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Malcolm X Reviews

  • Berke
    2019-04-01 10:24

    Malcolm X by Jack Rummel is an illustrated edition that does a remarkable job of delineating Malcolm X’s childhood, ambitions, and rise to a political figure. I especially loved the photos because they helped me understand the places he had lived and worked in. The narrative was very captivating and easy to understand. Read the book in two days. This is an excellent way on learning and enjoying history at the same time.It is shocking to me that Malcolm X had a very violent childhood. His adulthood was no different and it is apparent that life has not been kind to him. Malcolm’s family was tormented by the klu klux klan and was killed on railroad tracks. Earl Little’s head (Malcolm father) was beaten in and a trolley car had run over him, separating his body into almost two pieces. Following this gruesome event the Littles had a very hard time of putting food on the table. They were forced to apply for welfare. Welfare agents regularly intruded the Littles home, demoralizing them as a constant reminder of their poverty. Ten year old Malcolm started illicit activities like theft. The local authorities maintained that Louise, Malcolm’s mother, could no longer control Malcolm so he was assigned to another family. The state welfare Department committed Louise to a mental institution because Louis could no longer bear any more misfortunes and sorrow. She would remain there for 26 years. From here on Malcolm would be expelled from school and sent to a juvenile detention center in Michigan. As he would get older he would go to Boston and later New York where he would become a hustler and drug dealer.Many years later Malcolm was arrested and indicted. He was sentenced to 10 years of prison. There he would be extremely aggressive and hostile. He would even get the nickname 'Satan'. During his stay there he would receive letters from his family in which he was introduced to Islam. One of his relatives suggests that he becomes a member of the extreme Islamic group called the Nation of Islam. This group was primarily composed of African Americans in which blacks superiority was advocated. During his sentence Malcolm gets in touch with the organisation's leader Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm, an atheist, becomes a Muslim. He adopts Islamic customs like refraining from pork but other notions which are not a part of Islam. For example Islam states that all men are equal and should be treated with parity but the Nation of Islam had radical beliefs that Blacks were superior and would one day rule the white devils who had usurped the blacks power by slavery and segregation.Malcolm then decides to educate himself by benefiting from the prison library. He debated with his fellow inmates and attended courses given in his prison. He pursued true change in order to adapt to a new lifestyle. He would read for hours every night in very low-light environments. This would later lead to vision impairment. His diligence and determination is commendable.Elijah instantly sees that he can use Malcolm as a minister who would later become a prominent and influential figure in his organization. During this time Malcolm relinquishes his surname and supplants it with 'X'. This is to emphasize his enlightenment and change in his beliefs and ambitions. From this day forth Malcolm persistently preaches and spreads the organizations propaganda. The manner in which he works is unprecedented. Malcolm talked, preached, and persuaded many people every day and seldom slept. His diligence and adamant belief in his ideals allowed him to increase the organizations member base substantially to levels Muhammad could never had imagined. Malcolm X had a dark and disturbing past but the time he spent to turn his life around is praiseworthy. It is very rare to see a person inflicted with so much pain and abuse to become such a well rounded man. He may have had some extreme notions but he defended his beliefs and worked to spread them with unmatched vigor.

  • Felipe Alfaro
    2019-04-16 04:13

    A good short little introduction to Malcolm X. It was interesting to read about his Islamic beliefs. He was first a member of the Nation of Islam which is a black supremacist group having little to do with Orthodox Islam. The Nation of Islam was started by a guy named W.D. Fard who claimed to be a prophet of Allah, that all white people are the devil, and that the black race is THE superior race. Orthodox Islam on the other hand states that the infidel must be killed and a great Caliphate must cover the world for the sake of Allah. (If you are a new-age moderate Muslim living in a western country, then naturally you have picked your own Koranic verses to follow and don't believe in killing infidels and all the other horrible things interpreted from it when read literally.) Quite different messages, both violent, but I am glad I understand the difference now. Later on in his life, Malcolm X switched over to Orthodox Islam, so he was now able to accept that some white people can be good, so long as they are also Muslims. I can't blame Malcolm X for coming to the militant and blindly religious stance he is known for. If I had had my home destroyed and my father killed during my childhood by white supremacists, I would probably become a militant as well. If the only place I could go to escape the constant harassment from whites was a crime-infested ghetto with other people my color, I'd probably get into crime too. If I had gone to prison and had hours in solitary confinement, I too would probably be enthralled by whatever book I could get my hands on, even if it was an extremist religious one. When you understand his past you can see how he came to be. All the suffering he experienced as a youth clearly inspired him to become a great leader. I admire his spirit to fight back at those who oppressed him. It's just too bad that he couldn't see that not all Whites are racist until it was too late; he was assassinated by members of the very religion he first became a member of. Apostates are not very popular in any version of Islam I have heard of, even if you break away to another sect of Islam. He was a very intelligent man and he could have been an even greater one had he lived on and not gotten entangled with extremist religion. Tragic and misguided though he was, I respect Malcolm X for his intelligence and bravery.

  • Brian Sims
    2019-03-26 07:16

    Just read Malcolm X Militant Black Leader by Jack Rummel. Simple, plain, clear & right to the point. First book I read on Malcolm X. I intend to read his autobiography (by Alex Haley) as well, but came across this the other day at a discount bookstore for only a $1.00. It's a Black American Series book that is well worth the read.

  • Alejandro Camacho
    2019-04-14 05:54

    I thought the book was very good for all the facts that it gave me all the facts that I need this book so it changed my life by the point of views I get now in the days. It talked how his parents lived his brothers and sisters and the Ku Kluks Klan. So if you like history this book is just for you.

  • Fatma S
    2019-04-23 08:17

    This is a biography on Malcolm X who was a civil rights leader. I like it a lot because it talks about the black struggle, and takes you on his journey.

  • Charles
    2019-03-31 10:15

    A good, concise introduction to Malcolm X. Well written and interesting. I'd give it more than 3 stars probably but it is very short, less than 100 pages.