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Novel (127,090 words)Genre(s): Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action/Adventure, Polyamory, GayReunited once more, the crew of Baal’s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil’s Isles. The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril; mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is tNovel (127,090 words)Genre(s): Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action/Adventure, Polyamory, GayReunited once more, the crew of Baal’s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil’s Isles. The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril; mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is the most shocking of all.In this sequel to the acclaimed Caged, the pirates are dragged into a dangerous new world by Captain Baltsaros’s all-consuming obsession. In the midst of terror and chaos, Jon learns that the captain and first mate have been keeping secrets from him. But will the truth tear them apart?...

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Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires Reviews

  • Shurrn
    2019-01-30 09:46

    I just feel the need to slow-clap it out for Bey Deckard right now, because this book was fucking gorgeous...It was getting easier for the captain to see the two boys together like this; they offered each other the solace that Baltsaros just wasn't capable of, and their relationship was a much-needed bridge for the gap that had always existed, unbeknownst to him, between Tom and himself. He decided that he simply needed both of them to feel whole; it worked to soothe his possessiveness somewhat. Sweet Jesus this book really knocked my socks off! It was beautifully written and had me hooked immediately. I barely put the damn thing down... You only need so much sleep when you have a book like this waiting for you on your Kindle. ;)I loved the first book, Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas, and I was jumping at the chance to continue series... I was completely blown away by this follow-up. It's quite possible that it was even better than the first, and that's no small feat.This story picks up six weeks after the end of the previous book.Tom, Baltsaros, & Jon are back on Baal's Heart and are setting off on a new journey together.The relationship between the three men has not been completely mended after the betrayals of book one, and flashbacks are woven into present-day action in order to catch us up on the past few weeks. Flashbacks are a tricky thing to master, but I found that they were wonderfully well-incorporated into the narrative.BaltsarosThe iron fist that Baltsaros led with was tucked into a satin glove lined with the softest fur. Men looked up to the captain; they praised his fairness and feared his anger. They emulated his grace, refinement, and unshakable self-confidence; they bowed their heads in loyalty and vied for his attention. I find it's quite common for readers to choose sides in literary love-triangles. Personally, I prefer to see a triad work out all the way to the end. I was never on 'Team Tom' or 'Team Baltsaros', but I certainly had my moments of doubt as I read through this story. All three of the main characters evolved throughout this book, but the captain was a sight to behold.It was immensely entertaining to watch the struggles Baltsaros went through in this book. He is a sociopathic pirate gripped by untold emotional scars, a man who murders for sport, and is driven to absolute madness - and here I'm grinning like a fool as I witness this character struggle to find his way - I'm not sure what kind of sadist that makes me... The glimpses of gentile affection and near redemption made Baltsaros an even more complex character - It is easy to understand how someone like Jon could find himself so wrapped up in this fascinating pirate.I won't spoil the big moments for you - but know that there came a point in this book - a conversation between Baltsaros and Jon where I actually yelled at Baltsaros and had to set the book down for a second. It takes an awful lot to get me sucked so deeply into a story that I'm verbally chastising fictional characters for their behavior...JonJon. Passionate and gentile. Jon with his boundless hope that the three of them would find some kind of arrangement. "Bloody fucking naïve fucking Jon," slurred Tom, shaking his head. Jon's character really flourished in this book. He's come a long way from the sickly terrified boy who was knocked unconscious and dragged to the deck of a pirate ship nearly a year and a half ago.In the previous book Jon grappled with his intense attraction to Baltsaros - he could see the dangerous monster lurking behind the captain's eyes, but he allowed himself to be seduced anyway. Jon struggled with his relationship, with the violence inherent in piracy, and ultimately he had to figure out how to reconcile his connection to Baltsaros with his growing attraction for the first mate.In this book, Jon's character is embracing a thread of violence which seems to have woven its way into his psyche. His time as a pirate has changed the young man into something quite imposing when the moment calls for it. And oh man, Jon has some seriously bad-ass moments of glory and gore in this story. Tom"He sees the good in me, Da, plain as day. That's somethin' worth fightin' for. Maybe even somethin' worth dyin' for." His words sounded strangely choked. Oh Tom... Brutish, ruthless, deadly, yet affable Tom... Such a complicated character and such a joy to read. There are hidden depths to this man which become quite clear as this story progresses.For the majority of the first book in this series, Tom was the odd man out in this complicated relationship. Now the three men have accepted and embraced their feelings - well, sexually at least - there are still plenty of warring emotions when you get past all the delicious sweaty moments spent in the captains quarters...Jon exudes an honest tenderness which had been missing between the captain and Tom...Baltsaros insists that his growing fondness for young Jon is a weakness which he must fight against.Tom clearly sees the benefit of being loved by such a warm and kind creature, yet craves the captain's rough handling...Our three favorite pirates are attempting to work out this complicated dynamic between them while facing an endless list of physical and mental setbacks. Their journey to unknown lands through an uncharted path lends a fantastic parallel to their relationships with each other.Tom has kept the captain's secrets for ages, and has lied to cover up the older man's more depraved tendencies... He has lied to Jon... And due to Jon's empathetic gift, he has spotted every lie and has chosen to look the other way.Secrets are revealed - the depths of which threaten to undo all they've worked toward...Meanwhile, outside forces are conspiring to tear these men apart...This story is dark and twisty in the most wonderful way.Sex,Blood,Action,Secrets,Danger,Sacrifice,Jealousy,Betrayal,Madness,Romance,Adventure,& Heart-pounding suspense!I won't spoil the new land for you - I think it is best for the reader to experience that adventure right along side the main characters. However, I will say that the imagery is glorious - richly detailed and incredibly unsettling...I found myself chatting with author Jae T. Jaggart about this series and how deeply satisfying it is to read a historical novel which embraces detail. All too often we come across books which are little more than contemporary stories wrapped in period costuming. So not the case with these books. I slip so easily into the landscape Bey Deckard has created, that he makes it look easy. It's fucking impressive. This series is beautifully detailed, entirely original, and I'm completely enthralled with every single aspect.And... I'm off to read the next book right this second because I can't get enough of these characters!

  • Sheziss
    2019-01-22 05:27

    Book 2 of a great series. Pirates! Love! Adventure!I am condemned to die! I laugh; For if my fates are kindly sped, My doomer from his own ship’s staffPerhaps I’ll hang instead. And if I fall, why what is life? For lost I gave it then as due, When from slavery’s yoke in strife A rover I withdrew.Before you go on, take notice this volume and this review are a bloody mess and a crazed mix.I said in book 1 I expected to see more of Tom and I did indeed. Whereas in the first book his POV was absent, his presence was never missing. He takes up a space no one else can occupy. His fierce vulnerability and longing for being loved are so addictive and essential for this love story to work. He is the one who sacrifices every time and asks for nothing in return, but that doesn't mean he would reject any kind of affection. He cherishes every kind of affection he can receive (and also every kind of pain if he's in the correct person's hands). He is the one who submits at every command and the one who enjoys it immensely. I just can't get enough of him.Baltsaros seems drown in his madness, or the beast in himself he is afraid of. Tom knows but Jon hasn't walked that road yet and will get some unpleasant surprises. Secrets are not over yet. Trust is hard to build and very easy to break. Obsession is guiding Baltsaros's path, but with time this feeling looks suspiciously more and more like hope. His past remains a mystery and evidences show that deep memories hold the origin of it all. There are some demons to face.Nothing is left of that shy boy who was kidnapped from his stepfather's care. Jon has tasted the flavor of freedom and lust in the form of the two impetuous pirates he loves. He is not being dragged, but he takes the reins of his own fate and fights back for what he wants. The wolf pup is becoming a real wolf. Confident, loyal, and lethal when the occasion requires it. When he is needed, he is effective.In this story the three of them decide to go into the unknown and, at first, I didn't know why. Yes, it could be the conquest of the unknown, the search of knowledge or the boredom that pushes them to look for adventures and richness. It's not as if this hadn't happened before. Once upon a time, boats used to sail close to the land, because beyond that monsters and the end of the world awaited. Once upon a time, some madmen decided to cross the big ocean looking for new routes that didn't appear in their maps. And once upon a time, said madmen discovered new civilizations based on the rule of blood and fear and gods who demanded said blood constantly, causing the outrages of the newcomers.This tale doesn't ring strange for me, we even have the alter ego of the Aztecs and Mayas here. They even have too much gold and a lack of other useful metals that could only be found in the world beyond. At least they have cows, which is more meat than Amerindian Natives ever had. I seriously didn't think I'd find so many similarities to certain tribes in this story but I can't deny there is a special and dangerous shine in the prospect of meeting someone whose actions you can't predict. I loved the world building, it's perturbing and perverse and primitive.A world Baltsaros feels disturbingly attracted to. A world Tom can't bear due to his past as a slave. A world where Jon feels disgusted and unsettled. A world nobody will be left indifferent at. Some scenes are a little creepy and some scenes are blatantly so.World building apart, I liked the time leaps and the flashbacks. When something happens that makes no sense, there is a missing scene from a close or far past: a promise, a revelation, a sex scene that means a little more than it seems. It sounds tiring putting it that way but in fact it's incredibly agile, at it shows hidden moments at certain conflicts that give a whole meaning at the perfect time. I also appreciated the little cartoons that divide each POV depending on the place the character is at each moment: a boat, a pyramid, a castle.Baltsaros's madness (or latent madness) takes an important role in this series and here it's explored even more. He doesn't think he's capable of love but he wants to become worth of said love. This devotion is heart-breaking at moments because it requires a sacrifice. The heartless bastard has a heart after all. But this heart as scars, very deep scars that haven't healed and are still bleeding. And finding a cure can lead to more suffering and the reawakening of old wounds lengthily forgotten or buried. Is it worth the pain?I mentioned it about Caged: but I repeat: nobody is a third wheel in this love story. Every one of them breathe an essential air. The story is complete because the three of them give all of themselves for this to work. There is no feeling of someone loving someone more than the other, or someone wanting to exclude the other one. They all want this to function and they hurt and heal each other constantly. Because they haven't found the balance yet, but they are close. It's heart-warming tale that brings a smile now and then (and some heat, too) when the kinks are explored and exploited, when the playfulness brings its maximum profit and when the comfort finds the long-needed solace.

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-01-27 10:39

    Mr. Deckard Strikes again!4.5 #TeamTom StarsSome of what I’m about to say comes with the caveat that this is book two of a trilogy and I’m not clairvoyant.Sacrificed is as swashbuckling and feverishly paced as Caged. We pick up where Caged left off with Tom trying to sort out his feelings about Bal and Jon, to a lesser extent. He’s still grappling with being tossed aside by Bal but he can’t ignore his growing feelings for Jon. It’s no secret that Tom is my favorite and the fact that we get loads of Tom time made Sacrificed, in many ways, more pleasurable than Caged.If I start talking about the kinky times we could be here for days, so let’s just say they were amazeballs and leave it at that.Tom and Jon’s relationship development was what I zeroed in on. They’re the least established of the triad and it evolves delightfully. Tom is possessive and protective and Jon responds to that positively. He gives of himself in ways Bal seems incapable of which bonds them closely together, though Bal is still very much top dog. I’m not sure if the symbolism is intentional or not but I find it touching that the triad concept pervades this series from the number of books to the pyramid where their relationship was cemented in this installment. They are still a bit rough around the edges, but they made significant strides in Sacrificed and their commitment to one another is undeniable.Of the three, Tom is the most sane, in my opinion. The other two might be smarter, wiser or more cunning but Tom is streetwise. I’d follow him into a war zone any day of the week and twice on Sundays. It is entirely possible I’m biased, but Tom’s characterization seems the most realized. I loved most that he’s always warm. That detail alone brings with it so much information. There were times I could literally visual him-no shoes, no shirt, tan, a bit windblown, smoking his cheroot, being sexy as all get out. Yeah. *gulp* Also, he makes me laugh especially when he gets riled up which is always a win.“Bloody fuckin’ cocksuckin’ bloody hells am I fuckin’ glad to see yer fuckin’ face!”Say fuck one more time. C’mon, please?Sorry, I went off on a Tom fangirl tangent there.The Sacrificed adventure begins going through The Devil’s Isles on their way to Erem’ia Balor. We’re going there for reasons only Bal is privy to. Along the way we pick up three fishermen who have a profound impact on the pirates. The Balorians turn out to be a strange cultish society with an egomaniacal emperor hellbent on subjecting others to his “brilliance”, especially Bal. Poor Bal. Their society is lopsided with slaves outnumbering free men and maintained by barbaric rituals. They decide to infiltrate this society and in order to do that Tom has to pretend to be a slave which actually turned out to be therapeutic. I don’t want to go too much into the plot. You should experience that for yourselves. I will say, there didn’t seem to be as many plot twists as there were in Caged, but it was no less exciting and all three men get tested in different ways.Questionable ethics come with the pirate territory, and I understand trying to assimilate and all, but Jon is evolving in unsettling ways. I’m left wondering if some of his behavior can be tied to the ship itself and/or if it explains why his empath skills seem to now be haphazard at best. What’s to become of Bal and his transformation still remains to be seen, all of which leaves me frothing at the mouth for book three. Plus, Tom. Can’t get enough of Tom. Fingers crossed for a single tail.Needless to say if you liked book one, book two is a must read. If you enjoy fantasy, swashbuckling adventure, pirates and/or kink this entire series is for you.An ARC was provided in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-01-19 09:40

    Yawr?*nods* Argh!Phenomenal. Better than Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas and you know how I felt about that book.Our group review can be found here:I don't know how to convey my joy that is in my marrow for "Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires", book # 2 of the Baal's Heart series. Forget that I thoroughly love pirates. Forget that a hero with a damaged heart, mind and/or soul will always call to me.The words.These words from this story are filled with so much heart, passion and love of well fleshed out characters, I can't not rave about them. When an excellent, well plotted story is delivered like this one, I always get a loss of words. I could discuss the book all day. I would rant and rave about the characters for days. Fan girl gush: There was dirty talk with a few of my favorite words in a scene! “Does it occur to you that maybe you've burned me out? That I no longer care whether what you spout is truth or lie?” The second book in the trilogy is hands down one of my top five reads of the year. And surprise, surprise, so is its predecessor, Caged. (See the review of book #1, in case your interested - it is not suggested for you to read out of order) This is a book that will not be for everyone, it's dark. Darker than book #1 and if you're put off by kink [breath play, blood play, wax play, mind fuckery] or have triggers: attempted rape and violence, then I wouldn't suggest this. Bey Deckard has written quite the follow up to one of the best triads I've ever read. Jon, the empath virgin who was alone for most his life, Tom, the damaged first hand that is quick with a fist and Baltsaros, the evil captain that can't help being possessive of his boys. This is how I picture a triangle to be, there are intimacies between the three and sometimes a branch of two men, jealousies and a bond that can't be denied.“Yes, fine. Savvy,” she muttered.“Aw lovey, yer a fine-lookin’ woman, it’s not that,” Tom said apologetically. “All jokin’ aside, if it ain’t the captain, or it ain’t Jon…” He shrugged again. “There just ain’t anyone else.”Sacrificed could be considered a character study of each main character. I got all that I asked for in my first review and then some:-more kink (see above)-keep that adventure coming (this was pirating and fantasy-gasm adventure)-more info on Baltsaros (we got more info into that dark and devious mind)-more of Tom (I am floating from the gift, wonder and character that is Tom. Thank you Bey!)My list has been answered, my kinky pirates have upped the game tenfold. This book was intense. Consider book #1 to be the foundation of an awesome tale, book #2 is crafting the titanium house. The men have grown: Baltsaros is learning to be a human, Tom is learning to open himself for more than Baltsaros and Jon is learning how to be a man (he makes some mistakes but who doesn't?) The boys aren't 100% set in their ways as yet, there are fluid parts about them but you can not deny they make each other stronger.“Tom reached out and let his knuckles graze Jon’s arm, a hidden touch just to ground him for the span of a heartbeat. Maybe Jon would turn a blind eye. Maybe they’d continue to live in denial that they both loved a fucking monster.Jon smiled at the brief caress, and Tom felt his chest get tight.” If Caged was more about Jon and Baltsaros, this book is definitely more about Jon and Tom (I so wanted to learn more about this side of the triangle - not disappointed) We travel to beyond the Spires, to a bloodthirsty land with a mystery behind it. The groundwork laid in Caged comes together. The suspense is subtle but intense, the action even more so. I don't want to spoil all the good parts, so I'll quit before I spill.Highly recommended - this is why I read for stories like this. I have high hopes for book #3:- Tom!- learning about Baltsaros- kink- Tom!I can't believe this author started publishing this year, this book is more fine tuned and effortless. I hope there are more stories to come from him and it doesn't end. *hint hint*Book #1 made me propose to the author. This book is like a honeymoon and vow renewal all in one.#TeamTom4evaA copy provided for an honest review.

  • Bey Deckard
    2019-02-17 08:38

    April 27, 2017: Now available in audiobook, narrrated by Michael Ferraiuolo! rating from me again, but a tiny, word-list-type review.*deep breath*Let's see...Lies. Sacrifices. Redemption. Lust. Death. New scars - old wounds.The resilience of the human soul.Sex and angst... strengths and weaknesses.It's a continuation - hot (or cold, rather) on the heels of Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. Bad things happen; Sacrificed is darker than Caged... but the good? There is so much good in this.

  • Ann
    2019-01-18 09:37

    Bloody fucking hell Da, you sure know how to put a wench through the wringer!I actually have to keep this review pretty general, if I didn’t it would be, hold on, let me check to see how many pages are in this book . . . 380. So my review would be that x 2. I’d be mostly rambling because trying to navigate the mind fuckery would take at least that and more to explain. The first three chapters were the perfect way to start Book 2 in this series. The back and forth for each character filled in blanks, gave reminders and made me anxious to get going on this adventure. That being said, I’m actually not going to say a lot about the adventure. You have to go into it without any preconceived ideas of what’s coming, because the absolute crazy ass stress about the whole thing is half the fun.This is an example of my rambling notes and thoughts – obviously taken out of any context but you’ll get the idea:Tom has never had any power sexually and now he does? Maybe? It’s scary. Scary to him, confusing to Baltsaros and arousing to Jon. Baltsaros is the only person Tom ever sought out. Did Baltsaros ever really understand that gift he had been given? Or maybe he did, hence the guilt. Or maybe he only did once he had Jon. Or maybe I just have no fucking clue, should stop taking random notes and get back to the reading.So, Ann, conflicted much? Conflicted yes, confused no. There was a lot going on but it was so well done it kept the angst from being the story and the marrying of the adventure with the evolution of their relationship dynamics was fascinating.Sacrificed really explores the relationship between Tom and Jon. I loved it and it was everything that each of them needed. But, it wasn’t complete without Baltsaros and something is off with the Captain. And, I don’t mean his usual “off” self, but something is changing, he’s hiding something and for fuck’s sake I had no clue. I pretty much wanted to strangle him so many times! It’s bad enough that they can’t explain how they feel to one another because they don’t even understand it themselves, but throw in there some kind of plan the Captain has in his head and there is no way to figure out what’s coming. Now, take all that and put them in a situation that could end with them all dead in pretty horrific ways and you’ve got yourself a story to power read.What I find incredibly brilliant about this series so far is the fluid dynamics with the three main characters. Their “roles” were pretty well established after book 1, but it was all still pretty new and really could have gone in any number of directions. Book 2 takes all that and chucks it out the porthole. The perceived roles are still there, but the evolution of the characters as they grow and change is well written and flows organically making it easy, yet sometimes painful, to follow. Because they do change, they change a lot and it’s totally believable. It makes me see the effect each one has on the other, both good and bad.These three have their perceptions of themselves that are not wholly accurate. Perceptions of each other, also not accurate and perceptions of what they think the other believes of him. These guys are mind fucked before they even leave their bed in the morning. Jon really does change everything and he sees more than Tom and Baltsaros are capable of. Jon knows that the other two are scared; scared of being vulnerable and scared of being broken. Neither of them thinks so and in their misguided attempts to protect Jon, they end up pissing him off instead. Well, turns out a pissed off Jon is a very bad thing. He’s become much more “pirate” living his new life and while it was a big change from when he first came aboard Baal’s Heart I think it was a necessary maturity in him to survive in this new life. Jon also is the catalyst for the evolution in the relationship between Tom and Baltsarsos. He’s changed them both and he’s really screwed up their perception of ‘normal’. The two of them have been pouring the love and protective feelings onto Jon because they can’t do it with each other. That was the piece that was missing. Jon has become the glue that keeps them together, but he is also the one person keeping them apart. Not because of anything he’s done, but because of the fucked up perceptions in Tom and Baltsaros’ brains. Baltsaros’ brain is the wild card in this one and while Tom is his outlet for his evil and Jon is his outlet for his tender side, the lines are getting blurry and are starting to cross. What’s funny is that when they do have a pretty reasonable feeling like jealousy or protectiveness they think that feeling is somehow wrong and they try to bury it. So yeah, conflicted. But seriously, in the best and most fascinating of ways.Before I just end with, “Why the actual fuck aren’t you reading this yet?” I have to take a sentence or two to talk about Tom. Tom, the completely brilliant and insightful sexy beast with the scarred body and the ocean eyes, Goddammit he’s awesome. He can distill a situation into a sentence that makes so much sense on every level. He doesn’t overthink, he just knows. He knows how to deal with Jon and Baltsaros better than anyone he knows how to survive. I love that as the story continues he’s really owning his strengths and letting them play out. He was completely intriguing in book 1, but now he’s my hero.#TeamTom

  • Chelsea
    2019-02-14 10:33

    Reread - June 2017 -Audiobook: man these audiobooks are INCREDIBLE!!!!! I think this series makes it into my top three favourite audiobooks ever! And obviously it's only top 3 because a top 1 can never exist when talking about books! These characters come to life so much more with this narration and I loved this story even more listening to it, if that was even possible!*Continue gush*ReviewThis was a much more full on book than the first! This story mainly looks at Baltsaros and why he is a murderer, to put it mildly, however most of the POV's are from Tom and Jon.Due to the fact we're looking into the darker side of Baltsaros and how that affects his relationships with Tom and Jon most of the tension is emotional. I didn't know what Baltsaros was thinking, I hated seeing Jon and Tom so unsure of him and seeing everyone's pain as they learnt more unsavory aspects about themselves and each other. A real inner 'good vs evil' story.While it was more tense, I just couldn't possibly put it down for more than 5 minutes, it was just as wonderful as the first book. I LOVED seeing Tom and Jon's relationship grow and the sweet and seriously sexy moments they shared. It was great getting more of Tom's POV as well. I think I would have liked some more 'we're all at a good place' threesome scenes, when they're all just happy, but maybe that'll be more in the next book. Don't get me wrong still lots of sexy sexy scenes, threesomes included!I'm looking forward to the next book, but hoping it will be a little easier on the heart :) ..... ah Chelsea if only you'd known.... Edited 26/6/17

  • Lori
    2019-01-25 06:28

    "Right in the midst of a dangerous, desperate situation was not the time to have a crisis of the heart. It felt foolish. It also felt like the most important thing in the world."Like most of you fellow bibliophiles, reading rates really highly in my life. It always has. Every time I pick up a book I am giving a portion of my life to the author. I'm letting them woo me for the time it takes me to read the book. There are books I enjoy, the ones that make me smile when I read them - but that are forgotten soon afterwards. And that's okay, when you read the amount of books I do, a fun enjoyable hour or two is a fair exchange, at least I think so. Then there are books and authors that just worm there way into my heart. These are the books that I can't put down - the ones I am racing to finish and dreading the end at the same time. The ones where I am in that world. Where those characters are as real to me as the actual person next to me. God, those books. They give me the highest high and the worst hangover. Unfortunately I've just found a new series to add to the pleasure - or pain.Bey Deckard is now an auto-buy author for me (I don't even care that I bought all his books a day before they were all on sale. I DON'T care). I have fallen so hard for the characters in the Baal's Heart series that I can't stop thinking about them. Sad? Maybe, I don't care - I love Tom, I loved him from the start. I love Jon and the love he has for Tom. I'm even falling for Baltsaros, the captain with a far more complex character than meets the eye. I can honestly say my heart has ached for each of these characters. Bey Deckard is such a naturally talented storyteller, I live each and every scene with Tom, Jon and Baltsaros. Each heartache is mine - each joy is mine (well, and my husbands...if you get my drift). Beautifully, vividly written. I need to find out more. I need to know about Baltsaros. I want the next book. NOW. Sadly I've got to wait. Until then, I can only wait for my Team Tom T-shirt to arrive and imagine what might happen to the crew of the Baal's Heart in the next book.(view spoiler)[I chose the quote above, because, for me, it sums up this book. Once you get past the action, the killing, the hot, HOT, sex, the sacrifice, the adventure....this is what it comes down to. Self worth and a crisis of the heart. (hide spoiler)]My fellow unicorn, SheReadsALot, was the person who put me onto these books - she also pointed out the amazing artwork the author has on his website. Talented man is talented. The Jon & Tom one is one of the most beautiful pictures I've seen. I'd highly recommend taking a look at his website - warning, some is NSFW. If I didn't love this author for creating Tom, I'd hate him for his amazing talents!!!So SRAL..CC..Ann...when's the next one out? BR?????

  • Lost in a Book
    2019-01-29 10:29

    For a review of rambling incoherent fangirling, see my book 3 review which is a summery of heart-eyed nonsense about this series.

  • Monique ~ Sinfully
    2019-02-17 09:22

    Monique & Macky ReviewMacky: Shiver me timbers...time to get piratey again Monique me hearty! Let's splice the mainbrace and get this review rolling!!Monique: Aye, aye Captain ...I know we’ve gushed nonstop since picking up Caged, especially about how epically superb this visually stunning series is and how it deserves a multitude of accolades. It’s become a living breathing part of us, a marvel to behold. I can’t seem to get over how much this author and his words have connected us so intimately to these characters that have stolen our hearts, and the world in which they live. We have laughed, teared up, had our phones burning up with foul language and plenty of ‘Oh noes! OMG! WTF!’ and ‘I can’t believe he just did that!’ As well as the unpredictability of the events that transpire, which only further increased the anxious knots in our stomachs, with that horrible feeling of trepidation, leaving us on pins until we got to the end... and finally, felt we could breath again.Macky: Damn girl! Let's just admit it, we're hooked on these bloody pirates and everything about their vivid, exciting, adventurous existence. Sacrificed didn't disappoint us one bit, in fact it exceeded our expectations. I loved how Bey cleverly used flashbacks to follow on exactly from where Caged ended. By using teasing hints of what happened between the trio six weeks after they were reunited, it set the tone of the story to come perfectly. Talk about intriguing. There's no doubt, Bey is the king of keeping you tantalized and enticed. Once again it was a matter of love at first sentence!Monique: Absolutely! Another voyage into the unknown for us as readers and the characters themselves… I did have to wonder though Macky at Baltsaros’s motives for taking them on this quest in the first place. I know we were both pissed off with him on several occasions, with more than a few expletives passing in the ether between us with regards to the Captain. But I think thats where Bey Deckard excels because you really have no clue, no idea, where this author is taking us on this journey. You always feel as though you hit a calm before the storm and then those ominously dark clouds start forming overhead, as the twists and turns build in intensity. I know the pair of us were glued to this book as much as Caged.Click on the banner for the rest of the review over on the blog.

  • Em
    2019-01-22 05:22

    Plenty of adventure, hot sex and a touch of angst! Just perfect. The first book in this series Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas was great, really enjoyable and a lot of fun but surprisingly for a sequel this one was even better. I loved the fact that Tom was reunited with Baltsaros and Jon - it just works with the three of them so well.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-02-04 04:32

    Is it a tad premature to declare an author has outdone himself if he’s only published two books? Maybe, but I’m saying it anyway—Bey Deckard has outdone himself with Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, the much anticipated and more than worthy follow-up to Caged: Love and Lust on the High Seas.Unlike anything I’ve ever read before, Sacrificed packs emotion, sensuality, adventure, fantasy, and danger into every one of its chapters. Knowing that Captain Baltsaros was a more complex character than was introduced in Caged (and, trust me, he was already plenty enigmatic), Sacrificed takes the reader on a perilous journey to a place ruled by a twisted Emperor who preys on the psyches of Erem’ia Balor’s people. There are truths Baltsaros needs to discover and secrets he and Tom have kept from Jon, and these truths and secrets will either set him free or spell his ruin. You can cut the tension with a knife at times in this installment of the series, while at other times these three men could make the hardest of hearts melt as they attempt to navigate their feelings for one another.One of the things I love about a good, well-written ménage plot is the reality of the built-in complications inherent to making a relationship work. Bey Deckard doesn’t sugarcoat the jealousies and insecurities that underlie Baltsaros, Tom, and Jon’s needs. While there’s a good bit of angst to work through in Sacrificed, it was all necessary to the growth of both the characters and their relationship. These are three men who have pasts that haunt them, which have served to shape who they are, and it’s together that they must try to overcome those ghosts in order to not only continue to be but to learn to live and love and trust what they’re building together.Thanks to the skill and passion with which the author has told these stories, the Captain, Tom, and Jon have continued to evolve both individually and together. Jon has emerged as a force with which to be reckoned, his strength and cleverness elevating his significance to Baltsaros and Tom, emotionally and physically. Both of these hardened and dangerous pirates are changing, softening not to the point of weakness but are becoming stronger as they each follow their hearts and trust in their feelings for Jon. And for each other. Tom is still a favorite, overflowing with charm and charisma, strong and submissive in equal measures. But perhaps the most significant change is in Baltsaros. While exuding danger and raw sex appeal, the Captain appears to have lost and found his heart all within a single book, and while I won’t give away any spoilers here, I will say the journey to get there was epic. What remains to be seen is in what ways he will continue to transform, though I have no doubt he will still radiate all that magnetism that’s drawn me in from the beginning.With a skill that equals the author’s developing of his characters, the setting drawn in Sacrificed is lush with detail, the prose rife with imagery which allows the reader to gain a firm sense of the time and place while still keeping the story solidly grounded within its alternate history and universe. If you’re not a big fan of historical novels, let me just say there’s nothing in these books that should feed into that dislike. Yes, these men are pirates; yes, there’s a sense of the historical; but these books are raw, erotic, and offer a depth of story and character at the same time, something often lacking in novels with men who fuck and fight and love in equal measure. They play by their own rules and love by their own code, and it’s nothing less than stunning.As impressed as I was by Bey Deckard’s debut, Sacrificed has exceeded any and all expectations I might have had for the follow up to Caged. It’s a grand adventure the author is taking us on, a journey of heart, soul, and imagination that promises, at the end, even more to discover as this extraordinary series continues.

  • JustJen
    2019-02-03 10:44

    A review by The Blogger Girls.This book picks up where Caged left off. Captain B and Jon are eagerly awaiting to see if Tom will give in and join them on their next adventure. Within the first few pages, I was pulled right back into this story and the fabulous world created. It felt really good being reunited with these guys again, and seeing each of them was a total feel good moment for me.There is such depth to these characters. Each one has his own issues and struggles going on inside, which I absolutely love. Baltsaros is continually dealing with his feelings (and jealousy) regarding Jon and Tom – He wants them both but fears they will find enough in each other to not need him. Then there are his secrets – will Jon be able to handle them? Will he be able to find the answers on this current journey to make it a non-issue? Will he be able to win Tom’s trust back? Does he love them? Is he even capable of love? So many issues with poor Captain B.Jon is struggling with his feelings for both men as well. He truly believes he cannot do without either of them, but so many things happen along the way to sway him one way or another. Jon is more concerned than ever that his time around Baltsaros and Tom, as well as his time aboard the ship, are changing him, and he is really not sure he is ok with that.And then we have Tom, one of my all-time favorite characters. Seriously, when Tom talks, it’s like you’re in the room with him and he’s taking up all the space. He just has this aura surrounding him, and I swear I can actually hear his voice every time is see his words. Poor Tom has been through so much. He is torn between his feelings for Baltsaros, how B saved him all those years ago, to the whipping from the last book, and how Tom realizes how much he needs what Balsaros gives him. I think he is quite surprised by how much he feels for Jon, and while those feelings are strong, there is no question he is terrified he will be made to choose between them at some point.As for the story, this is quite an adventure. They sail to a new place, full of mystery, rumors and deceipt. Some characters are lost along the journey, while a few others are picked up. I absolutely loved the twist that surrounds the Emperor of the city of sacrifice. It is mysterious and creepy and completely reminded me of the old movie, The Island of Dr. Moreau. It is here, and through the workings of the Emperor himself, that Baltsaros believes his problems can be solved. Of course, things don’t go as planned, and Jon and Tom are truly put to the test more than once. Secrets are revealed, loyalties and love are tested. There are so many intense moments throughout (in all combinations – Jon/Tom, Jon/Baltsaros, Tom/Baltsaros) that had me holding my breath.I absolutely love when a book is able to make me a part of its story. By that, I mean that it feels more than just opening and closing the cover. It takes me away for that little while as I’m reading and allows me to totally shut out the outside world for a bit. This story has been that way from the start and this installment is no different. If you’re like me and love grabbing a book you can really sink your teeth into, one that leaves you longing for the next before you even finish it, then I highly recommend you give this engaging series a try.

  • Toni FGMAMTC
    2019-01-28 12:21

    This series is majorly great. In the current installment, Baal's Heart of course gets into some very stressful situations. I had to stop for a breather a couple of times because I was nervous. The timeline switches from past to current, catching us up nicely. The adventures are extremely interesting. There are always clues that could possibly mean something. You never quite know where the storyline is headed. There is no downtime. This book has a bit of everything: action, mystery, angst, eroticism, BDSM, mysticism, symbolism, psychology...and a healthy dose of The Feels in my opinion."Hush, lovey. Hush, it'll be ok, Jon. Stop your fighting', it's just me. Old Tom's goin' to make things better..."Umm, yes, please, I do need Tom to come make it better. Can I put a request in for that? The kiss was endless, staggering. It was as if a dam had broken between the men as they strained against each other on the hard mattress. They were raw with desire and thoughts unsaid, both wanting to draw the moment out as long as they could, knowing that it might be a very long time before they had a chance to shed their skins and press their scarred hearts together again.The more I learn about Tom, the more I love him. What a sweet soul he is under all that damage."He sees the good in me, Da, plain as day. That's something' worth fighting' for. Maybe even dyin' for." Not only do we learn more about Tom, but we find out some more about the captain's little quirk. Can't say as that I'm not troubled, but I do see some good in Baltsaros. Jon has really changed from the last book. He's more take charge which is great, but at the same time, he isn't as innocent.The settings are amazing, ancient fictional lands and people. The sex scenes are off the charts hot (and some are very emotional). Everything is so extremely well written. Please do yourself a favor and pick up this series immediately. I often make fan pics for books I love, but the author is an artist and has already drawn some up under art on his blog. These are so much better than anything I could make and definitely not safe for work. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would. 5+++***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***toniFangirlMoments and My Two CentsFULL REVIEW CAN BE FOUND AT

  • B.A. Brock
    2019-01-26 05:36

    This copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.“Sacrificed” is the second book in the Baal’s Heart Trilogy. In the last book, the action ended with the crew of Baal’s Heart planning to travel to Devil’s Isles.A thrilling read! The suspense was so intense, I found myself reading faster than I could turn the pages. Heart-warming and heart-breaking, Deckard explores the light and the darkness of love and sacrifice.Lies, deceit, and belief are aspects of the human soul that Deckard glorifies and challenges. He seamlessly weaves his characters into this suspenseful tale. I am always impressed with his characterizations. The people in his stories, from their dress to their dialog, come alive on the page.Dynamic, dramatic, and intriguing, the three men’s relationships with each other are solid as stone, but at the same time, fragile and precious. All three men disappoint and delight each other with their abilities to love and express that love. This is a story has so much power play, and the romance teeters from going very wrong to very right.More of a character study than a romance, the three men undergo extreme personal growth. Jon, who seemed no more than a toy, proves himself to possess great strength, and Tom, who seemed unflappable and strong, shows his sensitive underbelly. Baltsaros also makes great personal sacrifices and changes. His usual cool and calculating demeanor, the way he sees people as “puzzles of flesh and bone”, and his entire philosophy of the world and his place in it are drastically put to the test.The sex, as always, was fantastic, gritty, and an expression of how much the main characters need one another.Book one and two of Baal’s Heart both came out this year, which makes Deckard one of the most prolific authors I know. I think it’s a given that we can expect more great things from him. Great things, indeed.If you liked this review, check out Beth's blog:

  • agirlwithoutwings
    2019-01-18 07:22

    I couldn’t like Sacrificed as much as the first book, and that’s strange for myself because there are many moments here that I wanted to happen in the first book. The plot didn’t catch me, I wasn't interested to go on reading in spite of all the adventures they were going through. It was like I was bored where I was supposed to have fun reading about these escapades! My other problem is still Jon, I don’t like him! I truly do my best to like him but have failed so far. I was tired of all his “why didn’t you tell me” “why did you lie to me” mewling! Why is he expecting Baltsaros to be a saint in love with him! For me he is a sort of character that even if he were killed, I wouldn't care! I like characters who make the dark characters find their human side, but here I wasn't persuaded, and about Jon turning to a man, I couldn't feel that too! :(Another complaint, and that is about Tom. We’re given information that Tom likes pain, I know he enjoys it, but I don’t think it should be like all the time; (view spoiler)[and was it necessary for Baltsaros to keep backhanding him in his first attempt of coupling after many months? So this is the way Baltsaros gets complete: making love to Jon and hitting Tom and also seeing Tom be hit by Jon? (hide spoiler)] That's really how I saw it! I've read many BDSM but I couldn't get this part!

  • Starr Waddell
    2019-02-13 07:19

    I don't usually review/rate books I've edited, so it's going to be short and sweet. But I can't keep quiet on this one. The depth and emotion of this book surprised me. I laughed and I cried. I cried hard. I've been engrossed in this world for several months now, and these characters have become a part of my life. I can feel Tom's body on mine when I daydream. This book really brought all three main characters to life even more. This is so much more than an erotica. It's like a study of the human psyche, which is utterly fascinating to me. (didn't I say this was going to be short?) #TeamTom #TomInASweater #Whew

  • Joseph Tonlet
    2019-01-23 04:28

    I'm not going to write a review's not what I'm good at...I'll leave that to the awesome reviewers who do an amazing job!I will say:Was it as good as the first book, Caged? OH hells ya!Did I fall in love with the main characters all over again? OH hells ya!Would I recommend it to my friends? OH hells ya!Effin' incredibly perfect followup to Caged, Bey!JLT =)

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-02-11 12:41

    4.5 StarsWow, what an adventure! I swear, if it wasn't the hot sex making me squirm it was the action & suspense that held me to the edge of my seat.I'm so glad we got more of Tom's POV this installment; he's my favorite of the three. John is the character I think we're supposed to identify with, to be on this journey of discovery and self-enlightenment with...but while he is fascinating, Tom is the one who captured my heart.And I just have to say that OMFG Michael Ferraiuolo's accents and voices for these characters - all of them, from the men & women to the slaves and emperor - are amazingly complex and singularly distinct. If I had to stop the story for a bit, I knew that when I came back to it that I'd know who was speaking right off the bat and not have to worry about remembering what happened up to that point. So damned good.I can't wait to find an excuse to listen to the next one!

  • K
    2019-02-05 05:32

    The second instalment of Baal’s Heart, Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, by Bey Deckard will grab your full attention just as much as the first novel Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. Once again, Bey brings us a treasure full of intrigue, suspense, and overall magnetism you will be hard-pressed to set down before the end. Reuniting with the cast from Baal’s Heart feels like coming home to family and friends. Above all, you will be left breathless in its wake. The crew come together again to partake on a fool’s journey with Captain Baltsaros, Jon, and Tom, the captain’s first mate. Some new members will join the crew while some will stay behind. Tom’s on board even though he still carries hurt and confusion with the captain’s previous behaviour. All trespasses may have been forgiven but they have not been forgotten. Like a chronic ache, jealousy runs rampant through the captain’s mind. Jon is left with the task of trying to figure out how to close the gap between the three.In Sacrificed, Jon has definitely grown up and has an abundance of maturity. He wears his feelings on his sleeve and seems surprised at the level he has for Tom. He’s no longer the shy, withdrawn, afraid of his own shadow, boy. He is a man not afraid to play with fire or take over the dominant lead when needed. Jon also realizes that he wants more than just stolen moments with the Captain and equally with Tom. Once a virgin to any and all sexual encounters, he is no longer afraid to ask or initiate to have his desires met. He is a beautiful soul. When he is in the height of his pleasure and desires, he is breath-taking. He struggles to understand what demons Baltsaros’ has in his mind that keeps him from trusting completely. Honesty will be something that Jon demands from both the Captain and Tom. Once he has it he can’t help but wonder if maybe he was better off with lies.Faced with moments of fear and terror, doubt will have no place aboard the Heart. Once they hit dry land Jon surprises everyone with his take charge attitude and his nerves of steel. As they scout through the market weary of enemies Jon hopes his gift will steer him in the right direction. Constantly on guard, unsure who is friend or foe, he will have to trust his instincts as well as the enemy. He just hopes that he has not made a mistake that will get them all killed.Tom may be damaged on the outside, but his beauty comes from within. Being betrayed by the Captain hurt more than he lets on. When Jon and the Captain come looking for him, wanting him back, not only as first mate but with them in their bed, he has misgivings to the validity of their proposal. Needing time to figure things out he tries to stay clear from both men. He knows the Captain is jealous, but his connection and chemistry that keeps Jon coming to him is stronger than his fear. It’s going to be up to Baltsaros to prove his loyalty, and even his love, for Tom to feel at ease.As they come closer to their destination, Devil’s Isle, Tom can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a big mistake. The freezing temperatures and the ice they encounter will kill them all if they don’t act quickly. Losing crew members to the elements will require all hands on deck getting the Heart to dry land. Yet again, Tom is faced with nightmares from his past. Worry will settle upon his shoulders but it won’t do any good to let the others see. Trying to keep his mind on the here and now and one step ahead of the enemy will take all his concentration.The Captain has hidden truths for so long he fears the repercussions once they are exposed. What he believes of himself and what others see are two different people. He realizes he must get a handle on his jealousy over Tom and Jon or he may lose them both. Once they make it past the spires and they set off on foot he has his own agenda to accomplish. Being under the illusion that he is an evil man, he will go to great lengths to rid himself of the monster he believes lives inside of him. If Jon and/or Tom can’t get to him in time, he may have just signed his own death warrant. Seeing the Captain under great despair, at times, dazed and confused, Jon starts putting bits and pieces of past information together. Finally seeing a pattern for Baltsaros’ behaviour he has a plan to free the captain from his torment. They must make it back to Baal’s Heart before the plan can be carried out. Jon is a force to be reckoned with. He is smooth and graceful in his actions. He is a quick thinker always compensating to meet the needs of those around him. What’s in store for him next will take all of his skill and talents to succeed. With the captain and Tom by his side guiding him on their journey, lending their wisdom, brawn, and love, failure is not in the equation. It may seem as though nothing has changed, yet the truth is everything has changed.What a roller coaster of a journey Bey Deckard takes us on with this instalment. As they travel the high seas in search of a destination unknown you will be thrust into action packed drama from the minute you open the page. This author continues to wow me from start to finish. It is painstakingly obvious the lengths he has taken to deliver such a detailed, precise story. Every chapter is fever pitch keeping you exhausted with exhilaration. The Captain is leading the crew, and we, the readers, on a venture fraught with peril. As more and more secrets are revealed the author will keep you on the edge of your seat. The storyline sucks you in with incredible fascination as you work your way through this captivating tale that travels across the open sea. The characters, whether old or new, will expose your senses with so much passion and delight, and sometimes extreme fear, you don’t want to let go. Many times I was caught up inside the minds and hearts of these amazing yet weary souls. When they felt turbulence I felt it as well. When they experienced joy and passion, I was smiling from ear to ear. When the three come together to reach for heights unknown, find their pleasure, it is stunning. Whether rough and hard, or slow and passionate, you will be enthralled as they lay down all misgivings and live in that moment. Only wanting the best for the Captain, Jon, and Tom, you hang on by your fingernails as they wade through mayhem and destruction. You have no choice but to put your faith in their hands as they weed out the menace and seek the good. Honestly, I could go on and on, but instead of me rambling, my best advice is to read it for yourself. The plot, the dialogue, the characters will be some of the finest you will come across. I would challenge, anyone, to prove me wrong. This author has perfected his craft with much precision to detail. Open your imagination, your heart, and your mind. Get on board the Heart, let them take you to places unseen. It will be an experience you will forever remember. I am now feeling the effects of book hang over. But, knowing there will be more to come, more adventure to experience, more places to go and people to see, also gives me great pleasure and something to look forward to. Bey Deckard…you are amazing, Sir!!I was given an ARC by the author in return for an honest review. This review will also be featured on MM Good Book Reviews. My sincere thanks to the author.

  • Fifi LaFleur
    2019-02-10 08:40

    Again, I am blown away by Bey Deckard's ability to merge amazing and ever-changing characters, a fantastic plot, and some delicious kinky sex into a story that is impossible to put down.Intense, beautiful, terrifying.... all words that describe this novel. The feeling of dread that kicked in at about 30% almost never eased up. While you hope everyone makes it out okay, you're just never sure. Even if they do make it out, will their course be forever altered? I love the tone set for this novel. There is a heaviness and sense of unease that lurks in the words. The foreboding is practically a character in itself. Aside from the great storytelling, the thing that really makes this novel amazing is the characters. They feel like friends. Fucked up and wonderful friends that you really hope the best for. Their emotional journey is as intense as the physical one beyond the spires. They search for adventure and redemption in equal measure. Can't wait for the next one! And, yes, #team tom!

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2019-02-06 05:23

    After reading the first part in this series, I couldn't wait to find out how the adventures would continue! And wow ... this was crazy! The story was fastmoving and definitly bloody. I was very afraid for our boys. I really liked that we got a lot more of Tom in this story; he became a real part of the relationship in my eyes and I have to say that he is my favourite MC. Jon is still great and I loved his dominant side a lot! ^^ However, Baltsaros was very difficult to like in this part of the series, he was not rational, hurting Jon and Tom again and again and I sometimes just wanted him to stay behind. But there seems to be a lot more behind his obsession and I would love to find out the whole story! Can't wait to pick up the next part! 4 stars for this one!

  • AliciaJ
    2019-01-21 05:24

    This was a difficult read, but worth it to see the growth and development of the characters. I'm still on board to see what happens next.

  • Maggie Simms
    2019-02-10 09:29

    5 effing stars! No, really, seriously… Reunited once more, the crew of Baal’s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil’s Isles. The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril; mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is the most shocking of all.In this sequel to the acclaimed Caged, the pirates are dragged into a dangerous new world by Captain Baltsaros’s all-consuming obsession. In the midst of terror and chaos, Jon learns that the captain and first mate have been keeping secrets from him. But will the truth tear them apart? This book has parts I loved and parts that deeply frustrated me! It certainly evoked strong emotions out of me. This sequel isfantastic.Warning, the below might bespoilerish Ok, so things get deeper in terms of the men coming to terms with their feelings as well as getting up shit creek into trouble. The adventure is a lot more intense, new characters are introduced (good and bad) and nobody is safe. It is dark; full of lies, secrets, fears, violence, lust, and love…and blood. There is lots of blood.Tom,I just loveTom So at the beginning, there is a scene in which Jon is dominating Tom. I had a hard time buying into it since Jon had been nothing but a damsel in distress in the previous book. It is hard to picture the same person who is a damsel in distress as a Dom, specially dominating someone as strong as Tom. But later it was easier to accept, as Jon grew as a character and showed strength. This book has a lot of great Jon and Tom moments. I confess that Tom is myfavoritecharacter by a long shot. So I read the book with a craving for more Tom in every page. The author has created a character that I feel deeply protective of, specially because I still feel that he is not on equal footing when it comes to this ménage. This makes me frustrated with the other two characters at times. Baltsaros comes to terms that he loves Jon, that he will doanythingnot to lose Jon including putting himself and Tom in danger. When it comes to their love, Jon basically has both men by the balls. The moments between Jon and Baltsaros are full of love and I get a deep ‘you’re my soulmate’ feeling between them. Alas, the same does not happen with my Tom. BaltsaroslovesJon and heneedsTom. True, there is a scene towards the end in which Baltsaros is kissing Tom’s hand that is very sweet and melted my heart so there is advancement between these two. Now I feel that Baltsaros feelsaffectionfor Tom. One scene that disappointed/frustrated me:(view spoiler)[ when the three of them are in the castle right before the guards come to take them away, the three of them have their heart to heart, and want to have what is potentially their last moment together. So what happens? Jon and Baltasaros enjoy each other while Tomservicesthem by sucking them both. They basically treat him like the slave that they both want to make Tom. He is nothing but a plaything to the two of them in this scene. Is it NEVER about TOM when these three are having sex. The other scene when Jon is remembering when Baltsaros was ‘punishing’ him by having him watch him fuck Tom; even when Baltsaros is cock deep inside of Tom, he is stillfocusedon Jon. It isfrustratingIt almost had me deducting a star from this review.(hide spoiler)]Something that I’m very uncomfortable with:(view spoiler)[ So Baltsaros is an utter bastard. He has never pretended otherwise. Nothing new here. So he forces Tom to ‘pretend’ to be his slave so that they can go to the island. What Baltsaros wants, Baltsaros gets. Never mind how Tom feels about it or how traumatizing this could be for him. Baltsaros wants to go to this island and Tom‘will have to come to terms with his request’.And then, after he sees how awful it is being on Tom going back to slavery he has the gall to tell him: “I didn’t know it would be so hard on you,”…Tom felt a flash of anger and let himself up on his knees, glaring at Baltsaros in disbelief. “What fuckin’ part of ‘I don’t fuckin’ want to do it’ did ye not understand, Da?” Then, BOTH Jon (who is supposed to be the noble one) and Baltsaros want to keep Tom as their sexual slave. They never remove the slave collar. This is no collar that he wears during their ‘play’ time when he is submitting to them, but rather arealslave collar in a time/place/setting where slavery is VERY real. He could get caught somewhere and be treated like a real slave. That is the kind of thing that pisses me off because these two just treat Tom as they please to fill their needs and wants, no regards to the dangers that it can signify for Tom. Poor Tom, all he wants is to please Jon and Baltsaros. Again, I feel very protective of Tom.(hide spoiler)]Overall, this sequel was well-worth the wait. Can’t wait to read the next one. Hopefully the wait is not long. I will certainly be checking out anything else that Bey writes. This one is going to my 'favorites' shelf. Wishlist for the 3rd book: -more Tom. Even thought there are three main characters, this still feels very much as Jon’s book.-more Tom/Balstaros moments. Full fledged. Not the implied, short kinds that we get several of in this book. -less Tom being treated like a sex toy to both Jon and Baltsaros and more of him being treated like a cherished lover. And by that I don’t mean him not submitting to them but rather them showingappreciation love for him.-less Jon. More Baltsaros and Tom’s point of views.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Cadiva
    2019-01-29 09:29

    Just keeps getting betterOh lordy this book is all ends up a headrush, filled with adventures, seriously disturbing violent episodes, twisted mental torture and volcanic hot menage action.I love the mixture of cultures which have been drawn upon to sit this world upon, the blood sacrifices of the old South American religions juxtaposed against an almost Inuit fishing culture and the Golden Age of English piracy in the West Indies and Caribbean.Tom, Jon and the Captain are still finding their way as a threesome and there's some moments of despair alongside the joyous expressions of sexual freedom. Each man is changing and the fears from that have a powerful effect on the narrative.Now to find out what birthed the Captain's beast and whether Jon's visions are going to bring a happy ending.

  • multitaskingmomma
    2019-02-02 11:43

    Original Post: eARC Review: Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires (Baal's Heart #2) by Bey DeckardMy Rating: (5 of 5 Stars) 5 The Multiplier Rating Takes EffectPure GoldThis was a huge read but each page was turned viciously I cramped my fingers clicking my Kindle to death. Holy Camote!!!!!!Okay, so Bey Deckard upped his bar on this one and after Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas (Baal's Heart #1), I thought, meh, he's good but how will his follow up make it?**eatmywordsandtongue**Damn but this was good and not in a Pirates of Penzance way. I flip a finger at Disney too.Okay so this was way better than good. This story is the continuation to what could have been considered an HEA of the first installment. We thought the men would go through their lives like a fairy tale with the dominating Captain Baltsaros leading the relationship, Tom following a close second and then there was Jon. The gentle, loving, submissive who cared for both men with a passion he never thought he could have. We all go through the motions of reading about how the men finally get on with their lives thinking, ho hum, but then the plot twists with a whole lot of angst. They now find themselves in a stressful relationship with Jon right in the middle. But instead of caving into the stress, instead of the boy who came out the winner with two strong men at his beck and call, we have a Jon who matures into someone none of us readers expected him to go through. A maturation that takes the captain and Tom by surprise, denial and finally, full acceptance and pride. (Take note that I removed a whole lot of stuff from this specific space. I have written and rewritten this review but decided, heck no, I am not spoiling anything, accidentally or on purpose.)Through all of the swashbuckling action and drama that unfolds, this does not read like a book. Not at all. It is a movie in our minds we cannot click Stop to. This is a fast read despite its weight and that makes it one of the strongest reads I have encountered in a long time. The best thing is, all throughout the read, I could still hear the waves as they crashed on the sides of the ship, smell the salty sea air and just get lost in the beauty that is a pirate story. Awesome read! ...did I mention erotically HOT!!!!!!????

  • Trio
    2019-02-02 11:31

    absolutely fantastic series!I love the author's writing style, he does an amazing job writing from the different MC's perspectives and his characters are so perfectly drawn it has been intense to see them develop in this second in the series.Very fast moving and original plot - again, just beautifully written. And so perfectly dark, I'm dreading where Deckard is going to take it (and thankfully it wasn't what I had expected, bc I don't think I could have survived it). The build up to Fated: Blood and Redemption was killing me over the last 100 pages - I have it downloaded already.Great job!

  • Jessica Lynn
    2019-02-13 09:39

    It keeps getting better.....What a story!!! I'm finding it difficult to use better descriptive words than Amazing or wonderful. How about freakin' great!! I read a lot and don't get me wrong I love most of the m/m I do read, but there something about this series, the story is so well told, the characters are so well development and they're constantly evolving (and at times devolving and self destructive). There are times I love the characters to death and other times they frustrate me so much I want to punch them, but ultimately I can't get enough. It's fantastic!! Can't waited for Fated!!!

  • ~Sαм I Aм~
    2019-01-22 05:35

    Bloody Brilliant... storytelling, prose, hansome pirates and some damn hot lovin'. It was just an pleasure from beginning to end. Even the really brutal parts were so captivating and brilliantly done. I loved learning more about these men, and in Sacrifice' there were some eyeopening moments, revealing their weaknesses, internal struggles, cutting away all the lies, laying their emotions bare. I think that Baltsaros, Tom and Jon really grew in this book. Now I need the last one in the trilogy -(Fated). Fingers crossed for a HEA. <3Highly recommended, 5 stars***** ye beauty! ;)

  • Andrea (Catsos Person) is a Compulsive eBook Hoarder
    2019-01-20 11:39

    Awesome.Last book to be read in 2018z