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Zed and ballet are my two greatest lovesIt took all of Aly's strength to get them back after a tragic accident ripped them from her six years ago. A long road to recovery led to her return, dancing full-time for the District Ballet Company and carrying Zed's child. But Aly is slipping. Each day becomes a fight to keep her career from crumbling under the weight of younger tZed and ballet are my two greatest lovesIt took all of Aly's strength to get them back after a tragic accident ripped them from her six years ago. A long road to recovery led to her return, dancing full-time for the District Ballet Company and carrying Zed's child. But Aly is slipping. Each day becomes a fight to keep her career from crumbling under the weight of younger talent, the scrutiny of the public eye and the limitations of her ever-changing body. A fight she fears she's losing.I'm scared Aly is broken to her coreZed recognizes the signs, but he doesn't know how to fix her. The accident left him with his own demons, and while he wants nothing more than to take care of the woman he loves, it's getting harder the farther downward she spirals. When Aly's life is threatened and Zed's injuries prevent him from saving her, he's never felt so useless, so afraid he's not capable of being the man Aly and their child needs.With new life comes new hope. And with their fractured lives already hanging by a thread, Aly and Zed must discover if they have what it takes—both together and apart—to rebuild and carry on.Book Two of the District Ballet Company70,000 words...

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  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    2019-03-27 17:46

    I binged District Ballet Company, one book after another. I find Second Position quite lagging at some parts, in spite of that Finding Center still prove itself to be the deal breaker. Finding Center opens up where Second Position left it off, Zed and Aly are reunited at last.Zed is now a teacher trying to make peace he might never dance again while Aly is trying to retain the place she has always effortlessly owned. As they slowly rebuild a life together, they must find the courage to face all the fears they are fighting to bury.This is the most mundane book I’ve read, and certainly not in the way you think. The characters go to school, work, grab a coffee, visit some relatives, and sit on the couch while bingeing Netflix. I don’t have any idea if it sounds boring, but I genuinely find it refreshing. How “common” the scenes is. Most definitely because it is a routine I always do.I constantly associate books with certain feelings and things. For me, there is truly something intimate about Zed and Aly. In a span of two books, Locke smoothly accomplished creating familiarity between the characters and the readers. There’s a hum in the air and I can feel the visceral energy of the story.Aside from that, the simplicity and complexity of this novel is heartwarming. District Ballet Company addresses various important topics such as disability, mental illness that includes anxiety, depression and eating disorder. It was discussed in depth and well detailed supporting facts.The flow of the plot is slow burn, but it will surely hit the readers at the right spot until they realized they already swallowed the whole book.To sum it up: Finding Center is a lyrical piece and a neat conclusion to Aly and Zed’s story. Without doubt, I will recommend this to any reader, especially one who are looking to unwind, second who wanted to read something refreshing and lyrical, lastly for those who wants to fall in love again.Review also posted at Young Adult Hollywood.

  • Marla Mei
    2019-04-12 21:07

    I enjoyed the first two books but this one, this one I LOVED. I don't even know how I can convince any of you to read this book by just merely saying that I loved it. I feel like it's not enough but on the other hand, I just can't form any other words other than I LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART OMG READ THIS. No words are enough but please take my words to heart and start this wonderful series, fall in love because THIS BOOK IS A MUST NEED IN YOUR LIVES. That's all. Bye.

  • Dahlia
    2019-04-11 00:08

    I was so proud of myself for not crying and then I read the acknowledgments. Whatevs - Zaly 4eva

  • WhatIReallyRead
    2019-04-01 20:52

    Now every time I wear my "My plié is better than yours" T-shirt, I'll think of Aly and Zed.

  • Siiri (Little Pieces of Imagination)
    2019-04-20 01:09

    THIS. BOOK. Y'ALL.I HAD FEELS. A SHIT TON OF THEM.I had some issues with Second Position (which I still loved!) but they were mostly fixed in this one. My only problems (for the sake of not having a better word to use) with Finding Center were: 1. I wish we had seen at least one AA meeting; 2. I still don't see any point to having Carmen in these books (view spoiler)[(and it was hella random that she caused some mild jealousy/annoyance from Aly in the first or second chapter, then throughout the book they had no interaction whatsoever and suddenly Carmen was smiling at her and bringing Aly her favorite tea without having to be asked? like WHERE WAS THE CHARACTER/RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT?????) (hide spoiler)]. Aside from those points, I loved this book so freakin' much! The issues these books draw attention to are important and they were always handled with utmost care. I love that these characters have gone through major growth and their relationship has grown along the way as well. They made me feel things so much that it was hard to breathe through it at times. There were tears, laughs, punches in the gut and much love such swoon ok. The writing is just as gorgeous as always (though the editing still needs some work: there are still typos and editing errors). ALSO THERE WAS PLOT IN THIS BOOK! A LOT OF IT AND IT WAS GREAT AND HOLY GUACAMOLE SOME OF THE PARTS IN A CERTAIN BALLET STUDIO MADE ME BAWL WITH HAPPINESS BECAUSE HOW DO YOU DO GORGEOUS?!Would 10/10 rec these gems to everyone who loves a good second chance romance, exquisite writing with complex characters and portrayal of important themes such as eating disorder, depression, alcoholism (there wasn't much of it in the series as far as struggling goes, but I'm glad that Zed is in a good place regarding alcoholic beverage and his cravings for it) + living a life with a disability parts are handled with great care. I have endless love for this book and the previous one and a half installments as well, so I'd love to own them in print someday. One can hope, aye?

  • Elizabeth May
    2019-04-22 01:54

    Every bit as excellent and beautiful as SECOND POSITION. It isn't often that I read a romance novel where the couple is already together at the start of the book, so FINDING CENTER was wonderfully refreshing. I love seeing this look at what happens after "happily ever after" and how relationships change over time. I can't recommend this duology enough. <3

  • Silvana [The Book Voyagers]
    2019-04-04 01:13

    I highly recommend the Distric Ballet Company books 1000%. If you haven't read Second Position, the first book, please go and get it, because Finding Center is amazing. Alyona and Zed's journey gets to you and it's filled with love, friendships, hardships, strength, and many many more moments you will enjoy to the max. -------- Review ---------You can also find it here: and Aly come back in the fabulous sequel, Finding Center. It’s so great to think that this book is just another plus to their story, like Second Position didn’t end in a cliffhanger or anything – this second book is if you want more and more and more, and it was beyond more to be completely honest. I adore Katherine’s writing and words. They are beautiful and lyrical. This story flows and I never thought about the speed of it. The writing is just perfect.Zed and Aly return and it’s fantastic. I got so happy seeing them grow and BE HAPPY. The sole act of them being happy makes me undeniable happy. They deserve the world. DBC series is very important. It addresses topics like eating disorders, disability and mental illness. The support between these two characters makes me go all heart eyes. Between the turmoil of their pasts and fears, they find each other and try to go to that place where they’ve always wanted to be. Together. We left them in Second Position together and doing the things that they loved. In Finding Center, we find Aly dancing for a new company and facing the threat of new, young faces in the company. While Zed just wants to be on that stage, alongside Aly, for a single moment. I loved reading these books because you see Aly and Zed interact with everything and everyone around them. If it isn’t in the ballet company it’s in their home. If it isn’t with their friends, it’s with their families. I like seeing the simplest actions they do turn into specks of wonder.In all, Finding Center just clarified my love for Katherine Locke. I will read anything from her – definitely. I’m sad Zed and Aly’s story is over but happy and lucky I got to see their journey.

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-04-20 18:45

    I need to start off by saying that I haven't read the first book in this series and you reallymustread book 1. Jumping into the deep end, I discovered what happened to these two lovely people and how a tragic accident ended their career.Its a touching story, full of romance, worry, angst and some really tender and gentle moments which I found lovely to read.I would highly recommend this, but I think I could have got much more from this book if I had read book 1.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-14 00:14

    E-ARC received thanks to Carina Press and Netgalley.4.5 stars"There will be bad days. What if the bad days are too bad?""There were bad days before this, and we'll handle any bad days to come. I promise. That's what we do, Aly. We're pretty good at weathering storms."oh dear. oh dear, dear, dear.I was pretty scared too before I started this because what if it's not as good as the first one? But my fear was unfounded because you guys, Second Position was great but this one? This one just blew its predecessor out of the water.I came across this term on Twitter that I feel fit Finding Center perfectly: quiet intensity. If I were asked to describe District Ballet Company series it'd be that. Katherine Locke's writing is just so gorgeous and the don't see it coming until it socks you in the gut. Aly and Zed are the characters you can't help but to root for. I love how they support each other through good and bad days. I'm so not good at describing stuff but gosh I love how real they are. I love how they're both more because of each other, does that make sense? gosh this review is going to be a list of I Loves and I'm going to spoil things if I didn't stop now. this series is definitely going into my auto-rec list, and I'm excited for more books from this author.

  • Katherine Locke
    2019-04-17 01:51

    I wrote this one too! It's the direct sequel to SECOND POSITION so same characters! (Don't worry. No cliffhanger in Second Position. This is just MORE.) It has more ballet in it! More feels. More Zaly swooning. More Ham. And two fun surprises ;) Blurb coming soon!

  • Leigh Smith
    2019-04-03 23:11

    Omg, yes. I was lucky enough to read this early and it is just beautiful. Katherine is such a talented writer (UNDERSTATEMENT). Through her gorgeous words you experience the complete spectrum of senses. And these two have grown, as has my love for them. You will adore the new cast of characters, as well. When I finished Second Position I was dying for more Zaly and this book was so completely satisfying. I got what I wanted and so much more. Read it, mmmkay?

  • Jen
    2019-04-07 01:46

    Lyrical, magical and full of feels, FINDING CENTER does not disappoint! If you loved TURNING POINTE and SECOND POSITION, you will love this one even more. Read it.

  • Laura Lam
    2019-03-29 20:47

    Read this book (and the first installment, Second Position) if you like the following:- Center Stage or any of the other ballet films (I grew up on those)- Believable romance. First one is a second chance at love after a tragedy, and this one focuses on the challenge of continued romance, even if you never doubt the other person's love. In any relationship, new obstacles arise, and Zed and Aly show that realistically. Nothing ever feels forced.- Very good depiction of mental and physical disability. Aly has anxiety and is in recovery for an eating disorder. Zed lost a leg in an accident and is an alcoholic. They each need support from the other in different ways.- You like to cry happy tears at the cuteness. I'll read anything Katherine Locke writes. She's on my insta-buy list.

  • Missy
    2019-04-13 01:46

    An amazing ending for a great series.Aly and Zed work to find that happy medium of togetherness. Trying to balance their lives with the outside demands, their demons, and what they really need.You can just feel that these two belong together but life keeps getting in the way......and compromise is a foreign concept that they both need to work on. Zed will need to learn to embrace the love of dance to full fill his soul. Aly seeks outside help to battle her demons and insecurities but will it be enough for her to let go and totally trust in their love?A nice well written dramatic ending for these two. A book full of passion, inner demons, love, and ballet.

  • Olga
    2019-04-18 20:45

    I loved the writing and the beautiful world the author's created, I loved Zed, Jonathan and Aly's therapist, I loved how the author touched such a delicate subject using these damaged characters for support. But I couldn't, for the life of me, get myself to even like Alyona. Obnoxious, self-centered, egotistical Alyona who all but ruined this series for me.

  • Sara
    2019-04-05 22:13

    These characters will cut you open and stitch you back up again.

  • Edna L. (thebooknymph)
    2019-03-26 21:54

    I think I'll forever be in love with Zed and Aly

  • Mic
    2019-03-29 17:47


  • Natulcien
    2019-04-10 20:13

    4.5 starsThis is such a great conclusion to the duology.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-05 00:11

    I received a free copy of this book for review thanks to the publishers and netgalley. This has in no way influenced my opinion of the book. Basically: The second book in the District Ballet Company series, this book follows Aly and Zed and their story as a continuation of the events that happened in the first book in the series. In Depth: This is the kind of book I either love or I hate. A second book in a series carrying on directly with the same characters and the same relationship as in the first book. An ordinary book following extraordinary people and frankly in many authors hands this book would have fallen short. However, Katherine Locke is no ordinary author, she is clearly a master at her craft as she makes what could have been a disaster into something wonderful and compelling. The Story: After the events of the first book I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this book. The story is a continuation of Second Position rather than a separate book, I wouldn't recommend starting this one unless you've already read that one. There is something utterly compelling about the writing and the story. Something that makes it so that you cannot look away. The utter genius of this book is the fact that it follows Aly and Zed who are simply very real flawed individuals who happen to be deeply talented in a way that most of us wish we were (in whatever field we choose to pursue in life) being as ordinary as they could be together. There's nothing fast paced and action packed about this book. The actions that happen in it are entirely normal and a part of most people's lives, cooking meals, going to the gym, discussing work and so on. It's just brilliant. The Characters: Aly and Zed have always felt real ever since I read Second Position and Turning Pointe and this book only added to that. I honestly feel like if I walked into a coffee bar I would spot them, Zed playing the piano and Aly watching him, her foot tapping. Maybe sitting next to him. They feel real, and so alive, so there. There's something brilliant about the flaws in there characters, how present they feel. And don't get me started on the secondary characters, THEY ARE AMAZING AND SO GOOD! My Thoughts: At the end of the day any series that gets better the more you read is worth reading. And that's exactly what this series offers, more depth, detail and pure fabulousness the more you read. The world, the characters, the romance, everything feels real and alive. Everything in this book is so believable, and that makes it both sadder and happier as a read. Aly and Zed have been through so much in the last two books (and the novella) that all you want is a moment of happiness, of normalcy for them. This book gives them that, but it also proves to us the reader that they are extraordinary, and normal is a subjective word.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-03-28 19:44

    *I received an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.Rating: 4.5 starsI love Aly and Zed so much! Second Position was an emotional roller coaster, so when I found out about Finding Center, I was scared. What pain would they go through next? Thankfully, this book wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. The things that happened were fitting for the couple and I’m happy this conclusion to their story was written.There was more character growth! Aly dealt with new roles and changes in her life. As for Zed, he felt like something was missing from his life and he wanted to fix that. I feel like there wasn’t as much character growth in this book, but that’s probably because the changes weren’t as drastic. Aly and Zed were a whirlwind at times. They both felt so deeply for one another and sometimes it became too intense for them. However, I loved the love and support the two gave each other. Even though they said they weren’t that great at communication, it still felt like they had an open and honest relationship. In Second Position, I sometimes found their relationship to be unstable and a little unhealthy, but the characters worked so hard to change that. They adapted. They grew. They paid attention to one another. I saw many healthy qualities in their relationship in this book!Zed and Aly were so personal, so intimate, yet most of the sex scenes weren’t very detailed. That went well with the couple. It suited this book because more focus was put on feelings and touches and glances and thoughts and emotions than on the physical stuff. There was a good balance.I should mention at least one thing besides these characters, huh? I Loved the dance aspect. It made certain scenes so wonderful and beautiful—just like a great piece of choreography.Overall, Finding Center was a wonderful conclusion to Aly and Zed’s story! They went through so much. Reading their ending made my heart swell with happiness. It made me cry, but every tear was from joy.

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2019-04-03 02:08

    3.5 starsKatie’s debut novel, Second Position, really impressed me. As such, I was really looking forward to Finding Center. Ultimately, Finding Center was less good for me, not because of a change in quality but because of the subject matter. I do think that Finding Center continues to be very strong in all the ways that Second Position was.Why did I not like this one as much? (view spoiler)[BABY. Aly spends most of the book pregnant, something I pretty much saw coming, since I’d just read the prequel novella. Locke’s set up a parallel between Aly and Zed when they were young and now. As pregnancy/baby plots go, this was really well done. I did still like the book, which is definitely a point in Locke’s favor. The fact that they kept calling it the poppy seed was super cute. Still, I just don’t care as much about the baby as I do other things, so my heart wasn’t in this one the same way.(hide spoiler)]Aly’s struggles with her mental health, and Zed’s to a lesser degree, continue to be my favorite part of this series. New adult loves the whole “tortured past” thing, but so often doesn’t deal with it. In Locke’s books, it’s clear that love is not the solution to psychological issues; in fact, it can make dealing with them more difficult sometimes. Support obviously helps, but you have to worry about the other person’s issues and how your issues affect them and on and on. Though Locke retains a new adult, rather melodramatic tone, it is this that makes her books feel so much more realistic.Also, if you were disappointed by the lack of sexy times in the first book, there are many more to come in Finding Center. Pun intended.

  • Dísir
    2019-04-17 18:02

    Finding Center continues the saga of 2 wounded (and very screwed up) individuals, who, after an accident a long time ago, still find themselves paying the price years later. Zed and Aly's very unique story - set against the competitive background of professional ballet - comes to a breathtaking climax in a book worth waiting for. Katherine Locke's soaring, fluid prose is a wholly immersive experience, almost a mimic of the movements of classical ballet. I was captivated from the start by the dual POVs and Ms Locke's masterful plumbing of Aly's psychological depths while exploring Zed's own fractured psyche. I'd always hoped that Zed would rediscover his ability to dance and it was gratuitous to see that happen in this story. Better yet, Aly's acceptance of what ballet meant to Zed took some spotlight away from the self-centred and destructive behaviour that she tended to exhibit. The epilogue seemed fitting for the both of them, where their happy ending was really a new normal thoroughly earned after a long and painful process of cutting, shaping and learning.

  • Cass
    2019-04-03 19:58

    Oh, Aly and Zed. You wreck me. Locke, you are awful. Bloody awful. I loved this book more than its predecessors if only for the fact that it displays so much sorely needed forward motion within the context of two flawed individuals who love ballet and each other fiercely. While the previous installments cover who they are, how they got where they are, and how they learned to move beyond problems and themselves, this book is a beautiful display of doing life as a means to move on. Also if you know basic physics, the title of this book is brilliantly clever and it holds so many truths and hints in it. I love it.

  • RavenclawReadingRoom
    2019-03-31 00:10

    This was basically the happily ever after to Second Position, but I was totally on board with it. I loved that Alyona continues to struggle with food, that happiness didn't instantly fix her mental health problems. I loved that Zed finally realised that there's still hope for his future. I loved that Alyona's in therapy and that she's open about having good days and bad days. It DOES contain (view spoiler)[the most cringe-worthy public proposal of all time. Like, stops in the middle of performing a ballet to hundreds of people to propose in the middle of the stage kind of cringe-worthy (hide spoiler)], but the rest of it was pretty stinking great.

  • H
    2019-04-15 19:56

    3 I-kinda-expected-more stars.Beautiful writing (Katherine Locke is quickly becoming one of my favorites), but I can't help but feel that a) nothing much happened in this, and b) it felt rushed, or not as well fleshed out due to its length. I was expecting more, and I'm a bit disappointed that this wasn't as affecting to me as Second Position.

  • Katie
    2019-04-11 19:46

    Is it too forward to hope there may be another installment of the story of Zed and Aly, and their expanding world? Because after finishing this one, I could definitely do with more! I've grown rather fond of them, and of the District Ballet Company - a company that looks to have a bright future, I might add.

  • Natalie Williamson
    2019-04-23 23:59

    So much love for this series for its 1) frank acknowledgement of mental illnesses (those therapy session chapters though), 2) deep look at what it means to be in a loving, committed relationship, and all the ups and downs that come along with that, and 3) giving me so many Zaly feels.Will definitely be reading anything Katherine Locke writes. Can't recommend this series highly enough.

  • Maf (Bookworm Wanders)
    2019-04-04 18:58


  • Michelle
    2019-04-02 00:56

    These words, you guys. They hit you right in the heart.