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Something fell to the floor with a soft clunk. Margarette stared at the object in disbelief. Matthew moved closer, his eyes following hers. There on the rough planks lay a small black bag. He reached for it, and as Soren, Anna, and Jens crowded around, he released the cord that held it closed and gently shook the contents onto Margarette’s bunk. A glittering bracelet droppSomething fell to the floor with a soft clunk. Margarette stared at the object in disbelief. Matthew moved closer, his eyes following hers. There on the rough planks lay a small black bag. He reached for it, and as Soren, Anna, and Jens crowded around, he released the cord that held it closed and gently shook the contents onto Margarette’s bunk. A glittering bracelet dropped onto a quilt square. All four adults gasped in astonishment. The metal chain appeared to be of inferior quality, but five large stones, each a different color, gleamed almost as though they were hungry to claim the small amount of light in the ship’s gloomy interior.—Who had put the bracelet there, and why? Was it the frightened, beautiful woman who had snatched Margarette’s infant daughter, and then hastily returned her? Would the bracelet, and the handsome new convert, Matthew Holmes, prove to be the answer to her desperate prayers on her journey to join with the Saints in America?...

Title : The Emerald
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The Emerald Reviews

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-11 00:40

    Loved was a good book. I recommend reading The Bracelet, The Emerald, and The Topaz pretty close to each other. I read The Bracelet a long time ago and while i was reading The Emerald i kept did the last one end...who was that...and they just all flow together.

  • Marie
    2019-03-20 02:56

    I liked the first one in the series a little bit better.

  • Susan
    2019-02-20 20:53

    Second book in series. What will happen next. Good.

  • Katrina
    2019-02-19 19:51

    Much better narrator and interesting how each book in the series is about a different person and their connection to the bracelet.

  • Kristyn
    2019-02-17 01:47

    Book 2 in the series. This one was adventurous as well. It was interesting to read about the ships of Saints coming from England and the journey to Utah. I like Jennie Hansen's writing, but as in other books, she seems to go to great lengths to make sure it sounds like nothing sexual happens between the characters (who are always married in a rush for convenience) but then suddenly she starts talking about how they are now pregnant. Kind of leaves you going "Huh?" I guess she's a little too subtle for me to pick up on. Maybe Covenant doesn't allow more than that in LDS fiction? I still really enjoyed it.

  • Dorry Lou
    2019-02-22 23:04

    Jennie Hansen writes a good book. She has enough drama to keep you wanting to read more. This book is #2 in a series. It is set in 19th century England. It centers around a bracelet put in the diaper of a baby belonging to Margarette whose husband has recently passed away. There is a big emerald set in the middle of the bracelet with other jewels around it. Who could have put it in the diaper? She has many burdens on her as she journeys to America with her son and baby daughter. Interesting what part the bracelet with the big emerald plays in the book.

  • Kristelle
    2019-03-15 20:53

    I liked this book but as with all series that switch characters it took me a while to fall in love with the characters. I thought it was interesting that Marguritte gave all the gems away but one. I am also confused as to how the rest of the story will work since two of the people she gave gems to died in this book. I am getting more and more curious as to what will become of all the stones.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-16 23:35

    Although I liked this book, it was not nearly as captivating as the first book, "The Bracelet". The writing was enjoyable but the story kept bringing up the same old problems instead of inventing new ones or fixing it and moving on. I don't know if I will finish the series or not. A dissapointment after liking the first book so well.

  • Jana
    2019-02-28 04:01

    This book follows the journey of a young single LDS mother to America, her struggle to find a home for her two young children and what to do with a bracelet she finds hidden is her babies diaper. The jewels, she feels have been given to her as a means to provide for her journey from Nauvoo and the angry mobs. t's a typical LDS novel, but easy reading and enjoyable story.

  • Angee
    2019-03-07 00:48

    I enjoyed it, although not nearly as much as the first. The storyline was sweet, but didn't have me on the edge of my seat. It was a nice, predictable journey of the bracelet. The jewels are distributed in this one though, but vaguely so I'm excited to read the next installments to see what happens to the jewels!

  • Susan
    2019-03-12 00:56

    I can't help but get caught up in the hardships and struggles of the early pioneers because of my own heritage. I liked the suspense that Jennie Hansen includes in the story and I especially loved the relationship between Margarette and Matthew--best friends and then lovers. Jens and Annalise are little dolls!

  • Christina
    2019-03-08 19:40

    I think the idea behind the series - using the stones from the bracelet to tie basically unrelated stories together - is interesting. I also learned a little bit of history.I think one of the most fascinating parts of this book was when the Indians had respect and reverence for her 'treasures'. It was such a short part of the story, but beautiful.

  • Susan
    2019-02-21 03:51

    I really liked this second-in-the-series book about the bracelet. I didn't realize these books would be about the pioneers, and I learned a lot of church history by reading this one--from aboard the ship going from England to America to life in Nauvoo to life in the Mormon Battalion.

  • LAWonder10
    2019-03-17 22:36

    This was one of my favorite 'Bracelet' books. The story line led to a time period and place tat is especially dear to me.I love how the unique use of each stone is used unselfishly but out of real need.

  • Linda
    2019-03-19 02:34

    I enjoyed this a second book in a series of unrelated stories that have the gems in a bracelet as the thread through them. They are nice stories with good people making good choices against evil and others who do not make such great choices. Enjoyable read.

  • Chrystal
    2019-03-12 01:04

    I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the time and place of this story. I am always interested in the early pioneers, immigrants coming to America and the way of life of the early Saints. The characters were like-able and the story was enjoyable too.

  • Beth Pearson
    2019-03-18 03:41

    I haven't read Book #1 in this series but didn't feel like I was missing much when I started on book #2, the Emerald. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a young mother's efforts to get to Zion with other LDS Saints. I loved Matthew Holmes.

  • Patricia
    2019-02-24 00:45

    Rating 4.5I thought this was a great story. I enjoyed the characters and the review of church history as they "lived it." I am looking forward to the next installment. Hmm. Which jewel will it follow?

  • Julie
    2019-03-16 02:37

    This second book in the "Bracelet" series was at least as good as the first. It was also a bit slow in places, but compelling and interesting. Some loose ends from the first book were tied up a bit, but now I'm curious to find out what happens to the gems next.

  • Angie
    2019-03-11 20:53

    This book wasn't my favorite but I did finish reading it. I had different expectations of it and it threw me off a bit. It took me longer to get through this one than the previous one. Still... not a bad read.

  • Helen
    2019-02-20 00:37

    Really enjoyed this one. Great combination of Church history and romance!

  • Courtney White
    2019-03-06 21:47

    very good but it was a little slow sometimes in all of this series

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-07 00:39

    The Bracelet Series2of4

  • Lauren
    2019-03-14 19:52

    pretty good. A light entertaining read.

  • Connie Williams
    2019-02-17 02:45

    Another book on CD that I listened to. Can you tell I'm in the car a lot right now!

  • Celine Zarogoza
    2019-03-06 00:46

    Very good and provides historical info. about the early saints.

  • Amy
    2019-03-03 03:40

    I like this author and this series is an easy read.

  • Janice
    2019-03-17 01:46

    This book goes with The bracelet and The Emerald. I loved these books.

  • Heather
    2019-02-18 00:57

    I really liked the first book of this series, but I just couldn't get into this one. I only read the first 4 or 5 chapters & had to stop. It seemed like another Work & the Glory book.

  • Danni
    2019-03-10 00:50