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She's all about rules. He lives by none but his own. When these two meet, the results could be disastrous.When Marisol Everly’s friend Rory sets her up with Fin Herald, Marisol doesn't expect that it will amount to anything, .but that was before she saw Fin's searing blue eyes and mischievous smile. Not to mention, he seems absolutely fascinated by her mundane life. He's eShe's all about rules. He lives by none but his own. When these two meet, the results could be disastrous.When Marisol Everly’s friend Rory sets her up with Fin Herald, Marisol doesn't expect that it will amount to anything, .but that was before she saw Fin's searing blue eyes and mischievous smile. Not to mention, he seems absolutely fascinated by her mundane life. He's everything that a girl could want, but there's something else that ripples under the surface of his flirty behavior. Something darker. Something that fascinates Marisol, but scares her at the same time. Is she willing to risk falling into an abyss she might not get out of?...

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  • Cristina
    2019-04-10 17:15

    Amazon - Deep Surrendering: Episode 1 by Chelsea M. Cameron

  • Natulcien
    2019-04-16 14:59

    Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this. This has on my e-TBR for ages and I got it for free from Kobo. At first I thought it was a fun, quick read, but then the dominating stuff came into play and I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

  • Casey
    2019-04-17 17:07

    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickThis is the first novella is the first part of Marisol and Fin's story. I was drawn in instantly and this episode was a really quick read. While there were a lot of things that I did like, I had mixed feelings about it. I will admit that I am very curious to see where things go though, and I am absolutely clueless as to what will happen from here. This one took me by complete surprise though and I am extremely anxious to get more of Fin and Marisol.Marisol is set up with Fin by her friend Rory. Things get off to a great start, and they really seem to be having a great time. They have a good date and decide to spend more time together. But when things start to get physical, Fin instantly rushes out the door with no explanation. Just when Marisol thinks that things between them are over before they really began, Fin turns up asking for more time together. Fin doesn't explain what is going on, but instead gives just enough information to Marisol to have her worrying about what he is hiding. Fin and Marisol are drawn to each other though and they keep ending up together. After Fin's rushing off a few times though he apologizes and tells Marisol that he can't explain everything yet but that he needs to be in control of the situation. Marisol agrees to take another chance with Fin as the chemistry between them is more than they can fight. But what will happen when Fin goes back on everything again, and does exactly what he said he wouldn't do?I am really torn about Fin's character. It is clear that he is conflicted and that there is more to him than meets the eye. Since this episode was so brief, we as readers have really only scratched the surface with the characters. Fin did make some veiled remarks about his darker side, but for the most part he is still a mystery. I really didn't like that he was constantly running so hot and cold. He was almost bipolar, and I really didn't understand what his deal was. He would be so sweet and thoughtful one minute and then absolutely cold and distant the next. It was really confusing. Marisol was sweet and far more forgiving than I would have been. I get that she was really attracted to Fin and felt a connection to him, but I didn't understand how she could just keep letting him get away with his crazy behavior. She was a bit of a doormat in this episode and that was hard for me to get behind or relate to. I loved her friendship with Chloe though, and I also really enjoyed how she would just say what was on her mind. I loved that she was able to be so honest with Fin about what she was thinking or feeling. I am curious to see what is going on with her though, because there is clearly a lot more about her that we don't know yet. I thought that Fin and Marisol had good chemistry, but I wish that it wouldn't have been doused so quickly every time that they got even close to doing something. Their physical interactions were steamy but extremely brief before Fin would freak out and ruin everything.Overall, I am really curious to see where this goes. I will admit that this one gave me a bit of whiplash. I really don't know what to think about Fin and Marisol. At this point I am definitely intrigued with the two of them and I am committed to seeing how things play out. But in all honesty, I wish that this wasn't a serial. I feel like for some readers the push and pull will be too much for them to get past and that it will cause some to lose interest. I am hoping that we will really start to dig deeper into both of these characters with the next episode and that things will start to become more clear. I feel like the relationship that is beginning between Marisol and Fin will be interesting and believable as long as they both start opening up a bit to each other. I really enjoy Chelsea M. Cameron's writing style though, and even though I had mixed feelings about how this story is starting I couldn't put this one down. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment to see where Fin and Marisol will go next and what will happen to them. I would recommend this story if you are a fan of serials and are able to get past cliffhangers. This one definitely leaves you hanging and wanting more.**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

  • Lauren ♥ Inked in Chapters
    2019-04-11 16:11

    Seriously, Chelsea? That’s all we get? It feels like I blinked twice and the episode was over.You may or may not remember Marisol Everly from the Surrendering Saga series. She’s one of Rory’s very best friends. Of course, none of this will make sense to you unless you’ve actually read those books. I’d love to tell you whether or not you should read those books before these episodes, but in all honesty, I’m not sure. Rory, being the very good friend that she is, hooks Marisol up with Fin Herald. He’s handsome, successful, rich… Nice, right? Well, Fin travels – a lot – all around the world. He’s not in one place for long, and if that’s not enough of a reason to keep Marisol from getting involved, he seems to have some sort of deep dark secret…Heartbreaker. That was the first word that come to mind when I met Fintan Herald. The second word was tall.If I were Marisol, I would have kicked Fin in the junk. He’s hot, then cold. In her face, then pushing her away. Holy hell man! Make. Up. Your. Mind. It’s not nice to lead people on, even if you don’t mean to do it. Yet Mari keeps coming back for more. She probably deserves a thump or two to the ovaries. Ugh! Women are such suckers.I’ll be honest with you, if you’re not into BDSM or kinky sex, these episodes are probably not for you. At the rate they’re going, in the direction they’re going, that’s where I fear things may end up. Fear? Well, maybe not for me but possibly for you. There is definitely something dark and dirty hanging out inside of Fin. It definitely has some tie to his father… Hmm…Like I said earlier, Deep Surrendering (Episode 1 is just a small taste. It’s written in such a way that the one taste you’re given is just not enough. Like a druggie you’ll keep coming back for more. I understand that there will be a total of 10 to 12 episodes. Together they will equal two full length novels. That means we have plenty of Marisol and Fin to come. Phew…“I’m going to pay attention to you and the way the sun catches the darker streaks in your hair, the pink in your cheeks, and your beautiful eyes. That’s what I’m going to pay attention to. Right here, right now.”I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this novella. It was well written and definitely engaging, and yet, a little dark. Having to wait on secrets is tough. I’m both eager and scared to find out what Fin is hiding. He obviously engages in some “interesting” sexual relations. *sigh* I’m unsure of just what we’re getting ourselves into. Only time will tell.You can read this and other reviews at Inked in ChaptersFollow Inked in Chapters on Facebook

  • Franjessca
    2019-04-10 19:03

    Review also posted on Book Lovin' MamasThere are times I can’t stand serials, but other times I really enjoy them. It all depends on how the author writes them. When I read the synopsis of Deep Surrendering I knew I could not wait for the other serials to come out in order. This will be my second book I’ve read from Chelsea M. Cameron, and I definitely was intrigued by the storyline and the characters while reading it.This is the first episode, so this is the start of many more novellas to come. Marisol and Fin are the main characters to the story. Marisol’s friend Rory, hooks her up with Fin Herald. He’s handsome and irresistible, but very mysterious. When Marisol and Fin go on their first date all is going well until the end of the date. Let’s just say Fin’s personality is uppity at first and then, once it starts turning to something serious he becomes a different person. A VERY different person. He has a darker side that is just being revealed in this episode. He mentions to Rory he has another side, but doesn’t tell her. He doesn’t think she would want to be apart of his darker side.Chelsea leaves me hanging basically at the end on what is really going on with Fin. Grrrr! (Yup…frustration hits) The only thing that drove me crazy with this episode was Fin’s wacky personality constantly changing, but I know eventually I’ll find out what is going on with him. (If he was real…I would’ve slapped him several times for Marisol) I must find out what is going with him. Poor Marisol…the girl is getting stir crazy on what is going on with him. I feel for her. I really do.If you enjoy serials, you will definitely enjoy reading this. If serials are not your thing, but you still want to read this…I would recommend waiting until most of them are out. At least Chelsea is not making us wait long. I can handle waiting for the next episode next month. (Thank goodness Chelsea has other books I can check out in the mean time)I give this episode 3.5 moons and definitely will be picking up the next episode when it comes out.I received a complimentary copy of the book for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.

  • Amy Logg
    2019-04-18 22:19

    REVIEW:The story:Deep Surrendering is a spin off from the Sweet Surrendering series and will be written as part of a serial with short novellas released each month (roughly 12 novellas). We follow Marisol and Fin after their mutual friend, Rory sets them up. Their is an immediate spark of attraction between them, and after a fun night out Marisol would like to see where things could go. But Fin is very hot and cold, flirting with her one minute and brushing her off the next. The only clue to his erratic behaviour is Fin claiming he's all dark & twisty and not good for her.The characters:Marisol is the kindhearted good girl. She always takes the safe option and never takes any risks. That is until she meets Fin. She knows that he scares her a little bit, but she's also oddly drawn to him and his mysterious personality. And for the first time in her life, she's taking a risk.Fin was a bit of a surprise character, especially already having met him in Sweet Surrendering. On the surface he's a confident and powerful business man, but we soon learnt that there are some dark and angry things lurking in his past that makes him a very intriguing man.The romance:The romance between Marisol & Fin started out quite normal - meeting through friend and going out for a fun and flirty first date. But when things start to get more intimate, that's when it gets interesting.This book is a lot hotter than her others, with some mild domination even making an appearance.The Writing:After reading most of Chelsea's other books, I've come to know and love her writing style. However with this book I think she may have been channelling her inner Fifty Shades of Grey!FINAL WORD:I've been excited to read Marisol & Fin's story, and although it wasn't quite what I was expecting I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I'm going to like the whole domination thing as I'm not really of fan of that sort of book, but am looking forward to learning more about Fin's past and will wait & see where the story leads!CONTENT:Sexuality: strong / sex scene - mild dominationViolence: noneLanguage: mediumDrugs & alcohol: mild More reviews at The Reading Realm

  • Daniela Castro
    2019-04-20 14:58

    My review in english and spanish.. sorry for my mistakes but I'm not a native speaker of english LOL… So, Deep Surrendering? How should I start this review? I think that I’ll choose one Word that may describe this short story. FANTASTICYes! This book is awesome… It catches your attetion form the begining to the end. It’s a mix of emotions… like Fin… like from cold to hot. This story is about Marisol and Fin. Both characters were introduced in sweet surrendering serie. In here you’ll know how they met each other and how they relationship is. Fin is just the sweetest man in earth. Yeah, I know. He is not a real person but I don’t care. For me book's characters exist in somewhere. “I’m going to pay attention to the things that matter. Like this.” His hand went under my chin and pulled my face up. “I’m going to pay attention to you and the way the sun catches the darker streaks in your hair, the pink in your cheeks, and your beautiful eyes. That’s what I’m going to pay attention to. Right here, right now.”You see? If you like these kind of books like Episodes … you MUST read this one. You’ll not lose your time. You’ll enjoy it. I swear.Entonces, Deep Surrendering? Como debería comenzar esta reseña? Creo que elegiré una palabra que puede describir esta corta historia.FANTASTICASi! Este libro es genial. Tiene tu atención desde el principio hasta el final. Es una mescla de emociones. Como Fin. De frio a caliente. Esta historia es la historia de Marisol y Fin. Ambos personajes fueron “presentados” en la serie “Sweet Surrendering”. Aquí sabremos cómo se conocieron y como funciona su relación-Fin es el hombre más dulce del mundo!!!! Si, lo sé. Él no es real pero no me importa. Para mi todos los personajes de libros existen en algún lugar.“I’m going to pay attention to the things that matter. Like this.” His hand went under my chin and pulled my face up. “I’m going to pay attention to you and the way the sun catches the darker streaks in your hair, the pink in your cheeks, and your beautiful eyes. That’s what I’m going to pay attention to. Right here, right now.”Lo ven? Si les gusta este tipo de libros.. por episodios, DEBEN leer Deep Surrendering. No perderán su tiempo. Lo disfrutarán. Se los juro.

  • Marlene W
    2019-04-21 15:57

    *I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through We Stole Your Book Boyfriend Blog :)Deep Surrendering (Episode #1) is the first installment of several novellas to come. I think the author did an excellent job of laying a foundation and preparing us for what is ahead in this series. Marisol’s character was very well developed. We learned a lot already about the type of person she is, her family dynamic and what her future goals are. We’ve been given very little about Fin which gives us an exciting element of mystery. The one thing that we know for sure is that he has secrets that he isn’t ready to share. I found the writing to be smooth and easy to read. This installment has grabbed my interest and I will definitely be following this journey.My Short Synopsis….The story begins with Marisol meeting Fin in a bar during a night out with friends. Marisol realizes she is being set up by her friend Rory, but plays along anyway. She quickly warms up to him, loving that he seems genuinely interested in her and her boring stories. She finds him to be gorgeous, attentive and intriguing. Little did she know that she would be facing a whole lot of mystery, frustration and personality changes with him when she agrees to see him again. Fin is immediately drawn to Marisol. She is sweet, attractive and completely wrong for him. His darker side knows that he would ruin her, but that doesn’t stop him from making plans to see her again. Although he feels the instant chemistry, he continues to fight an inner battle with himself. Should he be selfish and risk bringing her over to his dark side? Or should he walk away now and save her from learning who he really is? Teaser…“I said you were sweet, and I meant it. You’re sweet and lovely and much too good for someone like me” There he went again. Mr. Dark and Twisty. “I’m going to ruin you, you know.”“Maybe I want to be ruined a little”

  • Emily-Jane Wright
    2019-03-26 18:54

    **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**I’ve been ranting and raving about Deep Surrendering (Episode #1) since the second I finished reading it. I’ve been a fan of Chelsea’s for a few years now and I went into this book expecting to love it because I’ve never been disappointed by anything of hers that I have read. Turns out that I didn’t just love it.. I’m obsessed with this series and this is just the first of many novella’s that will be a part of an entire collection.We first met Marisol and Fin in Chelsea’s Surrender Saga. From reading about them in the previous series, I wasn’t entirely sure how their story would be intriguing as I thought they had a mediocre relationship. I underestimated Chelsea and her ability to create these incredible plot-twists that you can’t even imagine would happen. Not only was the story fun to read, be it captivated me from the first page to the very last. I’m already counting the days until Episode #2 is released. **grabby hands**‘I don’t want to be anywhere but here with you.’Towards the end of this book, I felt like the story entered into this incredible emotional depth that made me question everything that I thought about Marisol and Fin. Not only was I shocked, confused and excited; I also wanted to become physically violent because the book ended suddenly. Damn, cliffhangers (I really love them)!‘I’m not scared of you, Fin.’I’m just short of jumping on a plane to hunt Chelsea down for the next book. I highly recommend reading the Surrender Saga before reading this book as you gain a better understanding of the characters, and because it’s also an incredible series. Each episode in Deep Surrendering is released on the third Thursday of every month and they are a fast and easy read with the added excitement of anticipating the next instalment.

  • Nerd Alert
    2019-04-05 16:57

    ***I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Nerd Alert Book Love Blog***I read this book and was a tad bit confused on the characters, but then I come to realize that it is a spin off of The Surrendering Saga. So I went and read the first book, Sweet Surrendering, and have to admit after reading it Deep Surrendering was so much better.Marisol Everly is a very sweet, fun, and kind person. She is extremely intelligent and continues to go to college and aquire degrees. Marisol lives life by her own of rules and she will break her rules for no one .......or will she?Fintan 'Fin' Herald is a gorgeous, sexy, sweet business man who has a bit of a dark side buried deep inside. He doesn't do relationships because he is not in one place for more than a few weeks at a time. But he is getting tired of that life style. Could he possibly be ready to settle down? Marisol and Fin get set up by mutual friends and even though there is an instant attraction between the two there seems to be something lurking beneath the surface. Something that pulls Marisol closer but has Fin pulling away. Can Fin get Marisol to open up and break her rules for him? Can Marisol see past Fin's gorgeous exterior and see what's lying inside? Or will Fin push Marisol away and run to protect her? I love Chelsea M Cameron booka. My Favorite Mistake is one of my favorite books. I read Sweet Surrendering to have a better background on the characters in this story and come to really like all the characters in The Surrendering Saga and Marisol and Fin. I can not wait to see how this story plays out and fir the next episode coming out in April. I give this episode a Nerd Alert A or 5 stars.

  • Ellen
    2019-04-05 22:12

    3.5 Stars I am a fan on Chelsea Cameron's and I really enjoyed Sweet Surrendering and Surrendering to Us, where we originally met the main characters in Deep Surrendering, Marisol and Fin. This is the beginning of their story. I really like Marisol and love her sense of humor from what I have seen so far. I am not quite sure how I feel about Fin yet, but I am sure he will win me over eventually. This is the beginning of a serial novel, so I will just have to see how it goes as the story progresses. I have not yet decided if I am a fan of serial novels yet, so I'm still in the wait and see mode as far as that is concerned. The romance and chemistry is hot, but Fin has a dark dominant side that we are only just beginning to see, one that he is obviously struggling with bringing Marisol into. She is also making her own discoveries about herself. Deep Surrendering has a whole different tone than the full length novels that preceded it. This is a companion novel, and you don't have to read the prior books to get what is going on at all.For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey or Courtney Cole's Before We Fall, to name a few, this has sort of the same sort of feel to it, or at least this is what popped into my mind as the story progressed, so you would probably enjoy this book. I think it is one of those books that some will love and others will not, based on personal taste. I will continue to read the upcoming episodes, because I really want to see what Chelsea Cameron does with the story and see where she takes the characters and their relationship. If you are a fan of hot contemporary romance, then you might want to consider checking this out

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-03-31 21:01

    This is going to be such a hard review to write. Not because I didn't like this book necessarily but because I went into this expecting a nice romantic contemporary and what I got was something entirely different.I am not sure if I read the genre wrong or if I just assumed it was a contemporary and we all know what they say about those that assume.....At any rate this was far steamier and far more adult than I had anticipated it would be. Not to mention it contains some very adult situations, choices and issues, most of which I don't practice, understand or are familiar with. Having said that though, I do believe a lot of people will enjoy this read especially considering the popularity of other books and series with similar content. This is definitely not a story for those under 18. While this wasn't too graphic, I do have a feeling that other installments will be. All warnings and feelings aside, there is a lot of punch packed into this very short (under 100 pages) read. Serial novels are so hard to review and rate because you don't have all the story yet. You are just starting to get an idea and feel for the characters and story and then it is bam, it is over and you are left waiting for the next one to come out. Thankfully you never have very long to wait.Fin and Marisol definitely have some very steamy tension going on but they are both so very different that it will be interesting to see where the author takes their already up and down relationship and budding romance.Will Fin be able to change for Marisol or will Marisol be able to save Fin? Or will Marisol be the one to bend to Fin's choices and life style? Is this relationship doomed before it even begins?It will be interesting to find out and see how the author handles it all.

  • The_Book_Queen
    2019-04-17 16:05

    Deep Surrendering kicks off a new series of novellas from Chelsea M. Cameron, following Marisol and Fin. I'm not a fan of serials, but I picked this one up for two reasons. 1) I have read many of Cameron's books before and liked her work and 2) I am interested in the hero and heroine, who appeared in another book.Providing only a glimpse of what is to come in the series, Deep Surrendering does end with a cliffhanger of sorts. It's a quick read, and did manage to grab me, though I admit there were a few things I didn't care for.Fin is a mysterious bad-boy and we do not know much about him yet. But secrets and dark shadows are surely in his past. I am curious to find out more about him. However, his hot-and-then-cold moments frustrated me. A lot. And they didn't happen just once; no his bipolar episodes happened 3 or 4 times. I get that there is going to be a “reason” for his actions revealed in a future novella, but I still had a headache from the emotional whiplash he caused.I will be returning to catch the next part of Fin and Marisol's story. They do appear to have good chemistry and some cute moments together. All in all, while this novella is not earth shattering, it is still a good start to their story. Perhaps if, like me, you are not a fan of serials, it would be best to wait until the rest of the episodes are available so as to get the complete story. 3 1/2 STARS! ~ * ~ * ~For my full review, including favorite book quotes, please visit my blog, TBQ's Book Palace.TheBookQueen

  • Sophie
    2019-04-25 18:19

    Review also posted on my blog Surrendering (Episode 1) was exactly the opener to the series of novellas I was looking for – full of intrigue and mystery and a plot that could just go anywhere.For such a short story, Chelsea M. Cameron did a great job at developing the main character Marisol. Even though there’s a long way left in this short story series, we learnt a bit about her family, her studying, her friendships and even her ex-boyfriend. I loved her friendship with Chloe too. The author touched on a lot and it helped me quickly feel connected with Marisol and I liked her a lot.As for Fin, Chelsea really left me in suspense about him. He’s an interesting character and we still have so much left to learn about him. With that, Deep Surrendering probably isn’t the book for people who aren’t keen on waiting since the fact that it will run over around 12 to 14 novellas, one every month, means there will probably be a lot of small cliff-hangers. For me though, I love this format and I’m counting down the days until April 17 when the next instalment is released.Deep Surrendering had a fascinating plot and was written brilliantly by the author. It was fast-paced and full of chemistry. The ending was sudden and abrupt but in a good way because it’s left me itching to find out what happens next. I can’t wait for Episode 2! 4/5.*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Katie (GTBC)
    2019-04-02 20:11

    Marisol Everly is a very sweet, she is smart, and she is guarded. She lives life by a set of rules. Rules that keep things in order. Rules that keep her from getting hurt. Is Fin Herald going to be her exception? He is handsome, sexy, and a no nonsense kind of guy. His professional life makes him somewhat of a drifter. Never in the same town for very long. He basically lives his life by the seat of his pants with no rules at all. Whatever feels good. No relationships, no ties that bind and little bit of a dark edge are what make up the man. Set up on a date by friends the unlikely duo have an intense attraction and he tempts Marisol to start letting down her walls and even breaking a rule or two. In fact it doesn’t take much persuasion on Fin’s part to get her to break rule #1 right away… but then just as things start to get interesting he runs. What tha whaaaa? What spooked him? What secrets cause him to bolt? Marisol seems to have her own secrets as well. She is a high society raised girl who lives meagerly. Why? What is the story with her and her family? I can’t wait to find out. This is a novella series so the stories are short and the reader never quite has the full picture and that is both fun and frustrating. This series is a bit different from the other books I have read by this author. It’s a tad more mature. She did a fantastic job here and I can not wait until April when the next episode release to see what happens next for our baffling couple.

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)
    2019-04-12 15:10

    Posted on What I'm ReadingOH MY GOSH I have to wait for the rest of Deep Surrendering to come out. Yes, it's that great. I normally not a huge fan of serials, but the writing for this one is amazing. I absolutely love the characters. You have Marisol who is sweet and adorable, pretty much a good girl and she gets set up with Fin who's hot. Marisol can't believe Fin wants to go out with her. However, there's a catch. Fin keeps trying to warn her away from him. For example:"Those are all valid reasons. And I know you're scared of me. I'm scared of you, too. I'm scared of what I might do to you. I'm a dark person, Marisol. I don't want to drag you down here with me." and Fin continues on with:"As I said, I've done things that would make your skin crawl." So, you start to wonder what's so dark with Fin. Why does he need to warn Marisol away? As it starts to get really juicy it stops, cause it's a serial. You are like NOOOOOOO! So, now I'm anxiously waiting for the next episode to come out. Other than the waiting part, Deep Surrendering has a fantastic start and I seriously can't wait for next month. Oh the agony of waiting. I wonder if Fin is going to be able to stay from Marisol? Copy provided by InkSlinger PR

  • Marie
    2019-04-10 18:19

    Ich habe erst jetzt mit der Serie begonnen, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, was ich darüber denken soll.Aber jetzt hänge ich ganz schön am Haken und kann es gar nicht erwarten die anderen Folgen zu lesen.... seufz....Wir kennen Marisol und Fin schon aus 'Sweet Surrendering'. Marisol ist eine der drei Freundinnen von Rory und Fin ist der Mann, mit dem Rorys Eltern sie gerne verkuppeln wollen.In dem Buch kommen sowohl Marisol, als auch Fin sehr seriös herüber. Geschäftsmann und fleißige Doktorandin - aber hier....Die zwei lernen sich an dem Abend kennen, an dem Lucas bei der 'Open Mic' Nacht singt. Sie sind sofort auf gleicher Wellenlänge und tatsächlich meldet sich Fin bei Marisol.Sie gehen zusammen aus und alles passt wunderbar - außer dass Fin am Ende fluchtartig verschwindet. Gegen besseres Wissen lässt sich Marisol von ihm überreden, dass sie es noch einmal versuchen - mit dem gleichen Ergebnis. Dabei macht er immer wieder Andeutungen, dass sie zu nett für ihn ist.Das Ende ist der Hammer...Es ist recht deutlich in welche Richtung das geht, weil es ein Buch ist und Fin entweder auf SM-Spielchen steht oder ein Serienmörder ist. Aber im wahren Leben weiß ich nicht, wie man auf sowas reagieren würde. Und daher bin ich gespannt, wie Marisol das so alles erlebt.

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-04-10 16:55

    Chelsea M. Cameron, I'll give it to you. When I got to the end of this, I sat there wondering "what the hell just happened?"As the first part in the Deep Surrendering serial series, the author introduces us to Marisol and Fin, who's friends set them up for the few weeks Fin is in Boston. They get along and have some pretty spectacular dates, but you can tell there is something a little "off" with Fin. When things get a little too hot one night, he just up and leaves Marisol without an explanation. When he calls her the next day he's cold. But then everything smooths over and he's wonderful again....until the last few paragraphs. We don't get a lot in this installment, other than you like Fin for the majority of the book. He's sweet, fun and really into Marisol. She's willing to bend all her rules for him because he appears to be just what she's looking for. But there's a hint of something darker, even though we don't really get a glimpse at what. I'm anxious to read the next installment to see what the author has in store for us.I'm not generally a fan of the serials, because I'm one that would rather get the whole story at once rather than waiting and getting it in pieces. But this one has me intrigued and I look forward to more.

  • Shirley Frances
    2019-04-20 14:57

    3.75 starsIntriguing first episode.I have to say that I was a bit hesitant about this story, mainly because I found the blurb to be vague. But this is Chelsea Cameron and I've come to enjoy her books, so I took the plunge.Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. I found that I was immediately drawn into the story. Fin and Marisol seemed like such opposite characters that I couldn't help but be curious about what was to come for them both. Especially when Fin started acting strange. That certainly caught my eye.My only complaint and I wouldn't even call it that but I can't find the right word at the moment (damn that Spanish-speaking brain of mine!), was that I couldn't see the connection between them. Yes, they had chemistry abound, but I couldn't feel any type of immediate connection. But since this is a serial and the story is bound to be expanded, I am hoping for it to be explored more as the story unfolds in the continuing episodes.All in all, a great start to a serial with plenty of chemistry between the characters and an intriguing storyline that has me anticipating what is coming next.*I received an ARC copy of this title in exchange of my honest opinion.

  • Emma
    2019-04-16 22:55

    OMG what just happened - sweet baby Jesus - Finn is a jaw-dropping shock. It's like he's two different people. While it's obvious that both Marisol and Finn have secrets about their families and upbringing, the dark and dangerous vibe you get from Finn is terrifying yet electric. The bonus chapter from his POV gave me chills.Marisol comes across as having it totally together, she is a strong independent woman that know where she is going and how she is getting there. She may be a little obsessive in her planning and her perception of herself is a little distorted. I have tbh and say that I sped read through this episode with my heart practically in my mouth. The seeds are sown for he direction of the story, hints are placed within the narrative leading the reader to all sorts of conclusions.The interactions between Marisol and Finn blend the sweet and sexy as I've come to expect from Chelsea's writing; yet Marisol's reactions come as a bit of a surprise not only to the reader but it felt as if Marisol herself was a little shocked by it as well :) Again in an attempt to be completely honest I have to say that I am not at all happy that this is a serialization, I want the whole story and I want it NOW

  • Kristen
    2019-04-20 23:16

    Deep Surrendering(Episode 1)is a quick sexy read about two opposites that have amazing chemistry.This novella totally sucked me in from the start! I could not put it down. With each turn of the page I had to know what was going on. The story has a bit of mysterious vibe through out that will leave you aching for more. Fin has secret side to him that he is keeping from Marisol. A dark side that he embraces but he can't help but feel the pull towards sweet Marisol. Marisol lives her life with rules that she has put in place but she sets them aside when it comes to Fin. She too is secretive with aspects of her life, primarily when it comes to her family. There are so many different directions this story could go and I am feening to find out how it will all play out. If you like sexy mysterious books then you do not want to miss out on this hot new mini-series!! "Fintan Herald was a mystery. A sexy mystery wrapped in a dark riddle. Delicious as chocolate and just as addicting, and very bad for my health."Deep Surrendering is the first Episode/Novella in Chelsea M. Cameron's new series. Each Novella will tell the story of Fin and Marisol. Episode 2 is due out mid April 2014.

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    2019-04-04 19:09

    If you are a fan of short novellas or episodes then this is the series for you! Holy smokes does Chelsea M Cameron have a steamy one! The only down side is you have to wait for the next one to come out!Marisol is a fun, by the book type of girl. She is a rule follower. That is up until she meets Finn.Then, everything goes out the window! Oh lordy Fin. Get the fans out ladies. This man is steamy! And he is troubled. Which makes him even more hot because you want to fix him!Fin is troubled right from the start. After running out on Marisol right in the middle of a hot and heavy make out/ maybe leading to more session. You have to wonder what is wrong with a guy who doesn't want to continue. Their brief, but intense relationship will leave you gripping your e readers. The ending of this novella will leave you scratching your head wondering where this story is going. It is so abrupt and a cliffhanger. I have a feeling this is how it is going to be every month until the series is over. It will leave you wanting more!

  • All Booked Out
    2019-04-06 22:01

    Arc Received for an honest Review3.75 stars I think the first in these serials are quite hard to rate as they are laying the foundations, they don't go in all guns blazing, so you have to bare that in mind....I love Chelsea's writing. This is no different, well written and i really enjoyed it.I am going to freaking love these serial novellas!! As a lover of a cliffy, they are right up my street and from having read about Rory's friends in Sweet Surrendering & Surrendering to Us, I already had a bit of background on Marisol & Fin......but this is their turn in the spotlight now!!Fin... what the foie gras? Fin has switching personalities in this, wasn't what I was expecting, nor Marisol either! He shocked her with his too'ing and fro'ing. But there is a connection between them and sparks so i hope Fin lets Marisol in as there are issues there for sure that i am dying to find about! What a surprise. What an ending, that is where the theme tune would have started and i was there with my mouth wide open!

  • Kim
    2019-04-02 22:16

    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye readsNow THIS is how you start off a novella series. It was intriguing and sexy. The characters developed, as did their relationship, in 60+ short pages, but there was still an air of mystery surrounding them. I didn't have to work to get into this novella. Chelsea's writing, these characters and the promise of what's to come sucked me in from the start and kept me completely enthralled. Marisol and Fin have an extraordinary amount of chemistry. That – and the sexual tension – leap off the pages. There's a lot more to Fin than meets the eye and I can't wait to learn more about him... them... what will transpire between them. The second novella releases mid-April and I can't *wait* to get my hands on it to see where Chelsea takes these characters, and us readers, next. I have some theories and I can't wait to see if I'm right. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Purpinkrose
    2019-04-14 20:04

    I love Chelsea Cameron's books and this is book was amazing. Marisol has rules when it comes to dating and she doesn't break them... until Fintan Herald. Fin makes her want to break every rule and fast. There is attraction there. but for some reason Fin keeps running out on her for some reason. I love the cover on this book. The pace and style of the writing is perfect. it flows. There wasn't any part I didn't like besides it ended. I cant wait for the next book. Fin intrigues me. I want to know what his story is. Marisol intrigues me. She lives in an apartment that is so small, furniture and clothes from the thrift store. But her parents have money. I love her friend Chloe. She's fun, funky and always there for Mari. This book is fantastic. I read it in one go. It's easy to read and Chelsea keeps you enthralled with the story. I felt like grabbing and shaking Fin every time he ran. Seriously I was starting to get dizzy. Another amazing and exceptional book from Chelsea Cameron. This gets 5/5 stars. I was gifted a copy of this book was provided by the Author

  • Mary
    2019-04-09 20:15

    Wow ... just ... WOW!I just finished this Novella and I'm not even sure where to start ... WOW!!What I liked: Well, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole story. So. Let me take a deep breathe and try to start at the beginning. Fin and Marisol were set up by their mutual friend, Rory. You can tell right off that there is 'something there' between them, but you're not sure if it's just sex or more. However, I kept feeling that there was WAY MORE to Fin and Marisol then Chelsea M. Cameron was letting (Well, obviously, because this is a series!) I digress! Back to the story, I was so confuses about Finn! He has SOME serious issues, and I'm not sure what the heck is going on, but I'm sure more of that will be answered as the story moves on to the next episode. What I didn't like: Nothing. The story flowed well, there was great character chemistry, and I'm ready for the next one!

  • Heather
    2019-04-10 15:06

    Why do I do this to myself? Read a book. Love a book. Now I have to wait for more books.Don’t listen to me, I knew going in that this was a series but man, it is so hard to wait.I am so intrigued by Fin and what his back story is going to be, why he is acting the way he is, what the few clues that we got in episode one are going to tell us down the road.Marisol seems to have her own secrets too that I can’t wait to delve deeper into.These too seem to have a chemistry that is going to burn deep if they could get out of their own ways.I cannot wait for episode 2. I’m kind of excited that this is going to be two complete novels worth of stories when it is all said and down. Love Chelsea’s work!Thank you for my copy that was gifted to me.

  • Abby
    2019-04-05 15:06

    5 stars! Marisol is a college student that follows the rules and Fin is a businessman who has no rules what-so-ever. After the two were set up, they go on a few dates with each other and let me tell you these dates are filled with a lot of drama and some of their baggage begins to rear its ugly faces.Since this book is a short book-an episode-to a much larger story, you only get a little detail and information which is what you should expect from a book like this.Even though it's short, it is good. It leaves you wanting more. All I want right now is to know more about Fin and Marisol and what they're going to do to be together, because they will be together at some point. And when they are it's going to be HOT, HOT, HOT!I cannot wait for the rest of the books to come out, but it is well worth the wait that is for sure. I definitely recommend this book!

  • Erica
    2019-04-17 19:14

    This was an intriguing first episode in this series. There was a little too much flightyness on the part of Fin for my liking, but Marisol was pretty awesome.I'm pretty sure, even with her small presence in this book, Chloe just made the list of favorite characters. She was awesome - I want a friend like her.Fin and Marisol definitely have chemistry, but most of what was between them wasn't developed to the point I wanted. Even though this was just episode one, I felt like I was just getting that first bit. This was a nice taste, but didn't completely satisfy. There was too much fleeing on the part of Fin in a way that just felt unnatural. I'm definitely curious to read more, but I need some answers.

  • Caroline F
    2019-04-08 23:13

    So, I bought this novella knowing that the whole story may comprise of 12-14 novellas - however, I wish it wasn't!! I just want to devour Fin and Marisol's story in one sitting!We meet Fin and Marisol in the Sweet Surrendering books and you know that they've got together. Fin is NOTHING like you imagine!! It's a great start to the series. There's fantastic chemistry between them and I love that we get a bonus chapter at the end from Fin's POV. Marisol is a sweet chick, making an independent stand from her moneyed parents. Fin is just one big mystery! I downloaded episodes one and two together and have just finished no.2. Roll on May 15th!! Fans of Ms Cameron will not be disappointed!