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Acceptance letter to med school…check.Bags packed…check.Plane ticket…check.Red finally feels like she's moving forward in life. She's got everything she ever wanted. She snagged the man of her dreams, her best friend Gavin, and her acceptance to medical school, all in the same summer.Smiling brightly as she steps onto the plane to California, Jersey girl Red, knows it willAcceptance letter to med school…check.Bags packed…check.Plane ticket…check.Red finally feels like she's moving forward in life. She's got everything she ever wanted. She snagged the man of her dreams, her best friend Gavin, and her acceptance to medical school, all in the same summer.Smiling brightly as she steps onto the plane to California, Jersey girl Red, knows it will be hard to be away from everyone she knows and loves, especially Gavin. But that’s okay, because they’re young and in love, and that’s enough…until it isn’t.Three thousand miles from home, with no friends or family around her, she has to figure it out. With distractions around her at every turn, she has to decide what’s best for her. Will she stay the course, or will she be Distracted?*Author Note* Distractions, book #1, must be read first....

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distracted Reviews

  • Jade at
    2019-01-19 08:28

    When I finished book one I could not wait to get into book 2. It took it awhile for it to come out but it is well worth the wait. This is not your typical book. It is even better! For me, this book is more true to life than anything I've ever read.Book 1 leaves off with Gavin and Bren leaving Red at the airport. Book 2 picks up at the same place. The author did a great job of giving us the last two chapters of book 1. I assumed that Red was going to fly off in the sky with Jake and do one of two things, either fall in love with Jake while in California or stay true to Gavin and run back home to him. The author took this story in a totally different direction. We get to see the separate lives of Red and Gavin and the trials these two go through. We are introduced to new characters and new problems.I do not want to give away too much for those who have yet to read it. Just know, this is not your typical read and stay with it. This is actually better than a typical read and had me drawn in quickly. I cannot wait to see where Gavin and Red are going and the rest of these characters!5 Stars

  • Kelly Anthony
    2019-01-27 15:22

    More PleaseI like the first book, Distraction, better. This is good, but a little slow to warm up and get to the good part. Nixon needed more of something, his sex wasn't as exciting as Gavin's. I wanted Gavin to hit it again and again. Nixon, well not so much, Nixon does have a big one. And that always leaves you in a tingle.

  • Elle1986
    2019-02-07 14:31

    Okay here is the deal... I am having a hard time rating this book. I am going from 3.5 to a 4."WARNING contains a few spoilers!!!" Let me explain... most people would assume that it was because of Red and Nixon. Um NOPE actually I was rooting for that one. Like seriously I was happy about the change.. I thought in book one that Gavin and red were perfect for each other but I knew that Gavin was to insecure to handle a long distance relationship.. I actually felt that once she left it was going to be the end of that... I mean you didn't need to be Ms cleo to call that one. In this book I actually felt Red grow, I was excited about her new adventure, I was happy she was spreading her wings a little bit.. it was refreshing.. then it flips back over to Gavin and he is in the same place if not worst, then he was before. He was very insecure and after a while... yeah it gets old. Now what I didn't really expect was Nixon. I absolutely fell in love with Nixon. YES I SAID IT FOR ALL YOU "GAVIN LOVERS" I was so happy that the underdog came out victorious. I was literally ROOTING and SCREAMING at my tablet for big lovable Nixon. I know I know "but Gavin is her best friend.. BLAH that is what they should have remained, Gavin went so far left I couldn't even believe this dude believed anything he was saying out of his mouth. Like seriously everything that he did was dumb to me and the excuses he made even dumber. What I enjoyed with Nixon is that they fed off each other,there was a connection there and to add that nixon was strong, yet slightly broken was an awesome addition, it made me root for him more, he wasn't perfect but he just needed someone to say, hey you are good enough. yes Gavin and Red were best friends since forever but I never got the same feeling of them being truly connected in any other way then bestfriends, it was like bestfriends having sex... and that was about it, no matter how many times red told Gavin in book one that all she needed was him, he was still trying more.. for no reason at all. Now the reason for my back indecision with the rating.. I absolutely hated the ending. I mean yes it said enough without saying enough but I hope that there will be some type of book 3 to wrap everything up because it was kinda left out there in the open, I wanted to know more about Nix and Red, I wanted to know how Gavin took down his mother etc etc. So I am hoping for more with these people... sigh. One can only hope that this wasn't how this truly ended.

  • RutyB
    2019-01-18 13:27

    First I need to clarify that YOU MUST READ BOOK ONE to read this or you will find yourself lost at sea, because the events on this book are the result of the decisions made in the first installment. And the reading is necessary to really comprehend the characters' evolution and many of the events that occur in this book.If you haven't read book one, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW.Distracted continues the story of Red and Gavin. She is now in California chasing her dreams of becoming a doctor and Gavin is left nehind to face his biological parents and some revelations that will shake his life.We all read the first chapters at the end of Distractions so we knew it would jump right in where we left off. Red is far away from home and needs to focus on her career. It all becomes difficult when a fire strikes her dorm and she accepts Jake's help. And half away the country, we discover Gavin's biological mother, a sister and a place where money can buy anything.This one was totally different from the previous book. Here there is more drama, tension (and not only sexual) and despair. I think the drama made the book exciting and it almost look like something out of movie or TV series (so much drama).I like who Red is becoming, she is now more mature and confident. She is not the same girl we met in book one. Unfortunately, this time I didn't like Gavin. His insecurities were too much, he acts like a child and his reasoning is senseless. I couldn’t believe the way he acted but I think this change in him make us appreciate other characters. And besides, not all men are perfect so he may be like any other real men out there.Now, I need to talk about Nixon. He is the new mysterious guy and I have only one word for him: HOT! I can't believe how good he is, with his rough edges, his sexy beard (I know, I hate facial hair but he make me love it), his intelligence, his sweet tender side and all his cooking skills (among other great things about him). I was blown away with everything about him, his body, personality and I’ll stop before giving anything away.It’s obvious a third book is in order because there are so many unanswered questions but I loved this one.As I said, it is different than Distractions because this book is not all about sexual tension. Ok, there are sex scenes and they burnt my kindle. But this one involves different aspects of the characters and their lives.I can’t wait to read the next one!*** I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. ***

  • Kim C.
    2019-02-11 07:19

    Even with promises made.. Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder. Gavin is the man Red has loved for more than half her life. He's a man drowning in his own insecurities. Nixon is a man slightly broken that seems to be misunderstood with a heart of gold that has come to mean more than he should to Red.Red's a young woman who's finally gotten the attention, time and love of the one man she has always wanted Gavin. He is the love of her life, but does that mean Gavin is really meant to be the man in her life? What happens when she opens up her heart unknowingly to Nixon? Can he complete her the way Gavin should? Will Gavin be able to repair all the damage he's managed to make with his life correcting his relationship with Red along the way?I wanted to love Distracted 2, but I couldn't. Even finding Nixon's character as fascinating as I do. I book 2 still couldn't match the intensity I'd felt while reading book one. Still I am happily awaiting book 3. Conflicted about who I should be hoping Red eventually ends up with. I had high hopes for Red and Gavin. All I can say is may the best man win.

  • Renay
    2019-01-28 10:25

    This book take up where Distractions left off. I was given a great understanding into the lives of these characters with their struggle to maintain a long distance relationship. It was a wonderful read with a lot drama and tension. Let not forget the hot love scenes.

  • Bianca Dean
    2019-01-19 10:30