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There are many people pretending to be Christian leaders and thinkers who espouse a prosperity gospel. But in this work by the Puritan, William Bates, he lays out the reasons why prosperity is such a danger and trap....

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the dangers of prosperity vintage puritan Reviews

  • Tori Samar
    2019-03-27 05:38

    "Prosperity is a disguised poison, pleasant to the unwary sense, but deadly in the operation; and the more pernicious in the effects, because less dangerous in the opinions of men."How true, especially for those of us living in the "health and wealth gospel" era. I suspect many of us would benefit from a healthy dose of Puritan reality on the subject of prosperity. The title of this little book says it all: beware the dangers of prosperity. Bates is not railing against prosperity and material blessings as outright evils. Rather, he is reminding us that they come with their own unique set of dangers.This isn't the most readable of Puritan books. Bates gets very technical and nuanced about certain topics in some of the early parts of the book; in other places, he seems to lose the thread of his main argument. I also had problems at times determining whether Bates was focusing on the dangers of prosperity for unregenerate people or for Christians. At the very least, he does cover both groups. But it's sometimes hard to distinguish when he switches between discussing one or the other. Qualms aside, there is some good wisdom in this book (I especially liked the "application" section at the end of the book). Here are some of my favorite insights:-"God will not be our everlasting joy in heaven, if he be not our exceeding joy upon the earth."-"Prosperity inclines sinners to an impious neglect of God, which is a sin of the highest nature, and prolific of innumerable evils. All sin is an irregularity, either in the excess or the defective extreme, either in overvaluing and loving the creature, or in the disesteem and indifference to the Creator, and prosperity increases the aversion of the carnal heart from God, in the same degrees as it strengthens the propensity to the world."-"Those lusts that spring, and grow, and flourish in prosperity, are blasted and wither, and die in adversity. Those who forget God when prosperous in the world, are taught by the voice of the rod to adore his majesty, obey his laws, imitate his holiness, and humbly to accept of his mercy. By afflictions the sensual appetites are subdued, and brought into order; a low state, is a protection from many strong and destructive temptations. . . . Sanctified affliction, is a happy preparative for the fulness of joy in the blessed presence of God."-"[W]hen in the midst of prosperity the soul is filled with a noble admiration of the divine excellencies, when it tastes incomparably more sweetness in the love of God, from whence outward blessings are derived, than in the things themselves, when the chief joy arises from the contemplation of his favour in Christ, whereby we are pardoned, and preferred to brethren, coheirs with him of the immortal and undefiled inheritance, then we know how to abound."-"When riches and power are employed for the glory of God and the good of others, they are a happy advantage, to those that possess them. . . . God has a sovereign right in all things we have, and they are not to be employed merely for our pleasure and profit, but according to his will, and for his honour."-“'I know how to abound,' Phil. 4, says the apostle; and immediately adds, 'I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.' Supernatural strength in an eminent degree is requisite to keep us entire and upright in the dangerous conflict with the pleasant temptations of this world: and that strength is derived from Christ."(Read for the 2017 Tim Challies Christian Reading Challenge: A book written by a Puritan)

  • Steve
    2019-03-25 04:38

    A great little book. Thought provoking.