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Forgiving your brother's murderer may be noble, but falling in love with him borders on betrayal. When Paige Zukowski enrolls at Granton University in honor of her dead brother, she has no idea fate will land her on the same campus with the very guy who killed him. But Logan Xander isn't quite the murderer she's always believed him to be. A day hasn't passed since the tragForgiving your brother's murderer may be noble, but falling in love with him borders on betrayal. When Paige Zukowski enrolls at Granton University in honor of her dead brother, she has no idea fate will land her on the same campus with the very guy who killed him. But Logan Xander isn't quite the murderer she's always believed him to be. A day hasn't passed since the tragedy that Logan doesn't wish he could go back and undo everything. It doesn't take Paige long to realize he's suffered as much as she has. Forgiving him for ruining her life might not be so impossible after all. But when she actually starts to like him and realizes he likes her in return, their true anguish begins....

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  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2019-02-24 00:12

    What would you do if you fell in love with the person who caused your brother's death?What would you do if you felt guilty for having feelings for a person whose life you practically ruined?This was such a beautiful story.I have to admit, I'm not a fan of angst, and this book had plenty of it, but honestly, I didn't mind it one bit because I loved the romance between the main couple.It was sad but still sweet, and I just loved it :)The storyOn her first day in college, Paige has the misfortune to be in the same class as the guy who killed her brother, Logan Xander.While she feels nothing but hate for him, Logan feels nothing but remorse for the accident that happened three years ago and changed all their lives.After a while, Paige realises Logan is not the way she imagined, and eventually they both form a kinship of sorts, for they are both suffering about the same thing.That kinship turns to love and leaves the question, could they both overcome their pasts and the biggest thing standing between them, her dead brother?The romanceThis is a forbidden love story, so you can expect angst and sadness throughout the book.It starts with hate, Paige resents Logan for everything, but after actually getting to know him, she realises he is tortured by what happened just as she is, only he never got forgiveness, not even from himself.After a while they become friends (sort of), and like I said, they fall in love, but both know that nothing can ever exist between them.I love this because it wasn't insta-love, actually the exact opposite :)There were lots of emotional scenes here, most of them sad, but still amazing and I just loved them <3I felt so bad for Logan, because it isn't just black and white when it comes to what happened three years ago, and he has suffered for it so much :(It was wonderful to see them both healing and moving on with their lives <3Why 4 stars?Difficult to explain.Although I simply loved this book, I would've liked to have a couple of scenes here that weren't so sad or angsty or I don't know.It wasn't sad like, depressing sad, just emotional because of what happened and what was between them, but I jut kinda wished it was less sad? Anyway, the last 10% were a bit rushed and the "bad guy" thing just unnecessary, but then I get why it had to happen, (view spoiler)[because it brought absolution for Logan <3 (hide spoiler)]So, if you're looking for an emotional and angsty read, but one with a sweet love story, pick this one up :)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Melissa (Ever So Mela)
    2019-03-14 18:47

    *Contains some spoils...cause seriously, I got to get this off my chest.I'm just lost. What the heck was up with that ending???I mean, seriously, this was a real solid read up until 60%. But I'm still laughing at how convoluted the plot got. She should have just stuck to the blurb but noooooooooooooooooo. She had to go and make terrorists and boy geniuses and sexual harassment. I know I'm always the one to say that authors need to branch out and try new things, but honestly? Yeah, no. Not this. Especially when it just felt like some plot device to unify the characters more. Especially when they weren't really going to flesh it out. And especially when it was just going to be IN.THE.LAST.20%. I just found it to be dealt in a too flippant manner for the severity of the situation.Initially, I was really compelled to read this. I had once heard of a story in which this women fell in love with her father's murderer. I was so intrigued and at the same time horrified because even though I truly believe in forgiveness and second and even third chances, I couldn't bare to put myself in her shoes and actually see myself forgiving someone who selfishly took away my father. Just thinking about the things that would have been robbed from me, left me gutted. He wouldn't be there for my wedding, he wouldn't hand me over to my husband. He'd miss seeing the births of his grandchildren. I wouldn't be able to see him on weekends or go fishing with him on Sundays and nag all day so we could go home early. We wouldn't have Sunday dinners or movie nights. I would never see him grow old and wrinkled. I would never hear his voice again telling me he loves me or feel his arms around me encasing me in a hug. I'd miss his smiles in the mornings, calling me princess when I brought him coffee. He would just be gone because someone decided to take away a father, a husband, a brother. And to hear this woman say how she learned to forgive and forget and turn this new found friendship into love?; wouldn't you be intrigued as well?I wanted to get lost in the story. I wanted to believe the struggle and for a moment I did. I truly felt for Paige. I understood her pain and her desperation. And Logan just constantly broke my heart. He so vulnerable and insecure. Shattered in his brokenness.But I needed more.If this was going to be this taboo romance I needed earth-shattering, can't-breathe-can't-sleep, head-over-heels, heart-in-my-throat LOVE. Because in my eyes only that fairytale love would overlook the fact that you're falling in love with the person who not only hurt you but annihilated your entire family in the process.And it didn't deliver...At least not on Paige's side.I felt the extra pages that were wasted on ridiculous secondary plots could have been used to solidify this feeling. To validate this unconventional love but it was used recklessly to add more drama for the sake of drama. I'm starting to think it's a Linda Kage trait.And honestly, I was constantly annoyed by Paige and her incessant running. I mean, the girl could have tried out for frickin track she ran so much. She also needed to go see a Dr for that unremitting trembling issue. Not kidding, go get that shit checked out. And then there was the paranormal romance aspect of Logan and his stinkin spidy senses.All in all it was ok but it could have been GREAT.“It doesn’t seem to matter how wrong it is or how much I fight it, I’m drawn to you. I can’t get you out from under my skin.”

  • Fran
    2019-03-06 01:14

    I honestly didn't expect to love this as much as I did. I just really wanted to read something that had a bit more drama since the last couple of books I've read were mostly all rainbows and butterflies. I was pleasantly surprised though that this didn't have a lot of angst—not over the top angst, that is. Considering how "tortured characters in college" usually are, the way Paige and Logan handled themselves, and the heartbreaking situation they were in was very convincing to me. I was completely sold right from the beginning!

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2019-03-20 03:04

    4.5 StarsI adored this story! I had so many emotions bubble up in me, and spill over with both happy and sad tears. I can’t believe I’m still a bit weepy as I type up this review (happy tears)!It’s amazing to think that with one stupid and thoughtless act you can ruin so much. That’s exactly what happened to Logan on one tragic night while in high school. His mistake reverberated through both his family and Paige’s. For three years they both have been in their own nightmare of grief. Paige’s brother was killed while she was only fifteen and his death tore her family to shreds. Determined to carry the torch for her brother, she goes off to his dream college, taking classes in his intended major, and thereby give honor to the life he intended to live. Not in her wildest dreams did she think she’d run into the person responsible for all of her pain, her brother’s murderer: Logan. She thought he was a proud, arrogant and entitled boy, able to get out of justice by having a rich family and a lawyer for a father, but what she finds out is completely opposite. Logan hates himself for what he did. He knows and expects Paige to hate him, and she really does, at first. So he takes care to try and avoid her lest he cause her any more pain. But as time goes on, and they keep crossing paths and he can’t help but look for her presence. Witnessing her transformation from the nervous, miserable girl she was when she first arrived to the confident and proactive one he sees now heals him just a little bit. Logan finds he’s drawn to her even though he knows in his heart that any relationship with Paige would be impossible.He fully realized he had to be the biggest loser on earth, crushing on the most forbidden girl he could possibly dream about. But Paige was just so…It broke my heart to discover all that both Paige and Logan went through. The hate that Paige had for Logan at first, and the way it sliced him wide open, tore me up, too! She had every right to feel those feelings, and seeing Logan, letting him know how she felt was a good thing. It started a healing process in Paige that she really needed. I also think that Logan needed to hear how she felt for him to move on as well. Paige had no idea how much Logan suffered or all the things he did as a penance for his sin. And Logan didn’t know the full extent of her suffering either. What they didn’t expect was the connection and understanding they’d form because of this shared tragedy. I loved this romance! It was gradual and believable and a slow burn! Both Paige and Logan thought being together would be impossible, and I could really see why. But that didn’t make me root for them any less. The heat coming off these two was palpable and intoxicating!“It doesn’t seem to matter how wrong it is or how much I fight it, I’m drawn to you. I can’t get you out from under my skin.”When his lashes flickered apart, he looked dazed and half-drugged. She felt his desire mirrored from every organ in her body. Oh my stars!This is the first time I’ve read anything by Linda Kage, but it won’t be the last. Her storytelling captured my heart and resonated deeply.Some favorite quotes (might be a bit spoilery):“I can’t remember the last time I really wanted a girl. But I want you, Paige. In every way possible. I know it hurts you to hear this, but you’ve healed me like nothing else has. You’ve made me feel…forgiven. And hopeful. And complete.”“I am so far from okay, it’s not even funny. I’m too elated, overjoyed, gratified—“she yawned “—and exhausted to be a measly okay.”A copy was provided by the Omnific Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

  • Dilek VT
    2019-03-02 22:08

    3,5 really...This is not a book in the Forbidden Men series of Linda Kage but somehow, it is still about the love between a guy and a girl, forbidden for one another. :)))First of all, let me say that this is about teenagers going to university. I thought some years would pass and they would grow up to be adults but no, it is all about one year and a half at college… So, if you need something hot or adult, don’t pick up this book because there are a few kisses and one “first” for our virgin girl, and that’s all and even that scene is a few vague sentences. Hence, the book is far from being hot, if it is what you need.Having said that, let me clarify that the book is more about the redemption, forgiving and moving on after your loss.Logan and Paige’s brother Trace had a fight 3 years ago and when Logan hit Trace, he fell on a rock where there was glass and he hit his head badly. His death destroyed both Paige’s and Logan’s lives and the lives of their families. I wondered how Paige would fall in love with the person who caused the death of her brother even though it was not intended but an accident. The writer makes it very convincing as it happens slowly. Things change so gradually that, you forgive him even before she does because he has been suffering and torturing himself so badly, disowned by his own family. He even wanted to kill himself.Her reactions to him slowly change from hate and disgust to being puzzled and shocked at seeing how much he has changed and how much pain he is in, then it changes into feeling sorry for him to finally finding comfort in forgiving him. All along the way, her attraction to him before her brother’s death, comes back full force but she fights it the whole way until she cannot do it anymore.He becomes her savior twice and saves her first from being (view spoiler)[raped (hide spoiler)] and then from being (view spoiler)[ killed (hide spoiler)]. The whole book is based on this redemption and forgiving process and their fight with the guilt of their feelings for each other. “What do you want from me?” “What do I want?” When a sad smile flittered across Logan’s lips, Paige shuddered, practically tasting his misery. Closing his eyes, he confessed, “Everything I know I shouldn’t, I guess.”It is good but not as satisfying as the books in the writer’s Forbidden Men series. In my opinion, this book is more appropriate for very young readers. I mean, what is a 3-star read for me can very easily be a 4 or 5 star book for the teenagers because it is really beautifully written despite being a little slow, especially the first half. My lower than 4 or 5 star grading is because I needed more time with them after they have become lovers but one tragedy after another put the focus of the book on making Logan "her hero" rather than "her lover"and I was kind of bored.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2019-03-02 00:12

    4.5 Stars. I really enjoyed this book, I love a tortured hero and I really was rooting for this one.Paige hates Logan but when fate keeps putting him in her path, can she fight it?This is a book about forgiveness and hope and forbidden love.

  • Sara
    2019-02-27 18:57

    I really liked this book! It was a different story told, so that was refreshing..This was the story of Paige and Logan. When Paige was 15 her brother Trace was killed. It was accidental, but when its your brother, you cant see it that way. She and Trace were very close. After losing him, her mom went into a depression, her dad became a mean drunk. Then 2 years after losing Trace, she lost her mom. After graduating high school she heads off to college, but not to follow her dreams. No. Shes going to follow Trace's dreams since he's not here to do it hisself. She goes to his college of choice. To major in marketing, his career of choice.First day of classes, and who does she come across?? Her brothers killer, Logan Xavior. What follows is the process of letting go, moving on and finding yourself. Paige has had so much hatred built up against Logan. He took her brothers life afterall. She sees him as this arrogant rich kid who got off because of his hotshot lawyer dad. She didnt count on Logan being the complete opposite. She meets two girls, her suitemates Bailey and Tess, who become great friends to her. Her roomie is a slutbad and totally selfish.Logan.....he's lived the past 3 years trying to do good things. Keeping himself at arms length with other people. Working, going to school, living by himself. He's also doing good deeds. But Logan keeps himself tortured. He has never forgotton or forgiven himself for taking Trace's life. His family, they have completely let him down and he's basically out there on his own. He never thought he'd come face to face with the girl who spit in his face at one time.... Paige Zokowski, Trace's little sister.Paige cant believe of all places, she's in college with this guy. Logan is waitng for Paige to tell everyone his secret and ruin what life he's built. Where will he have to flee to next? How can he start all over again? What neither of them planned on, was getting to really know eachother. As much as she wants to avoid him, she's finding out he's not the asshole she thought he was. And holy crap, he's goregous! They get thrown together through a common grief group, and also work together. Slowly, they both develop feelings for the other.(well slow on her part) Logan knows there's no way she could ever like him, let alone be with him or love him. And Paige, how would her dad and her bff Kayla feel knowing she likes her brothers killer? Paige fought her feelings as long as she could. Until she realized there wasnt anything to be conflicted about.I loved how this story was told in alternating POV. I dont think i could have stood not knowing what was going on in each of their minds as things unfolded. The moment Paige takes her life into her own hands, I was mentally clapping for her! Finally, these two deserve a damn break in life. I think you will like the journey they both took to finding themselves, redemption, forgiveness and eventually love. There is a little incident with Einstein that will make you bite your nails, but remember this is a HEA.

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-02-21 18:56

    Paige is trying to live the life her dead brother would have lived...But fate has other plans...In doing so she comes face to face to her brothers murderer...My thoughts3 things I don't really like reading about1. Weak/annoying heroine2. H/h declaring their love for one another in a matter of days3. Silly misunderstandings once the H/h get together And I am happy to say that this book has none of the above.What I loved the most was the writing, it was easy to get into, the story kept moving without being too descriptive.I loved that it took ages for them to get together. Some of their conversations were classic.Paige: Logan, I cant believe I almost took your eye out.Logan: Its okay. Really. I have anotherI would have liked to read more of their happy ending but noticing this is a series, I hope the next book is about a different character, preferably Mariah aka hooker.I would recommend this if you like angst college romance x

  • Jenn
    2019-03-16 00:57

    2.5 StarsThis book will pull at your heart strings as your emotions will come out to play. I definitely felt the: anger, pain, hurt, sadness, guilt, and grief. What I did NOT feel, buy, or connect with was the love connection. I could see how possibly Logan comes to the conclusion on his own, being in love with Paige. What I couldn't buy was Paige's love for Logan. Maybe at the end I could see it but before then? No. The bridge to connect those feelings came too late in the story for me and they didn't even flow flawlessly to make it work.Over all I felt the first half of the story was great... however, after awhile, I couldn't handle Paige. She drove me crazy with her reactions to Logan. I felt more sorry for him and sad as well as his pain, enough to be teary eyed, then I did anything for Paige. I surely felt mixed up with my feelings regarding these two. She had every right to be hurt, upset and angry. However, how she was to Logan started to wear on me. Logan suffered so much for his sole responsibility in the death of Trace. I very much felt his anguish in the life he lead after. It was a sad and lonely life of exile in so many ways. He truly lost himself and needed to grieve for himself.I liked the concept of this story however, I didn't care for Einstein's addition to it. I felt that what happens later could have taken place with out a creepy friendship built between Paige and Einstein.Also, I didn't like how Paige all of a sudden connects to Logan after a their first major horrible incident. Couldn't there have been another way to smoothly transition her feelings to love for him?I did like one small twist, if you will, regarding Kayla towards the end. It wasn't what I had originally thought. I did like the alternating points of view. I also really appreciated that this had barely any foul language. Maybe two or three words all together? And it was pretty clean in the steam depart compared to so many other books. But why did Mariah fall off the pages at the end? (Update- 8/9/2014. Okay, the answer to this and a few other loose ends are clarified in book 2. As is information on a few characters from Fighting Fate.)Here's to hoping book 2 goes a lot smoother.Loving Lies (Granton University, 2) about Jonah and Tess. Both whom are part this first book.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-02-18 22:02

    4 mucho drama-rama starsYikes the poor soul in this suffered some truly terrible luck. Fortunately only a tiny minority of us ever suffer any one of the life affecting experiences in this book, yet the poor gal experiences five. In three years. Yikes.This was - mostly - a sensitively written tale about two people finding forgiveness and redemption after a traumatic experience. These two are attracted to each other, but she has to get over her hatred for what he did and he needs to find forgiveness before they can get anywhere. The pacing of their relationship was steady and plausible, and I truly felt for both of them. Where it perhaps lost me a little was the drama towards the end. It began to feel like a soap opera or an episode of 24 and, for me, it sacrificed some of that gentle, understated redemption that we'd been steadily building towards for crazy drama. I liked that it wasn't all misery, there was some light relief and banter thanks to the slightly zany roommates. A good, absorbing story that reminded me a little of Jane Harvey-Berrick's Lifers, so if you liked that, you'll love this. Recommended for lovers of emotional stories.

  • ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝
    2019-02-27 00:08

    This story reminds of combination of One Tiny Lie and Deeper We Fall. If I would read this book first, I might have enjoyed it further. This story is all about forgiveness, redemption, hope and love. Paige expects to meet Logan, her brother's murderer in her class. Both of them were staying away from each other and fate brought them closer. "I guess you kind of interrupted us mid-transformation between relationship statuses" "I can't remember the last time I really wanted a girl. But I want you, Paige. In every way possible, I know it hurts you to hear this, but you've healed me like nothing else has. You've made me feel...forgiven. And hopeful. And complete" Enjoy their journey. Will I Recommend?Yes

  • Aishah
    2019-02-22 22:09

    Linda Kage has me under her spell This is a second book I've read by her under 24 hours and this one was just as perfect as the first one. However it's way more heavier and depressing as it deals with loss, suicide and almost - rape. In fighting fate we get to know two broken people dealing with a haunting past in their own way. Logan Xander made a big mistake one faithful night 3 years ago that has haunted him ever since. What was supposed to be a fight ended up being a murder. After that he's had a troubling few years since his family disowned him and he has nowhere to go to. He takes his car and driving to the farthest destination he could think of. He ends up enrolling at Garton (though how does he pay for college when his parents disowned him and I don't think he got a scholarship because he wasn't into sports and we never even got to know what he was supposed to major in.)Flash forward 3 years later his quiet and peaceful life comes crashing down when his victim's little sister is in the same class as him. Paige Wuzowski has hated Logan Xander with a fierce passion for the past 3 years. Not only took he away her brother from her, she also lost her mother during the process. Having decided to follow her brother's dream in getting a marketing degree, she enrols at Granton. Never expecting her brother's murderer to be there. But it's like faith is against Paige and Logan as they cross each other wherever they turn. Gradually over time Paige begins to see that Logan isn't all that she made up to be in her head. He's not the conceited, spoiled lawyer son but instead she sees a tortured, depressed soul that also tried to take his life a few months ago. Trying hard to stay away from Logan, they finally give into their feelings towards the ends of the book and all is well...Until a psycho kid decided to go on a killing spree at their university, claiming to do it all for Paige so they could be together, poor Logan gets shot...BUT he survives and they live HEA <33god the build up in Linda's book are hard. The characters don't get together until the very end of the book. Though I like seeing the actual development of the two before they act on it. I sometimes just felt like smashing their heads together and say "NOW KISS" This book was such a heavy read. I don't regret reading it for a second though.

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2019-03-05 00:55

    This was a solid read. Very well written. Storyline was also different--which was great for a change. It didn't WOW me but I definitely enjoyed it. It was also a standalone with a HEA! Yay!!!Fighting Fate is the story of Paige and Logan. Paige's brother Trace was killed when he was 18, with the one responsible going free. As a result her dad becomes an alcoholic and her mom ends up committing suicide. Paige's life is never the same. Since Trace's life was cut so short, Paige decides to live his dream for him by going to Granton college and becoming a business major. There she comes face to face with Logan Xander, the person responsible for Trace's death. Paige immediately feels hatred towards him for the pain he caused her family. She continues to run in to him on campus and she begins to see that Logan carries his own pain and has experienced his own loss. In Logan she sees the same feelings that she's been carrying around since her brothers death. Over time she learns to forgive Logan for the tragedy surrounding the death of her brother. She knows it was an accident.....and being together helps lessen the pain for both of them. But Paige feels guilt for wanting to be with the person responsible for Trace's death....and Logan doesn't feel like he deserves to be loved by Paige. Can they make their forbidden love work? Will a campus shooting take away any chance they have at being together....of will it bring them closer together. Will their families accept them being together? Read on to find out....

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2019-03-15 21:53

    *Leaning towards 4.5 Stars*Half of a moon dangled among the glittering stars, just like half a man stood next to the most dazzling female he'd ever know.I don't know....this totally wasn't what I expected. In more ways than one, I was completely prepared to dub this 'meh' and move on. And let me tell you why: reviews. People's reviews, whether glowing or not so fond of, littered the board with explanations that lead me to believe that my earlier impression of what the story would be was entirely false and that this would be some kind of, I don't know, insta-love and that there would be very little progression from I hate you to I love you. But, and I'm going to be very diplomatic when I say this, that, my beautiful GR friends, is why I no longer trust reviews. She hated him more than she thought it was possible to hate, because for a brief moment, he'd actually made her feel sorry for him. He'd actually made her respect him.I had bought this thinking I'd love it, then started to look at reviews, and alas, the descriptions of this relationship started to deter me from wanting to read the story. I'm really glad I did, though.But she didn't want to feel awe or respect for him. She wanted to keep hating him. Blaming him.While not an entirely realistic story, I found that I enjoyed the plot and how the author decided to play it out. The beginning was hard for me to like because I'm on a serious paranormal and dystopian run, but when I really and truly committed to these characters and their story, I began to really love what was going on in front of me."What do I want?" When a sad smile flittered across Logan's lips, Paige shuddered, practically tasting his misery. Closing his eyes, he confessed, "Everything I know I shouldn't, I guess."Paige...sigh, what to say about Paige? Paige was a pretty decent character. She tucked tail and ran a lot, but other than that, I can understand a little of the blame she puts on Logan. People need an outlet for their grief, and the boy who was in a fight with her brother as he died is a pretty good place to put the blame. She was a tad vindictive at times, yes I understand why, and even a bit harsh, but as she started to grow and see that Logan was only trying to move on with his life and forget that fateful night, the story began to take off for me. Seeing her hate turn to curiosity, to tentative understanding, to a heartbreaking compassion helped me to admire her as a character and to like the story more.She groaned to herself and wrapped an arm over her closed eyes, hoping to dispel the image of him sitting on the floor by Mariah's bed a few nights before. He'd looked so vulnerable, so touchable. Lost and alone. Why did she always feel compelled to comfort tortured souls? She wanted Logan Xander to be tortured, to stay tortured.Logan was a tortured soul. For three years he has been harboring guilt, resentment (both for himself and from others), blame, and the loss of familial support. He doesn't believe he deserves to be happy, no matter how many people he tries to save by being a DD at all times, and no matter how much he does to resolve his mistake. It was heartbreaking to see his torment and his less than stellar impression of himself, but even more heartbreaking when the sister of the guy he killed is at the same college as he, and everywhere he turns he sees her. Talk about torture."But I do." Misery filled his eyes. "And I don't regret it. I've fallen in love with you, Paige."A shockingly tender, sweet love story about second chances and forgiveness, Fighting Fate shows a journey from self loathing to the desire to be apart of the normal world again and how one person's forgiveness makes a world of difference on this young man's life. I was so skeptical at first as to how this story could possibly progress, but all at once it became addictive and impossible to put down. I adored the way their relationship came to be and it wasn't at all how I expected it to begin. I'm glad that at 5% they weren't all mooney-eyed and falling in love-that's flippin' stupid and not at all how it would happen. I'm glad it took most of the book for them to realize what they meant to one another-that fragile tether they have that separates them from the rest of the college campus-that knowledge of tragedy and what it's like to feel alone and afraid with no one who understands...until they find one another.He sniffed and tilted his face slightly away in a hopeless effort to hide the fact he was still crying. But in doing so, he only slid his cheek alongside hers. Their flesh brushed and one of his tears sealed their skin together, compressing it as someone would press a sentimental flower petal between the pages of a book.Again, I can't stress enough the importance of just going with your gut when you see a book that calls to you. This book almost sat untouched on my app due to other people's opinions, and that really makes me think twice about how many books I have passed up on the chance that no one else liked them. I don't know. I guess I've always been the black sheep liking those stories that not many others do...and while this was well received, some people found this less than impressive. I loved it. BaaaaFor more of my reviews visit

  • Pea
    2019-02-26 00:49

    * 4 yea stars *The hero and heroine of this story are two lonely souls who weren't living because they were consumed by their grieving and guilt from their past.At the beginning I didn't like Paige because she seemed a little bit boring, dull and lifeless. Because of that I was even tempted to put the book aside (yeah I know, I do that a lot :)).But the more I read, the more she changed. She realised that her presumptions towards Logan were false, she began to let the past go and started to live her own life. At that point I started to like her and I realised that the narrative reflected my emotions.On the other side I liked Logan from the beginning. He was so eager to please Paige (Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not a kinky romance;)) He dropped a class and grief counseling, so she wasn't upset to see him and at work he arranged that they didn't work together.But nevertheless their paths crossed and they started to have conflicted feelings towards each other. “How can you smile and tease at a time like this? It’s like…” He shook his head. “It’s like you’re pure sunlight and I’m darkness. You are so amazing, you don’t even realize. You’ve been so good for me. I need you like I’ve never needed anything. But I’m just bad for you. I hate that.”And they are really cute together :)"Nudging her back onto the mattress, he asked, “What do you like?” Paige shook her head. “I have no idea.” “Right.” He met her gaze and grinned. “First time.” Studying her face with a thoughtful expression, he suggested, “How about I experiment a little, and you give me a yea or nay?” Not sure how else to do it, she bobbed her head. What followed was a whole lot of yeas and nary a nay."But life would be to easy to give them their HEA at this point, so the author added a lot of drama towards the end. The happenings at the end are serious and not at all funny but I couldn't resist to roll my eyes about all the coincidences. And this was my main problem with this book. How much drama is too much drama? Because I think if this was real life none of them would have their HEA and a positive nature towards life after living true all this events.

  • Nadine
    2019-02-26 18:58

    Wow. Just wow.I had this book on my 'to read' shelf for ages but I couldn't make me read this story. I love new adult books and so I came back to this again and again but the blurb sounded so strange and kind of disturbing that I decided this wasn't a book for me. I deleted it from my shelves and that was that. Some weeks ago I read the "Forbidden Men" series of Linda Kage and fell in love with her writing and when I checked her other books out, I realized that she wrote the one book that I had decided not to read a while ago. Her "Forbidden Men" series is so very good that I had to give "Fighting Fate" another try.'Fighting Fate' is about Page who falls in love with the murderer of her brother. Disturbing, hu? I had to build up my courage to start reading. I'm not afraid of a book ;) but I had the strange feeling that this story might destroy my love for Linda Kage's work. Oh my god. I was so wrong. So very very wrong. This book is everything and more. I loved every page so much. Logan and Paige are two wonderful characters and I fell for both of them. Yep, I fell for the guy who killed another human being. And I fell hard.Logan is one of the greatest characters Linda Kage has created. I cried for him like a baby. More than once I wanted to crawl into this book and give him a never ending hug. Oh boy, this guy literally killed me (ughs, strange wording). Paige is the best female character I've read about in a while. She's empathic, independent, loving and an all around great person. She went through hell more than once but she came out stronger. This book touched my heart deeply. I know this is 'only' a NA novel, only one of these too many college romances but it is also so much more. The ending was a typical Linda Kage ending. If you've read some of her books, you know what I mean. She tends to write endings which are a tiny bit over the top but I don't mind. I love this story and the characters with all my heart. I promise to always believe in your work, Ms Kage. I promise. ;)

  • Harriet ~ bookworm
    2019-02-28 03:09

    4 BROKEN STARS!!Fighting Fate literally broke my heart.. Paige and Logan was so broken and didn't think it would get better. Paige was so shocked when she ended up in the same class as her brothers killer not even knowing he went to the same college. Ever since that terrible night 3 years ago Paige has been full of hate and anger towards Logan not only did he kill her brother but her whole family fell apart because of it. Logan was one of the most broken hero's I have read and I just wanted to cry for him. He made a dreadful mistake 3 years ago that he will never be able to take back and the pain is too much. When he realises Paige goes to the same college as him he feels suffocated. After the class with Paige he thinks he will never see her again.. WRONG they bump into each other multiple times in just that day!You see Paige change and how she tries to live with the loss of her brother and her family falling apart. I like how she deals with it and always knowing she will have to see Logan around. I really liked the authors writing and how everything flowed well. I found this book to have a nice pace and I like that it took a long time for Paige and Logan to even just be friends.Looking forward to the next book in this series! Hoping it will be Mariah's book next!

  • Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
    2019-03-18 01:53

    Really enjoyed this one. I liked both Paige and Logan. I loved that, for once, a hero with a tragic past tried to make his life better rather than becoming a man-whore. It was a refreshing change of pace. The story is dramatic - as you might expect, but I didn't feel feel overwhelmed by the angst. (Though thinking about I probably should have given everything that happened - especially to Paige. )Overall a drama filled but enjoyable story about forgiveness and second chances.

  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    2019-03-03 21:16

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.Fighting Fate is book one in the Granton University series and is a New Adult Contemporary Romance written by Linda Kage. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through AToMR Tours.5 Mind-Blowing, Beautiful, Heartbreaking Stars!Angsty, Amazing, Awesome and Astonishing! I Could NOT Put It Down!The Review:Every once in a while, I'll finish a book that is just to affecting for words. A story so poignantly beautiful and captivating that I couldn’t begin to tell you its wonders in a single review. But thats what I'm going to try and convey here. I want to tell you just how amazing this book is, how soul wrenching the story is and how positively elegant the writing is.Did I love this read? Yes. Definitely.Would I recommend it to others? Without hesitation.I Never Wanted This Read To End!!!Story...Paige Zukowski has lost everything. The devil slammed into her life one horrible night and took everything she loved and snuffed it out. First, her brother was killed, then her mom took her own life, then slowly her father drank himself into oblivion, until she had no one left to count on. She convinced herself that her brothers killer was wholly to blame for it all and obsessed over that one fact for three years. When her brother was killed, her family fell apart and she lost her way. Determined to live the life that was so tragically taken from him, Paige has vowed to follow in her brothers footsteps even if it means giving up her own wants and desires to do it. She enrolls at Granton University, a college her brother dreamed of going to and she signs on to study business as her brother would have done. Its not her dream but its a dream she feels she needs to fulfill. But on her first day of class, she unexpectedly comes face to face with her brothers killer and all her careful planning goes straight out the window.Sometimes tragedy strikes so blindingly fast, there’s no time to think and there’s nothing anyone can do. Sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment and you can’t take them back. Thats what happened to Logan Xander one fateful night and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t make up for that one misstep in judgement. He lost everything that night. He lost his friends, his family, his home and he lost himself in the guilt and tragedy. Three years later, he’s still struggling from day to day just to outrun the brand of murderer he knows he deserves. When he comes face to face with the little sister of the man’s life he stole, the darkness that he’s tried to keep at bay, swoops in and completely engulf him. He knows he can never make up for what happened but there’s something so hauntingly beautiful about Paige that keeps Logan in the shadows, watching over her and sacrificing pieces of his own life to try and make hers a little better. Its a connection born of tragedy and one that quickly turns to a forbidden love that he can neither have or should want.Characters...These two characters are in so much pain its almost overwhelming to read. They were both suffocating under grief and guilt. Paige starts out thinking Logan is this evil, vile boy who stole her world and he’s out living the high life after having gotten away with murdering her brother. But she couldn’t have been further from the truth. Paige is just trying to survive all the pain and loss. She’s a beautiful character who has far more forgiveness and generosity in her than most people would under the same circumstances. Her wealth of compassion after all she’s lost is amazing and wonderful and goes a long way towards healing herself as well as Logan.Logan goes out of his way to help Paige. He systematically gives up parts of his life to try and make her happy, even when it causes more pain then he can handle for himself. He’s holding on by a very thin thread but he needs to ensure Paige is out there living her life. Its just one of the many things he’s doing, in a long list of things, to try and redeem himself. He’s smart, he’s kind and he’s hard working. The entitlement he used to feel no longer has a place in his life. He’s humble and self sacrificing.Thoughts...I felt crushed by all the grief and self abhorrence Logan had for himself. Through this authors incredible writing, I actually felt trapped alongside Logan at the end of his dark, never ending tunnel as he tried to live out each day. It literally hurt my heart to watch him in so much agony. He fought hard and was existing, trying not to give up. But on most days, though he tried to move forward, the ground had him glued to one spot, forever reliving that one day when everything changed. Paige was in the same exact position. Her loss was so heartbreaking and real and dismal. And though she blamed Logan in the beginning, she soon realized it was a horrible accident and no one could punish Logan more than he was punishing himself. Together, they found the spec of light at the end of the tunnel and both ran for it.Watching these two come together after so much pain, healed my heart right alongside theirs. It was scary and wonderful and cathartic all at the same time. And that ending! That ending will have you flat out floored, shocked and awed all in one!!! I won't give anything away, but I have to say how it was both spectacularly written as well as horrifying to live through.The Wrap Up:This is my third book by Linda Kage and I can say without a doubt, she only gets more brilliant with each book. Her writing is beautiful, her stories are emotional and angsty yet always full of hope. I loved this book and its definitely one I’ll read time and again.

  • Vickie***
    2019-03-09 03:02

    5/5 stars for the hero who is a "bad thing magnet" and the heroine who uses the word "twofer" after reading the "price of a kiss" i went to read linda's other books. This plot grabbed my attention, like it grabbed me and shook me buy the shoulders and said READ ME, OR ILL KILL i read iti loved it LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT (i'm still shocked that she wrote delinquent daddy because i still don't like that book)i read a book where that may be somwhat similar to this. girl falls in love with son of the person who killed her dad in drunk driving accidentthat's already pretty intense, but girl falls in love with murderer of her brother. now that's pretty crazylinda has a thing for writing amazing heroines. Paige, of course, is the one who lost her brother 3 years ago in a fight. She goes off to the school her brother would have went to. But at the school is where the murderer of her brother is, Logan. RIght off the bat she tries avoiding him, who wouldn't! And of course as the story progresses Paige realizes he truly regrets that night, he has the scars to prove it!!Paige learns to look past the pain of losing her brother, and forgive logan. but logan does not forgive himself yet. paige being an awesome person, tries to get through to logan. they are both aware of the feelings they have for each other logan just doesn't believe he should be doing what he should be doing with this bonding stuff does not happen until the later half of the story. So don't worry it was not all love at first sight for paige, she's not a girl desperate for love that she immediately falls for her brother's murderer just cause he's handsomeboy that would have been annoyingthis story was definitely filled with grief in the beginning, but we watch as characters grow, and learn to see past mistakes and accept one another NOthis does not mean i will start hugging criminals and burglars for their crimesThis was a beautiful read, i still can't believe linda can write about such sensitive heroes( still awesome though) my first book of hers was "delinquent daddy" nothing soft about that heroi reallllllllyyyy recommend people reading this beautiful read. I would say this is a second chance story, ONE HELL OF A SECOND CHANCE*no cheating involved between couple

    2019-03-16 21:05

    This was like whiplash and I found I couldn't stop reading it . The events were so infuriating yet I had to continue,maybe because the plot line is close to home . I really felt so annoyed at the heroine ,but I could understand and rationalize all her emotions of anger and hatred. She really has had an hard time dealing with circumstances in her life. She picked up in the second half and blew me completely away.The hero was so sweet ,he was such a conflicted being with no hope of anything good.He was just living the motions of life without feeling in order to atone for his wrong doing which totally took the heroine by surprise. His family was awful and I had a hard time forgiving them as easily has he has. I figured because it was so long they both suffered enough. This was a good read ,had me slightly tearing up ,cursing all over the place because stuff happened I didn't agree with .All in All 4.5 stars

  • Andrea
    2019-03-13 21:10

    I recently read Linda Kage's novel, Price of a Kiss, and immediately decided "I need more from this author." She has a writing style that is hard for me to pin down. It's definitely charming, very clean and concise, but it also has a bit of a light-hearted feel, even when the subject is not. Fighting Fate poses a serious premise: What if the monster you think you know is just a regular man? What if your pain is his guilt? What if the truth isn't black and white? What if you fall in love with your brother's killer? This isn't the first story of it's kind - not by a long shot - but this is always an interesting premise. I was curious to see if Kage could give a realistic-feeling story that didn't just brush over the logistics and emotions of developing feelings for the man who ended a loved one's life, but really dug deep. I believe she did.. Fighting Fate was a sweet, sad, funny, heart-breaking, and ultimately up-lifting story. Very bittersweet. I loved that Kage took the time to let us know the characters, letting the reader settle into the story. As the story moves along, the characters experience a great deal of growth. Paige begins the story angry and broken, and as she gets to know Logan, realizing the truth of her brother's death wasn't so clean cut, she learns the power of forgiveness. Logan begins the story completely defeated. He lost everything in one moment. As he becomes to know Paige, he also learns the power of forgiveness, but also redemption.Fighting Fate was another really good, thoughtful and charming book from Linda Kage. I look forward to reading many more of her works in the future. Favorite Quote: Helpless anger stole over him. She was going to ruin his life. Before he could even brace himself for the fallout, she'd crush everything he'd worked three years to build. And here she was, acting scared of him.He wanted to grab her and shake her, make her look at the man behind the murderer, and force her to forgive him, tell him it was okay, that she knew he hadn't meant to kill her brother. ~5% "When I look at you, I should feel nothing but guilt and remorse. I should close down and burrow into that wretched place inside myself. But I can't. I just...I feel so alive. You've made me smile and laugh and...and want. ~65%

  • Michelle
    2019-03-10 20:57

    4 Stars!This book had me crying like a baby all night. Yes...I was up all night reading! Nothing new people:-) lolIt all started three years ago when Paige's brother Trace was killed at the age of 18. The one responsible never punished. After such a tragedy Paige's father becomes an alcoholic and her mother goes to a very dark place in her mind. Paige decides to go to college five hours away. This is where her brother wanted to go. She wants to do what her brother couldn't. She decides to live his dream becoming a business major. On her first day of class she bolts out of the room after hearing the name Logan Xander the person responsible for killing her brother. Paige hates Logan so much she can't stand to look at him. She continues to run into him here and there during school. They both try very hard to avoid each other. After time she comes to realize that Logan isn't the type of person that she thought he was. She realizes he's hurting just as much as she is. The pain these two had going on gutted me. I felt so bad for both of them. Snot rags every where around me. Then the attraction between them gave me goosebumps. lol You know...when the one you love enters the room and you just know he or she is there before you see them. They knew they shouldn't have feelings for each other because of the circumstances...but you can't help who you fall for. Now why not a five star yo say...well I felt the last 25% of the book was a little bit much. Then after all that I felt it was rushed ending. I can't explain it. I just felt something was missing. lol Maybe we will get to peek in on Logan and Paige's relationship in Tess's book:-)

  • Karmen
    2019-03-19 21:17

    ARC REVIEW: I think I held my breathe the entire time I read this book. Fighting Fate really makes you feel and understand both sides of a terrible tragedy. It’s a beautiful love story about forgiveness and redemption. My heart broke for both Paige and Logan.Paige is suffering after losing her brother, Trace, from a tragic accident over three years ago. Following the death of her brother; her family falls apart. Paige is angry, hurt and lost all because of the man, Logan, who killed her brother. Paige and Logan’s path crosses unexpectedly and she soon finds out that Logan is not living the fabulous, rich-boy life she imagined he was after the accident. It turns out he is suffering terribly too. Paige and Logan slowly realize that they can help each other heal, but not without heartbreak and guilt. Their journey to forgive each other and themselves takes you through their emotional rollercoaster throughout the book.I definitely enjoyed reading Fighting Fate. It is a unique story and I loved the alternate POV between the characters. It has plenty of angst and heartbreak, but it’s worth the read to get to Logan and Paige’s HEA.

  • ✿
    2019-02-28 22:52

    The good: Solid read! Story was different and enjoyable and the characters were fairly likable. The bad: Hmmm???? My thoughts: “What would you do if you met the person responsible for your brother’s death?”Well, this rings true for Paige…I have to say that “Fighting Fate” took me by surprise. I was extremely weary and skeptical as to how Ms. Kage was going to portray this tale and I have to say that I was quite satisfied with her execution!I loved how mature and real Paige and Logan were. They were so genuine and honest that each trial they faced either made my heart soar or break.If I were in Paige or Logan’s shoes, I would feel and react the same way to things as them. However, their camaraderie to healing, forgiveness, and as well as self-discovery was very beautiful.Very well done, Linda! You've made a fan out of me!

  • Bev
    2019-03-02 22:02

    I think this is one of my favourite reads of this year. Absolutely LOVED the characters, ugly cried for Logan - OMG that xmas eve scene GUTTED me, totally. A brilliant story, fabulously told although I just wish we got more about the reunion with his "parents" - and I use that term very loosely! Those f*ckers need to GROVEL for years and they still would not begin to earn redemption for what they did to Logan.The steam/sex wasn't heavy but this book did not need that. It was all about their story, forgiveness, redemption, their developing love for each other.I bloody LOVED this book.

  • Nasreen
    2019-02-21 00:57

    Dammmmmmmnn….this was an awesome read. One wouldn’t think you would be able to believe Logan’s redemption and guilt he was going through but the author has managed to do just that. I loved the storyline, even though it was really sad, this book got me like……...And the whole Doris Wade thing….what the what??? Hectic!!!

  • Paz
    2019-03-18 20:53

    Oh Lordy. My eyes are so puffy. I loved this so much. I felt it from the moment Logan and Paige laid eyes on each other that I'm in for a crazy-out-of-control-feelings ride. My heart was palpitating the whole damn time. Every emotion, every dialogue and every action was convincingly conveyed throughout the characters' journey in healing, redemption, forgiveness and finding love with the most unexpected person. A beautiful 5 star read for me :)

  • Melanie
    2019-03-01 20:07

    Loved, loved, and loved this story. It is filled with everything that I want in a story…love, heartbreak, tragedy, hope, and HEA!! Paige and Logan are 2 souls that are tortured by their past and struggle with the future. However trying to move towards a future there are bumps along the way and they get over them beautifully. Wonderful book and added as a favorite. Must read!!

  • *lisa93*
    2019-03-05 23:48

    In love with Fighting Fate!So, here‘s the thing: in the beginning of the week I read another book of Linda Kage and I did not like. At all. I was totally bummed about. That‘s why I was a bit on the fence about starting this series.It still boggles my mind how the same author can write so different books in terms of quality.Anyway, I am not here to trash the other book some more. I am here to tell you how amazing Fighting Fate is.Fighting Fate is a story about love, loss and redemption.After her brother died three years ago Paige decided to live her life for brother by doing all the things he wanted to do. That‘s why she enrolls at Granton University for college. To her horror she finds out that Logan Xander is attending Granton as well. Logan is not just any boy. He is the guy that killed her brother!Although Granton is a big university they can‘t help running into eachother and soon they are both fighting their feelings.Logan is tortured soul. He is responsible for the death of someone‘s son, brother and boyfriend. Sure, it was an accident. He never meant to kill anyone. But that doesn’t lessen the guilt he feels. So he is trying to make amends, trying to be a better guy. Logan Xander is not a bad guy. He is sweet, considerate and protective. He made a fatal mistake years ago and he‘s paid for it big time.Paige didn‘t just lose her brother. After Trace died, her whole family fell apart. Her mother couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and shot herself while her father became a drunk. Life has not been good lately. It gets even worse when she sees Logan Xander in one of her classes.They (involuntarily) start spending time together. Paige sees the person behind her brother‘s killer and naturally is appalled that she likes what she is seeing. Her hate slowly turns into not hate and then into confusion into like and forgiveness and before she realizes it she is falling in love with Logan Xander.Fighting Fate is a slow burn. It took Logan and Paige a long time to accept their feelings and to act on them. They were cut together.So why didn’t I give it 5 stars then?Easy!I love slow burn romance but I also want to see the mc characters together as a couple. Unfortunately, they weren‘t a lot of pages left after Logan and Paige have finally gotten together. Also and this is personal preference, I like my epilogues to be farther into the future. I want them to still be happy after years of being together. I want them to have the whole nine yards, you know?This could have easily been a 5 star rating for me and I‘m a little nitpicking but 5 stars are reserved for IMO perfect books....!