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Bundle of the award-winning Kronberg Thriller trilogy.Europe, late 19th century. Antibiotics have yet to be invented, and germs take a death toll that lets the number of murders appear negligible. But when a cholera victim is found floating in one of London's drinking water supplies, Dr Anton Kronberg - England's best bacteriologist - is called upon to investigate. He crosBundle of the award-winning Kronberg Thriller trilogy.Europe, late 19th century. Antibiotics have yet to be invented, and germs take a death toll that lets the number of murders appear negligible. But when a cholera victim is found floating in one of London's drinking water supplies, Dr Anton Kronberg - England's best bacteriologist - is called upon to investigate. He crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes. The detective immediately discovers Kronberg's secret -- a woman masquerading as a man in order to practice medicine -- a criminal deed that could land her in prison for years to come. The two highly analytical minds provoke and annoy each other at once. Eventually, they must team up to unravel a spiderweb of murder, espionage, and bioterrorism that spreads across continents.Compiles The Devil's Grin, The Fall, & The Journey...

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moriarty Reviews

  • Brooke
    2019-03-18 16:56

    Holy crap.I finished reading the Holmes canon almost exactly one year ago. I immediately began reading Holmes works by writers other than Doyle, because I can't get enough Holmes and Watson. Out of the 11 I've read so far, this book (which is actually three books put together) is my favorite. (Although I know Anna is the main character, not Holmes. Which is really just fine be me because I heart her.)The main character, Anna Kronberg, is a complete badass. The depictions of Holmes and Watson are believable. Those characters from the canon who are merely two dimensional tools Doyle used to move a couple of the stories along are fleshed out wonderfully here. I don't want to say anything about the plot or about the ACD stories around which the plot takes place because I don't want to spoil anything. But I will say that canon fans will greatly enjoy this book. People who have never read any of the canon will also enjoy this book. A teensy word of warning for those with fragile dispositions: There is violence in this book. There are graphic depictions of Victorian-era autopsies. There is sex, though not terribly graphic. There are a few OH MY GOD DID THAT SERIOUSLY JUST HAPPEN moments. I guess basically, this is not your grandpa's Sherlock Holmes. But holy crap, is it ever great.

  • Eero
    2019-03-05 16:55

    It took me a long while to get through this book, which combines the three Kronberg novels dealing with Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty into one volume; and they are better considered as one long novel in three parts. The whole story is set partly in the same timeframe as "The Adventure of the Final Problem", and before "The Adventure of the Empty House" and supposedly tells the "true" story of what happened with Professor Moriarty, one which Dr. Watson could not tell.It doesn't really feel like a Sherlock Holmes story, because there is not much brilliant detective work going on. Rather it is a scientific historical thriller involving the development of germ warfare and using the characters of Moriarty and Holmes, with both of whom the protagonist has complicated relations. The focus is always on the hyper-competent Anna Kronberg, who strives to do things that are considered impossible for women at the time, even masquerading as a man and using a fake penis in her pants as camouflage if need be.

  • Wes
    2019-03-07 18:54

    An interesting trilogy that I actually really enjoyed. Taken from the perspective of someone caught in the middle of Moriarty and Holmes and seeing both genius minds at work. Somewhat slow moving in places but more than made up for with the development of the principle characters and the little love triangle between then. A well written trilogy from a writer I haven't read before and it would be well worth the effort tracking this one down.

  • Cass Murray
    2019-03-05 17:38

    WOWThis was a remarkable trilogy. This review is also for 'The lion's courtship'. The author has put an enormous amount of time and research into both of these books. There are a number of editorial issues relating to the use of language for the time. As the books are written on the cusp of the 20thC I believe some slips are ok. The characters are first rate and the inclusion of 'The Ripper' is very clever. 5 STARS for both.

  • R.L.
    2019-03-09 18:31

    One of the best thriller series I've read in a long time. The descriptions were clear, concise and evocative. The amount of research that must have gone into this is incredible, from the food, to the clothing that was worn in that period of time. I never paused for a second but read through each book. I liked the main character, a woman who dresses as a man in order to go to medical school and then practice as a doctor. My hat is off to the author.

  • alansplace
    2019-02-24 19:52

    A great read! Neatly fills the time period between THE MEMOIRS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES' The Final Problem and THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES' The Adventure of the Empty House, the period of time when Holmes was thought to be dead. Exciting, dramatic, and touching. A super read! A fantastic story!

  • Jean W. Phillips
    2019-02-25 19:29

    Outstanding!I have loved Sherlock Holmes forever and have rarely been pleased with new 'chapters' in his life. This was perfect! I really enjoyed hearing the story from such an extraordinary woman's point of view. Wendeberg captured the essence and nuances of the characters so well, I was totally immersed. Great read!!

  • Terri Weitze
    2019-03-13 20:29

    This an excellent read for most fans of Sherlock Holmes, even though Holmes is not included in big chunks of this trilogy. And while I suppose each book could stand alone, I can't imagine not reading all three in order, as they parallel the Holmes world. I don't know what else I can say without a spoiler. I hope you like it as much as I did.

  • Malcolm Brodzinsky
    2019-03-15 00:41

    Fans of Sherlock Holmes who want a great new twist to the Arthur Conan Doyle series, one that reads like a CSI series of episode, but is much more enjoyable, should invest your reading time in this 3 book set. Ms. Wendeberg applies the right amount of historical detail to a fascinating story. It has me wanting to read more.

  • Anne Thorpe
    2019-03-02 18:30

    I interesting, well written, thought provoking. Enjoyable take on the Holmes cannon. I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, written and movies, but only when done well. This definitely is done well.

  • Sue
    2019-02-26 17:40

    I loved this series... Anna gives a great medical science bent to this mystery series. Great character development,and a geographically pictorial story. I enjoyed this story moment by moment.

  • Twodogs333
    2019-03-12 19:35

    This was a trilogy in one book. I really liked it. Wendeberg does a great job keeping the piece period for the most party. Part fan-fic, part medical examination.:)

  • Cathryn
    2019-03-14 22:56

    1/5/15: $0.99 on Amazon Kindle.

  • Ben
    2019-03-08 23:40

    I bought this book, The Moriarty Bundle, by Annelid Wenderberg in the Kindle version. I noted that the author had been awarded "The Blue Carbuncle" for the best modern Sherlock Holmes book of a recent year, so I thought I would give it a try. It was...ok.This is a compendium of three novels which introduce Ms. Wenderberg's heroine, Anna Kronberg. At the beginning of book one, Kronberg is living in London disguised as a man. This disguise allowed her to study medicene and she received her MD at a time when women were not allowed such careers. Living as Dr. Anton Kronberg, specialist in bacteriology and contagious disease, Dr. Kronberg is called by the police to the scene of a body discovered near the Thames water reservoir. The police want to know if the woman's body shows signs of cholera. It does. As Dr. Kronberg goes about examining the corpse, she sees a lean,dark man creeping about the river bank, at times crawling on his knees as he examines the grass and mud with a magnifying glass. That is her introduction to Mr. Sherlock Holmes, who is also investigating the crime scene.Without attempting to recap the convoluted happenings of this 866 Kindle pages book, I offer no spoilers when I say that it involves the possible use of deadly germs as weapons. The evil genius behind it all is of course Dr. James Moriarty, whom Holmes described in one of his own adventures as the most dangerous criminal in the world.If this all sounds interesting so far, I thought so too. But I found that it wasn't going to last. Holmes hardly figures at all in either of the first two books of the trilogy, though Moriarty. Is prominent in the second, with Holmes mostly offstage.The first book mainly establishes the picture of Anna, or Anton , Kronberg. She is a brilliant doctor- scientist, interested in find cures for tetanus and cholera, and other diseases of the slums. Kronberg is a proto- feminist; she is feisty, spunky, brash and usually brusque in her dealings with others. In that way she resembles Holmes. She even shows the same remarkable powers of observation and deduction. The details of part one are mostly of her life in the Demi-world she inhabits, with some plot development.The second book, is centered on a forced relationship with Moriarty ( no more about this for fear of spoilers). But I do not think that Moriarty comes really alive as an evil genius of crime. His presence on the page is rather as an ordinary less than moral conniving business man who will do anything to make money, whatever the cost in blood and life. He is certainly not a chilling, ominous presence as he should be. Unlike the Conan Doyle books, the story drags quite a bit here, IMHO, with too much of Anna, damsel in distress, in the clutches of a dastardly villain. A bit of a bodice-ripper of a gothic romance. Up to now, the book rated no much more than two stars. I almost put it aside, but I plugged away.By the third part of the trilogy, Ms. Wenderberg got it going better, with more suspense and tightening of the plot. Holmes plays a greater role in this part of the story than in the others. However, in Ms. Wendenberg's hands he becomes a softer personage, more affected by emotion than the cool, remote and aloof Holmes we know from the Conan Doyle stories. Whether this appeals to the reader is up to him or her. Of course, it is Anna who is the center of the author's focus, with Holmes as a supporting ( in rather a different sense of the term) than ever seen before.I thought that the ending was far too drawn out, which lessened the impact of the climax. In fact, there was not much of the climax at that. I had to re- read the ending to see if I was correct in my thought that the book just rather faded off into a "wait for the next exciting adventures of Anna Kronberg, doctor and detective.." No, don' t think I will be reading more.I paid 99 cents for the book in a special sale. Just ok.

  • Roisin Shanahan
    2019-03-04 23:35

    Moriarty contained the first 3 books from Annelie Wendeberg featuring Dr Anton (Anna) Kronberg. Dr Kronberg is an anomaly in London as he is actually a she, working as a doctor and bacteriologist at St Guys in London. Living in the slums and treating the poor for free where no one suspects her deception.One day she is called to a dead body floating in one of London's drinking water supplies. The body is suspected to be infected with cholera which could prove deadly for the people of London. Also at the scene is Sherlock Holmes who sees through Anna's disguise. Together they uncover the truth about the dead body and the conspiracy going on with a secret organisation. The first book "The Devils Grin" ends a bit abruptly.The second book "The Fall" continues and introduces Moriarty to the stage. There is a lot of developing bacterias as weapons of germ warfare in this book. Moriarty takes center stage while Sherlock flits in and out, usually in a dress. This was not the best book of the three and could certainly not be read in isolation. As with all three books it contains pictures to illustrate which work quite well.The third book "The Journey" continues on 3 days after Book 2 finishes. Sherlock plays as big a role as Anna in this one. Moriartys accomplice Moran is hunting Anna all over Europe while Anna and Sherlock try to figure out Moriartys intentions with his secret organisation and try to find out and capture the remaining members of said organisation.I am unsure what AC Doyle would make of his characters Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty appearing in an alternate book. However Annelie Wendeberg remains true to the stories AC Doyle wrote and bits are woven in here with her story. In Book 2 Sherlock and Moriarty meet and fall to their deaths at Reichenbech Falls. In Book 3 Watson is lamenting his dead friend and writing up their last adventure together. Although there is a lot of frisson between Sherlock and Anna, it is more a meeting of identical minds and Sherlock remains pure for all purists out there that would be aghast at anything else.I enjoyed the strong female character that kept her independence. Considering the times the book is based in Anna is a very accomplished lady and her father and benefactor were very forward thinking men. It is hard to imagine now, in an age where women can freely do whatever profession they like and pregnancy is not looked on with such abhorence as in this book that 100 years ago women were less than second class citizens.The book contains the opening of "The Lions Courtship" which is a prequel to this trilogy

  • Beth Haren
    2019-03-13 23:51

    Remember it's a trilogy! I did not realize when I purchased the electronic version that it was three books in one. I have to admit that the whole concept appealed to me as it showcased a woman who has to masquerade as a man to become a doctor and expert in her field. That appealed to me as a woman and a professional who has more than once banged my own head on the glass ceiling (and against gender stereotypes). I love this behind the scenes intrigue in the Sherlock Holmes world. I think it gives an interesting picture of White Chapel in the wake of The Ripper and some of the appalling atrocities of classicist society in the 19th century.The novels almost lay the ground for the Special Branch and what might become SIS or MI6. I could see this becoming a foundation for a series worthy of Ian Fleming's legacy. I'd love to see it continued. Now, for the parts I didn't like:The dialogue was good, but occasionally difficult to follow. I frequently had to Terra's the passages to figure out which character was saying each line.Moriarty was despicable. I know. He's supposed to be, but there just wasn't enough there to help me understand why Anna had any feeling Stockholm syndrome be damned. If that were the case she'd have never left. She had a strong enough mind to avoid that, she would have required a little more charm. He was too repulsive to me, somehow.I would liked to have see more Watson, or at least have a little more interaction when Anna decides to keep Klara. And last but not least, I wanted more hands on revenge on Moran. The victory at the hands of a woman would have been so satisfying.That's all I have. It's a good series. It would be good to have more.

  • Natira
    2019-02-19 16:36

    Es handelt sich um einen aus "The Devil's Grin", "The Fall" und "The Journey" bestehenden Gesamtband. Anna Kronenberg ist eine junge Frau, die verkleidet als männlicher Arzt - spezialisierter Bakteriologe - im viktorianischen fiktiven England arbeitet und bei einem Cholerafall Sherlock Holmes trifft, der ihre Verkleidung natürlich umgehend durchschaut. Anna hat ebenfalls eine hohe Beobachtungsgabe und einen analytischen Verstand; es ist nicht überraschend, dass die beiden beginnen, den Fall ("The Devil's Grin) von verschiedenen Warten aus und doch gemeinsam zu untersuchen.Die drei Bücher hängen zusammen (besonders Nr. 2 und 3), auch wenn man besonders bei "The Devil's Grin" ein Ende findet. Mich lassen die drei Bücher etwas zwiegespalten zurück, da Anna mich durchaus fasziniert hat in der durchdachten Art, wie und auch wo sie sich ihr Leben eingerichtet hat und mich auch die angesprochenen Forschungsthemen - bakteriologische Forschung mit allen Vorteilen und Konsequenzen - interessierten. Andererseits konnte die Autorin auch nicht widerstehen: Auch diese Protagonistin fühlt sich zu Sherlock hingezogen, obwohl Annelie Wendeberg diesen Teil der Handlung zurückhaltend gestaltet. Band 1 mochte ich sehr, Band 2 faszinierte mich eher im Hinblick auf Anna Kronbergs Arbeit als in Bezug auf ihre Entführung und Machtkämpfe und was Band 3 angeht, so habe ich ihn gelesen, weil er dazu gehörte.

  • Bob
    2019-03-07 17:55

    A young German girl growing up with only her carpenter father is smart and independent and decidesshe wants to be a Doctor. Now in the 1800s that was not a profession open to women, so she cut herhair, donned men's clothing and got entry to a German medical school. She was then able to get a position at Harvard as a lecturer and also studied bacteriology before landing a job in London at a majorhospital. She lived in the slums and maintained her double life and was on call to assist the police with cases involving diseases and it was on such a case that she crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes who was also consulting on the case. Being Holmes, he realized her secret almost immediately but didnot reveal it being intrigued by her and finding that she was nearly his equal in intelligence and deduction.The two join in the investigation that leads to a plot my Moriaarty and a cabal to develop a bacterial weaponand our Dr. is soon drawn into the plot. There is much more to the stories as tale continues through the three books, but I will leave that to the reader to discover.

  • Claire Gilligan
    2019-03-07 22:51

    Astonishingly good! With a premise like "female bacteriologist masquerading as a man teams up with Sherlock Holmes," it'd be downright unrealistic if she didn't fall for him, and she does, quickly. But that never takes over the story, as I'd feared, and it's pulled off in a very genuine manner, true to both characters and to how emotions work.The narrator is every bit Holmes's equal, yet very much her own person. (I mean, successfully masqueraded as a man for a full decade to not only learn medicine but become Britain's premier bacteriologist!) She holds her own throughout, without being the stereotypical "strong female character" we're used to.Absolutely a page-turner! Great story (mystery and adventure), complex characters, fully developed world, fits seamlessly into the Holmes mythos. These three are definitely distinct novels, yet impossible to read apart from one another.Very well-written. I will ABSOLUTELY be reading future novels by Wendeberg!

  • Colleen
    2019-02-19 16:50

    I generally find myself disappointed in books of this sort (a current-day author's take on a long-ago author's characters.) I typically feel that the writing of the character feels wooden or stilted or just not quite there, in some way. So by that logic, I shouldn't have picked this up, let alone finished all three.I think what worked really well is that this isn't a book (or more accurately, a trilogy) where Wendeberg is simply writing about Holmes. She's taken a story featuring Holmes and inserted a new character into it. I will admit that I haven't read The Final Problem so I can't say whether or not she does this well. But, I liked Anna, I liked the writing style, I liked the plot Wendeberg came up with. It did feel like it dragged in more places than I would have liked and I think some of the narrative could have been left out but overall, I liked what she did with Holmes, Moriarty, and the story.

  • Penny
    2019-03-13 23:55

    Anna is certainly a compelling character. There is so much about her to admire and emulate. And then there's her emotional state. Her emotions were sometimes the only things that made me dislike her as a character. I get that she was a woman in a man's world. I get that she loved emotionally distant men. And I respect some of the choices she made in these relationships. But then there were those choices that made me want to wince because they were so extreme.I went back and forth between 3-4 stars on this series. Ultimately, I'm glad I read it and got to "know" Anna. I just felt like there was a part of her I didn't quite "get" that I really wanted to.

  • Lekeshua
    2019-03-15 17:40

    Loved this book. Loved Dr. Kronberg. Annelie Wendeberg created a strong character that compliments Sherlock and stands apart from Sherlock. I haven't met a strong female protagonist like this in some time. I can relate to her feminist views cause I felt this way prior to marriage and children. I enjoyed watching her grow as a character and felt her pain when she lost herself. The atmosphere in this book was amazing. many times I had to shake myself to return to reality or stop reading cause the stench in the streets were unbearable or the children in the slums were to much to stomach. I want more.

  • Diane
    2019-02-27 18:49

    Fascinating bookThis book contains danger, romance, intrigue, suspense, science and medicine in the most interesting way. It also presents history and women's roles in society of the 1890s, in a way that opened up new views of that period. I also loved the author's representation of Sherlock Holmes and his enemy, Moriarty. I am sorry to have finished the book, I wish there were as more of the story to come!

  • Cathy
    2019-02-17 23:38

    I liked this trilogy, although I found the 2nd book in the series a bit tedious. It detracted from what otherwise would have been a 4-star rating. This series was primarily focused on Dr Anton/Anna Kronberg (a woman masquerading as a male doctor) and had Holmes as a supporting character. The writing was well done and I enjoyed the story, although I don't particularly like this version of Holmes. There was also quite a bit of interesting info on disease as warfare.

  • Karen Barth
    2019-03-15 21:43

    I must agree that this is a great addition to the Sherlock Holmes canon. The story is well written, very plausible, and fills in those "missing years" of Holmes' life. The reader can easily identify with the moral dilemas that Anna/Anton must make and their consequences. Wendeberg's decriptions engage all of your senses invoking the life and times of Victorian/Edwardian England. I definitely recommend this to any Holmes fan or even someone who loves historical thrillers.

  • Lacey
    2019-03-13 19:41

    I went with the average of my reviews for the three individual books here. I really liked The Devil's Grin, The Fall was excellent but The Journey was the weakest of the three. I loved Anna's character, she was strong, determined and devious. The characters of Holmes, Watson, Moriarty and Mycroft were also represented well. I liked the back stories we got on these classic characters and enjoyed their interactions with each other and Anna. A great addition to the Sherlock Holmes universe.

  • Mary Ann
    2019-03-12 18:49

    I typically enjoy books written about the late 1800's. I enjoyed the characters in this book, Sherlock, Morarity, Watson and Mycoft. The main character, Anna, was feisty and interesting. Who wouldn't enjoy a Sherlock Holmes tale. The beginning was good, the middle section concerning captivity was overly long and drawn out, the ending was ok but a little disappointing. In the end, a book that takes me 3 weeks to wade through is an exercise in endurance not enjoyment.

  • Sabrina Flynn
    2019-02-23 18:31

    Moriarty combines all three books of the Anna Kronberg mysteries: The Devil's Grin, The Fall, and the Journey. Even though I read each book as it was released, the pictures are a great edition to the story and contribute to the mood that the narrative evokes. It's really nice to have all the books in one place. This entire character driven series is thrilling and unpredictable!

  • Elva L Beacham
    2019-03-17 22:57

    Excellent writing, story line. Hated that the story ended.Descriptive, informative of the times and extreme restraints of women's rights. Very suspenseful and fast paced and at the same time, very detailed. Particularly engrossing was the abysmal state of medicine - amazing anyone survived!

  • Leslie Rigoulot
    2019-02-25 17:46

    excellent even for non Sherlock devoteesGreat and thought- full writing that gives insight into the restricted lives of European women during the Victorian/Edwardian period. We forget, until there's a measles outbreak how disease controlled lives that were so short and rough. Exceptional book.