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All Andi Parker has ever wanted, all she’s ever dreamed of, is a spot on the Olympic track team. But when an accident leaves her hospitalized with serious injuries and shattered dreams, she’s not only uncertain what her future holds but also completely alone. Drew Slater is a wanted man. Professional football teams want him for his arm. Women want him for his irresistibleAll Andi Parker has ever wanted, all she’s ever dreamed of, is a spot on the Olympic track team. But when an accident leaves her hospitalized with serious injuries and shattered dreams, she’s not only uncertain what her future holds but also completely alone. Drew Slater is a wanted man. Professional football teams want him for his arm. Women want him for his irresistible good looks and charming personality. But the well-crafted disguise he wears, the one that helps him score on and off the field, hides secrets. Conceals lies. Threatens the happiness of everyone around him. One chance encounter brings Andi and Drew together, changing their worlds in ways they never thought possible. Unfortunately, what they thought they knew about themselves—and each other—might just be the biggest lie of all. ...

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  • Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover
    2019-04-13 05:13

    3 StarsThis reminded me a lot of the movie "The Fault in Our Stars". Since Drew started off well, Andi Parker is an Olympic hopeful whose dreams are shattered one tragic night. She ends up in a hospital recovering where she meets Drew. I don't want to give too much of the storyline away, but around 30% I was a little bored, but then a unique twist came and it kept my interest, at least for a little bit. After this "twist" the story just somehow started to fizzle. I did not get a sense of the connection between Andi and Drew. Even after reading the book my two lead character felt like two strangers to me. The sex scenes were awkward to read because I kept trying to figure out how all of a sudden they're liking each other that much! Also, I had a few unanswered questions. I do think when a spiritual aspect is implemented in a book then it better be all or nothing. I was really rooting for this one. With that incredible cover this could've been a tearjerker, but unfortunately it didn't flow the way it should. *ARC graciously provided via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

  • Cee (The Mistress Case)
    2019-04-25 04:19

    TOUCHDOWN!!!!!HOMERUN!!!!!GOAL!!!!!Since Drew scored big time.There are no words to explain how much I love the easy banter and chemistry between Andi Parker and Drew Slater. The beginning is so sweet, beautiful, and sexy that I fell in love with these two people right away. The angst, too, is worth fussing over because I’m a sappy little woman and the characters’ turmoil touched my heart.Why does it hurt so much to love these two? To see them suffer? To experience the angst?I would love to rave on about my emotions and about how terrible I feel for Andi, for Drew, for everything. But I won’t.The story is fast paced and easy to get through. Once I started reading, I knew where it was going. However, there are a few things I didn’t see coming and so after all the subtle hints hit me in the face like a fastball (it hurt because I got really attached to the characters), I realized there was more to the story than the blurb and the cover let on. Since Drew is definitely and literally a page-turner. By the way, I L-O-V-E the cover. One of my favorite contemporary covers <3Okay, where was I again?So what is this book about?Dreams. Picking up the pieces of your shattered dreams. Setting apart reality from fiction. Discovering what you want for yourself. Fighting for what you want, even if you don’t believe you deserve it.Regrets. Living with your mistakes. Dealing with your choices. Lifting the burdens off your shoulders and others.AndiAndi is tough and levelheaded. After waking up from an accident and learning she may never run again, she keeps her cool and doesn’t panic, but inside, a storm is raging. Years of hard training and passions are sucked down the drain. The Olympics is far out of her reach, her legs are useless, and nobody truly understands how she feels.Andi is feisty and sarcastic and I love her for it. During her stay at the hospital, she uses humor as a defense mechanism.“So, you feel hung over?”“More like I did too many shots, went home with a guy I didn’t know, and let him do dirty things to me that I can’t remember.”She’s the type of person who knows what she wants . . . until she meets Drew.DrewDrew is the golden boy who has a bright future of playing pro football. However, it’s a future that has less to do with what he wants and more to do with what his family, friends, and fans expect of him. He’s tormented and indecisive and it causes his heart, body, mind, and soul to suffer. He can be cocky and rude then caring and playful, and he shows all these sides to Andi because she’s not like the others who use him for his name, fame, and body.“Thanks.” His voice travelled softly in the night air.My head fell to the side while his eyes remained focused on the stars. “For what?”“For being you.”All in all, Drew is drop dead sexy and sweet and I love him.There is an unstoppable force that pulls Andi and Drew together and not even hate can separate them.Not even the one night that almost ended it all.There are many lines to love in this book: the sweet dialogues, the sexy exchanges, eye-opening quotes, everything.I do have a few issues with this book and although they don’t ruin the book for me, they do bother me. Please skip this part if you haven’t read Since Drew.1) When the doctor first broke down the news to Andi about her legs, I understood her powerful need to keep it together. However, I expected Andi to at least have a mental breakdown later. Even if Drew did help her forget for a while, I find it unrealistic that she didn’t sob over her shattered dreams. No one is that strong. Although I've never had my dreams torn apart, I am speaking from experience when I say I would go completely nuts if I could never run again. Anyways, that's why I like this story because I connect with Andi on an emotional level.2) Since Logan cyber-stalked Drew, wouldn’t it be all over the internet that he was in an accident? And even if it wasn’t on the news, which I doubt it, wouldn’t have Logan learned eventually told Andi?3) What of Drew’s parents? How did they react to Drew’s wishes? I know this is a short story, but I wanted more insight on his family and his future when the book time jumped to four years later.4) Does Andi ever confess to Drew about what transpired between them at the hospital? That it wasn’t a dream? Jesus, why must this be left open-ended? I hate it.5) Their problems and the ending was too easily settled.I rate Since Drew 4.5 stars since the ending didn't completely do it for me. I still love this book though! An ARC was provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher and author! None of the pictures and gifs belong to me. I only edited them.I recommend Since Drew to all of my friends :D

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-04-12 22:06

    OMG! This book! THIS BOOK! Not only does it have an amazingly sexy cover but it's also got a pretty phenomenal story inside that cover! I have been in a bit of a slump with books I've read in the last week or so. Since Drew came along at the perfect time. I NEEDED this book!I'm not even going to do a summary of this book, the blurb gives you what you need to know and I hate spoilerish reviews. So just take my word for it and get your booty over to Amazon and one-click the hell out of it.Jock books are my weakness, have been for years. And Drew, sweet, asshole, cocky Drew. Sigh. I'm a goner for him. Andi, our heroine, is totally kick-ass. Strong! I needed a good, strong, female lead. The plot was so refreshing and original. I couldn't get enough of this story and had a hard time tearing myself away from it. This is a very well thought out New Adult read and made my little angst whore heart happy as hell.Since Drew is a standalone with no cliffhanger, hopefully that entices you even more. Hooray! A must read. ~ Erin, 6 stars~~~At the risk of sounding completely shallow, I was first attracted to this book by its very hot cover. And then, by its interesting blurb. So, yeah, I judged it superficially, but those two things aren't why I hung around to the end. No, it was the words inside that kept me reading to the very end.Andi Parker has Olympic sized dreams. But one night, one mistake is all it takes to tear her dreams down. And now, as she deals with the fallout, she has to deal with something else. Make that some one else. Cocky, arrogant Drew Slater.Drew is a star. And he's always had everything, or so it would seem. But the truth is much darker, and when Drew and Andi are bought together by circumstance, the connection is strong, the potential for happiness finally real. But one simple lie could weaken them...if they let it.Since Drew...what can I say?? I immensely enjoyed this book, especially the first 50%. The twists, the interesting and very different premise had me sitting up and taking notice. I had an oh my God moment, but then it all fell into place for me. I knew what was coming, what would happen. The first half was excellent, unique and simply brilliant; the second half, however, while also well-written and exceptionally good, was just a touch on the predictable side for me.Having said that, it didn't truly lessen my love of this book. Did it change it from a potential five or even *gasp* six star review? Yes. But do I still think this is among the best books I've read this year? Most definitely. The characters were on point, their reactions very true, their growth noticeable and realistic. Their love story was both sweet and sexy, and infuriating and irritating -- in a good way, of course. Their friends were fun and gave flesh to both Drew and Andi, and I am excited at the prospect of more from them.And then there’s ending... Oh yes, that ending. I really enjoyed the way J. Nathan closed this one out. It was rewarding, real and emotional, and I definitely felt a pull on my heartstrings. So, yes, while I may not have been as in love with the second 50%, Since Drew's first half and its epilogue made every single word worthwhile. And if that doesn’t sell you, did you see the cover? ~ Beth, 4 stars~~~Dreams. We all have them. Some are more realistic than others. Some are far reaching, some easily obtainable. What would you do when you find yourself on the cusp of achieving your lifelong dream, something you have worked all your life to make happen when suddenly that dream it snatched from you with no warning and leaves you wondering if you’ll ever be close to obtaining it again?Since Drew sucked me in from the first page. You could feel the heartbreak and uncertainty of her future radiating off the pages with Andi. She’s been on her own for so long, relying on only herself that she doesn’t realize how lonely she really is. Until she meets Drew. Hot, gorgeous, troubled Drew helps draw Andi out of her shell. Drew, with his humor and wit, isn’t easily swayed and he’s persistent. The two of them together are amazing. I bought into their relationship from the start. I didn’t see some of the twists and turns coming—and boom, some will leave you muttering what the hell just happened there? There was a bit of predictability for the ending, but I still enjoyed the story and the characters enough that I HAD to know what happened! You will too. ~ Missy, 4 stars

  • Dali
    2019-04-08 00:00

    Happy Book Birthday!!!An unputdownable page turner. A gripping story from the start, that kept my attention with its wonderful writing, flirty, sexy banter, heart breaking moments and a plot I did not see coming.“Without strife, there’d be no push to persevere. And without perseverance, there’d be no joy in success.”It’s a story about remorse and learning to put it behind you. It’s about forgiveness of self and others. It’s about hopes and aspirations and how to fight for them.Andi Parker has a goal she’s worked hard to attain and it’s almost within her reach. A spot on the US Olympic track is less than a day away. While jogging along the coast the night before her qualifier, a car accident puts her in the hospital crushing her dream, leaving her future uncertain. “This was the moment. The moment I realized everything I’d worked for my entire life had just been ripped away from me.”Drew Slater is a star quarter back, in line to go pro. His family, alleged friends, everyone around him anticipates it. But no one has bothered to ask if it’s what he wants. Andi and Drew’s lives collide in an unpredicted way. Entwining their paths in ways they never could have imagined. Forcing them to face a future neither were expecting. J. Nathan did an incredible job of capturing my attention with a shocking prologue, engaging banter between the characters, a plot with interesting twists, heart touching moments and an amazingly elating epilogue. The book is fast paced with beautiful descriptions and writing that flows effortlessly. I really liked Andi. I felt so much for her when she realized how much the accident had cost her. But I loved her feistiness and admired her determination, wit and bravery. Even when faced with shattered dreams, she was a fighter. I loved that she didn’t put up with foolishness, how she chipped away at Drew’s angry walls and how she never gave up on what she wanted.“I was a fighter. A devastated fighter, but a fighter nonetheless.”I fell for Drew in all his facets. The cocky and playful one with the quick wit, “If waking up next to a hot guy constitutes nightmare for you, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”the broody and rude one, “You were trying to be encouraging?”He fought a smile. “Maybe.” “Wow. That’s quite a stretch from an asshole.”He snickered. “Oh, I can be that, too.” and his sweet, remorseful yet determined to fight for Andi side. I felt terrible for the lack of support and love in his life and sympathized that he couldn’t trust anyone, until Andi.I loved how these two fell into such an easy sweet, sultry back and forth. There are so many quotes I highlighted and I wish I could share. I enjoyed how they complemented each other so well. He filled her life with his soothing presence and his difficult but cocky self. And she gave him hope, peace of mind and inspiration to do what he truly wanted. I really don’t want to say more about the plot though, because I don’t want to give anything away. You’ll just have to jump into this amazing story. I do need to mention the great secondary characters whose book is up next and I can’t wait to read.This is a standalone book, told from the heroine’s point of view. Pre-Order -> Alex is the previous book in the series which is also a standalone * I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *More reviews * Stalk us on FaceBook * As well as Twitter

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-04-17 00:27

    3 - "Good things come to those who wait." Stars!Since Drew had the potential to be a five star read for me, it started off really well and the twist the author threw in was absolute genius. But it all sort of fizzled out to a little predictable after the first 40% or so.”I wish I wasn’t your biggest mistake.”Rising football quarterback, Olympic 800m hopeful, one has the option to choose whether they want their future to be based in sport; the other has that choice cruelly taken away from them. Fate brings this couple together, but it also could pull them apart again. It was still a really enjoyable read; but my two main issues were the fact that in parts some of the lack of development in the storyline almost felt like the author forgot that as readers we didn’t 100% know what was going on in her head, and it therefore didn’t fully transfer to the page, so some parts felt a bit jumpy and underdeveloped. On the plus side I really liked Andi, having been dealt such a terrible hand, she was still quite a positive and upbeat character, even after the big twist, her continued efforts towards Drew, and the snark between them was pretty cute and entertaining too. Things changed somewhat after her subsequent departure from the hospital and her involvement with Drew turns more sexual, the reasons for it were wholly valid, but her flaky on/off behavior did get a little wearing towards the end. The other issue I have is the whole Logan and Avery side story, the problem being it was alluded too, but never really expanded enough to actually understand its relevance in this book. You have to wait for a separate novella to get the full story, and in truth I think the author could have added alternate or extra POV’(s) into Since Drew rather than offer up a separate novella, it was just another thing that felt under-developed to me.All in all a decent, stress-free read, I would certainly read more from J. Nathan, I just wish the WOW factor hadn’t fizzled out as the book progressed more, I sort of feel the story didn’t quite hit it’s full potential on this occasion.ARC generously provided by the author via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.

  • Mandy
    2019-04-11 02:23

    4.5 stars! This book was so good! There were a couple twists and turns, some I saw coming and a really big one that I did not. This was fast-paced, sexy, romantic, had some witty banter and an interesting plot. I really liked both characters. This book also has a really great epilogue! I loved this story and can't wait to read more by this author!**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

  • Samantha
    2019-04-25 02:20

    Touchdown and the two point conversion is what J. Nathan has with this story! I rarely get so thrown off in a book, let alone three freaking times! This novel was an emotional roller coaster for me. I laughed, became teary eyed, screamed, and gasped throughout the entire thing! Nathan, you have won my heart and taken my soul with this story.The story is focused on Andi and Drew, two athletes from very different walks of life. Andi is strong, witty, sweet, sarcastic, and honest. She loves running and was on track to qualifying for the Olympics before an accident lands her in the hospital without the use of her legs. In the hospital is where we meet Drew. Drew is snarky, angry, sarcastic, sweet, loving, tender, and complicated all rolled up into one hot package. Drew was the star quarterback at Duke University scheduled for the draft, headed to the NFL. This story has three wicked plot twists that you never see coming. The characters develop and their love is so beautiful that it is almost painful. There's laughter, there's heartache, there's confusion, and there's the almighty happy ending we all desire and love. This book is a must read and I can almost guarantee you won't put it down until you've read the last page.

  • Angelina
    2019-03-29 23:09

    I didn't expect the book to be a page turner but it sure it is. Honestly I just seen this and the book cover looks hot so why not request a copy but Im glad I've been approved and thanking that sexy lickable cover. Since Drew is an amazing story not just your typical "athlete romance" but the twist that makes me fall to it. I love the characters act the cocky mysterious Drew and the smart sarcastic Andi. I really love how the story goes the twist & turns and how the two dreams collided. Im looking forward to read more works from the author since I really enjoy reading this book and I do recommend this if you love your Jock romance cuz Drew is very read worthy. ** ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review **

  • Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    2019-04-08 04:06

    ***3.5/5 Stars***When life decides to rip away everything you’ve ever wanted, what else is left?  Finding hope.  This book was an adorable story about wading through life’s trials and tribulations.  While there were definite moments of hardship and struggling, I never once felt bogged down by it all.  Probably because Saving Hope had so many moments that were sweet, filled with humor, suspense and even a few plot twists.  While I figured out the plot twists, oh yeah there’s more than one!, I wish I wouldn’t have.  There’s something so much more exciting about being slammed in the face with what happens.  But my struggle per say was not so much as figuring out how the story was going to proceed, but that I couldn’t connect to the main character, Andi.  Even though I loved all that she stood for.We were two people stuck in a hospital.  Two people unhappy with our circumstances.  Two people with more in common than most.Andi Parker is almost within reach of her life goal.  Tomorrow she will run the 800-meter, and knows that she will win the coveted last spot on the US Olympic Team for track.  But life has other plans, and while she is out running the night before, she is hit by a car.  When she wakes up in the hospital, one leg is in a cast and the other is elevated.  In the midst of grasping that all of her dreams are destroyed, she realizes she has a roommate.  Drew Slater.  Football player extraordinaire who has a shot in the pros and access to as many females as he wants.  But while getting close to Drew, Andi learns that life isn’t as clear as she thought.  At all.Drew snickered as Doctor Evans stared into my eyes.“So, you feel hung over?”“More like I did too many shots, went home with a guy I didn’t know, and let him do dirty things to me that I can’t remember.”Drew choked out a laugh.Andi was almost what I expected, but better.  I pictured someone trying out for an Olympic team as determined, strong and knew how to take care of herself.  She was all of that.  However, maybe she was that way because her parents were always gone, trying to save the whales.  Seriously lol.  But anyways, she was better than I pictured, because Andi was hilarious and sarcastic.  Which I loved!  So even though she was everything that I always want and look for in a heroine, I just couldn’t connect with her.  I desperately wanted to feel her anger, frustration, sadness and happiness.  But it always seemed out of reach.“Admit it, Andi.  I’m wearing on you.  I promise I won’t tell anyone.”I shrugged.  “Fine.  Maybe a tiny bit.”He laughed.  “Usually doesn’t take so long.”I didn’t doubt that for a second.Then there’s Drew.  Hmmm….what a convoluted, sweet, sexy, irresistible boy.  I always knew that he would shake things around every time he appeared.  Not only because he had a knack for pulling Andi out of her funk, but for also making life light again.  I looked forward to when he was with her, and while I desperately want to say WAY more, I’ll keep my mouth quiet because he’s a fun person to unravel.Darkness surrounded me as I sat down on the dented metal.  With my feet on the road, I twisted toward the ocean.  The coastal breeze whipped my hair around as the waves crashed on the shore, violent and destructive, much like my mind.When Drew and Andi were together, I knew that I would find banter and an underlying sexiness that I hoped would lead to more.  And while this story was entertaining, I felt a little held back because of my lack of connection to Andi.  Her feeling were definitely relatable, I mean I haven’t lost my lifelong dream but I am in the process of finding out if I won’t ever be able to snowboard and wakeboard again.  So even though my summers and winters are looking pretty bleak right now, I couldn’t muster any connection to her.  Which frustrated me to no end.  But besides that, I wish the plot twists would have hit me full force, instead of knowing what was going to unfold.  I love putting clues together, and I’m mad that I figured each one out.  Because they were GREAT, and I loved that they added an extra element to this story.  So in all honestly, I’d still say to give this story a try.  I don’t say that for a lot of 3 star books, but you may not have the same issue as me, and completely love Drew and Andi’s story!P.S. **I found out that this question IS answered in the purchase version. Since I have an ARC, it was not put in there yet**I was left with an unanswered question that I don't understand. Maybe someone else will....(view spoiler)[I don't get why Andi didn't reveal to Drew that she experienced the “dreams” also. Why wouldn't she confirm what he said, that she experienced it too? It didn't make any sense to me. (hide spoiler)]***ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***For more of my reviews, please visit: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Tahsin
    2019-04-01 21:00

    3.5+ starsThis was highly enjoyable. The characters were above average, but the writing is what made it gold. It was so organic and it flowed and the banter was on fucking point. I saw the twist coming a continent away - because a mile is too close. I basically knew from the first chapter how the rest of the story would play out, or at least had a decent idea of it, but that didn't deter from their story. It's cute. It's NA. It might be your cuppa, it might not. I really liked it, that's all I can say. And I'm really looking forward to Avery and Logan's story, whenever that's released.Oh, and I'm a huge fan of the gender neutral/boy names. Honestly, everything about this story just worked.

  • Julie
    2019-04-17 23:10

    Check out more reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Andi is a runner. A hopeful Olympic runner. Well, she was. All of her hopes and dreams were seemingly crushed as a car hit her one night while she was training. Andi wakes up in the hospital battered, broken and bruised. But everything isn't a loss ... her temporary roomie is a gorgeous smart ass and someone she can't get off of her mind.Before I start talking about anything within these pages, I think that we need a moment of silence to fully appreciate this cover. Because holy shit. That is one genetically gifted man. Maybe we need two moments ...Cover aside, this is one of my favorite reads for this year ... I read this thing in one sitting - no stopping for bathroom breaks or drinks or food, I just blazed through it. I also think that the author might be my long lost twin. There would be these situations and conversations going on in the book and I would have these rude, snarky comments in my head (you know you have them also) and then that would be the next line in the book! It was a bit creepy actually. I was also smiling from ear to ear at the snarky flirtation that was going on, I absolutely adored it. The characters just seemed so real because of the interactions between them. It's been a long time since I've read something so very on-point (in my mind) with human interaction. I really can't say that much more ... not because I don't have anything to say, oh ... I do. But I don't want to give the surprises away. And there are a bunch of them. WHEN you pick Since Drew up (not IF because if you don't read this book, you're dead to me) you will find yourself sucked into this delightfully sexy read that will take you on a crazy tornado ride and leave you feeling completely disoriented. You just have to read it.Oh! And before I forget ... two words: SPONGE. BATH. I've never wanted a damn sponge bath so badly in my life.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-04-11 00:13

    Swimming in the rain...sigh ❤️I found this author by accident, she was hiding in plain sight. Now that I've claimed her I'm not letting her go, ever! I loved both books and am now sure she isn't a one-trick-pony, she's the real deal. A bonafied amazing author who deserves to be appreciated. Not only was Since Drew an incredible read that gave me heart-melting sweet, and panty-melting hot, it gave me a mind-melting WTF? surprise as a bonus. The sexual chemistry between Drew & Andi was immediate and the playful witty banter kept me anxiously waiting for a 'touchdown' where they would finallly 'go at it like rabbits'. The suspense kept me up all night, needing to know, anxious for it to turn out the way I wanted it to. I was cheering for Drew, hoping that all the pain, all the secrets, all the revelations, would not be too much. Hoping that he could change Andi's feelings of, "I was pretty damn certain about my uncertain feelings for Drew" to "too-intense-for-primetime-throbbing". And...that he could change her "I hate you" as he continued to remind her that, "I don't believe you". And I'm smiling in the afterglow...I'm anxious for Avery & Logan's story. The line forms here...

  • Annie Brewer
    2019-04-07 01:23

    4.25 After reading Until Alex , I jumped straightaway into this book. I needed more stories like that one. I needed more characters like Hayden and Alex. And of course, J Nathan didn't disappoint. But the only reason I couldn't give this one full 5 stars was because I needed Drew's pov. Like we got Hayden's and it was perfect.This story needed his thoughts and feelings during the turn events. And omg, my theories...I had so many and a couple came to fruition, which was just insane. This story was so different from Alex and Hayden's, yet I felt just as attached. And I think that was why I wanted Drew's side of it. I wanted to feel his pain and sorrow and love, etc. However, it was still such a good read that sucked me right in. I started this last night and finished at work. I loved Andi. I felt everything she felt and was going through. She was such a strong heroine. Her determination to fight for her dreams, no matter the obstacles was noble and inspiring. She never whined or complained, she just dealt with everything so maturely. I loved her. And I could see why she fell for Drew. I did...tenfold. He was just amazing, filled with guilt and regrets, but he also was determined to go after what he wanted. I just love the writing style J Nathan uses. Her words flow effortlessly from the pages, clutching at your heartstrings and never letting go. Both books were read in 2 days. That. Is. A record. I can't wait for the next book...Avery and Logan need their HEA now!!!

  • ChuCha
    2019-03-31 03:09

    "I want to deserve you. I want to be everything you need and everything you don't have. I want to be someone you never have to question. Someone you trust. Someone you want to love for the rest of your life."SHORT REVIEW:Unforgettable, fun and one amazing read that is filled with surprises and great moments. It was the twist that had my jaws dropped on the floor – I had some idea on what it could have been, but just as I thought I had it figured out, another one hits me and caught me off guard."How do I make it so you don't forget me?"LONGER:Olympic Track Team was her goal. It was the only one on her list. She was good at it. She was sure she’s going to make it, until an accident left her hospitalized with injuries that shattered her dreams. She was alone with her parents on the other side of the world, and her best friend busy with the incoming finals.Drew has it all – great life, promising future, women, charms, and great looks. But he has secrets of his own. Secrets that have weighed a lot on his personal baggage, and threaten the happiness of everyone around him.Fate had their paths crossed in the most unimaginable way. It was fun to watch him trying to get her out of her comfort zone, and tries to push her buttons. Just when she felt she was falling for him, she discovered something so shocking. At first, she almost didn’t believe it, until reality woke her up and it was up to her to decide if it was worth the risk."Tell me how to do this, Andi. Tell me how to make this better. Tell me what I need to do to be with you."Until Drew is a story of life, love, second chance, determination and forgiveness. It’s a story of defying the odds, and looking past beyond the mistake. I loved it, left my heart in every page of it and it’s something I’d love to recommend to friends."I wish I wasn't your biggest mistake."Review originally posted on my blogPre Order Links: AMAZON Follow me on: Twitter | Facebook | tsu | Instagram•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•More of my reviews at

  • Sam
    2019-04-09 00:00

    HOW DAMN SEXY IS THAT COVER!!!! Right??? Makes me want to lick the screen right off my kindle! So hot! I saw the blurb for this book....and straight away I was intrigued, but what I was not expecting was this FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC book! Andi Parker is a girl with one goal! The Olympics! Running is her focus in life and something she knows she is incredible at! Her body, mind and soul want to win that medal! But life has a way of screwing with people's hopes and dreams....Andi is out training one night, pushing her body to be nothing but the best and a heart breaking, life changing tragedy changes everything. Andi wakes up in the hospital....broken bones, serious injuries and a tethered spirit....she may never run again.Drew Slater is a college football player who everyone knows! Every woman wants him, guys want to be him, his parents want him for the fame and fortune, and because of this he has so many guards up and doesn't show the REAL him!When Andi wakes up again, she meets this gorgeous guy called Drew. They connect, they laugh, he makes her feel brighter, and he makes her brave. He makes her feel special, even when she doesn't feel it, when her spirit is broken, he makes her see positively! But what really happens will BLOW YOUR FREAKING HEAD OFF! I'm not joking! The twist.......THAT DAMN FREAKING TWIST.......SWEET MOTHER OF GOD.....I can't..... It's just nothing but GENIUS!!!!!!!!You might think "yeah I know what is going on here...I should be on the FBI payroll...just call me detective" but No! Just NO! This storyline and all of its twists and turns are why I read! I live for being blindsided by books! And this one absolutely rocked my damn socks! So many things with make you FEEL this book! The characters, the scenes and the writing style are something that will stay with me forever! J. Nathan you have a new stalker....I mean fangirl and I cannot wait to read EVERYTHING you write! 5 STARS!

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-27 22:29

    I found myself eagerly turning the pages for this book Drew he gave me whiplash at times but I wouldn't trade those scenes for anything, "a groupie?” His voice was harsh and cut like a knife. “Because if you’re offering—” He reached down and unbuttoned his shorts. “It’s been a while." He has a jealous side I'm not sure he knows what to do with these new feelings that he's never felt before, "not seeing you with another guy. The thought of you with another guy. Efanother guy. It makes my blood boil." When Drew let's his guard down and drops the attitude he was a pleasant teasing guy and I fell in love with that aside of him, "No you won’t. But just so we’re clear, I’m not opposed to late night booty calls. As a matter of fact, I welcome them." He goes above and beyond sometimes for Andi and I found that so sweet, "Eff that.” He dropped down beside me. “My girl likes gummy worms. We eat gummy worms." I really loved this book.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-27 03:00

    I unexpectedly loved with this book. It had such an dramatic yet romantic twist to it, which I never saw coming. It's always great to read something that isn't the same played plot.

  • Three Chicks
    2019-04-08 02:20

    Review by Trinette Dungee Andi Parker had a mission; to land a spot on the Olympic team and she’s one day away from her dream until the unthinkable happens and her dream is lost. Drew Slater is a first round draft pick for the NFL, a dream that belongs to everyone but him. To Drew he’s just a pawn in everyone else’s game. Imagine that book you pick up and think “oh, this sounds good…not one of my top picks, but I’ll try it” and it turns out to be that book that sucks you in and holds on to you till the very end. That’s what Since Drew was for me. Problem, how do I tell you how good this book is without giving away the juicy secrets?Andi is runner; her dream is to make it to the Olympic Track Team. The night before her big chance Andi goes out a run, alone on a dark road where she’s hit by a car. The accident lands Andi in the hospital with serious injuries and a lost dream. While there she meets Drew, whom she’s mistakenly paired with in a hospital room. He’s a bit of mystery to Andi because she can’t figure out why Drew is there. He never reveals his illness or injury he always seems to be just roaming the halls and no one else seems to pay much attention to him. But he makes her laugh and keeps her company she just goes along with it. Andi’s parents are off “saving the whales” and aside from her best friend Logan, Drew is the only bright spot in her day. That is until Andi receives some disturbing news about Drew that has her questioning her sanity. Other than his friend Avery, Drew’s never had anyone in his life (including his parents) that looked out for his best interest. His parents love the fame and glory having a star quarter back for a son brings them and girls what the experience of being with the famous football star. After waking from a coma Drew finds Andi near his bedside (doesn’t make sense right?). Because he’s so used to everyone wanting something from him or riding his coattails Drew acts like a real jerk towards Andi but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get to know him or find the Drew she first met, that happy go lucky guy. Eventually the two become friends, actually more than friends, and they start to realize how much the other means to them. But Drew has a secret, one that could take Andi away from him forever. I really enjoyed this book. Although there were many times where I could kind of see where the story was going…it was the journey that amazing. I loved the banter between Drew and Andi from the minute she awoke in the hospital: My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth as I pushed the words out. “Tell me I’m dead.” His dark brows scrunched as he shook his head. “Nope.” “Is this a dream?” His lips slid into a slow cocky grin. “It’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard that one.” “A nightmare then?” Amused, he swung his legs off the side of the bed and sat facing me. “If waking up next to a hot guy constitutes nightmare for you, I guess there’s a first time for everything.” My eyes drifted over his white T-shirt, khaki cargo shorts, and bare feet. Was he a patient? “Do you always refer to yourself as hot?” God, my voice was weak. He threw his head back and laughed. There was something soothingly warm about his raspy laugh. Something calming. Something ethereal. “Who are you?” He pointed to himself like I’d asked a crazy question. “Me?” I nodded my throbbing head. “Well, it seems as though having a name like Andi confused admissions. I’m your roommate Drew.”I loved how the author gave those “two sides” of Drew and how Drew struggles to hide himself but can’t seem to when it comes to Andi. I loved how Andi never gave up on Drew even though she had more than enough reason to do so. That’s it, that’s all I can say without giving too much away. This was a really quick, easy read…finished it in a few hours, but it’s a really nice story. I’m going to give Since Drew 3 and ½ stars. As I mentioned, in the book we meet Logan, Andi’s best friend but we also meet Avery, Drew’s best friend. In the last few pages I saw “coming soon ‘After Avery’”…so naturally I searched the Author, J. Nathan to see if there were any books other than Drew and Avery and there’s a book prior to Since Drew….Until Alex. Not sure who Alex is but if this is a series…the books are definitely stand-alone books. I loved Drew, I’m intrigued by Alex and now I’m curious about Alex…..

  • Christi Snow
    2019-04-26 21:03

    My Review:I have never read this author before, but wow, this book was really, really good. And I don't even know where to start this review, because there are several twists to this story and I don't want to give a single one of them away. One I saw coming, one I suspected, and one I had NO IDEA and it blew me away when I read it. So, yeah, this book was good.The story belongs to Andi. She's out running the day before qualifying for the Olympics when she's hit by a car. That leads to a long hospital stay and an even longer recovery. The problem is...Andi has been so concentrated on training, she doesn't have a large circle of support. And her hospital mate, Drew, realizes that too and he befriends her. Drew is gorgeous, an athlete in his own right (on the cusp of number 1 pick for the NFL draft), charming, and just an all-around perfect guy. But Andi can't figure out why he's in the hospital...he seems healthy. This story has it all. It's sweet and romantic and so gut-wrenching emotional. In one event, Andi has lost her dreams. She's in double-casts and has virtually no support system. My heart hurt for her. But Drew is amazing...until...and then the book spun...and I can't say anymore without spoiling anything and I don't want to do that.Just...Drew and Andi. Love them both and ADORED their story and their deep, emotional connection. Wow...I just don't know how to explain how good this book was. I'm giving it an A rating and putting it on my possible top 10 of the year, which is normally reserved for only A+ ratings. Honestly, the story was there to really put the reader through the emotional wringer...and it is done well. It just didn't quite hit that least not to me...that would have taken it to the pinnacle of A+. But was good!!I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • pearl.
    2019-04-06 02:06

    *I received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for my honest review*First ThoughtsHow long did you guys spend drooling over this cover? I couldn't stop. I'd read a page, stare at the cover for a bit, read another page, stare at the cover for a bit, and repeat. Haha! That body... absolutely YUMMY!I'm going to keep this review short because I don't want to spoil any of the plot.What I EnjoyedThe first several chapters. Andi's accident was horrifying! I felt so sorry that she lost her chance at the Olympics, but frankly, she should have been grateful she was alive! I enjoyed the witty banter between her and Drew. I've always loved a sarcastic heroine, and Andi definitely was one.The plot twist. I kept waiting for Drew to turn around and be like JUST KIDDING! I did not see that coming. At all. Like, what??What Could Have Been BetterThe plot twist. I know.. it doesn't make sense that I enjoyed it but didn't. Let me explain: I enjoyed that I never saw the twist coming. I don't enjoy how it was never explained. Is there some sort of spiritual aspect that I was supposed to assume?The predictability. Right from the start, it was obvious who had run Andi over. I wanted J Nathan to keep me guessing. An Olympic competitor would have been a more intriguing villain.TL;DRToo long; didn't read. The cover is haawwt. The characters made me laugh. The plot twist was good, but never explained. The book was fairly predictable.Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  • Juletta Gilge
    2019-03-28 22:11

    **ARC Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**I really loved this book. I read one similar a while ago, but I don't remember the title. I will not forget this one so soon. Although it was a bit predictable I still was curious as to what exactly happened and why it happened.Drew was such a sweetheart...not. Let's be honest in that he was a total dick there for a while. But he redeems himself after the appropriate amount of groveling.Andi was tough. She was devastated after what happened, as anyone would be, but man she took it in stride and proved that she could take on anything that was thrown her way. I was impressed with everything that she dealt with, and all that she accomplished. I thought she was an amazing person for trying to help Drew through everything he was going through, knowing she was dealing with some heavy shit as well.Drew really pissed me off with the way he treated Andi sometimes. I understand that he is a football god and whatnot, but it made it hard to cheer for a happy ending with them.The banter between Drew and Andi was perfect, it had me laughing and made me enjoy the book even more. I loved this book as a romance, but as a suspense it wasn't that great. Plot twist wasn't so twisted that it made no sense, instead it made me curious how the characters were going to resolve it. Perfect read all the way through!Check out the full review Bookaholic Raves

  • Red Cheeks Reads
    2019-03-29 03:04

    Well, I just happen to come across the title on Netgalley. I saw the cover and was all, damn that looks yummy. I am, after all, in a very intense football player phase. So I read the synopsis and decided to give this book and author a try. I am so glad that I did because this book was like no other that I have had the pleasure of reading and it was a completely different kind of NA novel. I absolutely loved it.There are so many juicy and delicious plot twist and turns in the enthralling page turner of a story that I pretty much feel that I need to keep my description of the plot very short. Fate brings Andi and Drew together but not under the best of circumstances.“He was the one who got me moving. He didn’t let me sulk or stay in my room. He pushed me to get better.”These two have a lot to overcome. So much more than you initially find out in this story.“I suddenly understood that fine line between love and hate.”Drew and Andi both I just adored. Drew being the quintessential cocky sexy book boyfriend and Andi being a tough, resilient, funny, and snarky heroine. I just couldn’t get enough of them and although I wasn’t sure if they could overcome some of their issues I was really happy that they got their happily ever after.“I wish I wasn’t your biggest mistake.”This is my very first book by J. Nathan and I really enjoyed the writing style. I related well to the characters and they felt very real to me. The story was funny, sexy, and the humor had a good does of the sarcasm that I so love. The story moved along quickly and had a couple of very big plot twist that I was not expecting but that I greatly enjoyed. I definitely will be reading more from this author.~Amie

  • Abbie
    2019-04-17 00:25

    I'm pretty sure this is the best NetGalley book I've ever received for an honest review. I usually prefer dual points of view, but this provided that extra layer of uncertainty and a type of mystery as to what was going on. I'll be honest, I started this book after coming off a few duds and felt like I just wanted to get through this one. Although I skimmed a few chapters at the very beginning, the author's style of writing was fast paced and flowed perfectly that I still felt engaged to keep going. Then BAM! I was blown away early on by a twist I had an inkling about, but was written so well it made me start savoring every page and word. The book felt like it was divided into two parts - him helping her and her then helping him. Maybe even a third part where he was helping her again. The book made me laugh and it left me with a lump in my throat. I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down (view spoiler)[ until he remembered or more about how it could be possible. I was left a little frustrated that after he revealed to her his memories, she didn't reciprocate. I flipped back to make sure, but I couldn't find where she shared what happened to her immediately after the accident. Drew became so complicated from the the way he started and I felt like I was on the edge of my seat until the last page.If we hadn't read how light and humorous he was, it would have been hard to get past his anger and guilt.(hide spoiler)]I'm now a fan of Ms. Daniels and am immediately going to read her backlist. Meanwhile, I'm impatiently waiting for Avery and Logan's book (get to writing that one, now!).

  • Holly (epiloguebookblog)
    2019-04-07 22:21

    4.5 stars!There's not much that can be said about Since Drew without giving away some of its unexpected plot points. However, I will say in a general sense that I liked the novel's twist because it added a fresh, meaningful element to a genre that has a tendency to become predictable. I really enjoyed the heroine (which is good since the novel is narrated from her point of view). For the most part, she functions as an island, with only one close friend and parents who are geographically absent more than they are present. Beyond that, her dating history is unremarkable; what little we know is that an ex-boyfriend was unfaithful at some point.Even though he can be a jerk, I actually like the hero too. Considering he's relatively young AND a star athlete, it surprises me that Drew seems to have his priorities straight. Everyone in his life loves what he can do for them (recognition, fame, prestige, money) rather than who he is as a person. Like Andi's, his parents also make a cameo appearance, although neither set of family members adds any real depth to the story. Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable read that's light on the angst (my favorite kind). The epilogue is particularly effective in that it provides a sense of closure to an otherwise fast-developing romance. Since Drew raises some difficult questions that are worth considering, and it made me curious as to Logan and Avery's story. I have already inquired about other works by this author...and I think it goes without saying that this cover is mouth-watering.

  • Vivien
    2019-04-11 22:19

    First off, thank you NetGalley for the copy. Also, a big thanks to Cee for getting me interested in this book. I LOVED IT! I typed lived, instead of loved...stupid thumbsThis story is so interesting. It was super romantic, but not too steamy. It had a great story and the sex scenes were a bonus. The characters were extremely likable. I never really had a strong dislike towards anybody. They might have been annoying at times, but they all propelled the story.I love how both protagonists had a common trait: sports. I'm not a sporty gal and I didn't get any of the football terms. They connected on an emotional/spiritual level. I sound like a stoner/hippie talking about life...-_-There wasn't inta-love... *inserts gif of Shia LeBeouf clapping at the end of the Shia LeBeouf video by Rob Cantor*I loved reading how the two got together. It was entertaining. They were both witty, funny, and sarcastic. They didn't take shit from each other/people in general. They were playful and soooo cute!I love the beginning, middle, and the end. I was hooked from the get-go. I just wished the book was longer. I want more of the relationship.The only thing I have to nit-pick is the minor errors. On location 2175 of the Kindle version, it's closest, not closet. 2345, is Andi supposed to say "why's that?", instead of "what's that?"

  • Christine
    2019-04-22 00:20

    Drew was this all-star college football player who was going to be the first draft pick for the pros before he ended up in the hospital. Drew was used to getting everything and anything he wanted until he finds himself in a different situation. Andi is on her way to the Olympics as a runner. One night while on the run, there is an accident that leaves her in the hospital. She sees her dreams shattered. Everything she has ever worked for gone in seconds. Drew is used to women throwing themselves at him, but he meets Andi and she is different. The writer did a great job making me feel the instant connection between these two characters, but then something in the writing felt different and I started to lose my connection. This one is hard for me to rate since I love one twist I initially did not see coming. Drew and Andi were like old soul mates reconnected and I love that feel that the book gave. However, even though the premise was wonderful and I saw what point the author was trying to make with the characters, it fell short for me. It was the execution of certain scenes and other times the verbiage between Andi and Drew felt off. I did not mind Drew’s “split personalities” and his mood swings. What can I say…I love that in my heroes. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-19 02:00

    When I first started reading this book, I thought I was going to love it. The conversation between the protagonists was really sweet, and I thought it could get emotional. However, then it got really weird, without any indication that it was going to turn out this way. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'm not going to say what happened, but basically it was really unexpected and I didn't like it as a twist. After this happened, Drew became quite an unlikable character and I'm not sure he completely redeemed himself by the end. I thought that the problems in the novel were really superficially dealt with, and though I was expecting a happily-ever-after, I thought it came around much too easily, without enough work on the character's part to get it there. Overall, this was a very fast and fun read, but I didn't particularly enjoy it that much and I would say it's a bit forgettable.

  • Kristi
    2019-04-18 03:19

    This one was hard for me because I loved the twist but I didn't love the execution. When I first started this story I was really feeling the characters journey (even though it was a bit insta-lovie for my tastes.) Then the twist came and I thought ohhhhhh, I'm liking it more! However, that was where the story fell short for me. Unfortunately I didn't quite connect with the characters OR the story much after that point. I almost felt as though I was reading an entirely different book. Drew lost his spark and Andi just to me. I don't know **shrugs**. I hate to say more in fear of spoiling the overall plot and big twist. Overall it was a fun and easy read that just fell a bit short overall.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-28 01:22

    3.5 stars rounded to 4.This book took me by surprise. It was completely different from what I was expecting.What I liked:1) Andi, the h. She really is a great character- strong, loyal, and determined. She made some not so great choices IMO (view spoiler)[ such as sleeping with Drew while she still thought he hated her, ugh(hide spoiler)], but she was overall a strong character. She tried not to be bitter and to forgive. She wasn't petty. And she was also not an awkward NA heroine. Yes!2) The twist. It was interesting and took me totally by surprise! The twist turned what could have been a pretty cliche NA romance (you know what I'm talking about- superstar collegiate football quarterback with manwhore ways, slightly insecure h) into something fresher.3) The writing style is very engaging and readable. Even though this book dealt with emotions, it wasn't sappy.4) The language was pretty clean considering this is NA romance. There were a couple of curses, but not too many.5) No annoying, angst-filled drama- jealousy, love triangles, etc.6) Not too many sex scenes and they weren't too graphic. What I didn't like:1) Drew. If you don't like the MCs with other people, then this is a warning for you. He was also a very weak character. There actually isn't too much character development for Drew, unlike what we had with Andi, but what we do find out doesn't speak very well of Drew. While their story was moving, I think that Andi deserved someone better than Drew. I also get the feeling that he pursued her because she was a challenge, and in the end, she was the only around who still cared (view spoiler)[ after he didn't go pro(hide spoiler)]. Those weren't the most emotionally compelling reasons to want to be with someone.2) The ending felt rushed. There needed to be more plot development after problems were resolved.

  • Anne OK
    2019-03-31 22:27

    I read three of J. Nathan's books back-to-back and found them a little repetitious in their plotting scenarios. I like the author's writing style and the premise of the stories. But, again I found way too much redundancy in the dialogues, particularly in the direct interactions between the two main protagonists. It was a bit disappointing. So I've decided to do one review that covers all three books. And this is it - there's no need to say more. They weren't bad reads and I didn't hate any of the three, nor did I find them extraordinary. Of the three, I found myself most drawn to the overall effects of Before Hadley.This review covers each of the three books: Before Hadley, Until Alex, Since Drew