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No Woman Has Ever Denied Him... Until NowIn the urban jungle of Los Angeles, hard-working city girl Cathlene Patterson has her hands full juggling two jobs. She meets wealthy and cynical businessman Nick Maxwell who immediately falls hard for her independent spirit. He offers to rescue her from the daily grind but she's no damsel in distress. Although she craves Nick withNo Woman Has Ever Denied Him... Until NowIn the urban jungle of Los Angeles, hard-working city girl Cathlene Patterson has her hands full juggling two jobs. She meets wealthy and cynical businessman Nick Maxwell who immediately falls hard for her independent spirit. He offers to rescue her from the daily grind but she's no damsel in distress. Although she craves Nick with a burning lust, she challenges his advances at every turn. He boldly and ruthlessly bends rules to win her love, only to have them backfire. Cathlene delves deep into his bad boy persona and touches a part of him he had long buried. Her stubbornness rivals his own and distrust keeps them apart, but nothing will prevent Nick from claiming His Unquenchable Desire....

Title : his unquenchable desire
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his unquenchable desire Reviews

  • Reviews by the Mrs.
    2019-03-01 03:01

    Playboy Nick Maxwell meets naive Cathlene Patterson and is immediately captivated by her. Nick is an extremely attractive and successful entrepreneur who is used to women being attracted to not only his good looks but also his money, leaving Nick very cynical about women. While Cathlene is dazzled by his dark hair and big blue eyes, she is aloof to the size of his bank account. Cathlene is a described hard working and confident woman who is left with a mountain of hospital bills after her father loses his long battle with prostate cancer. Working two jobs, living in a modest apartment with a roommate, and driving a ten year old Toyota, Cathlene is the opposite of Nick's world of Malibu beach homes, black Ferrari's, and high fashion. The two begin to have "chance" encounters and Nick begins to call her both on her cell phone and at her office, even though Cathlene has never given him her number. The encounters are full of sexual innuendoes and tension. The growing attraction between the two are evident. After a demanding request that she join him for dinner, Nick offers Cathlene a job working for him making substantially more than she does now. To sweeten the deal, Nick dangles the opportunity to work in interior design before Cathlene, something she has always dreamed of doing but has only shared with a few close confidants. Cathlene accepts the job with the understanding that there will not be anything sexual between them to which Nick agrees but clarifies that there will be nothing sexual between them "during working hours." The relationships continues down it's predictable path and the two do engage in several graphic sexual encounters. The author does attempt to introduce some complexity of the characters, such as Cathlene having trust issues, but it was far too late in the story for me to believe them to be anything other than an after thought. I had several problems with the story, the least of which was the very trite ending. I found this book to not be a new, smart, or fresh story for it's genre. It is the quintessential poor, down on her luck young woman meets rich, arrogant man. However, the over-played story line was not what I found to be most problematic with the book. The author introduces story lines within the characters, that I find extremely troubling. Very early in the book, the reader discovers that Nick is actually stalking Cathlene. For example, Nick shows up at Cathlene's office and spies on her and her boss from across the parking lot. Nick speeds away in a jealous rage, after he sees Cathlene and her boss Andy (who is also her best friend) touch. The author writes to endorse Nick's following of Cathlene. When did stalking become flattering and not frightening? The jealousy continues and becomes controlling and manipulative to the point that Nick feels justified in telling Cathlene what friends she can have and who can be in her own home. While there are brief scenes of Cathlene standing up to Nick, there is still the underlying assertion that Nick's controlling behavior is because he cares. With the character of Cathlene being introduced as "proud, hard working, and confident" I would have hoped that the author would have also made her smart to see those characteristics as troubling. Toward the end of the story, it is revealed that Nick knew so much about Cathlene because he used coercion to get someone from Cathlene's past to give him all the information. Cathlene discusses this with her closest girlfriend and says that it is "creepy" but her girlfriend thinks it's "thrilling" because it must mean he is very interested. Cathlene confronts Nick but it goes no where and they just have sex in the car instead. While I found the notions of stalking, controlling behaviors, and coercion to be unacceptable, even in the confines of a fictional relationship, I am sure not everyone holds my same opinion. Those looking for a newer version of the stereotypical poor young woman meets rich man, will find this a quick read. For those looking for a smart romance novel with a woman who is independent and confident, keep looking.

  • Jennifer Hines
    2019-03-10 05:17

    *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*Cathlene works hard to take care of herself and her debts. The last thing she wants is a handout or some hot rich guy trying to take care of her. Nick gets what he wants and what he wants is Cathlene. He’s never had a woman say no to him or his money, so when she does he’s at a complete loss on how to win her, but that won’t stop him from trying.Nick goes above and beyond stalker. He watches her, he has people watch her, and he bribes information about her from other people…he’s kind of creepy in that aspect. He does have his sweet moments, but the overpowering ‘I get what I want’ attitude gets a little much.Their relationship is hot and cold and honestly didn’t feel quite right to me. Cathlene has kind of a poor me feel about her, while on the other hand I couldn’t quite decide if I even liked Nick or not.“You should know that sometimes guys tend to act stupid when they’re getting too close to a woman.” As for the writing, it switched back and forth between Cathlene and Nick entirely too often. Sometimes it would only be a sentence or two and then it would switch back. For me it was just too much. However, His Unquenchable Desire is a fast read with an interesting storyline.My Favorite Laughable Moment: A birthday party when alone time is loudly interrupted.

  • Le Sandra
    2019-03-23 06:55

    This novel never fails to satiate one's romance appetite! As chapter one describes, "At twenty-eight, she knew better than to indulge in a conversation with a stranger, especially one who could easily destroy her equilibrium. She suddenly felt the need to be alone and get away from this too delectable man and his dangerous prescence." Heroine Cathlene is a sweet and innocent protagonist who gets mired in the dashing and brash foil Nick Maxwell. This page turner develops the characters nicely and adds some daringness as well. There's the platonic Andy and the sisterly-like roommate Mimi to round out the lot.The lovemaking passages tantalize the reader in their detailed descriptiveness. Not for the faint at heart and almost enough to make one blush! Set in Los Angeles, one only wishes the author, the talented Joy Tremay, would add more local scenes to the picture. The reader roots for the heroine and wants her to have the best; one can only hang onto the cliffhangers of the chapters as to whether this couple will make it...For a deliciously tantalizing read, check out His Unquenchable Desire. It never fails to quench one's romantic appetite.

  • Stephanie Lasley
    2019-02-26 01:05

    Nick Maxwell is a rich, powerful, arrogant man. He has everything money can buy. Nick has the midis touch in business, but his personal life is another story.On a chance encounter Nick meets Cathleen Patterson. He is instantly drawn to her, but when he turns on his charm she responds with polite remarks and remains distant. Nick has never had to work to receive attention from a woman. She just became his ultimate challenge. Her stubborn, aloof attitude just lights a fire inside him, but is it just the chase that he loves? Author Joy Tremay has written such a sweet, dazzling, charismatic love story. It’s predictable at times but still an easy fun read.Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair, and honest review. We are not associated with the author or Amazon.

  • Tatiana Usova
    2019-03-21 04:18

    This love story of two stubborn and independent people made me think of the film “Pretty woman” though the storyline is quite different. I like the main character Cathlene who stays true to her values even though life tests her by throwing challenges. Nick is a complex man who shields his soft heart and caring nature with arrogance and aplomb. I highly enjoyed witty conversations between two protagonists. Some love scenes made me blush, particularly when I happened to read them in public places and was concious that someone can look over my shoulder and check what I read. The book is a page-turner