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One afternoon. Two stubborn people. Five months into a just-sex relationship. Twenty-eight days until he leaves for London for good.One wager. Two hours. Three words that cannot be spoken.And, if he wins, she comes seven times.Seven is a (standalone) erotic novella of 30,000 words....

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Seven Reviews

  • Baba
    2019-02-21 18:55

    4 sevengasm-and-fun stars. Review completed May 5, 2014Twenty strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. Look at them. All are sweet but check out the two of them in my gifs. They are FANTASTIC! The kiss was so good she forgot his name. Just kidding. Still, it’s possible. :)Mmm…one has to wonder if they are a couple now. <333"Of course, I'm not jealous. Unless he has one of those magic penises that fork into ten different heads."Amy couldn't quite hide a grin. "Or maybe he has one of those magic penises that can make me come seven times.""What do you mean?" His voice was low and thick, and his body was hard and hot as it pressed her into the corner. Very hard. Very hot.Amy's already pulsing blood pulsed even more. "The two hours haven't started yet, so don't try to cheat by getting a head start."His eyebrows lifted. "Are you having an orgasm at the moment?"Torn between laughter and arousal, Amy said, "Well, no. Not just at the moment, but thanks for asking.""Then there's no cheating. I'm just standing in the lift, minding my own business. The rules don't apply.""The rules never seem to apply to you."Holy seven [email protected]! OMG…um…Baba, stop stammering. Take a deep breath. See? All better. Now you can form a couple coherent sentences. Probably…Well, that's what I call high-performance sport of the intimate, [email protected] variety. Boy, I'm drenched. I didn't find it erotic but I did find it particularly funny and exhilarating, extremely entertaining and very sexy. It. Made. Me. Feel. Good. Period. In fact, I friggin' loved it until the heroine started to irritate me. *sigh* I can hardly ever read a book without a female lead character getting on my nerves. Amy had her moments but why-oh-why couldn't she come clean, telling Owen that she wanted him to stay in the States for Pete's sake? Instead, the twenty-eight days were on her mind and she had to clam up all the time or say something petty. Plus, she was too weepy and melodramatic for my liking. This being said, I enjoyed it nonetheless and Owen made up for everything. He can do me seven six ways to Sunday; I'm a volunteer after all.I read Seven on a whim because I loved Claire Kent's Escorted and said to myself that the whole seven orgasm thing would be highly unrealistic anyway. Yet all I needed was a short and fun read pronto. On the other hand, I must say that I found Owen's concept how to accomplish that performance rather interesting and kinda relatable. Never underestimate a determined and smug Brit, right? It might even work out in real life. Besides, even if it hadn't been realistic, it was so utterly diverting! No need to beat the proverbial bush, their banter and snark had me in stitches at times. Somewhere along the numerous orgasms way I lost count how many times he made her come. I guess that happens when you are so immersed in a story. But, wait, there are chapters with nice headers, right? They are your own personal assistant or much simpler worded, your reminder. In case you'll lose the relation to reality, you just have to check them and you'll be back on track. Easy peasy.Swept away towards a happy ending by a magic [email protected] that didn't fork into ten different heads…Do you trust me?I'll leave you stunned and breathlessYou won't regret itI promise to makeYou see starsHold on for aCrazy and fun rideRelease my wristsAnd let go, relaxI'm humming along your bodyTrailing lips over sweaty skinSlow and steadyFaster, deeperTeasing, touchingThe pressure of my hands and lipsYou're arousedHot and wetPrimed for me, only meLeisure kisses turn intoDeep, passionate kissesSensual tortureGrows desperate and intenseYou beg to findYour mindless pleasureWith increasing abandonYou're close to a breathless climaxFear not, there are more to comeArousal is building againMy head is spinning, a gaspCan you feel itIt’s more than staminaIt's about willAnd mind over matterOverwhelmed by emotionsWhy did I not ask soonerThe right words can findA way into our heartsI don't know why you're still here. Go and buy the book! Well invested 0.93 euro. Just saying…Recommended read.P.S. Check out Wendy's review:, that's sweet of you and I'm happy that you enjoyed Seven! :)

  • aksana-4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 -
    2019-03-01 13:06

    As the title already says this book is about 7 be exact 7 orgasms within 2 hours.Amy and Owen met 5 months ago in a bookstore. Owen is actually British but his company sent him from London to Baltimore for the year.Amy is very career driven and is trying to establish a dental practice. She doesn't have the time for a serious relationship just as Owen.So for the last five months, they met together every weekend for hot sex and a good time. But Owen is returning to London in 28 days. Even though their relationship wasn't serious from the beginning Amy is starting to feel sad about the fact that their time was ending.The story starts with Amy and Owen visiting their favorite bookstore. You can say that they start "discussing" a book. The discussion includes a SEAL with a magic penis that forks into ten heads so he can pleasure ten women at once.The result is that Amy admits that seven orgasms within one or two hours is just fantasy and is only possible in books. Of course Owen starts to see that as a challenge and is more then ready to proof her wrong.So they make a wager. The winner is allowed to live out one of his fantasies. But if you ask me, its clearly a win-win situation.This whole book is pretty smutty since Owens goal is to make her come 7 times. But it was also very sweet. Even though it was short I still could connect with Amy and Owen. Amy was a little too a emotional for me :D I think she cried at least as often as she came.But she was still emotional.

  • Geri Reads
    2019-03-08 19:16

    4 seven-is-the-magic-number stars!!Owen and Amy have a strictly FUBU relationship. The deal was after six months Owen goes back to England and Amy goes back to concentrating on her career. A month before Owen goes back to England, they have a wager. The wager was simple; give Amy 7 orgasms within two hours. Loser gets to act out the winner's ultimate fantasy.For a novella, Seven packed a lot of smutty goodness. But more than that, it also had a lot of emotion especially between the two characters. Their banter was great and their chemistry just jumps right off the page. Plus, the writing is excellent.Loved it! So if you're in the mood for some short, hot, delicious smut then read this book!

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    2019-03-01 16:56

    4.5 Throwing the Sexual Gauntlet Stars * * * * 1/2Why are we so afraid to tell those we love...that we do? Yes, it can be scary at times...and if you have been hurt before... then I guess it is for self-preservation...but the beauty and wonder... the actual feeling of loving someone is so life-affirming and so good...that silly me.... I have always just done it. Now has it always worked out.... Hell, no. Have I felt my chest ripped to shreds and wonder how am I going to breath... sure.Yet, would I do anything differently.... not in a New York Minute.... because the loving is what important... the letting yourself feel that for another...there is nothing better in my opinion... so even though there are no guarantees in relationships or life... I am ready... bring it on... let me have another go at it, please.In Seven, we have two very accomplished, contained individuals, Owen and Amy. He is from Britain, here in the States for a limited work project. He is sex on a stick with an accent to boot... oh, and God Bless Him... he reads... real Books... From a Bookstore..... which is where Amy first meet him. Amy was adjusting to her new life as a dentist in the big city of Baltimore. A woman use to small town life, all the hustle and bustle of a major city was disconcerting for her. She found making sure she had control in all things helped her anxiety. She had seen the hot fella amongst the shelves... felt him eying her and their book dance began... he would move a little closer... she would mirror his actions and before anyone had to stick their neck out... both were standing in the same category. They chatted briefly... he asked for coffee... she said yes and that was the start of their arrangement. A friendly time together while Owen is here... a limited coupling... weekend sex with a control factor Amy could handle...We meet them at their favorite second hand bookstore... Owen teasing Amy as she had watched how the clerk had flirted with him through the stacks. Amy's self talk is telling her not to be jealous... Owen is leaving in 28 days... back to Britain... where his future is.... where she is not in his league and he will be starting his big successful career. She continues to remind herself she needed this limited relationship because of her control issues and this was all she could handle. Owen pops up behind her. Amy uses a book as a cover for feelings she was experiencing... talking silliness about a man being able to give a woman Seven orgasms in a limited time... without the use of fingers or tongue... Owen looks at her with questions in his eyes... concerned she hasn't been happy with their times together... No... she says we are fine.... but really Seven orgasms...I. Don't. Think. So.Well, Owen looks at her... says yes this is totally possible and would you like to bet? The dye is cast.... they lay out the rules and both... so competitive with one another... say ok... let's go. This is a delightful novella which has us in Amy's head all the time. She has tried to manage her feelings for Owen... And this adventure causes her to come face to face with what they really are. Can she handle it... will she be the first to say... or will she just make sure she protects herself because he is leaving in 28 days.Owen is artful lover... smart and dry witted and carries his own feelings... what started out as a competition or game...really isn't... or is it?I do not need to tell you about all the different ways Amy get's her orgasms.... or whether Owen wins the bet... Because this is more than sexual partners... this is that... with all the thoughts of risk and loving and sharing that concept with the one you feel for.... and as I said in the beginning... sign me up... move me to the head of the line... I am ready and waiting... and will enjoy the ride. But until it comes for me again... I will enjoy seeing it through Owen and Amy's eyes.I was turned on to this lovely read by Baba's amazing update while she read this. So, first I thank you, Baba; secondly I know she will do a smashing review. Here... see for yourself. more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Talltree
    2019-03-04 13:03

    Sweet erotic novella read that is more or less a 100 page sex romp taking place over an evening. H/h are FWBs for some months till H has to return to his home in London at the end of his job. h is feeling vulnerable and uncertain bcos she has ended up falling for H - which is totally against her rules - only to realise by the end of the book that H was already there and he was waiting for her to catch up. Add all that with a fun and sexy bet and it was one smutty read!4 stars!

  • Jennifer Leighton
    2019-03-17 17:15

    Sweet and sexy! The hero rises *hehe* to the challenge and gives the heroine 7 orgasms (all of them involving his cock instead of just mouth or fingers) in the span of 2 hours. Yes, please! This novella was HOT, but it was also a tender, emotional read.

  • Deserie williams
    2019-03-13 19:08

    3.5 stars. Short and sexy read! In the short time I loved the hero Owen :)Safety gang safe

  • Nadia
    2019-03-03 12:55

    Crazy idea for a book! I thoroughly enjoyed it! 7 orgasms in 2 hours...interesting.... Lol

  • Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    2019-03-17 20:14

    Ok, just to start out, I don't really get the whole big deal out of the 7 orgasms thing. Its pretty much the whole basis of the book. Amy was just convinced that it was impossible. She said she knew her body and it would never happen. She never insisted that it would be impossible for Owen, since it all had to be done with his... ahem. No hands or mouth. Just that it was impossible for her. I personally have no idea how Owen lasted that long. Like damn. I don't have enough experience to say definitively that its impossible for a man, but I do have enough experience to say that it definitely is possible for a woman. So yeah, maybe I am just a lucky woman, but I couldn't really believe the basis of the story.Aside from that, the book was fun. Too short to be a true love story. It was just great short smut. Seriously hot. The kind of book that will make you squirm and wish for a willing man. Owen was cool enough, although Amy was pretty meh. We didn't have enough time to really get to know either of them. At the end, when Amy told Owen that she loved him, his reaction was pretty adorable. Best part of the book. :P

  • Kelly
    2019-02-20 20:04

    There were a few things that I really liked about this story... (1) It's meta. I love how the heroine's reading matter (a book about a SEAL with a magic penis) is what sets the plot (such as it is) in motion. There also seemed to be a pretty solid awareness of irony in the story. I loved that.(2) Unexpected emotional content. In a story that is pretty much about this one time the two characters had a lot of sex in 2 hours, I was surprised to find emotional undertones. I was further surprised to find those undertones compelling.(3) The sex is pretty dang hot. 'nuff said.As for what I didn't like so much... I wanted more character development to explain why Amy couldn't possibly fathom that Owen might want more out of their relationship than just great sex. The story is told exclusively from her POV, and she gets a little crazy at points... it would have been nice to understand why. I didn't really enjoy the adversarial aspect of the wager because it didn't make sense to me why Amy would fight it and want to win. Seriously... if Owen uses his magic penis to bring her to glory 7 times in 2 hours, he wins. But you know what? SO DOES SHE. Seven times. That part annoyed me, especially because I couldn't understand why she was being so petty. To be clear: I don't have a problem with heroines (or heroes) being petty -- it happens -- but I need to understand why, else it's just annoying (like when the people in my real life are all petty for no discernible reason... suuuuper annoying, amirite?).

  • Angela Ruble Scott
    2019-03-16 14:22

    This is my 4 snowflake review for Seven by Claire Kent for Eskimo Princess Book Reviews.Seven is about Owen and Amy, two lovers who are in a sex only relationship. There is a seven orgasm challenge made, and only two hours to fulfill that challenge. Amy is from the United States, she is just starting out at the dentist practice that she works for and isn’t looking for a relationship that could take her away from that. Owen is from the United Kingdom and he is here for only one year then he has to return home. He can’t stay, he must go back home in 28 days. Will he be able to win the challenge so he can play out his fantasy or will she? Will Amy be able to keep her emotions in check until he leaves?I really liked the concept of this short story. It only took me about an hour to read from start to finish. It was HOT, heck that might even be an understatement. The author gives us a highly descriptive sexual encounter that will scorch your ereader. I didn’t find any errors in the writing, and the story was easy to follow. I only wish there could have been a little bit more. It really did have enough potential to be a full length novel. It sure did get my blood pumping and left me in need of a cold shower. If you are looking for a steamy read while sitting by the pool or to cuddle up with on a cold night, this one would be a great place to start. It might even make you need to take a cold dip in that pool!

  • Callixta
    2019-02-19 19:21

    critique complète: ? C’est le titre de ce nouveau court roman de Claire Kent alias Noelle Adams. Mais sept quoi ? Comme nous sommes dans une romance érotique, c’est assez facile à deviner ! Il s’agit de sept orgasmes. C’est le chiffre qui va sortir de la bouche d’Amy lorsqu’elle veut taquiner son amant, Owen. Il se moque de ses lectures romantiques avec des héros aux performances impressionnantes, elle répond en le défiant de lui faire avoir sept orgasmes. Ce qui commence comme n eu va devenir un vrai pari entre eux dont l’enjeu n’est peut-être pas de savoir si lui ou elle sont capables d’atteindre ce chiffre.Comme toujours, Claire Kent montre deux héros raisonnables, ordinaires. Ils se sont rencontrés sur leur lieu de travail, il est Anglais, de passage simplement aux USA. Depuis six mois qu’il est là, il est l’amant temporaire d’Amy, juste l’homme qui lui faut pour accompagner des nuits solitaires ; d’ailleurs dans un mois, il repart. Tout le roman est centré sur ce défi que relève Owen de procurer sept orgasmes en deux heures à sa compagne. Chaque chapitre correspond à un ou plusieurs orgasmes entrecoupés de quelques interludes ( il faut récupérer quand même, surtout pour monsieur !).

  • Karen
    2019-02-26 17:13

    "Five Romantic Stars" Claire Kent has written a beautiful emotional erotic love story!!I was hooked from the very first page of this book. The chemistry between Amy and Owen flows so smoothly throughout the book I couldn't help but feel the emotion.Amy and Owen had a sex only relationship for the past 5 months because Owen has to return to London in 28 days and Amy wants to get on with her career. They meet in a bookstore one day and Amy puts out a challenge.....Amy must have seven orgasms within two hours in one afternoon. Amy doesn't think it is possible but Owen is definitely up for the challenge.For a short novella this story really kept me interested. It was easy to connect with Amy and Owen. The writing was amazing and the story was easy to follow and believable. If you like short erotic stories; this book is for you. I loved it!!!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-12 21:08

    This story starts off with a relationship already in place. Amy in conversation tells Owen about the seven O's and states that it's impossible and so the bet is set and Owen is determine to make it happen.I actually give this book 3 1/2 as I quite enjoyed the banter, but I feel the story dragged on a bit and it wasn't till the end that it all came together and Amy realized that the bet didn't matter anymore and that there was more to just a little wager at stake here, which Owen clearly specifies a few times, but Amy doesn't catch it an agonizes over winning instead of revealing what she is truly feeling. I enjoyed the ending and the endearment of Owen, but I felt the story lack enough oomph? Thus the reason it took me sooooo long to finish.

  • Lily Rose
    2019-03-17 15:01

    This is what I expect in an erotic romance, erotic encounters full of love and romance.Amy challenges Owen he'll never be able to give her seven orgasms in two hours. What follows is the hottest and most crucial two hours of their life. I find this author writes some of the best sex scenes I've ever read because they are hot, real and sensual and I can feel the characters' chemistry that is over the charts and their love connection through little gestures, hidden emotions and unspoken words.A quick, hot and deep read.

  • Ava
    2019-03-18 13:20

    4 Fun Stars.This book was funny, all challenging while I still think that it was lacking of more about them but what the author gave was pretty enough for a start and to the end. It started by an unexpected matched and while they both agreed on fun and non lasting things got more because it was dating already and they pretty much enjoyed the company.The challenge was the key point and from where it came from, it was totally hilarious.It was great how they got bold and admitted their feelings and not waiting til to late. So it was a great great book!!

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-18 14:03

    No surprises. Good read.Personal "irkism": over-use of a word, in this case, "mushy". Does that word even belong in erotica?!

  • L.Boom
    2019-03-09 16:04

    If this book had an actual storyline, it would have been really good! I liked the hero anyways, and I would have loved to know how their relationship had developped to this point!

  • Stacie Marquart
    2019-03-07 21:15

    Loved this book.

  • Bibliophile
    2019-02-25 14:12

    3.5 stars

  • Now I Read Book Blog
    2019-03-16 20:58

    This is the first book form Author Claire Kent that I have read and after reading this one it will not be my last one ever. As soon as I sat down and started reading this in knew it was going to be good and juicy. This book was full of some much sexual chemistry that at times I thought the book was going to combust because it got so hot in the book . But tis book also had some emotional roller coaster at times in the book. This book played with my heart strings at times. Owen is from United Kingdom and in is the United Stated for one year for work and he makes it clear to Amy at the end of the year he will be going back home where life is . Amy is form the United States and she is just getting her dentist practice up and going so she is not looking for a real relationship. But has the time gets closer and they only have 28 days left until he will have leave. . One day while they are in a book story Amy accidently pick up a book and Owen ask her about the book . She quickly looks at the book and she starts telling him about it. She tell him in the book that a man gives a women so many orgasm in a short period of time . But after they leave the store they keep talking about if it possible to have that many. So Owen makes a bet that he can make Amy have seven orgasm in two hours and the winner gets live out their fantasy come true. But by the end of the two hour they will find out all lot more about each other than what they knew be for . Can she have seven orgasm in two hours or will she win the bet.Their is so much more juiciness to this book that I did not want to give away . I cant wait to read more form this author in the future.

  • Stacia- Three Girls and a Book Obsession
    2019-03-07 18:02

    Who wouldn’t want a sexual relationship with a hot English guy, knowing that there are no strings attached; it’s just sex for the next 6 months that he will be in the Country. That is the arrangement that Amy and Owen established after meeting in a book store five months ago. One weekend, with just barely 28 days left together, they end up back in that book store and Amy stumbles on a book that describes a man giving a woman seven orgasms in only two hours. Owen is up for the challenge, after Amy highly doubts that it is possible. So, they make a small wager and then spend the rest of the afternoon trying to outdo each other; he’s trying to win the bet and she is trying to stop him from winning while still keeping her true feelings for him from coming to the surface. “You didn’t think I’d give up after one, did you?”This book is a short novella that is just at 104 pages. It is a quick erotic read that is pretty much just filled with sex. But, I think with a novella this short it would have to be quick and to the point. I did however want a little more from the characters. I think perhaps more of a background on Owen and Amy, would allow readers to connect with them more. Plus, anyone that knows or follows my reviews knows what a sucker I am for an epilogue. So even though this is just a novella, I would have loved a little longer of an ending. Overall, it was an entertaining read that will keep you occupied for an hour or so.

  • Lizmichel
    2019-02-28 13:59

    Owen is british but his company sent him from London to Baltimore for the year.[image error] Amy is very career driven and is trying to establish a dental practice. Amy and Owen met 5 months ago in a bookstore. They start "discussing" a book. The discussion includes a SEAL that has a magic penis that forks into ten heads so he can pleasure ten women at once.Amy admits that seven orgasms within one or two hours impossible and that just happens in books. Of course Owen starts to see that as a challenge and is more then ready to proof her wrong. So they make a challenge and the winner is allowed to live out one of his fantasies.So for the last five months, they met together every weekend for hot sex and a good time. But Owen is returning to London in 28 days. So now what Amy is going to do with her feelings for Owen?!For a short novella this story really kept me interested. It's also had a lot of emotion especially between the two characters. Holy [email protected]!I don't know why you're still here reading this. Go and buy the book!

  • Maria Rose
    2019-03-04 21:03

    This erotic romance novella takes place over a two hour period and is the story of Amy and Owen. Having been involved in a five month long, no strings attached affair, Owen is scheduled to leave in four weeks and their relationship, such as it is, will be over. When they come across a book purporting that a woman can orgasm 7 times in a short period of time, Amy has her doubts but Owen is determined to show her that it can be done. With 2 hours on the clock, can he prove the book right? But more importantly, can what happens in those two hours change the course of their relationship?I loved this story! Of course there is an abundance of sex involved (well written, very steamy sex!), but the real trick to writing an erotic romance is to combine that sex with emotion and this was so well done. During the course of their two hours together, their emotions and thoughts come into play and the revelation that sex is not the only thing binding them together is swiftly presented. Trust in the bedroom is one thing - but to trust someone with your heart is quite another. I loved how each orgasm unraveled another layer of Amy and Owen as they reach for a happy ever after ending. Fast paced, riveting, with touches of humour and angst, this was delightful from start to finish. 5 stars!

  • Jessica
    2019-03-01 19:21

    See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:Every time I pick up a book by Claire Kent, I'm captivated by the story. It doesn't matter if it's a full-length novel or a novella like this one, it's impossible not to love the story and the characters.Owen and Amy believe that their relationship is temporary, and that they're both okay with this fact since they decided on it when everything started. You can feel the chemistry burning off the pages as you read their story and by the time you read the end, your heart is melting with the giddiness one can expect from a sweet little novella.Seven is an unexpected gem in a sea of stories. From start to finish, I couldn't stop reading and I couldn't stop hoping for the happily ever after between Owen and Amy. The emotions leap off the page and you just sit there in wonder, pondering over what could be. Claire Kent, as usual, has done it again with this novella. And, as usual, I'm never going to stop reading her stories.My Rating: Very Good

  • Kim
    2019-03-06 18:09

    I'm torn on this. I liked the story idea itself. When reading the summary it's obvious that the seven orgasms thing is a huge piece of it. But that's not actually the part of the story that hooked me. All of the emotional turmoil going on under the surface is what kept me interested. So what am I torn on? Amy. Her character doesn't make sense to me. She's obsessed with winning the bet. She thinks all Owen cares about is winning their bet. She's so blinded by this bet that she thinks it's truly impossible that Owen could have developed feelings for her and refuses to see the feelings and emotions he is pouring into her. Had something been written about her past maybe, something that would help us understand how or why she could be so blind to the possibility of someone changing their feelings for her....Besides all of the above, the chemistry between Owen and Amy was great.

  • Maura
    2019-03-10 20:09

    Fuck Buddies Owen and Amy have been having sex regularly for almost six months. But Owen is due to go back to London in a month and Amy is just starting to realize that she has feelings for him and it's probably going to break her heart. After issuing Owen a challenge that he can't give her 7 orgasms in 2 hours, they indulge in some very heavy, emotional sex, in which Amy realizes the futility of fighting her feelings. This was very sexy and pretty enjoyable. I'll be looking for more by this author I think. I liked the challenge and I loved the trust they had with each other. But it frustrated me to find out that I was reading about TWO emotional cowards and after a while I felt like yelling at Amy to just say something already. Especially when it's pretty obvious that Owen is expecting it... Though I liked the hints he kept dropping later on, I have to wonder why HE didn't say anything either. Instead, they both had to suffer and be anxious about it.

  • Bookabulary
    2019-02-22 17:13

    I remember having a hard time falling asleep on a 20-hour-plus train ride from Butterworth in Malaysia to Bangkok and trying to go through the ebooks I had with me during that trip. I didn't want to do a whole novel because I didn't want to end up not getting any sleep at all during that overnight ride.This was the first novella that came across in my list and I decided, well, why not? The blurb was actually kind of funny because...c'mon, you have read the blurb, right? As expected, it was a sexy read. But unexpectedly, it actually had a touch of humor in it that I was not prepared for. I was expecting all this action (remember, blurb!) and was pleasantly surprised by the well-written and witty characters.The only sad thing about this is the length of this story. I really enjoyed reading Amy and Owen and that blaaaaaazing chemistry of theirs. Eeeeeep! And that ending? That was totally a novel-length worthy ending.

  • Linda
    2019-03-09 20:23

    I have to say from the start I loved Escorted & the follow-up novel Breaking from this author. I devoured both books! And I found myself easily engaged with the characters, loved the entire storyline and cheered at the end for the HEA. So I was SUPER excited when I came across this novella and couldn't wait to dive in.I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it and it just doesn't seem like the same caliber of work by this author. The storyline was predictable (how could it not be) but it could have been so much more added into their story for that WOW factor that I've grown accustomed to. I found it very basic in regards to the writing level and overall the characters frustrated me. This will certainly not stop me from picking up anything else in the future that this author delivers but I will most certainly be cautious before recommending to one of my reader friends unless I've read it first.

  • Anita
    2019-03-12 14:08

    Short, sweet and hot, hot, hot. Amy is a classic Claire Kent character. Borderline annoying. Somewhat insecure. Owen is off the charts hot - subtle charm, handsome, clever and you can just hear the accent. In this one, the h bothered me more than usual. I think it's because I was unable to really get to know Amy. I know that this is a novella and that is a risk I knew I was taking when I one-clicked it, but I have read several of this author's books and really love her writing style - clean, direct, sexy and unique. I loved the premise. Leave it to Claire Kent to come up with out of the box scenarios. So even with my somewhat disliking Amy, I still really enjoyed this little sexy novella.