cost. He was a hero, and true heroes didn’t pretend to offer what they weren’t prepared to give.The supporting cast was fabulously odd and perfectly woven into the story. The writing was beyond creative. Recalling Annie’s past stories was so compelling, I felt like I experienced them right along with her. The love story between Annie and Theo may have started when they were teens, but there was no love lost between them now. The trust issues between them were insurmountable. In fact, let's just say that finding any trust between them was nearly impossible. After all, her last memory of him involved a near death experience. And his current behavior definitely had her questioning his sanity. Ticktock goes the clock.But despite the fear and mistrust, there was still something there between them, and they both knew it, and it had both of them wanting to run for the hills.A bastard’s nature was to act like a bastard, and he’d done what came naturally.So how did they end up in each other’s arms? She’d been caught in Theo Harp’s web — not because he’d diabolically cast it around her, but because she’d run into it with her arms outstretched.There was a good bit of mystery woven into the story which kept me guessing throughout the book. And I was almost never right in my predictions. But then, a few moments later I would find myself laughing out loud. SEP’s witty dialogue is always clever and her heroines almost always quite funny.“Fine!” he shouted back. “I’ll do the talking. I love you, and by damn I’m not ashamed of it, and you may not have as much baggage as I do, but don’t pretend you don’t have some with all those losers you attached yourself to.”“Only two!”“And only two for me, so we’re even!”“Not even close!” They were fifteen feet apart and she was still screaming. “My two were self-centered assholes! Yours were homicidal nutcases!”Fantastic book, I didn’t want it to end. Many of her books follow a certain theme, this one was a bit different, and I loved it just as much.It was good. Really good. In fact, it couldn’t have been better.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-11 11:14

    Oh how I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips!!!! More Gothic-y than I ever remember SEP ever being, the mystery fueling this romance had me turning the pages until my contacts were stuck to my dry eyeballs. And man, the love scenes were so well done! I often scan or entirely skip love scenes in other romances, but I got wrist-tingles from this passion,as per usual. Worth waiting for; please keep them coming Ms Phillips!!

  • Yodamom
    2019-02-06 07:23

    Audiobook-1.7 stars-I should have quit- this was not my kind of book at allQuick and dirty- a down on her luck ventriloquist returns to her recently passed mother's island cottage to recover from many woes where she runs into and old flame, a mute child and an island of misfit grannies. She talks to her dolls, acts weird, avoids honest conversations, bends over backwards to keep everyone OK, sleeps with someone she shouldn't and gets shot at.I do not like talking dolls, and dolls that people converse with are just creepy. I know, that is what a ventriloquist does, dummy ! No, this was more, she talked with them when they weren't even there, when she was alone, as her confidants, her friends. In the beginning of the story it was so overpowering I was just shaking my head muttering "this chick is wacko". There could be arguments that the dolls did have a positive spin, therapy dolls. I can see that being a great thing but ARGUH ! it did not screen romantic, sweet, endearing, no it screamed crazy to these ears. Why was it so dominate in the story ?Was there romance, sure a very predictable step by step one. Was it sweet and made my heart flutter ? No, I was hear Scamp or Leo or some other freaky voice while things where getting waned up which ruined it for me. She played games, she couldn't manage to speak her mind on matters of her heart, she was a bender, no solid back bone.

  • Inés Izal
    2019-01-18 14:17

    Reconozco que comencé a leer ”Los héroes son mi debilidad” con cierto pánico. Sep es mi escritora favorita y fueron sus libros los que me volvieron adicta a la lectura.Y si es cierto que no me ha decepcionado, pero tampoco ha cubierto del todo mis altas expectativas. La historia es atrayente y tiene un ritmo rápido, que unido a la forma de narrar de Sep, termina absorbiéndote. El suspense está muy bien llevado, y agradezco que hasta casi el final no se desvelen los misterios, pese a que estaba en un sin vivir interno.Y lo digo, Sep me ha tenido engañada todo el libro. He estado más de medio libro teniendo claro quién era “el malo”, y al final mis suposiciones eran erróneas. Los personajes están muy bien perfilados, con un carácter bien marcado.Theo Harp creo que es la gran sorpresa del libro. No quiero decir nada para no desvelar demasiado, pero ese hombre va a ser difícil de olvida. Creo que es el personaje masculino más macabro que ha creado Sep en todos sus libros.Pero la historia de amor, para mí ha sido muy light.

  • Pepa
    2019-02-12 14:22

    Reconozco que la historia de amor entre ellos no me ha emocionado, al contrario, es muy física y en algunos momentos me ha dejado muy fríaEntonces, por qué las 4 estrellas? Pues porque con el suspense SEP me ha enganchado. Además creo que el tema está muy bien llevado, una de las cosas la tenía muy clara desde el principio, a veces es algo que me da mucha rabia, pero con el resto me ha sorprendido.Una historia recomendable. No soy fan de esta autora, creo que este es el tercer libro que me leo de ella, pero he disfrutado del suspense y, sobre todo, me ha encantado el personaje de TheoReseña completa:

  • A. Bookzilla.
    2019-02-13 07:21

    The dead of winter,An isolated island off the coast of Maine, A man, A woman, A sinister house looming over the sea. It’s going to be a long, hot winter.I'll take it!

  • Consuelo
    2019-02-08 11:41

    Casi casi 4 estrellas. de los más normales de SEP...pero claro siendo de las mejores lo normal casi llega a las 4 estrellitas. ...dosifico las historias de esta mujer y solo me quedan unos pocos por leer de todo lo traducido al castellano.

  • Ian
    2019-01-19 10:35

    Down on her luck, but with the promise of a legacy from her now deceased mother, Annie travels to a remote Island off the coast of Maine. There she must stay in a rustic cabin that sits in the shadow of an ominous gothic mansion. With some serious debts she needs to find the thing her mother left her but it seems someone on the island has it in for her...and the criminal is escalating. Theo tried to kill Annie when they were kids and now that they are grown he doesn't seem any less cruel. What has changed is that Annie is now willing to stand up to the man who has haunted her nightmares. But with someone on the island out to get her, she may need to turn to the man she fears the most. Heroes are my Weakness is a fairly clunky title, and the first few chapters of this book are a little shaky. It really seemed like SEP was trying just a little too hard with the puppets and Theo dressing up in period costume and riding his horse around the place. Thankfully the book settled down and became one of the better SEP books I've read. I actually liked the main characters in this book and the transitions (from enemies to friends to lovers) were much more natural than I generally expect. And finally an epilogue that does what an epilogue is supposed to do. An extra star for that.

  • Patricia Williams
    2019-02-11 13:19

    This book was a little slow getting started but by the end of the book I was enjoying the story. I will say this about the book and this won't be a spoiler. The puppets were too much for me. I could have done without them in the story although they were part of it. Good romance type story for anyone who enjoys that and also this author is one of my favorites for this type of book.

  • Anne OK
    2019-02-03 15:33

    Once again, SEP has delighted me with another of her gems. “Heroes” is filled with her trademark flawless dialogue and a mysterious Goth-like setting. I freely admit that it has a much darker and serious feel to it than what has become her usual. Still yet, it is filled with characters so uniquely drawn and bewitching that I became spellbound with its aura. The going is a bit slow at first to allow for the details and setup. For some this may be a negative, but I love what’s in all those extra details. I love a story with plenty of turmoil and deviants that must be overcome to get to all the really good stuff. I enjoy the get-to-know-the-world-around-you process. Theo Harp is difficult to warm up to. Of course, he’s a fine specimen of maleness. But he’s harsh, hateful, and very strong-willed and close-minded. I was certainly happy to find he was able to dig himself out of the hole I dug for him. Besides the quirkiness and insecurities represented in our heroine, Annie and her puppets, there are some unexpected little mysteries happening on the island. Included in those is a small child with burdens no child should ever carry. I fell in love with this little girl and the manner in which she found the help she so needed. The isolated island is inhabited by a rather selfish and strangely cruel-like group of people, who add to the darkness of the scenario. SEP is able to successfully cover all these bases and never hurry her characters through to the end. Her writing is so well done and such a colorful pleasure to read. You are always assured a first-rate story, unique characters, and a well-written and edited product. The long wait between book releases from her is always worth it in the end – even though I complain often without restraint. She's a master at her craft. For those items alone, she deserves the five-star rating. Hallelujah and High Praises for a picture perfect look-into-the-future Epilogue! Susan Elizabeth Phillips is still an auto-buy author for this reader. And her latest is a classic example of exactly why!

  • Keri
    2019-02-07 12:15

    This book started out with me questioning who wrote this book? Because it sure didn't have SEP's signature humor that I was used to. To me it was like Suzanne Forester and Sandra Brown got together and cowrote the book. I had a hard time connecting with the heroine and hero and my stars were going to reflect that. But as I stayed with the book SEP's magic started to happen and the book became more and more her book and less anybody else's. In the end it was as wonderful as always and I loved, loved that epi. It was a perfect end to the book. I thought I had it figured out by page 111, I was on the right track, but the wrong train. In the end I loved the h/h as individuals and as a couple. If you haven't ever read SEP her earlier works are still some of my favorite reads, but this one was a keeper as well.

  • Amarilli Settantatre
    2019-02-10 14:36

    4,5 - Sono rimasta letteralmente spiazzata da questo romanzo, perchè mi aspettavo una storia avventurosa-zuccherosa: invece la SEP è riuscita comunque a conquistarmi con una trama davvero non facile, che punta a elementi che non catturano subito la simpatia del lettore, ma che riescono comunque a tenerti avvinta grazie al fatto che, frase dopo frase, i personaggi prendono vita e ti raccontano storie nascoste. Gli stessi protagonisti non sono i soliti: Annie all'inizio è debole, sia nel fisico che nella psiche, sente le "voci" in testa (Ok, voci speciali, e leggendo capirete di chi...), e Theo... beh, Theo è semplicemente un riccastro viziato con passato da psicopatico che ha tentato di ucciderla. Non proprio un'atmosfera rosa e fiori, oltre al fatto che le vicende si svolgono tra cottage semiabbandonati e villoni gotici con tanto di torri piene di spifferi e (forse) fantasmi.Però comprendo che di Theo una finisca per innamorarsi, e la SEP è stata fantastica a farcelo piacere a poco a poco, in un crescendo di intrighi, minacce e sospetti, e tanti segreti che vengono a galla.Un romanzo cupo, a tratti malinconico, ma davvero bello.Brava SEP, brava e ancora brava. Ho scoperto che anche per me "gli eroi sono il mio punto debole", e questo resta uno dei libri migliori di quest'autrice.

  • Dali
    2019-01-16 08:36

    An interestingly sweet and touching story about, forgiveness, finding one self and love and very glad I didn’t give up on because truly Heroes ARE my Weakness.The last place Annie Hewitt wants to go is back to the island where as a teenager the boy she crushed on bullied her to the point of fear. But as a struggling actress-puppeteer, she has nowhere else to go. In the hopes of finding the legacy her dying mother promised her, she’s putting on a brave face and using her charm to put the pieces of her life back together and start fresh. But there’s someone set on making her leave. Will she trust the sexy recluse sadist who long ago terrorized her to help out now?Horror novelist Theo Harp likes to hide away and keep to himself in his family’s island house while he writes even though the place only brings him bad memories. With Annie back on the island and in his life those memories are sharper and as painful as ever. Can Annie’s quirky appeal tear down his walls and bring happiness into his otherwise self-flagellating life? I’ll be completely honest. This story started out with a strange setting. A grown woman who’s inner voices included that of several puppets? A man dressed in period clothing riding a horse in the middle of a snow storm in the dead of night? It just didn’t seem like a romance novel and it progressed painfully slow to boot. But around a third of the way in, the weirdness transformed into an interesting plot with incredible well developed characters, some unforeseeable twists and a beautiful ending. “He kissed her lips as if his life depended on it. Kissed their future into her. All they could have and all they could be.”It was hard to imagine at first that I would like, much less love Theo as the hero in this novel. He came off as a menacing adult with dry humor and as we learned about his teenage bullying I was no closer liking him. I did like however, how he viewed Annie and how she managed and stood up to him. As the story unfolds we do learn about his soul-crushing secrets, misplaced guilt and what compelled him to act the way he did while slowly discovering his inner softness and kind soul. “You talked about being a romantic. Romance is nothing! It’s a tiny word that doesn’t come close to what I feel for you.”I felt so sad about all the tragedy and despair Theo had endured during his life. But so happy that Annie brought so much light to him. I liked her sharp tongue, her vivid imagination and her heart of gold. Yes it did seem weird at first when she talked to her puppets, but they did play a key role in helping a traumatized little girl as well as help Annie find a purpose. The story didn’t just revolve around Annie and Theo’s budding relationship, which most of the time had an antagonist vibe to their push-pull. “What were you doing in my bedroom?”“Searching it. More successfully than when I tried to get into your computer… I’ll have to keep prying until you level with me… by the way, you need some new panties.”There were a lot of questions I wanted the answers to. Like the unidentified person who is bullying Annie into leaving, Theo’s dark secrets and Annie’s mystery inheritance. This is my first Susan E. Phillips book, so I can’t say if this unhurried start and fade to black sexiness is her usual style. I was eventually more than hooked with a wonderful writing and interesting story, which has made me look up more of her books and will search for future publications.3.5 stars* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Tasty Book Tours. The excerpts are from that copy. *More reviews * Stalk us on FaceBook * As well as Twitter * Pinterest Board for Book Teasers

  • SheriC (PM)
    2019-02-08 14:30

    A really cute story about a quirky ventriloquist whose puppets provide ongoing commentary to everything she does, but are at least mercifully silent during sex. It’s got a brooding, complicated hero, a couple of easily guessable mysteries, and a Happily Ever After, which I don’t consider a spoiler since this is a conventional romance. (view spoiler)[I mean really, the love interest is never a sociopathic murderer in these kinds of books, and you can certainly never trust an aging woman who dresses garishly and has a heavy hand with the makeup (hide spoiler)]What dragged this down from 4 stars to 3 stars was the eye-rollingly awful use of pop psychology, where characters who suffer extreme psychological trauma (view spoiler)[are instantly cured when they can finally be coerced into talking about it. (hide spoiler)] And our quirky heroine knowing full well that only a trained psychologist should be attempting therapy, but since there isn’t one around, well, the couple of human psychology classes she took in drama school will do. No consideration that she might do more harm than good. Also, this story should have wrapped up a few chapters earlier, but it gets unnecessarily dragged out because our two lovers are incapable of having an adult conversation about their feelings for one another. Audiobook, borrowed from my library via Overdrive, with an excellent performance by Erin Bennett.Read for the 2017 Romance Bingo. It could fit any of these squares:Headless woman: beheaded by the cover artistGuy/Girl Next Door: they spent a summer living in the same house as stepsiblings, and are neighbors in the current timelineRogue: The MC believes her love interest is a (view spoiler)[sociopath who played cruel tricks on her and has even attempted murder (hide spoiler)]Second Chances: Also third and fourth chances