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Seven Bengal tigers are the star attraction of Carey's Circus. Their trainer is the fearless Anton, whose work demands absolute fitness and the steadiest of nerves. When Anton is found lying dead in the tigers' cage, it seems that he has lost control and been mauled by the tigers - but Detective-Inspector Minto of Scotland Yard is not convinced.Minto's investigations leadSeven Bengal tigers are the star attraction of Carey's Circus. Their trainer is the fearless Anton, whose work demands absolute fitness and the steadiest of nerves. When Anton is found lying dead in the tigers' cage, it seems that he has lost control and been mauled by the tigers - but Detective-Inspector Minto of Scotland Yard is not convinced.Minto's investigations lead him deep into the circus world of tents and caravans, clowns and acrobats, human and animal performers. No one is above suspicion. Carey, the circus-owner with a secret to hide; Dodo, the clown whose costume is scratched as if by a claw; and Lorimer, the trapeze artist jealous of his flirtatious wife - all come under Minto's scrutiny as the mystery deepens.This amusing and light-hearted novel from the golden age of British crime writing has long been neglected, and this new edition will help to restore Melville's reputation as an author of extremely entertaining detective fiction....

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Death of Anton Reviews

  • Elaine Tomasso
    2019-02-17 14:29

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Poisoned Pen Press for an advance copy of Death of Anton, a detective novel originally published in 1936, set in a small English town and featuring holidaying DI Minto of Scotland Yard.DI Minto is on holiday before his sister's wedding. The small town she lives in does not have much to recommend it but the circus is in town. The star attractions are staying at his hotel so he gets to know them and when the tiger tamer is found dead in the tiger cage Mr Carey the circus's owner asks him to discretely investigate.I enjoyed Death of Anton. It is a good murder mystery in that I didn't have a clue about the perpetrator but it doesn't take itself too seriously, eg Mr Melville is able to have DI Minto talk seriously about intelligent tigers and their ability not to harm innocent people. The plot is well paced, and despite the exotic setting, believable. It starts with scene setting, gets to the murder and then widens into a search for the motive and perpetrator. As in all Golden Age mysteries the plot's the thing so the characterisation isn't particularly strong. The reader learns little of DI Minto outside of his ability to solve cases and the other characters aren't much better but it doesn't really matter because they are only there to enhance the plot.Death of Anton is a forgotten gem of a novel which I have no hesitation in recommending as a good read.

  • Tonstant Weader
    2019-02-06 15:21

    Detective Inspector Minto is visiting his brother and sister to attend his sister’s wedding. The circus happens to be in town and over breakfast he meets one of the stars, the clown Dodo who shares his opinion on how porridge should be prepared. He happily invites his family to the circus enjoying the cachet of knowing the performers. He is quite miffed, though, when the tiger trainer is murdered. Can’t a fellow enjoy a vacation without a murder interrupting his relaxation.Everyone would like the murder to be written off as a mauling by the tigers, but the poor tigers are innocent. Even the local police would rather let Minto handle it. So he does. In the process, the murderer strikes again. There is an efficient brutality to the killer’s methods and Minto shocked me with his reckless use of one of the performers as bait.I enjoyed Death of Anton a lot. There is an acerbic wit that enlivens the prose, causing frequent small smiles of pleasure at one little comment or another. The mystery is fair with the clues falling into place without revealing too much. There is one false note, Minto’s brother is a Catholic priest who hears the confession of the murderer and tells Minto. Robert breaches the confessional six ways to Sunday by telling Minto he heard the killer’s confession and tells him who is not guilty. He would not have even mentioned it and it was not necessary to advance the plot. Otherwise, the story is great.I received Death of Anton from the publisher through NetGalley. It is one of the British Library Crime Classics that reprints great mysteries from the past.Death of Anton from Poisoned Pen PressAlan Melville on Wikipediahttps://tonstantweaderreviews.wordpre...

  • Gwen - Chew & Digest Books -
    2019-01-31 17:37

    This totally prove to me that I was born in the wrong decade and maybe even the wrong country because I adore the golden age of British crime novels among other things. I'm grateful that Poisoned Pen Press is bringing a lot of these back because not only are they great reads, but they have that true English wit that was really roaring then. Detective Minto of Scotland Yard is in the village only for his sister's wedding and soon finds himself wishing that he'd never come. The Lion Tamer is found murdered at the Circus also in town and to complicate his detecting, even more, the murderer confessed to Minto's Brother, but being a priest, he can't say who did it. Yet every time Minto thinks he has the person, his brother pipes up with you're wrong, but can't say more. How flipping frustrating!Then there is the whole marriage thing with their younger sister Claire. She's always been headstrong and often jumps her way into trouble without thinking ending up needing to be saved by her brothers. This time she's decided to marry a vacuum salesman. Priestly Robert doesn't like him, but can't put his finger on why, so he asks his brother up early to try and talk her out of it.Oh, the trouble that can happen when you stick your nose in other people's business, especially when there are Lions, Clowns, and weddings, oh my.

  • Debbie
    2019-02-04 10:11

    "Death of Anton" is a mystery set in England that was originally published in 1936. It's a clue-based puzzle mystery, and a humorous one at that. The reader knows more about what's going on than the detective, but he snooped around, asked questions, and thought things out until he solved the case. Since we learned several clues before he did, it wasn't difficult to figure out whodunit (and what was going on) before the detective.Even if we'd been told whodunit from the beginning, I still would have read the whole story because I really enjoyed the humor. The main characters were interesting, and the detective had an entertaining view of life. For one thing, he found it ironic that his brother (a Catholic priest) and 7 tigers all knew whodunit but couldn't tell him, so he had to sort it out for himself.There was no sex. There was a fair amount of bad language. Overall, I'd recommend this entertaining mystery.I received an ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

  • Judy Lesley
    2019-02-05 14:30

    Many thanks to NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press for a digital copy of this book.Published in 1935 and with an Introduction by Martin Edwards, this is another book rescued from obscurity by the program sponsored by the British Library. I am glad I read it, but I tend to like for the mysteries I read to be more serious than this one was. The Anton of the title is the star attraction of a circus where he puts his seven ferocious Bengal tigers through their paces in the center ring. At least he did until one fateful night. A Detective Inspector of Scotland Yard just happens to be in this small town making final preparations for his sister's wedding so naturally he becomes involved in solving the questions surrounding Anton's death. Minto is definitely unorthodox in his investigation techniques. If this story had been presented in a more serious way, I would have enjoyed it more, but still a good reading experience and an interesting example of crime fiction written between the world wars.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-12 15:22

    This was an amusing read. It is a quite slow and gentle read, quite different compared to modern crime novels that are full of forensics and modern technologies etc. But it was interesting to read how crime was dealt with in the 1930's. I liked the setting of the story, and hearing all about the circus characters. Melville wrote them with a good understanding of the circus folk, especially at the time they were seen as travellers to be distrusted, without a proper skill etc. I liked hearing about how odd they all were, with their different mannerisms. Of course I liked reading about the tigers and the tricks they did, but hearing what they had to do is quite strange to a modern audience (it felt quite strange to me, anyway) where animals have a bit more rights.I liked inspector Minto, he was very amusing in his thoughts and actions, and how he seemed to bumble through the murder of Anton. He is taking a week off from work to attend to the marriage of his sister, when Anton, the tiger trainer is murdered and Minto is asked to look into it. This is not a specular read, but it is quite amusing, with a good setting of the circus, and I did enjoyed spending my time reading it.I read this for my 2016 Popsugar Challenge - this was for the category of a book that is a 20th Century classic - and this book was written in 1936, and being published by the British Library as a classic, I think that it counts!

  • Damaskcat
    2019-02-15 11:23

    Inspector Minto of Scotland Yard has taken a week off work to help organise his sister, Clair's wedding to a vacuum cleaner salesman. Neither he nor his brother Robert, a Roman Catholic priest for whom Clair acts as housekeeper are keen on her intended. However he seems to be in a position to keep their sister in the style to which she could become accustomed so neither brother can come up with any sort of valid objection. There is a Circus in town and Minto and his relatives become involved with it because some of the performers are staying in the same hotel as Minto and being naturally curious he talks to them.When Anton, the trainer of seven tigers, is killed Minto is asked to investigate in an informal way. Against his better judgement he gets involved and is soon baffled by the everything going on in the circus. I really enjoyed this nineteen thirties crime novel. It is well written, amusing and the characters are marvellously well drawn. The background of the circus is convincing and interesting and the story has stood the test of time extremely well in my opinion.If you enjoy classic crime stories then try this entertaining series from the British Library. This is one of the best so far in my opinion.

  • Emma
    2019-01-24 10:39

    Circus and tigers and acrobats – oh my!This is a great little mystery with a wonderful circus setting. My particular favourite moments in this book are the descriptions of the acrobat show. You can really imagine the husband and wife team somersaulting and leaping around the circus tent! Inspector Minto is a great character – the poor man just wants to enjoy his holiday and his sister's wedding, but as with most fictional detectives, crime follows him where ever he goes! An easy and enjoyable read.

  • Catherine
    2019-02-02 12:38

    At the circus, the tiger tamer is found dead in the cage with his animals - but since shooting is gun isn't one of the tigers' tricks it's pretty obvious to Inspector Minto that a human being was responsible for the death.Less fluffy than the other Melville title in the British Library Crime Classics series (though still fairly light and humorous), and there were a couple of moments that made me go 'Hmmmm', but another pretty good read nonetheless.

  • Becky B
    2019-01-25 10:19

    Carey's Circus has just arrived in a small English village and is the talk of the town. Detective Inspector Minto of Scotland Yard has also arrived in this small English village, at his brother's request. He's come down to either dissuade his sister from doing something rash and marrying this chap she's just met or help with the wedding arrangements. Minto happens to be staying in the same hotel as several of the circus performers and gets invited to a party after the first performance. Since there's not much else to do in a town this size, he, his brother, his sister and fiancé decide circus and the party it is for the evening entertainment. But pleasure quickly becomes work when the tiger man, Anton (who was having some difficulty with the biggest one during the show) is found dead and bloody in the tiger's cage during the party. Mr. Carey is quite eager for Minto to just carry out the investigation himself and not get the local police involved. Minto takes on the case and discovers there's much more than murdering going on in this circus.I was eager to get my hands on this Melville mystery after discovering his Quick Curtain and loving it. This was not funny like Melville's Quick Curtain though it did have some moments of irony (like the clown's discussion with Minto over breakfast in the hotel about how the circus is just overflowing with crime...and then he finds out Minto's profession) and some snide and sarcastic remarks here and there. No, this was more straightforward, classic mystery. But that's not bad. I still enjoyed it. Melville wove quite a tale here, and keeps Minto and readers guessing for quite some time while the tigers' body count keeps going up. The plot line reads like something modern mystery/crime shows would love to snatch up. We tend to think of certain crimes as being new, but (view spoiler)[this was a good reminder that certain vile substances have been a problem for quite a long time and drug dealers are nothing new (hide spoiler)]. An engaging read with quite the colorful cast (including not only the circus people and animals but also Minto and his siblings).Notes on content: Just a few mild swear words. No sexual content. Possible affairs are mentioned but nothing is proven or described. Three deaths and two mild injuries and one severe injury. Some blood described, but nothing super gory even with the tigers involved. The power of suggestion and imagination does most of the work.I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Crittermom
    2019-01-31 16:23

    Alan Melville takes the readers under the big top in Death of Anton. In the world of acrobats, clowns and daredevil trainers, Carey’s Circus is uniquely successful. In fact their arrival in town is deceptively lacking the bang and flash of a traditional carnival. Deception is one of the main themes throughout as Inspector Minto struggles to determine who killed Anton the tiger trainer and subsequently tried to make it look like his Tigers had mauled him. Why would Carey kill the main attraction? Was it a jealous husband, or a rival for his position? Or is it related to the strange after dark activities on the circus grounds? Inspector Minto has his hands full and that is not even considering his sister’s prospective marriage. Another distinctive part of Death of Anton is that Minto’s brother, a priest, knows the identity of the killer but cannot say and Minto cannot get that from him.Melville’s mysteries are entertaining, but without the substance that makes for a memorable story. His police officers are not particularly realistic. So long as you know this and accept it, you will have fun reading his books. 4 / 5I received a copy of Death of Anton from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.--Crittermom

  • KayKay
    2019-02-10 11:38

    "Death of Anton" features Inspector Minto, a Scotland Yard inspector, when travels for personal reason but involuntarily gets entangled in a murder case. On the apparent level, the death of the circus' highly publicized tigers trainer is caused by the unfortunate accident, mauled by his emotionally disturbed tigers. Inspector Minto's acute sense of smelling crimes, however, tells him something sinister is behind the entire setup. His sleuth work reveals there is another case behind the "accident." With a bit of luck and intense elbow grease, Inpsector Minto successfully solves the puzzles in no time, and alters the outcome, favorably, of his own personal family matter.Alan Melville's sense of humor, the exuberant voice and the unique circus setting contribute a lot to the success of the story. "Death of Anton" is, by all means, a hidden gem. Another delectable reissue by Poisoned Pen Press. Highly recommended.

  • Yibbie
    2019-02-11 15:37

    Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of mild swearing by one character. At one point the author even made a joke of it. I didn’t appreciate that. I don’t think I’ll be looking for any more by this author. It’s a pity because the rest of the book is wonderfully witty, gentle, humorous, terrifying, and intriguing.It was a bit predictable. I knew who the murderer was pretty early on. I guess that’s good because so did the detective and he’s telling the story. The hero is not quite what I expected. He’s almost a spoof on other detectives. In fact, they, and detective fiction in general, are very gently mocked through the whole book.I should have, but didn’t, see the complication that was set to dog our hero’s investigation. It was unique. Even hinting at it would be giving away the best part of the mystery. The rest was pretty obvious.I received this as a free ARC from NetGalley and Poison Pen Press. No favorable review was required, and these are my honest opinions.

  • Melisende d'Outremer
    2019-02-09 10:10

    Another in a series or recently released classic crime novels from the golden age of crime.In this installment we are taken behind the scenes as the circus comes to town. "Perhaps — who knows — the seven Bengal tigers are wiser than most of us, and have an inkling of the tragedy that is coming to their cage so very soon." So, when tiger trainer Anton is found dead, it is up to DI MInto to solve the mystery, despite being on holiday. An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon - within the pages of a classic mystery.

  • Eileen Hall
    2019-01-28 12:16

    The British Library Crime Classics are a joy to read!They are usually set in 30s or 40s, without any clever or convoluted plots to confuse.This is no exception.It is set in a circus at a time when animals were seen entertainment and something to gawk at, which doesn't happen now thankfully.Still this murder mystery bowls along at a steady pace and I enjoyed every page and word.I'm so glad that Poisoned Pen Press are re publishing the catalogues.Thanks to them and Netgalley for giving me a digital copy in return for an honest unbiased review.

  • Adam Thomas
    2019-02-13 13:28

    A gripping tale of tigers, clowns and vacuum cleaners. DI Minto is a very likeable detective, and Alan Melville is a very likeable author. The story captures well the atmosphere of its circus setting, with good touches of humour, and Melville makes very effective use of Roman Catholicism to build tension (read the book to know more). The ending became sadly predictable, but otherwise a very enjoyable read.

  • Vanessa
    2019-02-08 12:10

    A rare miss from this series - after a nice bit of scene setting in the first chapter this begins to draaaaaag and, ultimately, I had to really skim the last few bits in order to finish. A hard no.I received an ecopy from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Andréa
    2019-02-03 17:16

    Note: I accessed digital review copies of this book through Edelweiss and NetGalley.

  • Jenny
    2019-02-04 16:37

    Excellent ! Entertaining,engaging,atmospheric and a page turner.Review scheduled for publication date.

  • John Sargent
    2019-02-13 09:12

    Interesting detective. Funny little guy who doesn't have to do alot of detecting. Just comes to him. Good amount of humor.

  • Matthew Barnes
    2019-01-25 15:29

    Quite enjoyable book which had me guessing all the way to the end. Full review:

  • Steven Heywood
    2019-01-23 09:10

    A jaunty bit of fun.

  • Anna Fox
    2019-02-18 15:36

    I received am ARC from Netgalley for an honest review. I enjoyed the book although writing style is different from what I'm used to. There is more than one mystery going on in the story.

  • James Tyrrell
    2019-01-29 11:36

    Written in 1936, many could learn from the lean and mean sentences found aplenty. The circus is a slim hook though. Too slim for 2017.

  • Aidan
    2019-01-23 15:37

    Death of Anton is yet another triumph for one of my favorite ranges of mystery titles and is certainly an unusual and entertaining read. It is remarkable how effectively Melville makes a story that possesses several potentially dark moments, including several tiger maulings, feel light and whimsical in tone.You can read a longer and more in depth review of this on my blog.

  • J.F. Duncan
    2019-01-25 09:16

    A Christmas present - made the perfect Boxing Day read! Twisty and turny, absurd in places and serious in others, easy to imagine and very well written. If you have an afternoon to spare, switch off the phone, find a big armchair and a box of chocolates and indulge!

  • Kate
    2019-01-26 17:10

    For my full review click on the link below:https://crossexaminingcrime.wordpress...

  • Marios Eracleous
    2019-02-11 14:40

    A very good old fashioned crime novel.

  • Kate Snow
    2019-02-02 11:26

    Another classic crime read. Tigers and drugs, trapeze artists and pawnshops. Sound intriguing? It is.

  • JoLynn
    2019-02-03 10:17

    Very good.