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The trial was supposed to be television reporter Shea Sinclair's big break - her chance to show the world she wasn't just some empty-headed "weather girl.” Then she became the story when Nick Taggert, a contractor on trial for murder, bolted from the courtroom and took her with him - at gunpoint.... But she soon found herself an all-too-willing "hostage.” This man was dangThe trial was supposed to be television reporter Shea Sinclair's big break - her chance to show the world she wasn't just some empty-headed "weather girl.” Then she became the story when Nick Taggert, a contractor on trial for murder, bolted from the courtroom and took her with him - at gunpoint.... But she soon found herself an all-too-willing "hostage.” This man was dangerous, all right - especially to a woman who looked too long into those beautiful blue eyes of his - but he was no murderer. And she intended to help him prove it. Because when they were finished running from the law, she was going to make him her prisoner - for life.......

Title : hot on his trail
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ISBN : 19931205
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 220 Pages
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hot on his trail Reviews

  • Saly
    2019-04-07 22:04

    Hot on His Trail was really good, it's the second book in the Sinclair Connection series.Shea Sinclair, is known as the weather-girl though she doesn't like the tag, but because of the illness of a colleague she has gotten a chance, so she rushes to the court-house to get the verdict on Nick Taggert, who is convicted of murdering his neighbor.Inside the court-house Nick is expecting a not guilty verdict, after all he is innocent and he believes in the system but when it comes a guilty, he panics, and attacks the deputy. He can see the life he saw for himself unraveling, he never had a great childhood and all he ever wanted after he served his country was a wife and kid and he thought he was on the way to it. When he sees Shea holding a camera he takes her hostage to escape.He doesn't have a plan and has been shot in the leg. Shea didn't expect to be kidnapped so she struggles and even tries to escape but Nick tells her he will shoot her. They get talking when Nick tells her that he is innocent and Shea believes him, she considers herself a good judge of character, so when he tries to leave her behind, she says no, he needs her and she who has higher ambition will get a great story out of it.Shea was extremely fun and resourceful, the way she improvised when the situation called, when she runs across the trooper, her neighbor and her brothers. Shea's parents weren't the most loving but her three older brothers made up for it. She believes in Nick and even looks after him well. Shea just wants a good career but Nick makes her want other things.Nick, on his part didn't feel very optimistic, he told Shea to go and not act as a willing participant but she didn't. He even behaves rudely and crudely to let her go and tell her that they don't have a future but she doesn't.I loved the Sinclair siblings as well and Shea was totally awesome.Rating 4.5

  • Ana
    2019-04-07 01:10

    Nick Taggart certainly didn't expect to hear "Guilty!". After all, he's innocent and innocent men don't go to prison for life. So, when he hears the verdict he reacts without thinking and attacts a deputy, takes his gun and starts to run away. He would've failed if there wasn't a convenient hostage to take - a beautiful reporter Shea Sinclair.Shea was just filling in for a coworker, the last thing she expected was that Nick would try to run away and take her! In the beginning she was doing her best to get away from him, but when she realizes that he's innocent she changes her mind, he needs help to clear his name. And so the adventure begins.Nick is a man with a bad childhood who spent most of his life in Spec Ops, all he wants is a family and a house with white picket fence. That really shouldn't be that hard to get. He's attracted to Shea from the beginning, but he tries really hard to make her change her mind, to protect her from herself. He says some hurtful thing to her, but Shea always realizes why he's doing that. I like him a lot.Shea has grown up with distant parents, but she had her 3 brothers, 3 dangerous brothers (I love Nick's reaction when she tells him). They are overprotective, but they love her, so she puts up with them.Shea and Nick fall in love slowly, I like the time they spent alone, how they talked to each other, the complete honesty.The reason for the rating is how the whole suspense plot tied up. Not the identity of the murderer, but how they found out.I love their HEA, and Shea's brothers are awesome. I look forward to reading their stories.Rating:4 stars.

  • Jen_C
    2019-03-29 22:03

    Probably 4-1/2 stars. Really enjoyed Shea as a heroine (smart, feisty, stubborn and she doesn't whine) and the supporting characters rocked. Murder mystery was good too. I loved Nick using the nickname "Weathergirl" for her (at first to tick her off). Shea's brothers were hilarious alpha protectors - (loved when Nick thought of them as "the thug, the cowboy and the suit)! Fav quotes:Holding his face in her hands, she barely touched her nose to his. “I love you,” she whispered. “Don’t.” The single word was harsh, but the hand that settled in her hair was tender. Gentle and loving. And she didn’t let that word deter her. “If we find the murderer tomorrow and you’re cleared, then everything will be fine. If we don’t and you have to run again, I want to run with you.” “No,” he whispered. “I would rather live my life on the run with you than live it anywhere else without you.”“Thank you,” he whispered. “For believing in me when no one else did. For loving me.” And then he knew it was true. He could deny it out loud, but not here. Not now. “For letting me love you back.”Nick raised his arm to bring Shea’s face close to his. The cops and Norman stayed clear, so no one else was close enough to hear, if he kept his voice low. “More than anything, I wish we could start over,” he whispered. “I can thank you for that, too. After everything that happened, I was ready to give up. I didn’t think there was any way I could bear to start over with nothing again, but if I could start over with you I would. You gave me my life back.” And he would just as soon die if he ended up taking hers. “Open your eyes, Shea,” he commanded softly. “Look at me.”“You’ll be okay,” he said, smiling. Believing it. She snuggled against his chest. “Do sleeping pills make you hallucinate?” she whispered. “I don’t know.” “I could’ve sworn you said you loved me,” she breathed into his ear. “But that can’t be right. Can it? I’m just…we just…” “You’re not hallucinating,” he said softly. “I do love you.”

  • Farah
    2019-04-23 22:03

    I enjoyed this one quite a lot !! The murder mystery was really good and had me guessing almost until the end. The characters were intriguing and held their own.Shea was a kickass heroine , I absolutely adored her , she's highly intelligent and very mature when it comes down to dealing with others , she's also very stubborn and insists on having her way at all times , the kind of heroine who takes charge when things go nasty ... or even when they don't. Nick was a good man who tried really hard to convince Shea that he was not , he cared about her deeply and more than once acted like a jerk just so he can save Shea from the mess he's in , he was a real gentleman when it came to things that matter the most , he tried to act cold and indifferent but when he let his guard down he was really sweet , charming and loving. The relationship between Shea and Nick was slow , they both got to know each other personally before anything ever happened , they challenged each other and I enjoyed the clash of wills between them , the sparks between them were all over the place , their dialogue was witty and charming ,I enjoyed watching them fall in love. Shea's brothers were hilarious and adorable in their own macho weird way , the scene where they barged into the house looking for Shea and Nick had me in laughing fits , I loved their presence in the book especially at the last scene ,I laughed so hard. The murder mystery was really interesting , I found myself really focused on the list of suspects and following everything Shea and Nick said. At the end of the book the murder mystery was wrapped up very cleverly and I really liked how everything slowly unfolded and made absolute sense. I really really enjoyed this book , it's entertaining , romantic , humorous with the perfect dosage of mystery and suspense.A fun read that leaves good feelings behind.

    2019-04-13 21:48

    3.5. One of the better ones actually.Honestly, I would have rebelled. Our h has 3 older brothers, one a US marshal, one a PI...and one a rodeo clown (guess he did rebel in a way). Her brothers have essentially ran every boyfriend off she's ever dated. She's mid 20s and has pretty much given up. Apparently this absolute lack of a personal life hasn't set off warning bells with them (or you know, given them a clue).Whatever the case, she's kidnapped by the H, who was framed for murder. The detectives handling the case did the bare minimum - there were things about someone that should have raised a lot of suspicion. A few hours later, he's ready to let her go (he never had any intention of keeping her). She refuses, because he's wounded and she...what, I dunno. At some point though she did begin believing his innocence.She takes him to her aunt/uncle's house in another state where he recuperates. Eventually they get busy, because as she puts it, she doesn't need any more brothers. After approximately a week, they leave, and he kicks her out of the car not far from her apartment. She tells the cops he's headed to Montana (this took place in Alabama), sneaks off from brothers and...Eventually they do manage to trigger the killer to make a move, where the person is arrested. Charges are dropped, brothers deliver him to aunt/uncle's house to meet her - and reluctantly leave them alone, etc.I biggest issue was the brothers' essentially KOing any sort of personal life for her, and her going along with it. Well, and the H's repeated attempts to push her away "for her own good" or some other such BS.