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An Amazon #1 Bestseller!It's been nearly a decade since the world ended. Since Joss watched her parents die at the hands of a nightmare, a nightmare that stalks her even now, all these years later. That's the problem with the Risen - they refuse to die.But Joss is a survivor. A loner living in the post-apocalyptic streets of Seattle. It's a world dictated by Risen and theAn Amazon #1 Bestseller!It's been nearly a decade since the world ended. Since Joss watched her parents die at the hands of a nightmare, a nightmare that stalks her even now, all these years later. That's the problem with the Risen - they refuse to die.But Joss is a survivor. A loner living in the post-apocalyptic streets of Seattle. It's a world dictated by Risen and the looming threat of the Colonists, a group of fellow survivors living comfortably in their compounds and patrolling the wild, looking to "save" the orphans of the end.Orphans like Joss.Like Ryan.As a member of an all male gang, Ryan is a threat as real as the Risen, a threat Joss avoids at all costs. Then one night their paths cross and Joss makes a choice that goes against all of her instincts. A choice that will threaten everything she has.Now a new outbreak is imminent and the Colonists are closing in. Joss' solitary, secret world will be blown wide open and the comfortable numbness she's lived in for the last six years will burn away leaving her aching and afraid.And awake....

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writing on the wall survival 1 Reviews

  • Jasmine
    2019-03-18 17:33

    I miss your kiss.First up, I LOVE the book and judging from the above quote, it was not an ordinary romantic story with a seventeen-year-old girl named Joss and a tall, broad-shouldered guy named Ryan(who reminded her as Jack Ryan in the movie Sixteen Candles but he looked nothing like him, lol). Nope, it was a beautiful encounter for both of them and they lived in a messed up apocalyptic world surrounded by zombies, wild animals, the Colonists, and bunch of gangs. I love everything in this story, including characters, place settings, and twisting plots.I love Jocelyn, aka Joss because she was another badass, brave girl who had the nerve to kick her enemy's ass when necessary, even if she knew how hopeless she would be. I know that sounds calloused and that’s because I am; I’m calloused. I have a hard exterior and none of the soft, nougaty center to balance it out. I’ve worked hard to sink the callouses down deep, layer after layer until I’m more Jawbreaker than anything else.I love how she met Ryan by accident, well, not exactly accidentally, but it was a matter of her impulsive decision to save him from a fierce wolf. Better yet, they met each other in the very beginning of the story, which left me in ecstasy then. At first, she was hostile and alerted around him, but eventually regained her long lost trust and brought back her emotions; what's more, she gradually allowed herself to have some feelings for him because he did care for her. Sounds like a great development between them! I’m at the tip of the arc, at the closest point where the comet travels by the earth. I want to reach out my hand and trail my fingers through its shimmering tail of gray dust and starlight. I want a piece of it to stay with me, to cling to me and be one more thing I carry with me forever. One more load I happily bear.And the surprise never ended in the book. I love it because Joss was a genius for picking one of my favorite songs to play for Ryan when they explored her innovative iPod---Imagine Dragons-Radioactive! Seriously, she really chose this one and it fit their situation so well: Being alone to be a survivor to fight against the apocalypse full of scary crawlers in her worst nightmare and zombies. I pick a song to play for him. My favorite, because why not share them all with him tonight? Why not let the things I love out to breath and exist for eyes and ears other than my own? I’m finding that it makes them fresh and new to me again. Brighter and shinier than they’ve ever been. Myself included.I’m waking up to ash and dustI wipe my brow and I sweat my rustI’m breathing in the chemicalsI’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison busThis is it, the apocalypseBy the time Ryan had to go back to his gang, Joss made up her mind to leave her place since she couldn't fully trust him, not under the circumstance where everybody had to find their own way out in the world after, not when she carefully conceal her insecurity and fear before any stranger.(Yep, even after they spent a night together, she hadn't put down her guard completely.) That’s when I see the writing on the wall. 7th/Borenred brickI know urs, u know minedon’t goFortunately, time could ease away her traumatic fear; that is, she was afraid of watching people around her died from cannibal zombies or other brutal ways. As she spent more time with Ryan, I think he could somehow warm up the icy cold exterior of her heart and made her tried to feel this kind of new experience with him. What I'm saying is I love their first kiss and that was not only a huge step for them but a heartfelt promise. I give up, I give in. I hold on and I enjoy the moment as the comet crash lands onto the earth and razes the entire world.What I also love about the book was the funny banters among characters. Everyone had unique attitude and feature, and in the end of the story, Joss was recruited caught by one of the strongest Colonies in the neighborhood. Helplessly, she decided to make a deal with those who yearned for freedom, or at least wanted to get out of there. I was thrilled about their rescue plan but things always turned out the opposite way as they planned.Hence, Joss managed to escape from the Colony but she hadn't figured out where she had to go or what to do next. Only one thing was for sure: she was alone, again. This time was harder than before because she was supposed to rally an army and lead a Trojan Horse to the Colony save them. They all counted on her. I work harder than I ever have before to find my numb. To get it back, to be the unfeeling, uncrying, unafraid, unaffected husk I have been for the last six years. To be the girl who survives. But I’m not her anymore. I haven’t been since the comet and the music and the kiss. Since the words on the wall. Since the back of the van. Since the kitchen and the laughter.Honestly, I don't really have a penchant for zombies, but those in this book were kinda cool. :)The story left with a cliffhanger in the end and I can't wait to read the next book!Are you a Wendy? Or are you a mother**cking Tinkerbell?

  • Clara
    2019-02-28 13:35

    ** 3,5 “THE WALKING DEAD VIBE” stars ! **I found this series totally by accident, but the minute I read the synopsis, I wanted to read it, and when I saw how cheap it was as an E-book, I didn’t hesitate. And I don’t regret it because this was quite good ! The world-building : First, let’s go straight to the point : if you like The Walking Dead and are fond of romance, this book is definitely for you ! The post-apocalyptic aspect of the world totally reminded me of the TV show, with the same vibe, and the zombies being the same (slow, not very smart, ugly, but still dangerous if you get bitten). The story is set in former Seattle which is now deserted except for some survivors (gangs and Colonies) who are hiding and obviously some zombies. Overall, the atmosphere that came out of the book felt creepy and thrilling, and I liked it ! The story : We’re following Joss, a seventeen year old girl, who’s been surviving on her own for the past 6 years in this deadly world. Then one day, she meets Ryan, a guy who’s a member of a gang. They’re going to form a bond, but soon Ryan needs to go back to his gang and Joss has to keep surviving on her own without being caught by the Colonies that roam the streets looking for survivors and taking them with their consent or not. The first half of the book was more focused on the romance, on Joss and Ryan getting to know each other and forming a connection. But it didn’t overshadow the world or plot because it was still fast-paced, with some fighting against the dead, which was both thrilling and gore ^^.After the first half, bad things started to really happen for Joss especially, and the world became thicker, however I found myself being a bit bored at times with nothing concrete really happening which led to second half of the book not being as good as the first half in my opinion. The characters : It was a surprise since this series is not extremely popular in the book community, but I thought the characters in this first installment were actually quite rich and well-developed, each having their own personality and each being really likable. Joss, our MC, reminded me of a mix between Katniss and Penryn. She’s a loner, deciding that she’s better off surviving on her own because she can’t stand losing people she care about again. She’s really badass : she knows how to fight the Risen, how to get water supplies as well as food supplies, she’s very resourceful and doesn’t need saving because she’s her own savior. But through interacting with Ryan, she’s slowly going to realize that in the end she still feels lonely and misses human contact and feelings. Joss already goes through some character’s growth in this first book, going from being a lonely, cold and harsh girl, to a more caring and sarcastic girl who now has her head filled with one particular boy’s smile. Ryan was the easy-going and witty kind of guy : he smiles a lot, makes funny retorts, is very considerate and caring, and he’s definitely crushing hard on Joss, not being scared of showing it for both Joss’s annoyance and pleasure. I thought their interactions were very dynamic, rich and cute ! (view spoiler)[I just wish he would have come to try and rescue Joss from the Colonies since I'm pretty sure he knew she had been taken, so the fact that he didn't made me feel like he didn't really care about her or about what would happen to her in the end. (hide spoiler)]Overall, if you’re looking for a quick and easy, but still a bit creepy post-apocalyptic book with some romance mixed in there and are a fan of The Walking Dead, look no further ! You should try this one out, especially since it’s so cheap as an E-book !!

  • Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★
    2019-02-22 15:56

    Rounded down to 2 starsThe first day I read this book, I was so excited because the story was great and scary.But when I read it again on the second day, I wasn't that excited anymore and I got bored, several times when I read this bookIn my opinion, the action in this book was overloaded and this book made me starved for more romance scene.(view spoiler)[ I was hopping that Ryan would stay with Jocelyn or Jocelyn would stay with Ryan in his colony but I didn't get what I wanted!!and I was so so angry when Ryan said "B*tch" to Jocelyn(seriously Ryan, you said those words to a girl!?!?*rolls eye*)I was angry because i felt like he said those words to me(◣_◢) (hide spoiler)]and I was a little bit confused about Jocelyn's age because in the first chapter she said"being nine years old watching.."nearly ten years later I..."so i thought her age was 18 or 19 and then she said she was 17 years old and I was likeand I didn't like the ending, it was so so annoying (view spoiler)[I was hopping that Ryan would save her from the colony but NO, he didn't save her (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ !!!!where was he when his girlfriend needed him!?!?(hide spoiler)]and 2 days ago i said that I was in love with Ryan, now I take those words back, I don't like him.but the story wasn't so bad and I quite enjoyed the story,but i don't recommend this book to people who love reading YA fantasy with sweet romance because I think the romance wasn't as sweet as I expected.v( ‘.’ )v["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2019-02-18 19:56

    ****4 KickAss Joss Stars****This is a very interesting book and I enjoy the story line. There are times that the heroine gets on my nerves with how standoffish she is but I'm hoping that she starts warming up to Ryan.And don't get me started with Vin...OMG...I kinda wanted her to hook up with him!Off to the next one and hoping that she gets back to Ryan ♥

  • Courtney Wells
    2019-03-10 16:01

    When it comes to the zombie apocalypse it's a hard trick to make readers feel like they're seeing anything new. Everyone knows how these stories go down and the carnage that plays out with the damaged shells of civilized folk eking out an existence while fending off relentless peril. Nonetheless Writing on the Wall manages to immerse readers in a familiar setting without going through the motions and that is something worth praising in an over-saturated genre.The backdrop of the story is what you would expect as well as what draws readers to the zombie apocalypse - a dismal carcass of society scavengers are picking over while establishing a new status quo to compensate for the anarchy that comes with the carnivorous dead. Per usual, humanity presents its own challenges and threats that can make zombies feel like the least of someone's problems without sensationalizing the depravity. Most of the unseemly practices are on the fringes of the reader's perception but their presence does the genre justice.The protagonist, Joss, is competent, autonomous and resourceful, which is something I appreciate in any story but feel should be a prerequisite for any post-apocalyptic/survival horror premise. I had no trouble believing that Joss is capable of fending for herself in a world of scarce supplies and active predators. Her wary, standoffish demeanor is justifiable - if not mandatory - to function as she does yet she avoids coming across as truly callous. Joss's compassion is well-corroded due to demands on her lifestyle and self-dependency; however, she retains enough compassion and humane principle to distinguish her as a survivor instead of a misanthrope.For those who appreciate romance in their stories Writing on the Wall offers something that is satisfying for the situation without betraying Joss's character. A genuinely nice guy in a depraved environment is its own commodity and the potential displayed in this novel was more sincere and endearing than other books develop.The author, Tracey Ward, has an organic style and entertaining flare that keeps the pages turning without padding them with unnecessary prose. Her pacing and action makes for absorbing storytelling that readers can invest in and ponder later. Ward has talent and charm; the kind that befits an emerging author capable of carving out a niche for herself. Personally - she's found a fan in me and I'll be reading more of her works in the near future and as they become available.

  • Naksed
    2019-02-25 20:01

    Very nicely done zombie apocalypse story, told in the first person narrative of a courageous, weary, tough on the outside and soft in the inside 17 year old heroine. Thankfully devoid of TSTL moments. There were many clever and funny quips. Also some heated romantic tension and a potential love triangle but that is not at the forefront. The author did not randomly choose a zombie apocalypse as a cute background for a romance, this book is all about the action, with plenty of realistic violence, power struggles, very fast-paced, lots of surprise twists and overall very intriguing. Ends on a cliffy, not an annoying one, but one that was a good note to end with. The author did her job I will happily read the sequel, hoping she keeps it up.

  • Rosa
    2019-02-17 17:38

    Thank you Tracey for this awesome book! By the end of the first chapter you're hooked.It had humor, horror and a girl named Joss who is no Wendy! In most YA stories the girl is all, I need a man to take care of me. Well, Joss is the opposite. In fact she tells the guy to get lost. Does Ryan listen? NO lol. I love Joss! I also enjoyed her and Vin together, it's a love hate friendship.If any zombie book gives me nightmares it's this one! One word...crawlers! The Seattle setting is great, even got the few names that were mentioned correct. I'm from Seattle area so double creepy! I don't want to live in Safco! (it's bad luck, just ask the mariners)I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, creep you out, but make you giggle zombie book.

  • Tracey
    2019-03-11 12:43

    I am admittedly biased. :)

  • Justyna
    2019-03-05 18:37

    I received this book from the author for an honest review. So here it is: As a huge fan of both sci-fi and fantasy genres I fell in love with dystopian/ postapocalyptic/ zombie books. I have read a lot of them - some were bad but thank God some were brilliant. The book market seems to be overflowing with YA dystopic literature and with such enormous amount of promising books and so little time for reading I managed to draw myself a line - I never continue to read a book that has no believeable heroes (sorry, Ms. Meyers, but your Host was the straw that broke the camel's back...) or lacks in the imagination in the storyline department, no matter of the genre. I usually read a couple of pages and very often (when the storyline or the hero makes no sense) I throw the book to the storage. No second thoughts. It is getting harder and harder because in my opinion all good books should measure up to the groundbreaking pieces - and for me in zombie-themed stories the best are Max Brooks' 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War'and Charlie Higgins' and Jonathan Mayberry's zombie series. These are the real pieces of art - they are thrilling, they make you cry, they make you crave for more, thay make you sit and think... And that's what I expect from a good story. It's really hard to find a z-book that is not only about gore, bloody descriptions of zombies devouring people, even worse descriptions of people devouring other people. And I guess when I got to read Tracey Ward's "Writing on the wall" I expected another diary from the slaughterhouse. What I got was so stunningly beautiful - a story about a feeling that developed in sad and dangerous times, a story about two people who had to overcome their own fears and nightmares to love someone. What I didn't expect (but what I got) was a promising young author, who seems to know what to do with the plot and the characters. The main protagonist, Joss, is a loner, a girl who forgot what it's like to have someone by her side. She's smart, she's funny, she's full of anger (oh, poor water containers) and she really cares even if she claims she doesn't. And she wants to be free - free from zombies, wolves and mostly, from other people. She has to survive and in order to do that she needs to stay alone. Usually we don't get what we want, so Joss is also not that lucky - she meets a boy, an ordinary boy in not so ordinary world, but he is gradually changing the ordinary into something special. The thing is Joss doesn't want to accept that change, yet - she is human, and we are known to make mistakes... So, yes, they fall in love. And everything falls because of that. Because 'when you don’t have anything, you don’t have anything to lose', and when you start to care for someone, the stakes are higher. I am not going to tell you the whole story plot - I hope you will be brave enough and decide to buy the book. I want you to know that I really liked the story, from the first page - it was never boring, it was full of action and really intense. You can easily relate to Joss, you are able to feel her pain and her happiness, you know exactly why she reacted this or that way and you don't bang yourself in the head thinking 'omg, I would never do such thing' or 'why she's so stupid?' or 'no frakking way, not another Bella!'. You may be irritated by her behaviour when she has to connect with other human beings, but you know exactly why it's hard for her to get close to them - because her priority is always survival.What I love about the book: the chemistry between Joss and Ryan, the old wizard ;), Joss' inside jokes, lack of the love triangle and of course the hornet ;)What I like about the book: the ending :)What I don't like about the book: it was too shortWhat I hate about the book: it forced me to watch "Sixteen candles" again...What I expect form the sequel: some of the gang insight, fall of the Colonies ;) and more Ryan :) And of course I expect you to forgive me my mistakes as English isn't my mother language.

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-02-26 17:51

    This book doesn't have a fancy smansy plot, collegiate words for illusion of grander, nor any promises for a day of rainbows and ribbons in the world. What it does have is raw grit that will leave you in both awe and putty of how the characters deal with what is their lives. The central story itself isn't so unique to the apocalyptic/ dystopian genera - a girl on her own, emotionally devoid, physically capable - a survivor by the very definition against wild animals, pimp gangs, utopian kidnappers, and zombies. But, she begins to ponder how utterly lonely she is when she decides to help a guy vs adhering to the "each man for himself" rule of survival. She's untrusting and uses a snarky, uncaring voice to push away anything/anyone emotional until she realizes that surviving and living are two very different animals. The relationship between the two MCs is poignant, realistic, and very heartfelt. It's not a heavy romance by any means, but the unwritten promise of what's to come for these two should be suffice for those that like a little kissing with their zombie flicks. So, the story and female character are familiar to me since I'm a dystopian closet junkie;) Who cares! This author, like Mafia, has a very unique talent with the raw grit of emotions and phrasing(s) that make the reader step into the character's emotions, actions, & plights as their own. This author isn't lyrical with prose, as in the case of Mafia's Shatter Me series, but the result of her writing is akin. "I'm a girl stuck in Neverland with the Lost Boys. I'm no Wendy, I can hold my own. I don't need to wait around for Peter to save me but I'm also not an idiot. I know my enemies.""Are you a Wendy......• Or are you a motherfucking Tinkerbell?"^ I love this chick! Anyhoo, the book jumps right in to the fringe. It doesn't give a what, who, why, or anything much as to the current state of the world, but rather just it is what it is and here's how and what these characters face. If you're one that likes a detailed summary of world building up to the point of entrance in the book, then you might not like this one. I usually like such, as I'm a logic kinda gal, but it really didn't bother me at all here because I can draw my own assumptions at the past since the current is so vivid. All there books in the trilogy are free on Kindle unlimited and I'm blasting through this review so I can get started in book two; so, please excuse my hasty exit:)

  • Kristen Cansler
    2019-03-09 16:55

    This book popped up on Amazon as a freebie, and I decided to take a gamble and read it. Let's just say I was not disappointed! I devoured it in one sitting, unable to put it down because of the fast pace and amazing delivery.For starters, it's so easy to love the female lead. She isn't a Mary Sue. She's very real with very real issues. But in spite of them, she stays strong and true to herself. You cannot help but root her from beginning to end without a second thought. So many female leads fall into the stereotypical Mary Sue category that I was doing my own happy dance as I got to discover more about her and her complexities as the story unfolded.Truth be told, I've never been into the whole zombie scene before. I still won't be, I'm sure. But this book was able to make zombie's prominent without the over-saturation that I was weary of. Zombies are a large part of the story, but the author is able to weave so much more into it.Unrelated, but I can just mention how giddy I got with the Middle Earth/LotR references? It made the book that much more enjoyable! I will forever picture Crazy Crenshaw as Gandalf and Radagast's love child. Lastly, the cliffhanger; brutal! I'll be waiting with bated breath for the next installment of the series. And I'll definitely be suggesting it to my group of friends who enjoy dystopian YA stories!

  • Kris
    2019-03-12 17:44

    I was given this in exchange for an honest review. I haven't read that many zombie books, that being said...I absolutely loved this book! It was a full bag of tricks..zombies, wolves, gangs and plenty of action with a smidgen of romance for good measure.I felt connected to Joss as she survives her daily life. She is strong and independent, smart and a little sassy. She is a warrior but she is also vulnerable at the same time because she is alone. She doesn't trust easily yet saves Ryan against her better judgement. Although she doesn't need or want his help, they do enter into a wary friendship and look out for each other. She starts to see how lonely her life has become.I really enjoyed Tracey's writing style. I could easily visualize the city in ruins and the hierarchy of survivors left behind. It had a nice pace with plenty to keep you interested. I am really looking forward to the next instalment of the series!

  • Donna
    2019-03-03 17:00

    I seem to be finding some really good books in my genre, post apocalyptic, with or without zombies or "infected." This one has a female protagonist which is even better from my point of view. She is a loner, surviving by herself for 6 years out in the wild city with gangs, colonies taking people to make them work for them, and zombies who want to eat you. She is strong, sharp and knows the secrets to survival. Then she finds a young man and of course it changes her world. She has survived so long by herself and now finds herself breaking some of her own rules, to do a bit more than survive, to live and maybe love. It is written well and the story is similar to other zombie stories in some ways but the characters are a bit different and that is what makes these stories, of course. The stories of the people. So far this is a good story and I am on to the second installment, Backs Against the Wall.

  • Kristelle
    2019-03-01 20:53

    *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*'Wendy' or 'Tinkerbell' aside, this book is just great! I love Joss, independent, brave and strong! I miss Ryan and their writing-on-the-wall-exchanges. If you're looking for a Dystopian novel with a girl heroine who kicks zombies' asses, then this is definitely for you. I sooo recommend it--packed with horror-paced action, zombies, wolves, and charming characters. Just beware of CRAWLERS.You'll never want them getting in your way.

  • Josie
    2019-02-24 19:48

    1st of all, Thank you Tracey Ward for giving me a chance to review this story! This book was AMAZING! I was drawn in from the beginning which made it so hard to put down! So much action, great story line and plot throughout the whole story. Joss is one kick ass girl who has been through a lot but is a survivor (my kind of female). Did I mention the ending, "Or are you a mutherfu**ING tinkerbell?" LOVE IT!!! I'm sooo excited to read book 2, especially with that kind of cliffhanger! ☆ONE GREAT STORY☆

  • Trisha
    2019-03-03 12:46

    I absolutely loved it!It's so easy to slide into this horrible, broken, and torn world. Joss is easy to love in her numb, protective survival. She's just trying to get through today - and then tomorrow. And her flaws are all ones we will recognize in ourselves. Her chance encounter with Ryan and the possiblity to know more about their reality and what this new world looks like is terrible and scary but sweet and so full of hope.I need book 2 now!!

  • Suzy (ereaderuser)
    2019-03-03 18:46

    While not exactly on par with The Newsflesh books, I did really enjoy this one. It had the usual characters trying to survive in a world full of zombies, and other survivors. The usual struggle for food, water and shelter. But with all this typical stuff the author still manages to make the story seem fresh. It was such a fast paced easy read too. And one of those books I stay up late to finish.It was a solid 4.5 for me - and I round up!

  • Chelsea
    2019-02-17 16:46

    *I received this book free to read and review. Thanks to Tracey Ward.*Writing on the Wall is a phenomenal story with equally intriguing characters. I remember starting off reading about Joss and thinking that she was a capable character (brave and strong all wrapped up in one). She didn't need to hold someone's hand to make sure that she survived, she did it all by herself. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have her fears... she's just as human as the rest of us (and more human than the Zombies :p), I enjoyed reading that she wasn't some perfect being who never got frightened or scared, because as unrealistic as this book actually is, she was realistic. I also feel that she was a believable character because she didn't automatically do what would be noted as acceptable, she considered her options. And when it was necessary, she went above and beyond (to her standards) to do something that she did not feel comfortable doing. This made her more real to me and was probably the moment that I felt like she was a character that I knew I would click with. She had a very spunky attitude, and will to fight and survive that made her such a fantastic character. One thing that stood out to me about Joss was that in a world, like the one she was brought up in, not everything is as clear as how we would view it - in relation to our morals. Things we would view as immoral, she was unable to differentiate and determine if that was still the case anymore. Ryan has his own unique sense of humor that I adored because it reminded me of my own friends. Joss and Ryan had a way of clicking so well together that made the story come together in only a way that could because of them - which brings me to their love story. It was great! I though it moved along at a perfect rate. For Ryan and Joss, it was probably a "once in a million" chance that they would find someone that they would love because of the way their world is. I thought it was adorable, sweet, and amusing the way they interacted with each other and started falling for one another. Now on to secondary characters, well they were all very well-written. I like Nats and Lexy, but I did not like Vin or Breanne, and I'm completely undecided about Crenshaw... I don't know whether to like him or not. The world was interesting and not exactly what I would expect in a world where the Apocalypse has occurred, but I liked it's difference from other Apocalyptic worlds. Well, at least not what I expected from a Zombie Apocalyptic world. The conclusion left me begging for more.This was one of those rare books that I could pick up and right front the "get-go" and connect with it. Writing on the Wall was also one of my "all-time favorite" Zombie books that I have read. If Zombies are you're "cup of tea", then I would definitely recommend picking this book up. The characters were so well-written and almost impossible not to enjoy and possibly not to connect with. Let me just say, if I could get my hands on book number two right now... I would have had it before this review was even up. That means I will have to wait... I really wish that weren't the case because I'm not ready to take a break from Joss's story! I cannot wait to read Backs Against the Wall, the second book n the Survival Series.

  • Nessie Smith
    2019-03-18 15:38

    "Being nine years old and watching your..." " Nearly ten years later I..."" But I’m seventeen and ..." Time line does not match up. I kept reading since I figured she was at least 18 almost 19. I don't like when authors cant keep up with their own details, Yes I know she has matured thanks to he situation but I was afraid the author was going to do the cliché teen problems and the romance was going to be childlike. I was right to worry. witting notes on a wall for all to see, like children in class passing notes. Instead of using any paper that I'm sure is around that city along with some kind of pencil or pen. Yeah, I had to put the book down after they did that. . Then she states that she has survived or 6 ys by herself. and has collected many weapons. Great! then turns around and says she never leaned to use a bow n arrow. really?!? she uses no means other than running after her food (rabbits/squirrel) how has she survived? she has a secure roof with water but doesn't grow anything, she knows an old man that makes all kinds of traps but doesn't learn instead waste energy and time with trying to chase food like a idiot. She has no back up buildings (after Ryan she didn't know where to go. You have been in the same area for a long time and set up multi water traps but not make/secure them or another hideout. She isn't to stupid to live but as the story goes on its like it catches up with her. Because I start to slowly get pissed at her for making stupid mistakes then bitch how others are stupid. This is a dnf for me. I don't know why it got so many good reviews but oh well. I'll try another authors attempt at making a strong heroine that doesn't do a 360 as soon as a male enters the story.

  • Trista Borgwardt
    2019-03-17 15:35

    This is a post apocalypse of what the world is like several years after the initial zombie outbreak. In it we follow Joss who is a loner and is cold, hard and numb to the world around her. She is a survivor and has achieved this by staying under the radar, and not joining any of the gangs or colonies. She prefers it this way and enjoys being on her own alone until Ryan comes along. Ryan introduces Joss to emotions that she wasn't used to feeling and it terrified her. She knew that to care for another person was weakness and if she wanted to survive she couldn't afford this. Will Joss follow her brain or her heart?The author created these characters wtih a realism that I related with. The characters were well developed and it was refreshing to see Joss begin to soften and show her human side. The author did a good job portraying the struggle Joss goes through to keep up her survivalist mentality while finding comfort and joy in the presence of Ryan. Joss was a great lead character and the author did an excellent job describing the characters and the environment to paint a detailed picture in my head. The pace of the story was right on track and it kept me turning the pages until I completed the book. The twists the author threw in, I never saw coming and was thoroughly surprised. Overall, an excellent read and a great depiction of what life would be like after the initial zombie apocalypse has played out and how people choose to survive and rebuild society. I loved then ending and can not wait to see what the second book holds.

  • Natalie
    2019-03-06 19:42

    “Are you a Wendy?” I whisper to myself, scanning the low rooftops on the surrounding buildings. It’s a long drop to every one of them. But is it too long? How would a person know unless they tried?I take several steps back from the edge, bouncing on the balls of my feet. Then I crouch.“Or are you a mutherfucking Tinkerbell?”This has made the list of one of my favourite quotes, and sums up the whoke book perfectly. I love the way this character was made- how she can fend for herself, and screw the sexist men who think she cant possibly do it. Despite her stunted emotional growth that helped her survive, she is still witty and strong, a very well portrayed character! Excited to hear more of her story in book 2.Meet Joss. Shes living in a post-apocoliptic world, where running water is extremly rare and beheading zombies is all part of the routine. Ten years since the end of the world as its known, and 17 year old Joss has been fending for herself in the "wild" for the past six, emotionally shut off, with minimum human contact. After saving a boy from a wolf, the solitude she had liked comes crashing down. Parting ways, they keep up a fragile friendship through writing on a wall until a colonist round up seperates them. With the help of some unhappy humans at the pod, will Joss get back to Ryan and help bring down the colonies, or die trying?

  • E.M. McDowell
    2019-02-21 19:38

    Walking Dead meets Hunger Games, in the best way possible! I really enjoyed this book for the most part. There were a couple of slow spots, but the author does a great job overall with pacing and plot advancement.The main character, Joss, starts off as a little cold and uncaring, largely due to her past and her current loner lifestyle. I started out really not liking her, but as the story progressed, she developed into a more likeable and relatable character. Her forced immersion into society (such as it is) is both interesting and exciting to watch unfold.From her first human interaction in years with a local gang member, to her involuntary integration into a local group of survivors, Joss’s journey through this post-apocalyptic world is fraught with psychological as well as physical challenges that she must overcome in order to survive.The action is well choreographed, if a bit simplistic; more detail in the fight scenes would go a long way towards bringing the danger to life. This is one of the few minor issues I had while reading. I wanted more of Joss kicking ass and taking names. She seemed to get somewhat complacent toward the latter part of the story, while in the survivalist community.Overall, it was a good read, and I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel.

  • Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews
    2019-03-14 13:54

    I am not your typical YA fan...I am not even a young adult...but YA Zombie that's a book I can sink my teeth into.Tracey Ward pulled me in right from the start. What better time for the Zombie Apocalypse than during the Christmas Holidays. The characters are so well developed, you come to know these people their hopes, their fears (beyond just the Zombies). We can feel Joss's torment as she wrestles with her feels for Ryan and the threat that he is to her existence. Their is an undeniable connection between Joss and Ryan that Ryan cannot resist, he knows that he is a threat to her and he tries to give her the time and space she needs.....I admire Ward for going out a bit on a limb. PA fans might be put off a bit by the YA Romance, and lets be honest Zombies are not the "sexy" monsters that are so popular in the books and movies (I think we all know who they are). Writing on The Wall is an excellent book, so well written that it should appeal to all of these fans. Let's be honest we are all just looking for that great story.

  • Nerdy Chic
    2019-02-27 17:59

    Writing on the Wall is a great edition to the dystopian, zombie genre. Seventeen year old Joss has been on her own for the last 6 years after having witnessed her parents being killed by Risen on Christmas Eve. Her only occasional companion being Crenshaw, a crotchety old man who she sometimes calls Gandalf. Until one day she spots Ryan, attacking a wolf and about to be killed. She reluctantly rescues him, trying not to let her guard down. She'd learned early on that staying alone meant staying alive. However, Ryan starts chipping at her harden veneer and when he leaves, he begins to leave her notes on a wall, trying to get her to trust him. Trying to learn things about her and leaving funny notes. With Colonists searching for others to use in their pods and Risen at her door, the greatest danger to Joss might actually be her heart.Sprinkled with laugh out loud humor, Writing on the Wall is well written, has a great plot and is not to be missed. I can't wait for the next book. "Are you a Wendy? Or are you a mutherfucking Tinkerbell?"The author provided an ARC for an honest review.

  • Kelly
    2019-02-27 15:39

    I absolutely adore post-apocalyptic settings where danger roams the streets and every day is a fresh battle for survival. It's even better when the danger doesn't necessarily come from the source you think it will. Zombies? Yeah, they're not terribly fun to tangle with. Human survivors who say they're trying to help but really only want to subjugate you to their way of thinking? HELL NO.I'll take the zombies any day over them.Needless to say, Joss's story to hit the spot. She's alone and fiercely independent, but for all she fights against Ryan's presence she craves it, too. Ryan's one hell of a sweetheart in this crazy, messed up world. Things could have gone much differently if he had been someone who took what he wanted without regard for whether or not Joss was willing to give it.Instead, the two of them make an unlikely and incredibly sweet couple. Well, sort of couple. I'm sure they'll be a couple once zombies and survivors and other crazy stuff stop getting in their way.You know, I really need to start reading book 2 now. Like, immediately.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Jenna
    2019-02-17 18:00

    OOh my god I'm screaming right now maybe it's better that you can't hear me because I probably sound like a lunatic.O.k so was looking for new books to read, I was reading the excerpt of this one when I accidentally clicked the buy now button. I was so angry sh#t now I wasted $ 4.99 on a book that I just wanted to put in my wish list. So 2 hours later I'm going crazy What the sequel isn't coming out until next year. Tracey you trying to kill me??O.k let me start at the beginning Josecelin a.k. Joss is a 17 year old girl she' been living alone for 6 years surviving the new zombie world when she saves 17 year old Ryan from death by a wolf( I know right ).He stays the night and they sort of become friends, they start writing messages on the wall. Jess get's rounded up by the colonist's who will do anything to keep all humans under control in the prisons ooh sorry I'm mean pods. This story is great it has friendship, gangs, humanity and love. Vin grew on me to. I loved this book and I need the second one.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-15 15:56

    Thank you Tracey Ward for allowing me the opportunity to read this book for free in exchange for an honest review!I thought this book was awesome! Full of suspense, gross zombies, a female MC who can really kick butt, humour (I loved Joss and Ryan's witty convos, I could feel the chemistry between them) and mystery. Definitely a little short, but at least there's a sequel I can dive into right away!! This is a fast-paced, thoroughly entertaining story that I didn't want to put down for anything!

  • Jenny
    2019-03-02 19:36

    Just finished re reading for the second time, God I love this series!! After you finish reading Until the end and In the end, you have this feeling (well I did anyway) that although you want to start on the next series which is set in the same world but 10 years later and with different characters, you think there's no way it can top those two books and you kinda feel like do I wanna read this next series? Yes, yes you do wanna read these, coz they are even bloody better! Straight onto book 2 :-)

  • Kyra
    2019-02-19 13:53

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Joss is on my list of favorite characters. She is very independent, smart, and a fighter. Not only does this book have zombies, there is also action and a little bit of romance.The book was really fast pace for me. I can't wait to start reading the next book.

  • Greta
    2019-03-14 12:39

    3.5 rounded upplot driven, this zombie post apocalyptic story sucked me right into the struggles of Joss, a 17 year old who has lived on her own for the last six years. The writing is a bit sparse, leaving you to fill in the character's unspoken thoughts and feelings, which is probably the reason for my rating of only 3.5.