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“Author Robert D. Kidera owes me big time. His debut novel in the promised McKenna Mystery series, ‘Red Gold,’ kept me up all night. Who can resist a good old-fashioned treasure hunt? ‘Red Gold’ is a thriller packed with deceit and danger but also compassion. McKenna is a damaged hero, but also one to root for.”—Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling auth“Author Robert D. Kidera owes me big time. His debut novel in the promised McKenna Mystery series, ‘Red Gold,’ kept me up all night. Who can resist a good old-fashioned treasure hunt? ‘Red Gold’ is a thriller packed with deceit and danger but also compassion. McKenna is a damaged hero, but also one to root for.”—Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of “Everything Burns,” “The Remains,” and “The Shroud Key”“If you’re going through hell, keep going…”Shaken by the death of his beloved wife and wrestling with powerful personal demons, Professor Gabriel McKenna leaves New York City for New Mexico to claim an inheritance from mysterious distant relatives. He finds something other than a Land of Enchantment.Unseen enemies threaten his life. Old friends turn up and rally to his side. Together they plunge into a lethal struggle for a 19th Century treasure, the fabled Lost Adams gold. McKenna enters a world of violence, passion, sexual abuse, deceit, and death that cause him to question his core beliefs and values, and even his sense of self. Desperate to find a way home, McKenna must first unearth the secret of an old family manuscript and risk his life against overpowering odds. He must rekindle his long-dead fighting spirit and discover new reasons to live and love. “If you enjoy first-class suspense and an author with a unique voice and style, then you will love ‘Red Gold.’ This novel is a masterful blend of mystery, action, and love story, all wrapped up in a wonderful cast of characters and beautifully-described scenes of New Mexico. Robert Kidera’s first novel is a real treat that will have readers demanding more.”—Joseph Badal, award-winning author of the Danforth Saga and “Ultimate Betrayal”"Red Gold" earned the Tony Hillerman Award as Best Fiction of 2015 at the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. It was also named as Best Mystery of 2015 and the best eBook of the year....

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red gold Reviews

  • Claire Stibbe
    2019-04-06 19:34

    Gabriel McKenna is grieving the loss of his wife and marinating in a sea of liquid gold, but nothing can prepare him for the surprise that awaits him in New Mexico. It’s easy to appreciate the history, the setting and the characters, especially for Albuquerque residents. As we follow Gabriel through a helter-skelter of incidents, a threatening white envelope on the windshield of his car and a Pueblo Revival style house he can now call his own, there is always that inescapable feeling of tension that kept me riveted. Kidera’s writing is first rate and keeps at a consistent pace. From the development of Gabriel’s character and to his dry sense of humor, I enjoyed everything about him. He’s human, likeable, and will resonate with a multitude of readers. If you like a book that will keep you turning the pages and makes you shiver with anticipation, then this is just the ticket.

  • Terry
    2019-04-09 18:24

    MehIt's hard to provide a review of this book without spoilers. The setting and descriptions of the landscape and culture were interesting. The main character was ridiculously reckless and put others in danger to meet his own ends. The relationships were poorly developed and unrealistic. Still, although I rolled my eyes a lot, I read the whole thing and it got me thru some boring wait times.

  • Chaplain Stanleigh Chapin
    2019-04-05 23:42

    A likable novelOne that at times stretched the imagination and twice became unbelievable. All In all though a very enjoyable and entertaining reading.

  • Joe Cochran
    2019-04-17 22:37

    I enjoyed this book, it wasn't bad. I found it held a good pace with good characters that produced a plot. If you're looking for something quick and easy to read and to get through than this is for you!

  • T. Certain
    2019-04-02 19:28

    Great Story!Don't know if the story of "red gold" is true, a legend or a total fabrication from Kidera himself, but he sure made it seem like it was true. Red Gold is a great standalone book and will make a great series!

  • Philip A. Guercio
    2019-04-25 19:36

    interesting protagonist with a story to tellThis book was well thought out and contained interesting characters including those speaking from the past as it were. The core plot may be considered worn but it is overshadowed by the style and some characters retrieved from a film noir reel.

  • Heather
    2019-04-20 17:22

    Good mystery. Interesting characters. Good flow to the story.

  • Monte
    2019-04-23 23:22

    Quick and easy read. Enjoyable.

  • Dave Schey
    2019-04-11 17:44

    I enjoy mystery novels that are set in the Southwest and places that I've been to.

  • Dana Kerby
    2019-04-05 22:26

    Great début novel.Good characters and the plot was well developed. Looking forward to more of Gabe McKenna. I loved the location for the story.

  • Lee Hale
    2019-03-28 16:22

    Twisting and turning went this story, ahh, but what fun!When I thought I had all of the characters figured out the story would take a turn in a different direction. Interesting and compelling.

  • Cynthia White
    2019-03-27 16:35

    Pretty good, but a little predictable.I enjoyed the fast pace but it was a little formulaic. I wonder why the lead character was a professor?

  • Ed Egbert
    2019-04-19 15:31

    Great ReadA real page turner, couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it to all who like a good mystery and some history mixed in. E

  • Motherbeaver
    2019-04-22 17:41

    It was just okay. Not particularly believable or well written.

  • Michael
    2019-04-13 16:20

    An Exciting AdventureI began this novel with some hesitation. The opening page or two did not particularly lead me to wanting more from it. As I continued, I found myself more and more caught up in the story and anxiously turning each page . I read the novel in one sitting, and I'm looking forward to the next book.

  • Roger Russell
    2019-03-28 22:31

    Excellent mysteryThis book is one of the kind you have great difficulty putting down. This is one retired professor that missed his calling. His investigative skills are beyond par for any detective . Can't wait for Mr. Liberal's next effort. He's got his work cut out for him to beat this one!

  • Kyle Beggs
    2019-04-05 21:37

    Good readEnjoyable story that will keep you interested and reading. Started the book and got so involved didn't stop until I finished it

  • Charles Ray
    2019-04-11 19:36

    With his beloved wife dead, Professor Gabriel McKenna is adrift. When he receives a notice that a distant aunt has died and left him as sole inheritor of her estate, he leaves New York City and travels to New Mexico. Once there, he’s drawn into an ancient search for a missing gold horde, the Lost Adams Gold, which has cost many lives. His family’s secrets are the key to finding the gold, but there are powerful forces arrayed against him, and there are few people he can trust. Friends from his past come to his aid, but ultimately, it is left to him to decide whether he will find, not just the lost gold, but his capacity to live and love.Red Gold by Richard D. Kidera takes the reader into the sometimes forbidding terrain of New Mexico, painting in vibrant colors the landscape, culture and history of this exotic locale. The action, even when it’s just McKenna wrestling with his inner demons, is palpable. Kidera is a master wordsmith, who can make you feel the stinging grit of a desert windstorm, and smell the smoke from a cabin fire.McKenna is a bit older than your average hero, but he’s no less interesting, and this story will grip your imagination and be with you long after you finish reading.I received this book as a gift.

  • Ruth A. Kohl
    2019-04-02 18:30

    OutstandingThis is an engaging, intriguing mystery. I had it "all figured out" several times. The characters are well drawn, the plot is good,and to my way of thinking an outstanding story. I'm ready for the second book, and the third and many more.

  • John
    2019-04-05 20:47

    Gabe McKenna is a history professor, recent widower, and now, benefactor of his late great aunt's will. The estate is substantial, but has one requirement--he has to move from New York to Albuquerque. He used to teach at the University of NM, so he is not a total stranger to the area. What is baffling to him is why, only a couple of days in town, he is being tailed, targeted, and generally harassed. Does it have anything to do with his inheritance, his previous tenure at UNM, or is it just his day in the barrel? There is actually a treasure hunt buried in this story, and the levels of intrigue, unsavory lawyers and devious police officers, make well worth reading. There are a couple of loose ends, but that is another story.

  • Tim Shepard
    2019-04-25 20:25

    Great bookThis book kept me turning the pages. Couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Well worth reading a second time.

  • Jane
    2019-03-25 16:19

    Red Gold is a wonderful combination of mystery, romance with lots of action. The plot is an interesting trip back to the past history of beautiful New Mexico. Professor Gabriel McKenna inherits from a distant relative in New Mexico and finds anything but 'The Land of Enchantment' when he goes to investigate the inheritance.Instead he finds death threats, old friends and a family mystery to solve while he is in constant danger. The story shows a depth of feelings from anger to compassion as Gabe fights not just for his life but his personal demons too.I would like to read more by Robert D. Kidera in the future because this story was great.

  • Jan Kazimi
    2019-04-11 21:31

    JkThis was a great book I think if you like a good mystery This book will keep you interested All the way

  • Leslie Hammes
    2019-04-02 19:38

    This story moved very quickly and I began to feel Gabe would never get a break or chance to recover. I liked how Gabe met people from his past in places he wasn't expecting them to be and was able to move into the future with them. It was also refreshing to have a protagonist do good with the resources available instead of becoming selfish or abruptly changing in character. I'm interested to see in what capacity he continues to help the APD on future cases. I only hope they are coming to him for his expertise in Native American history and he is not initially involved in the issue.

  • John
    2019-04-03 16:33

    A rock-solid debut novel. Kidera has the hard-boiled writing style down pat in this hard to put down mystery thriller with a dash of adventure. I loved how he wove real-life author James A. McKenna into the story, and he's great at describing the New Mexico locations. It doesn't hurt to have a likable if damaged and complex hero either, and I took to Gabe McKenna immediately. A terrific read, and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • dale haverlack
    2019-04-06 15:39

    This a very good and well written book. One of the best books I have read in a long time. It was interesting from beginning to end. Try it I think you will be pleasantly surprised.The characters are interesting and well developed. The pace of the story is fluid and moves ahead at a nice rhythm. I strongly suggest this book to anyone who craves adventure. DJH

  • Pxipenguin
    2019-04-05 15:39

    That poor guy! He must have gotten smacked on the head more times than other people buy coffees! Its a wonder that he didn't have a concussion . . . but of course the hospital didn't check for that. The story is otherwise a good one, with twists and turns, and good pacing and plenty of descriptive text. I gave it four stars . . . the books that follow this can only get better and better.

  • Trudi Berglin
    2019-04-07 15:25

    Excellent, Riveting, a MUST read!Exciting, moving on, well written, mystical. Definitely not a book to put down. Exceedingly well done in bringing the past to present. Mr. Kidera's words actually coming together to not only forming a sentence but providing a picture and continuing on providing a moving picture. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed such a riveting story.

  • Lynn
    2019-04-01 20:26

    Very good story. The characterization of Gabe McKenna was well done. I would actually have given a rating of 4.5 stars if allowed. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars was due to the plot which I found a bit far fetched. The rapid pace made me want to keep reading to find out what happened.

  • Loretta Gabriel
    2019-04-22 16:22

    Action packed mystery Most enjoyable story of an intriguing mystery behind a families old folk tales. The author did a very good job telling this story. The suspect will keep you guessing.