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"Gritty from east to west, Marseille is the perfect venue for the latest in Akashic's venerable Noir series. While earlier entries in this 70-volume series have sometimes been bleak and atmospheric, this one is all red meat....Just as Marseille is tailor-made for noir, this dark banquet is tailor-made for noir fans."-- Kirkus Reviews "The stories...are united by vivid and"Gritty from east to west, Marseille is the perfect venue for the latest in Akashic's venerable Noir series. While earlier entries in this 70-volume series have sometimes been bleak and atmospheric, this one is all red meat....Just as Marseille is tailor-made for noir, this dark banquet is tailor-made for noir fans."--Kirkus Reviews"The stories...are united by vivid and evocative writing, as well as by a distinctive take on the city. Another strong entry in a series that should be required reading for crime fans."--Booklist"This entry in Akashic’s noir series navigates the seedy side of Marseille with 14 stories that range from the creepily introspective to the downright brutal."--Publishers WeeklyAkashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies, launched in 2004 with Brooklyn Noir. Each story is set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book.The Akashic Noir Series first ventured into France with Paris Noir, and now moves one step deeper...Featuring brand-new stories translated from French by David Ball and Nicole Ball: François Beaune, Philippe Carrese, Patrick Coulomb, Cédric Fabre, René Frégni, Christian Garcin, Salim Hatubou, Rebecca Lighieri, Emmanuel Loi, Marie Neuser, Pia Petersen, Serge Scotto, Minna Sif, and François Thomazeau.Cet ouvrage publié dans le cadre du programme d'aide à la publication bénéficie du soutien du Ministèe des Affaires Etrangères et du Service Culturel de l'Ambassade de France représenté aux Etats-Unis.This work, published as part of a program of aid for publication, received support from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in the United States....

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Marseille Noir Reviews

  • Susan
    2019-02-20 22:19

    This collection of fictional stories about Marseille is diverse, dark, macabre, quirky and totally irresistible. Each story has a unique voice about crime and the dark side of the city. By far my favorite was “I'll go away with the first man who says I love you” by Marie Neuser. I also really liked “The Warehouse of People from Before” by Salim Hatubou. In this selection of stories Marseille comes across as a hard, tough, masculine city full of crime but also full of life and interesting characters. It will make you realize that Marseille is more than just an old, picturesque city by the sea. This is my first book in the Noir series and I found it so enjoyable that I definitely want to read more.Thanks to Library Thing and Akashic Books for providing me with a review copy of the book.

  • Jenna Billington
    2019-01-29 05:31

    The first of but not the last in the noir series that I️ will read. A collections of short stories from a collection of authors who have really painted a picture of the dark, crime filled, grungy side of Marseille. I️ enjoyed reading the stories translated into in English and pick out a few that I️ would like to read again the original French.

  • Woody Chandler
    2019-02-06 02:13

    I generally like the books in Akashic's Noir series & this was no exception. It paints a bleaker picture of Marseille than what I remember from my visit, but so be it. Lots of compelling stories in this collection, making it another quick read.

  • Bryan D.
    2019-01-25 03:22

    I'll preface this review by noting that I have never been to Marseille, or anywhere in the south of France, but it is on my bucket list. That said, this is a tremendous collection of stories that paint a very grim picture of life in the Phocaean City. Admittedly the "noir" series centers on crime fiction, but at this point I need to read at least another one of the "noir" books--say San Francisco Noir, or Portland Noir, or even Paris Noir--cities of which I have some personal knowledge. I also feel the need to reread some Pagnol, just to get a lighter taste in my mouth (well, as light as Gauloises and Pastis allow). The fourteen stories in this collection are definitely crime-ridden: murder, drugs, smuggling, theft. Sometimes all of the above. Collected this way, the city they depict seems like a place to avoid. And yet, Marseille was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2013, a fact to which many of the stories allude. Many of the stories also suggest that Marseille, rather than being a city, is a collection of villages, and each story is set in one or another of these "villages." There is even a map to give the reader a sense of where the stories take place. My first venture into the "noir" series, I have nothing with which to compare this, but I can say that the individual stories are captivating, if very dark in tone, and the work of the translators extraordinary. Kudos to David and Nicole Ball who turned the work of these fourteen authors into very readable English. I do want to read more by several of the authors, and in the original French. (And I have to grab some more Pagnol, just to clear the palate.)

  • Kris
    2019-01-28 02:40

    Marseille Noir ed. By Cedric FabreFor me, this is a solid 4 ½ star read. One of the things I love about the “Noir” series is that selections are edited by individuals from that city so the stories are very representative of that place. The second thing I love is that the stories were originally written in the language of that city and country and then translated into English. The variety is there: stories by both men and women. Stories from the point of view of natives of both the city and France as well as immigrants to those cities and that country. It is worth noting that Marseille, as a port city on the Mediterranean, has been influenced by Corsicans, Italians, Greek, French, Africans of all persuasions and Middle Easterners.I loved the stories that showed the “seamy underside” the most. I guess that appeals to my interest in the stories of gangsters and underworld figures. There are plenty of great dark undertones that readers of noir will be expecting. I had several favorites. My top ones were probably “Extreme Unction” by Francois Thomazeau; “Silence Is Your Best Friend” by Patrick Coulomb; “What Can I Say?” by Rebecca Lighieri; The Problem With the Rotary” by Phillipe Carrese and “Green, Slightly Gray” by Serge Scotto. But in so saying those were my picks, I can say with confidence that every entry was strong. Loved this edition. Great set of short stories and don't leave out the forward on any of these books because they are fantastic at setting the scene. Likewise, at the end of each volume is a profile of each writer so that you can seek out those you might like to follow.

  • Fred
    2019-02-14 01:28

    This book ended up on my reading list because I noticed that I might have been neglecting great books that had been written in other languages. Since I'm strictly monolingual that left me hunting for great books written in other languages that had also been translated into English. After some digging around on Goodreads and Amazon I eventually ended up adding this and a few others that may or may not have met the original criteria to my list of things to read.This was a pretty good book in it's own right and a decent collection of short stories compared to many of them that are out there. I have not read much in the way of Noir previously and this was my first in Akashic Books Noir series set around the world that I've read at all. I can definitely see myself reading more from the series and reading more from the seedier European cities featured in the series as opposed to the American ones. I'd recommend this for fans of short stories, French culture, crime novels, and the blending of the three.

  • Ann Holland
    2019-01-25 01:22

    One in the series of noir short story anthologies set in different cities. This collection gives good picture of underbelly of life in Marseille. Great read for noir fans.