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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sidney Sheldon’s most popular and enduring heroine—Tracy Whitney of If Tomorrow Comes and Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow—finds herself caught in a nefarious and far-reaching scheme involving international terrorism and corruption in this compelling thriller packed with heart-stopping twists and breathtaking actionOnce upon a time, Tr#1 New York Times bestselling author Sidney Sheldon’s most popular and enduring heroine—Tracy Whitney of If Tomorrow Comes and Sidney Sheldon’s Chasing Tomorrow—finds herself caught in a nefarious and far-reaching scheme involving international terrorism and corruption in this compelling thriller packed with heart-stopping twists and breathtaking actionOnce upon a time, Tracy Whitney was one of the best thieves in the business. Then she settled down and had a child—a beautiful, bright, mischievous boy who was the center of her life. Tracy planned to spend the rest of her days quietly, living anonymously deep in the stunning Colorado mountains, devoted to raising her son. But tragedy forces her to face her greatest nightmare. Now, with nothing left to protect, this superb con artist, jewel thief, computer wizard, and cat burglar returns to the hunt, more dangerous, ruthless, and reckless than ever.The world faces a new terror threat from Group 99, a diverse collection of global hackers intent on thecollapse of capitalism and private wealth and the creation of a new world order. When the group turns to violence—kidnapping an American investigative journalist, shooting a British military hostage, and blowing up an international industrialist—the mysterious woman pulling their strings, a wily and wealthy American known only as Althea, becomes the CIA’s most sought criminal.  But their only hope of finding her is a woman with a dark and dangerous past of her own. A woman who has also successfully evaded detection by the authorities around the world: Tracy.Convinced that Althea is behind the deadly act that shattered her life, Tracy sets out on a global hunt to flush out her prey. But as she soon discovers, the truth is as elusive as her target. Hampered by corruption, lies, and enemies masked as allies, Tracy will be pushed to the brink, where she must face her darkest demons. All of her experience tells Tracy that the answers are right in front of her—if only she can look at the clues in the right way.Propelled by an unquenchable thirst for revenge, and with the fate of so many resting in her hands, just how reckless will Tracy become when she has nothing left to lose?An addictive tale of espionage, mystery, passion, greed, betrayal, and vengeance that takes you from the beautiful Rocky Mountains to Europe’s oldest and grandest cities, filled with a cast of intriguing characters both new and familiar, Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless is a glamorous thrill ride that will leave you breathless until its shocking end....

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Sidney Sheldon's Reckless Reviews

  • Aditi
    2019-03-17 23:48

    "Everyone knows that fracking poisons the air and water. We wanted to show how it tears apart local communities and subverts democracies and corrupts political leaders and eviscerates all the things that Americans value."----Matt DamonTilly Bagshawe, an English bestselling writer, who is holding up Sheldon's legacy as a best-selling author of so many crime fiction books. Tilly Bagshawe, herself, is an author, but claimed to fame, when she became the torch bearer of Sidney Sheldon's books even 27 years after his death. Reckless is the third book in the Tracy Whitney series. Although to be honest, the books are getting sold and still breaking all records only because of the name of Sidney Sheldon- known as "prince of potboilers". And all thanks to Tilly Bagshawe, since she is skillfully and perfectly penning out those enthralling feminist stories just like in Sheldon's mannerism. Yes, I believe Sheldon's stories are all very feminist, which all have the same story line- a female badass heroine, who will use mainly her attractive looks and, most of the time, her body to lure the villains. And here I'm just like any other die-hard Sheldon fan, is still reading and rooting and looking forward towards the Sheldon stories every year.Reckless brings back Tracy Whitney, an unexceptionally attractive once-upon-a-time-con-artist, to action, when another powerful nameless and faceless woman tries to threaten the world in order to get back to Tracy.Synopsis: Once upon a time, Tracy Whitney was one of the best thieves in the business. Then she settled down, had a baby, and planned to spend the rest of her days quietly, living anonymously, devoted to her son. But tragic news has forced Tracy to face her greatest nightmare. Now, with nothing left to protect, she returns to the hunt—and she’s more dangerous than ever.Tracy is not the only woman with a dark and dangerous past. The world faces a new terror threat from a group of global hackers intent on the collapse of capitalism and private wealth and the creation of a new world order. When this group turn to violence, with deadly effect, the mysterious woman pulling their strings becomes the CIA’s public enemy number one.Only one clever and ruthless woman is capable of tracking down the terrorist: Tracy. But as Tracy discovers, the truth proves as elusive as her target. Hampered by corruption and enemies masked as allies, Tracy will be pushed to the brink, where she must face her darkest demons. But just how reckless will a person become when she have nothing left to lose? Honestly, I feel the publishers should stop publishing or rather say market Tilly's books under Sheldon's name. I mean, it is okay, every best-selling and famous author leave a legacy of so many great stories throughout their lifetime, and I believe such an author will live forever in the hearts of his readers and fans after his/her death. Similarly, Sidney Sheldon will remain as one of the remarkable authors in the field of crime fiction and thrillers and in fact, he has remain, but I believe a legacy must come to an end, otherwise how can we judge whether the author great or not when he was alive. Every time a Sheldon book comes out, I feel like he is alive. That should not be the case. But as long as money minded people especially, I believe, his agent and publishers and his family members want to earn money out of his name, than Sheldon books are going to publish every year and all the hungry and foolish Sheldon fans and readers will buy a book just like me. If I had some self control, then I wouldn't have waste my hard-earned money on something like this. This habit of mine reminds me of a famous quote by Will Rogers:“Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people that they don't like.” There is yet another aspect about Sheldon's books. Most of the readers of Sheldon's books are female. And that has a very obvious reason- the story line has a classic feminist punch with a kick-ass, hot, sexy and equally intelligent heroine who uses "sexism" as well as "sex" to gain power or to reach at the top, who are equally dominating and powerful and always targets the millionaires and top-class politicians for their own purpose. In short, the heroine is a classic Mean Girl. And why do women love such stories? Because we all want to be like Sheldon's heroines in some way in real life- powerful and in control, and not to mention, beauty with brain.Well I pretty much diverted from the aim of writing a review of Reckless. Well, to be honest, Reckless is not written recklessly, the story itself has so many folds and so many unexpected twists, that it will keep even an occasional reader gripped and glued to the edge of their seats. Although there is not much character development, yet the characters perform their roles with a flair and flamboyancy.The mystery is really tight that will keep the readers anticipating till the last page and not to mention the mystery will give the readers a roller-coaster ride kind of feel as it is layered with lots of heart-throbbing actions, violence and mind games. In short, an adrenaline-rushing story with a power-packed heroine who would go at any length to give justice to her son. And Sheldon's books are always famous for racy sex scenes, which Tilly Bagshawe has justified perfectly.Verdict:This is the last ever Sheldon book that I read and I resolute that I will never ever waste my money on a fake Sidney Sheldon novel. Fake because: there can be only one Leonardo da Vinci, and also one Sidney Sheldon and if Vinci's new paintings are exhibited or Sheldon's new stories are published, then those are fake, as those legendary human beings have already left their mark on this planet. Courtesy:My electronic hard-earned money!

  • Megha C
    2019-03-10 05:45

    Tracy Whitney is dull, Jeff Stevens simply sleeps around. Both of them are recruited by rival investigation agencies to hunt a Hunter Drexel. Both of them start travelling a lot looking for this guy. There is a group 99 that has a cult following and suddenly turns violent.Does this sound rather vague to you??Well that's what the book is like.Come on...Sidney Sheldon heroines are exciting, intelligent and physically super attractive.Take that all away and what you have left is a main character that is an empty shell. Same goes for Jeff Stevens. Another review called him spineless-and that is bang on!There is absolutely no character development for any of them-including the secondary ones. And if you have to build on a story regarding con artists-please do include some cons in the book!!!!No I have not forgotten the plot-its just that there doesn't seem to be any. There are random story arcs introduced and there is no follow through. There is a group 99 that was mentioned earlier, but there are no details about how they actually operate. And the link between the leader Althea and Tracy starts off as a mystery and ends up in a whimper.Seriously- stop butchering these well etched and well loved fictional characters!

  • Maryann Fox
    2019-02-26 02:45

    A deadly game of cat and mouse begins when 2 Americans are kidnapped by a terrorist group: Group 99 believed to be funded by a mysterious woman named Althea.One of the men is murdered on live tv and the other escapes and then refuses to be rescued by the American rescue troops.Thus the chase is on to find Althea, the American: Hunter Drexel and to uncover the reason behind Group 99 which has to do with corruption at the highest level of several worldwide governments and the oil fracking business.Tracy Whitney gets involved as does her former husband Jeff Stevens when Althea issues them a challenge in the form of a personal tragedy.A very thrilling book.

  • Tim
    2019-03-17 01:53

    It's too bad that after a fine first half, this novel degrades from heartache to hardship and losing two stars. 6 of 10 stars

  • Ray Palen
    2019-03-12 03:44

    When author Sidney Sheldon passed away in 2007 he was the 7th best-selling author of all-time. His success spanned multiple platforms and earned him an Oscar, a Tony and an Edgar Award. His name was synonymous with crime thrillers and he owned the Best Seller's list throughout the 1970's.Sheldon's work was also as well known for steamy and sultry sex scenes as they were for nail-biting suspense. Through it all, strong women always emerged as the central characters in most of his work. Author Tilly Bagshawe has now picked up the mantel penning a series of novels in Sidney Sheldon's name. The latest Sidney Sheldon inspired thriller is entitled RECKLESS and the cover features a pair of long female legs inside a pair of six-inch high red high heels. Quite simply, sex still sells. However, some may claim false advertising after reading this taut thriller which --- outside of one brief sex scene --- goes straight for the jugular with a timely and relevant story-line that lends itself to the term 'page turner'.Tracy Whitney is the protagonist and a long-time favorite of Sidney Sheldon's work. Tracy is a former con artist and thief who now does her work for the CIA. A terrorist group calling themselves Group 99 include an international base of global hackers out to attack the establishment and big business. Their name comes from the 99% who fall outside of the extremely wealthy 1% who hold most of the world's financial clout.Group 99 appears to have escalated from mere hacking to out and out murder. They execute a British soldier and transmit the murder throughout social media. Additionally, the terrorist faction has kidnapped an American investigative journalist and blown up an international industrialist. Supposedly funding this nefarious activity is a woman known merely as Althea.The CIA tasks Tracy Whitney with assisting to infiltrate and bring down Group 99. Part of this will include finding out why the kidnapped journalist --- Hunter Drexel --- was targeted and what motive he had for running away from the military group who fought to free him from his captors. Tracy's allegiance in this case goes beyond the defense of her country. She believes that some of the people working with Group 99 may have had a hand in the death of her son, Nicholas.Now, Group 99 seems to be targeting billionaire Cameron Crewe who's business plans include fracking efforts that many see as raping the land and poisoning the environment at large. Tracy hooks up with Crewe, in more ways than one, and they both share the tragic loss of their children as a common trait that instantly draws them together. Little does Tracy realize that the death of her son may have been played up by the CIA as a murder to ensure her involvement in this situation.RECKLESS tackles many issues and juggles them all equally well. Both the CIA and MI6 are colored with various shades that highlight more than just the black and white paint brush they are usually seen with. Tilly Bagshawe deftly plots this exciting novel and throws in enough twists and surprises to keep the most astute thriller fans on the edge of their seats.Reviewed by Ray Palen for New Mystery Reader

  • Jigar Doshi
    2019-03-22 00:27

    Among all the books that I've read by Sidney Sheldon, 'If Tomorrow Comes' has been my favorite. And Tracy Whitney, my favorite protagonist.She's smart, intelligent, a con-artist who's always been two steps ahead of those chasing her, always able to wriggle herself out of the dangers with her wit and charm. Her heists were all impossible until she had carried them off and the owners proud for having foolproof security, but nothing could be safe if Tracy had her eyes on it. And with Jeff Stevens, they made a lethal combo and were almost unstoppable.After Sidney, Tilly Bagshawe continued their story in 'Chasing Tomorrow' and it was as unputdownable as its prequel. Albeit this time it was Jeff's life that was in danger and Tracy had to save him. And she successfully manages to. And 'Reckless' is no different. Fast paced, racy, suspense thriller. A group of anti-rich activists kidnap a British officer and execute him, which was the group's first instance of violence instantly brandishing them as terrorists. British and American agencies work together to stop these guys but there's not enough trust. America's CIA rope in Tracy and British's MI6 rope in Jeff to help them. So starts the game of staying ahead and leaving no trail behind until the truth is found. The best part is when Tracy and Jeff outsmart each other and their respective agencies are left fuming. Some instances are really long and you wish to skip too, but the book manages to keep you on the edge.Worth a read for those who enjoy the genre. Or Sidney's books.

  • Jyotish
    2019-03-05 04:28

    Sheldon manages to keep the reader engaged albeit this book is not the sharpest knife in his drawer.Negatives:The novel seemed quite lagging while trying to portray the cat-and-mouse play. Especially towards the end, it was tending to abrade, making the reader feel something akin to wearing a pair of sandpaper underpants.The climax of the novel also fell short of its target. Though he tried to wrap it all up in a pretty parcel of suspense, it did not come through that well, being accompanied by a prickle of unease. In short, the END was a bitter cherry on top of the under-baked cake. The author brands Tracy and Jeff as con-artists, but fails to characterize them properly that way. This makes the novel look murky and gray compared to his other clear ‘black-and-white‘ novels.In nooks and corners of the plot, the novel flits from safe house to safe house recklessly with neither rhythm nor reason.Positives:Sheldon seems really artistic throughout the narration. He gets into your brain with a brush and paints each scene brilliantly with lot of colors. His way of using figures of speech seemed quite uncanny in a nice way.Though rare, there were moments at which the author succeeded in flexing your thrill muscles. To conclude, I would say the author made the best out of a bad job. Thus loosely classing it as an OK read.

  • Deana Dick
    2019-03-02 21:47

    I have been a fan of Sidney Sheldon books for a long time. I was sad to hear of his passing. When I saw a new book with his name on it I was very curious to see how the writing would be. It had the feel of his unique writing and I became instantly intrigued. We again get to read about Tracy Whitney. She had a gift of being a con artist that she did with ease. She left that behind to work with the CIA. At least she can put her talents to good use now with inside knowledge of how these people think and operate. Tracy has an assignment that could be very dangerous but she is up for the job. She will be trying to get close to Group 99. They are a very tight group of hackers who want to take down corporations and of course the wealthy. Sounds like a simple assignment doesn't it? When it is learned that Group 99 has upped their game by executing a British soldier and kidnapped an Anerican journalist, things take a more serious note. Will Tracy be able to befriend this group? Can she be trusted to do the right thing? Tracy will come in contact with someone from her past that could affect her emotionally. What tragedy does she face that makes this assignment personal? Overall the book was well written and had strong characters. The action was good and I loved the intrigue that developed throughout the story. It is a book that will have you guessing and twists that may surprise you. Don't miss this gripping action packed story. I received a copy of this book from the Goodread Giveaway for an honest review.

  • Asha KRISHNA
    2019-03-09 05:27

    A great book. As the dates suggest, it did not take long to get to the end.Please click on the link below or paste it onto your browser.

  • Rushi Joshi
    2019-03-23 04:35

    Catchy. The protagonist Tracy is a great character. Her love interest Jeff is also nice. The mystery is pretty decent and page turning! But to many unnecessary characters!

  • Neha Oberoi
    2019-03-08 01:39

    Quick read with enough suspense thrown in to keep you wondering. Airplane or hotel read adequate.

  • Din
    2019-03-08 02:38

    I wasn't a fan of the characters in this story. There was no real connection with Tracey or Jeff. The story overall was average. I felt at times the reading was really slow. Didn't at any point feel like I couldn't put this book down.

  • Prathima Deepak
    2019-03-08 04:43

    Another sequel to Sidney Seldon's character, Tracy Witney's story. Though not as good as the previous sequel, Chasing Tomorrow, this book still keeps us hooked to the story. Not a must read book but yet picked it up just to know what can happen to Tracy.

  • Anuradha Singh
    2019-02-22 02:39

    I would have given the book just 2.5 stars out of 5, but it was either 2 or 3 so gave the author an one up and gave the book 3 stars instead. Reckless though well written disappointed me on the story front and how it progressed. While the writer spent useless amount of pages talking about a character and their relationship (Tracy, Nicholas, Cameron, Cameron's wife...) she left the story half ended. I am very much happy to read stories which are open ended, but these were just ridiculous. You kill a person and give no detail (Nicholas ) or satisfaction as to why it was needed (waste of a character) , you introduce another one (Cameron's wife) and then just take her out of the book without any reason or cause (then why bring her up in the first place) you have an awesome character with all the backing you need for a story line and you leave her untapped (Kate) you bring in a villain who is everything that is relevant in current day issues (Apolo) and you hardly give him any place.The list is endless. While I can take apart every character in this book, the fact of the matter is the story itself has nothing in it. The mystery was never a mystery, I figured out the book almost the beginning itself and there was useless twist and turns which was not required or can be done away with (Tracy in Coma). Honestly a complete disappoint which is now making me feel even those 3 stars are too much for this book.

  • Vibha Hegde
    2019-03-16 02:38

    I finally finished the one book that I always wanted to read but left it on the shelf to read later! I was prolonging the journey to meet Tracy Whitney again as the last book Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow Chasing tomorrow left me hanging in a void of WHY?? But now after Reckless, I have one sentence, "Dear Author, Please stop killing some important characters, I love them and if this continues, the book will change to Game Of Thrones with the modern version!" First thought: Tracy's Back!!! with more fighting spirit, more darker and with nothing to lose. Second thought: Jeff's back as a partner in crime!! they make a super amazing team and I had missed them both together. Now with the above fascinations declared, I have nothing more to say other than that the book being highly amazing with a twist of cops turning rogue, criminals turning good, con artists saving the cops necks, oil giants dropping dead and the hunt that takes you around the world!

  • Diah Handayani
    2019-03-13 01:23

    I like crime with passion fiction, so I've always enjoyed Sidney Sheldon. And I think Tilly Bagshawe did a great job by continue to write the way Sidney write his novel. A good book to read on your relax day!

  • Nancy CookLauer
    2019-03-24 01:37

    I had low expectations starting this book, and the book met them all. Predictable plot. Stereotypical characters and dialogue. When one of the character's "piercing blue" eyes mysteriously changed to probing gray a hundred pages later, I had to interrupt my reading to stop and check if he was wearing contact lenses and did I miss part of his disguise. But no, his eyes stayed gray the rest of the book. Rookie error that didn't help raise the book to average.

  • Khushnuma
    2019-03-10 22:39

    The new Reckless by Tilly bagshawe is awesome Loved the book. Once again Tracy is back. Too good suspense. I loved every inch of this book. When jeff enters nicks room ( after his death) n finds his shirt and clutches and smells it. That got my eyes wet. Chemistry btwn tracy and cameron is amazing, they read each other's mind. But Tracy and Jeff are awesome togather. The best was suspense maintained till the end .. On who killed Nick.

  • Pallavi Bansod
    2019-03-11 04:24

    Isn't Jeff a con artist? Aren't they supposed to not trust anyone. He blindly follows Frank's order. Taps Tracey's(his supposed love) phones., wears wires when with her. He seems so foolish.Anyways, a feel good novel of trust, love, betrayal and death!Good ending!

  • Mike Day
    2019-02-23 21:26

    The characters, in my opinion, did not have redeemable qualities that made me want to root for them. This was a below average book.

  • Hiral Dossa
    2019-03-07 04:51

    It's a predictable Sidney Sheldon. A gripping one though

  • Bhaskar Mazumdar
    2019-03-06 21:27

    Simply Superb!

  • Donna Foster
    2019-03-12 02:38

    *Received this book in exchange for my review*An thriller packed with action and clever circumstances from start to finish.

  • Bernice
    2019-03-03 04:38

    I just could'nt help thinking that Sheldon would have done so Much better.

  • Nikita Kothari
    2019-03-07 00:33

    Its exciting filled with twist n turns.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-24 00:49

    3,5 stars

  • Benjamin Thomas
    2019-03-05 01:34

    Tracey Whitney, former high-end art/jewelry thief and elite con artist is now content to live peacefully in her lovely Colorado home with her bright but precocious son who has become the center of her life. But in the outside world, a new terror group called Group 99 has gained notoriety by hacking the computer accounts of the top one percent of the wealthy and depositing into the accounts of the less fortunate. This Robin Hood approach is celebrated by many but when they turn violent and begin kidnapping and murdering key individuals it is clear they have a new direction. A mysterious woman seems to be pulling the strings and when she drops hints that the CIA should engage Tracey Whitney to catch her, the CIA reluctantly does so.This follow-on novel to Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow, (itself a sequel to Sidney Sheldon’s original If Tomorrow Comes) is a nicely-paced thriller with a major mystery plot at its center. I found the concept of Group 99 to be intriguing and when combined with Eco terrorists against fracking, shady characters from the CIA, FBI, and MI-6 and of course, Tracey’s old partner in crime and love, Jeff Stevens, we have a nice potboiler of a story. Plenty of intrigue, action, romance, and chases combined with emotional ups and downs make this a page turner to be sure.There are those that rant against a different author taking over Sidney Sheldon’s characters but Tilly Bagshawe was selected by the Sheldon estate and in my estimation has done a good job of providing sequels for those of us who like to see what happens to some of these characters.

  • Yulia Windayani
    2019-03-22 22:25

    I like it a lot!!Finally, I find again the great Tracy Whitney mind. Under her sadness and frustration, she still shows her ability to "cheat" the system and shame the government.My fave part, of course, when Tracy and Jeff decide to start everything all over again.I'm about to give 4 stars, but there are some details that irritate me since it is not fit with the previous series. Such as, when it describes that Daniel Cooper is a crazy FBI agent, meanwhile on the first book, Cooper is an Insurance investigator.But, overall, I love it! And I would love to read the next series :)

  • Vedha K
    2019-03-06 21:45

    Good plot twists and adventure. But we were able to guess who the villain was as the story progresses, which wouldn't have been possible in other Sidney Sheldon's stories where the author keeps the twists more than halfway through the book and kind of guess towards the ending and where the author reveals it themselves. But not disappointing anyway, since we got to see Tracy again in action. Wish she were back more without the pain to subdue her.

  • Sheena
    2019-03-17 22:29

    I haven't read a Sidney Sheldon book in a while, so I was having a hard time recalling his writing style but then again, I suppose this wasn't purely a Sidney Sheldon book. Either way, I enjoyed the story immensely. The switching between characters and addition of new ones was a welcome challenge to my mind. As the story drew to its conclusion, I didn't want to put the book down!