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The perfect seasonal tale of how laughter, friends and wacky Christmas jumpers can mend a broken heart. For fans of Trisha Ashley and Jenny Colgan.Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers. But, after discovering that she may haveThe perfect seasonal tale of how laughter, friends and wacky Christmas jumpers can mend a broken heart. For fans of Trisha Ashley and Jenny Colgan.Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers. But, after discovering that she may have perpetrated the cock-up of the century at work, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and, just weeks before Christmas, runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale.There, Sybil discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, an emporium dedicated to the world of knitting and needle craft. But Hettie, the outspoken octogenarian owner, is struggling and now the shop is due for closure. And when Hettie decides that Sybil’s wonderfully wacky Christmas jumpers are just the thing to add a bit of excitement to her window display, something miraculous starts to happen…...

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the great christmas knit off Reviews

  • Melindam
    2019-03-29 05:25

    The Ultimate Christmas, Comfy-Cosy, Feel-good BookAlthough it is far from perfect - the constant rattle about the failed relationship of the heroine & her ex is as clichéd as you can get - but the enjoyment/satisfaction factor is so high that I am more than willing to overlook it.I haven't got the faintest idea about knitting, but Alexandra Brown totally roped me in with this book.It is literally about a close-knit community tied in with a heart-warming makeover story; a lovely, understated romance, great characters and a perfect Christmas setting with all necessary ingredients like logfire, picture-postcard village, snow, Christmas pantomime, cakes, adorable dogs, rustic villagers ..... and what-have-you.

  • Leah
    2019-03-30 10:18

    When I heard Alexandra Brown was writing a knitting book I was quite excited. Don't get me wrong, knitting is so not my thing (I don't have the patience or the time to learn knitting, although I do love the idea of being able to knit yourself your very own chunky knit jumper). The Great Christmas Knit-Off is the first of her new series of books set in Tindledale and I was absolutely chuffed to pieces to receive a copy to review via Netgalley. The cover for the book is stunning (and available in white or red - after reading the book, I'll be getting BOTH covers) and so is the book itself, actually.The Great Christmas Knit-Off is set in the fictional, picture-perfect village of Tindledale. I literally want to up sticks and move there, pronto. It has the olde-worlde feel I adore, and I absolutely love that the residents there have no idea what it means to purchase something on the Internet, and mobile phones do not work. That is like my idea of heaven. It also has the best village-y feel ever - the neighbours literally know everything that's happening to you (sometimes before you even know it yourself) and it was just the absolute most perfect place for Sybil to recover after being jilted at the altar (on May 4th, no less, to her boyfriend named - yes, really - Luke). (I was actually offended she was jilted on May 4th as that's my birthday and I felt bad and for the past few years all I've heard is May the 4th be with you jokes even though I've only seen one of the Star Wars films - oops).I flew through my copy of The Great Christmas Knit-Off in two evenings. It was the most delightfully sweet novel I have ever read. I'm not joking, it's hard to explain just how captivated I was by the novel. Knitting so isn't my thing, but I loved how it pulled the community together. I loved that Sybs was willing to do so much for Hettie, despite not even knowing her days prior to her arrival in Tindledale. It just had that really fabulous community spirit, and I was taken aback at how delightful it was. It was like stepping back in time - with Lawrence, at the hotel, offering Sybs a room to stay at; Ruby with her vintage clothes shop, offering Sybs clothes; Tindledale is the kind of place where you go and instantly feel at home. I felt at home and I didn't even live there. I absolutely loved getting to know the characters of the village, and see them all pull together for the good of their neighbour.I was so impressed with the novel. Alexandra Brown is a fantastic writer - she really gets to the heart of a story, and really injects such warmth and passion into her novels. This is most definitely her best book yet, and she makes Tindledale come to life. The characters were amazing, the plot was the sweetest, and the village is somewhere I want to live. Who needs the hustle and bustle of New York or London or Tenerife, when you can have the familiarity of a village where everyone knows who you are? It's my idea of heaven. It was a pleasure getting to know Sybs, Cher, Laurence, Ruby, Hettie, and Dr Darcy and everyone else in between. I'm even more chuffed to know this is the first book of a new series - more Tindledale! HOW WILL I COPE UNTIL JUNE FOR MY NEXT TINDLEDALE FIX?!?!?! And who will it be about? Sybs? Someone else? Kitty? WHO WHO WHO???? The Great Christmas Knit-Off is the perfect Christmas read and if you read only one Christmas book this year, make it this one, it's perfect. Now, let's see if I can convince Alexandra to teach me to knit....This review was originally posted on Girls Love To Read

  • Love Fool
    2019-04-04 05:25

    Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers. But, after discovering that she may have perpetrated the cock-up of the century at work, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and, just weeks before Christmas, runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale.There, Sybil discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, an emporium dedicated to the world of knitting and needle craft. But Hettie, the outspoken octogenarian owner, is struggling and now the shop is due for closure. And when Hettie decides that Sybil’s wonderfully wacky Christmas jumpers are just the thing to add a bit of excitement to her window display, something miraculous starts to happen…Alexandra Brown made a quick and fun read, perfect for the Holidays. Made me want to travel and spend my Christmas with family and friends there. I don't knit however I do love the look of personal knitting work. And, can we talk about how precious Hettie is? Oh my god, I just wanted to hug her, sit by the fire with coffee and cookies and talk. Sybil's story starts like a daytime drama but ends like a Disney movie, which isn't that the point of chick-lit books? I really enjoy Alexandra Brown's writing, I think her books are fun and quick, with creative plots and different stories.

  • La TonyaJordan
    2019-04-18 06:34

    This was a delightful book that will make you laugh and feel good about Christmas. The story begins with Sybs being jilted at the alter by her husband-to-be Luke for her twin sister Sasha. Sybs goes to Tindledale to visit her friend, Cher, to get away from her sadness. In Tindeldale her heart is mended and all her dreams come true. It is a true Christmas story for those who still believe in Christmas. Quote:So news really does travel fast in Tindledale; at this rate the whole village will know all of my business before the weekend is out."Hurrah! How very civilized!" roars Marigold, making me want to shrivel up in the corner of the bus shelter and quietly evaporate."So I've got nothing now." And I end the call."I'm not your pal." "Then who the fuck are you?" Silence follows. "I'm Hettie"s son!"

  • Holly
    2019-04-12 06:30

    Another cute Christmas book. It feeds my desire to spend the holiday season in England, that's for sure! I liked the characters but I do wish it had more Dr. Darcy! I hear this is a new series by this author so I'll definitely be on the lookout for the next book. This book made me a little sad, though. Made me think of my grandma a lot and knowing that I messed up by not having learned to crochet and knit from her.

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-22 07:31

    My first attempt at reading anything by this author was Cupcakes at Carrington's. I only read about three chapters and put the book down. Despite my efforts of trying that book I just could not get into it. To be honest when I picked up this book I did not recognize that it was the same author until I saw the list of titles in the beginning of the book. Yet I have to say that this book is ten times better than the prior novel. I now have a different reaction to this author and will probably check out more books by this author in the future. This book is a charming, fun read. It really does get you into the holiday spirits. Everyone at Tindledale is so friendly. If this town existed I would want to visit it.

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-04-02 08:33

    Favorite Quotes:“This is only a recent thing, noticing men. After being in a relationship for five years with a man that I was certain I’d marry, it still feels weird looking at other guys in a snog/marry/avoid way, as Cher would say.”“‘Honey, it’s always like that!’ she says knowingly, her voice sounding all Mae West after several hundred cigars.”“I end up face-planting in the snow. Thank God it’s the middle of winter and it’s already dark so nobody can see me – the stupid, ridiculous, and quite clearly desperate stranger from London who is obviously going to end up ancient and decrepit and all alone with just her knitting and a trembly old dog to keep her company.”My Review:I giggled and chortled through this delightful and amusing story that kept me entertained from the first page to the last. Both the story line and writing style were clever, relevant, realistic, and engaging. I enjoyed each and every quirky character inhabiting this quaint little country village, and found I was endlessly fascinated by their traits and conversations. Not to say the story was without sadness, tragedy or duress - as previously stated, the story was realistic. The heroine has been struggling for several months with the humiliation and heartbreak of betrayal, and decides to visit a friend who has recently moved away. During her stay, she is immediately befriended by most of the village and is particularly drawn to an elderly yet proud woman with a struggling handcraft store. What started as a fun project to help the fragile woman turns into a major undertaking to save the woman’s home and business, and much of the village also involves themselves and it is all hands on deck to fill the first order. They “knit and natter,” the vernacular used throughout this book was such fun. Ms. Brown is British so I praised my beloved kindle for having Wikipedia to help me with the cultural references and vocabulary. I love learning new words and phrases like blowsy, scarpered, on the back foot, and caught herself out. And I was smitten with the name of the store “House of Haberdashery” just genius! I was captivated by the inner musings, dialogues, humor, and the author’s descriptive style; and have added all her works - current and planned - to my TBR.

  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    2019-04-20 11:35

    Having LOVED Alex’s previous Carriington’s book series, I was so excited for The Great Christmas Knit Off as it is not only a brand new book from Alexandra but the start of a whole new series!After being left heartbroken from being jilted at the altar, Sybil throws herself into her favourite hobby – knitting. But then after a disaster at work too, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and a few weeks before Christmas runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale. There she discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, a place dedicated to knitting and needle craft! But the shop is due for closure – can Sybil and her love of knitting help?This book is the book you should all be reading and getting cosy with! The setting of Tindledale is BEAUTIFUL. I instantly wanted to pack my bags, move there and live happily alongside Sybil and the others! Tindledale sounds like the perfect village – it is so welcoming and will definitely warm your heart this Christmas!I loved Sybil – we meet her when she is going through a hard time in her life and I felt for her straight away. As I read on I liked her more and more, and by the end it felt as though I had known her for yeas and like she was one of my best friends. There are so many fun and vibrant characters to meet – Hettie in particular is a fantastic addition and I thoroughly enjoyed her scenes. There is even the cutest black Scottie dog called Basil to fall in love with!Please don’t worry if you’re unsure about the knitting aspect, or you don’t do knitting – I had never knitted in my life before reading this (so I have zero experience in the knitting zone) but I was so swept up in the story and I loved the sound of all the knitted Christmas jumpers! I now wish I could knit myself!The Great Christmas Knit Off is a truly delightful story that deserves to be read and enjoyed this Christmas. Alexandra Brown draws you in instantly with a captivating story, characters to root for and love, and a community and village to fall in love with! Alexandra has created a novel full of emotion, fun, and warm feelings too. Put on your Christmas jumper, grab a hot drink and enjoy getting lost in this stunning story.

  • Ellie
    2019-03-26 09:21

    I loved the heart-warming message behind The Great Christmas Knit Off. Whilst many of these festive books focus on romance, this sees a community banding together to help an old lady out of financial difficulty, but without doing anything to make her feel embarrassed.It might be far-fetched for a stranger to take so much interest in a stranger but Sybil and Hettie bond over their love of knitting. Once the locals see someone doing something practical to help her out, they are all eager to join in. I’m not sure people would be willing to give up s much time for free, but it’s the kind of fuzzy book that you just have to not think too hard about.There’s a hint of a romantic story too. Sybs is quite expectedly burnt by her experience with Luke, who even left her with the bill for the Star Wars themed wedding that never happened. On her train journey to Tindledale someone leaves her an invitation to call written on a newspaper and she’s sure it must be the handsome man whose muffin was nearly eaten by her dog.There’s plenty of false starts and a gentle bit of romance, but the main focus is Sybs refinding her confidence whilst creating a Christmas miracle for one old lady. It’s sad to think there are people in the world more interested in the inheritance than making sure their relatives are happy.It’s set in December in a snow filled village and there’s plenty of Christmas jumpers being knitted. So I would give this a big thumbs up if you’re looking for a light festive read for the holidays.

  • Jules
    2019-04-18 05:28

    Oh wow, I absolutely LOVED this from start to finish.The front cover is lovely.I live in a tiny Cornish village, so giggled at some of the village quirkiness. Life in country villages really is like in this book."I think you have to be here for at least fifty years before you can class yourself as a local."This is such a wonderful story about a number of intriguing characters within a little village. I loved the knitting theme, and how many of the villagers came together to help each other. It was very touching and very satisfying to read.This is a great story for the Christmas period, but to be honest, I think this story could be enjoyed any time of year, as it is more about community and people coming together, rather than Christmas.My only criticism is that I've been a full time eBay seller of craft items for a decade, and I still can't manage to list items as fast as they did in this book.Recommended for anyone who enjoys reading about country village life, a variety of interesting characters and craft lovers.I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.I would like to thank the publisher, HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction/Blue Door for allowing me a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kat
    2019-03-26 10:37

    I really enjoy Alexandra Brown’s books, and think she is really good at writing. The great Christmas Knit off was no expectation. It had everything I look for in a novel, fun, laughter, great moments and sad moments. I loved Sybil and Hettie’s friendship, and the easy manner in which they bonded. I wasn't keen on the names of the characters as found them to be old fashioned but otherwise it was a fantastic book. I can’t wait for the next in the series! Thanks goes to Net Galley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Bookevin
    2019-03-31 11:25

    Full review:, tis the season to be jolly, no? I can feel the festivities coming along when I get Christmas books in the post and no surprises, The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown was among the pile! *queue squeal, laughter and a bout of happy jig*

  • SOS Aloha
    2019-04-11 09:37

    Keep calm and knit on. - Sybs (Sybil)THE GREAT CHRISTMAS KNIT-OFF opens with Hettie (in Tindledale) skimping on her lunch and worrying about the growing pile of bills. She does not want to relocate to an old folks home so her nefarious nephew could sell the House of Haberdashery in a real estate deal. Meanwhile, Sybs (in London) is a shell of her former self after her fiance ran away with her twin sister. She also suspects she is the reason for a t 40,000 pounds clerical error at work. With Christmas just a few weeks away, Sybs escapes to Tindledale for the weekend to visit her school friend. Upon arrival in the postcard perfect village, she finds everything that is not London - friendly townsfolk who are willing to help her. In turn, Sybs wanders into Hettie's House of Haberdashery, a wonderland for any knitting enthusiast. It awakens Sybs' passion for yarn which she employs to save Hettie's business. Sybs restores Hettie's self esteem along with her own.Brown creates magic in THE GREAT CHRISTMAS KNIT-OFF. Although it could be the Hallmark holiday movie of the week, it delivers humor, warmth, and cheer in the English countryside. The plot may be predictable, but the characters are colorful. Sybs, in particular, shines bright like a Christmas ornament. Even though she has been through hell, Sybs remains optimistic when helping others. Her focus outward helps her heal inward.I am not a knitting enthusiast but I could still enjoy the fun during the "knitting days"; everyone in town helped out. Brown reminds us of the Christmas message - hope, community, and forgiveness. Sprinkle in pop culture, rustic charm, and a budding romance with the country doctor for heartwarming story for the coming holidays.Recommended read for fans of British Chick Lit, small town romance, and cheering for underdogs.

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-04-18 09:11

    When it comes to a Christmas book, as readers we can only hope for a few things. Snow, family, some kind of drama, and a love story. It’s exactly what Christmas is like in real life so why would we want anything else? Book one in Alexandra Brown’s new Tindledale series brings us everything on that list with an old fashioned twist.The Great Christmas Knit Off gives us a good, steady, and emotional read. With a quirky plot and fabulous eccentric characters we really are spoiled. We are introduced to heroine, Sybil Bloom, or Sybs to her nearest and dearest, in a time in her life which let’s just say isn’t the best. Running away with her black Scottie dog Basil to the middle of nowhere, to visit her best friend Cheryl, to try clear her head is the only option she feels is right. Luckily for me and most probably you lot too, this is most definitely the right choice.I can’t go into any detail at all about this plot because I think it’s needed to be a secret to allow you to fully submerge yourself into the snow, heartache and suffering of Sybs. I have to say I am surprised in a really good way at how AB has given us something totally different then the style we have become used to with her. Fun, fast, dramatic! Here, we still have fun, a lot of fun in fact, but we also have a soothing journey full of so much emotion in every possible way, that it breaks your heart a little. It really is a cracking Christmas read, and a brilliant start to a new series. I am really interested to see what the next book brings in.If you’re looking for a book to buy someone for Christmas, I recommend this one. The warmth it generates is enough to make a cold winter’s night so much better.5/5

  • Kim
    2019-04-14 11:12

    After worrying that she may have made a dreadful mistake at work, Sybil decides she needs a short break with her best friend at the pub she is now running with her husband. She is still trying to overcome being jilted by her fiance and things are threatening to overwhelm her.She grabs her knitting bag, a small suitcase and her beloved dog and catches the train to Tindledale. Various residents from the village are sharing her compartment and everyone seems to know each other.Her friend is unexpectedly on a course and they have to find her a bed for the night at a lovely B&B- where the proprieter takes her under his wing.On exploring the village she is drawn to Hettie's House of Haberdashery- which seems to have been preserved in a time warp with distressed old stock- but a feisty old lady in charge. She has troubles of her own- but they strike up a great friendship over their love of knitting. Hettie has got money worries- but the whole village get behind Sybil's attempt to get the shop profitable again and set up a knitting circle to fulfill the new website orders! Romance in the form of the gp- who is one of the men from the train carriage. A lovely village feel about the whole book- where you only have to sneeze and the village telegraph will pass it on to everyone!!!!Highly recommend this one!

  • Triinu
    2019-03-26 09:22

    See raamat alguses ei pälvinudki mu tähelepanu. Töökaaslane soovitas seda mulle ja ma mõtlesin, et vaatan, mida raamat endast kujutab. Ma ei tea, miks ma kaanepildile vaadates mõtlesin, et tegu on kuiva ja igava raamatuga. Aga hoopis vastupidi. Raamat on mõnusalt humoorikas ja hoogne. Sekka ka roosamannat, aga väga nauditav lugemine.Peategelaseks on Sybil, kellele meeldib kududa. Sybil on omadega ummikus, sest ta kihlatu jättis ta altari ette ootama ja laskis tema kaksikõega jalga. Sybil on masenduses ja päästerõngaks saab talle sõbranna Cher, kes kutsub ta endale Tindledale'i külasse külla. Seal ta kohtub pudupoe omaniku Hettiega. Hettie on tegus kaheksakümnendates eluaastates proua, kelle pood on rahalistes raskustes. Sybil pakub ennast appi poodi päästma ja lõpuks tuleb sellega kaasa ka terve külakogukond. Pood saab päästetud ja Sybili mured lahendatud. Ja lõpuks ei puudu raamatust ka üks seksikas arst.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-04-11 07:39

    Sybil, or Sybs, as her friends call her, needs to getaway for the weekend so when her friend, Cher, invites her to visit she ends up in the small village, Tindledale. There she meets an assortment of interesting characters.First off, this is not a romance. There is a romantic element in the last half of the book but this is more of the chick lit genre. That said, it wasn't a bad book. It was a bit slow at times with all the knitting stuff. (Sorry, I don't knit). But there were some quirky and interesting characters and Sybil's dog, Basil, was a pleasure.

  • Mandy Radley
    2019-03-20 08:30

    Absolutely loved this story of Sybil, after being left at the alter and following a major 'cock up' at work finds a new life and new love in Tindledale, doing what she's always loved, knitting.

  • Agi
    2019-04-05 08:26

    "The Great Christmas Knit Off" belongs to the most difficult category of books for review because I could actually only tell: amazingly great, bloody brilliant, freaking fantastic... You know what I mean. And there are also some books that even if I read them on my kindle, I'd order my paperback copy: just to hold them in my hands, to strike them, and all Alexandra's books belong to this category. This one is also pre - ordered already.I was really not expecting to be approved for this book on NetGalley, so when the email came, telling me that I, indeed, was accepted, I have downloaded it as fast as possible to my kindle in case the publisher changes his mind, and started to read it immediately. Yes, I must admit, I was a little scared, because I thought, knitting, what? And me, with two link hands when it comes to such needlework... Oh, I would so love to be able to knit but probably not in this life... Sadly... And so, how can you write a book about knitting? But believe me, Alexandra Brown can. And who would have think that a wacky ho - ho - ho self - made jumper will change so many lives?I have fallen in love with this book just after seeing the very lovely map of Tindesdale at the beginning. And then, very soon, Alex described Hettie, with her hair, in those grandma - slippers on her stockinged legs, in the dress, and it just so tugged at all the right heartstrings! She was just like my very own Grandma! And then it was only better and better.Sybil is my third (!) bride jilted at the altar in a very short reading time! You couldn't not like her from the very beginning and you couldn't not fell for her reading HOW JILTED was she in fact. Being betrayed by her own fiancé didn't hurt as much as being betrayed by her own twin - sister. This whole situation really impacted Sybil, in a very negative way, and after being sure that she's just made a very big mistake at work, she flees to Tindesdale, where her best friend has just bought her own pub. As fate likes it, Sybil meets a lot of new people on her way to Tindesdale, and in Tindesdale, and one of them is the above mentioned lovely Hettie, who's struggling very much to make ends meet with her haberdashery shop and very greedy nephew. Sybil is really a nice girl and she can't walk indifferently past those who are in need, and so she organizes the Great Christmas Knit - Off. Sybil is a very likeable, very prone to accident character and she always assumes the worst but it doesn't make her less likeable! Oh no, she's so funny in her pessimism and seeing everything in black colours. She's also absent - minded and distracted to a very large degree because she has once forgotten her dog Basil. Basil is the other story, oh my gosh, give me a book with a brilliant dog in and I'm sold! Sybil has also the biggest and warmest heart in the world and she always puts other people before herself, well, she even looked for an excuse for her sister and for what she did to her. So, cutting the long story short, she's a lovely, funny girl who, despite her shitty times and assuming the worse, is full of optimism and warmth.All the other characters are the same. Alexandra Brown has, with a real gift, created many believable, complex characters, characters that we loved or loved to hate, characters that we kept our fingers crossed for and that we, simply speaking, enjoyed from start to finish. She has put so many effort to the details while writing the characters and it paid off because they're larger than life, they pop out of the pages and feel so friendly. I can't say that I had my favourites, no, I loved and enjoyed all of them, even the baddies :)The book couldn't be sweeter if it wanted to be and even though it is nothing like in real life, I was drawn in into the story immediately. I'm very sorry for what I'm going to say right now, but it also couldn't be more clichéd: a heroine leaving her own life behind, finding her new herself in a very small village, a lot of funny and warm villagers around, but also some unfriendly ones but then turning out to be not so bad, a very bad black character who of course will be taught a thing or two, some secrets, unexpected romance, snowing in the right moments... Yes, we have all this and much more but let me tell you: so what? So what, if the book felt so wonderful and left me feeling better and with a smile on my lips? I couldn't ask for more from Alexandra Brown, really.This book has it all. I have laughed out loud, I have smirked, giggled, shed some tears. I have felt as if Sybil was sitting next to me and whispered the whole story to me herself. There were a lot of situations, usually featuring Sybil, that made me laugh out loud, it is unbelievable what Alexandra put this poor girl into! She felt so often embarrassed and mortified, really, it would be enough for two or more characters :) The story was full of action and very unexpected situations, very embarrassing but funny moments and worldly wisdom given us in a very accessible, easy way.Alexandra Brown has such a light touch that you're flying through the pages. I've read the book in two days as I literally couldn't put it down. It has such a cosy, friendly feeling to it, there isn't any nastiness in it, it has unbelievably high feel - good factor. It put me already in a festive mood and I have actually looked for Ho - Ho - Ho jumpers in internet. it makes us realise how important it is to have people that you can turn to in your weakest moments and that actually it is worth to have dreams - they can one day come true. A wonderful, festive, charming, warm read for all, not only Alexandra's fans.Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review.

  • Luise
    2019-03-29 05:36

    It was really easy to focus on the magic of this story about Sybil entering the lovely little town of Tindledale. It even made me ignore the narrative details that usually would have bothered me. I also liked that it's more about Sybil processing her past and regaining her passion in life. Without that typical storyline of life sucks, new place, new love - happy end. (Even though that 'new love' part could have been a tiiiiny bit more.)All in all, a wonderful christmas-y story. Finally, I have to mention that this obligatory clarifying talk with her sister was just as awful as I feared. But at least the author forgot to cram further unrealistic love, peace and harmony into the epilogue. I'm very grateful for that. :D

  • Anja
    2019-04-01 07:24

    The story is about Sybil, who, after being left at the altar and cocking up something important at work, flees to the tiny village of Tindledale for a few days of peace, where her best friend Cher runs the local pub. Sybil's passion is knitting, so when she finds Hettie's House of Haberdashery, she's in heaven. But the shop struggles, and so does Hettie. Of course, Sybil wants to do something, and with the help of her new friends she starts to really make an impact...So, that was a lovely little story. I'd love to knit my own Christmas jumper now. Sybil was a very nice girl and the villagers as well, including her new love interest, of course. Well, what else can I say? It's not totally your typical girl-opens-shop story, it's a little different, I would say. But not that much, if that makes sense. There's also a bit of why-is-the-old-lady-so-sad-and-withdrawn? in it, which was not at all as annoying as in the last book I read, so that was nice. I also liked the way Sybil met her new love interest, it was really cute. That's all I can say, just a really nice book!

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2019-04-06 10:15

    I have to admit that when I first read the title of Alexandra Brown's new book I did wonder just how much I would like it. Knitting is not something that interests me in the slightest, and the book reminded me of the one person I would love to recommend it to but can't (never getting that hour spent in Liberty's Haberdashery department back). I remember my Nan used to knit when I was younger but that's about it. That said though I think Alexandra is an author that could write about anything and I'd read it, and after finishing this I actually think it's impossible for her to write a bad book (no pressure for the next one).Given how much I love the Carrington's series, as with any author writing something completely new, it's hard not to compare them whether that be with the storyline, characters, setting, whatever. I did try and put Carrington to one side though and focus solely on Knit Off. With the setting of Tindledale that was incredibly easy, I want to pack my bags right now and move to Tindledale it is just the most perfect setting for a book and with the map at the start and Alexandra's beautiful descriptions, I had a really vivid picture of it in my mind. Living in a city and barely knowing (or even liking) my neighbours, it's always fascinating to read about such close knit communities that pull together, know each other's business and live a life that us city people can't even comprehend - do places like this exist?!Our main character Sybil arrives in Tindledale after being jilted at the altar. She arrives just weeks before Christmas, meeting Hettie who owns Hettie's House of Haberdashery, a business which is struggling and needs a miracle if it is to survive another Christmas. Sybil, a self-confessed knitting addict might just have the thing that Hettie needs to save the business. So, despite not having an interest in knitting the basis of the story is an interesting one and it wasn't long before I was hooked on this book. As always it's hard to discuss the plot too much, but there is of course a romantic storyline in the book, now for returning readers who fell in love with Mr Carrington himself, how does the love interest here fare? Well... You'll have to read it and find out!What I love about Alexandra's books is the characters that she creates. Georgie from the Carrington's series has probably become one of my favourite Chick Lit characters ever, and here in Knit Off I really liked Sybil almost from the minute we met her. It's also her ability to make her stories unique and original. Over the past few years a lot of authors have written stories where the main character is left a shop/cafe/B&B and has to renovate it and make it a success (which they invariably do) and often some of them can feel quite samey, I felt that the character of Sybil along with the journey she went on throughout the book makes this book so much more enjoyable, and better than similar ones. You can tell when reading a book just how much love and care has been put into it, I got this feeling with the Carrington books but I felt it even more here.Overall then this book comes highly recommended by me, whether you are familiar with the work of Alexandra Brown or are a completely new reader, pick up this book and fall in love with it like I did. And if you're a new reader, go and get the Carrington series right after you finish this book, you honestly will not regret it. After a few disappointing festive reads (some I abandoned because they were 'normal' books marketed as Christmassy) this one came along at just the right time. Get the fire on (or run a hot bath), get a hot chocolate and settle in for the night because once you start reading this book you won't stop until the very end. As this is the start of a new series, the book ends leaving you wanting more, which is always an exciting (and annoying) thing, so roll on book two!Thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

  • Zarina
    2019-04-17 09:23

    Review originally posted to my blog: I discovered Alexandra Brown's books a few years ago I instantly knew I had found a new favourite voice in women's fiction. It was the word 'cupcakes' in the first novel's title that piqued my interest, but it were Alex's wonderful characters and heart-warming stories that kept me hooked and eagerly anticipating each new instalment. After writing several novels about Georgie and the Carrington's department store in Mulberry-On-Sea, Alex has now ventured a little more inland to the fictional village of Tindledale. The town's name and its shops, which have names such as Hettie's House of Haberdashery and The Spotted Pig & Tearoom, perfectly emanate the cosiness every page of this read is doused in. Jilted at a Star Wars-themed altar, for her twin sister no less, Sybill has been left heartbroken and distracted. So when she hears on the radio that one of her clients has accidentally received a major windfall from the housing department at the local council office she realises that while she was mourning the loss of her fiancé - though perhaps not the Princess Leia buns she was forced to wear for the wedding - she made a mistake that in all likeliness will cost her her job as well. Without a reason to stick around in London, Sybill packs up her bags and dog Basil for an impromptu trip to visit her best friend Cher who has just taken on a pub in Tindledale. One long train journey and an uphill trek through the snow later she finally arrives only to discover that Cher is away for the weekend at a training course and the pub is so tiny that she cannot even stay there for the night - Sybill really should've called ahead. Luckily for her, the villagers are nothing but helpful and she soon finds herself comfortable in the care of Lawrence from the local B&B. And with an entire weekend ahead of herself before her train leaves back for London, Sybill explores Tindledale and quickly makes friends with some of the local townspeople. And while initially their (mostly) friendly encounters help Sybill to finally start moving on from her heartbreak, it doesn't take long until she in turn is a great help to some of her new friends as well. I admit that as a downright Christmas geek - I start adding reindeer decorations to my room from early November onwards - I am biased towards festive reads anyway, but this novel really captured the homely feeling and the cosiness of the season; not to mention snugness of the knitted variety! I haven't ever tried knitting myself, but after having read this novel I really want to learn as it sounds like a great way to relax while also getting to make a nifty scarf or jumper along the way. And even though I felt really close to Georgie and the gang from the Carrington's novels and I wasn't sure if I could get quite so invested in a whole new set of characters, I soon fell in love with Sybill and the lovely people of Tindledale, such as Hettie (she from the haberdashery shop), flamboyant Lawrence, colourful Ruby and gorgeous doctor Ben - especially Dr Benedict (swoon). The Great Christmas Knit Off is a beautiful and heartfelt novel about village solidarity and the power of friendship; a truly uplifting and heart-warming read perfect for the season of love.

  • Dawn-Tracy Brierley
    2019-04-09 11:12

    The second I saw the title of this book I wanted to read it... for two reasons; 1) It's about knitting and 2) its by Alexandra Brown! I was not disappointed at all. In fact I felt so inspired by this story that it has really given me some hope for my future. You see I grew up as part of a village in the countryside and before I was 16 years old, I became separated from the country and had to become a city lass. Well, Sybil is the opposite, she's a city girl, working for the government department that sorts out benefit claims... but something went horribly wrong... like £££thousands of pounds worth of wrong and Sybil panics. She decides the only thing to do is head to Tindledale and spend a weekend with her friend. So off she goes on a train to Tindledale. To me, Tindledale is a magic village (Just wish it was so magically that it would let me visit! haha), because Sybil falls in love with Tindledale, and Tindledale and it's residents falls in love with her... in more ways than one. But hold up, I'm getting ahead of myself here. So Sybil's on the train and spots a dishy guy when her dog makes his presence known to him. Next thing she knows she's waking up having missed her train stop. Grabbing her newspaper and luggage she heads off the train in the dark in search for Tindledale... a whole lot of distance to go ... in the SNOW! When she reaches Tindledale, the lights are out... there's been a power cut and soon the villagers offer her hope and a bed for the night at the local B&B. I love the owner of the B&B as he makes his entrance complete with glittery eyelashes. He helps Sybil find her way again in life and around the village. Another character I adore and will continue to adore her and that is Hettie. She owns the haberdashery store and like me, Sybil is enchanted by the little knitting shop - but all the faded wool is on show for sale, whilst she has the good stuff hidden in the store cupboard. Hettie takes Sybil to her heart and allows Sybil to work her magic on transforming the store and turning it around financially as well as socially. Soon enough Hettie and Sybil are hosting little afternoon Knit & Chats. More and more villagers get involved and they come in handy when a surprising request for knitted jumpers from tourists comes in... but with a festive deadline, and only a few knitters can they make the deadline? Add to the knit off the fact that there is a dishy doc that Sybil meets ... hasn't she seen him somewhere before? Hmmm, well they struggle to get 2 minutes to themselves because whenever they do, the other villagers want to discuss their ailments. Will they ever have time to themselves or will the spark between them fizzle out before it's even got burning properly? I loved reading it so much that it inspired me to have a knit off of my own,

  • Diane Will
    2019-04-10 07:26

    With 'knit' in the title and fact that I am knitting quite a lot at the moment, it had to be read. Very easy read, if a bit slow to start and I did wonder then the 'knitting' was going to start. Small village, lots of friendly villagers, pub, bookshop, Hetties Haberdashery, which eventually lures our Sybs to its doors. She has always dreamed of having her own shop, as she loves anything to do with crochet, knitting and sewing.Sybs ends up here after being hearbroken and jilted at the alter. She heads off to see her friend Cher, who has recently taken over the village pub in Tindledale, for a few days, but she is not there and ends up at the B&B run by Lawrence, with her dog, Basil. She becomes friends with Hettie and helps her put her shop in order and discovers it may have to close. The challenge is on. Eventually there is a mega knitting session organised to knit Christmas jumpers for the Japanese tourists who come every year for Christmas. This helps to pay off the debts for Hettie to stay put. Romance is in the air too, Ben the local doctor takes a shine to Sybs.A nice, feel good read for the Christmas season. Nothing bad happens...

  • Patricia
    2019-04-06 07:23

    This could have been a good little story apart from two things which were really annoying - it is overwritten, with so much padding and boring detail, that by a couple of chapters in I was reading three lines a page, still getting the gist of the story and wanting to get the end as quickly as possible; and the author went overboard on the emotional background. Yes, I get the heroine has had her heart broken, now get on with the story!!!Another minor irritation was the overuse of the word 'literally'. An expression I wholeheartedly abhor. It is a completely unnecessary emphasis and simply manages to magnify my feeling that the writing is rather poor. I did manage to finish the book which is something I suppose, but its mediocrity and predictability means this is chic-lit at its worst (Mr Darcy as love interest. Yes, really!!). Avoid at all costs.

  • Jill
    2019-04-05 06:16

    What an absolutely gorgeous book this is. I loved it! I have finished it with a warm, fuzzy, festive feeling...and a strong desire to move to Tindledale! My only disappointment is that there isn't another book in the series to read next (I so hope there will be in the future).The main character is Sybil. She has been jilted at the altar, not only that, but her twin sister is involved. There is a major problem at work where she may have made a big big mistake. Life really isn't going well for her at all. Her one respite and enjoyment is knitting and she seems to have knitted items all over the place. Things all seem to be too much for Sybil so she decides to escape London and visit her friend who manages a pub in the village of Tindledale. So, along with her dog Basil she packs a bag and leaves in haste. Things start of badly when the car breaks down and she has to get the train. Little does she know just how much the train journey and arrival in Tindledale will change her life. She arrives in this remote village in vile weather and no idea where she is going. But straight away we start to meet the village folk who are the complete opposite of Londoners, and help her out. As soon as she arrives at her friends pub I felt the warmth of the characters and almost instantly wanted to transport myself there to join her. Her friend is away on a training course so she has to find her own amusement for the weekend. This brings me to my favourite part of the book.......her new friends and the spark it all brings back to her. Perhaps life can come good....Lawrence runs the local B&B and when she books in he quickly becomes agony aunt and confidante. He has a large warm heart and I could imagine him just taking you under his wing and nursing your broken heart. He has a beautiful soul and I imagine a wicked sense of humour.Sybil decides to wander round to the local haberdashery store to pick up some wool and needles. This is where she meets Hettie, an elderly lady who owns the shop. She is ageing and frail and the community are worried about her. They click and very quickly Sybil picks up on just how vulnerable Hettie is and wants to help her. It seems that Hettie has quite an exciting past but over the years life hasn't been as kind to her. Her business is failing and her nephew wants her to go into a home. The nasty nephew, and some bailiffs bring the boo, hiss baddies into the story. Sybil warms to Hettie and wants to help her turn things around. They start knitting together and as Sybil makes small changes the shop becomes (very quickly), a gathering place for the community who are roped in to help Hettie get back on her feet, as well as enjoying knitting and nattering!Hettie has some very sad tales from her past and I felt quite emotional following her story. I wanted to join them, get to know her and make her smile and make life nice for her. Although vulnerable she has a very strong mask and is stoic which makes her even more admirable and likeable. I was desperate for her to be happy. And I can't not mention the dashing village doctor, Dr Ben. Not only does he sound gorgeous but he is Irish.....perfect in my eyes!!! I have built up a clear image in my mind as to what he looks like. There is a spark between him and Sybil, but will they ever act on it, or get a chance to?The story is set primarily around Hettie and her shop, and Sybil's quest to get it back on its feet. We also focus on Sybil discovering what she really wants in life, and finding her feet again. It all felt very exciting and I was totally bought in to it. I actually want to get some knitting needles and wool and learn to knit after reading it. I loved the fresh ideas that Sybil came up with, such as launching an online website and store. I loved the Japanese tourists who visit Tindledale every Christmas. They find out about the store and place an order which brings everyone together to be able to deliver in time. The reason for the order made me laugh out loud (I won't tell you why and spoil it for you).There's a mixture of fun, but also emotion and soul searching about the future. I liked the balance and way it was handled. We see Sybil's sister turn up and things become alot clearer around what happened on her wedding day, and what her fiancé was really like. I really enjoyed seeing Sybil come out of her shell and develop the confidence to realise she is a lovely and worthwhile person who has to find out what makes her happy in life. It is something I am also working hard on, so it resonated strongly with me.After reading this fantastic book I really want to move to Tindledale, or somewhere similar myself. I love the idea of village life and would happily live amongst them. This definitely helped me become so engrossed in this book. It is so well written I found myself totally hooked by the end of the first couple of chapters and found it hard to put down. It is beautifully written with what seems like genuine affection for the characters. I only hope there will be more books so we can visit them all again.I would definitely urge you to go and pick up a copy, sit back and escape to the beautiful village of Tindledale. A wonderful and uplifting story. Thank you to Harpercollins who kindly provided a copy in return for an honest review.

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-16 07:33

    Originally posted on, I'd like to say a huge and very grateful thank you to the publishers HarperCollins UK for providing me with a digital copy of The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, I was absolutely over the moon when I received the email informing me that this title was waiting for me on my shelf, and I've been patiently making my way towards it, wading through my to-read pile, growing more and more excited with each book that I've read. And now, finally, I can happily announce that I, Rebecca of Becca's Books, have read and adored The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown. Now, let me tell you why. This is going to sound crazy, but this is the very first book that I have had the pleasure of reading by the fabulous author that is Alexandra Brown. Insane, right? I know. *drops head in shame* The truth is that I actually have a few books in the Carrington's series hidden beneath my desk somewhere, and I have been dying to get around to them. Unfortunately, my ever-growing to-read list hasn't given me a break just yet, but as soon as I possibly can, I'm going to dig those beauties out and lose myself to some more of Alexandra's wonderful writing, because after having a taste of the author's style in The Great Christmas Knit Off, I have a feeling I could become seriously addicted, if I'm not already. The first thing that caught my attention when I began reading The Great Christmas Knit Off, right at the very beginning, was an included map of Tindledale. This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but dear readers, I think I may have been in love with this story before it had even begun, just by casting my eyes across the map and taking note of all the adorable place names within the gorgeous English village that is Tindledale. Things such as the duck pond, the Duck & Puddle Pub and the Spotted Pig Cafe & Tearoom had my romance-fuelled mind overflowing with images of a fictional place that I suddenly wanted to be a part of. To me, it was pretty much what dreams are made of, almost like a toy village with cutesy houses and establishments peppered around, with a fabulous mix of characters and excitement included. All in all, Tindledale is one of those fictional settings that you seem to conjure up in your mind whenever you imagine a getaway, surrounded by woodland and fields, it truly couldn't have been more perfect. If Alexandra's characters are anything to go by, then I already know what I've been missing out on within the author's previous novels. Her heroine Sybil (HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME?!) had been dealt such a rubbish hand of cards and she really did deserve a quick getaway. Not only did her relationship with ratty Luke turn out to be a complete disaster, but her job within the council took a decidedly worrying turn for the worst, too! Truly, all Sybil needed was an escape route, and her good friend Cher, who just happened to reside in the Duck and Puddle Pub in Tindledale, was more than happy to provide. Sybil was effortlessly likeable, lovable even, and I dearly wanted good things to happen for her. I couldn't contain my shock when the finer details of her non-wedding-day were revealed to me, and so I was able to understand how desperately Sybs was in need of a break, in need of some place to help her carry on and forget, and I do believe that Tindledale was her perfect destination, and probably mine too, if I had the option. Not only was Alexandra's heroine an absolute joy to behold in every way possible, there were a multitude of vibrant, exciting characters that welcomed Sybil (and me!) into Tindledale. Each fabulous character had their own unique story to tell, and parts of those stories were revealed to the reader as the plot progressed, keeping a few secrets away from until it was time for them to be told. Hettie, who owned Hettie's House of Haberdashery, was incredibly endearing and I wanted to bundle her up into my arms and never let her go. There was also Lawrence who ran the B&B, who was lavish and extravagant and fabulous in more ways than one. Honestly readers, there were just so many marvellous people to get to know within the little village of Tindledale, and by the end of the book, I felt like I had gained a brand new circle of friends. Community spirit and friendship were some major themes within this book, so if you're someone who enjoys upbeat and entertaining stories, then this one is for you. It's the feeling of never being alone, of always having somebody to talk to you. Each and every resident of Tindledale had their own tale to tell, and I adored getting to know them all. I was drawn into this world quicker than you can snap your fingers. Alexandra created such a gorgeous place to want to be, full of love and warmth and companionship, and secrets, too! Becca's Books is rating The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown with five gorgeous cupcakes! This book was wonderful in every sense of the word. Tindledale is the perfect place to escape to when you're feeling down and out. With so many people to meet, and so much to do, you won't ever want to return to reality!

  • Diana
    2019-03-29 07:37

    Cute chick lit with a Christmas and knitting theme.

  • Chris Conley
    2019-04-14 12:11

    This is a really enjoyable visit to Tindledale village. I think it is the first of other visits and I look forward to going back there.