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An all-new epic begins! Malekith the Accursed, lord of the Dark Elves, has a problem with Iron Man. Then again, Malekith the Accursed has a problem with pretty much everyone on Earth. And when Malekith the Accursed strikes, blood will flow and darkness will fall...unless Iron Man can gain the upper hand! It's cutting-edge mortal science versus the most arcane Asgardian sciAn all-new epic begins! Malekith the Accursed, lord of the Dark Elves, has a problem with Iron Man. Then again, Malekith the Accursed has a problem with pretty much everyone on Earth. And when Malekith the Accursed strikes, blood will flow and darkness will fall...unless Iron Man can gain the upper hand! It's cutting-edge mortal science versus the most arcane Asgardian science imaginable...all in a bath of blood. Plus: which classic Marvel UK character returns in a reinvented form after the events of Revolutionary War? And how do the Mandarin's rings factor into this crisis? Iron Man vows to get to the bottom of things...assuming he lives!Collecting: Iron Man 23-27...

Title : Iron Man, Volume 5: Rings of the Mandarin
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ISBN : 9780785154822
Format Type : Hardcover
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Iron Man, Volume 5: Rings of the Mandarin Reviews

  • David Sarkies
    2019-03-26 22:52

    All Against Ironman23 August 2016 - Amiens Well, I wanted something quick to read so I could write a review while I was sitting in my hotel in Amiens (though I probably should be sleeping, but then again I am one of those people who tries to squeeze as much into my day as possible) and was not expecting to visit the Jules Verne House until Wednesday. Well, as they say – the best laid plans of mice and men – I ended up visiting the Jules Verne House, and has also finished Around the World in 80 Days, but that is another story because I also finished the Iron Man comic and this is what I am writing the review on. Anyway, as I tend to do, I wanted to check out a comic book store in Melbourne, since I actually hadn't done that yet, and in doing so decided to grab an Iron Man comic, namely because I had been rewatching all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. In particular I wanted one with the Mandarin, simply because Iron Man III, at least in my opinion, was nothing more than awesome. Well, it seems that the Mandarin is, as was the case in the movie, a shadowy figure that doesn't actually have an identity. Also, as it turns out, he happens to be the leader of the Ten Rings, which are the bad guys in the first movie – to an extent. In this comic I discovered that the ten rings are actually ten physical rings that give the wearer a specific power, and are designed to turn them against Iron Man because, well, he's Iron Man and he is a good guy, as well as a superhero, and tends to get in the way of people's nefarious plans. Mind you, Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is also a capitalist, so being a good guy, and a capitalist, doesn't really sit all that well together because capitalism is generally based on greed, and screwing over everybody around you so that you can become as rich and powerful as possible – which is not necessarily my definition of a good guy. Okay, in the films Tony Stark does take control of his company from the board and attempts to take it away from building weapons for the US Military that inevitably land up in the hands of the bad guys and focusing on more ethical projects, but that is beside the point. When you have pharmaceutical companies buying the rights to life saving drugs and jacking up the price because the only people that matter are the shareholders, then you have a problem – not really the actions of people that I would consider good guys. The thing with this particular book is that the Mandarin is hunting down people that it might be able to turn against Iron Man and decides to approach everybody's favourite Dark Elf king – Malekith. Bad idea – when he discovers the rings he decides to go and grab them all for himself, so he hunts down the other bearers, kills them, and takes the rings. This is not really what the Mandarin expected. Okay, since Malekith is involved you would think that Thor would come rushing to the rescue, and apparently in one spot he does, but it turns out to be an illusion – all the other ring bearers have joined forces and decided to put an end to Malekith's mischief. This once again brings up the idea of magic and technology. In previous posts (of which I can't remember, namely because I'm not that organised) I have suggested that magic and technology are simply two sides of the same coin. Well, Malekith suggests that as well, though there are differences, but they happen to be slight. One thing I like is that the rings, when viewed by Iron Man, tend to reflect the mindset of a technologist, while Malekith tends to reflect the mind of the sorcerer, even though both are basically as powerful, and as intelligent, as each other. I don't think one would go as far as calling Thor a primitive simply because he refers to an Einstein-Rozencrantz bridge (wormhole) as the Rainbow bridge, particularly since the Asgardians actually built it (though it is called The Bifrost). Anyway, I enjoyed the story, and am half tempted to get hold of some of the earlier volumes (namely because the advertising at the back grabbed my attention) however that is unlikely to happen because I generally do frequent comic book stores all that much, and if I do it is only to add a geeky review to Yelp.

  • Praxedes
    2019-04-03 23:50

    This graphic novel is anchored by its nice, tight storyline. It is full of action (hooray!) and is entirely self-contained (no need to read outside sources to understand things). The artwork is very very good, supplementing the story and occasionally adding to it.As in most literature that is plot-driven, it sacrifices character development. But that is alright since we know most of the protagonists already. And the ongoing theme of mixing of magic and technology allows the writer to explore all sorts of scenarios. Nicely done!

  • Anthony
    2019-04-01 22:52

    Gillen's Iron Man is disappointing. Even more so when you look at other work he's done within Marvel (young avengers, journey into mystery and even his X-men was pretty good). This is the final volume (or penultimate if you include the Original Sin Hulk/Iron Man he did with Waid). It plods along and feels very editorially driven, mainly because the villain is Maliketh, who was getting a push in the comics around the release of Thor: The Dark World. He needs to collect the rings of the Mandarin (that can now talk to each other? Is this a new thing?) to reck havoc on all the 9 realms! And Tony can't call in Thor because that could make this book better and shorter by just having Thor hit everything with his hammer. I think the artwork is also very uninspiring, and makes the story more dull to read. Also, Tony being adopted can not be retconned too soon. I mean, seriously?

  • Gavin
    2019-04-08 19:52

    This is the end; beautiful friend...the end.Jim Morrison sums up pretty much how I feel about the way this series has played out.So glad for it to be done. This just didn't feel like Tony Stark at all, I mean I see how they wanted to knock him off his comfort level and they did that, but otherwise, it's just very disjointed and all over the place.So, remember how the Mandarin Rings were stolen? Turns out it was everyone's favourite Dark Elf: Malakeith the Accursed, the King of them. Yup. Oh, well then, just call Thor, Tony, he's one of your best and oldest trusted friends! Oh we cannot do that, because the 9 realms has some sort of peace treaty going on and this would screw it up...WHA?Anyhow, Tony takes the fight to him, with the help of Dark Angel, an expert on Magic...of course who's got some past with Marvel UK line of cosmic/magic shit. Her dad apparently sold her to the devil for power, and she got left behind...anyhow...She helps him get to Dark Elf Land (Svartalfheim) where he battles the elves, who, coincidentally, have issues with Iron, as in it kills them painfully. (Why hasn't Thor brought Tony here before?) Anyhow, we see Tony hates Malakeith a lot, and is taking out a lot of Dark Elves in the process...Then the rest of the Mandarin Rings show up, and they include a bunch of no names (oh and Mole mostly no namers). I have to think there would be more people out there who hated Tony Stark than that...but it's lame.Malakeith offers to give Tony back the last ring he has (after Tony captures the other 3) if he'll leave him and take on the other 6 instead.Of course, we just get a bunch of robots fighting again, including Red Peril, who Tony (and Arno) decided was someone they should trust, even though 5 issues ago she was blowing up Troy...Of course. Oh and they take out everyone, except the last, who's someone they don't know, but he's holding Pepper hostage! It's Marc! Red Peril's ex, who's engaged to Pepper! But it's a trick! so everyone is defeated.Yay. The rings get locked up, for now, and I'm sure they will reappear whenever Mandarin does.Oh, and Tony finally decides its time to get rid of 451. The Rigellians show up, and one of them explains that 451 influenced the Mandarin Rings...he's smarter than Tony, and Tony has to ask him to say it so he can understand (mildly amusing). Then the aliens (who all look like the Wizard from FF) take 451 robot back to the stars...Also, Arno is interviewed by Red Peril whatever her real name is I don't even care; Tony sees this piece and discovers that Arno is resurrecting the Extremis project and tells him it's a bad bad idea. Then we see Arno is a Stark for sure, because he assures Tony that he'll fix all the problems. They're totally setting up Arno to become a villain, and not at all subtly.1) He's in a breathing apparatus or an Iron Lung2) He's deathly white3) He was left alone and Tony got his life4) He's a genius who's had his whole life to plan5) He made a joke about Tony needing to be the face of Troy, because usually people like him are supervillains6) He's already made himself a gigantic Iron Battle Suit, with no help from Tony, so Tony won't be able to stop or control it. (this also makes no sense because the first time we met Arno, he was all about helping the world and not violence...we'll see how long that lasts)7) There's already tension building between the brothers, and they don't see eye to eye8) The End of this book has them flying off in robots together, with the caption "The End...?"WEAK! This is just not where I thought they'd go at many possibilities and all Arno does is exactly what Tony does: Extremis, Robots, super ego, build build build (except he's not a capitalist, and we all know, Tony is one and is more Captain America than Steve Rogers, because he worships the capitalist mentality)...I also really thought there was potential for a Tony/Thor team up, even if Thor showed up to help Tony with some strategies or advice, or even told him to stay out of it...but NOTHING.I'm also pretty sick of the fact that Tony's robots do anything, he's got like 1000 of them, and even the one he wears can adapt and transform...oh and turns out? the city of Troy itself is also a robot...Iron Metropolitan!!! It helped beat up the baddies with rings...Seriously, what the hell? Maybe I don't like Iron Man? Yes I do, I liked Matt Fraction's run before Marvel Now, I just think Gillen's run wasn't a success, and the ideas, while OK, took too long a route to introduce Tony's "brother" who will just turn into a villain, and then probably have his origin retconned in a year.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-04-04 21:43

    Whilst it's fair to say that most of Kieron Gillen's run on Iron Man hasn't been up to his usual standard compared to other runs like Journey Into Mystery or Young Avengers, his final Iron Man story is a pretty good way to close everything off.Continuing the story that began in Iron Metropolitan, this volume sees Tony and friends tracking down the now-sentient Mandarin rings from Malekith the Accursed and some other supervillains. The addition of the more mystical elements play right into Gillen's strengths, especially when you compare the first three issues with the last three and notice the difference in quality straight away. Gillen wraps up all of his storylines satisfactorily, though the last minute reveal regarding Pepper is a bit cheap, in order to give the next writer a clean slate with the character.The artwork begins strong with Luke Ross and Joe Bennett sharing duties, but the final few issues have two or three artists apiece, and whilst none of them are particularly bad, they're all pretty run of the mill, with the likes of Cliff Richards and Derlis Santacruz splitting issues. I hate it when series do this - it feels like editorial have already written them off before they've finished and started to focus on whatever's coming next instead of giving the series a proper send-off.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-03-31 02:12

    A good conclusion to Gillen's run on Iron Man. I loved his new vision for Mandarin's rings, and it plays out full-screen here. Gillen also makes great use of a variety of supporting characters including Arno, Red Peril, and Pepper. Perhaps some elements were a little rushed at the end, but we still get a solid ending and it feels like Gillen was able to tell his story.Overall, I don't understand the dislike for Gillen's run. It was brimming with new ideas and reimaginations of Stark and his rogues gallery that simultaneously broke new ground while also remaining true to what had come before. If I had to pick one problem with the run, it'll only be that he backed off of his rather magnificent reinvention of the Mandarin, rather than keeping it as part of the ongoing status quo.Still, it's a run that was more coherent than the excellent Fraction run that preceded it and at least as imaginative and revolutionary.

  • Nuno Gil Franco
    2019-04-02 19:12

    It's always nice to see a story coming full circle (or as close as it gets). And while it had been ages since I've regularly read Iron Man comics (Quesada was writing the book at the time), this sort of felt like a cop-out: the revelation of the "top" bad guy might have ringed (eheheheh) truer to people that were reading the book back when Fraction was writing it but to me it was all "meh". Add to that the fact that Ross (like so many of today's artists) can't draw more than 2 complete issues in a row (not criticizing the rest of the art teams - some are pretty good) and Gillen wraps this up pretty midly. I would rate it a low 5/10.

  • Roberto Diaz
    2019-03-31 20:56

    El último volumen del tiraje de Guillen, termina con Tony enfrentando a un villano que se siente elegido por la editorial más que por el escritor (teniendo en cuenta que la publicación original de esta saga fue en víspera de "Thor: Mundo Oscuro"), pero rssulta una lectura enrretenida durante su duración, presentando a varios villanos clase B de Marvel y dando un vistazo al funcionamiento de los anillos de Mandarin.Si eres fan del Iron Man de Matt Fraction o del Tony cinemático, puedes pasar por alto a Guillen, pero si quieres igial ver alguas historias de Tony fuera ee su elemento, esta saga completa de sus 5 volumenes tal vez te llame la atención.

  • B
    2019-03-25 23:01

    It's always nice to see some new old villains. There are certainly enough villains that they can be reduced, reused, and recycled. The problem here is that none of them are ever built up. They just show up, obviously empowered. But how can we care about their threat if roughly 100% of their scare comes from having a single Mandarin ring each (that is, 1/10 the power of the Mandarin). They're really playing up the "Arno is a threat" subtext. Also, that Tony is a beserker, which is . . . new, right? I wonder if there's anything interesting they can do with it. This wasn't a bad book but I don't remember being particularly excited most of it.

  • Adam Fisher
    2019-04-22 18:12

    This Volume was okay. The story was better than the last Volume and featured some fairly decent fighting, but the addition of many unknown characters (who seem to be important) and having them play a heavy role, just felt really forced.This title is finished (seeming to be replaced by Superior Iron Man) and I'm not sure that Iron Man is working so great on his own right now. Again, and its probably just me and my preferences, but Marvel NOW! isn't coming close to New 52 DC AT ALL.Still a decent read, and will finish out the story, for now...Recommend, but with reservation.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-15 00:43

    I've really enjoyed this entire run of Iron Man. Whilst I haven't read much of the character before I felt Gillen's characterisation was good and the overall storyline was dynamic and interesting, and this was a fitting end to the series. Overall I'd probably say this is one of the weaker volumes of his run but still a good end, though it doesn't quite compare to Secret Origins parts 1 and 2 in my opinion. Still, a good series to read for fans of Iron Man.

  • Mitchell
    2019-03-29 21:01

    Iron Man. And the Rings of the Mandarin. And Malekith. None of which I like or am interested in. It was kind of a high barrier to me liking this book. It could have been a whole lot worse. Essentially this was plot driven when it could have hypothetically been character driven. But it made sense and the writing and art was good enough. It would have been better if I cared. I kind of liked Shevaun Haldane.

  • Dean
    2019-04-20 18:10

    This was ok, nothing more. The story was ok, though it didn't really suit Tony Stark as a character, and felt far too stretched out. Dialogue was decent generally, though the writer was not half as funny as he thinks he is. And, yet again in a Marvel book, all a bit of a mess.Too much going on at once, too many characters to follow, made for a hard book to follow at times.Ultimately, a book I wanted to like but found to be acceptable at best, very flawed at worst. Recommended? Probably not.

  • M. Ashraf
    2019-04-17 20:45

    Still Marvel has a thing with endings -_- It was a good arc, great story, a good style but still the ending :/Anyhow! Tony and Arno story will continue! and I'm waiting for a brother clash :pCovers and Spoilers :)

  • Scott Lee
    2019-04-14 18:06

    Interesting. The Malekith story makes for a nice villain switch arc. I like the idea of Dark Angel from that arc--Tony with a magic advisor. Good deal. The overall Mandarin arc was just okay. It wasn't as good as the previous secret origin of Tony Stark because it failed to do anything significant to Tony in comparison to that story line.

  • Mike
    2019-03-23 20:06

    I had hopes that Gillen was going to go out on top after Iron Metropolitan, but this is just kind of average. Malekith just isn't that interesting of a villain for Iron Man in my opinion, and the story doesn't really push anything interesting.

  • Lionel
    2019-04-16 20:53

    Didn't like much of this run. Just the addition of Arno... even thought it is far-fetched

  • Jonathan Roberts
    2019-04-01 01:51

    Better ending than I thought possible. I liked the conclusion to the 451 story and adding the rings made it interesting.

  • Misbah
    2019-03-28 19:51

    An interesting mixture of magic and technology in this one. 451 turned out to be a bad guy. We now know that Tony was adopted and that he has a brother named Arno. He fights with elves that are known for stealing children from families. He is gathering the rings of the mandarin. The rings can communicate with each other and each has special powers. One of the rings is called the liar and at the end of the story we find out that the guy wearing the ring is actually Marc, Pepper Potts' fiance. Oh and there's also a futuristic city called Troy. The story ends with Tony gathering all the rings and Pepper breaking her engagement.

  • Russio
    2019-04-06 01:54

    This seems part formula, part slop of ideas - Lord of the Rings meets Tony Stark and lots of fighting ensues. Not much else really, apart from a few under-developed asides for redheaded females and a redundant brother, who will no doubt turn bad fairly soon. Plodding, competent but rarely very engaging.

  • Bernard Campbell
    2019-04-15 20:50

    not great but also not awful. I got this as I hadn't finished this story arc and now it's done I'm looking forward to reading something a little more Ironman...

  • Zombieslayer/Alienhunter {Don't do school, and stay in drugs}
    2019-04-10 18:09

    Are you sitting comfortably?Then I'll begin.Small offshore China city.Mandarin City.Iron Metropolitan.Troy.They kept the city from falling.They stopped the Mandarins, wielders of rings so dark, so powerful, so deadly; each equipped with the piece of the Mandarin's soul, from destroying it.They made a helpful ally.They made a difference.They were only getting started.Tony Stark, a broken man, is determined to bring the Mandarins down for good.Having recovered several of the rings, watched the effects of the hack on his A.I tech, EXTREMIS, fighting a battle with the black magic elves of the Svartalfheim realm, and calling in a little favor from your friendly neighborhood Norse God, he might just be able to do it.The remaining Mandarins are plotting nuclear strikes on the Earth, each of them with skin in the game as far as Tony Stark is concerned.If they're successful, the entire planet will be reshaped in their image, and the clock is ticking down for Tony, his 'brother', (view spoiler)[Howard and Maria Stark's biological son (hide spoiler)] Arno, and the unlikely ally they've found in far-left wing journalist Abigail Burns (Red Peril) to stop him.The breach on EXTREMIS, android Recorder 451's violent tirade on Tony and Earth itself, the birth of Iron Metropolitan, have all led to this.The final showdown.The end of the Mandarin.But Arno, left considerably less bitter than he should be after thirty-plus years spent in an iron lung, doesn't see EXTREMIS as a fault.Just faulty.There's friction between the brothers as, much to Tony's dismay, Arno admits he's been working on EXTREMIS, and wants to attempt to use it as a tool for those like him and double-amputee Abigail Burns.Will they both make it out?And if they do, can their tentative relationship ever be salvaged?"I was created. You were created. Then we do what we can."Kieron, I hate you.What the frak, man?!I did not give you permission to do this to me. You made me feel real feels for my third favorite wiseass (1st is Harry Dresden, 2nd is Han Solo. We're forming a superteam, the four of us).How dare you!I'm sad to see Gillen's run on Iron Man end. But you know what?This is a good leaving-off point. He accomplished so much, especially for a relatively short series. I loved every last page. I can really feel for Tony as a character now. I like the tie-in to Brian Michael Bendis's Guardians of the Galaxy. It was light. A good story, sure, but not so heavy it took away from Tony's emotional conflict.Having spent the proverbial body parts on it or not, I'm glad I read this run. I want to go back and visit a more classic Iron Man, most definitely, but this was a fun ride.I've found a new favorite author in Kieron Gillen. The Young Avengers reboot just sky-rocketed up my TBR.Art specs...?Worst art of the series.I'm serious.Vol. 4's art was pretty mediocre, but oh my Thor this was bad.I hate to be a hater, I do, but...JEEZ-IS KEE-RIST!*shakes head*Luke Ross? Joe Bennet? Just...No.Zoidberg is my spirit animal.Sorry, guys. But hey, four-star comic with art I friggin' hated?That should tell you a lot.Excelsior.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Anchorpete
    2019-04-10 20:11

    When you read the little snippets of reviews that adorn the cover of this trade, you get a little worried about the quality of comic book journalism. I shouldn't talk, my reviews are barely readable crimes against grammar, but still that isn't how I earn my bread and butter. I am just doing this for fun. Well, who cares though, about the little snippets on the outside of the book? What is inside is what matters.... That is the point I am trying to make, when you read the reviews ".... give this a shot. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed" or "a successful new launch for Iron Man". You get the tone of what is actually inside this book. It is fun. It is good, but it is nothing really special.I love Keiron Gillen, but this has to be the least ambitious work of his I have ever read. It reads like an Iron Man story from the Early 90s, with a dash of Marvel UK thrown in (love all of the Dark Angel references). Are these things you want in your modern day comics? I know I enjoyed seeing all of the Mandarin's rings having their own minds, and working together to bring down Tony Stark. I can't say that I read this book without my eyes glazing over multiple times at the dialogue and concepts that Gillen was throwing at me. That is why this book gets a two. Could have been worse, but at least it was different.

  • Silas
    2019-04-14 00:50

    My thoughts as I started reading:"This series has been getting less interesting, and what happened to Troy? We're just forgetting about that? Okay, Malekith, this might be interesting, I like Asgard. Wait. Dark Angel! And not even a shoutout or a cameo appearance, she is actually an integral part of the story?! Sold!"Your mileage may vary, but I have been a fan of Dark Angel since the beginning, when she was Hell's Angel, so having her show up again somewhere and actually play a prominent role made me enjoy this a great deal more.This story does continue the Mandarin rings storyline, and involves Malekith and dark elves, as well as revealing the other possessors of Mandarin rings, some of whom I had seen before, and represented characters from other Super-heroes' rogues gallery. I like then characters cross over like that, as though the books were actually connected. It is all told well, and I was thoroughly entertained. I'm not sure where the story goes from here, but I hope it includes more Dark Angel as a supporting character (though since few people care as much as me, I wouldn't necessarily count on it... but hey, Iron Fist made a comeback, so you never know).

  • Tarique Ejaz
    2019-04-22 19:56

    So Malaketh - The Dark Elf who was chosen as a Mandarin has gone covetous and wants to gather all the remaining rings for himself only for things to go horribly wrong for himself. (After having dealt massive damage to Iron Man in the process)The attempt by Gillen to make the story a bit too smart ended up becoming its biggest downfall. For me the fact that he tried to do too much at once was the point where the story became like "meh". The inclusion of magic as a force for Iron Man to work with as he builds towards reclaiming thee rings was sort of anticipated but the part where the vagrant reporter Abigail Burns is handed over an armor as Iron Man and his brother, who are going through a sort of a personal crisis of their own, decide the best way to end this entire war for the rings of the Mandarin once and for all.The worst part was the ending. The revelation was not expected, that much I will agree but it wasn't helpful in any way either. It was a disappointing way to end.

  • Will Robinson Jr.
    2019-04-05 22:47

    I just do not like the directions they have taken this character. The Hulk Vs. Iron Man Original Sin Tie In was much better. We all know Tony Stark is a jerk and has a ego but I thank they are just making him do things out of character. On the positive side I did enjoy the minor villains drive to covet the Mandarin's rings but I was really hoping for the return of the Mandarin. Some people like the Arno Stark brother thing but it just seems like a copycat of the Court of Owls and the Bruce Wayne missing brother plot. I think there needs to be a return of what makes the Iron Man mythos work: TECHNOLOGY. I like Iron stories more that focus on Tony's scientific innovations and sometimes the unexpected consequences of their application. He is an arms dealer who is trying to fight fire with fire but his biggest flaw is his ego to believe he can control the tech he unleashes upon the world. That's Iron Man to me. This story has some fun parts but is ultimately forgettable.

  • Amélie
    2019-03-24 23:00

    I love how obviously at ease Kieron Gillen is with Thor's foes, especially since it allows him to go back to the style he used with Journey into Mystery. That opening was great. And yet, none of that undermines the good he does for Iron Man. I'm still not sure how I feel about certain things, but I do love the relationship building up between Arno and Tony.The whole plot with the rings was also great to follow, and well executed. I didn't think it could be resolved in so few issues, yet it was, and I found it satisfactory.Now, I'm not sure what to read next, I think I reached the point where the Secret Wars plot starts... I'll probably catch up with other series before getting into that giant crossover. Hopefully by then I'll have a better idea of the reading order...[EDIT/Note to self] Nope, it's actually the AXIS crossover that I've reached !

  • James Lawner
    2019-04-15 23:54

    *2.5*While I think this was better than the last volume, I thought it was a bit meh for me. The artwork was alright, But the story wanted to be amazing, but it didn't go anywhere interesting. Also, they still haven't continued on from the revelations of the Secret Origin storyline. Also, this has the last issues of the 2012 Iron Man series, And honestly, this whole series felt rather forgettable and only the Secret Origin of Tony Stark was the highlight of this series. Overall, it was rather lackluster.

  • James Rodrigues
    2019-03-24 22:59

    What a mess of an ending, which is appropriate considering how messy Kieron Gillen's run on Iron Man has been. The Mandarin Rings seeking out hosts leads to a showdown between Tony Stark and Malekith the Accursed, which plays out more uninterestingly than it sounds. Thor can't help because of some BS reason, and the remaining rings are worn by Mole man and a bunch of unknowns. One of the identities comes out of nowhere, with flawed reasoning that's a result of amateurish writing.Either way, thank goodness this disastrous run is over.

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-04-18 00:55

    Gillen is my favourite current Marvel writer, but this run has been probably my least favourite of his work there; too often it felt like it was going against the grain of the character, and not in a good way. Still, it came good in the end, with the rings of Stark's defeated adversary seeking new hosts, Green Lantern-style, and in the process taking him way out of his comfort zone (though when Iron Man meets dark elves, with their notorious non-fondness for the ferrous, he's not the only uncomfortable one).